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    Zasalamel by Lee T. HaXXXor

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                        Soul Caliber III
               Zasalamel FAQ/Playing Guide- Version 1.0
      "Do not be too proud for Zasalamel, for he will remind you of all 
          that you've forgotten from Soul Caliber II" - Me.
                         By Lee T. HaXXXor
                        For www.gamefaqs.com
           Contact: hisneigeness[at]hotmail.com for inquireries
    First Soul Caliber III character profile from me, and if things go 
    well, I just may follow it up with a character profile for my very 
    favorite Soul Caliber character: Voldo! Oh yeah, I love the lil' 
    stabby freak, what with his evil pressure game and his ability to 
    constantly poke you high and low, but I decided to build this 
    character profile on Zasalamel because... well playing him caused me 
    to remember a whole bunch of elementary tactics for the Soul Caliber 
    game, and after some testing around, I really felt that i needed to 
    bone up on my basics.
    So as the opening quote says: Don't be too proud for Zasalamel, 
    because even experts needs to relearn their stuff as necessary. I say 
    this because Zasalamel has a reputation for being a beginning 
    character, what with pre-planned throw combos and 2 hit move 
    combinations. I say that it's better to know how to get your blows in 
    then knowing how to do a 6 hit combo. This will therefore be a character
    profile rather then a move list, with comments freely given to (nearly) 
    all moves and a basic tactics section afterwards (fluff background for 
    the character to be implimented at a later time). I invite all forms of 
    constructive critisism, and if your strategies are indeed valid, I'll 
    update my FAQ with them and credit you with their discovery. So read on,
    and maybe you'll find some interesting wisdom through all this writing!
    0.        Table of contents
    0. Table of contents
    1. Version history
    2. Move Notation
    3. Basic Strategy
    4. Pros/Cons
    5. Move List
    6. Combos
    7. Weapon list
    8. Thanks
    9. Copyright
    1.        Version history
    December 21rst, 2005 -Version 1.5: MAJORLY reworked the FAQ. Added Soul Charge
    properties to move, description and properties of weapons, a better combo
    system and a few more stuff too. Allowed the people at 1up.com and
    supercheats.com to host FAQ as well.
    December 3rd, 2005 - Version 1.0 completed: Construction of the version 
    of the Zasalamel FAQ completed and sent to gamefaqs. It is 
    completely workable by itself, but I'm always open to new suggestions 
    on how to better use the Scythe! Check the Thanks page for more details 
    if you want to help.
    2.      Move Notation
    Moves in this guide will be noted along the number system that has become 
    standard for fighting games.  That system is as follows, assuming your 
    character is facing right:
          7 8 9             \|/
          4 5 6             -O->
          1 2 3             /|\
    Each number represents a direction.  For example, when you see the number 6, 
    that indicates forward.  When you see the number 1, that represents the 
    diagonal direction down back.  5 is neutral  The numbers are the same as on a 
    keyboard keypad.  Also, each type of attack has its own designation in the 
    video game.  They are as follows:
    A = Horizontal attack
    B = Vertical attack
    K = Kick attack
    G = Guard
    There are certain special input types.  Here is an explanation on all the 
    special inputs:
    + = Press buttons at the same time
    [ ] = Hold
    _ = Or (example:  88_22 means either 8 way run up or down)
    Lowercase letter followed by an uppercase letter = Slide Input
    J = Jump
    JD = Jump Delay (means jump then wait until you almost land before inputting)
    WC = While Crouching
    WR = While Rising
    TA = Turning Around
    FA = Facing Away
    JI = Just Input (pressing the button at the correct time to perform the move)
    GI = Guard Impact. Naturally blocks opponent attacks
    GB = Guard Break
    U  = Unblockable
    Also, each move and combo will be described as where they hit.  There are the 
    abbreviations for those:
    H = High
    M = Mid
    L = Low
    SM = Special Mid
    SL = Special Low
    Comments for the moves will be underneath each command, preceded by the # sign.
    Counter hits are moves that have special properties when they interrupt enemy 
    Crumple stuns leave the enemy with an "electrified" animation as they crumple 
    to the ground.
    3.        Basic Strategy
    The most obvious advantage you'll notice by playing Zasalamel is that he's a 
    big guy with a long reach. If you play knowing that, you can afford yourself 
    some measure of safety by playing a "keep away" game so as to hold to your 
    natural advantage. The second most glaring advantage is that he's got all of 
    Astaroth's range, but with more speed as well... however, you will notice 
    this applies better regarding movement speed rather then striking speed, but 
    how can YOU use these two previously named advantages to your purpose? By 
    taking even more advantage from side steps then Xiang Hua does! You've got 
    some good horizontal attacks going on from the 8-way run, so circle your 
    opponent and use them.
    If you want to poke your opponent and force him to act, then you should 
    definitely stay at mid-range: with the idea being that you want to poke with 
    the blade end of the scythe rather than with the tip. Let me just finish by 
    saying that Zasalamel's close-up game is mostly comprised of quick moves 
    designed to PUSH BACK your opponent, rather then do extensive damage (which 
    should give you the hint as to how to play the character by now). The exception
    to this rule is Zalasamel's most excellent 46B+G grab, which chains into a 
    mighty combo. But again, the grab animation comes out a bit slower then his 
    normal grab, so once again, Zasalamel comes out as a character that punishes 
    an opponent wiffes rather then an instigator of violence.
    4.        Pros/Cons
    So why pick Zasalamel again?
     - (I said it before, but...) He's a beginning character, but who helps you
    greatly in understanding the game. Great learning character, rather.
     - He's got some good power behind those swings
     - The character himself moves pretty quick (especially for a guy his size)
     - The strikes themselves are slow
     - Low limits to the damage he can do per combo
     - Many built in strings put Zasalamel in a horrible position if blocked.
    (ex: 4AB, 66BB)
    5.       Move list
    |                       Horizontal Attacks                      |
    Twin Blades of Shamash:  AA           | HH
    # Double high horizontal strikes. Standard poke and range tester. In effect, 
    if the edge of your scythe is touching your opponent, you are in what I call 
    the "medium range". Break off after the first A so as to enter 8-way run as 
    Sin’s Blue Crescent:  1AA              | LH
    # A low crouching slash, followed by a powerful high swing. Not the fastest 
    low poke, but great nonetheless. I actually prefer it to the 2A poke because 
    of the safe second hit
    Sagacious Sin:  2A or WC A             | SL
    # Low slash. Not the best move, get's blocked by standing opponent.
    Hook of Namtar:  3AB                  | MM
    # Backhand hit, pulling slash. Less safe then AA, but the second hit drags 
    your opponent in. You can't combo, but you have a frame advantage. Safest 
    follow-up would be bK, but the adventurous Zasalamel player can try to throw 
    Namtar’s Claw:  4AB                   | HM D
    # High attack, followed by a pulling strike which pulls opponent behind you. 
    Poor combo potential, but great so as to confuse. BEWARE, leaves you back
    turned to the enemy if the second hit is blocked, and therefore super
    Bashum’s Whisper: 6A                  | M
    # Very short range move with the tip of the scythe that pushes off the 
    opponent to the left. I find it to be too slow to be of any use.
    Sickle of Sin:  4[4]A                 | M
    # Backhand swing. Defensive move designed to frustrate those who try to 
    close the distance. Use it when you're circling the enemy.
    Great Scythe of Shamash:  6[6]A       | H
    # Large forward swing. Your own best distance closing maneuver, which also 
    punishes 8-way runners by the same occasion.
    Adad’s Reaper:  WR A                  | M
    # Rising horizontal slash. Good safe forward coverage.
    Shamash’s Glance:  TA A               | H
    # Standard "turn around and slash move". Nothing special.
    Sin’s Glare:  WC TA A                 | L
    # Safer than previous move, follow with WR B
    Anshar the Heavenly Spirit:  J A      | M
    # Flying slash. I'm not a jumper, so i wouldn't use that one.
    Shamash the Just:  JD A               | L
    # See previous, but the low hit makes it interesting. Maybe after winning 
    a Guard Impact?
    |                       Vertical Attacks                        |
    Ea’s Twin Hammers:  BB                | MM
    # Double downward swings. Not the best poke; it does follow a 3B fairly well, 
    Lilitu’s Thorn of Hatred:  1BB        | LM
    # Downward trust with the scythe's tip, followed by advancing the head of the
    scythe. A neat poke that comes out fast, but very short range. On a counter 
    hit, the second hit crumple stuns, which you can follow-up easily.
    Ea the Grand Ruler:  2B or WC B       | M
    # Low slash. Not good.
    Paean to Ishtar:  3B                  | M
    # Your uppercut move is pretty slow and typically needs to be used outside of
    close range for best results. On counterhit, follow with 4A+B. On normal hit,
    6A+B for a neat 3 hit combo.
    Ea’s Judgement:  4B                   | M
    # Overhead slash, not recommended. NOTICE!!! Becomes Guard Breaker at level 2
    Soul Charge. NOTICE!!! Becomes unblockable at Soul Charge level 3
    Nergal’s Poison Sting:  6B            | M
    # Foward trust with the tip. On counter hit, you get a crumple hit. Follow
    with [8]_[2]BB, 4A+B and you're in business. Or else, the best thing I found
    to follow it is 3A
    Enlil’s Punishment:  4[4]B            | M
    # Foward somersault downward slash. Surprisingly long ranged, and closes 
    distance from long to mid; safely.
    Nergal’s Talon:  6[6]BB               | ML D
    # Big downward slash followed by pulling hit which uppercuts opponent high in
    the air. If blocked on the second hit, the opponent will be brought into close
    range with a frame advantage. YOU MUST AVOID THAT. This is why I near only use
    6[6]BK except for when the opponent wiffes a move. Naturally, it's an 
    automatic 4A+B if you ever connect on the second hit.
    Nergal’s Mockery:  6[6]BK             | MM D
    # Big downward slash followed by a knee strike. A regular part of my arsenal
    which I casually use to create pressure games. Alternate with 1AA to keep 
    your opponent guessing.
    Adoration of Gilgamesh:  bK           | MM
    # Rotating downward slash followed by knee. The quickest move in the
    arsenal. Use it to get some breathing space.
    Belit-Sheri’s Spear:  WR B            | M AT GI
    # Weird guard impact move that turns into a rising gut ripping attack throw
    if it hits. I'm not usually crouching, so i do not use this move often. It
    would be my favored low move, because of the Guard Impact properties.
    Ea’s Glance:  TA B                    | M
    # Back turned slash.
    Ea’s Glare:  WC TA B                  | M
    # Back turned low slash
    Anu the Radiant:  J B                 | M
    # Jumping downward slash
    Damkina the Goddess:  JD B            | M
    # Same as J B, nothing special about the last four moves.
    |                       Kick Attacks                            |
    Glory of Gilgamesh:  K                | H
    # Standard high kick. As a general rule of thumb, let me just say that
    Ido not use many kicks in my game. case in point, this kick attack in
    particular seems wildly impractical.
    Wisdon of Utnapishtim:  1K            | L
    # Not the best ukemi move, but nice knock-down sweep. I prefer 1AA
    Shamhat’s Allure:  2K or WC K         | L
    # This is usually my "weak" ukemi move, when I'm not sure if anything
    else would hit.
    Lugalbanda’s Protection:  3K          | M
    # Mid kick. Not recommended.
    Enkidu’s Karma:  4K                   | H
    # Plants his scythe and delivers a strong high kick. Too much of a set up
    to be useful. Nice ring-out push back properties, though
    Enkidu’s Valor:  6K                   | H
    # Forward kick. Not quite impressive.
    Triumph of Gilgamesh:  6[6]K          | H
    # Roundhouse kick. Knocks opponents to the left. Ring out move, lots of
    set up involved.
    Devotion to Ninsun:  WR K             | MH
    # Double spinning kick. Good defensive wake-up move. Comes out easily too.
    Gilgamesh’s Glance:  TA K             | H
    # Turn around kick.
    Shamhat’s Glare:  WC TA K             | L
    # Turn around low side kick.
    Enkidu the Valiant:  J K              | M
    #Jump kick
    Lugalbanda the Solemn:  JD K          | M
    # Jump kick. Pass on the last four. 
    |                       Simultaneous Attacks                    |
    Tianat’s Frenzy:  A+B                 | MMM
    # Multiple twirling scythe strikes. Not quite useful, the attack can be
    blocked mid-way through, even if you ate one of the first hits. Not 
    Offering to Kishar:  4A+B             | H
    # High swing that pulls your opponent into a slam. When the opponent is
    airborne, this attack turns into an automatic throw, making this the perfect
    follow up to lauchers executed on counter hits. 
    Marduk’s Thunder:  6A+BB               | MMM
    # Forward blade thrust, followed by rising circular slash then a full overhead
    hit on B. That last B can be held for a Guard Breaker maneuver. I call this the
    "low launcher follow-up". If the other guy is too low for 4A+B, use 6A+B 
    instead. NOTICE!!! The second hit from 6A+BB is an automatic Guard Breaker
    under Sould Charge Level 2
    Marduk’s Thunder (Hold):  6[A+B]      | MMM GB
    # Actually a good move to throw out after a Guard Impact, so as to mess up
    someone else's timing
    Tiamat’s Rage:  6[6]A+B               | M
    # Somersault circular slash. Another combo follow-up.
    Anu’s Justice:  B+K                   | M GB GI
    # It's a Guard Impact, AND a Guard Break! The Guard Impact portion comes quick
    quickly: you can use it instead of 6G with a lot of success and play 
    devastatingmind games with a human opponent. Definitely recommended.
    Ershkigal’s Frozen Touch:  2B+KA      | LL
    # Weird double low hit move that pulls the opponent towards you along while
    giving a few frames of advantage. Something of a long range move, and most 
    often paragraphed. People who don't block low often are easy prey for it, 
    Enlil’s Admonition:  4B+K             | M
    # A hop backwards while bringing down the scythe. Quite effective when you need
    to get away. Use it after one of your close up moves has been blocked.
    Sacred Rite of Ishtar:  6B+KB         | MM D
    # Hit with back of the scythe, followed by rising slash. A two hit medium string
    which strikes on a clear vertical line. haven't found a use for this move yet
    which couldn't be used by any of the other two hit attacks that Zasalamel 
    already has.
    Tiamat’s Rampage:  4[4]B+K            | MMM U
    Tiamat’s Rampage (Cancel):  4[4]B+K, G|
    # Ultimate move with even more of a long wind-up then most of his normal move.
    Blessing for Lahamu:  6[6]B+K         | M
    # Rising upper slash move. Seems like an alternative combo ender, but too much
    of a start-up to be chained to anything. Similarly, huge delay if it is
    blocked. NOTICE!!! Becomes unblockable at Soul Charge level 3
    Spark of Marduk:  FA B+KB             | MM
    # Similar to 6B+KK. Hold the B and you end up with a Guard Breaker move.
    Actually one of the best moves done from facing Away. Not many occasions to use
    it though. NOTICE!!! The second hit from B+KB is an automatic Guard Breaker
    under Sould Charge Level 2
    Anshar’s Halberd:  A+K                | H GB
    # Big high slashing move. Horrible guardbreak that ends up too easily ducked,
    or interrupted. Stick with B+K
    Nergal’s Anguish:  4A+K               | H
    # Quick side-step evasion attack, much better then 4B+K as it comes out pretty
    quick, and confuses most opponents, especially computer ones.
    Crimson Corona of Shamash:  6A+K      | MM
    # Jumps while spinning around and slashing, not as good as 66A because if it's
    blocked, then you're wide open to a massive counterattack. NOTICE!!! Becomes
    unblockable at Soul Charge level 3
    Taunt:  K+G                           | SP
                            Running Attacks                         |
    Urshanabi’s Crossing:  [6]K           | L
    # Slide maneuver. Quite good.
    Prayer to Ishtar:  [9]_[3]B           | M
    # Uppercut move. Make no mistake, this is Zasalamel's best launcher. 
    Can always be followed up by 4A+B.
    Siduri’s Warning:  [9]_[3]K           | M
    # Zasalamel uses his scythe as leverage and delivers a mid kick.
    Ereshkigal’s Silver Claw:  [8]_[2]AAB | HHH D
    # Automatic combo if first hit connects. You slash, you pull in and you
    poke the opponent out. Quite good
    Confession to Lahamu:  [8]_[2]BB      | MM
    # Looks like a variation to 66B, but in truth, the second hit here doesn't
    launchas high.
    The Ark of Utnapishtim:  [8]_[2]KK    | HH
    # Good retreating double kicks, if not for the fact that both hits are
    Enkidu’s Plot:  [7]_[1]K              | L
    # Makes a sweep maneuver which is very good to follow knock downs with.
                            Throws                                  |
    Ereshkigal the Ruthless:  A+G         | T
    Kingu the Sly Lord:  B+G              | T
    # A strong hit from the back of the scythe that lifts the opponent up and
    swings him around before being slammed down.
    Apsu the Origin:  Left Side Throw     | T
    Ea of the Abyss:  Right Side Throw    | T
    # Doubles over the opponent with a knee strike, then jumps and clubs the
    opponent into the edge of his scythe.
    Marduk the Tempest:  Back Throw       | T
    # Forces the opponent's face upon the scythe head, then forcibly pulls
    out the scythe.
    Nergal’s Bloodthirst:  46B+G          | T
    # Follow up with 6B, [9]_[3]B, 4A+B for his most damaging combo.
    6.       Combos
    Probably the weakest point in my guide at the moment.
    At this point, my most extensive combo has four hits:
    46B+G, 6B, [9]_[3]B, 4A+B
    You grab, put in the crumple hit, uppercut and slam down. Some people HAVE
    claimed that it is possible to get out of the crumple animation of the 6B and
    guard the [9]_[3]B. These people have also come up with an interesting solution
    to this problem: Doing a Variable Cancel on the original throw!
    You do this by holding G and pressing Down repeatedly right after executing
    46B+G so as to cancel the rest of the animation of the throw. You may then do
    66BB (which will count as a counter hit) 4A+B for about 90 points of guaranteed
    Another use of this technique is to do 46B+G when an opponent is back turned,
    then using the [G]22 Variable Cancel. Your throw animation will stop, and since
    your opponent is still "locked" in the throw animation, it is quite easy to run
    forwards, pushing your opponent towards the edge, and shoving him off with a K
    sweep! Cheesy, but you'll rarely if ever get an opportunity to do this.
    I believe the key to maximizing damage with Zasalamel is to recognize
    whatare his launchers, how they work, then recognize which are his best follow
    In that regard, best launchers are:
    [9]_[3]B      : Best one hands down. Always knocks opponent as high as
    66BB          : Second hit always gives maximum height.
    3B            : On counter hits, does maximum height.
    66B+K         : Can be Soul Charged to be unblockable.
    [8]_[2]BB     : Usually gives a low lift.
    Best follow ups are:
    4A+B          : The characteristic Zasalamel maneuver
    6A+B          : Double hit follows low launchers well.
    66A+B         : Combos with a lot of moves, hits grounded opponents too.
    BB            : Can be air rolled out on occasion,
    Crumple stuns can be evaded now, but some lead well to lauchers. Here are a few
    of them.
    6B            : On a counter hit, crumples.
    3A            : Crumple stun on counter.
    Here are a couple of combos that have helped my play.
    4A+K, 66BB    : Evades attacks, and the two follow up strikes are guaranteed to
    hit. Although there will be no launching involed
    A+K, BB       : Close to mid range. If the attack hits (rather then breaking
    guard) you have a couple of slashes ahead of you.
    A+K, 66A+B    : Long range. Impot quickly.
    Finally, notice that any move that pulls in an opponent (3AB) does not 
    guarantee a combo, but simply gives a frame advantage. This includes 
    [8]_[2]AA (without B), 4AB and 3AB.
    7.        Weapon List
    Kazfiel - angel of Saturn, also one of the 6 angels of death appointed over the
    # Default Weapon, does not come with any special characteristics
    Ankou - an Egyptian ghost that guards graveyards and is thought to give that
    shiver which people say is like someone walking over a grave.
    # Available at shop at beginning of play for 14000 G. Automatically Guard
    Impacts some attacks, and automatically Guard Breaks some attacks.
    Balor - a demonic one-eyed God of Death and evil King of the Fomorians.
    # Available after completing 4th stage of Zasalamel's Tale of Soul for 26200 G.
    Longer reach, higher attack pushback.
    Mrtyu - a concept of death in Indian traditions; the transformation of the body
    and funeral rites.
    # Available after completing 7th stage of Zasalamel's Tail of Soul for 37500 G.
    Gains health with each hit, gradual health increase.
    Irkalla - a mutated death scythe empowered by both the spirit sword (Soul
    Calibur) and cured sword (Soul Edge). The netherworld or underworld of the 
    Babylonians, also known as Aralu, its entrance approached by a deep cavern. It
    was ruled over by the goddess Allatu, or Ereshkigal (lady of the netherworld),
    sister or alter ego of Ishtar, the great nature goddess. The same idea is
    present in the Egyptian conception of Isis and Nephthys. Irkalla was ruled
    conjointly by Allatu and Nergal, who was also considered the god of the dead.
    # Available after purchasing Ankou, Balor and Mrtyu and finishing Tales of
    Souls for 91800 G. Avoids some Ring Outs, higher attack power, higher defense,
    attack power increases over time.
    Beak - otherwise known as the bill - is the only device a bird has for
    consuming food. It is composed of an upper jaw called the maxilla, and the
    lower jaw called a mandible.
    # Available after reaching GREAT rank in WISP SHOOT (Normal) in Soul Arena for
    18750 G. Shorter reach, different sound when landing a hit.
    The Ancient - a recycled SC2 weapon, Thanatos; a Greek personification of death
    # Available after deafeating Olcadan in Tales of Souls for 15000 G. No special
    8.        Thanks
    I'd like to thank Silvafang for giving me the history for each of Zasalamel's
    weapons. To kryonik and essex from the Soul Calibur forums to inform me of the
    46B+G VC "glitch.
    For some good reading that is bound to improve your Zasalamel game, I can only
    recommend the following text by "D2K.KoR", who has made a very thorough analysis
    on Zasalamel. It is available at the soulcaliber.com forums at
    (copy these two last lines as one single line.)
    I highly recommend it as it gives plenty of strategy and combo listings.
    9.        Copyright
    This is me cut and pasting the copyright thingy from my last FAQ. 
    Hopefully, it still works as well as it did then...
    This document is the sole property of Lee T. HaXXXor, AKA Neige 
    Thirteen, AKA Christian Charite‚ Colde. This document may not be put on 
    a site unless permission is given by the aforementioned author and his 
    multiple aliases. Taking and redistributing this guide for monetary 
    purposes is illegal, and will not be tolerated. Lee/Neige/Chris 
    reserves the right to refuse this document to be on ANY site. The 
    following are the only sites that may have this document for Dawn of 
    This document may not be used on private sites. Thanks for taking the 
    time to read this Book of strategy, I hope it was of some use to you. 
    Lee T. HaXXXor can be contacted by e-mailling: hisneigeness[at]
    SC lvl.1
    SC lvl.2
    -Last hit of 6A+B,B (GB)
    -Last hit of BT B+K,B (GB)
    -4B (GB)
    SC lvl.3
    -66B+K (SCUB)
    -6A+K (SCUB)
    -4B (SCUB)

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