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    Voldo by Zandio

    Version: 1.01 | Updated: 12/16/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Interview with a madman 
    -an in-depth FAQ of Voldo  (V 1.01)
    Copyrighted by Hua Zheng (aka ZEN) 2005
    Email: zenthirteen@yahoo.com
    Table of Contents
    I.   FAQ History
         A. Version History
         B. Words from the Author
    II.  Origin of the Madman
    III. Moves of the Madman
    IV.  Soul of the Madman
         A. Think like a madman
         B. Move like a madman
         C. Fight like a madman
            1.  Pokes
            2.  Counters
            3.  Combos/Juggles
            4.  Wake Up Game
            5.  Break-ins 
            6.  Defense     
         D. Pose (yes, pose) like a madman
    V.   Path of the Madman
    VI.  Credits and Thanks
    I.   FAQ History
    A.   Version History
    -Version 1.01 December 16, 2005
     Fixed minor Format errors, typos and some mis-spelled buttons.
    -Version 1.0 December 14, 2005
     Basic Guide complete, featuring the most updated combos and insights of 
    -Version 0.5 December 12, 2005
     Started the FAQ.
    B.   Words from the Author
    I have been a fan of fighting games since they first hit the arcades roughly 
    15 years ago, and I must've say that none of the series grabbed as much 
    attention from me as the Soul Calibur series.  Soul Calibur III especially 
    intrigues me as it not only offered an array of smooth 3D interactions, but 
    also featured a balanced fighting system between two equally matched 
    I honestly pondered whether I should start this FAQ or not, as I know there a 
    lot of players who had just as much combat experience of the character as I 
    do (if not more so).  But I could not hold back my excitement with this 
    newest version of the series (Soul Calibur 3) as Voldo has finally risen to 
    be a top tier contender!  Thus I dedicate this FAQ to any Voldo fans or any 
    folks who would like to try him but had shunned away from him in the past due 
    to the complexity of his move list.
    To make this FAQ easy to read, this FAQ will adopt the following popular 
    system to annotate his moves. 
          7  8  9                  A = Horizontal Attack Button
          4  N  6                  B = Vertical Attack Button
          1  2  3                  K = Kick Button
                                   G = Guard Button
    (Mentally place your joystick over the Matrix above,
     where N rest at the center of the Joystick.)
    *For no particular reason, but all moves performed in this FAQ are done while 
    the player is facing right towards the enemy.  Real game play may vary due to 
    the possible camera angle changes during the stage*
    This FAQ will also use the following abbreviations to help experts and novice 
    player alike to speed read most of its paragraphs.
    BT   = Back Turned/Blind Stance
    MC   = Mantis Crawl
         MC/H = Mantis Crawl (Head towards the opponent)
         MC/F = Mantis Crawl (Feet towards the opponent)
    DN   = Knocked down
    FD   = Face Down and DN
         FD/H = Face Down (Head towards the opponent)
         FD/F = Face Down (Feet towards the opponent)
    FU   = Face Up and DN
         FU/H = Face Up (Head towards the opponent)
         FU/F = Face Up (Feet towards the opponent)
    CR   = Caliostro Rush
    # A  = Tap the A button 
    #[A] = Hold down the A button
    ,    = Then (e.g. A, B means press B after A)
    +    = And  (e.g. A+B means hold down Both A and B buttons)
    _    = Or   (e.g. 11_77 means the move can be performed by either double
                tapping on the 1 direction or on the 7 direction)
    ~    = Slide.  Command must be inputted immediately after the first action.
    (WC) = While Crouching, Hold down G then 1_2_3. (some moves also recover WC)
    (WR) = While Rising, while at WC position, let the joystick return to N.
    GI   = Guard Impact
    CH   = Counter Hit
    ST   = StunGB   = Guard Block
    !    = Unblockable
    #    = Author's Notes.  Either insightful, or funny, or completely throws
           you off on a tangent on the topic of your mental stability :) 
    e.g. #: The button A can be interchanged with any other button or directional 
    inputs. #
    II.  The Origin of the Madman
    Well, Voldo is, Voldo.  I will updated this area with more information from 
    either the game itself or other researches when I have more time on hand.
    Name:         Voldo
    Age:          50
    Sex:          Male
    Nationality:  Italian (so one assumes)
    Height:       6 Feet
    Weight:       185 lbs
    Eye Color:    Unknown
    #: I have always wondered why most Japanese games include HT/WT and even bust
       sizes in a fighting game.  It is not like this is the "SC3-Blind Date
       Edition" #
    Job:          Former Assasin
    Weapon:       A pair of Katar
    Style:        Unknown (read my notes below if you are interested)
    Personality:  Quite, the really quite type... the kind that sits back in a 
                  room and thinks of ways of how to mutilate your body.
    Relative:     Vercci (former Master)
    #: Some tidbits about Voldo.
       -His weapon were a pair of Katar, and according to the author's research,
        it was used more as a ceremonial weapon than an actual weapon.  And even 
        when it was used, it was more a defensive tool rather a dagger.
       -His fighting style does not exist.  I don't care what other die hard
        Voldo fans may protest, but I could not find an actual account fighting 
        style that was even similar to his.  It seems more like a mix with some 
        Middle Eastern fighting style, and some acrobatic moves, and finally some
        good old drunken steps.
       -I heard that the creator of Voldo was actually the head designer of SC 
        series.  And the reason behind is to create a fighter that can function 
        as well while back turned in a 3D environment.
       -Voldo is 50 and some odd years old.  The old man must have done a lot of
        Yoga to remain still that nimble and agile. #
    III. The Moves of the Madman
    I will eventually cover this section when I have more time at hands after the 
    holidays.  Until then, I would honestly suggest spend some time in practice 
    mode with the madman to familiarize with his moves.  Now, let's move on...
    IV.  The Soul of the Madman
    Finally, we have arrived at the heart of this FAQ.  It is here where novices 
    shall become experts, and experts become masters, and masters... in turn come 
    back and criticize how ridiculous my advice had been.
    A.   Think Like a Madman
    Well, before you read any further, you must come on term with me on an 
    empirical fact about Voldo--he IS different.  It is his difference that make 
    him such a difficult character to master and the same difference that make 
    him rises above others.  
    Always keep in mind that Voldo was a psychopathic assassin, and his moves 
    reflect just that.  It is for that reason that you need to keep your opponent 
    constant guessing of your moves or what other tricks you may have in your 
    pocket.  With that much said, most players would probably say that the safest 
    thing to do with Voldo is vary his move list and play a very dynamic game 
    with the opponent.  Though that philosophy itself is very novel and sound at 
    a first glance, it will not win your many games as your opponents smarts 
    himself or against an expert.  The reason is simple, most of Voldo's moves, 
    are, albeit dynamic and odd, they are not safe at all.  A good player will 
    soon learn your recovery windows and punish you dearly for that (Setsuka 
    comes in mind for that).  
    I propose the following, instead of trying to fool your opponent by your 
    endless streams of moves, focus rather on the basic element of the game, and 
    defeat your foe both psychologically and physically through counter damages. 
    That way, not only will your fair well after your opponents have uncovered 
    holes in your moves, you will also do well against an expert of the game who 
    is often skilled in guard impact.
    #: You probably realize by now that this FAQ's main purpose is for versus 
    play and though some of the tips and combos offered by it may be helpful 
    against a CPU opponent, most of time you will find yourself cursing in 
    frustration as the AI for some reason did not get baffled by your moves. #
    Before we go on, let's cover Voldo's Pros and Cons in this version of Soul 
    Calibur and why I insist that he has Top Tier potential.
    -Good reach.  Though he has only a pair of Katar, Voldo's reach is amazing 
    with his basic A,A _ B,B attacks or 2K _ 3K kicks.  His lunge moves have even 
    better coverage, though they tend to be a bit unsafe if blocked by opponent.
    -Excellent Speed.  It is Voldo's speed that shall amaze your opponent, and 
    how you abuse it even further earns you the many winning streaks that follow.
    -Can guard while back turned.  Back turned for Voldo is not a bad thing, in 
    fact, Voldo fights much better while his back is turned (we shall cover that 
    in the following passages)
    -Can guard impact while back turned. 
    -Fantastic guessing games with your opponent.
    -Fast Unblockables.
    -NO JUST INPUT MOVES!  NIL!  NADA!  Felis Namida for your fingers!
    -Good Ring Out Potentials.
    -He makes no sound.  This IS very important in SC3.  Most of characters make 
    their signature sound when they attack and in turn those served as warning 
    signs for your opponent.  Voldo is mute, so your opponent has no choice but 
    to mentally guess what attacks are coming from you.
    -Average Damage Dealt.  Though Voldo can get some good damage with a couple
    lucky counter hits, those are hard to set up and rather unreliable in the 
    heat of a battle.
    -Extra Damage Taken.  Since the game rewarded you with back guard and back GI, 
    the game left the fact that if you are attacked while BT, you will still take 
    the extra 50% damage on the first hit if you are hit.
    -Low Combo Damage Yield.  Most of Voldo's staple combos had been removed or 
    nullified from this version by changing the recovering position and the 
    timing of his two launchers (1K and 3B).  A Voldo player can now no longer 
    bank on taking over 40% of their opponent's life off one juggle.
    -Bad Priorities. Though some of Voldo's moves still retained their good CH 
    damage and ring out potentials, their priorities are horrid. (66B, 66A+B)
    Any returning Voldo Vets had probably realized what I had stated now and knew 
    that he had improved drastically in his ability to survive from the last 
    version.  However, his damage yield had reduced even further which makes him
    that much trickier to use.
    B.   Move like a Madman
    Voldo moves like no others.  Those who consider Voldo has a short reach often 
    open their eyes in awe by how far the old man can cover in a brink of eye by 
    going into some funky stances.  If done right, Voldo's movement in 
    combination with his attacks should become seamless, making it VERY difficult 
    for your opponent to read and thus creating windows of opportunity of attacks 
    for you.
    With that much said, there are three main stances that Voldo often uses and 
    abuses.  Whether of not a player can smoothly transition between one to the 
    other and taken full advantage of each stance's strength is the key between 
    an expert and a novice.  I shall go over each stance in details as followed.
    #: Very important note about this FAQ.  I have always used buffering 
    techniques to initiate eight way run moves and thus all eight way run move 
    will be recorded as a double inputs on the direction.  I shall explain the 
    buffering techniques in greater detail in the fighting section to those who 
    need a more detailed explanation. #
    ~Blind Stance~ (BT)
    |  B+K  |  1K  | 11_77 A  |  1A  |  66K  |  (WR)K  |  6A+B  |  6B,[B] |
    This is probably the one stance that you will spend a lot time fighting as 
    Voldo.  The above are some popular moves the author frequent uses to switch 
    to blind stance from normal position; they are by no means exclusive.  For 
    some reason, Voldo has increased his reach while his back is turned in this 
    version.  And since you can still guard and GI as usual while back turned, 
    there is little reason why you should not remain in this stance. However, 
    there are few things to keep in mind about the blind stance.
    -Extra damage taken.  Though you can guard and GI, that does not remove the 
    extra 50% damage penalty for getting attacked from the back.  Also keep in 
    mind that some stun moves result better combo potential when hit the back.  
    In this case, yours.
    -Eight way run is disabled.  No big deals really since your guard is disabled 
    while eight way running.  However, this does make it a lot difficult for you 
    to dodge certain attacks.  
    -You can still jump while back turned, just hold down G then 7_8_9.  
    -If you successfully guard an attack while in BT, you will be turned to 
    normal stance. 
    ~Caliostro Rush~ (CR)
    |  236  |  4[A+K]  |  (WC)123  |  [A+B]  |  (BT) 236  |
    This is my personal favorite stance due to the number of moves you can 
    perform while Voldo is crawling on the ground.  Since the move itself is a 
    bit long, (at least 30 frames I think), you can execute your moves at any 
    point of the rush to mess with your opponent's GI timing.  Plus CR offers a 
    good mix of high, mid, and low attacks that put safe distance between you and 
    the opponent if executed.  Here are some pointers to better utilize your CR.
    -Voldo dodges all high attacks while in CR, and some mid A moves as well.  
    Unfortunately listing them here would be very time consuming if not tiring on 
    my behalf, so I would leave that discovery for you to explore :)
    -CR has no cancel (with one exception which is posted below).  If you don't 
    execute a move, Voldo will SLOWLY get up at the end of the rush, and I do 
    mean slowly, so if you wish to delay the attack, count to yourself to ensure 
    you won't the command input.
    -Though (WC)123 can initiate CR, you can cancel it by holding 1.  The window 
    for CR is also a lot shorter than the actual CR.  I know the game gave these 
    two moves two different names for a reason, but hey, they used to be the same 
    move and give almost similar results.  Such were the reasons for my decision.
    -The two throws from CR are great (236 A+G _ B+G), however, keep in mind that 
    Voldo jumps pretty far (about 3 paces) and if your opponent is near a ring 
    and dodges, you will find your self a long way from home...
    -The two throws can be effectively used to go to the other two stances, BT 
    (A+G) or the MC (B+G).  They can also be used to effectively jumping over 
    your opponent or dodge low attacks, just be aware of the ring edge.
    ~Mantis Crawl~ (MC)
    |  2B+K  |  (WR)[B]  |  4[K]  |  (BT)2B+K  |  (BT)44K  |  (CR)B+K | (CR)[B] |
    This stance is a double edged sword for Voldo.  Though he has a few solid 
    combos and ring out potential in this stance, Voldo can dodge only high 
    attacks and can not guard or GI.  Unless you are planning on psyching your 
    opponent out or use this move in the middle of combo, avoid going into it.  
    Experts or even shmucks who had learnt your moves will punish you severely 
    for going into this stance needlessly.
    -The 66K is a good move for catch folks off guard or hitting a downed 
    opponent. Keep in mind that you can ring yourself out with this move and if 
    they do block it, it is almost guaranteed that a WR move will hit you due to 
    the delay.
    -The 8_2 can be used to avoid B attack, but try not rely on them as those 
    moves has very low priorities to dodge most of attacks.
    -There are actually two other minor stances that you can perform with Voldo 
    while in the MC.
      ~Land Fish~
      While hitting 8_2, hit A_B_K, Voldo will start swimming/attacking on the 
      ground.  Keep in mind that these moves are very linear and Voldo can only
      do three of them in a row.  Also keep in mind that Voldo will swim in the
      direction of his head, try not swim away when you meant attacking. 
      ~Down~ (DN)
      Well, this is not a stance exactly, but Voldo can go to either BT or MC
      easily from this position and attack freely no matter if he is face up, or
      face down, or feet away, or feet towards.  Voldo in DN is more aggressive
      than most characters, your opponent will think twice before launching an
      Ukemi thoughtlessly.
    C.   Fight Like a Madman
    Finally, the meat, the bones, the soul of this FAQ has unfolded before us.  
    It is from here, you shall follow the path of a serial killer and claim world 
    domination through silent assassination.  Get it?  Silent Assassination... 
    Never mind the bad pun, let us get up to speed in how to actually win with 
    Voldo once and for all.
    $$$ Buffer Technique $$$
    Now, if you are an expert of the game and knows all there is about buffering, 
    please skip to the next session and comment on the rest of my work.  If not, 
    I believe the following passage would provide very helpful to your game play.
    I have mentioned before that I do not use eight way run directions and 
    instead used double tapping motion for them.  And the reason behind is 
    obvious-you can not buffer eight way run motion precisely if you do not 
    double tap them.  Even though Buffering had existed as early as some of the 
    2D fighting games in the early ages, NAMCO had taken them to such an extend 
    and reward those who do well easier time at victories.   
    #: A technical note on buffering: Since each game second is 60 frames, and 
    most of pokes are 11~13 frames.  If you can correctly buffer a motion or 
    buttons of a power move prior, it will make the power come out a lot faster 
    (not mentioning more stylish). #
    For example, if you tap 11 while A is still been animated, by tapping B 
    right after the animation ends, Voldo will go directly into his Rat Chaser 
    move, which normally can only activate after holding 1 or 7 after initiate 
    eight way run.
    Another type of buffering aside from directional input is button buffering.  
    These are lot simpler than directional buffering, since timing is less an 
    issue in these instances.  All you have to do is holding down the first 
    button still after the command had been executed, and hit a second button, 
    the game will register it as a dual button input.  
    #: Do experience a bit with button buffering, some moves when buffered too 
    early.  The computer will only register the input of the second button and 
    not the first button that had been held down.  And holding down G while 
    hitting A_B to throw no longer work, as G supercedes any further command 
    input. #
    A good usage of button buffering is abusing the [A+B] move.  If you wish for 
    a low attack then let go the B button after Voldo goes into CR then tap K 
    and he will do the slide.  Otherwise, holding the B and K will make Voldo 
    change into MC and will juggle any opponent that has been blocking low.  
    Keep in mind that I expect any of you who read further has a full 
    understanding of the buffering techniques, and will not mention it again as 
    I diagnosis further fighting strategies and techniques.
    $$$End of Instruction$$$
    1.   Pokes
    #: I must admit that I hate poking in a fighting game, it seems somewhat 
    unfitting to initiate a fight with a slap over the wrist instead of a full 
    round house over the face.  But it is only a video game, and it only mimics 
    actually fighting and fighting style, so I shall cast my personal opinion 
    aside and use what ever is most useful within my arsenals. #
    Voldo is an excellent poker.  His speed is awesome and reaches fair.  
    Especially with an arsenal of variations behind his belt, you can just out 
    poke about anyone.
    ~ A _ A,A 
    These should be your standard poke.  They hit very fast and can catch 
    opponent who likes to sidestep off guard.  The single A attack also buffer 
    really well with any eight way run motion, so you can create endless break in 
    patterns with careful usage.  Be careful when you are faced against the Greek 
    sisters though, they tend to out A,A you in a pinch.
    ~ B _ B,B 
    I almost always prefer the B,B version than the single B.  Unlike the single 
    A, the single B has a bad delay and do not buffer that well.  Most of 
    opponent will be able to see your power moves coming out, thus, punish you 
    heavily for them.  B,B on the other hand, put opponent at a safe distance or 
    initiate a third DN attack off CH.
    ~ 6B _ 6B,B
    This is a fast poke, but the first hit has horrid reach and only hits high.  
    The second one will put you in BT with enough frames left over for GI 
    against possible counter from opponent.  Keep in mind these move has a 
    horrible tracking radius, even worse than the standard B,B.
    ~ 1B _ 1B,K _ 1B,K,K
    The first one is a mid hit that dodges high hit as well, the second hit is a 
    fast flip that will put you into MC, and the last hit is a fast hit to catch 
    your opponent with.  Use it sparingly or you will find yourself getting DN 
    during the second hit all the time.
    ~ 3B _ 3B,B
    These moves won't hit an opponent that is 2A you, but it will hit most of 
    folks when they are using high pokes. Due to the animation of the move, you 
    can delay the input second hit and use it as a counter for someone who tries 
    to poke back at you after blocking the first hit.
    ~ (WR)B _ (WR)[B] _ (WR)B,B
    The first hit is fast and it juggles.  Incase you whiff the first one, input 
    the second one immediately to avoid been punished.
    ~ 2A
    This move has good speed, but it has bad reach and can put you at a bad 
    situation if your opponent blocks it and then initiate a fast WR attack.  
    Unless you are desperately in need to 2A someone's poke pattern, even then I
    would suggest use the following...
    ~ 2K
    ...instead.  Good speed and good reach; this move has been Voldo's signature 
    poke since the Soul Edge days.  The best part is that this move put enough 
    room between yourself and the opponent, so even if you both initiate a WR 
    move, it will be a trade off at its worst.
    ~ 3K
    A very quick kick, kind of remind me of Yoshi's 3K from the Tekken series, 
    only it has a much better reach in SC3.  This is a safe move.
    ~ 22_88 K
    A kick with a slight delay, vary this and the 2K can mess up your opponent's 
    timing for GI.
    ~ 1K
    Ah, the ever trusted Mule Kick.  Even though this move is Voldo's only 
    juggle starter now from the normal stance, it has lost some of its 
    priorities in this version.  Still, you can safely dodge most of high A 
    attack with a 1K and watch them fly to the air while your back is turned. 
    ~ (WR)K
    This is a circular kick that will put Voldo in BT.  It has good reach, 
    priority, and damage. Horrible delay if blocked, you can still safely GI any 
    incoming attacks though.
    ~ (BT) A _ A,A
    These two are golden.  For some odd reason, their reach and speed are better 
    than then standard ones.  The best part, this moves will put your opponent 
    and you at even frames even if both attacks are blocked, so you can continue 
    your rock, paper, scissors game with him/her for a bit longer.  
    ~ (BT) 1A
    This is a fast poke that hit low and put you back to the standard pose.  Use 
    this for a quick turn around, or if you wish to add pressure with more of 
    your lunge moves from the standard position.
    ~ (BT) 4A
    This is not a poke by definition, since it is actually a GB move with a 
    slightly longer execution.  But it is a fast GB, at it will send your 
    opponent sailing across the ring on a clean hit.  It is a pity that it only 
    hits high.
    ~ (BT) B _ B,B
    Even though these won't reward you a third hit off counter, their recovering 
    is slightly better, in which you can buffer some directional input after the 
    first B.  
    ~ (BT) 6B _ 6B,B
    The first hit of the chain is worthless.  Though it crumbles on CH, it has 
    no reach and is high, any high, mid poke will hit you out of it.  The full 
    chain, however, offers two solid hit off CH.  Still, it is best saving this 
    poke as a surprise move to throw off your opponent's timing.
    ~ (BT) 2B
    This move looks like the standard 2B _ 2B,B.  But it has a slightly 
    different property; it will pop your opponent up slight on hit, in other 
    words, if you hit them just once near the rim of the ring...
    ~ (BT) 2K
    This is a fast low kick that will put you at great disadvantage if blocked.  
    Still, the speed of this move often catches your opponent off guard.
    ~ (BT) 1K
    This kick has delay and great reach.  You won't interrupt any pokes with 
    this move, but you sure can throw someone off if they are used to block or 
    GI your 2K move.
    ~ (BT) 3K
    Though it looks like the standard mule kick, it actually has the same 
    property of the 1K on a CH.  This simply means that you will juggle the 
    opponent slightly higher for a better damaged yielded combo.
    2.   Counters
    Counter moves are what you use after GI, when your opponent whiff, or simply 
    used to put distance between yourself and the opponent.  These moves are 
    often fast with good priorities, and a very BAD delay if used in close 
    quarter and blocked by your opponent.
    ~ 66B
    The Demon Elbow.  This has been another one of Voldo's signature moves.  It, 
    however, no longer has the priority as it did in the previous version of the 
    game, if you try to trade off with your opponent's lunge move, you will more 
    than often find yourself face planted on the ground.  The ring out potential 
    still exists, but lessened since the last version as well.  
    ~ 66A+B,K _ 66[A+B]
    These are Voldo's standard lunge moves.  If the kick is blocked, then Voldo 
    is at a safe distance, albeit turned 90 degrees.  The second version of the 
    set offers slightly more damage, but will put you at total disadvantage if 
    blocked.  Both moves can ring out somewhat when near the edge.
    ~ 6A+B
    A solid move that will DN your opponent and put Voldo in BT. 
    ~ (BT)6A+B
    A fast power move that sends your foe flying across the ring.  It, however, 
    hits only high, so make sure you can hit them with this and punish them 
    dearly with it.  It also becomes unblockable after Lv 3 Soul Charge.
    ~ (BT)2A+B
    This is your bread and butter move.  It has great reach and dodges both high 
    and mid attacks.  You can also perform this move from FD/F to surprise your 
    opponent.  The ring out potential of this hit is also phenomenal. 
    ~ (CR)A+B
    Go, Voldo, Go!  If your opponent whiffs from afar and has bad recovery, you 
    can almost catch them for sure with this move.  I wouldn't suggest using this 
    as a move to close the gap as the recovery is pretty bad if blocked.  (Unless 
    they are next to a wall)
    3.   Combos/Juggles
    Unlike the other popular 3D series released by NAMCO-Tekken, SC3 does not 
    promote long, endless juggles.  Especially with the engine of air control, 
    long chain of juggles seems not only improbable, but also impossible to 
    perform in the heat of a match.  Instead, the game reward stun combos, ground 
    combos that take advantage of your opponent and catch them crumbling again 
    and again.  Voldo, unfortunately, can't take advantage of these traits as 
    most of his crumbling moves will put him out of reach and his one CH stun 
    starter has horrid recovery if blocked at close or mid range.
    The combos and juggles I offer here are thus tried and true combo by me; they 
    are often short, but as solid as they will come.
    ~ 1K, 2B+K, K
    This combo will always hit, except that you have to learn the timing of 2B+K 
    a bit to ensure the third hit.  If you hit the opponent too soon, the game 
    engine will register it as a juggle and not only can they do recovery roll, 
    they can always air control a bit.  If you hit too late, then it will be an 
    Ukemi, and the opponent should be able to block as soon as they land.  Wait 
    1/10 of second or so after 1K, then hit 2B+K.  If you do it right, the game 
    will register it as a Ukemi even when the opponent is still in the air, you 
    will see it when you do it right as they will be rolling on the ground.  Then 
    all you have to do is hit K to finish the combo.  2A+B won't work, but can be 
    used in case you failed this combo and wish to play a wake up game with them.
    ~ 1K, 6A
    Do this fast.  You literally have to register the 6A right after the 1K or 
    the combo will not link.  It will send your opponent flying, but for some 
    reason it does not ring out at the range opposing to a clean 6A hit.
    ~ (CH)1K _ (BT)3K, 66A
    This does good damage and will ring out if close enough to the edge.  I 
    personally prefer the first combo since it is rather safe, but if you wish to 
    take advantage of the ring, then be sure to use it.  If you hit them to a 
    wall, use A+B instead, you will do so much damage, that they won't even know 
    what had hit them.
    ~ (CH)66A+K, K
    As silly and useless as this move may seem during normal game play, it 
    actually does roughly 35% of your opponent's life off a counter hit.  Set up, 
    that's the hard part, my vote is on the soul charge, and then you still have 
    the hitting part to worry about...
    ~ (CH)1A+B, B, A+B
    This is the signature move that Voldo comes with the game. You can add a bit 
    spice to it by...
    ~ (CH)3A+B, 1A+B, B, A+B
    This quite overwhelming, you can also [A+B] instead of A+B for a guessing 
    game afterwards for another 100 or so damage.
    ~ (CR)[B], 7A+K, B
    Learn this one well, it will force your opponent to block high for awhile the 
    next time you go into CR.  The trick is the timing of 7A+K, depend on where 
    you hit them in the fall, the camera will rotate differently and make the B 
    #: This is 7A+K not, 9A+K no matter what the camera angle may look like when 
    you hit them.  It for some reasons turns and moves for a perfect follow up.# 
    ~ (CR)B+K, 9A+K, B
    Similar combo, different directions.  Sometime the camera will shift a great 
    deal and force the B to miss.  If you think you are going to whiff, either 
    press A+B or K for a safe get away.
    ~ (BT)66K, 9A+K, B
    Similar concept as the combos before, you have to wait just a bit after you 
    launch your opponent to get the perfect pounce.  It also serves as a great 
    ring out if you wish to hit them early/later.  The reason why it works so 
    well is that 7_8_9 A+K send opponent spinning and nullifies their ability to 
    air control.  There is nothing prettier then hit them once in the air and 
    watch them spiral down to the bottom of the pit...
    4.   Wake Up Game (Previously written up as Ukemi Wrongly)
    A wake up game is the art to pounce on your opponent while they get up.  
    Though Voldo has many options, only a few of them are actually safe.  I would
    suggest soul charges instead of a wake up game, you will do more damage in
    the long run.  But in case you insist, here are some useful ones...
    ~ A+B _ [A+B]
    There is almost no question as which one you should use as [A+B] offers so 
    much more choices as it put you in CR afterwards.  I suppose A+B is viable is 
    your opponent hasn't tech rolled yet, but why the hell are you even bother 
    with Ukemi if you know he/she is going to roll away?
    ~ 2A+B
    This is a fast move that will catch most folks.  The problem comes when they 
    guard instead of rolling, you will suffer a lot of disadvantages if that 
    ~ 66K
    Fast Flip, you can also follow up with few more guesses while you are BT.
    ~ B~A,B
    Use this when they are right next to you, I would suggest do all three hits or
    face a really bad delay.
    ~ 4B
    This is a very fast unblockable move, it will catch anyone who tries to get 
    up with G suffer a good deal.  You can always hit A,A or let go the button at
    anytime if you think your opponent is going to poke you.
    ~ 1[B]
    Though this too is an unblockable move at close range, you better get ready 
    to poke once you finished picking them up from the floor.
    ~ (CR)A+K
    This offers a very fast slide that will knock most of foes off their feet, 
    even though this move offers you NO advantage in frames when you hit.
    ~ (CR)B+K
    If they are unfortunately enough to get up and blocked the wrong way, finish 
    it off with one of the combo listed above.
    ~ Any mid/low pokes listed above.
    5.   Break-ins
    #: Break-ins are what I call routes of attacking.  I am sure there is an 
    official slogan for it or a more educated word for it.  But since this is my 
    FAQ, I am afraid you have to settle for Break-ins. :) #
    I consider most players I face experts of the game when I play.  Even when I 
    do play newbies, I still won't let my guard down.  Though you can obtain 
    victories though odd moves and crazy combos, it is safer to assume that most 
    of player you face has the ability to guard most of your attacks then counter 
    or even worse, GI then attack.  Thus, you need a plan when you attack to 
    ensure that no matter what kind of opponent you face, you will have a good 
    chance of pinning them down.
    Listing different break-ins will be too time consuming if not pointless since 
    most of them varies from opponent to opponent and from matches to matches.  I 
    will, however, give a few examples as what I meant by break-ins.
    ~ A, 11B, B, B
    Often your A pokes end with A,A or A,B,A_[A].  So if your opponent is GI 
    happy or a turtle, he/she will either guard mid/high or GI the same region, 
    but if you buffer the Rat Chaser during A, it will come right after A, and 
    mess up their guard and GI.
    ~ (Whiff)A, B, A
    When I play Voldo, I take advantage of his A,A and abuse them to no end.  It 
    is when my opponent think that is my staple move, do I bring out his better 
    juggles and mid hits.  Even though a whiff is often bad, but once you have 
    trained your opponent's eyes to react to A,A, when you do miss the first one, 
    they would either duck, low poke or try to counter attack.  You can then 
    follow up with the build in combo above or the simple A,K and catch them in 
    their act.  Also, whiffing intentionally can bait out even a GI expert's GI 
    ~ (BT)B, 66K
    Simple tactic is used here.  Use the B to lock your opponent in mid guard 
    while buffering the 66 for the low attack and set up for a juggle.  B, 
    however, can easily be GI since it is a mid attack.  
    ~ 6B, 66A+G
    6B pushes Voldo towards his opponent and it is often finished off with B for 
    a safe attack and transition to BT.  If you buffer in the motion of the throw 
    during the first move, you can cut down the execution time of Bloody Drill 
    and catch your opponent "off guard" just as they rise up to guard the second 
    mid attack.
    ~ (CR)A, A+G_B+G
    Same "Hit-Throw" technique as above.  In order for you to get these kinds of 
    techniques work, you have to spam some safe pokes over and over again to 
    build habits into your opponent's reflexes.
    ~ A, 22K, 66A+B, K
    This is a sample of customized combo built via the buffer system.  It offers 
    a good high-low game plus a good recovery when blocked.
    6.   Defense
    Defense, huh?  I actually don't Guard that often with Voldo.  Once I learned 
    my opponent's move I prefer interrupt their high horizontal pokes with 1K, or 
    1B, 2K.  And counter their high/mid moves with my pokes.  As far as mid/low 
    moves, I tend to use GI to pull them in then play a guessing game with the 
    wide array of high/low pokes and stances which Voldo possess.
    In other words, the best defense is offense with Voldo.  If you can pin your 
    opponent down with his pokes, and custom Break-ins, you should have little 
    difficulties winning your matches.  GI will help your game, but is not a must 
    have when you play Voldo, it is there to switch the initiative between the 
    attacker and the defender.  But if you know how to keep the pressures up, 
    then there should be little need for it, right?
    D.   Pose like a Madman
    #: YES! Poses.  You must think that I am out of my mind when I dedicated a 
    whole section of space to something as trivia as Voldo's poses.  But hey, 
    look is half of the match, or was it "look is half of the catch"? # 
    By poses, I meant in really, movements and evasions.  I do encourage you do 
    some useless stance changes or taunts when battling, it will often enrage 
    them and send them to a frenzy to attack you, in which, more power to you, if 
    you know how to evade them.  Remember that a fight is as important 
    psychologically as it is physically.  
    ~Super Freak~
    |  A+K  |  2A+K  |  4A+K  |  6A+K  |  8A+K  |
    While Voldo is in Super Freak, he dodges the first attack and side step a bit 
    as well.  Try not use this move to an auto combo or you will find yourself 
    biting the latter half of the moves.  The trick, however, is that the four 
    directional inputted Super Freak moves can be inputted during the regular one 
    and thus making dodging possible for Voldo.  Plus, they will put you in 
    either the MS or CR stances.
    ~MC - Freak Roll Escape~
    |  (MC/F)A+B  |
    If you recall, I have said many times that MC is not safe; however, you can 
    always use the Freak Roll to get away, then set yourself up for another set 
    of attacks.
    ~Deadly Rose (Cancel)~
    |  4A+B~G  |
    This is not a safe move for Voldo when performed regularly, however, if you 
    used it once or twice and let them know that you would be heavily penalized 
    if they block your move.  You can use the cancel freely in close range and 
    change the initiative to your favor.
    ~The Mute's Dance~
    |  22_88 A+B  |
    Though there are two directional input there, I prefer the second one, just 
    incase I accidentally buffer in a sidestep in there.  This is a very 
    interesting move.   Voldo will step towards and spin twice.  You can, however, 
    attack while he is spinning.  So far, I am only able to buffer in single 
    directional command during the spins, no eight way run input yet.  Depend on 
    which stage Voldo is in, you can get either his normal moves or BT moves.  
    ~Taunt (Cancel)~
    |  G+K, G  |
    Voldo has one of most interesting taunt; the whole screen actually dims for 
    him when he goes into the pose.  Keep in mind that you can press G to cancel 
    the taunt and then be able to have a normal match (from GI to attacking).
    Anyhow, the idea behind the poses is to create a dynamic Voldo while when you 
    are not in the "zone" and makes your opponent unable to read you.  The "zone" 
    is basically between your effective poking range to your [A+B] or (CR)A+K _ 
    B+K moves.  
    V.   Path of the Madman
    When I have more time, I will add Voldo's path in the Tale of Souls to help 
    those who are interested.  Until then, I would suggest the other sites on 
    GameFAQs for your aid.
    VI.  Credits and Thanks
    I first thank NAMCO for creating a splendid game-Soul Calibur III.
    I then thank GameFAQs for being the host of this FAQ.
    I also thank my good Friend Paul, thanks for being such a good sport after 
    losing countless of battles to me :)
    My last thanks are for readers like you, for putting up with my occasion 
    spelling/grammatical errors and odd sense of humor.
    If you have any questions/comments/suggestions, feel free to email me at
    May the Legend Never Dies

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