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    Xianghua by senoB_DEC

    Version: 0.41 | Updated: 02/06/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Notes for myself:
    % Left off here
    *3 - 4,4+B+K how long does the GI last and what does attack types
    does it stop?
    2/05/2006 - Ver. 0.41 - Natural combo more concise. Investigated just about all
    the moves I'd said I would in 0.39...
    1/27/2006 - Ver. 0.39 - Added more terminology and fixed move notation
    accordingly. Reorganized mostly. Will try and get frame values soon...
    1/26/2006 - Ver. 0.38 - Added some more moves (1+A+B, several 8WR). Moved
    several others.
    1/23/2006 - Ver. 0.36 - Fixed some stuff.
    1/22/2006 - Ver. 0.35 - Changing ranking of some moves and fixed descriptions
    where I remembered wrong.
    1/10/2006 - Ver. 0.3 - gotten most of the basic organization down and quite a
    few of the moves with descriptions. Will try and list all moves somewhere. Need
    to write strategies and possibly a simple "summary" of useful moves and their
    respective ranges.
    Beginner's Guide for using Xianghua by senoBDEC
    Copyright 2006 Alexander Gee.
    Game-related characters, terms, and names Copyright Namco.
    Email: senoBDEC@gmail.com
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
    of copyright.
    Feel free to contact me if you feel you can contribute or for questions
    about/for the FAQ (including for discussion about stuff I haven't covered).
    No claims to greatness or skill, I just like Xianghua and have used her since
    Soul Calibur. She is also the first character I ever chose, so there's
    sentimental reasons too XD. This is my second FAQ and noone really cares and is
    doubtfully reading this blurb ;p. I will eventually write a Kilik FAQ (again,
    aimed at beginners mostly).
    The guide itself is a bit wordy so I recommend reading bit by bit. Please be a
    bit indulgent as my computer and PS2 are separated by quite a few miles. Am
    going on memory usually and check what I can. If there's anything you think I've
    written wrong, ranked a move oddly, or missed a move than please feel free to
    tell me - you'll get credit.
    This is a guide on how to use Xianghua with at least some modicum of skill. I am
    new to SC3 myself and don't know all the properties of every single move, but
    that's what movelists and other FAQ's are for. I also don't feel like explaining
    how to get every single item, as I really couldn't care less. What point is
    there in repeating the story already mentioned in the game or in the official
    site? So I didn't include it. So go look elsewhere. I also don't really use Soul
    Charge as all it usually does is make already slow, usually pretty avoidable,
    moves guard-breakers and occasionally unblockables for Xianghua (though the
    damage can almost make it worthwhile) - I will be experimenting and will update
    accordingly. If anyone who has a good FAQ of these please forward me a link to
    them and I'll put a link in a FAQ section for things I don't cover.
    This guide assumes you know some of Xianghua's movelist already, if you don't,
    don't worry too much, I usually speak in terms of commands anyway. However,
    knowing the movelist allows for your own experimentation and is much better than
    simply following by rote someone else's strategies. This guide also assumes you
    have some basic knowledge regarding fighting games in general, including
    cancelling, counter hit, and other such things. If not, read a bit in the
    Terminology and "Just so you know" sections (non-standard). The in-game tutorial
    is fantastic.
    Ctrl+F to use the Find function in notepad or Internet Explorer (and
    Mozilla/Firefox too). Just copy and paste the number or title you need.
    Commands always look like this: 2_3+A+B, 8WR 2_8+B, WC B, 6,6+B, etc.
    [1.00] TERMINOLOGY.
    [1.01] Just so you know.
    [1.10] OVERVIEW.
     [1.11] Xianghua overview.
    [1.20] MOVES.
     [1.21] Staple Moves.
     [1.22] Move Rankings.
      [1.22a] First Tier
      [1.22b] Second Tier
      [1.22c] Third Tier
      [1.22d] Fourth Tier
     [1.23] Things You Could Try.
    * not done yet *
    [2.00] STRATEGIES.
    [2.10] Basic and general strategies.
    [2.20] Character-based strategies.
    [1.00] Terminology overview.
    Directional Input:
    Control layout: this assumes you're facing right (1P default  position).
    	   7 8 9
    	   4 5 6
    	   1 2 3
    7 - Left-Up    8 - Up       9 - Right-Up
    4 - Left       5 - Neutral  6 - Right
    1 - Left-Down  2 - Down     3 - Right-Down
    Basic shorthand:
    qcf = quarter circle forward: roll 236
    qcb = quarter circle back: roll 214
    hcf = half circle forward: roll 41236
    hcb = half circle back: roll 63214
    G = Guard Button
    A = Horizontal Slash Button
    B = Vertical Slash Button
    K = Kick Button
    Height Levels:
    h - High - standing guard, crouch under
    m - Mid - standing guard,
    l - Low - crouching guard, jump over
    sm - Special Mid - any guard
    sl - Special Low - any guard, jump over
    U-h - Unblockable High
    U-m - Unblockable Mid
    U-l - Unblockable Low
    M - Mid and hits grounded opponents
    L - Low and hits grounded opponents
    Move Properties:
    AT = Attack Throw
    BNC = Bounce Juggle Starter (Xianghua's 8WR 3_9+B+K)
    CH = Counter Hit (move interrupts attack, gets special properties)
    FC = Forced Crouch (move causes player character to crouch)
    GI = Guard Impact
    GB = Guard Break
    JG = Juggle Starter/Launcher (Most 3+Bs, Xianghua's 8WR 2_8+B)
    KD = Knock Down (Xianghua's 6,6+A+B)
    NC = Natural Combo (<m.m>,m means two mids that NC than another mid)
    OTG = On The Ground (hits grounded opponents)
    ST = Stance
    SP = Special Movement
    SWP = Sweep (hits low and knocks opponent down - Xianghua's 2_3+A+B)
    TC = Technical crouch (momentarily crouching)
    Ground Positions:
    FUFT - Face Up and Feet Towards
    FUFA - Face Up and Feet Away
    FDFT - Face Down and Feet Towards
    FDFA - Face Down and Feet Away
    WC = While Crouching
    WS = While Rising to Standing Position from Crouch.
    WL = While Landing
    WJ = While Jumping
    WD = While Down (lying on the ground)
    8WR = 8 Way Run
    BT = Back Towards opponent
    ( ) = Optional command inside parentheses
    [ ] = Hold input inside brackets
    { } = Conditions on which properties depend
     ~ = Slide input (ex: A~B = slide from A to B rapidly)
     _ = Or
     : = Just Frame Input - requires precise timing.
    ... = Repeat Input
    Hit Stuns: - see "recovery" in [1.01]
    CS = Crush Stun - Crumple over then fall backward (non-recoverable)
    CFS = Crumble Fall Stun - DOS but doesn't recover (NR)
    DOS = Double Over Stun - grabs stomach, hunches over (recoverable)
    FBS = Fall Back/Butt Stun - falls on butt then stands (RC)
    FOS = Fall Over Stun - holds face, falls to ground (NR)
    TAS = Turn Around Stun - gets turned around, facing to the side or BT (NR).
    THS = Toe Hop Stun - grabs toe falls over (NR)
    TS = Trip Stun - falls to knee/on side then gets up - very short stun (NR) SS =
    Spin Stun - spinning! (NR)
    [1.01] Just so you know - I occasionally mix them up anyway...
    You can use the search/find function and type in the term or in some special
    cases use the (number) parenthesed numbers next to the term in question.
    In absence of any other indication, assume the character is in a standing
    position. The character is always facing right.
    8WR or Eight-Way Run can be performed by either holding a direction during
    standing or double-tapping any direction and holding the second directional
    input. This can be done whether standing or crouching in a non-guarding starting
    "Cancelling" is the act of stopping an attack/movement before it occurs (though
    usually there is some sort of recovery period). This is usually done with G for
    certain normal moves and sometimes directional inputs or even holding the
    original input. Can lead into stances or simply be used as fakes. Several
    exploits are possible using variable cancels.
    "Damage" is the amount of health points lost to a particular hit. I basically
    classify it this way with lots of leeway: Light=5-20, Moderate=25-40,
    Heavy/Strong=50-70, Insane=70-100+. Any borderline is just the two categories
    "Follow-up" is a subsequent move that takes advantage of hit stun for extra
    damage. Few launchers can be used as follow-ups.
    "Guard" is simply holding the guard button. You can duck and jump while
    guarding. New to SC3, you can also inch forward slightly.
    (1)"Natural combo" simply means that a particular move, if the first attack
    hits, then the rest of the hits will be successful - the opponent cannot guard
    in-between the attacks. Sometimes this happens only on counterhits or sometimes
    always. Certain circumstances (in the air, etc.) can cause misses. As to my
    shorthand notation: examples:
    -<l.h>,h_L- means the low and high NC always (inside the <> with . separating
    each hit, while the , shows it no longer naturally combos and there is the
    option of either a high or low (OTG).
    -{CH}<m.m>_L- means that these two mids will naturally combo ONLY on counterhit
    and there is an optional non-NC low(OTG) instead of the second mid.
    -<M.M>.{CH}MKD- means that on CH, all three mids (hit OTG) naturally combo and
    that the first two hits <M.M> always naturally combo. Last mid knocks down.
    -<m.M>.{CH}M_,h- means that the first two mids NC, the third ALSO NC's on CH,
    and the alternate high never NC's.
    (2)"Okizeme" is the act of suppressing wake-up, that is, keeping the guy on the
    floor. Mitsurugi is excellent at this. Talim really sucks at it.
    "Poking" is using short, safe attacks to test defenses and divine what the
    opponent has planned. Not the best way to do damage. This is also useful for
    stopping attacks and then going into evasive action - hit-and-run as it were.
    Sting like a bee, float like a winged buffalo.
    "Pressure" is to aggressively attack the opponent attempting to force them to
    guard (limiting options in movement or attack) or to find weaknesses to exploit
    for damage (transitioning to rushing).
    "Recovery" - time after a move during which no commands can be performed.
    Specifically regarding hit stuns, recoverable (RC) and non-recoverable (NR)
    refer to whether input mashing lowers the duration of the stun or not, NOT
    whether the character falls down/remains standing.
    "Ring-out" is just like it sounds, a character falls off the edge of the ring or
    fighting platform. Your job is to help them along like snakes help their prey
    fulfill their role in life.
    "Rushing" (rushes) is a highly aggressive attack pattern centered around
    exploiting a defensive weakness and using combo starters (launchers, etc.) to
    deal damage. Common in the quicker characters.
    "Sequence" is a group of attacks that link to one another and are guaranteed,
    though sometimes in specific situations.
    "Series" is a group of attacks that complement each other but are not
    guaranteed. Usually these are designed to pressure an opponent.
    "Soul Charge" is performed by pressing and holding A+B+K and can be cancelled by
    tapping G. There are three distinct levels depending on charge time - all give
    CH properties to any hit and each level may give distinct properties (GB or UB)
    to specific moves.
    "Stepping" is simply any sort of evasive or positioning movement that doesn't
    directly involve offense or defense. As such, side-steps, dashing back, and such
    are all considered "stepping". So when I say catch or cover step, it is a common
    phrase meaning "Verily, my blow doth catch that knave across the cracker no
    matter whence nor where he doth fly!"
    "Stun" is the amount of time the opponent will not perform commands given after
    a hit, guarded or not. Hence, "hit stun" and "guard stun" are self-explanatory.
    Hit stun will almost always be more on a counterhit (CH). The special types of
    stun are shown in the terminology section above.
    (3)"Tech roll" is a very quick roll performed by G, optionally with a direction,
    that allows you to get up as quick as possible, possibly evading.
    (3)"Ukemi" Japanese term for a rapid roll/wake-up. Also known as tech fall or
    roll. I typically use the term tech roll but ukemi is more general.
    "Wake-up" is the act of getting off the floor. Can be done in evasion or through
    attacks. See the in-game tutorials for more info.
    [1.10] OVERVIEW.
    Below is a very basic way to describe the styles used by all the characters in
    Soul Calibur 3. Any character can use any style, but there are only some that
    they are good at. Skip the next paragraph if you already know the basic types.
    Ctrl+F this: (^) to reach character overview.
    Rushers: highly aggressive, tends to rely on speed to overwhelm opponent setting
    up launchers or other combo starters. Requires good knowledge of one's character
    and the effects of commonly used moves in blocked, hit, or CH situations.
    Rushing can be done in and of itself or as a complement to other attack
    patterns. Xianghua cannot really be used for 100% rushing (nor can most
    characters) as generally this leaves the player too open to taking damage. A
    good example of this style would be Taki. Another would be Voldo (no, he's not a
    full trickster despite how his style looks). More on that later.
    Turtlers: highly defensive and specializing in punishment, typically with a few
    short powerful move sequences. The counter to the rush - essentially. Xianghua
    can do this but this style does not utilize her speed and emphasizes her weak
    striking power. A good example of this style would be Astaroth. Many turtlers
    also tend to have excellent throws, again, like Astaroth or Ivy (though Ivy has
    more styles open to her). This is a good style if you know all the characters to
    some extent.
    Poker: this is pretty common to all the quicker characters and can be used also
    by somewhat slower characters (who cannot rush as easily). Xianghua excels in
    this area and has the ability to pressure using pokes (somewhat speedy attacks
    that both pressure an opponent and allow time to set up other attack patterns).
    In fact, she could be said to use pokes to lead to rushes. The line between
    poking and rushing blurs when both are used offensively. Generally poking is to
    determine defensive ability and how "safe" it would be to rush as well as to
    interrupt attacks or keep enemies away. A good example of a slower poker-type
    character would be Mitsurugi - he has devastating rushes, but is too slow to use
    them very often. Beware his verticals.
    Keep-away: just like it sounds, this is similar to poking and is exclusive to
    long range characters. Xianghua cannot really do keep-away that well due to her
    lacking long range attacks, but she can maintain any range she wishes pretty
    easily. A good example of a classic keep-away is Kilik. This isn't necessarily
    because they're slower at close or mid-range (though Kilik is), they just CAN do
    it. Also, many keep- away styles involve strong attacks, of course, to knock
    back, but poking is the primary attack style used.
    Trickster: again, just like it sounds. Unpredictability and excellent mobility
    is key. Xianghua is not much of a trickster but has a few fakes and has
    sufficiently variable moves to be effective. A good example would be Yoshimitsu.
    Fakes, "weird" moves, and the like all combine to make a very effective rushing
    style. Who needs to use conventional moves when you can kill a guy by committing
    [1.11] Character Overview. (^) Xianghua is what I would call a "rusher" and
    "poker" - she is very good at poking offensively and, due to certain moves'
    properties and speed, defensively as well. Thus her poking is useful for setting
    up rushes. She excels at two things, range and speed. She COULD be construed as
    a trickster but her main style is offensive poking and rushing... so meh.
    Easily excelling at close to middle ranges, her speed and ability to mix up
    levels of attack make her a dangerous opponent. Best of all, she is perhaps the
    epitome of a beginner-style character, easy to use and easy to gain competence
    with - a nice shallow learning curve. Switching between her rapid rushing to
    some aggressive poking baiting for opportunities for punishment is the
    quintessential Xianghua style. Many of her moves leave her at an advantage on
    hit (and sometimes even when blocked) simply due to the sheer speed of her
    moves. Her ability to cut off movement with mid horizontals and verticals is
    very frustrating (for the other guy ^_^).
    Many of her moves have some evasive properties and I will try and mention each
    and every one where appropriate. These move properties allow her to regain
    initiative by dodging an incoming attack and striking rapidly. This requires a
    bit of experience and knowledge of other characters to work properly and may be
    discussed later. "Technical crouch" (TC) for example means a particular move
    crouches, though the duration of the "crouch" may be very short, and is thus
    useful for dodging quick highs of short duration. Though not her strong point,
    Xianghua can also pressure on wake-up (while opponent is getting up) and thus
    force open even more opportunities for damage. Xianghua also has a couple of
    combos, but they shouldn't be aimed for. When the situation arises use them, but
    don't concentrate on getting them.
    Obviously, her greatest weakness is her generally weak attacks. She has only one
    command throw that is rather pitiful (I suppose it has SOME advantage but I
    haven't figured it out yet - knocks back for possible ring out?), but the rest
    of her throws are quite damaging. She also has low throws to make it even more
    fun trying to predict her attack.
    [1.20] MOVES. Arranged in order of frequency and utility, highest (1st tier) to
    lowest (4th tier). Throw moves have their own section.
    [1.21] Staple Moves. Ones you should know and use.
    A,A(2_8+B+K or B or 4+B,B_6+B)
    WS A,A
    WS K
    [1.22a] First Tier Moves - the best or at least most used:
    A or A,A(8_2+B+K) -<h.h>- Uber-fast horizontal(s). Decent range and can be used
    to interrupt. Natural combo (second A will hit on pretty much any hit of the
    first A). Safe if blocked - almost feels like it gives you advantage on block.
    Used primarily to interrupt (close range) and as offensive pressure. Excellent
    against primarily high and standing-mid attack users as it will interrupt almost
    any simulataneous standing move anyone can throw out with the exceptions of
    Talim, another Xianghua, and possibly Taki. The optional 8_2+B+K move out of the
    A,A is a weird spinning GI and takes some time to recover on whiff. I tend not
    to use this but it can be useful against characters that use rapid high or mid
    verticals to counter after block; that said, punishment is possible, but not
    easily done because the A,A pushes back.
    A,A,B(4) -<h.h>.{CH}m- The two-hit horizontal mentioned above followed by a
    quick mid thrust. I have never seen this move interrupted even if the first two
    hits are blocked. It's decent for pressure and mind-games (see A,A,4+B, B(G)
    _6+B). On block the B will push the opponent back to a comfortable range (just
    within the range of 2+K). Additionally, you can press or hold back (4) after B
    on hit or block to get a dodging back Guard Impact (high and mid verticals I
    think) which is mostly useful as a minor dodge though the fact it GI's doesn't
    hurt - still quite punishable though. On CH (counter-hit) will naturally combo.
    Useful eh? So if you interrupt an attack with A,A just start mashing B.
    2+A -sl- The classic interrupt (almost all 2+As FC). Very fast horizontal, short
    range, won't hit downed opponents. It's not bad. As you already know, there are
    better options in regards to range and damage, but it's a solid choice due to
    its horizontal properties and speed. This is somewhat interchangeable with 2+K,
    but has better recovery, speed and has frame advantage (can perform a move
    earlier than opponent) on any hit. In fact, after a hit with 2+A, a 2+K is a
    useful poke. People wise up to this eventually.
    2+B -m- FC downward vertical. As do most verticals, will crash through many weak
    and/or high horizontals and is useful as an interrupt. While not as quick as A,
    A, should suffice in most cases and allows you to use WS (while rising) and WC
    (while crouching moves). As with all FC moves, Xianghua has several options,
    both offensive and defensive or just plain tricky. Example: Xianghua gets a CH
    2+B, follow with mid-risk 3+B launcher. Example 2: Xianghua gets blocked or
    normal hit 2+B, defensive 2+K or a WS K are decent options, especially since WS
    K hits mid and also retreats.
    3+B -mJG- Xianghua's basic launcher, good speed. A typical, and therefore
    predictable, but very useful nonetheless, punisher (how's that for a run-on
    sentence?). Has less than stellar recovery when blocked, but is still okay. This
    is actually a nice all-around follow-up for just about any move that knocks
    opponent down, including itself. Will hit on the ground (OTG) and may pop
    opponent up on wake-up. Light-moderate damage, but speedy and dependable.
    3+K -m- a somewhat quick linear mid kick. Nothing special, light damage, but
    extraordinarily useful as an mid-range interrupt and as an offensive poke. Much
    like 2+K, acts as a pause in strings of attacks. Stops opponent for a little
    while. I personally don't like space so I use this to interrupt and dash right
    back in. Nevertheless Xianghua can function well at the close-mid range border.
    I actually use this less than I should. Has little stun even on CH, thus use it
    primarily as a retreat interrupt or to quickly hit a crouching opponent.
    A+B_[A+B] -<m.mJG> or m,m(JG+GB)- two strong mid verticals, natural combo that
    launches - very simple command - good range too - even tracks slightly. The
    second hit can be charged (release A+B to hit early) and gains GB properties at
    full charge. This move gains GB from SC lvl 2 on any hit, charged or not. While
    not great for use as an interrupt it can be used as such and the CH damage is
    well worth the risk, not to mention the potential juggles. Pretty unsafe on
    A+K(B+K_[B+K]) -(mKD_mGB)- A spinning FC (can be done out of 8WR) SP dash.
    Xianghua can simply press B+K to do a standing Great Wall (6,6+B+K). You can
    also hold B+K to do another spin to a stronger version of Lower Great Wall. This
    move will guard break normally and is unblockable at Soul Charge 3 level.
    Moderate damage, knocks back quite a bit, and evades highs. Either version is a
    good move. Using A+K alone is actually quite effective (the reason this move is
    first tier). Simply pressing K after the spin does a defensive cartwheel back
    that knocks opponent down on hit and retreats at the same time (this is WS K).
    You could simply hold down and press K (2+K) to interrupt or try 3+B to get a
    powerful launcher. Knowing Xianghua's WC and WS moves is essential. Note however
    that you must recover from the SP first...
    3+B+K -mKD- Lower Great Wall (one of the few moves whose name I remember).
    Xianghua ducks and leans forward to a nice strong blow with the flat of the
    sword, reinforcing it with her off -hand. Great for evasive tactics and hits
    decently hard to boot. Will ring out behind opponent. This move can also be done
    from A+K discussed previously. It's unblockable at Soul Charge 3, and is pretty
    darn useful as both an interrupt and a combo-ender and for ring-out. You can
    occasionally throw it out for no reason as Xianghua's FC moves are generally
    pretty safe on block as she can interrupt most any counter attempt.
    [1.22b] Second Tier Moves - slightly more situation-based, still spammable:
    A,A,4+B,B(G)_6+B -<h.h>,<m.m>,m- two quick high horizontals followed by the 4+B,
    B sequence. Good for using on hit... not so great if guarded as it's somewhat
    easy to interrupt - however if you've played Xianghua well your opponent should
    be cautious and scared - especially of the A,A,B sequence - thus this makes for
    good pressure against people who like to GI or guard minimally. Using the 6+B
    thrust also works okay against aggressive players. Find - Ctrl-F - (&) for more
    on the 4+B,B(G) move.
    6+A -h- a fast high horizontal that works well for catching step. On any hit
    will TAS, thus useful in creating attack openings - CH obviously has longer
    stun. Has only modest range since Xianghua doesn't lunge in during execution.
    Depending on distance you could try a throw or a 3+B (neither guaranteed).
    6,6+A -hKD- a quick dash to powerful high horizontal. Nice for catching 8WR or
    retreating opponents. Somewhat slow on recovery, but definitely not bad. Useful
    especially after a quick defensive poking session, when they back off, nail 'em.
    Or just use the 6,6 command to get close enough to throw or use a different
    command afterwards.
    WS A,A -{CH}<m.m>- while still ducking, Xianghua does two decently fast mid
    horizontals while moving forward slightly. Okay to squish counter attempts after
    a move that FC's. Okay at continuing pressure as well, but not especially
    stellar in damage or recovery. Easy to do and great for catching step up-close.
    Occasionally I will throw after this for no reason whatsoever (you can dash
    momentarily if you wish). It's better than it seems.
    4,4+A_[A] -mDOS_m,h- TC's and leans back on startup, then throws forward a mid
    horizontal that always Double Over Stuns (DOS). Holding the A button produces a
    second attack, a spinning high horiztonal that negates the effects of the stun -
    thus it is most useful for messing up timing - maybe spastic button pressing to
    avoid the expected DOS - or simply as a coup de grace (finishing blow). There
    are several good follow-ups to DOS - 6+B+K, 3+B, or a delay then 2_3+A+B. 6+A+B
    is useful for chasing backward tech rolls.
    B_B,B -<m.m>- quick mid vertical(s) with similar range as and slightly slower
    speed than A,A. Used mainly to mix up between Xianghua's good highs and lows.
    Placed here because it's an easy command and is a natural combo. Slight
    disadvantage on block but it's no big deal because you can then throw in a 2+B
    (kinda slow), an 8WR (double-tap direction) horizontal to avoid the quick
    reprisal verticals, or 4,4+B etc. for frustating fun. Again, this should be used
    on the offense, as it has little use as an interrupt though it can be used as
    such. Xianghua just has better options. Using B alone is sometimes useful. A
    alone is not.
    4,4+B(4) -mKD- Xianghua's primary linear dodge back move to counter. Dashes back
    a short way then lunges in for a strong mid thrust that knocks down. Very simple
    to apply in several situations. The dodge back isn't VERY great and you can
    still be clipped by horizontals or quick/strong verticals on the way back. Also
    doesn't track at all. I have had the thrust crushed several times when clashing
    with another strong vertical attack. Thus, isn't an end-all response. Very
    useful anyway.
    6+B,A_B -{CH}<h.m>_,L- a somewhat telegraphed but quick high vertical thrust
    followed by either a quick mid horizontal (A) or a slow-ish ducking to low
    thrust that (B) which has recovery issues. Decent for two-way options. Using the
    6+B alone is sometimes useful, though there are recovery problems and little
    stun even on hit. It does advance you a step, so could be used with other moves
    as you rush to throw off GI timing. Use the A option if the B gets blocked as it
    will push the opponent back and give you time to block - can even catch someone
    who dodged the initial thrust. The 6+B,A option NC on CH. The A option will have
    a very short SS on CH as well. Not much use for aggressive patterns.
    WC 3+B -MJG- A fast and powerful launcher (knocks the guy up pretty high) that
    slides forward slightly before unleasing the strike. This is an awesome option
    against slower moves and transitions well from quick FC moves. This leads to
    some of Xianghua's stronger juggles. Unsafe on block.
    WJ B_5B -m_mJG.mJG- A nice, quick mid vertical (useful for dodging lows and
    counterattacking simultaneously) that has little recovery. Not much stun but
    sufficient damage to make it worthwhile. The 5B option is simply WS B and is
    performed by holding G, then pressing an upwards direction, then neutral for
    half a second then pressing B before landing. Useful especially on the
    retreating jump because recovery doesn't allow follow-ups on hit - though
    interrupts will work usually.
    8WR 2_9+B(G) -{CH}<m.m>.m(CFS)- Three strong mid verticals that cover a lot of
    space and naturally combo on CH - the 8WR command dodges and allows you to do
    this very punishing move. Pressing or holding G will cancel the last hit with
    minimal recovery - allowing a throw or an attack if the opponent hesistates or
    guarding if not. Shouldn't be a huge part of your game but very nice for
    regaining initiative. However, the last hit should be allowed occasionally as it
    accounts for much of the damage potential and CFS on any hit.
    2+K -L- a FC low half-horizontal kick, less speed than most other 2+Ks. Has
    decent range and is VERY useful as a poke. I'm not sure, but I have seen
    Xianghua either dodge or somehow pass through mids when doing this attack. It
    may simply boil down to speed. Very useful following other attacks as a
    defensive poke or simply as an annoyance. Even if completely dodged or blocked
    Xianghua still has quite a few options open. Slight disadvantage even on hit, so
    not useful in strings of attacks, acts as a "pause". Hard to block on reaction
    but isn't that great. Very weak.
    6+K -hKD- Xianghua steps forward slightly and does a very fast high inwards
    crescent kick. Doesn't do much damage but knocks down to her left. Can ring out
    in exceptional circumstances... I find it useful again as an interrupt but also
    as a nice way of getting some block stun. The recovery is shorter than it would
    appear - a simple 2+A to WS moves works well though isn't guaranteed. A 2+B or
    8WR could be useful too.
    4+K -hKD- Xianghua does a mid-range spinning heel kick to the head! Simple,
    fast, and for decent damage. A nice one to throw out now and then. Knocks back
    into the air - thus okay for ringout. Catches step well (but 6,6+A is better).
    Similar to 6+K in range, less damage.
    4,4+K(B)-M(m)- Xianghua dashes back slightly during the 4,4 motion, then does a
    rush forward to mid vertical kick that causes fall back stun (FBS) on any hit
    and does a decent amount of damage - easy to follow up on wake-up suppression
    (also hits OTG). The optional B follow-up is a lunging mid stab that DOS's and
    is a natural combo (the guy's OTG, so duh). I've found it's only useful AFTER
    the kick hits, as the recovery on the stab isn't very good.
    WS K -MKD- quick cartwheel back that hits mid and knocks down. Nice retreating
    (but still punishable) move with decent recovery. Does decent damage. Don't
    think CH is much different. Mainly for defensive use as recovery time and
    position essentially make follow-ups impossible. I use this pretty often
    actually, especially out of A+K or 2+B or 2+A. I think the opponent recovers
    just after you do.
    6,6+A+B (G) -mKD- a quick dash that TC's, then sidesteps to Xianghua's left,
    finishing with a powerful mid blow that tracks very well is is G-cancellable
    (hold G early on in the move) - pause is minimal - could TRY for a throw or A,A
    here. Definitely a nice "chasing" move. Excellent to follow-up a finished
    sequence or rush. Great for wake-up too. Has occasionally missed. In that case I
    would familiarize oneself with Xianghua's back-turned moves - BT 2+K or BT 2+A
    are useful occasionally though BT A or BT K are quicker and hit high and mid
    respectively. I have had some luck with BT B+K.
    6+B+K -M,M- this used to be the SC2 6+A+B. It's two mid strikes and hits OTG.
    Pretty fast, and nice for following up ANY knock-down or simply offensive
    pressure - tracks slightly too. Not safe on block but its close.
    [1.22c] Third Tier Moves - much harder to apply:
    3+A,K -{CH}<l.hKD>- A sword swipe at the ankles to a spinning high linear side
    kick - is pretty unsafe on block on either hit. I actually use this somewhat
    often but it's definitely 3rd tier as both hits are slightly unsafe on block. Is
    a natural combo on CH. I think the kick is more linear now than in SC2 but I may
    be wrong. It may also miss because the spin pushes the opponent out of the way
    (rare). Can use the 3+A alone... when people try and punish a blocked 3+A with a
    standing move the K option should knock them flat.
    4+A -m- a suprisingly quick mid horizontal after a spin forward. Used to TC, but
    I don't believe it does any more. Still useful for catching retreating
    opponents. Also TAS (any hit I think), opening them up for some attacks (none
    guaranteed I believe).
    1+A -l- advancing low: looks a bit like 2+A on start-up until you notice the
    sword hand position and forward movement. Slower than 2+A, about same speed as
    2+K - it hits low and is occasionally useful despite its pretty short range.
    It's really not much of a horizontal. Not useful as an interrupt but hits for
    moderate damage (30 I think).
    A~K,(5_8_2+B or K) -<m.M>,M_L- A mid-range jumping "sword,butterfly kick" -
    think wushu - that hits mid twice (medium-heavy damage) and NC, optionally
    followed by a variation of a FC low thrust or another butterfly kick. Nothing
    special about the kick, but the optional directions for the B input determine
    the direction of the spin before thrust, and thus can be used to avoid vertical
    punishments (for A~K if you tend to stop it there). Occasionally decent for
    mixing levels, but it's real purpose for me is to jump over low or special-low
    attacks and its fast enough for this and also makes for excellent pressure -
    cannot be interrupted on the normal 5B or K options). Not safe on block (the K
    option comes close due to block stun), but at times it's worth it to be flashy.
    Lots of hit stun on the kicks though you can't really take advantage of it.
    WJ A -h- Weak high horizontal that TAS. Not used much and it shouldn't be. I
    like using it while jumping on retreat - though WJ B is probably a better choice
    unless you're aiming for the turn stun to give more breathing room. Somewhat
    8WR 2_8+A -<m.m>- a quick, strong, double mid horizontal with dismal recovery.
    Very useful on the defensive when you get a chance to 8WR against a lunging
    move. Hurts a bit, and has nice stun. To be honest, I hardly ever get a hit with
    this...always a counter hit ^_^. Again, very useful when hit or normal hit. But
    definitely too long a recovery time to launch a rush, thus purely defensive. it
    often. Has a little less range than 3+B.
    4+B,B(G)_6+B -<m.m>.{NC}m_,h- Three slow, short-mid range, verticals -
    alternately first two NC verticals than either a thrust or a NC{CH}mid slash. I
    really dislike this move. The cancel is nigh worthless as the timing is in fact
    worse than if you did the move. The only thing it's got going for it is that the
    mid verticals, once the move sequence starts, do come pretty close together. The
    thrust is just in case someone attempts a standing interrupt (dumb - go for a
    ducking interrupt). Not one to try too often but occasionally useful for messing
    with GI timing. (&)
    1+B,B -{CH}<M.M>- a delayable two mid verticals that cause FBS. A bit slow on
    start-up with similar range to B,B. Hits hard, but is not useful for any sort of
    juggle combo. The last hit slams down though so I've occasionally managed to
    make it ring out after a launcher. A very risky choice though. Natural combo on
    6,6+B(4_B_B,4) -{CH}<m.m>- An often over-used mediocre rushing double thrust.
    Natural combo on CH. After either B input you can hold [4] to get the dodge back
    and high-mid vertical GI. Somewhat safe on block if you use the GI option, but
    it commits you to a linear retreat and can be chased down fairly easily.
    Moderate to heavy damage.
    WS B -<mJG.mJG>- A semi-launcher, two spinning mid verticals that together knock
    the opponent into the air. Moderately fast execution and medium recovery speed.
    I don't use
    8WR 2_8+B -mJG- Used to be SC2 3+A+B. A very nice, strong, fast launcher. Looks
    like it may TC but haven't confirmed this yet (if it does it's REALLY quick).
    Not safe on block but it should be used to punish verticals with moderately slow
    recovery. Think of it as a stronger but more vulnerable version of 3+B, only the
    height is higher and thus more juggle options.
    1+K and 1+K~A,A,(5_8_2+B or K) -L or m,<M.M>_M,L- 1+K is a slow-ish but
    potentially confusing low kick that SWP opponent to the ground on CH. Also hits
    OTG for a little damage. You can change the move with the ~A input to a mid
    half-horizontal (hits only on one side) that then goes into the previously
    discussed butterfly kick series by pressing A again. The timing is close enough
    that it's difficult to block on reaction. A basic 50-50 - but only one option
    has any real damage potential without CH. Thus, the 1+K is more for baiting for
    the CH than anything else. One exception to the 50-50 is that some characters
    can dodge the mid horizontal, since the 1+K is linear this provides one escape
    6,6+K -M- an odd looking spinning kick that hits mid and is essentially
    vertical, hits OTG. Anyway, TAS, but recovery is too long to really take any
    advantage of it. Thus it's primarily used, again, as an interrupt or simply to
    tack on a little more damage. Pretty fast and pretty decent range, especially if
    you extend the dash just a little. This is a great one to mix in with a dashing
    throw/low throw though the timing may be similar to enough to fall to a GI. Also
    has decent tracking.
    8WR 1_7+K -l- a decent low kick that causes TS. Pretty poor recovery but
    excellent range. Not a move I use much but definitely useful. Use as a defensive
    WS A+B,(B_2+B) -<l.h>,h_L- Two quick close-range low-to-high strikes to optional
    thrust to the face or to the ankles (these are the same, respectively, as from
    4+B,6+B and A~K,5+B). Great for additional damage and good for mindgames too.
    Not very useful out of A+K (almost all the other WS or WC moves are mid - thus
    leaving you open if you whiff). Without using the optional sequence it isn't
    very useful (too little range). However, the recovery on hit of WS A+B alone is
    such that you should be able to interrupt just about anything....
    1+A+B_1+[A+B] -m- a TC mid horizontal done in place. Low to moderate damage,
    useful only on CH, where it gives a very nice CFS which is pretty easy to follow
    up for a juggle. I find it's a bit slow and predictable but A+B can be held to
    go to a face-down position, from which any WC or WS moves can be done (or
    defensively, WD A+B).
    2_3+A+B -l- the FC classic sweeping (SWP) sword stroke . Moderately strong,
    relatively fast, and pretty nice for quick okizeme(2). However, is very much
    unsafe on block and shouldn't be used very often. It is a good way to stop quick
    ukemi(3)/evasive roll (see tutorial) and continue okizeme(2).
    4+A+B -<m.m>- A GI high-mid vertical parry followed by two rising mid verticals
    - natural combo. Not much tracking, pretty slow, and not great on recovery. Hits
    hard, and sorta launches, though it cannot be followed up IIRC. Great option
    against characters that tend to use verticals a lot, such as Raphael or
    Mitsurugi. Basically used as a more advanced interrupt.
    4+A+K,A -m,h- A GI, mid horizontal, and then a strong high horiztonal that FBS.
    Not especially useful because of slow speed but has good hit properties on CH,
    especially the second hit. The first hit is nice for GI-ing mid+high
    horizontals. The second hit can be delayed.
    6,6+B+K -mKD- a very quick linear mid. As far as I can tell the hit is as soon
    as Xianghua runs into the opponent (or after a set time if there isn't a hitbox
    in the way). Actually very useful as a mid- range interrupt but the recovery is
    pretty bad - gives a guaranteed hit on block, so use it sparingly. Can also be
    used to end juggle combos (3+B+K is better). Will miss on certain moves that
    "dodge back" like Mitsurugi's 4+B_6+B~4 moves - where the torso is pulled back
    before doing the attack.
    1+B+K and 8WR 1_7+B+K -m- an old favorite. Dodges to Xianghua's left while
    ducking then standing to a mid vertical strike (not very strong). Obviously an
    evasive poke. Recovery isn't incredible but still somewhat hard to punish unless
    the strike is evaded first and not blocked.
    [1.22d] Fourth Tier Moves - sort of useful, but not very. Definitely scraping
    the bottom of the barrel.
    A~B -m- An odd move that TC's but not too useful as it's too slow to be used
    evasively on instinct, but will dodge some high moves. Decent move with odd
    timing and hits a linear mid that CFS on any hit. Not much to say really as it
    isn't a move I use much. It has its place and should be part of your repertoire
    and is okay for pressuring someone who GI's your fast moves. You cannot juggle
    off of it but can do simple okizeme(2).
    8WR 1_7+A -hKD- Xianghua cocks her arm as she side-steps diagonally back then
    spins unleashing a strong high horizontal that knocks down to Xianghua's left.
    I've found it isn't incredibly useful because the dodge is somewhat slow and
    verticals still seem to hit me. However, if anticipated makes for a nice, flashy
    punisher. Not incredible damage, but intimidating. Far less recovery time than
    8wR 2_8+A. Still very slow so make sure you're at mid-range or that your
    opponent is committed.
    6+B~K(2_8) -L,m- Moderately slow linear SWP followed by a mid hit or,
    optionally, a roll in either sideways direction. Not terribly useful but quite
    surprising to get hit with and does decent damage. Do not expect to escape if
    blocked, however most opponents cannot do much damage while you're on the
    ground. Has pretty decent range (a little farther than 2+K).
    2_8,5B -mJG- SC2's 8WR 2_8+B - a mid vertical while moving sideways (opposite to
    input direction). Not too useful as it no longer dodges, but it catches any
    forward/sideways stepping well and launches for a possible juggle. Unsafe on
    block, most quick horizontals will hit you. Not good at all for chasing a
    retreating opponent. Nice juggle potential though.
    8WR 2_8+K -mKD- Quicker version of WJ K (uses other leg) and can be used to
    punish quick linear moves where the opponent tends to GI afterwards. Still very
    vulnerable on block. Easy to follow-up, just use wake-up suppression or moves
    that hit on the ground.
    8WR 3_9+K,A(B+K) -m,hKD- A mid linear kick to a jumping high horizontal that
    knocks down. The B+K option must be inputted early and gives a spinning mid-high
    vertical GI. Not incredibly useful but it's alright for punishing missed
    6+A+B -{CH}<m.M>- A short-range mid horiztonal then a jumping strong mid
    vertical that knocks down. Slow and very unsafe on block. I don't use this much
    because it honestly isn't worth the risk for the damage potential. Has decent
    range especially on the second hit, which dodges lows. NC on CH. Good for
    chasing down tech roll(3).
    4,4+A+B -h- Xianghua leans forward and balances on one leg and does a wide,
    quick high horizontal. This is just an interrupt. FOS on CH. Go to standard
    okizeme(2) options.
    2+A+K,K_2+K -L,<m.m>_L- A very slow starting kick (SWP) that then transitions
    into either a forward cartwheel or another SWP kick. Pretty useful but slow.
    Will hit on ground for small damage and is useful also for wake-up suppression.
    Use for messing with timing.
    8WR 3_9+B+K -MBNC- A slow-starting but powerful vertical with rather dismal
    recovery. In SC2 came after 6,6+K. Bounces the opponent but isn't incredibly
    useful as a launcher. I like it because it's so incredibly fun to smack someone
    with this. Use it similar to 8WR 3_9+B but take into account its slowness and
    [1.23] Things You Could Try - not necessarily bad but unusual or only applicable
    in a couple of specific situations:
    WJ 5A -l- A very pitiful low. Doesn't really hurt nor does it knock down or stun
    for very long. Don't use this.
    WC A -sl- The WC A is slower but has wider range than 2+A and is a special-low -
    not very useful. Thus, WC A is not a viable option following any Forced Crouch
    (FC) moves
    B~K -<M.m>- medium speed, two close-range mid hits. Recovery is bad (next to no
    hit stun), completely unsafe on block. A more fancy interrupt that can be
    punished EVEN if you hit on CH. Natural combo. It's a bad move, I just fail to
    see its purpose when its damage, speed, and lack of special stuns make it
    nigh-useless and Xianghua has so many better moves. Fun for hitting OTG though,
    which is probably the only time you should ever use it, as it hits low then mid
    and knocks back a little (RO on the edge or over a low wall?).
    WC 3+B~B -L- similar to WC 3+B, slides forward then stands to a VERY telegraphed
    low thrust to the ankles, causes THS on any hit. Decent damage, and can be
    easily followed up with 6+B+K for damage, 3+B to play it safe, or 6,6+K to
    chase. Some special situations allow 4,4+K(B) to be used.
    8WR 1_7+B,A(G)_2+A(G) -m,m_L- a mid FC vertical then a small hop to either a mid
    horizontal (A) or a low linear poke (WC A+B). Both A options are G cancellable.
    The G cancels in general aren't very good since it cancels in the middle of the
    hop and is pretty obvious but both cancels FC. Thus, you should plan go on the
    defensive if you manage to land the cancel (without getting hit first), using WS
    K, WS B to go for the juggle, blocking, etc. I hardly ever use this move because
    it doesn't have any stopping power. Damage is minimal, and little stun. So
    basically it's for using as a dodging close-range pressure tool with a 50-50
    mixed in.
    K -h- simple high kick with the lead leg. Nothing special and not something I
    use much. Would work well as a decent poke and is very fast. Some characters use
    K to ring out after launcher. Will experiment with this later, for now placed
    here. Pretty useless on experimentation. High poke, not good for anything else.
    WJ K_5K -M_L- Either a slow strong mid-level overhead kick or a decent low sweep
    (use this instead of WJ 5A). The overhead kick is pretty slow, telegraphs badly,
    and very linear, not safe on block. It's fun but risky for knocking people out
    of the air (Taki). The 8WR version is better.
    WC A+B -L- Xianghua does a long spinning jump and lands, crouching to a linear
    low hit that causes Trip Stun (TS). Not really worth it for damage or hit
    properties. It's a pretty rarely seen move because of it's slow execution as
    well - WJ_5K is probably a better choice overall but has less range. Cannot be
    followed up on any hit.
    WD A+B -L- Guei, great move :D. Can be done in any down position before rolling.
    Yeah, basically Xianghua throws a mini-tantrum on the floor. You will be
    surprised how useful this move is - has saved my butt many a time. Won't stop
    any jumping moves (Taki has several strong ones) but will stop just about
    everything else. Embarassing to get killed by too.
    B+K -L- Xianghua FC spins slightly to her right and then does a sideways thrust
    to the ankles. Must be done VERY close to the opponent and doesn't really have
    any special properties. I use it mostly as a fight finisher since it's not often
    seen in time and dodges highs (and occasionally mids, not just verticals -
    probably a bug). Will not dodge fast mids.
    2+B+K -mGB- Xianghua does a slow, short-range mid vertical GB and a simultaneous
    stomp that causes a "quake effect" which MUST be blocked low to avoid losing
    balance and staggering (the GB negates the quake effect). This is an interesting
    move... but not too useful. The best, and therefore rare, occasions when the
    opponent is down and MUST block the attack is when it is best to use this since
    its so slow.
    4+B+K(G) -Um- Mid vertical UB. Not too useful, tracks a little, but has little
    range. Best used anticipating the opponent is getting up and about to attack. I
    believe it has priority over anything that isn't incredibly long-range (Kilik's
    6+B or the like). The G cancel is useful in the same situations. Suprisingly
    hard to punish.
    4,4+B+K - Retreat (similar distance as initial dodge of 4,4+B) with a high-mid
    vertical GI. Not sure how long the GI lasts. I almost never use this. *3
    BT B+K -m- "Hopping chicken kick" - looks stupid, asks for punishment, and is
    all the more satisfying to hit with. Actually hits VERY quickly and always gives
    CFS. Despite it being in this section I do use it often when I'm BT along with
    BT 2+A and BT K or BT 2+B.
    K+G - taunt. Not aware of any bonuses but it is useful after a match (I prefer
    to, rudely, smack the opponent around, especially Taki). Could be useful during
    a round after a move with a particularly long stun.

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