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"Geese is Back to remind all the fools who is the BOSS!"

KOF Neowave is the 1st KOF to be native in a different machine other than Neo Geo, and I love Neo Geo, but I must say this is a big plus.

The game in its own right has ups and downs, and there's allways the hardcore crowd that wish every KOF to be like 98, those will not like KOF Neowave since its a port of KOF 2002 to the Atomiswave except with a few dift characters and the main attraction Geese AOF2 style.

Let's start with the graphics since it seems to be the norm.

Graphics: 9

I give it a 9 because the backgrounds are phenomenal, not a lot of interaction, but the reminescence of old pays in spades, stages like the gears of the BIG BEN like Billy's stage in FF series is cool, also all the other little aspects that brings that big nostalgia factor in to play.

The sprites look great as allways, people tend to complaint because they remain low res, well is KOF is released every year the deadline is to small to create an entire new set of sprites for characters, but the new sprites of Geese are amazing, dead on with the AOF2 it even has a little of the old school coloring in him so that's awsome.

The hits and sparks are the only thing that keeps this graphics score from reaching a 10, you see I use s-video and component in my PS2 and everything looks awsome, but the sparks look a biot blurry form time to time, don't know if it's a transparency effect or what, but they don't look as good as the sprites, other than that they're not bad at all.

One thing that some people don't realize the character graphic setting is great I keep mine clean so it looks pizelated, they way it was designed, I'm not a big fan of filters.

Sound: 9

This is one bad ass soundtrack, it doesn't get a 10, because the character select song simply sucks! other than that is got old tunes, new tunes, remixed tunes, is just great.

The voices are just fine like every year KOF changes a little thing here and there, I guess the main atraction Mr. Howard himself sounds great, a lot of stuff from the SVC Geese, but I like the "Nice Try!" when he safe falls of evades a move with a roll, so that's cool.

Gameplay: 9

It plays in escence like KOF 2002, but the power meters are the meat of the game, you have 3 methods to choose from, all three have advantages and disadvantages, nonetheless the MAX2 move returns form KOF 2002, the only bad thing is that Geese doesn't have a MAX2 move AARRGGHH!

Super Cancel Mode is your typicall KOF mode keep the stock up to 3 and use it in combinations of 2 or 1, very simple, here you have all the stuff handy, evasion counter, counter blow, roll, and body toss attack is all there. No MAX2 moves though.

Guard Cancel Mode is Mark of the Wolfes meets KOF, in a shell is a blocking parry for the capcom afficionados, plus you get the stocks and the guard crush move pretty darn cool if yopu ask me, bounce them off the wall for cool combos. No MAX2 moves either

MAX2 it says it all, very upbeat mode 1 bar that increases with time and even faster if you do some combos, with this bar you can perform MAX2 move only when the life is red and the meter is full, the result a very powerfull attack that can change the outcome of a match, no evasive manuevers or counter though so be prepared to be attacking most of the time.


The roster has changed, no Kim but Jhun isntead, King is back with the girls, No NESTS Team except for Kula, but they Brought Shingo along with Sayshu (Strange Team, but it's a dream match nonetheless), no Rugal Geese instead, no Ramon Team either.

Now here's the biggest kicker of all!

All the characters missing form the arcade are back in the PS2 version and I mean all of them except for K9999 which is kind of sad but oh well! still 48 characters now that's a lot!

Overall is a 9 I tell you this game is one of the best KOF's period everyone is got their favorite, but this KOF is like a whole new world, hopefully they'll bring it to the US on XBOX, I'm just playing my friends PS2 import for the time beign.

Hope this helps to any of those curious if it's worth getting or not, I'm telling it's a must for any KOF Fan, and a great buffer for those tryng to get into something new, also those capcom fanatics need to keep an eye on this one is great!

See ya!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/06/06

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