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    Playing Non-Playable Characters FAQ by XxAxem_BlackxX

    Updated: 04/23/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    created by Axem Black (Darknessfalls728@hotmail.com)
    Legal: ok I honestly don't care what you do with this, it's not like 
    you could get any money out of it. I would like credit if you put it on 
    your site, but it doesn't matter.
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. The Codes
    2a. Enabler
    2b. Activator
    2c. Character Codes
    3. Movelists for non-playable characters
    3a. Night Terror
    3b. Charade (all forms)
    3c. Will-o'-the-Wisp
    3d. Colossus
    3e. Others
    4. Glitches and Problems
    1. Introduction
    ok I don't know about you, but I hate fighting games where there are 
    characters you can't use. This game has several characters you can only 
    fight against, but can't play as normally. This includes Night Terror, 
    Charade, Will-o'-the-Wisp, Colossus and others. Well, you can use them, 
    if you have a cheater like a gameshark, codebreaker or action replay, 
    but unfortunately I don't have codes for the gameshark or action replay, 
    just the codebreaker version 7 or higher. I would suggest getting a CB
    anyway because they are the best and don't glitch up all that much. 
    This guide gives you the codes, and I also threw together a movelist 
    for the ones that have their own moves. some of them like Shadow Master 
    and Doppelganger don't have their own movelists and just use other 
    characters' moves.
    2. The Codes
    Here are the codes for the codebreaker. they only work for version 7 and 
    2a. Enabler
    First thing you have to do is put another enabler code on, along with the 
    one for the game. this enable code lets the character mods work, so you 
    have to have it on at all times for any of them to work.
    Codebreaker 7+ Version Enable Code
    0CF49BDF A4E29C32
    2b. Activator
    Now in your character mod code, you should have an activator. These allow 
    you to activate your code whenever you want. without an activator, your 
    code will be active all the time so you'll never be able to change 
    characters until you reset. To add an activator to your character mod 
    code, just put the activator in the first line, then the character mod 
    in the 2nd one.
    Player 1 Activator
    D046DBA2 0000????
    Player 2 Activator
    D046DC72 0000????
    You'll replace "????" with the button you want to use to activate the 
    code. I'm only going to list four or five buttons since you shouldn't 
    need more than that.
    Replace ???? with:
    FCFE = Press Select+L2+R2
    FFFE = Press Select
    FDFE = Press Select+R2
    FCFF = Press L2+R2
    So if you want to activate the code by pressing L2+R2, the activator 
    would be D046DBA2 0000FCFF. got it? also note for it to work, you have 
    to press the buttons at the character select screen. you'll see a cloud 
    for a few seconds, and then the character you put in the code will 
    appear in place of the character highlighted.
    2c. Character Codes
    Now, this code is the one that changes the character you pick into the 
    one you want. all you have to do is highlight any character, then press 
    the activator buttons if you have an activator on and the character will 
    change into the one you put into the code.
    Player 1 Character Mod
    104B4860 000000??
    Player 2 Character Mod
    104D1FE0 000000??
    You'll replace "??" with one of the numbers below which decides the 
    character you get.
    Replace ?? with:
    27 = Night Terror
    28 = Charade
    29 = Charade (legs and body form)
    2A = Charade (eyeball only form)
    2B = Will-o'-the-Wisp (orange)
    2C = Will-o'-the-Wisp (blue)
    2E = Shadow Master
    31 = Colossus
    32 = Lizard MEN ???
    By using numbers other than the ones above, you can actually pick any 
    character in the game. I can't find the numbers for Unknown Soul, 
    Doppelganger and a few others so if you get them, let me know.
    3. Movelists for non-playable characters
    Here are all the movelists for the characters you're not supposed to 
    play as. they have all the moves the CPU versions have.
    Charge The Button = (C)
    Triangle = B (Vertical Attack)
    Square = A (Horizontal Attack)
    Circle = K (Kick)
    X = G (Guard)
    3a. Night Terror
    Weapon: Soul Edge (Complete)
    Vertical Attacks
    Attack        What it is
    B,B           2-hit Double Downward Slash
    Forward+B     4-hit Sword Rotate Attack
    (C)Forward+B  Powerful Downward Slash;releases sonic wave projectile
    Down-left+B   1-hit Attack; also releases shockwaves which stun
    Back+B        1-hit Guard Break Attack
    (C)Back+B     Powerful 2-hit Sword Attack
    Horizontal Attacks
    Attack        What it is
    A,A           Double Horizontal Punch
    Back+A        Powerful Horizontal Slash + Knocks Enemy Away
    (C)back+A     Sword Attack;releases sonic wave projectile
    Down-right+A,A  2-hit Horizontal Sword Attack
    Down-left+A,B,B Three Hit Combination Attack
    Kick Attacks
    Attack        What it is
    K             Punch
    (C)forward+K  Knock Away Punch
    Down+K        Crouch Kick
    Down-left+K   Foot Stomp; shockwaves stun if attack misses
    Running K     Running Foot Trip
    Other Attacks
    Attack        What it is
    A+B           Energy Attack (Hits at any range)
    B+K           Fly (can then execute attacks from there)
    B (flying)    Rapid-Fire Eye Laser
    A (flying)    Rapid-Fire Eye Laser
    K (flying)    Dive Bomb
    G (flying)    cancel (drop back down)
    K,K           3 Hit Combination Attack
    B+G (close)
    A+G (close)
    Night Terror Notes: he's definitely the most powerful character in the 
    game, although he's not much for speed. If a fast enemy is crowding you, 
    use A+B to deal damage and knock them away (that attack works at almost 
    all ranges too). The eye laser is one of the most powerful attacks in 
    the entire game. It's unblockable and can't be avoided by side stepping. 
    The only way to avoid it is to either go to long range (since it's a 
    medium range attack) or to run under Night Terror, which is probably 
    the better idea since you can then jump up and hit him or wait for him 
    to come down. If you use eye laser and your opponent runs under you, 
    hit guard to drop back down and try to recover as quick as possible. 
    As powerful as Night Terror is, most of his attacks can be blocked and 
    guard impacted just like any other character, so keep that in mind. 
    Down-left+B is a good move that will stun the enemy if it misses. One 
    last thing to note is that Night Terror can't be knocked out of the 
    ring. He will simply fly back up and the fight will continue. Note 
    that I didn't include every single move of his, but most are there.
    3b. Charade
    Weapon: Wave Sword
    Laser Attack: Down,A+B
    Charade Notes: Charade doesn't really have a movelist of his own. 
    none of the main characters use the wave swords, but they can be 
    bought and given to a created character. He does have one move of his 
    own though; the laser. He points his hand down and a thin laser comes 
    out, then he brings it up to hit the enemy. It isn't too powerful, but 
    it goes the entire length of the screen and is unblockable, so the 
    enemy has to sidestep it to avoid it. Don't use it alot up close 
    because of the long recovery time. Other than that, he has all the 
    attacks of the wave sword weapons. Some notable good attacks are: 
    A+B, back+(C)A, down-right+A+B, forward-up+B+K.
    Charade (Legs and body form)
    Weapon: Kick Edge
    Laser Attack: Down,A+B
    This form of Charade has no arms. Note that he can't be thrown, and 
    as this form, you can't do throws. This form of Charade is not as good 
    as his main form because he takes alot of damage from attacks, making 
    him hard to use competitively.
    Charade (Eyeball only form)
    Weapon: ???
    Laser Attack: Down,A+B
    This form only has the eyeball. I don't know the weapon it has because 
    it doesn't say. Note that this Charade form uses a horizontal laser 
    attack instead of vertical like the others. And like the leg and body 
    form, it can't do throws or get thrown. This one isn't good for 
    competitive use either because like the leg and body form, it takes 
    alot of damage from attacks.
    3c. Will-o'-the-Wisp
    Weapon: Random
    There are two versions, the one with orange colored flames and the one 
    with blue. Both are the same though. At the character select it'll make 
    you choose from Mitsurugi's weapons, but when the fight starts, he'll 
    have a random weapon. They also have a few of their own attacks which 
    they can use no matter what weapon they have.
    Air Spin: Down+B+A+G
    Impale: Up+A+G
    Rising Face Plant: Up+B+A+G
    You noticing how this guy has Inferno's moves? In fact, he is almost 
    exactly like Inferno, including the voice. Still, he's not as good as 
    the real thing...
    3d. Colossus
    Weapon: Olympus Punisher
    He has too small of a movelist for me to need to write one out. 
    Pressing B will cause his sword to glow with energy and then he slams 
    the ground, doing immense damage (possibly over a half of your health 
    bar) and sending you flying. This guy is definitely too cheap to use 
    competitively. He is unbelievably slow though, he can only walk slowly, 
    and his attacks are slow. Believe it or not, an expert could beat this 
    guy easy by just blocking his attacks and then hitting him while he 
    recovers. Attacks don't stun Colossus by the way, and he takes 
    noticably less damage from attacks than other characters.
    3e. Others
    Ok the only other non-playable characters you can use are not really 
    worth it. Doppelganger, Unknown Soul and Shadow Master are just 
    other characters, but darkened so you can't see who they are. Still, 
    if anybody out there figures out the numbers to play as doppelganger 
    or Unknown Soul, let me know and you will get credit.
    4. Glitches and Problems
    Yeah you didn't think there wouldn't be glitches did ya? Thankfully 
    there are no glitches during fights, so you don't have to worry 
    about that.
    Tale of Souls Glitches
    The game will freeze up anytime you try to use a character in Tale of 
    Souls you're not supposed to use.
    Character Select Screen Glitches
    If you're playing a two player game, have one character pick his 
    character and weapon first to prevent the game from freezing.
    Profile Screen Glitches
    Some characters will freeze the game if you try to go into the 
    profile screen with them, or if you try to listen to their quotes. 
    Night Terror is the only one to not have any glitches.
    any glitches in his profile screen.
    Practice Tutorial Glitches
    Using any of the non-playable fighters in the tutorial mode causes 
    the game to freeze.
    That's it for the guide, hope you liked it. If you know something I 
    don't, email me and let me know.

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