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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DarthMarth

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    \\\\\\\\\\Star Wars: Battlefront II for PC, Xbox, PS2, and PSP\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
     \\\\\\\\\\FAQ/Walkthrough Guide written by DarthMarth (dpitch40@yahoo.com)\\
      \\\\\\\\\\Version 0.90\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    Version 0.69: The preliminary versions sections 5, 6, 7, 9, and 11 are done; 8 
    is started.
    Version 0.88: Everything except Campaign Walkthrough finished.
    Version 0.90: Updates to some sections, and the first three missions done for 
    the walkthrough.
    Version 1.00: Finished the Campaign Walkthrough.
    \\\\\\\\\\1. Table of Contents\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
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    1. Table of Contents (you're reading it)
    2. Introduction -Intrd-
    3. FAQ -Frakq-
    4. Campaign Walkthrough -Cpnwl-
    5. Galactic Conquest Mode -Glccm-
    6. Unit Classes -Uncla-
    7. Heroes -Heros-
    8. Weapons/Tools/Abilities -Wpnta-
    9. Vehicles -Vhcls-
    10. Maps -Ma#ps-
    11. Awards -Awrds-
    12. Legal Information –Legin-
    \\\\\\\\\\2. Introduction (Intrd)\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    Welcome to my fourth FAQ/Walkthrough for GameFAQs on the sequel to the best-
    selling Star Wars game of all time, Star Wars: Battlefront II. With this guide, 
    I hope to help new players (which, at the moment, includes everyone) to get 
    acquainted with the game and learn about its weapons, classes, levels, and 
    eventually, the campaign. For the first time, I'm also including screenshots to 
    support my text. I want this guide to eventually be as complete as possible, so 
    any contributions are welcome!
    \\\\\\\\\\3. FAQ (Frakq)\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    Q: What's the easiest way to get awards/get them to legendary?
    A: For weapon awards like Gunslinger or Regulator, I've found that relatively 
    closed maps like Polis Massa or Tantive IV work well for getting kills with 
    these weapons. Mustafar is about the right size for Frenzy. For Demolition, go 
    to Hoth with the number of bots set to 0 as a Rebel Vanguard, take a 
    Snowspeeder out to the AT-ATs, and blast their necks 4 times. Either respawn or 
    win after that. Kamino is probably the best sniper level for Marksman; enemies 
    are sitting ducks in the turrets. For Technician, I play on Endor and slice 
    into Speeder Bikes if I can catch them or chicken walkers. Space Battles are 
    best for the point-based awards; blowing up 2 vital systems/frigates earns you 
    War Hero. You could also get them while getting another award for a weapon you 
    excel with. For all awards, if you try to get them multiple times, remember to 
    wait at least 30 seconds after respawning so you don't keep it in your next 
    Q: What do the various other awards (Camper, Dead Eye, Bait, etc...) shown 
    after a battle mean?
    A: They all keep track of who did the most of something in the battle. Tank 
    Buster is vehicle kills, Killing Spree is the most number of kills in 5 
    seconds, Camper is the most time spent without moving, Survivalist is the most 
    "close calls" (times when you nearly died but survived), Traitor is number of 
    team kills, Public Enemy is the most kills made in one life, Bantha Fodder is 
    number of deaths, and Dead Eye is number of headshots/critical hits. Bait and 
    Nemesis show who you killed and were killed by the most, respectively.
    Q: What's up with Space Combat?
    A: The default mode here is Assault, which is point-based and nearly exclusive 
    to Space Battles. You can fly one of four types of craft: scout fighters (which 
    specialize in destroying enemy starfighters), bombers (which specialize in 
    destroying enemy frigates and vital systems), balanced fighters (which are 
    proficient at both tasks), and landers (which are extremely slow and heavily 
    armed, with multiple weapons positions) You use these fighters to score points 
    in space; frigates and vital systems are 18 points each while fighters are 4 to 
    12 points each, depending on what kind they are and how many people are in 
    them. If you don't have your "space legs," you can also fly into the enemy 
    hangar and attack from the inside, killing pilots and taking out auto turret 
    controls, shields, and vital systems from within. (The lancers serve as spawn 
    points when parked in a hangar) The two unique classes in this mode, Pilot and 
    Marine, are suited for space and onboard combat, respectively.
    Q: What does it mean that enemy reinforcements are being depleted?
    A: It means you control the majority of the Command Posts on a map in Conquest. 
    When you do, the enemy reinforcement count will slowly decrease, giving you an 
    Q: I heard about a level with all the Heroes and all the Villains!
    A: Yes, play Assault on Mos Eisley. All Heroes vs. all Villains, and you get to 
    listen to cantina music. =)
    Q: WTF!? Space Coruscant isn't in Instant Action!?
    A: You can always replay it in the campaign. For multiplayer, you'll have to 
    play another space level and pretend the planet sprite is Coruscant.
    Q: Insert any technical question here!
    A: I'm probably not the one to go to on this. All I can say is to make sure 
    your system meets all the requirements.
    Q: My question isn't answered in here!
    A: E-mail me at dpitch40@yahoo.com or post your question on the GameFAQs 
    message boards. If you e-mail me, please put "Star Wars" or "Battlefront II" 
    somewhere in the e-mail title or it will likely be deleted. 
    \\\\\\\\\\4. Campaign Walkthrough (Cpnwl)\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    ===PART 1===
     The training mission on Geonosis is optional, but highly recommended for 
    first-timers and for starting off the campaign. You're introduced as a member 
    of the 501st Clone Trooper division facing his first battle on Geonosis in a 
    quick cutscene. After that, you start as a regular Clone Trooper at Command 
    Post 6. Better get to work. Your first objective is to follow the yellow arrows 
    to "Checkpoint Alpha" to test your basic movement capabilities. Easier done 
    than said. After reaching it, you can move on.
     Next, you must take out three Super Battle Droid scouts that spawn near you, 
    behind the crashed Techno Union ship. They're fairly easy and stop often, 
    making them simple to hit. Be sure to aim at what passes for their heads, the 
    projections between their shoulders. They can damage you, but if you keep 
    moving and your distance they're unlikely to hit.
     Next, you're directed to a heavily damaged Hailfire Droid nearby. Use your 
    secondary weapons, Thermal Detonators, to finish it off. They'll stick to 
    destroyable objects and vehicles; just throw them at the droid. Try to hit the 
    conelike projection under the droid's "head" to do critical damage.
     Next, you must capture the downed Hardcell starliner. Follow the arrows to the 
    Command Post under it and stand by it until the crosshairs on the right fill, 
    meaning it belongs to the Republic. This sparks the battle between the Republic 
    and CIS, causing clones and droids to go at each other from opposite sides of 
    the battlefield. Run to the CP amidst the chaos and capture it.
     Now, it's time to get health and ammo for your troops. Press E (or whatever 
    you mapped Use to) while facing your new Command Post and select the Engineer 
    class from the menu, then hit "Spawn" to become an engineer. One again, easier 
    done than said.
     Your next task is to use your Fusion Cutter to repair the destroyed Health and 
    Ammo Droids near the starliner. Switch to it like you would to any other 
    primary weapon and hold the primary fire button down while facing the droids to 
    repair them. They will now restore health and ammo to any unit that stands near 
     Now for a fun objective-you must get into the AT-TE that has mysteriously 
    appeared near you. Once again to up to it and press the Enter/use button 
    (probably E) to get in. You can then switch positions using the mouse wheel, or 
    whatever else you set.
     After getting in, you must take out one of the CIS' rampaging Spider Walkers 
    in front of a bunker. You can be either the Pilot or Main Gunner for this; in 
    either case, just blast the slow-moving droid with your weapons until it goes 
    boom. Aim for the cylinders where the legs join the head for critical damage.
     Next, you must get to the top of the Techno Union ship, where the Geonosians 
    have somehow stashed a Sith Holocron they somehow attained. (This tutorial 
    makes no sense) The easiest way to do this is as a Jet trooper. Go to a Command 
    Post and switch to one the same way you did to an Engineer, then go around to 
    the short end of the ship. When you get there, double-tap the jump button to 
    activate your jetpack and fly up to the top. Next, bring it to the next place 
    the arrows point you. (Note that you can't use your jetpack while carrying it, 
    or a flag)
     Next, you must take the cliff bunker. Use the Jet Trooper to reach it easily 
    and take the Command Post at the top of the cliff. (Not in the actual bunker) 
    be sure to defeat all of the droids around it.
     Next you have to-that is, get to be a sniper. Switch to the Clone Sharpshooter 
    class at your new Command Post. Use your Sniper Rifle to eliminate 3 enemy 
    droids-be sure to aim at their heads.
     After this, you're ordered to deal with more Spider Walkers. Switch to a Heavy 
    Trooper and aim your Rocket Launcher at a Spider. If you press Q, you'll lock 
    onto it and have your missiles home in. Stand next to the ammo droid and blast 
    it repeatedly until it's destroyed.
     Now for the best part. After destroying the Walker, you can immediately 
    respawn as Master Mace Windu. You now wield a powerful Lightsaber and even more 
    powerful Force...Powers. Use them to wipe out 10 Droids, which should be easy.
     After this, you must take the Command Post in the CIS Bunker. It's out in the 
    open, and taking it without dying would be difficult. Being in control of a 
    Jedi should make it easier. Do anything you can to secure this objective; after 
    doing so, you win the tutorial and prepare the 501st for real combat in the 
    rest of the Clone Wars and beyond.
     In the first real mission, you're sent to Mygeeto with Jedi Master Ki-Adi-
    Mundi to retrieve an experimental power source for Palpatine's planned 
    "superlaser." You can spawn at either of two Command Posts on the southern end 
    of the map, and your first objective is to capture the Command Post to the 
    north, across the bridge. You get 60 reinforcements for this task; move quickly 
    on the AT-RT at the start of the bridge or on foot to the far end. (The AT-RT 
    is recommended, as it can quickly mow through the droids) After reaching the 
    Command Post, get off and capture it while staying alive. (You can't capture 
    CPs while on vehicles, and for some reason your allies can't take this one) The 
    droids control two Particle Cannon Turrets on either side of the far end of the 
    bridge, but don't worry about those until you take the Command Post.
     After you have the CP, you can take out the Turrets to clear the way for Ki-
    Adi-Mundi's arrival. The Engineer's Detpack or AT-RT's Mortar Cannon makes 
    short work of them. After this, you can respawn as Ki-Adi-Mundi. Your first 
    objective it take remove the energy barriers. Follow the arrows to the power 
    box for one of the barriers and slash it to pieces. (You can also destroy the 
    other energy barriers to clear the way)
     After this, another CP mysteriously appears on the northwest side of the 
    center platform. Take it for the next objective. After this, you must remove 
    the shields on the northwest tower and destroy the energy core in it. If you 
    have lost Ki-Adi-Mundi, get an AT-RT and use it to blast both boxes in the far 
    corners of the tower, then the core inside it. After it's destroyed, take the 
    sample from the core (while on foot) from next to it.
     Finally, you must take the sample to a dropship that has conveniently parked 
    on the opposite side of the level. Fight your way back to it (be sure to 
    reclaim the sample if you die) and go up to the dropship to win.
     This mission takes places during the opening scene of Episode III, during the 
    Battle of Coruscant. Due to a shortage of veteran pilots at the galactic 
    center, the 501st has been forced to take to the skies to help Obi-Wan and 
    Anakin rescue the Supreme Chancellor. Note that you can skip this mission if 
    you don't want to fight in space, but it's recommended that you not miss this 
    awesome battle. Anyway, after the opening cinematic, your objective is simple: 
    spawn as a Pilot and run to one of the ARC-170s in front of you. Press the 
    enter/use key to get in, then space (or whatever else you assigned) to take 
     The next objective is a bit harder. You must take out 5 enemy CIS fighters. 
    Even if you haven't done much space combat before, this is a great way to 
    learn. The enemy fighters are all Droid Starfighters, not especially fast or 
    hard to hit, and fairly dumb. Also, both sides have infinite reinforcements, so 
    there is no pressure. Your Laser Cannons can make short work of the fighters if 
    you keep them trained on one, and Proton Torpedoes can also lock onto them to 
    do heavy damage.
     After accomplishing this, you must destroy a nearby CIS frigate, a Banking 
    Clan Comms Ship. Use your Laser Cannons and Proton Torpedoes to destroy it; it 
    should only take a few passes. After this, you can keep using torpedoes to 
    disable the main CIS ship's shields. You can't get far inside it, so the only 
    way is to attack it from the outside. After doing enough damage to it, the 
    shields will collapse.
     Your next objective is to take out the capitol ship's Communications Relay. 
    It's the antenna-like thing on top of it. Fly around the relay and attack it 
    with laser and torpedoes like you did the frigate and shields. The same process 
    works; it's just a bit harder to hit. It shouldn't take long to destroy it.
     After disabling the ship's communications, its inner doors will be able to 
    open. If you want, switch to a marine now to make the next part easier. Fly 
    into the ship's hangar and land near the upper walkway, then run up some stairs 
    and into the inner rooms. Your objective is to use your Rocket Launcher or Time 
    Bombs (depending on if you're a Pilot or Marine) to destroy the Engine Cooling 
    Tanks; you can also go for the Auto Turret Defense Mainframe in the first room 
    to disable all of the ship's space turrets. (Watch out for the two ceiling 
    turrets in this room; one rocket or some blaster bolts destroys each) Anyway, 
    from the main room, go right through the only other door that opens to the 
    engine room. Lay Time Bombs on the green tanks or fire rockets and throw 
    Thermal Detonators at them until they're destroyed. (You may have to return to 
    the hangar for ammo)
     After this, your final objective is to take out the ship's bridge. Get back in 
    your fighter (or a Droid Starfighter if it's been destroyed) and fly out to the 
    upper half of the ship. Attack the front of the raised part of the ship, just 
    behind the communications relay, and destroy it in the same way. After the 
    bridge is gone, you'll win the mission.
     Your next mission is to take the jungle planet Felucia and find out what 
    happened to the lost 182nd Division. First, your forward division is being 
    attacked by an unknown creature. (Actually an Acklay from Episode II) You have 
    30 seconds to run over to the destroyed AT-TE to investigate. After getting 
    there, you have 40 reinforcements to take out 6 Acklay. They appear in 2 waves 
    of 3, are as fast as you are, and will kill you instantly if they get close. 
    The Shotgun does decent damage and may be your best bet; the Blaster Rifle also 
    works fairly well and the Rocket Launcher does massive damage. If you have 
    earned any permanent award weapons, take advantage of them. Keep moving and 
    stay away from them; don't let two attack you at once.
     After doing this, the Acklay threat is eliminated (for now) and you get 20 
    more reinforcements. Next, you must defend the AT-TE, despite its 
    nonfunctionality, from CIS droids until Master Aayla Secura arrives. (That is, 
    in exactly 2 minutes) They mainly come from a hill far away down the river and 
    a steeper one right next to the AT-TE; quickly blast any droids that come from 
    either way and try to get an Award Weapon to make things easier if you didn't 
    already have one.
     Once the droids have been held back for 2 minutes, Aayla arrives and you can 
    spawn as her at the AT-TE. You must next retrieve a power cell as her to power 
    the walker and restore it. This should be simple; just Force Sprint to where 
    the cell is on your map, mowing through any droids on your way as the 
    ridiculously powerful Jedi Master, and pick up the cell like a flag. Once you 
    return it to the AT-TE, it becomes fully functional. Sweet.
     Now that you have some heavy firepower, you must take out some CIS defensive 
    turrets. Aayla's incredible offensive strength is capable of destroying them, 
    but more Acklays will have begun to spawn and will make things difficult for 
    her. After she's defeated, get into the AT-TE and start rampaging. Its cannons 
    can wipe out the CIS Particle Cannon Turrets and Armored Tank Droids with ease 
    to complete this objective. You must destroy 5 turrets in all.
     Alright, another space mission! The 501st has been sent on a suicide mission 
    to Kashyyyk until reinforcements arrive. You'll have to fight the CIS off in 
    orbit and stay alive. You start in the hangar with 30 reinforcements and the 
    objective of taking out the enemy frigates. Hop into a V-Wing and get to work. 
    The two frigates are circling around the battlefield; take this movement into 
    account and destroy them with bombs. Doing so gets you 15 more reinforcements.
     Stay in the bomber for the next objective, taking out the two heavy turrets on 
    either side of the enemy hangar entrance. They're smaller, but stationary, and 
    one run will take each out. After destroying them, you get 15 more 
    reinforcements and orders to take the LAAT gunship into the enemy hangar. Fly 
    back to your hangar and get in the LAAT, then press F4 to call some allies to 
    assist you. You may want to switch to a Marine for the fierce shipboard 
    fighting you're about to face. After you're ready, take off and fly the 
    sluggish craft into the enemy hangar. Maneuver around the enemy ships (stay 
    just under the hangar roof) and land near the doors, in the center. After the 
    ship has stayed on the ground for 10-15 seconds, you'll complete the objective 
    and get 15 more reinforcements.
     Your next objective is to destroy the ship's Life Support and Engine Cooling 
    Tanks. Luckily, they have much less HP than normal, so the Marine's rockets or 
    the Pilot's Time Bombs will make short work of them. Unfortunately, the ship is 
    also swarming with CIS droids. You'll face legions of them; keep moving at all 
    times to avoid being hit and stay near the health and ammo restorers often. Try 
    to take as many of them and the small auto turrets out as possible as you enter 
    both side rooms and destroy the Engine Cooling Tanks and Life Support computer. 
    An Award weapon will be extremely helpful if you can get one or have one 
    permanently. Destroying both systems nets you 15 more reinforcements and your 
    last objective.
     You must retrieve a Holocron detailing the CIS battle plans before the ship is 
    destroyed. It's sitting in the entrance of the shield generator room; quickly 
    run in and get it, then go back to the hangar and take either a CIS fighter or 
    your gunship back to your own hangar. Once there, go to the circle of light in 
    your bridge room to complete the mission and clear the way for a ground battle 
    on Kashyyyk.
     The mission on Kashyyyk is your most difficult yet. You start facing down a 
    massive CIS assault containing Armored Tank Droids and Spider Walkers. You must 
    hold the line (the Command Post right at the beachhead, that is) for 3 minutes. 
    Surprisingly, your 30 reinforcements aren't much of a problem; the "walking 
    carpets" don't count towards your total and slow the depletion. The main issue 
    is the CIS' massive amount of starting troops and its vehicles. It's 
    recommended that you use a vehicle or turret (or both) to take the enemy tanks 
    out quickly before they can do too much damage. Assault droids will try to ruin 
    your day with rockets; jump out before you're blown up. The sabotage bonus 
    helps immensely if you've gotten it to legendary. Use all of your strongest 
    weapons to eliminate the enemy's initial assault; after this, things become 
    much easier. Just keep enemy troops from taking the Command Post for 3 minutes 
    to secure this objective.
     After keeping the beachhead, you must now abandon it and retreat to behind the 
    seawall as the CIS invasion gains new life. Your objective is to defend the 
    refinery at the back of your base for four minutes. It's recommended that you 
    switch to an Engineer for this. Try to keep the seawall intact for as long as 
    possible to delay the droids. Sooner or later, though, it will be destroyed. 
    After this, fall back to the refinery itself. Spend all of your time slowly 
    repairing the refinery to slow its demise and stay behind it to keep safe, 
    shotgunning any droids that attack you. The biggest threats to it are the 
    Armored Tank Droids that periodically attack. (Luckily, the cliffs aren't big 
    enough to admit Spider Walkers even with the seawall destroyed) help to take 
    the Tanks out with well-placed Detpacks; as long as they don't deal too much 
    damage, you should have no trouble defending the refinery.
     Once again, your last objective becomes meaningless after completing it. (The 
    refinery was destroyed almost immediately after the four minutes for me) Your 
    last objective is the best-assume control of Yoda and drive the CIS off 
    Kashyyyk. Though you likely won't be able to keep Yoda throughout the rest of 
    the mission, he's immensely helpful, mowing through the droids with ease. Since 
    he's so slow, use Force Pull to make distant droids come to you rather than 
    chasing after them. You should be able to retake the nearest two or three 
    Command Posts as Yoda; focus on the farther ones to eliminate the enemy's main 
    vehicle spawn points and box them in. After Yoda is defeated, resume play as 
    any class (preferably an Engineer) and use an IFT-X to continue. Remember-for 
    some reason, your allies can't take Command Posts, so you must stay near each 
    one yourself. Your reinforcements deplete extremely slowly, so this objective 
    shouldn't be too hard at all if you can take enough CPs as Yoda initially. 
    After getting all of them, you'll win the mission.
     Your assault on Utapau to slay Grievous is the beginning of the end for the 
    Clone Wars. Despite General Kenobi's gathering an army "large enough to take 3 
    star systems," you start with only 15 reinforcements. Quickly head towards the 
    two-story building near your position, attacking the CIS droids there. Luckily, 
    they aren't reinforced much, so after taking them out things become easier. Run 
    up the stairs on either side of the building and take the Command Post.
     You're given 15 reinforcements and the objective of taking the Command Post 
    farther own the highway. I'd recommend switching to an Engineer; slicing one of 
    the AATs that may come down this road makes things much easier. Mow through any 
    droids in your way and get out at the next CP; stay near it next to the wall to 
    decrease the directions from which you can be hit. (Press F4 to have an ally 
    board the AAT before getting out so the CIS doesn't take it back) Take this 
    Command Post as you took the last one. After that, you can respawn as Obi-Wan 
    Kenobi and assist in capturing the hangar. (You get 25 more reinforcements for 
    this, luckily)
     Slice through any droids in your way as you quickly head for the Command Post 
    in the hangar. Taking it as Obi-Wan should be easy; do so to clear the 
    objective. After this, General Grievous himself spawns south of your position. 
    You must defeat him, obviously. He's fairly tough to beat, especially with all 
    the droids around him. Use Force Push often to keep him off his feet, and stay 
    out of range of his sabers. If he takes Obi-Wan out, switch to an Engineer; a 
    Shotgun blast to the head will defeat Grievous.
     After the Separatist leader is taken care of, you must allow your LAAT 
    gunships to land by taking out two AA turrets at the hangar entrance. The 
    weapons of vehicles or the Engineer's Detpacks will make short work of these 
    turrets. Your final mission is also one of demolition; you must take out a 
    strange energy pillar the CIS has erected near your original starting point. 
    Vehicles will make this objective easy; take out any AATs in your way and blast 
    the pillar with explosives; it will be destroyed fairly easily. Taking the 
    pillar out wins the mission.
     It's finally time to execute Order 66, by the order of the new Galactic 
    Emperor. The 501st is executing an assault on the Jedi Temple, led by the newly 
    crowned Darth Vader, to wipe out the "traitorous" Jedi once and for all. You 
    start on the balcony with 50 reinforcements, and you'll need them. Play as an 
    Engineer; his Shotgun is your best bet for taking out the Jedi you'll face. You 
    may encounter a few easily dispatched Temple Guards as you proceed down the 
    hall. (Luckily, not all the enemies are Jedi) Your objective is to the take the 
    CP in the northern circular room. As you approach the east-west hallway, 
    several Jedi drop down in front of you. Don't be the one to trigger the trap; 
    stay behind and blast them in the heads with your Shotgun for easy kills. Get 
    to the Command Post as quickly as possible and defend it at all costs. Luckily, 
    no additional Jedi spawn after the initial ones in the hall and council room. 
    You'll probably die several times, and may even need to restart this mission; 
    it's hard.
     After you manage to take the CP, you get 30 reinforcements and orders to go to 
    the library. Once you reach it, you see that the Jedi are attempting to destroy 
    their records rather than let them fall into the hands of the Empire. You must 
    guard the bookshelves until a two-minute scan of the data is complete. You may 
    have heard this objective was demonically hard, but don't be fooled. The Jedi 
    aren't nearly as numerous as the CIS droids were, and they're easily killed 
    with the Shotgun if they aren't blocking. Also, the bookshelves aren't easily 
    destroyed, and the Jedi will focus on them instead of you, making survival 
    easy. As an Engineer, fend them and the Temple Guards off for the two minutes, 
    repairing them whenever you get a respite. One other tip: you only need to 
    guard at least one bookshelf. Stay near one of them. (Preferably one in a 
    corner) and kill any enemy that comes near it; use your Fusion Cutters to keep 
    the shelf at full health. With these tips in mind, the infamous "guard the 
    bookshelves" objective is easy.
     Your next objective is to retrieve two Jedi Holocrons to keep even more of 
    their knowledge; you get 30 reinforcements to do so. The first is in the room 
    beyond the comms room; the quickest way is up the library stairs and through 
    it. You'll be attacked by more Jedi in the comms room and just outside the 
    veranda, your destination for the Holocron. Take them out as usual (hopefully 
    you have the Flechette Shotgun by now) and be sure not to get too close. Go 
    under the LAAT on the veranda to secure the first Holocron.
     The second Holocron is in control of a Jedi. You can now play as Darth Vader 
    to secure it and finish the defeat of the Jedi. Head straight for this room and 
    kill the Jedi Master carrying it by Force Choking him until you're within saber 
    range. Once again, take the Holocron back to the ship.
     The last objective is to kill the 3 Jedi Masters. They're more skilled than 
    the other Jedi and have more HP, making them much deadlier. If you still have 
    Darth Vader, he'll help at this, but some well-aimed Shotgun blasts are the 
    best way to take out the Masters. They're all marked as objectives and easy to 
    find; fight your way through the swarms of Jedi to them and keep your distance 
    as you take all 3 out. You get 50 additional reinforcements to buy time for 
    this mission. After defeating all 3 Masters, the mission is over and the fall 
    of the Jedi complete.
    ===PART 2===
     The first mission you play as a Stormtrooper involves you quashing a rebellion 
    on the Emperor's homeworld, Naboo. You must eliminate the queen and set an 
    example for all who would oppose the new Empire. Head towards the first enemy 
    Command Post; taking it is your objective. You'll start off near the canal with 
    50 reinforcements. (Spawn as a Stormtrooper or Engineer now) The Command Post 
    is heavily guarded by Naboo Guards who carry Blaster Rifles, but aren't too 
    hard to defeat. Stay against walls and keep moving to avoid being hit as you 
    reach the Command Post and take it. Doing so gives you 20 extra reinforcements.
     Your next objective is a Command Post across the map. Follow the road next to 
    the canal to reach it and take it as you did before. Stay out of the central 
    plaza until you can disable the auto turret defenses there. Taking the CP gives 
    you 30 more reinforcements, an IFT-T tank, and orders to take yet another 
    nearby CP. Hop in the tank and head there, then get out and capture it once 
    you've made it. Beware: the rebels also have tanks, missile-firing AAC-1s. Keep 
    your distance to maximize the damage your missiles do and blast them with your 
    own as you make your way to the CP. Stay near the health and ammo droids to 
    keep from dying as you take it.
     After taking this CP, it's time to disable the auto turrets in the central 
    plaza. Fight your way up the ramp from your current position to a balcony 
    overlooking the plaza and destroy the marked console with explosives. Go for 
    the tank immediately after this to take out the queen's Jedi bodyguards, who 
    have emerged from the palace. They won't stand a chance against the tanks' 
    Lasers and Missiles; the Engineer's Shotgun also works fairly well as it did in 
     After eliminating them all, the queen makes a run for it. She starts with more 
    Jedi in the same place. Your final objective is to kill her. Staying as an 
    infantry unit is dangerous; the tank has the best chance of taking her out. She 
    is extremely armored and can withstand several Laser Cannon hits, but shouldn't 
    be hard to kill. Doing do wins you the mission.
     Your first space mission as the Empire has you fighting...droids? A rogue 
    Geonosian has reactivated some old CIS Droids and is attempting to restart the 
    Clone Wars. You start aboard your Star Destroyer, but you can't launch yet. A 
    Droid Gunship has landed in your hangar, and repelling the invasion is your 
    first priority. Start as a Marine and enter the hangar. Take out as many droids 
    as you can, but the Gunship is your real target. Use Rockets or Time Bombs to 
    quickly destroy it and prevent the droid attack. You get 35 reinforcements to 
    do this; destroying the gunship gets you 25 more.
     After this, you can launch into space. You must take out 8 enemy fighters; get 
    into a TIE Fighter or Interceptor to do this. Beware the asteroids littering 
    the battlefield and complete the objective. After this, get to a Bomber and do 
    runs on the enemy capitol ship to overload their shields. It shouldn't be too 
    hard even with only you working on it; after 4 or 5 runs, the shields will 
     Lord Vader's last order is to steal an enemy Strike Bomber. Fly into the 
    ship's hangar and land next to the designated Bomber, then get into it and fly 
    back to your own hangar. It shouldn't be too difficult at all. Doing this final 
    objective wins the mission.
     You first objective in the ground battle on Mustafar is to take the CP in the 
    lava observatory room. Spawn as a Stormtrooper or Engineer and make your way 
    through the modest droid opposition to it. (Note that you can only go through 
    the right hand door from where you start) Follow the hallways to the designated 
    Command Post and take it. You get 40 reinforcements to start with, and they'll 
    be plenty.
     After this, you must take the Command Post across the walkways. Dash to it 
    (watch out for Snipers on a balcony to the right) and start taking it 
    immediately; be ready for some droids to attack through the nearby door. After 
    this, you must take a third CP on an overlook. Go through the nearby door 
    (you'll encounter a few auto turrets on the way) and make your way along the 
    path to the Post at the bottom of a ramp. It's the same deal as always; keep 
    moving around the Command Post until you've captured it.
     After this, you finally get an order that doesn't have you taking Command 
    Posts. You must destroy the two battle droid schematics in the central 
    rectangular room. They're the two illuminated tables with holograms over them 
    on either raised end. Use whatever explosives you have on the sides to destroy 
    the already-damaged computers.
     After ending the threat of more droids, you have to retrieve an orbital strike 
    beacon. It's in a conference room off of the one you're in; follow the arrows 
    as usual and pick it up, then bring it to the marked spot at the end of a 
    gantry near the overlook. Once you've placed the beacon, get clear and go to 
    the top of the ramp.
     This triggers an attack by Gizor Delso, the leader of the insurgency, and his 
    Geonosian guards. The guards are just normal Geonosians, but Gizor himself has 
    massive HP and carries a weapon similar to the Bulldog RLR, which he uses with 
    deadly accuracy. If and when you die, respawn at the CO you took there to 
    continue the fight. The Engineer probably stands the best chance against him if 
    the can get close; keep moving and score as many direct hits as possible until 
    he's defeated. With Gizor dead, the droid rebellion has been defeated and you 
    win the mission.
     Ironically, the 501st's own brethren, clones created on Kamino, are now 
    rebelling with their creators against the Empire. The 501st has been sent to 
    crush them with the aid of Boba Fett, yet another clone and an aspiring bounty 
    hunter. You can spawn as him immediately; your orders are to head for the main 
    cloning facility entrance. You start with only 10(!) reinforcements, so work 
    quickly. After getting there, you gain 5 more and have to blast the control 
    panel to gain entry. Your Detpacks will actually work better; use one to unlock 
    the door. Note that this also activates the auto turrets around the facility, 
    but Boba's EE-3 Rifle b=makes short work of them. You also gain 90(!) 
    reinforcements at this point, plenty for what's ahead.
     After gaining entry, you must collect a clone DNA sample from the interior of 
    the facility. Blast your way through more clones and turrets and collect the 
    sample behind the central pillar ahead. Note that you can't use your jet pack 
    while carrying it; sprint back to the Landing Craft on the highest platform to 
    drop the sample off.
     Next, use your jet pack to reach the center platform and take the CP on it. 
    This should be fairly easy; don't let the clones occupy the Laser Turrets for 
    too long. After taking it, fly down to the other facility. Enter it, blasting 
    the turrets as before, and enter the computer room where the five indicated 
    computers are. Take them out with Detpacks and/or Wrist Rockets for the next 
     For the last objective, you must stop the clones from evacuating. You have 5 
    minutes to take out two gunships that are preparing for takeoff. Use your jet 
    pack to hurry to both of them and defeat any Clone Troopers around them, then 
    use Detpacks to take the ships out. 5 minutes should be plenty to complete this 
    objective and win the mission.
     This is the first Imperial mission in which you actually fight against the 
    Rebels, who are attempting to escape with the Death Star plans. You start in a 
    control room overlooking the hangar; run down the nearby stairs to the Landing 
    Craft. Next, you get 25 reinforcements to defend the hangar for 2 minutes. The 
    Rebels come from both of the blast door entrances; stay in the hangar and 
    eliminate any that come as a Stormtrooper or Engineer, as usual.
     After securing the hangar, you must capture the Detention Block CP. You know 
    the drill; fight your way up to it and hold it until it becomes yours. After 
    taking it, immediately head toward the far end of the hallway to the north 
    room. One of the Rebels has the Death Star plans; gun him down and secure them 
    as you would a flag, then take them back to the Detention Block.
     After this, you have one more Command Post to take, in the Superlaser firing 
    well. The resistance leading up to it shouldn't be too steep; take it as you 
    always do. After the CP is yours, you may want to switch to an Engineer at it 
    if you aren't one already. You now have 3 minutes to take out a Landing Craft 
    in the other hangar before the Rebels escape in it. The hangar is swarming with 
    the scum; try to use the shuttle itself as cover while you blow it up with 
    Detpacks or Thermal Detonators. (Use the ammunition droid next to it to reload) 
    If you can keep out of the line of fire, it shouldn't take too long to be 
     The last objective is to kill the Rebel leader, who has been behind the 
    uprising. Somehow, a Jedi Master has survived the great Purge and been 
    imprisoned in the Death Star rather than executed. As usual, the Engineer's 
    Shotgun (or the Elite Rifle if you've earned it) makes short work of him if he 
    isn't blocking; make sure not to get within attacking distance. After taking 
    the leader out, the mission is won.
     Apparently, the Death Star plans weren't as secure as you'd thought. The 
    Empire has tracked them to a small asteroid base on Polis Massa and sent the 
    501st there to retrieve them and crush the Rebel scum. You start in a large 
    loading bay; run up some stairs near you and through the hallway to your 
    objective, a large ring-shaped room with Rebels. You must take the CP in the 
    middle of the ring; mow through any Rebels in your way as an Engineer and use 
    the restoring droids next to the CP as necessary to take it.
     After the CP is yours, you must retrieve the Death Star plans from the command 
    room. Fight down either one of the halls and to the central, raised room. There 
    are quite a few Rebels around here; even as an Engineer, handling them all can 
    be tough. Be quick and get the plans, then return them to the CP in the ring 
     Next, you must defend the room for 2 minutes as the data is transmitted back. 
    (If you already have a Death Star, why do you need the plans again?) This is 
    another standard defend a location deal. An Engineer should be able to defend 
    the three hallways leading to the CP easily; try not to leave the central room. 
    Its restoring droids should make staying alive fairly easy.
     After uploading the plans, you have to destroy a Rebel computer in the far end 
    of the base to stop them from decrypting Imperial codes. Once again, fight your 
    way all through the base and caves beyond. One Detpack will make short work of 
    the computer once you manage to reach it.
     Your final objective is to retake the hangar so you can leave this rock. The 
    CP in the middle is out in the open and heavily guarded; you'll need support to 
    have much of a chance of taking it. You can go back through the base, but a 
    faster way is to go to the small hangar room near the computer and drive an 
    AAC-1 through the vacuum outside to enter the hangar from behind. Either way, 
    you'll have to keep moving constantly to avoid getting quickly mowed down in 
    the hangar as you take the Command Post; make sure to take some allies to draw 
    fire. You win the mission as soon as you take this CP, so do whatever works.
     The 501st is boarding the consular vessel Tantive IV, which was believed to be 
    the destination of the Death Star plans. Aided by Darth Vader, they plan to 
    retrieve the plans and bring Ambassador Organa to justice. You start near the 
    northern room in the ship; it's best to spawn as an Engineer to take advantage 
    of the tight corridors in this mission. The Rebel opposition in the ship is 
    fierce, but it soon weakens after you take out their initial defense. Go down 
    the nearby stairs and take the Command Post in the central room for the first 
     After taking this CP, you can respawn as Darth Vader with instructions to go 
    to the tech room. Follow the arrows and slice up any soldiers that get in your 
    way. Once there, you must destroy all the mainframes in and around the bridge. 
    There are quite a few, but Lord Vader's Lightsaber can quickly disable them. 
    After they're all destroyed, Force Dash across the ship to the engine room. The 
    access codes for the escape pod area are in one of the corner rooms on the 
    upper walkway here. You can Force Jump up or use the ramps. (If you are on the 
    left side of the room, destroy the console next to the generator to shut it off 
    and pass through)
     Once you have the plans, go ALL the way back to the tech room and use them at 
    the central computer pillar. After this, you must find Princess Leia and 
    capture her. She isn't marked on your map, but you'll know she's in an escape 
    pod bay if you saw Episode IV. (If you haven't, stop reading this, go get it, 
    and watch it immediately before it's too late) She's in the right-hand escape 
    pod bay to be precise, in the easternmost part. Take her out to win the 
    mission. (That sure wasn't in the movie)
     This mission takes place above Yavin 4, just after the destruction of the 
    Death Star. The Imperials are retaliating with their remaining forces, 
    attempting to hurt the Rebels as much as possible after their victory. As soon 
    as you spawn as a pilot, head for a Bomber and get into space. The Rebels' five 
    heavy transports are attempting to escape to hyperspace, and you have 2 and a 
    half minutes to stop them. The ships aren't too far apart and all but die after 
    one bombing run, so stopping them shouldn't be hard. Keep moving to avoid 
    getting killed by enemy fighters and take them out as fast as possible.
     After this, stay in your Bomber and eliminate the two Corellian Corvettes. 
    They're just as easy to destroy and don't move, so taking them out should be 
    simple. After this, a 10-minute timer begins. Get back to your hangar as 
    quickly as possible and get a TIE Fighter or Interceptor for your next 
    objective, taking out 10 enemy fighters. Luckily, they're swarming everywhere, 
    so take your pick and fire away. Hopefully you can finish with at least 7 and a 
    half minutes left on the timer.
     After this, the timer continues as you have to take out the Mon Cal Cruiser's 
    heavy turrets. If you took a TIE Fighter, its Proton Torpedoes can do the job 
    fairly well; otherwise, switch to a Bomber to do it. Work quickly; the timer is 
    always ticking.
     Finally, you must disable the Cruiser's 6 engines to prevent it from escaping. 
    Again, a TIE Bomber or Fighter can get the job done. Keep moving and take out 
    any fighters you have to, but focus on the engines. You should be able to take 
    them out with plenty of time left; doing so wins the mission.
     You've now landed on Yavin 4 to wreak vengeance on the Rebel scum for 
    destroying the Death Star. You start in the southwestern corner of the jungle 
    map with orders to capture the CP at the nearby water fountain. (The big water 
    fountain-sorry if you're thirsty) You can get into the tank up ahead, but the 
    fountain is so close it barely helps. Capture it as usual as a Stormtrooper or 
    Engineer to move on.
     Next, you need to take the CP under the viaduct. If one of your tanks has 
    survived the Rebels' AAC-1s, it will help you to reach it. Otherwise, skirt 
    around the most intense fighting until you reach it. It's fairly in the open; 
    but use the stone pillars and platform as cover and kill any Rebel that attacks 
     You have one more CP to take, at the end of the viaduct. Take the Command Post 
    in the dried reflecting pool, using the restoring droids around it. After 
    taking it, you must defend it for 2 minutes. The walls around the CP give you 
    some basic cover, and you mainly need to blast the Rebels in the elevated 
    turrets and any that come into the enclosure. After defending the CP for 2 
    minutes, you receive your next objective.
     You must now collect a "breaching bomb" to gain entry to the Rebel base in a 
    Massassi temple. The bomb has been (in)conveniently placed on top of a nearby 
    tower. If you can enter a nearby vehicle, it makes getting to the tower all the 
    easier. Collect the bomb, then get to the main door of the temple. You can 
    place the bomb at the door while on foot or in a vehicle; either way, you have 
    10 seconds to get clear after doing so. After this, a new onslaught of Rebels 
    pours from inside. If you have a tank, keep backing up to stay out of grenade 
    range as you mow through them. There are also a few more fighter tanks inside.
     Your final objective is to take out the 3 Bothan Rebel Leaders in the base. 
    Once it's mostly clear of troops, enter and look for them. They're designated 
    by yellow arrows, but like all Bothan Spies, they can cloak, so you may have to 
    guess at where they are. They're quite easy to kill if you can hit them. Once 
    all 3 are eliminated, the day is yours.
     It's finally time for the battle of Hoth. Now is when the Rebellion will die, 
    once and for all. To victory! Enough with the motivational speeches-this 
    mission is fairly tough. You have a 21-minute time limit for the whole thing, 
    so get into an AT-AT and get moving! Your first objective is to secure the 
    Rebels' outlook Command Post. Advance on it with the walker and bombard the 
    troops that spawn there (make sure to take out all the turrets), and once 
    you're close enough, get out and take it. Once that's done go back and to the 
    same thing for the forward bunker; you must take this Command Post as well. Try 
    to keep killing off Rebel troops until your own can overrun the Command Posts 
    and make it easy for you to take them.
     Once these two Command Posts are yours, you must take out the shield 
    generator. If you can get a clear shot at it, an AT-AT can destroy the 
    generator; nothing else has enough firepower. Destroying the generator gives 
    you a quick cutscene of the event from the movie and the objective to take the 
    CP in the hangar. Advance farther up to it until your own men can attack the 
    hangar, then go in to support them and take the CP. Once again, an Engineer or 
    Snowtrooper works well for this, especially an Engineer.
     Once you take the hangar, you can play as Darth Vader. You must now travel 
    into the base and destroy a console to gain access to the back hangar so you 
    can stop the final rebel transports. Once the console is destroyed, travel 
    through the tunnels and take the CP in the other hangar to prepare to assault 
    the transports. It should be fairly easy as Darth Vader. When you do, you see 
    another movie cutscene of the Millennium Falcon escaping from the Imperial 
     Your final objective is to stop the transport. Get the bomb beacon from the 
    hangar and take it to the marked point under the transport. You must defend it 
    for one minute so the Star Destroyers above can lock onto it. Unfortunately, 
    the Rebel scum throw grenades at it constantly whenever they get close; even 
    Vader won't last long in the sea of explosions. Luckily, the Rebels tend to 
    blow themselves up fairly often and the beacon has lots of HP. When you die, 
    respawn as an Engineer so you can repair it if necessary. If you want to have 
    any hope of surviving, keep the Rebels well away from the beacon so they won't 
    start throwing grenades. Once you defend it for one minute, you win the mission 
    and the campaign.
    \\\\\\\\\\5. Galactic Conquest Mode (Glccm)\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    Galactic Conquest is BF2's second mode of play. Your objective here is to 
    conquer every planet in the galaxy. (Every planet playable in the game, at 
    least) The mode is based around a simplified map of the galaxy. Your fleets can 
    move from one space to the next per turn on it; you first select the fleet by 
    clicking on it, then click on the destination planet and the Move button. If a 
    fleet is moved onto a hostile planet space, a ground battle of conquest takes 
    place on that planet. If the attackers win, the planet is converted to their 
    side. If they lose, their fleet is destroyed and the planet remains allied to 
    the defenders. If two fleers meet, they battle in space with the loser 
    destroyed. In either case, the moving fleet will select a bonus to be used 
    before the battle, then the defenders. (More on that below) After each turn, 
    factions gain Credits for winning and losing battles and every planet they 
    hold. The amounts gained by winning ground battles and holding planets vary by 
    planet and era. (I believe losers always get 200 and space battles are worth 
    300 or 100 credits for winners and losers)
                                  Victory/Hold Credits
    |            Era              |   CW   |   GCW   |
    |Coruscant                    | 600/30 | 600/30  |
    |Dagobah                      | 500/30 | 600/30  |
    |Endor (Empire Base Planet)   |        |1000/100 |
    |Felucia                      | 500/30 | 500/30  |
    |Geonosis (CIS Base Planet)   |1000/100|         |
    |Hoth (Alliance Base Planet)  |        |1000/100 |
    |Kamino (Republic Base Planet)|1000/100|         |
    |Kashyyyk                     | 500/30 | 500/30  |
    |Mustafar                     | 600/30 | 600/30  |
    |Mygeeto                      | 500/30 | 500/30  |
    |Naboo                        | 600/30 | 500/30  |
    |Polis Massa                  | 500/30 | 500/30  |
    |Tatooine (Mos Eisley)        | 500/30 | 500/30  |
    |Utapau                       | 600/30 | 500/30  |
    |Yavin 4                      | 500/30 | 600/30  |
    Credits are used to purchase new fleets, buy bonuses to be used in battles, or 
    recruit new soldier classes. Bonuses can be purchased during your turn, and up 
    to 3 can be stored at a time. They're activated before battles to give your 
    team an advantage. Use them often, because your enemy will!
    -Energy Boost
    Cost: 200 Credits
    This bonus causes your energy gauge to deplete more slowly and recharge much 
    more quickly. It lets you get around faster by sprinting, but there are much 
    better bonuses to use.
    Cost: 200 Credits
    This bonus is quite useful for its cost; it more than doubles the ammunition 
    for all your weapons! If you aren't a good ammo manager, this bonus is for you. 
    (Don't worry about running out when you star with over 600 Blaster Rifle shots)
    Cost: 200 Credits
    The Garrison bonus is extremely powerful for 200 Credits. When your 
    reinforcements reserve reaches 30, it's augmented by 30 more troops! This 
    amount can turn the tide of a battle, making it the most cost-effective bonus 
    in the game.
    -Auto Turrets
    Cost: 400 Credits
    This bonus reinforces all of your command posts with auto turrets like the ones 
    deployed by snipers. It isn't too powerful, and one of the worse bonuses you 
    can buy.
    -Bacta Tanks
    Cost: 400 Credits
    This bonuses causes all of your troops' health meters to regenerate 
    slowly...VERY slowly. In any level with intense fighting, you won't even notice 
    this bonus' effect.
    -Combat Shielding
    Cost: 400 Credits 
    This bonus causes all of your troops to start with an extra 1/4th or their 
    health bar full. It's great for making your troops last longer, and can be 
    fairly effective, especially in more open levels.
    Cost: 600 Credits
    This is the ultimate anti-vehicle bonus, causing all enemy vehicles to start 
    with less than a third of their normal health! It's highly recommended for 
    vehicle-heavy levels like Kashyyyk or Geonosis, and is especially fun in space 
    -Enhanced Blasters
    Cost: 600 Credits
    This bonus increases the damage of all blaster-type weapons for your troops. (I 
    don't think this includes things like rockets, sonic blasts, bowcaster shots, 
    or maybe even shotgun blasts) Still, it greatly enhances your regular soldiers' 
    effectiveness and can be very effective in battle.
    Cost: 800 Credits
    This bonus enables you to use a map's hero in battle, and even start with 
    him/her. This can be the best bonus there is if you're skilled with using 
    Heroes, especially if you're playing as a faction with lots of Jedi like the 
    You can also recruit troops to make them available in battle. You start with 
    the basic soldier class and pilot; rocket soldiers, snipers, and engineers cost 
    1000, unlockable classes cost 1800, and marines cost 800.
    \\\\\\\\\\6. Unit Classes (Uncla)\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    -Clone Trooper
    Primary Weapons Carried: Blaster Rifle, Blaster Pistol
    Secondary Weapons Carried: Thermal Detonator (4)
    The mainstay of the Republic ground forces, the basic Clone Trooper carries a 
    powerful automatic blaster rifle that makes for an excellent close-range 
    weapon, as well as a decent sniping tool. They also have the ubiquitous blaster 
    pistol, which is useful for saving ammo in small engagements. With a payload of 
    four thermal detonators, they're well-equipped for intense combat situations.
    -Heavy Trooper
    Primary Weapons Carried: Rocket Launcher, Blaster Pistol
    Secondary Weapons Carried: Thermal Detonator (2), Proximity Mines (3)
    The Heavy Trooper, or ARC Trooper, is the Republic's anti-vehicle unit. His 
    rockets can inflict tremendous damage on enemy armor, especially if you can 
    find weak spots. He also carries special proximity mines, which make for 
    unpleasant surprises in tight spaces. He's not the best choice on levels 
    without vehicles, although his rocket launcher can wipe out densely clustered 
    -Clone Sharpshooter
    Primary Weapons Carried: Sniper Rifle, Blaster Pistol
    Secondary Weapons Carried: Thermal Detonator (2), Auto Turret (1)
    My personal favorite class, the Clone Sharpshooter is the republic's sniper. As 
    expected, his sniper rifle has a much more powerful scope than other weapons 
    and is extremely accurate and powerful, with a low clip size and fire rate. The 
    Sharpshooter is in his element far removed from combat, punishing any enemy 
    unit that pauses with a deadly headshot. He also carries a special auto turret, 
    which, when deployed, will fire on nearby enemies.
    -Clone Engineer
    Primary Weapons Carried: Shotgun, Fusion Cutter
    Secondary Weapons Carried: Detpack (3), Health and Ammo Dispenser (5)
    The Clone Engineer isn't a powerful fighter, but he has a variety of other 
    skills that can make him invaluable. His Fusion Cutter can repair destroyed 
    health and ammo droids, as well as turrets, or slice into enemy vehicles. His 
    Detpacks are powerful remote mines that can be used to surprise enemies much 
    like proximity mines, or demolish destroyable objects. The Health and Ammo 
    Dispenser allows him to carry 5 extra health and ammo containers and drop them 
    where needed, letting him heal allied troops in a fierce battle without droids. 
    When he's needed in actual battle, the Engineer's Shotgun is incredibly 
    powerful as close range, but ineffective at a distance.
    -Clone Commander
    Primary Weapons Carried: Chaingun, Blaster Pistol
    Secondary Weapons Carried: Rally (1), Recon Droid (1)
    One of the Republic's two unique units, the Clone Commander requires 8 points 
    to play as. He's a force to be reckoned with in close combat; his chaingun can 
    fire continuously for a while without overheating and shred through enemy 
    troops at close range with ease. He also has the rally ability, which 
    temporarily boosts the defense of all allies around him and can be used once. 
    Finally, the Commander can also deploy a recon droid, which can fly around to 
    scout and fire a blaster cannon at enemies. It also has a self-destruct system 
    if it gets close enough.
    -Jet Trooper
    Primary Weapons Carried: EMP Launcher, Commando Pistol
    Secondary Weapons Carried: Thermal Detonator (2)
    The Jet Trooper is the second unlockable Republic unit, and a very fun one to 
    play with. His Commando Pistol overheats more slowly and does more damage than 
    a normal pistol, making it a suitable weapon for combat. He also carries an EMP 
    Launcher, which fires explosive blasts similar to the rocket launcher's and is 
    extremely deadly against CIS droids. The Jet trooper's signature ability, 
    however, is his ability to fly! Press the jump button twice to activate his 
    jetpack, which allows him to travel through the air for several seconds to get 
    past obstacles and get an excellent vantage point for his EMP Launcher and 
    -Clone Pilot
    Primary Weapons Carried: Commando Pistol, Fusion Cutter
    Secondary Weapons Carried: Time Bomb (3)
    The Clone Pilot is only available for space missions, and for good reason; he's 
    made to fly starfighters. He has the ability to slowly repair any fighter he is 
    flying, making him perfect for combat in them. Out of his ships, he can fight 
    reasonably well with a Commando Pistol and repair things; he also has Time 
    Bombs if he happens to be assaulting an enemy ship.
    -Clone Marine
    Primary Weapons Carried: Blaster Rifle, Rocket Launcher
    Secondary Weapons Carried: Thermal Detonator (4)
    The Clone Marine, on the other hand, is made for assaulting enemy capital 
    ships, with some of the deadliest armaments of any unit. His Blaster Rifle can 
    make short work of any resistance, and his Rocket Launcher and Thermal 
    Detonators are great for destroying ships' vital systems.
    -Super Battle Droid
    Primary Weapons Carried: Wrist Laser, Tri-Shot
    Secondary Weapons Carried: Wrist Rocket (3)
    The Super Battle Droid is somewhat different than the other soldier classes. 
    Rather than an actual rifle, it carries a slightly slower laser in its wrist 
    that is still an excellent close-range weapon. Instead of a blaster pistol, the 
    Super carries the Tri-Shot, which overheats extremely quickly but fires three 
    shots at once for added power. Its special wrist rockets can make a deadly 
    surprise for an unsuspecting clone, with enough power to kill with a direct 
    -Assault Droid
    Primary Weapons Carried: Rocket Launcher, Blaster Pistol
    Secondary Weapons Carried: Thermal Detonator (2), Proximity Mines (3)
    Recognizable by its red paint job, the Assault Droid is virtually identical to 
    the Republic's Heavy Trooper. Use it in the same way to blast vehicles.
    -Assassin Droid
    Primary Weapons Carried: Sniper Rifle, Blaster Pistol
    Secondary Weapons Carried: Thermal Detonator (2), Auto Turret (1)
    Like the Assault Droid, the Assassin Droid has the same abilities as its 
    Republic counterpart as a sniper. It's recognizable by its bad camouflage paint 
    -Engineer Droid
    Primary Weapons Carried: Shotgun, Fusion Cutter
    Secondary Weapons Carried: Detpack (3), Health and Ammo Dispenser (5)
    Once again, the yellow Engineer Droid is the same as the Republic's Clone 
    Primary Weapons Carried: Bulldog RLR, Radiation Launcher
    Secondary Weapons Carried: Recon Droid (1), Neuro-Poison (1)
    Similar to the Clone Commander (at least in its secondary weapons), the 
    MagnaGuard is a highly advanced and unlockable droid. Its Bulldog RLR is much 
    like a Rocket Launcher, but fires much more rapidly and has several shots to a 
    clip, making it a fearsome weapon. The Radiation Launcher is also explosive, 
    and functions much like a grenade launcher. Like the Commander, the MagnaGuard 
    can deploy a Recon Droid to scout. Its Neuro-Poison is a reversed Rally, 
    crippling all enemies around the MagnaGuard to reduce the damage they do.
    Primary Weapons Carried: Repeating Blasters
    Secondary Weapons Carried: Shield Emitter
    The Droideka, or Destroyer Droid, is the most powerful unit in the CIS, feared 
    even by Jedi. Anyone who has seen Episode I should be familiar with how they 
    work, but here's a crash course for the unenlightened. The Droideka has two 
    modes, deployed and undeployed. (Switch between the two modes when undeployed, 
    the Droideka is in the shape of a ball, and can roll around extremely quickly. 
    However, it is vulnerable in this state; it should only be used to traverse 
    great distances quickly. When undeployed, the Droideka is extremely slow-
    moving, but can fire its powerful repeating blasters. These blasters overheat 
    slowly even when firing rapidly, and are capable of mowing through Republic 
    troopers with ease. Also, in this form, the Droideka can activate its infamous 
    shield. This shield can take incredible amounts of punishment, even from a 
    Jedi, and makes the Droideka invulnerable until the shield is depleted by time 
    or enemy attacks. Even heavy weapons have trouble breaking this shield, so the 
    best time to attack a Droideka is when it's moving or deploying.
    -Droid Pilot
    Primary Weapons Carried: Commando Pistol, Fusion Cutter
    Secondary Weapons Carried: Time Bomb (3)
    The blue Droid Pilot has the same abilities as the Clone Pilot, and performs 
    the same task.
    -Droid Marine
    Primary Weapons Carried: Blaster Rifle, Rocket Launcher
    Secondary Weapons Carried: Thermal Detonator (4)
    The green Droid Marine is also functionally identical to the Republic's marine.
    -Rebel Soldier
    Primary Weapons Carried: Blaster Rifle, Blaster Pistol
    Secondary Weapons Carried: Thermal Detonator (4)
    The Rebellion's basic units work in the same way as the Republic's. I'll save 
    time by not commenting on the others.
    -Rebel Vanguard
    Primary Weapons Carried: Rocket Launcher, Blaster Pistol
    Secondary Weapons Carried: Thermal Detonator (2), Proximity Mines (3)
    -Rebel Marksman
    Primary Weapons Carried: Sniper Rifle, Blaster Pistol
    Secondary Weapons Carried: Thermal Detonator (2), Auto Turret (1)
    -Rebel Smuggler
    Primary Weapons Carried: Shotgun, Fusion Cutter
    Secondary Weapons Carried: Detpack (3), Health and Ammo Dispenser (5)
    -Bothan Spy
    Primary Weapons Carried: Incinerator, Stealth
    Secondary Weapons Carried: Regeneration (1), Time Bomb (3)
    The Bothan Spy is an interesting and stealthy Alliance class. He has the 
    ability to cloak himself and become invisible at the cost of fatigue (it isn't 
    regenerated while moving). His Incinerator fires deadly waves of energy that 
    can literally wipe enemies in front of him out of existence in an area of 
    effect, making the perfect surprise for enemies after he's snuck up on them. He 
    also has the ability to fully regenerate his and allies' health once and lay 
    time bombs to destroy things while behind enemy lines.
    -Wookiee Warrior
    Primary Weapons Carried: Bowcaster, Grenade Launcher
    Secondary Weapons Carried: Thermal Detonator (2), Recon Droid (1)
    The Wookiee Warrior is remotely similar to the MagnaGuard in its weapons, and 
    is the shock trooper of the Alliance, moving slowly but taking tremendous 
    damage. Its Bowcaster fires 7 projectiles at once in a horizontal line, 
    allowing the Wookiee to mow through enemy troops rapidly. It can also be 
    charged for greater damage. Its grenade launcher acts like the MagnaGuard's 
    Radiation Launcher and deals powerful splash damage. The WW also carries a 
    recon droid and two Thermal Detonators.
    -Rebel Pilot
    Primary Weapons Carried: Commando Pistol, Fusion Cutter
    Secondary Weapons Carried: Time Bomb (3)
    -Rebel Marine
    Primary Weapons Carried: Blaster Rifle, Rocket Launcher
    Secondary Weapons Carried: Thermal Detonator (4)
    Primary Weapons Carried: Blaster Rifle, Blaster Pistol
    Secondary Weapons Carried: Thermal Detonator (4)
    Once again, the Empire's basic units are identical to the Republic's, except in 
    -Shock Trooper
    Primary Weapons Carried: Rocket Launcher, Blaster Pistol
    Secondary Weapons Carried: Thermal Detonator (2), Proximity Mines (3)
    -Scout Trooper
    Primary Weapons Carried: Sniper Rifle, Blaster Pistol
    Secondary Weapons Carried: Thermal Detonator (2), Auto Turret (1)
    -Imperial Engineer
    Primary Weapons Carried: Blast Cannon, Fusion Cutter
    Secondary Weapons Carried: Detpack (3), Health and Ammo Dispenser (5)
    -Imperial Officer
    Primary Weapons Carried: Sonic Blaster, Mortar Launcher
    Secondary Weapons Carried: Recon Droid (1), Rage (1)
    The Imperial Officer carries a unique Sonic Blaster, which doesn't do much 
    damage but can go through several enemies in one shot. His Mortar Launcher is 
    like a Grenade Launcher, but has more ammo. Like other officers, he can deploy 
    a Recon Droid; his Rage ability increases the damage done by nearby allies.
    -Dark Trooper
    Primary Weapons Carried: Arc Caster, Commando Pistol
    Secondary Weapons Carried: Thermal Detonator (4)
    The Dark Trooper is a powerful Imperial droid carrying the Arc Caster, a gun 
    that fires blasts of electricity at short range. If charged and fired into a 
    crowd of enemies, it can jump between them and hit up to four. Like the Jet 
    Trooper, it has a Commando Pistol and jetpack. The jetpack works a little 
    differently; instead of continuously propelling the Dark trooper, it catapults 
    it into the air, letting it cross massive distances but not giving as much 
    -Imperial Pilot
    Primary Weapons Carried: Commando Pistol, Fusion Cutter
    Secondary Weapons Carried: Time Bomb (3)
    -Imperial Marine
    Primary Weapons Carried: Blaster Rifle, Rocket Launcher
    Secondary Weapons Carried: Thermal Detonator (4)
    \\\\\\\\\\7. Heroes (Heros)\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    -Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Weapons: Obi-Wan's Lightsaber, Force Push, Saber Throw
    Planets Found: Death Star, Kamino, Mos Eisley, Mustafar, Naboo, Utapau
    Obi-Wan Kenobi is a level-headed and well-known Jedi of the Republic, and one 
    of the more visible ones in the movies. He has a classic set of Force Powers; 
    Saber Throw to wipe out enemies from a distance and Force Push to disrupt them. 
    He's a powerful, all-around balanced Jedi to play as.
    Weapons: Yoda's Lightsaber, Force Push, Force Pull
    Planets Found: Dagobah, Kashyyyk, Polis Massa, Tantive IV
    That's right, in BF2, you get to kick butt as everyone's favorite 2-foot Jedi 
    Master! Despite his size, Yoda is extremely fast when dashing and performs 
    fearsome acrobatics to wipe out larger enemies quickly. He has both Force Push 
    and Force Pull, which is great for getting enemies within range of your 
    Lightsaber. He's hard to hit because of his size, but his short Lightsaber has 
    a short reach.
    -Mace Windu
    Weapons: Lightsaber, Saber Throw, Force Push
    Planets Found: Coruscant, Geonosis, Yavin 4
    Mace is a master Lightsaber duelist of the old Republic, but it doesn't really 
    show in the game. His dash attack is rather slow and requires timing to hit 
    with, and his normal combo is only decent. His Force powers are identical to 
    Obi-Wan's, but he has a near-unique aerial attack that slams the ground, 
    heavily damaging all units around him.
    Weapons: Ki-Adi-Mundi's Lightsaber, Saber Throw, Force Pull
    Planets Found: Mygeeto
    Ki-Adi-Mundi is one of the more obscure Jedi Masters. Found on Mygeeto, he is 
    much like Obi-Wan, except he has the useful Force Pull instead of Force Push. 
    Because of the ridiculous amount of front flips his dash attack incorporates, 
    it has a rather narrow range. His regular Lightsaber style is similar to Luke 
    Skywalker's, finishing with a wide-ranging sweeps.
    -Aayla Secura
    Weapons: Aayla's Lightsabers, Saber Throw, Force Pull
    Planets Found: Felucia, Jabba's Palace
    The only useable female Jedi, Aayla is powerful Twi'lek wielding two 
    Lightsabers that do ridiculous damage. Her combo is fast and covers a wide 
    area, and she has Force pull, making her the Republic's most overpowered Jedi.
    -Count Dooku
    Weapons: Lightsaber, Force Lightning, Force Choke
    Planets Found: Geonosis
    Dooku is another seldom-found Sith of the CIS. He has both Dark Side Force 
    Powers-Lightning for killing soldiers, and Choke for incapacitating Jedi and 
    setting them up for one of his slow but sweeping Lightsaber combos. His running 
    speed is slightly on the slow side.
    -General Grievous
    Weapons: Grievous Sabers, Rage
    Planets Found: Dagobah, Mygeeto, Tantive IV, Utapau
    The Lightsaber-wielding General Grievous is one of the cooler Heroes to play 
    as. Despite his lack of the force, he's fast and lethal with his four sabers. 
    His Rage ability can be used infinite times, a helpful force in battle, but 
    several depletes his stamina. It isn't recommended to use it in battle.
    -Darth Maul
    Weapons: Doublesaber, Saber Throw, Force Push
    Planets Found: Coruscant, Jabba's Palace, Mos Eisley, Mustafar, Naboo, Polis 
    Massa, Yavin 4
    Darth Maul, despite being dead before the start of the Clone Wars, has managed 
    to usurp the places of other more deserving Sith for the CIS. That's not such a 
    bad thing, however, because he ROCKS! His Doublesaber is deadly, with an 
    enormous attack range that makes him extremely efficient against infantry and 
    Jedi alike. He also has the standard and effective combo of Saber Throw and 
    Force Push.
    -Jango Fett
    Weapons: Westar-33 Blaster, Flamethrower, Wrist Rocket (6), Time Bomb (3)
    Planets Found: Felucia, Kamino, Kashyyyk
    The original Mandalorian armor-wearing bounty hunter carries a fearsome array 
    of weaponry that makes him a match for any Jedi. His Westar-33 Blaster is just 
    like the Precision Pistol, with higher ammo and a huge firing speed and damage. 
    His Flamethrower can quickly torch large clusters of enemies and deals damage 
    over time with fire. His Wrist Rockets work like the Super Battle Droid's (and 
    he carries twice as many) and his Time Bombs are suited for taking out large 
    structures and vehicles. Just like in the movies, he has a powerful jet pack 
    that lasts longer than the Jet Trooper's and can fly him across great 
    -Luke Skywalker
    Weapons: Lightsaber, Force Push, Saber Throw
    Planets Found: Coruscant, Death Star, Hoth, Jabba's Palace, Mygeeto
    Luke Skywalker, hero of the Rebel Alliance, is one of the best Light-Side Jedi. 
    His Lightsaber combo ends with a sweep that wipes out enemies all around him.
    -Han Solo
    Weapons: DL44 Blaster, Fusion Cutter, Detpack (3), Rally (1)
    Planets Found: Endor, Kamino, Mos Eisley, Utapau
    Han's trademark DL44 Blaster acts much like the Elite Rifle, with similar power 
    and accuracy, but overheats instead of having ammo. He can make quick repairs 
    with his Fusion Cutters, blow things up with his Detpacks, and boost nearby 
    allies' defense with Rally.
    -Princess Leia
    Weapons: Sporting Blaster, Thermal Detonators (2), Invulnerability (1)
    Planets Found: Naboo, Polis Massa, Tantive IV
    The pastry-haired Princess Leia carries her trademark Sporting Blaster, as well 
    as theme music. This blaster is much like the Sniper Rifle; it has two scope 
    levels and can fire through multiple enemies if you line them up. Headshots are 
    lethal, as usual, but it overheats extremely quickly. Her Invulnerability 
    power, unfortunately, doesn't live up to its name and simply increases nearby 
    units' defense and adds a Regeneration bonus.
    Weapons: Bowcaster, Guided Rocket, Time Bomb, Rage (1)
    Planets Found: Felucia, Kashyyyk, Yavin 4
    Despite his large array of weaponry, Chewie is one of the weakest Heroes. His 
    Bowcaster works just like the Wookiee Warrior's, with a slow firing rate and 
    spreading shots. His Guided Rocket is fun to fly around and into things, but it 
    has ammo unlike with vehicles and probably won't do much damage, especially 
    since he can't move while guiding it. Time Bombs are only really good for 
    attacking fixed turrets, and rage is also marginally useful. Though like all 
    Wookiees he can take huge amounts of damage, he's nowhere near the level of a 
    -Anakin Skywalker
    Weapons: Anakin's Lightsaber, Saber Throw, Force Push
    Planets Found: Mustafar
    Anakin is basically Obi-Wan for the Empire (despite the fact that he should be 
    Darth Vader at this point). Being the General's padawan, his Lightsaber 
    abilities are identical. The only differences are his switching of Push for 
    Choke (making him a faster version of Darth Vader) less cool, more self-
    centered quotes and his difficulty in being found. (He's the only CIS Hero who 
    can't be played as the CIS)
    -The Emperor
    Weapons: Darth Sidious' Lightsaber, Force Lightning, Force Choke
    Planets Found: Coruscant, Death Star, Naboo, Polis Massa
    The evil Emperor is one of the most fun Heroes to play as, wielding both Sith 
    powers to make short work of Jedi and soldiers alike. He's quite slow, but can 
    attack at a distance and float for his Force Jump. His Lightsaber combo isn't 
    too good, though, so he's one of the worse Heroes. Still, floating around 
    zapping stuff to death is serious fun. =) The Emperor can also perform a ground 
    slam attack like Mace Windu after his second jump that kills all enemies around 
    him with Force Lightning.
    -Darth Vader
    Weapons: Lightsaber, Saber Throw, Force Choke
    Planets Found: Dagobah, Endor, Hoth, Tantive IV
    The fearsome Jedi-turned-Sith is one of the stronger Heroes. (And the 
    contributor to the first half of my username) He walks slowly because of his 
    bulky suit, but his Force Dash is blindingly fast. Like The Emperor, his Force 
    Jump makes him float into the air continuously. He has Saber Throw and Force 
    Choke, two powers that make him excellent for fighting other Jedi.
    -Boba Fett
    Weapons: EE-3 Blaster, Flamethrower, Wrist Rocket (5), Detpack (4)
    Planets Found: Felucia, Jabba's Palace, Kamino, Kashyyyk, Mos Eisley, Mygeeto, 
    Utapau, Yavin 4
    Jango's clone son is much like his father; they both carry a wide variety of 
    armaments to make them ready for anything. Boba replaces Jango's Westar-33 with 
    the EE-3, which is like the Elite Rifle and just as powerful. He also carries 
    one less Wrist Rocket and some Detpacks that are more precise explosives than 
    Time Bombs. Like Jango, he has a powerful jet pack to get around easily.
    \\\\\\\\\\8. Weapons/Tools/Abilities (Wpnta)\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    -Blaster Pistol
    Power: 2/5
    Rate of Fire: 4/5
    Range: Close to Far
    Overheat Speed: Medium
    The Blaster Pistol is the standard sidearm in BF2. It is weak, but has infinite 
    ammo and can overheat instead. Usually your class-specific weapon is better, 
    but the Pistol is also quite accurate and good for long-range shooting if 
    nothing else is available.
    -Commando Pistol
    Power: 3/5
    Rate of Fire: 4/5
    Range: Close to Far
    Overheat Speed: Slow
    The Commando Pistol is carried by the Jet and Dark Troopers, as well as Pilots. 
    It is stronger than the Blaster Pistol and overheats more slowly, making it a 
    worthy weapon.
    -Precision Pistol
    Power: 5/5
    Rate of Fire: 4/5
    Range: Close to Far
    Ammo: 64 (Pilots), 96 (others)
    Shots per Clip: 16
    If you're skilled enough to score 6 kills with a Pistol, you'll win the 
    Precision Pistol, one of the most fearsome weapons in the game. Unlike other 
    Pistols, it uses ammo instead of overheating. Like other Pistols, it has 
    pinpoint accuracy. It is also incredibly powerful; a quick two-shot burst is 
    enough to kill virtually anything; only one is sufficient if you aim for the 
    head. Just watch out for the low clip size.
    -Blaster Rifle
    Power: 4/5
    Rate of Fire: 4/5
    Range: Close to Mid
    Ammo: 200 (Republic), 250 (Empire), 300 (Alliance)
    Shots per Clip: 50
    The Blaster Rifle is the standard automatic weapon for the regular soldier 
    class. With a high rate of fire and excellent power, the blaster rifle is 
    perfect for close to mid-range skirmishes. It can be used as a potent sniping 
    weapon, but it loses accuracy considerably at too far a distance.
    -Wrist Blaster
    Power: 4/5
    Rate of Fire: 3/5
    Range: Close to Mid
    Ammo: 250
    Shots per Clip: 50
    The Wrist Blaster is the CIS' version of the Blaster Rifle. To compensate for 
    the Super's powerful Wrist Rockets, its rate of fire is slower than that of the 
    Blaster Rifle. 
    -Elite Rifle
    Power: 5/5
    Rate of Fire: 3/5
    Range: Close to Far
    Ammo: 144 (others), 180 (Empire), 216 (Alliance)
    Shots per Clip: 12
    The Elite Rifle is earned by getting 12 kills with the Blaster Rifle or Wrist 
    Blaster. It fires in deadly 3-shot bursts that can wipe out virtually anything 
    instantly. If you're a good shot with it, you can be incredibly deadly. Its 
    shots spread out less, which makes it more viable for sniping.
    -Rocket Launcher
    Power: 5/5
    Rate of Fire: 1/5
    Range: Mid to Long
    Ammo: 4 (Pilots), 7 (others)
    Shots per Clip: 1
    The Rocket Launcher is the classic anti-vehicle weapon. It fires slow-moving 
    rockets that deal enormous damage in an area. They're impractical against 
    infantry, but powerful against vehicles, especially if you hit critical spots. 
    Remember, its shots do more damage if you fire them from afar to give them time 
    to accelerate.
    -Guided Rocket
    Power: 5/5
    Rate of Fire: 1/5
    Range: Long
    Ammo: 5
    Shots per Clip: 1
    The Guided Rocket is carried by Chewbacca, a few various vehicles, and a rocket 
    soldier who has earned the Demolition bonus. One of the most fun weapons in the 
    game, it fires a remote-controlled rocket that is flown just like a 
    starfighter. Its stamina meter represents how much fuel is left; it explodes if 
    it runs out. Things like boosting or U-turns use up some fuel, just like on 
    starfighters. Like a normal rocket, it explodes on impact for heavy damage. 
    Also like a normal rocket, it does more damage the faster it's going, so boost 
    before impact for the biggest bang.
    -Sniper Rifle
    Power: 5/5
    Rate of Fire: 1/5
    Range: Mid to Far
    Ammo: 56
    Shots per Clip: 8
    The Sniper Rifle is the classic long-range weapon. It packs incredible power, 
    killing instantly with a precise headshot. It is also perfectly accurate and 
    has a more powerful scope than any other gun, allowing you to pick off targets 
    across the map. However, it has a low fire rate and is inefficient at close 
    range. Only the skilled can be truly deadly with the Sniper Rifle.
    -Beam Rifle
    Power: 5/5
    Rate of Fire: 1/5
    Range: Mid to Far
    Ammo: 24
    Shots per Clip: 4
    The Beam Rifle is one of the less useful Award weapons. It has less ammo and 
    shots per clip, and strangely seems to be harder to hit with. Usually only 
    shots at the middle of the body work. However, it is even stronger than the 
    Sniper Rifle, and one hit anywhere is an instant kill.
    Power: 5/5
    Rate of Fire: 2/5
    Range: Close
    Ammo: 240 (Alliance), 320 (Empire, Republic, and CIS)
    Shots per Clip: 5 (Republic and CIS), 6 (Alliance and Empire)
    The Shotgun (or Blast Cannon for Imperials), in contrast to the Sniper Rifle, 
    is a completely close-range weapon. It fires many shots simultaneously that 
    spread out rapidly. If you can hit an enemy squarely at close range, it'll 
    usually die instantly. At longer ranges, don't even bother.
    -Flechette Shotgun
    Power: 5/5
    Rate of Fire: 2/5
    Range: Close to Mid
    Ammo: 168 (Alliance), 252 (Empire and CIS), 336 (Republic)
    Shots per Clip:  6
    The Flechette Shotgun is awarded to someone who can get 8 kills with the 
    Shotgun. Its shots are stronger and spread out less, making it adequate for 
    medium-range shots.
    Power: 4/5
    Rate of Fire: 5/5
    Range: Shot to Mid
    Overheat Speed: Slow
    The Chaingun is a powerful weapon carried by the Clone Commander. It takes a 
    moment to start firing, but when it does, it shoots a continuous spray of 
    projectile bolts that mows down anything in its path. It can be fired 
    continuously for quite a while before overheating.
    -EMP Launcher
    Power: 5/5
    Rate of Fire: 2/5
    Range: Close to Long
    Ammo: 8
    Shots per Clip: 2
    The EMP Launcher is a powerful anti-droid gun carried by the Jet Trooper. It 
    fires a huge blast of energy that acts much like a rocket. Unlike the Rocket 
    Launcher, it can fire twice before reloading.
    -Bulldog RLR
    Power: 5/5
    Rate of Fire: 3/5
    Range: Close to Mid
    Ammo: 30
    Shots per Clip: 6
    Carried by the MagnaGuard, the Bulldog RLR can fire slow-moving explosive 
    rapidly, quickly clearing an area or heavily damaging armor.
    -Radiation Launcher
    Power: 5/5
    Rate of Fire: 3/5
    Range: Close
    Ammo: 15
    Shots per Clip: 5
    Continuing the MagnaGuard's theme of fast-firing explosives is the Radiation 
    Launcher, a powerful and cool-looking grenade launcher that can shoot 5 times 
    before reloading. When charged, the grenade bounced for a moment on the ground 
    before exploding, letting it travel farther.
    -Repeating Blasters
    Power: 4/5
    Rate of Fire: 5/5
    Range: Close to Mid
    Overheat Speed: Slow
    The Droideka's arm-mounted repeating blasters are incredibly powerful. They can 
    fire at full automatic speed continuously for a long time, and they mow through 
    Clone Troopers with ease.
    Power: 4/5
    Rate of Fire: 5/5
    Range: Close
    Ammo: 150
    Shots per Clip: 1
    The Incinerator, carried by the Bothan Spy, is a deadly and unusual weapon. It 
    fires waves that make the air shimmer and enemies fall out of existence while 
    looking awesome. Each press of the trigger uses about 10 shots for one large 
    burst that will annihilate any troops in a cone in front of the Spy. It's the 
    perfect surprise after sneaking around.
    Power: -/5
    Rate of Fire: -/5
    Range: Self
    Ammo: Infinite
    Stealth is the least deadly nonprimary weapon, obviously. When used, it makes 
    the Bothan Spy virtually invisible, allowing him to sneak around undetected. It 
    has a fatigue cost; stamina won't regenerate when moving stealthily, and only 
    slowly when standing still. As long as you don't sprint or switch from Stealth, 
    it can be used indefinitely.
    Power: 3/5
    Rate of Fire: 3/5
    Range: Close to Mid
    Ammo: 175 (Wookiee with Fusion Cutter), 210 (others)
    Shots per Clip: 5
    The Bowcaster is a versatile, shotgun-like weapon carried by Wookiees. It 
    normally fires powerful, horizontally spreading bursts of 7 shots and can be 
    charged for greater damage. If charged fully, it shoots one instant kill shot, 
    one of its most useful features. It also has a second zoom level, so its fully 
    charged shot allows it to be used almost like a sniper rifle. However, it has 
    only a medium fire rate and 5 burst shots per clip; its hard to hit with more 
    than one spreading shot at once except at close range, as well.
    -Grenade Launcher 
    Power: 5/5
    Rate of Fire: 3/5
    Range: Close
    Ammo: 15
    Shots per Clip: 5
    The Wookiee Warrior's Grenade Launcher works like the Radiation Launcher. It 
    can be charged, as usual.
    -Sonic Blaster
    Power: 3/5
    Rate of Fire: 3/5
    Range: Close to Mid
    Ammo: 35
    Shots per Clip: 7
    The Imperial Officer's Sonic Blaster is a fairly poor weapon. It fires slowly 
    for medium damage with low ammo; its main virtue is being able to pass through 
    multiple enemies, but unfortunately its large shot only does damage in the same 
    area as a blaster bolt.
    -Mortar Launcher
    Power: 5/5
    Rate of Fire: 3/5
    Range: Close to Mid
    Ammo: 25
    Shots per Clip: 5
    The Imp Officer's Mortar Launcher, however, is fairly good. It's like a Grenade 
    Launcher, but with 10 extra shots, making it the Officer's mainstay weapon.
    -Arc Caster
    Power: 4/5
    Rate of Fire: 2/5
    Range: Close
    Ammo: 25
    Shots per Clip: 5
    The Arc Caster is a fearsome gun carried by the Dark Trooper. It fires powerful 
    bursts of lightning that can kill infantry units instantly. If charged, it can 
    kill multiple troops at once if fired into a group.
    -Thermal Detonator
    Power: 5/5
    Rate of Fire: 2/5
    Range: Close
    Ammo: Varies from 2 to 4
    The Thermal Detonator is the quintessential grenade of BF2. It bounces if 
    thrown on the ground and sticks if thrown at vehicles or other destroyable 
    objects. It explodes after several seconds, dealing heavy splash damage 
    sufficient to wipe out groups of infantry. Though it isn't quite as powerful as 
    in the movies, it's still extremely powerful in close battles and should be 
    used effectively against clustered enemies or vehicle critical spots. With 
    practice, it can be as accurate as any weapon.
    Power: 5/5
    Rate of Fire: 1/5
    Range: Very close
    Ammo: 3
    Carried by rocket soldiers, Mines are extremely powerful explosives that 
    explode if an enemy steps on them. They're well-used in narrow spaces or 
    against vehicles. Note that Engineers can (I believe) walk past Mines unharmed 
    and disarm them with Fusion Cutters.
    -Auto Turret
    Power: 3/5
    Rate of Fire: 4/5
    Range: Close to Mid
    Ammo: 1
    The Auto Turret is an unusual secondary weapon, carried by the sniper. When 
    used, it deploys a small, floating auto turret in front of the user that 
    automatically fires at enemy troops until it runs out of ammo or is destroyed. 
    It's good for intense fights or to cover a retreat if the sniper gets too close 
    to combat.
    Power: 5/5
    Rate of Fire: 1/5
    Range: Close
    Ammo: 3
    Carried by Engineers, the Detpack is a remote bomb that explodes after being 
    placed by pressing the secondary fire button again. It's good against vehicles, 
    for blowing up stationary structures, or as a nasty surprise for unsuspecting 
    -Health and Ammo Dispenser
    Power: -/5
    Rate of Fire: 1/5
    Range: Close
    Ammo: 5
    The Health and Ammo Dispenser is another useful tool also carried by Engineers. 
    It creates Health and Ammo powerups directly in front of the user to supply 
    allied troops, making it a valuable tool even if it doesn't do damage. Note 
    that you can't replenish it by picking up health and ammo, only at an 
    Ammunition Droid.
    -Time Bomb
    Power: 5/5
    Rate of Fire: 1/5
    Range: Close
    Ammo: 3
    Carried most notably by the Pilot, the Time Bomb is an especially powerful 
    planted explosive. As a trade off, you have little control over when it 
    explodes. After placing it, it will count down a 5-second timer; get out of the 
    way! Because of this timing restriction, it's mainly good against stationary 
    Power: -/5
    Rate of Fire: -/5
    Range: Close
    Ammo: 1
    Rally is an ability used by the Clone Commander and Han Solo. It has one use 
    and temporarily boost the defense of nearby friendly troops. It's great for 
    extending the life of troops in firefights.
    -Recon Droid
    Power: 3/5
    Rate of Fire: 3/5
    Range: Far
    Ammo: 1
    The Recon Droid is another interesting secondary weapon. When used, it deploys 
    a remote-controlled droid that the player assumes control of. The droid can 
    float around and use a blaster and self-destruct to fight, as well as scout 
    things out. Because of its small size, it's hard to see and hit, but dies 
    almost instantly to damage. Strafe around enemies while firing to hit them 
    without getting hit.
    -Neuro Poison
    Power: -/5
    Rate of Fire: -/5
    Range: Close
    Ammo: 1
    Neuro Poison is the MagnaGuard's area-of-effect debuff. Like all good poison, 
    it steadily damages everything around you when used. It's not too helpful 
    unless used against a large group.
    -Shield Emitter
    Power: -/5
    Rate of Fire: -/5
    Range: Self
    Ammo: Infinite
    The Shield Emitter is the trademark and unique ability of the Droideka. It 
    shrouds the droid in a near-impenetrable energy shield that can absorb enormous 
    amounts of damage while allowing the user to mow down infantry unharmed. It 
    slowly depletes over time when used and quickly from damage, and can't be used 
    when rolling. When used wisely, the Droideka can become nearly invincible.
    Power: -/5
    Rate of Fire: -/5
    Range: Close
    Ammo: 1
    Regeneration is the Bothan Spy's area-of-effect buff, and probably the most 
    useful. The opposite of Neuro-Poison, it allows all nearby units to rapidly 
    regenerate health for about 30 seconds, making them much, much better at 
    surviving. Unlike other abilities, it's best used when the fighting isn't too 
    Power: -/5
    Rate of Fire: -/5
    Range: Close
    Ammo: 1 (Infinite for Grievous)
    Rage is the Imperial Officer's buff. It increases the damage done by all nearby 
    allies temporarily, making them much deadlier and better in combat. As usual, 
    use it when there are a great deal of targets around.
    -Laser/Blaster Cannons
    Power: 2-4/5
    Rate of Fire: 3-5/5
    Range: Mid to Far
    Overheat Speed: Medium
    Laser or Blaster Cannons are the standard vehicle-based weapon and are found on 
    nearly every one. They widely vary in their rate of fire and power, but all are 
    heat-based. Except for the heavy ones on command vehicles, they're mainly 
    antipersonnel weapons, good at mowing through infantry but doing minimal damage 
    to vehicles.
    -Particle Cannons
    Power: 4/5
    Rate of Fire: 2-4/5
    Range: Mid to Far
    Particle Cannons are other common weapons. They have a varying recharge time 
    instead of overheating and fire much more slowly than Laser Cannons, but do 
    much higher damage in an area. They're good against vehicles and groups of 
    infantry alike, and are some of the best vehicle-based weapons there are.
    -Concussion Missiles
    Power: 4-5/5
    Rate of Fire: 1/5
    Range: Mid
    Concussion Missiles replace or supplement Particle Cannons on some vehicles. 
    They fire as slowly and travel even more so, but speed up quickly. If fired 
    from a far enough distance, they can do heavy damage. Various other missiles 
    exist for scout fighters that can home in.
    -Beam Cannon
    Power: 3-5/5
    Rate of Fire: 2/5
    Range: Mid to Far
    The Beam Cannon shoots a continuous laser beam for about a second. The beam 
    deals damage rapidly, especially if it is kept on a target for its duration. 
    Beam Cannons range from tiny ones on IFT tanks to the huge, incredibly deadly 
    Beam Cannon on the Spider Droid.
    -Repeating Blasters
    Power: 2/5
    Rate of Fire: 5/5
    Range: Mid
    Overheat Speed: Slow
    Repeating Blasters are much like the chain gun, shooting weak shots extremely 
    rapidly. They're best against infantry.
    -Mortar Cannons
    Power: 4/5
    Rate of Fire: 2/5
    Range: Close to Mid
    Mortar Cannons shoot projectiles that slowly curve downward. They're as 
    powerful as missiles, but slightly harder to hit with.
    -Shock Cannons
    Power: 3/5
    Rate of Fire: 3/5
    Range: Close to Far
    Shock Cannons are a rare but cool vehicle-based weapon. They fire many small 
    shots that travel instantly and do excellent damage. They're also easy to aim 
    with. The V-Wing's Shock Cannons do heavy damage to starfighters and stay in a 
    beam, but the Armored Tank Droid's spread out and are good against infantry.
    -Remote Rocket
    Power: 3-5/5
    Rate of Fire: 1/5
    Range: Far
    What Remote Rockets lack in speed, they make up for in precision. They fire 
    rockets that can be controlled like starfighters and can move at great speeds. 
    Their energy gauge shows their remaining fuel; boosting and other maneuvers use 
    it up faster, and once it's depleted the rocket self-destructs. Until then, 
    they can be guided into a specific target, flying past obstructions to take out 
    turrets, infantry, or vehicles with perfect aim, provided you're adept at 
    controlling the rocket. Like regular missiles, they do more damage when 
    traveling faster. (When boosting)
    -Proton Torpedoes
    Power: 4/5
    Rate of Fire: 2/5
    Range: Mid to Far
    One of two starfighter-only warheads, Proton Torpedoes travel more slowly than 
    Concussion Missiles but are much stronger, enough so to do respectable damage 
    to vital systems and turrets, which they're perfect for taking out. They also 
    work well against slow-moving starfighters.
    -Proton Bombs
    Power: 5/5
    Rate of Fire: 2/5
    Range: Close to Mid
    Proton Bombs are carried by all bomber starfighters. They're stronger than 
    Proton Torpedoes, but don't home in and are affected by gravity, so they'll 
    "fall" towards the top of a capitol ship. (Or away from it if you're under it) 
    if you are good enough at aiming them, they're ideal for taking out capitol 
    ships' vital systems.
    -Tribal Spear
    Power: 4/5
    Rate of Fire: 2/5
    Range: Close
    Ammo: 30
    Shots per Clip: 1
    The Tribal Spear is an Ewok throwing weapon. It's relatively easy to aim with 
    and actually does good damage; one headshot is fatal.
    -Sharp Rocks
    Power: 3/5
    Rate of Fire: 2/5
    Range: Close
    Ammo: 50
    Shots per Clip: 1
    Sharp Rocks are also carried by Ewoks. They're slightly weaker than the spears 
    and harder to hit with, but you can carry more of them.
    -Sonic Blaster
    Power: 3/5
    Rate of Fire: 3/5
    Range: Close to Mid
    Shots per Clip: 7
    Carried by Geonosians, the Sonic Blaster shoots deceptively big waves of sound. 
    In reality, it must be aimed like any other gun directly at the target. Though 
    it travels slowly, a hit does excellent damage.
    Power: 5/5
    Rate of Fire: 3/5
    Range: Close
    The Wampa's claws are extremely deadly natural weapons. They obviously have no 
    range, but are instantly lethal for any Rebel they can get close enough to.
    Power: 5/5
    Rate of Fire: 3/5
    Range: Close
    The Vibro-Axe is carried by Jabba's Gamorrean guards is much like the Wampa's 
    claws, or a Lightsaber; even when unpowered it's an instant kill at close 
    range. Stay away from the guards and blast them before they can mow you down.
    -Bolt Action Rifle
    Power: 4/5
    Rate of Fire: 2/5
    Range: Far
    Shots per Clip: 8
    The Bolt Action Rifle is the Tusken sniper rifle. It has only one level of zoom 
    (far) and fires slowly, but is comparable to other sniper rifles in power and 
    shots per clip. It also has infinite ammo.
    -Tusken Cycler
    Power: 3/5
    Rate of Fire: 4/5
    Range: Close to Mid
    Shots per Clip: 30
    The Cycler is the Tusken automatic rifle. It works like a Blaster Rifle, but 
    with less ammo.
    -Ionization Blaster
    Power: 4/5
    Rate of Fire: 1/5
    Range: Close
    Shots per Clip: 5
    The Jawa Ionization Blaster is much like the Dark Trooper's Arc Caster. It 
    shoots a close-ranged burst of lightning that does excellent damage, especially 
    when charged up. On the minus side, it shoots slowly and has to reload every 
    five shots.
    Power: 5/5
    Rate of Fire: Varies
    Range: Very close
    The Lightsaber is the classic Jedi weapon. Though it can only hit enemies up 
    close, getting next to them is never a problem for a Jedi, and its damage is 
    deadly. Most troops die after one or two good hits, and its sweeping attacks 
    can hit several at once. Other varieties like character-specific Lightsabers 
    and Darth Maul's Doublesaber exist, but they all do much the same thing.
    -Force Push
    Power: -/5
    Rate of Fire: 2/5
    Range: Close to Mid
    Force Push is one of the best-known Jedi abilities. When used, it sends all 
    units, friend and foe, flying out from in front of the user in a cone, but 
    doesn't damage them. It's great for stunning enemies in preparation for using 
    your Lightsaber on them, or pushing them into lava/bottomless pits.
    -Force Pull 
    Power: -/5
    Rate of Fire: 2/5
    Range: Close to Mid
    Force Pull is similar to Force Push, but only affects one unit in front of the 
    user. However, it yanks him towards the Jedi, allowing for an extremely easy 
    Lightsaber kill.
    -Saber Throw
    Power: 5/5
    Rate of Fire: 1/5
    Range: Close to Mid
    The Saber Throw is another common Force Power, and one of the best. It allows 
    the Jedi to throw his/her Lightsaber like a boomerang, slicing through any 
    troops it passes through. The distance of the throw can be adjusted by holding 
    the secondary fire button, and the saber can hit enemies going towards and away 
    from you. It's the Jedi's main distance attack, useful against enemies you 
    don't want to Force Dash to.
    -Force Choke
    Power: 4/5
    Rate of Fire: 1/5
    Range: Close to Mid
    One of the two Sith powers in the game, Force Choke immobilizes an enemy and 
    depletes his/her health at the cost of the user's stamina. It can usually be 
    used for long enough to kill troops. It's impractical against regular infantry, 
    but great for fighting other Jedi.
    -Force Lightning
    Power: 4/5
    Rate of Fire: 5/5
    Range: Close
    The infamous Force Lightning power allows the user to shoot lighting out in a 
    cone ahead of him, rapidly damaging all units in the way. It doesn't kill as 
    quickly as a Lightsaber and leaves the user open to attack, but can hit many 
    enemies at once, making it best for clustered enemies.
    -Westar-33 Blaster 
    Power: 5/5
    Rate of Fire: 4/5
    Range: Close to Far
    Ammo: 128
    Shots per Clip: 16
    The Westar-33 is Jango Fett's primary weapon. It works just like the Precision 
    Pistol, with powerful, accurate shots and a rapid firing rate sufficient to 
    empty a clip in a few seconds. It has more ammo, though.
    Power: 4/5
    Rate of Fire: 1/5
    Range: Close
    Ammo: 60
    Shots per Clip: 1
    The Flamethrower is the other primary weapon for both of the Fetts. It fires in 
    20-shot bursts and works much like the Bothan Spy's Incinerator. It sets 
    enemies on fire, causing them to slowly take damage even after the attack 
    -DL44 Blaster 
    Power: 5/5
    Rate of Fire: 3/5
    Range: Close to Far
    Overheat Speed: Medium
    The DL44 is Han Solo's trusty weapon. It is a heat-based version of the Elite 
    Rifle, firing in the same deadly bursts. It overheats fairly quickly because of 
    how it fires.
    -Sporting Blaster
    Power: 4/5
    Rate of Fire: 3/5
    Range: Close to Far
    Overheat Speed: Fast
    Leia's weapon is much like the Sniper Rifle, with two zoom levels and a 
    beamlike shot. It's powerful enough to kill with one shot and extremely 
    accurate, but overheats very quickly.
    -EE-3 Blaster
    Power: 5/5
    Rate of Fire: 3/5
    Range: Close to Far
    Ammo: 144
    Shots per Clip: 12
    The EE-3 Blaster is Boba Fett's weapon. It is exactly like the Elite Rifle, 
    except with red shots.
    Power: -/5
    Rate of Fire: -/5
    Range: Close
    Ammo: 1
    Used by Leia, Invulnerability doesn't quite live up to its name, but is quite 
    nice, giving both a defense and regeneration bonus.
    \\\\\\\\\\9. Vehicles (Vhcls)\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    -All-Terrain Tactical Enforcer (AT-TE)
    Power: 5/5
    Speed: 1/5
    Armor: 5/5
    Positions: Pilot (Heavy Laser Cannons and Particle Cannons), Main Gunner 
    (Particle Cannon), Co-Pilot (Repeating Blasters)
    Planets Found: Geonosis
    Critical Spot: the front cylinder on the underside. 
    The AT-TE is one of the biggest and most powerful units in the game. Found only 
    in Geonosis, it excels at wading into intense combat and leaving a swath of 
    destruction behind. To allow this, it's incredibly heavily armored and armed. 
    The Pilot controls two massive, incredibly powerful Laser Cannons that can mow 
    through infantry and light armor with ease. There are also two Particle Cannons 
    that do heavy splash damage and are suited for blasting clustered infantry or 
    wiping out other vehicles. The main gunner controls the huge cannon on top. 
    This cannon is extremely powerful, with multiple shots in each reload and a 
    scope that allows it to fire shots with perfect accuracy. The co-pilot controls 
    two Repeating Blasters on the vehicle's flank that can hit targets that try to 
    come up behind it. Perhaps the AT-TE's biggest advantage, though is its 
    function as a mobile command post. As long as it remains in battle, friendly 
    troops can respawn near it. As a command vehicle, it can't be sliced into.
    -All-Terrain Recon Transport (AT-RT)
    Power: 3/5
    Speed: 3/5
    Armor: 2/5
    Positions: Pilot (Laser Cannon, Mortar Cannon)
    Planets Found: Naboo, Felucia, Utapau
    Critical Spot: The small cylinder under the seat. 
    The AT-RT is clearly the predecessor or the AT-ST. It is smaller, with a 
    single-man, open cockpit and one Laser Cannon. Its Mortar Cannon can lob four 
    explosive projectiles in a row for heavy splash damage. Be careful not to get 
    shot off of it when driving.
    Power: 4/5
    Speed: 4/5
    Armor: 4/5
    Positions: Pilot (Blaster Cannons and Concussion Missiles), Gunner (Beam 
    Planets Found: Kashyyyk, Mygeeto
    Critical Spot: The circle on the back. 
    The IFT-X is the Republic's medium tank, a balanced vehicle suited for 
    attacking armor and infantry alike. It's fairly fast and agile because of its 
    repulsor system. It carried Blaster Cannons for mowing through infantry, and 
    Concussion Missiles for attacking other vehicles. Like all missiles, they 
    increase in speed and damage as they travel, so fire them from long range for 
    maximum effect. The Beam Cannon turret on the top is an excellent antipersonnel 
    weapon best at taking large groups of enemies or out would-be slicers.
    -BARC Speeder
    Power: 1/5
    Speed: 5/5
    Armor: 1/5
    Positions: Pilot (Blaster Cannons)
    Planets Found: Kashyyyk
    Critical Spot: None
    The BARC Speeder is the Republic's version of the Speeder Bike. Like its 
    better-known companion, its Blaster Cannon is mostly useless even against 
    infantry, so its main purpose is to transport the rider.
    -Republic Starfighter
    Power: 2/5
    Speed: 5/5
    Armor: 1/5
    Positions: Pilot (Pulse Lasers, Homing Rockets)
    The Republic Starfighter is made for speed. It is lightly armed and gets 
    destroyed easily, and relies on its agility and small size to avoid damage. Its 
    maneuverability and Homing Rockets can make it deadly in dogfights, if you can 
    survive, and its Pulse Lasers fire extremely quickly and overheat slowly. As 
    long as you avoid auto turrets (such as by staying close to your own ships, or 
    under the enemy capitol ship), the scout-type fighter is a force to be reckoned 
    with against enemy starfighters.
    Power: 4/5
    Speed: 3/5
    Armor: 3/5
    Positions: Pilot (Laser Cannons, Proton Torpedoes)
    The six-winged ARC-170 is the Republic's most balanced and multifunctional 
    starfighter. Its Laser Cannons fire slightly more slowly than those of the 
    Republic Starfighter, but are stronger, strong enough to take out enemy 
    starfighters almost as easily, and its Proton Torpedoes can home in on them or 
    do modest damage to enemy vital systems and take out turrets. It's slower than 
    the Republic Starfighter, but can withstand much more of a beating.
    Power: 5/5
    Speed: 2/5
    Armor: 4/5
    Positions: Pilot (Shock Cannon, Proton Bomb)
    The streamlined V-Wing is the Republic's bomber craft. It's fairly slow, but 
    heavily armored. Its shock cannons fire slowly but deal excellent damage to 
    enemy starfighters and travel instantly, making them easy to aim with and give 
    the V-Wing a small degree of anti-starfighter ability. Its main purpose, 
    however, is to take out enemy vital systems with its Proton Bombs. They are 
    guided by gravity and "fall" toward the upper half of ships, which usually 
    means right toward whatever you're trying to blow up. They can inflict serious 
    damage by unloading 6 Bombs at once, and are fast enough to escape destruction 
    when necessary.
    -LA-AT Gunship
    Power: 5/5
    Speed: 1/5
    Armor: 5/5
    Positions: Pilot (Laser Cannons, Missile Launcher), Co-Pilot (Remote Rocket), 
    Left and Right Turret (Beam Cannon)
    The LA-AT is the space version of the AT-TE. It handles like a rock, but can 
    withstand enormous amounts of damage and dish out plenty with a full contingent 
    of clones operating its weapons systems. The pilot controls the decently 
    powerful Laser Cannons and missiles (which, unlike all other ship weapons, have 
    a limited supply of 36) while the co-pilot controls the Remote Rocket, which 
    can obliterate turrets or slow-moving spacecraft with ease. Two more gunners 
    can operate the left and right Beam Cannon turrets for even more damage. The 
    LA-AT's main purpose is to land troops in an enemy ship, though. It's armored 
    enough to take a beating on the way to the enemy hangar and, like the AT-TE, 
    can serve as a respawn point when it's on the ground, clearing the way for 
    attacks inside enemy capital ships.
    -Armored Assault Tank (AAT)
    Power: 4/5
    Speed: 4/5
    Armor: 4/5
    Positions: Pilot (Laser Blaster, Missile Launcher), Main Gunner (Particle 
    Planets Found: Mygeeto, Naboo, Polis Massa, Utapau
    Critical Spot: The rectangular panel on the back. 
    The AAT is the CIS' repulsor tank. Like the IFT tanks, it carries Blaster 
    Cannons and Missiles for the pilot to fire. Unlike them, its turret isn't an 
    antipersonnel laser but a powerful particle cannon suited to clusters of troops 
    and other vehicles.
    -Hailfire Tank
    Power: 3/5
    Speed: 5/5
    Armor: 3/5
    Positions: Pilot (Repeating Blasters, Hailfire Missiles)
    Planets Found: Geonosis
    Critical Spot: The small Repeating Blaster turret under the main body. 
    The wheeled Hailfire Tank is one of the vehicles deployed by the Seperatists at 
    the Battle of Geonosis. It has chain gun-like Repeating Blasters that can mow 
    down troops and Hailfire Missiles for vehicles. It can shoot many of the 
    missiles rapid-fire, but they curve out wildly, so they're best used to sow 
    chaos at close range.
    -Armored Tank Droid
    Power: 3/5
    Speed: 4/5
    Armor: 4/5
    Positions: Pilot (Shock Rifles, Mortar Cannon)
    Planets Found: Kashyyyk, Felucia
    Critical Spot: The back wheel. 
    The Armored Tank Droid is another of the CIS' powerful vehicles. Its Shock 
    Rifles fire a spread of bolts that work much like a shotgun blast; they're best 
    at close range and against groups of enemies. The Mortar Cannon's shots are 
    powerful, but affected by gravity and need to be aimed carefully.
    -Spider Walker
    Power: 4/5
    Speed: 1/5
    Armor: 5/5
    Positions: Pilot (Blaster Cannon, Beam Cannon)
    Planets Found: Geonosis
    Critical Spot: The 4 small cylinders connecting the legs to the body. 
    The towering Spider Droid is the CIS' most powerful vehicle. Its Blaster Cannon 
    is decent against infantry, but its powerful Beam Cannon is its best weapon. 
    The Cannon fires continuously for about a second, and all you need to do to 
    kill infantry with it is pass the beam over one. It also travels any distance 
    instantly, making it an excellent long-range weapon. It can also heavily damage 
    vehicles, making it a great all-purpose weapon. The Spider Walker's only real 
    weakness is its inability to hit targets directly under or close to it.
    Power: 1/5
    Speed: 5/5
    Armor: 1/5
    Positions: Pilot (Blaster Cannon)
    The STAP is the CIS' version of the Speeder Bike. It's used by droid troops to 
    cover large distances in the same way.
    -Droid Tri-Fighter
    Power: 2/5
    Speed: 5/5
    Armor: 1/5
    Positions: Pilot (Repeating Blasters, Homing Rockets)
    The Tri-Fighter is the CIS' scout fighter. Its Repeating Blasters work like the 
    Chaingun and pause for a moment before firing, making them extremely difficult 
    to hit enemy fighters with, but it has wicked cool rockets and its tiny size 
    makes it incredibly difficult to hit. Like other scouts, it dies very easily 
    when hit.
    -Droid Starfighter
    Power: 4/5
    Speed: 3/5
    Armor: 3/5
    Positions: Pilot (Blaster Cannon, Proton Torpedo)
    The Vulture Droid is the CIS' version of the ARC-170; its capabilities are 
    virtually the same.
    -CIS Strike Bomber 
    Power: 5/5
    Speed: 2/5
    Armor: 4/5
    Positions: Pilot (Particle Cannons, Proton Bombs)
    The Strike Bomber is much like the V-Wing, except for its Particle Cannon, 
    which is very powerful, but fires slowly and takes time to travel. Its bombs 
    can be dropped more quickly, but curve more sharply than other bombs.
    -Droid Gunship 
    Power: 5/5
    Speed: 1/5
    Armor: 5/5
    Positions: Pilot (Beam Cannon, Homing Rockets), Co-Pilot (Remote Rocket), Left 
    and Right Turret (Particle Cannons), Passenger x 2
    The Droid Gunship is much like the Republic's LA-AT, but its Beam Cannon 
    turrets have been replaced by Particle Cannons. It can also carry 2 extra droid 
    troops as passengers. It has the same kind of Homing Rockets as the Tri-
    Fighter, which makes it well-suited for mowing through enemy fighters.
    Power: 4/5
    Speed: 5/5
    Armor: 2/5
    Positions: Pilot (Laser Cannons, Particle Cannon), Co-pilot (Harpoon Gun)
    Planets Found: Hoth
    The Snowspeeder is the only flying craft pilotable on the ground, and one of 
    the most fun vehicles to use. Its Laser Cannons are deadly to infantry, and its 
    Particle Cannons can wipe out large groups at once in bombing runs. It isn't 
    powerful enough to easily take out the walkers the Empire deploys at Hoth, 
    however. Its speed makes it hard to hit with anything but locked-on missiles, 
    though these are enough; its light armor means one missile hit will destroy it. 
    Do some evasive maneuvers like U-turns to dodge incoming missiles. The tow 
    cable launcher is apparently able to disable AT-ATs just like in the movies, 
    but this is virtually impossible to do without two human players working 
    -Alliance AAC-1
    Power: 4/5
    Speed: 4/5
    Armor: 4/5
    Positions: Pilot (Laser Cannon, Particle Cannon), Main Gunner (Missiles)
    Planets Found: Felucia, Kashyyyk, Mygeeto, Polis Massa, Yavin 4
    Critical Spot: None
    The AAC-1 is the Alliance's repulsor tank, but like the AAT it's slightly 
    different. It carries Particle Cannons instead of missiles for the pilot, and 
    the lucky gunner gets a closed cockpit and two missile turrets that can fire a 
    devastating barrage before reloading. They're excellent for quickly destroying 
    vehicles, but a little imprecise to use on units.
    Power: -/5
    Speed: 4/5
    Armor: 1/5
    Positions: Rider
    Planets Found: Hoth
    Critical Spot: None
    The Tauntauns of Hoth are obviously unarmed (their freezing spit doesn't work 
    well against Snowtroopers) and are used solely to get around. They're slower 
    than Speeder Bikes and die very easily, but are faster than going on foot. 
    Their energy meter goes down very slowly, so they can sprint almost all the 
    time and make almost as good time as a Speeder Bike.
    Power: 2/5
    Speed: 5/5
    Armor: 1/5
    Positions: Pilot (Laser Cannons, Homing Rockets)
    The nimble A-Wing is the Alliance's scout fighter. As usual, it's fast, light, 
    and deadly against starfighters, but easily destroyed. Unlike other fighters, 
    it fires all it missiles in one burst instead of one or two at a time.
    Power: 4/5
    Speed: 3/5
    Armor: 3/5
    Positions: Pilot (Laser Cannons, Proton Torpedoes)
    The classic X-Wing, one of the most famous and advanced fighters in Star Wars, 
    is the Alliance's well-balanced and versatile fighter. Its Laser Cannons and 
    Proton Torpedoes make it good for destroying fighters and ship components 
    alike. Since it has four Laser Cannons, they overheat more slowly than those of 
    other fighter-bombers, able to fire continuously for almost as long as the A-
    Wing. (Though the rate of fire is lower)
    Power: 5/5
    Speed: 2/5
    Armor: 4/5
    Positions: Pilot (Laser Cannon, Proton Bomb), Main Gunner (Cannon)
    The slower Y-Wing serves as the Alliance's bomber. It's like the V-Wing, except 
    that it seats an additional person to operate the cannon on top. It's hard to 
    hit with, but gives the Y-Wing a bit of extra defense.
    -Alliance Assault Craft 
    Power: 5/5
    Speed: 1/5
    Armor: 5/5
    Positions: Pilot (Particle Cannons, Proton Torpedoes), Co-pilot (Remote 
    Rocket), Left and Right Turrets (Beam Cannon)
    The Alliance uses salvaged LA-ATs as its lander...either that, or the 
    programmers just got lazy and reused the model. Either way, it is very similar 
    to the Republic craft, except for the armaments the pilot has. Like the LA-AT, 
    its Proton Torpedoes have a stock of 36.
    -All-Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT)
    Power: 5/5
    Speed: 1/5
    Armor: 5/5
    Positions: Pilot (Heavy Laser Cannons and Particle Cannon)
    Planets Found: Hoth
    Critical Spot: The neck. 
    The infamous AT-AT is the Empire's version of the AT-TE. Like its predecessor, 
    the AT-AT serves as a mobile command post for Imperial troops. It also has the 
    same armaments for the Pilot as the AT-TE. It has no other positions to fill, 
    but the front weapons alone seem stronger than everything the AT-TE has. With 
    the AT-AT's scope, you can bombard and lay waste to Rebel installations from a 
    distance in safety as friendly soldiers respawn under you.
    -All-Terrain Scout Transport (AT-ST)
    Power: 4/5
    Speed: 2/5
    Armor: 3/5 
    Positions: Pilot (Blaster Cannon and Particle Cannon), Co-pilot (Guided Rocket)
    Planets Found: Endor, Hoth, Felucia
    Critical Spot: The flat back of the main body. 
    Despite being dwarfed by the massive AT-AT, the AT-ST (or "chicken walker" to 
    Rebel troops) is still one of the Empire's strongest vehicles. Like the AT-AT, 
    it's slow, but heavily armed. Its Pilot can fire a powerful anti-personnel 
    Blaster Cannon and a Particle Cannon that heavily damages other vehicles and 
    can wipe out large groups of Rebels. The main gunner gets an even more fun job-
    firing remote controlled rockets that are great for surgical strikes on 
    vehicles, structures, or groups of infantry.
    Power: 4/5
    Speed: 4/5
    Armor: 4/5
    Positions: Pilot (Blaster Cannons and Concussion Missiles), Gunner (Beam 
    Planets Found: Kashyyyk, Mygeeto, Naboo, Yavin 4
    Critical Spot: The circle on the back. 
    Even though the Empire evolved from the Republic, the IFT-T follows its like-
    named counterpart even more closely than usual, varying only in color scheme. 
    Use the grey repulsor tank in the same way as the IFT-X.
    -Speeder Bike
    Power: 1/5
    Speed: 5/5
    Armor: 1/5
    Positions: Pilot (Blaster Cannon)
    Planets Found: Endor, Kashyyyk, Yavin 4
    Critical Spot: None
    As its name suggests, the Speeder Bike is meant to be fast. It's ill-suited for 
    attacking even infantry with its one Blaster Cannon, and is mainly useful for 
    getting around quickly.
    -TIE Interceptor
    Power: 2/5
    Speed: 5/5
    Armor: 1/5
    Positions: Pilot (Laser Cannons, Homing Rockets)
    The TIE Interceptor is the Empire's scout craft. It's just like the Republic 
    Starfighter in capability.
    -TIE Fighter
    Power: 4/5
    Speed: 3/5
    Armor: 3/5
    Positions: Pilot (Laser Cannons, Proton Torpedoes)
    The TIE Fighter is the Empire's multi-purpose starfighter. Despite its lack of 
    shields, it is just as tough as the X-Wing to preserve game balance. Though its 
    Laser Cannons overheat quickly, its torpedoes do more damage than those of 
    other such fighters.
    -TIE Bomber 
    Power: 5/5
    Speed: 2/5
    Armor: 4/5
    Positions: Pilot (Particle Cannon, Proton Bomb), Co-pilot (Remote Rocket)
    Like the Y-Wing, the TIE Bomber seats an extra person. This person has a much 
    better job, though-firing and guiding remote-control missiles to take out 
    turrets and fighters.
    -Landing Craft 
    Power: 5/5
    Speed: 1/5
    Armor: 5/5
    Positions: Pilot (Particle Cannon, Concussion Missiles), Co-Pilot (Remote 
    Rocket), Main Gunner (Repeating Blasters), Passenger x 3
    Strangely, the Lambda-class shuttle is replaced by the lander used by Palpatine 
    at the end of Episode III for the Imperials. It has one less turret and the one 
    is has fires a chain gun-like Repeating Blaster behind to shoot down fighters 
    with. It can carry 3 extra passengers for landing parties. The Pilot gets much 
    better armaments than other Landing Craft drivers; its Particle Cannon fires 
    twice in quick succession, and its barrages of Concussion Missiles pack the 
    punch of Proton Torpedoes but have the quick lock-on and starfighter advantage 
    of scout fighters' missiles.
    -Laser Turret
    Weapons: Laser Cannon
    Planets Found: Coruscant, Kamino, Naboo
    The standard Laser Turret is found all over the place. Its Laser Cannon is 
    unsuited for attacking vehicles, but fares pretty well against infantry. It 
    overheats fairly quickly, however, so don't shoot continuously. Unfortunately, 
    the slit right in the middle makes you sniper bait while using it.
    -Hoth DF.9 Defense Turret
    Weapon: Laser Cannon
    Planets Found: Hoth
    The Hoth Defense turret fires a deadly antipersonnel Laser Cannon. It is 
    enclosed, so the user is safe unless the turret is destroyed.
    -Hoth 1.4 FD P-Tower Dish Turret
    Weapon: Particle Cannon
    Planets Found: Hoth
    Luckily, unlike in most of the Star Wars universe, the dish turret isn't 
    completely useless. Its Particle Cannon is good against infantry and vehicles 
    -LR1K Cannon
    Weapon: Sonic Disruptor Cannon
    Planets Found: Geonosis
    The LR1K Cannon fires a large sonic blast, like all Geonosian weapons. It isn't 
    very powerful, and the lack of an enclosed space makes it not worth your time.
    -Concussion Cannon Turret
    Weapon: Concussion Cannon
    Planets Found: Kashyyyk
    The Concussion Cannon is an antivehicle turret found on Kashyyyk. It fires 
    double shots every 2 seconds or so. The shots are damaging to vehicles, but are 
    affected by gravity and are tough to aim. When in the turret, the user can only 
    be attacked from behind.
    -Particle Cannon Turret
    Weapon: Particle Cannon
    Planets Found: Mygeeto
    The Particle Cannon Turret looks like the Concussion Cannon, but is a good deal 
    better. Its cannon does more damage and isn't affected by gravity, making it 
    much easier to hit and kill vehicles with.
    -Mos Eisley Railing Gun
    Weapon: Blaster Cannon
    Planets Found: Mos Eisley
    The Railing Gun is a small turret found only in Mos Eisley. It works much like 
    the Laser Turret, but offers even less protection.
    -Yavin Tower Turret
    Weapon: Blaster Cannon
    This turret is also like the Laser Turret, but puts the gunner on top of a high 
    pole for increased visibility. (That goes both ways)
    \\\\\\\\\\10. Maps (Ma#ps)\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    Size: 3/5
    Openness: 3/5
    Modes: Conquest (http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/6563/coruscantmap3rb.jpg)
    -2-Flag CtF (http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/7075/coruscantflag1ec.jpg) 
    Heroes: Mace Windu, Darth Maul, Luke Skywalker, The Emperor 
    Vehicles: Laser Turret
    The Coruscant map takes place in the ruined Jedi Temple after Order 66. It's a 
    fairly balanced level, tight enough for some close-ranged combat but also with 
    wide-open spaces for sniping. The main part of the level is an enormous ruined 
    hall with some down pillars for cover, and stairs around the sides for a better 
    view. On each of the longer sides are a few turrets that can be fixed by an 
    Engineer and used. Stairways from there lead to the Jedi library, which has two 
    levels with a hole in the middle, and a longer, narrower hall at the southern 
    end of the level. The eastern end of this hall and a passage from the top floor 
    of the library lead to the main computer room, one of the more cramped spaces 
    in the level. On the western side are two circular rooms containing two Command 
    Posts linked to the main hall and to the north and south.
    Command Post 1: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/9286/coruscant15pi.jpg
    Modes: Conquest (Neutral), Capture the Flag (CIS/Alliance)
    Command Post 1 is on an outdoor balcony with a great view of the planetwide 
    city. It's next to the entrance to the main hall and is one of the places to 
    start if you want to fight in it. An exterior walkway around the side leads to 
    Command Post 6, and some stairs on the other side lead to 2. An Engineer can 
    fix up two Laser Turrets on either side of the CP for use. It's an easy capture 
    for the CIS or Alliance early on. It's a flag point in CtF.
    Command Post 2: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/7638/coruscant21rz.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Neutral), Capture the Flag (Republic/Empire)
    Command Post 2 is in the Jedi Library, on the far side from the main hall 
    entrance. The tables and shelves restrict movement space and provide cover for 
    fighting in here. It's in the same place in both modes.
    Command Post 3: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/7209/coruscant30je.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Republic/Empire)
    Command Post 3 is one of the starting points. It leads to the longer, narrower 
    hallway as well as to the computer room. There are also health and ammo droids 
    next to it.
    Command Post 4: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/3606/coruscant42am.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Neutral), Capture the Flag (Republic/Empire)
    This Command Post overlooks the main hall from the top of some stairs. It's the 
    perfect place for snipers to spawn. The Republic/Empire can take this CP right 
    off the bat. In CtF, the command post starts off owned by the Republic/Empire, 
    in the long hallway, and is a flag point.
    Command Post 5: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/871/coruscant59ww.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Neutral)
    This CP is one of two right off of the main hall. It can also be accessed from 
    the longer hallway and Command Post 6. Like with most of the CPs, there are 
    restoring droids right next to it. The CIS/Alliance can take this CP easily.
    Command Post 6: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/967/coruscant62ym.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (CIS/Alliance), Capture the Flag (CIS/Alliance)
    This is the other starting point. Like 5, it connects directly with the main 
    hall, and is also close to CP 1. The relatively small entrances make it harder 
    to take. In CtF, it's outside the circular room on the outdoor walkway.
    Size: 3/5
    Openness: 4/5
    Modes: Conquest (http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/5148/dagobahmap4za.jpg)
    -2-Flag CtF (http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/4238/dagobahflag5bk.jpg) 
    Heroes: Yoda, General Grievous, Darth Vader
    Vehicles: None
    Map: Dagobah is a fairly open level, with trees being the main obstructions. 
    However, the undergrowth and mist make visibility low, so close combat is still 
    Command Post 1: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/8987/dagobah12is.jpg
    Modes: Conquest (Republic/Alliance)
    This Command Post is right next to Yoda's hut. It's the main one for the 
    Republic and Alliance, and their base in CtF. However, it's fairly removed from 
    the battle, so try not to spawn there unless you have no choice.
    Command Post 2: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/7367/dagobah20jf.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Neutral), Capture the Flag (Republic/Alliance)
    Command Post 2 is in the dark side cave Luke explored in Episode 5. The main 
    reason you'll go into the cave is to take the command post; otherwise, stay 
    out. In CtF, CP 2 isn't really anywhere near its Conquest counterpart (it was 
    only paired because it's the closest). It's farther west, at the left side of 
    the area.
    Command Post 3: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/4835/dagobah34fo.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Neutral), Capture the Flag (Republic/Alliance)
    This CP is right next to Luke's downed X-Wing. It's fairly close to CPs 1 and 
    2, and a good one for the Republic/Alliance to take. It's slightly northeast in 
    Command Post 4: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/9053/dagobah43ft.jpg
    Modes: Conquest (Neutral), Capture the Flag (CIS/Empire)
    CP 4 is close to the CIS/Empire's starting one, situated under a tree. They 
    should take it early on.
    Command Post 5: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/4757/dagobah52fe.jpg
    Modes: Conquest (CIS/Empire)
    Surrounded by supply crates, CP 5 is the starting point for the CIS and Empire 
    and its base in CtF. Once again, they should try to take CPs farther forward to 
    spawn from.
    Command Post 6: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/4115/dagobah67sr.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Neutral), Capture the Flag (CIS/Empire)
    6 is another fairly unremarkable CP close to the middle. The two sides will 
    likely fight over it often. It's farther southeast in CtF mode.
    -Death Star
    Size: 3/5
    Openness: 2/5 
    Modes: Conquest (http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/765/deathstarmap8ug.jpg)
    -1-Flag CtF (http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/5790/deathstarflag3hn.jpg) 
    Heroes: Obi-Wan, The Emperor, Luke Skywalker
    Vehicles: None
    The interior of the Death Star is mainly a close-quarters map, with a few more 
    open areas. There still isn't anything too long-ranged, though. There are two 
    large hangar bays on the bottom, the biggest spaces in the level. These lead to 
    a curving room and a round one, both consisting of walkways above the battle 
    station's ubiquitous bottomless pits. The curved room connects to a long, 
    arcing walkway leading around one of the superlaser firing wells. The round 
    room leads to two narrow hallways with small indentations in the sides for 
    cover, some of which connect the halls and make for very close fighting. Both 
    ways lead to a large room with many walkways leading above bottomless pits, 
    where most of the fighting will likely take place.
    Command Post 1: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/3218/deathstar12qc.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Empire/Republic), Capture the Flag (Empire/Republic)
    CP 1 is one of two Command Posts in a hangar bay. It has several passages that 
    connect with the other hangar bay and the circular room. There's a lot of room 
    to maneuver in it. In CtF, it's one of the bases.
    Command Post 2: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/6601/deathstar27ap.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Empire/Republic), Capture the Flag (Empire/Republic)
    This CP is in a room akin to the one near where our heroes escaped into the 
    garbage chute in Episode 4. It's fairly small, and attackers can only come from 
    a few directions. In CtF, it's off to the side, in the other square room.
    Command Posts 3 & 4: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/8859/deathstar342cp.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Empire/Republic for 3, CIS/Alliance for 4)
    3 and 4 are both on large, circular platforms like the one Obi-Wan disabled the 
    Death Star's tractor beam on. Many walkways lead around them for excellent 
    close and long-range fighting. The flag starts near 4 in CtF. Note that the 
    bridges between Command Posts 4 and 5 can be removed by destroying the two 
    green control boxes; they stay gone and make the gap virtually impassable until 
    Command Post 5: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/1553/deathstar58uc.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (CIS/Alliance), Capture the Flag (CIS/Alliance)
    CP 5 is in the superlaser firing well. The main way around it is a long walkway 
    along the circular edge; smaller catwalks lead down, but you'll likely never 
    use them. Be sure not to fall into the firing well itself, or you'll die. In 
    CtF, the CP is on one of the lower side platforms.
    Command Post 6: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/4558/deathstar60cd.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (CIS/Alliance), Capture the Flag (CIS/Alliance)
    This CP is in a slightly smaller hangar. It has only two entrances and is a 
    base in CtF.
    -Endor (GCW only)
    Size: 5/5
    Openness: 3/5
    Modes: Conquest (http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/2263/endormap6vg.jpg)
    -1-Flag CtF (http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/5723/endorflag0ew.jpg)
    -Hunt (http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/4334/endorhunt0uc.jpg)
    Heroes: Han Solo, Darth Vader
    Vehicles: AT-ST, Speeder Bike, Laser Turret
    Endor is a huge level, but the great amount of undergrowth and huge trees makes 
    it seem enclosed. It's mainly just a huge forest on mostly flat terrain. Plants 
    everywhere obstruct vision but can be fired and moved through. There are 
    several series of platforms running between the huge trees that make great 
    vantage points for long-range attacks. Several downed tree trunks are also 
    hollowed out and can be moved through.
    Command Post 1: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/3944/endor18lj.jpg
    Modes: Conquest (Empire)
    This Command Post is in the shield generator bunker. There's only one way in 
    and there are turrets outside, so it's very easy to defend.
    Command Post 2: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/5950/endor20ep.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Empire), Hunt (Empire)
    This spawn point is in a relatively open clearing. It's the main spawn point 
    for vehicles for the Empire. If CP 3 is taken (which it often is), Imperial 
    forces should fall back to here.
    Command Post 3: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/8015/endor36ao.jpg
    Modes: Conquest (Empire), Capture the Flag (Empire)
    This CP is the Empire's forward Command Post. They must fight hard to defend it 
    from the Rebels, and it provides an advantage to whoever controls it. In CtF, 
    it splits into two nearby Command Posts controlled by the Empire.
    Command Post 4: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/2130/endor49lr.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Alliance), Hunt (Ewoks)
    This CP is the foremost one belonging to the Rebels. It's near some tree trunk 
    walkways and is the best early spawn point for them. The Ewok Command Post in 
    Hunt is nearby at the flag spawn point in CtF.
    Command Post 5: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/3967/endor51wg.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Alliance), Capture the Flag (Alliance)
    This Command Post is farther back and not a good one for Rebels to spawn it. It 
    has some more walkways near it, though. In CtF, it moves to the right.
    Command Post 6: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/6343/endor65la.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Alliance), Capture the Flag (Alliance)
    Command Post 6 is way, way far back in Rebel territory. They shouldn't spawn 
    there unless they're defending it, in which case they've probably lost already.
    Size: 4/5
    Openness: 3/5
    Modes: Conquest (http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/6142/feluciamap8nf.jpg)
    -1-Flag CtF (http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/237/feluciaflag0tr.jpg)
    Heroes: Aayla Secura, Jango Fett, Chewbacca, Boba Fett
    Vehicles: AT-RT, Armored Tank Droid, AAC-1, AT-ST
    Felucia is a fairly large level, but like Endor it's filled with undergrowth 
    and bizarre, impassable plants that keep things confined. They provide plenty 
    of cover and lots of ways to sneak into enemy territory, as well as just plain 
    making things hard to see.
    Command Post 1: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/7430/felucia16mp.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Republic/Empire), Capture the Flag (Republic/Empire)
    CP 1 is far to the left, but not completely removed from the action. It moves 
    east to the river in CtF.
    Command Post 2: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/659/felucia25pg.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Republic/Empire), Capture the Flag (Republic/Empire)
    Command Post 2 is a decent choice for spawning, especially for attacking CP 3. 
    It barely moves at all in CtF.
    Command Post 3: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/6509/felucia30yv.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (CIS/Alliance)
    Command Post 3 is situated in the central river and is probably the best place 
    for CIS/Alliance troops to spawn most of the time. In CtF, it becomes the 
    flag's starting point.
    Command Post 4: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/4774/felucia48ie.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (CIS/Alliance), Capture the Flag (CIS/Alliance)
    Command Post 4 is fairly far back, but well-situated for attacking 6. Not much 
    else to say, really.
    Command Post 5: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/7703/felucia50zi.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (CIS/Alliance)
    Command Post 5 is unusual in that it's perched on top of a massive rocky spire 
    with only a few ways up. It's probably the CIS/Alliance's easiest CP to defend.
    Command Post 6: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/2406/felucia65bo.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Republic/Empire), Capture the Flag (CIS/Alliance)
    CP 6 is the Empire/Republic's foremost Command Post and well-situated for 
    attacking 4 and 5. It moves closer to the mountain in CtF.
    -Geonosis (CW only) 
    Size: 5/5
    Openness: 5/5
    Modes: Conquest (http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/2175/geonosismap9uk.jpg)
    -2-Flag CtF (http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/5997/geonosisflag8bh.jpg)
    -Hunt (http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/381/geonosishunt5eo.jpg)
    -XL (http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/4299/geonosisxl2ps.jpg)
    Heroes: Mace Windu, Count Dooku 
    Vehicles: AT-TE, Spider Droid, Hailfire Tank, LR1K Cannon
    Rocky Geonosis is one of the most versatile maps in the game, with 4 different 
    play modes. It's also one of the most open, with only a few rocky crags 
    obstructing the battlefield. Its massive size makes it perfectly suited for the 
    Republic and CIS' biggest vehicles. Players should be aware of some of its main 
    geographical features, like two caves around the midpoint of the map that make 
    for great sneaking up on enemies and a huge cliff to the side with a neutral 
    command post for the taking.
    Command Post 1: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/8817/geonosis13an.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (CIS), Capture the Flag (CIS), XL (CIS)
    CP 1 is situated in a rocky crag of a command center. It's far removed from the 
    action and its main virtue is that it's near one of the CIS' vehicle spawn 
    Command Post 2: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/9031/geonosis20ov.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (CIS), XL (CIS)
    This CP is in a huge hangar. Once again, it's far from the action, but well-
    situated for taking CP 5 and near a turret and vehicles.
    Command Post 3: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/4101/geonosis35ll.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (CIS), Capture the Flag (CIS), Hunt (Geonosians), XL (CIS)
    This CP is the farthest forward for the CIS and the best one to start at. It's 
    in a bunker with two small alcoves made for safe sniping. There are only two 
    ways in, which can make it difficult to take. It moves northeast and belongs to 
    the Geonosians in Hunt mode.
    Command Post 4: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/4850/geonosis45yv.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Republic), Capture the Flag (Republic), Hunt (Republic), XL 
    CP 4 is the Republic's foremost Command Post, positioned in the wreckage of a 
    crashed Techno Union starliner. For regular infantry, it's the best one to 
    start at. It's also one of the best for taking CP 5. In Hunt, it moves 
    Command Post 5: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/5520/geonosis58ja.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Neutral)
    Found only in Conquest mode, CP 5 starts out neutral and is ripe for the taking 
    by either side. Whichever one holds it gets an advantage in tactics and 
    reinforcements. It's also at the top of a cliff that's perfect for snipers to 
    shoot from and other infantry to surprise the enemy from.
    Command Post 6: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/7179/geonosis68fz.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Republic), XL (Republic)
    CP 6 is located extremely far back, like 1. There's usually no reason for 
    Republic troops to spawn there.
    Command Post 7: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/7606/geonosis71cj.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Republic), Capture the Flag (Republic), XL (Republic)
    CP is positioned on a rocky crag that units spawn around. Except for taking CP 
    5, there's little point in starting there.
    AT-TE: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/5039/geonosisatte7ay.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Republic), XL (Republic)
    The Republic gains a big advantage in the form of its hulking AT-TE, which 
    spawns far, far back but can serve as a mobile command post as it trudges 
    forward into battle. It should be used to the Republic's advantage by advancing 
    as far as possible and causing massive casualties on its way.
    -Hoth (GCW only) 
    Size: 5/5
    Openness: 5/5
    Modes: Conquest (http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/1687/hothmap9mi.jpg)
    -1-Flag CtF (http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/4800/hothflag8nf.jpg)
    -Hunt (http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/236/hothhunt7im.jpg)
    -XL (http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/8733/hothxl8jx.jpg)
    Heroes: Pilot Luke, Darth Vader, Hoth Defense Turret, Hoth Dish Turret
    Vehicles: AT-AT, AT-ST, Snowspeeder, Tauntaun
    Hoth is the ultimate map for people who like wide open spaces. Except for its 
    Rebel bunker, it's one massive plain of snow with only a few trenches to get in 
    the way. Infantry have trouble crossing the massive level, so it's often the 
    vehicles and turrets that turn the tide.
    Command Post 1: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/4498/hoth15ju.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Empire), XL (Empire)
    Command Post one is one of the Empire's two de facto Command Posts. It's far 
    from the action and separated from Command Post 3 by a hill, but it is close to 
    a few trenches and turrets, as well as the AT-ST spawn point. The kill also 
    makes it fairly easy to sneak up on CP 3.
    Command Post 2: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/2875/hoth21ao.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Empire), XL (Empire)
    CP 2 also belongs to the Empire, and is in another bunker with turrets that 
    make it easy to defend. It's the closest one for attacking Command Posts 3 and 
    Command Post 3: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/1369/hoth32ri.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Alliance), XL (Alliance)
    CP 3 is also in a bunker, and belongs to the Alliance. Like 2, it is well-
    defended by turrets and difficult to take. Watch for people from CP one coming 
    over the hill. It's connected to the Rebel bunker by a tunnel and lets you 
    sneak up on Command Post 4.
    Command Post 4: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/2360/hoth43gk.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Alliance), Capture the Flag (Empire), Hunt (Wampas), XL 
    CP 4 is located in the Rebels' hangar with the Snowspeeders. Several turrets 
    defend the hangar door, but you must also watch for attacks from within if CP 3 
    is taken.
    Command Post 5: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/7120/hoth54ik.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Alliance), XL (Alliance)
    Command Post 5 is located next to the shield generator and several turrets as 
    usual. I'm pretty sure that it doesn't affect reinforcement depletion, since it 
    starts out giving the Rebels an advantage.
    Command Post 6: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/8356/hothhunt1lc.jpg
    Modes: Capture the Flag (Alliance), Hunt (Alliance)
    Command Post 6 is only used in Capture the Flag and Hunt modes. It's located in 
    a large clearing with two massive transports and the usual trenches and turrets 
    that is blocked off in Conquest and XL. In Hunt mode, it splits into two nearby 
    Command Posts and the turrets make mowing down Wampas fairly easy. A cave near 
    it leads to a dead end.
    AT-ATs: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/3757/hothatats2pj.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Empire), XL (Empire)
    In Conquest and Xl, the Imperials deploy their massive AT-AT walkers. (That's 
    right, they actually get two) Though they each only have one position, they can 
    inflict massive damage to Rebel troops and installations, even blowing speeders 
    out of the air. Like the AT-TE, they also serve as mobile Command Posts for the 
    -Jabba's Palace
    Size: 2/5
    Openness: 2/5
    Modes: Conquest (http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/7077/jabbamap3ku.jpg)
    -1-Flag CtF (http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/5280/jabbaflag1ax.jpg)
    Heroes: Aayla Secura, Darth Maul, Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett
    Vehicles: None
    Jabba's Palace is easily one of the more confined levels; it's dark and 
    convoluted dungeons make for some of the best and intense close-range fighting 
    there is. Mastering its twists and turns will give you a significant advantage 
    in a battle. Also, beware of the hostile Gamorrean guards in this level; one 
    hit from their vibro-axes is an instant kill. The game keeps things cutthroat 
    by having 5 Command Posts, ensuring that one team or the other will always be 
    losing reinforcements.
    Command Post 1: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/7808/jabba17it.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Neutral)
    This Command Post is in a rectangular room near the CIS/Alliance's starting 
    point and will most likely be taken by them. Note the droid being tortured 
    right next to it. =)
    Command Post 2: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/9117/jabba26yq.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (CIS/Alliance), Capture the Flag (CIS/Alliance)
    This Command Post is the starting point of the CIS/Alliance. It is located to 
    the side of the level, but its branching paths let troops reach many places 
    quickly. Note the broken window in one of the sides that serves as a shortcut 
    to the stair room. In CtF, it moves down to the southern exit of the room.
    Command Post 3: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/3852/jabba36jx.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Neutral), Capture the Flag (Republic/Empire)
    Command Post 3 is located in a large, round room in the corner of the level. 
    Fighting is rare there and it isn't too difficult to take and hold. In CtF< it 
    moves north to a hallway.
    Command Post 4: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/442/jabba49ta.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Neutral)
    CP 4 is located in Jabba's throne room. (The villainous slug can't be killed, 
    unfortunately) With its many branching paths and centralized location, most of 
    the level's fighting will likely be done over this Command Post, though the 
    Republic/Empire can take it early on.
    Command Post 5: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/5842/jabba53yt.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Republic/Empire)
    Located in one of the larger rooms in the level, CP 5 is the other starting 
    point. It won't see much fighting unless CP 4 is taken.
    Size: 4/5
    Openness: 4/5
    Modes: Conquest (http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/8790/kaminomap0gn.jpg)
    -1-Flag CtF (http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/2615/kaminoflag6lu.jpg)
    Heroes: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jango Fett, Han Solo, Boba Fett
    Vehicles: Laser Turret
    Kamino is one of the larger and more open levels, consisting of 11 connected 
    platforms and two spotlessly clean bases. Though the layout of platforms allows 
    one to see a lot, the ramps connecting them restrict movement (except for Jet 
    and Dark Troopers, and Jedi, who get a big movement advantage) and create 
    firefights, making the level one of the best in the game for snipers. Each 
    platform contains some crate and pillars for cover, and most also have 
    restoring droids and Laser Turrets.
    Command Post 0: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/6029/kamino07jt.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (CIS/Alliance), Capture the Flag (CIS/Alliance)
    Strangely, the Command Posts of Kamino start at 0 instead of 1. This one is in 
    one of the two large bases, in the central room. No large-scale fighting will 
    usually occur here, but watch out for sneaky soldiers who try to enter unseen 
    and take it.
    Command Post 1: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/9942/kamino14mz.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (CIS/Alliance), Capture the Flag (CIS/Alliance)
    Most of the CIS/Alliance troops will probably start at this command point. It's 
    next to the central area where most of the fighting will likely occur, and has 
    access to many turrets for use. It moves right to the adjacent platform in CtF.
    Command Post 2: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/8450/kamino21yc.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Republic/Empire), Capture the Flag (Republic/Empire)
    CP 2 is far removed from the action. It's a decent place for snipers to start, 
    or for troops attempting to take Command Post 0. It moves up by 1 for CtF mode.
    Command Post 3: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/8088/kamino32on.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Republic/Empire), Capture the Flag (Republic/Empire)
    CP 3 is also in a big base, this time in a side room. Once again, you only need 
    to watch for troops sneaking into it attempting to steal it.
    Command Post 4: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/6818/kamino46tq.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Republic/Empire)
    This Command Post is the most desirable spawn point for most Republic/Empire 
    soldiers. It starts out next to the central area, but is lower down.
    Command Post 5: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/6416/kamino53hn.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (CIS/Alliance)
    This CP is also far from the action. It's a good choice for snipers, but not 
    for anything else.
    Size: 4/5
    Openness: 5/5
    Modes: Conquest (http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/4880/kashyyykmap4lm.jpg)
    -2-Flag CtF (http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/5935/kashyyykflag9ii.jpg)
    -Hunt (CW only) (http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/109/kashyyykhunt1sb.jpg)
    -XL (http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/5625/kashyyykxl3zl.jpg)
    Heroes: Yoda, Jango Fett, Chewbacca, Boba Fett
    Vehicles: IFT-X, BARC Speeder, Armored Tank Droid, STAP, AAC-1, Speeder Bike, 
    IFT-T, Concussion Cannon Turret, Laser Turret
    The Wookiee homeworld Kashyyyk is somewhat smaller than the other XL maps and 
    has only 4 Command Posts, but is extremely open and vehicle-friendly, with huge 
    amounts of vehicles and turrets in nearly every mode. It has little cover with 
    only a few short barriers and rocks on the ground, so expect to be shot at 
    often. There are a few sets of interconnected platforms that lead to turrets 
    and provide a bit more protection than being on the ground. The CIS or Empire 
    probably gets an advantage in this level by starting with 5 tanks to its 
    opponent's 2, while the Republic or Alliance only gets a Command Post behind a 
    fortified wall to defend.
    Command Post 1: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/8208/kashyyyk10ie.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (CIS/Empire), Capture the Flag (CIS/Empire), Hunt (CIS), XL 
    This CP is on the far side of the lake in the map. It's surrounded by a few 
    rocks for cover, and three tank-type vehicles and two speedy vehicles will 
    spawn near it. Near those is a ramp leading up to one of the platform series. 
    The platform in the middle of these is a great sniper spot.
    Command Post 2: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/6643/kashyyyk24pu.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (CIS/Empire), Capture the Flag (CIS/Empire), Hunt (CIS), XL 
    This Command Post is also surrounded by rocks and is midway around the 
    shoreline. 2 more tanks will spawn here.
    Command Post 3: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/6082/kashyyyk35dx.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Republic/Alliance), Capture the Flag (Republic/Alliance), Hunt 
    (Wookiees), XL (Republic/Alliance)
    This CP starts units off on some platforms next to a cliff face, and has many 
    stone barriers in front of it that do little to impede vehicles. The 
    Republic/Alliance's only two tanks spawn near it.
    Command Post 4: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/6905/kashyyyk47df.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Republic/Alliance), Capture the Flag (Republic/Alliance), Hunt 
    (Wookiees), XL (Republic/Alliance)
    This CP is far removed from the action. It's behind a destroyable wooden 
    barrier and a permanent stone one with two Concussion Cannons on top. Don't 
    respawn here unless Command Post 3 is taken. (Which it often is due to the 
    CIS/Empire's huge vehicle advantage)
    -Mos Eisley 
    Size: 4/5
    Openness: 2/5
    Modes: Conquest (http://img502.imageshack.us/img502/6537/tatooinemap1oj.jpg)
    -2-Flag CtF (http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/541/tatooineflag4kl.jpg)
    -Assault (GCW only) 
    -Hunt (GCW only) (http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/9048/tatooinehunt7ai.jpg)
    Heroes: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Maul, Han Solo, Boba Fett
    Vehicles: Mos Eisley Railing Turret, Laser Turret
    Mos Eisley is the other Tatooine map, and like with Jabba's Palace it pays to 
    know it well. It's a series of interconnected buildings that form alleyways, 
    rooftops, and dead ends. It's fairly big but hard to get around through all the 
    buildings, and several separate battles will often go on at once.
    Command Post 1: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/6706/tatooine16eb.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Republic/Empire), Capture the Flag (CIS/Alliance), Assault 
    (Heroes), Hunt (Jawas)
    Command Post 1 is up in the top right corner, though it moves west for CtF and 
    southwest to an adjacent alley for Hunt. It's a decent place for the 
    Republic/Empire to spawn if they want to go around and try to secretly capture 
    5 or 6. In Assault, it's one of the better places for Heroes to spawn.
    Command Post 2: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/2997/tatooine29vm.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Republic/Empire), Assault (Villains)
    This CP is situated in a dead end, and isn't a good choice to respawn in in 
    either mode.
    Command Post 3: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/2382/tatooine30rs.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Republic/Empire), Capture the Flag (Republic/Empire), Assault 
    This CP is well-located for attacking 4 from, but little else. It moves 
    northwest in CtF mode. In Assault, it's the least desirable place for Heroes to 
    spawn at.
    Command Post 4: http://img502.imageshack.us/img502/4066/tatooine48ii.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (CIS/Alliance), Capture the Flag (Republic/Empire), Assault 
    Command Post 4 is in a cantina, which makes it slightly easier to defend. Once 
    of its two exits lead near the side wall, the other to the main clearing where 
    much of the fighting will likely occur. It's THE place for Villains to spawn in 
    Assault, and CIS/Alliance troops in Conquest. It moves outside its northwestern 
    entrance in CtF.
    Command Post 5: http://img502.imageshack.us/img502/4376/tatooine51lp.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (CIS/Alliance), Assault (Villains)
    5 is pretty far from the action. Its main use is for taking CP 1.
    Command Post 6: http://img502.imageshack.us/img502/1143/tatooine66wo.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (CIS/Alliance), Capture the Flag (CIS/Alliance), Assault 
    (Heroes), Hunt (Tusken Raiders)
    CP 6 is in a large shipyard, one of the biggest spaces in the level. It's 
    probably the best place for Heroes to spawn in Assault. In CtF, it moves north 
    to outside the shipyard.
    Size: 3/5
    Openness: 3/5
    Modes: Conquest (http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/7859/mustafarmap7bl.jpg)
    -2-Flag CtF (http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/1669/mustafarflag4zz.jpg)
    Heroes: Obi-Wan Kenobi (Republic and Alliance), Darth Maul, Anakin Skywalker
    Vehicles: None
    The lava world of Mustafar is another of my favorite levels. It has a perfect 
    combination of large and small spaces and different levels that allow for all 
    kinds of fighting.
    Command Post 0: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/9498/mustafar04oh.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (CIS/Empire), Capture the Flag (CIS/Empire)
    Like Kamino, Mustafar starts with Command Post 0. This one is located across 
    two bridges from CP 5 on a narrow platform. Another door leads to the more open 
    part of the level, and replenishing droids are opposite that. The 
    Republic/Alliance will likely work hard to take this Command Post early on, so 
    the CIS/Empire should either defend it or take another one.
    Command Post 1: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/9574/mustafar17kk.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Republic/Alliance)
    CP 1 is at the far southern end of the level, on a large, flat platform. 
    Fighting rarely happens down there, so the Command Post rarely changes hands. 
    In CTF, it moves up to a 4-wall intersection of hallways.
    Command Post 2: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/9466/mustafar21yh.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Republic/Alliance), Capture the Flag (Republic/Alliance)
    CP 2 is in a long control room of sorts with a lowered section and stairs in 
    the middle. It's in the middle of the level, so lots of fighting will likely 
    happen here as well. One of the doors leads to a balcony overlooking the lava 
    bridges and CP 0.
    Command Post 3: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/2900/mustafar34eu.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (CIS/Empire)
    CP 3 is to the northeast in another large, open area. This and the two gantries 
    leading from it give lots of running room to defend this Command Post.
    Command Post 4: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/9808/mustafar41ml.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (CIS/Empire), Capture the Flag (CIS/Empire)
    Cp 4 is right above 3, on a ramp on the higher level of the open area. Stairs 
    to either side of the ramp connect them, and the other side of the ramp leads 
    to the room with CP 2. This Command Post is less roomy, so expect tight 
    fighting when defending it.
    Command Post 5: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/7140/mustafar55vq.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Republic/Alliance), Capture the Flag (Republic/Alliance)
    CP 5 starts in another control room of sorts across two bridges from CP 0. Its' 
    next to the large central control room and can also lead down to CP 1. Note the 
    control panels next to the two bridge doors; if destroyed, the bridges sink 
    into the lava and make it impossible to reach CP 0 until they're repaired. In 
    CtF, it moves down closer to CP 1.
    Size: 5/5
    Openness: 3/5
    Modes: Conquest (http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/7388/mygeetomap9dw.jpg)
    -2-Flag CtF (http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/3050/mygeetoflag1qq.jpg)
    Heroes: Ki-Adi-Mundi, General Grievous, Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett
    Vehicles: IFT-X, AAT, AAC-1, IFT-T, Particle Cannon Turret
    The warn-torn city planet of Mygeeto is another more open level with many 
    vehicles and turrets. There are many open roads for vehicles to travel on, but 
    also lots of cover in the ruins. Like in Jabba's Palace, there are 5 Command 
    Posts, so one team or the other will almost always be losing reinforcements. 
    The huge circular structure is the center of the level and most of the fighting 
    will be done on the roads around it. Be sure to take advantage of the Particle 
    Cannon Turrets to blast vehicles while they last.
    Command Post 1: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/8461/mygeeto15gk.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Republic/Alliance), Capture the Flag (Republic/Alliance)
    This Command Post is far in Republic/Alliance territory, across a long bridge. 
    Don't start here unless you want to drive a vehicle.
    Command Post 2: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/8851/mygeeto21dn.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Republic/Alliance), Capture the Flag (CIS/Empire)
    This CP is the Republic/Alliance's foremost one. Most of its troops should 
    start there and defend it vigorously. If it falls, they'll be at a serious 
    disadvantage. In CtF, it moves to the left and changes sides.
    Command Post 3: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/2632/mygeeto31is.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Neutral), Capture the Flag (Republic/Alliance)
    CP 3 starts out neutral in Conquest and is the top priority for each side. 
    Whichever one controls it gains a reinforcement advantage. In CtF, it moves 
    down to the right of 2.
    Command Post 4: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/431/mygeeto41ti.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (CIS/Empire), Capture the Flag (CIS/Empire)
    CP 4 is in a small niche and makes someone taking it an easy target. It's the 
    foremost one for the CIS/Empire and the best one for troops to spawn at early 
    Command Post 5: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/6560/mygeeto57mf.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (CIS/Empire)
    Like with 1, CIS/Empire troops should only spawn inside the giant tower if they 
    want vehicles.
    Size: 4/5
    Openness: 2/5
    Modes: Conquest (http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/4240/naboomap8dv.jpg)
    -2-Flag CtF (http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/1529/nabooflag2oc.jpg)
    -Hunt (CW only) (http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/7784/naboohunt7fo.jpg)
    Heroes: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Darth Maul, Princess Leia, The Emperor
    Vehicles: AT-RT, AAT, AAC-1, TFT-T, Laser Turret
    Scenic Naboo is situated in Theed, providing plenty of open spaces for vehicles 
    and combat but also cover and some balconies for snipers. The street layout is 
    simple, but offers many ways to get nearly everywhere. Most of the battles will 
    likely start in the central square and expand from there.
    Command Post 1: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/6242/naboo13fn.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (CIS/Empire), Capture the Flag (CIS/Empire), Hunt (CIS)
    This CP is in a huge covered fountain area with three bridges leading from it 
    to the outer curving street. It's fairly easy to reach and take, and will 
    likely change hands several times in a battle.
    Command Post 2: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/3381/naboo20yo.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Republic/Alliance), Capture the Flag (Republic/Alliance)
    CP 2 is the main one for the Republic/Alliance, and the spawn point for 
    vehicles. It's fairly far back, so don't spawn there unless you have no choice 
    or want to drive. It moves farther up in CtF.
    Command Post 3: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/3026/naboo39mr.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Republic/Alliance)
    CP 3 is in a small cul-de-sac between two ramps. It's between the 
    Republic/Alliance's other two Command Posts, so unless 4 falls it isn't taken 
    Command Post 4: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/412/naboo49ei.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Republic/Alliance), Hunt (Gungans)
    4 is located in the central square and provides an advantageous position, as 
    well as some of the most intense fighting. The Republic/Empire should fight 
    hard to defend it, and the CIS/Empire harder to take it. Bringing a vehicle in 
    can help to turn the tide. It moves up to the closed northern gate for the 
    Gungans in Hunt mode.
    Command Post 5: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/365/naboo52oi.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (CIS/Empire), Capture the Flag (CIS/Empire)
    CP 5 is one of the CIS/Empire's, and one of the easiest to take early on if 
    their enemies defend 4. It's located on a balcony that's excellent for snipers.
    Command Post 6: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/654/naboo60ee.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (CIS/Empire), Capture the Flag (CIS/Empire)
    6 is near the CIS/Empire's vehicles, but far removed from the action. Just like 
    with 1, don't start there unless you wanna drive.
    -Polis Massa 
    Size: 3/5
    Openness: 1/5
    Modes: Conquest (http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/7825/polismassamap9vf.jpg)
    -2-Flag CtF (http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/3276/polismassaflag0zd.jpg)
    Heroes: Yoda, Darth Maul, Princess Leia, The Emperor
    Vehicles: AAT, AAC-1
    One of the most confined levels, the asteroid of Polis Massa makes for some of 
    the tightest and most intense fighting in the game; be sure to watch out for 
    and wisely use grenades to gain an advantage. It is also one of the most 
    heavily skewed; the taking of Command Post 3 is virtually inevitable and puts 
    the Republic/Empire at a disadvantage it's nearly impossible to recover from. 
    One way to mix things up is to take a vehicle from one of the three hangars and 
    drive it to another to get behind enemy lines. Be careful to stay in vehicles 
    when outside in the vacuum; only CIS droids don't get damaged in the cold. (The 
    game seems to think Dark Troopers are human)
    Command Post 1: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/7842/polismassa10um.jpg
    Modes: Conquest (Republic/Empire), Capture the Flag (Republic/Empire)
    This Command Post is far, far back in the caves. Only spawn there when 
    defending 2 or using the hangar.
    Command Post 2: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/7097/polismassa29jz.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Republic/Empire), Capture the Flag (Republic/Empire)
    CP 2 is right next to the cave entrance. Two stairways lead to the main halls 
    of the level. After CP 3 is taken, this is where most troops will spawn. In 
    CtF, it moves farther down past the stairways.
    Command Post 3: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/9684/polismassa37jy.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Republic/Empire), Capture the Flag (CIS/Alliance)
    Command Post 3 is pivotal. It starts with the Republic/Empire, but because of 
    how the enemy gets two hallways to pour through, it will nearly always be taken 
    by the CIS/Alliance early on and virtually never reclaimed. This begins a trend 
    that pushes the Republic/Empire farther and farther back, eventually claiming 
    CP 2 and sealing victory for the CIS/Alliance. This imbalance is made even 
    worse by the fact that troops that spawn there actually appear back in the 
    middle hangar, limiting their ability to defend the Command Post while allowing 
    CIS/Alliance troops to spawn even farther forward and continue their 
    unstoppable advance after it's taken. I can only hope that a patch will be CP 3 
    and the entire level balanced for both sides.
    Command Post 4: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/2988/polismassa41vv.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (CIS/Alliance), Capture the Flag (CIS/Alliance)
    CP 4 is the optimal place for CIS/Alliance troops to take CP 3 from. They get a 
    choice of two hallways to flood down, preventing the enemy from easily blocking 
    them. In CtF, it moves to the middle of the ring room it's in.
    Command Post 5: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/958/polismassa57lz.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (CIS/Alliance)
    Like 4, CP 5 is located in a large ringlike room. You'll only spawn here if 4 
    is taken, which due to the imbalance of the map never happens.
    Command Post 6: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/2999/polismassa61qo.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (CIS/Alliance)
    CP 6 is in a large warehouse-like room, one of the biggest spaces in the level. 
    It's adjacent to the third hangar, and since it will NEVER be taken from the 
    front, your main purpose in spawning here will be to defend it from vehicle 
    attacks or to use the hangar yourself.
    -Space Felucia (CW only)
    Size: 5/5
    Modes: Assault (http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/2144/spacefelucia6fh.jpg)
    -1-Flag CtF (http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/1927/spacefeluciaflag9bc.jpg)
    Felucia is the largest Clone Wars-era space map. The main capitol ships start 
    flanked by frigates facing each other head-on, from a good distance apart. It's 
    easily one of the most straightforward levels to play in and allows for lots of 
    starfighter combat. Scout fighters get tins of room to roam, especially if the 
    enemy frigates are eliminated.
    -Space Hoth (GCW only)
    Size: 3/5
    Modes: Assault (http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/1078/spacehoth4nz.jpg)
    -1-Flag CtF (http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/8445/spacehothflag7md.jpg)
    Hoth is one of the closer Galactic Civil War maps. The capitol ships start off 
    in an impending head-on collision with frigates off to either side. It makes 
    landing a boarding party and staying away from enemy turrets fairly easy; 
    starfighters have no trouble reaching either capitol ship.
    -Space Kashyyyk (CW only)
    Size: 2/5
    Modes: Assault (http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/2818/spacekashyyyk7ez.jpg)
    -1-Flag CtF (http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/6211/spacekashyyykflag1of.jpg)
    Kashyyyk is a fairly small map. The capitol ships are side by side, fairly 
    close to each other, with one frigate each in between. Landing parties have a 
    relatively easy time, but starfighter combat can be vicious.
    -Space Mygeeto (CW only)
    Size: 1/5
    Modes: Assault (http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/1169/spacemygeeto4or.jpg)
    -1-Flag CtF (http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/3526/spacemygeetoflag8yj.jpg)
    Space Mygeeto is absolutely crazy. The capitol ships start out extremely close 
    to each other, and each side get 3 (yes, 3) frigates, one of which for each 
    side circles around above the battle.. Don't expect to last long unless you can 
    take out some turrets.
    -Space Tatooine (CGW only)
    Size: 4/5
    Modes: Assault (http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/4358/spacetatooine7yd.jpg)
    -1-Flag CtF (http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/1540/spacetatooineflag3vx.jpg)
    Tatooine is somewhat like Kashyyyk, but the ships are at a much more relaxed 
    distance, and each side gets two frigates. There is plenty of space for 
    dogfights in between ships.
    -Space Yavin (GCW only)
    Size: 5/5
    Modes: Assault (http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/7227/spaceyavin3zu.jpg)
    -1-Flag CtF (http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/4718/spaceyavinflag0sq.jpg)
    Yavin is a large and open level. The frigates start out virtually over the 
    capitol ships, leaving nothing but space in between. Remember to fly underneath 
    the enemy capitol ship when approaching.
    -Tantive IV 
    Size: 1/5
    Openness: 1/5
    Modes: Conquest (http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/523/tantivemap9wt.jpg)
    -1-Flag CtF (http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/3839/tantiveflag7tc.jpg)
    Heroes: Yoda, General Grievous, Princess Leia, Darth Vader
    Vehicles: None
    The Tantive IV is probably the smallest and least open level in the game. Its 
    hallways give little breathing room and make Thermal Detonators deadly. Most of 
    the fighting will be done over the two neutral Command Posts in the middle for 
    a reinforcement advantage. Most fighting happens in the two long hallways above 
    and below the neutral Posts; try to get past it to the CPs and capture them, 
    possibly using the bigger room in the middle.
    Command Post 1: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/659/tantive11aj.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Republic/Alliance), Capture the Flag (Republic/Alliance)
    CP 1 is the Republic/Alliance's starting one, and is in the bridge of the ship. 
    Passages from it lead to conference and command rooms, then to the main hallway 
    where most of the fighting occurs.
    Command Post 2: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/4385/tantive26th.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Neutral)
    2 is in one of the escape pod bays. It starts out neutral, and either side will 
    likely rush for it early on, though the Republic/Alliance may be able to reach 
    it first. Try to be the one that gets it, and if not, capture it later on. 
    Control of the center Command Posts is control of a game here.
    Command Post 3: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/2336/tantive38aj.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Neutral)
    3 is in a more spacious escape pod bay with three exits to various parts if the 
    ship. The CIS/Empire is probably in the best position to take this one early 
    Command Post 4: http://img295.imageshack.us/img295/1954/tantive43xb.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (CIS/Empire), Capture the Flag (CIS/Empire)
    CP 4 is the CIS/Empire's starting point. It's in a large reactor room on a 
    balcony, with stairs leading down to either side of the level. Troops should 
    only spawn here until they take a new Command Post. The reactor energy is 
    deadly to anyone who enters it, but can be shut off by destroying the control 
    console next to it. (A small red dot)
    Size: 4/5
    Openness: 4/5
    Modes: Conquest (http://img502.imageshack.us/img502/4492/utapaumap1dx.jpg)
    -1-Flag CtF (http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/9771/utapauflag2bp.jpg)
    Heroes: Obi-Wan Kenobi, General Grievous, Han Solo, Boba Fett
    Vehicles: AT-RT, AAT, AAC-1, IFT-T
    The sinkhole world of Utapau has 4 neutral Command Posts for the taking, making 
    the early game here very important. There are two main paths on which fighting 
    will occur, a wider one and a narrower, vehicle-friendly one. Cover is sparse 
    on this map, so expect to die often.
    Command Post 1: http://img502.imageshack.us/img502/2220/utapau13vp.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (CIS/Alliance), Capture the Flag (Republic/Empire)
    This CP is in a covered pit on the higher end of the level and where 
    CIS/Alliance troops start. It's well-situated to take 2 and 3.
    Command Post 2: http://img502.imageshack.us/img502/6294/utapau24xp.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Neutral)
    CP 2 is in a corner in the wider path; taking it can be dangerous. The ledge 
    above it makes for an excellent sniper spot.
    Command Post 3: http://img502.imageshack.us/img502/8085/utapau33kj.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Neutral), Capture the Flag (CIS/Alliance)
    3 is on the narrow path where much of the vehicle fighting will likely occur. 
    The CIS/Alliance should capture it early on to give themselves an advantage in 
    Command Post 4: http://img502.imageshack.us/img502/9748/utapau49mv.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Neutral)
    4 is in one of the small structures to the side of the main path. It gives 
    Republic/Empire troops seeking combat here a place to spawn.
    Command Post 5: http://img502.imageshack.us/img502/3808/utapau59zx.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Neutral), Capture the Flag (Republic/Empire)
    5 is also on the narrower path, near the eastern entrance. It is easily taken 
    by the Republic/Empire early on, but will be contested later.
    Command Post 6: http://img502.imageshack.us/img502/7529/utapau62nx.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Republic/Empire), Capture the Flag (Republic/Empire)
    Located in a huge hangar bay, 6 is the Republic/Empire's starting point. It has 
    a series of catwalks above it, but they likely won't be used. Vehicles will 
    spawn towards the southeast end of the hangar.
    -Yavin 4 
    Size: 5/5
    Openness: 4/5
    Modes: Conquest (http://img507.imageshack.us/img507/7862/yavinmap1ue.jpg)
    -1-Flag CtF (http://img458.imageshack.us/img458/8868/yavinflag4jf.jpg)
    Heroes: Mace Windu, Darth Maul, Chewbacca, Boba Fett
    Vehicles: IFT-X, BARC Speeder, AAT, STAP, AAC-1, TFT-T, Speeder Bike, Yavin 
    Tower Turret, Laser Turret
    The dense jungle world of Yavin 4 is a very large map, with decent visibility 
    and lots of space for vehicles to drive in. The trees don't provide cover so 
    much as they inhibit movement, especially for tanks. The presence of a seventh 
    neutral Command Post makes for an elaborately big game and means that one side 
    will be losing reinforcements. (Although the CIS/Empire gets an advantage in 
    reaching it first)
    Command Post 1: http://img502.imageshack.us/img502/6118/yavin17gn.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (CIS/Empire)
    1 is on a ledge at the far southern end of the map. The CIS and Empire's 
    vehicles spawn there, so unless you want one, start farther forward. A tank can 
    give your team excellent firepower, while a Speeder Bike or STAP will get you 
    to the battle quickly.
    Command Post 2: http://img145.imageshack.us/img145/9633/yavin26gf.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (CIS/Empire), Capture the Flag (Republic/Empire)
    This CP is in a large fountain with lots of cover, one of the easiest CPs to 
    defend. It's one of the best for quickly taking 4. In CtF, it moves left to 
    outside the fountain.
    Command Post 3: http://img145.imageshack.us/img145/7461/yavin32on.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (CIS/Empire), Capture the Flag (Republic/Empire)
    3 is under a long walkway in the trees. It's fairly open and near a prime trail 
    for vehicles, so it should change hands several times. It's also close to 4. It 
    moves south to the end of the walkway in CtF. One allied tank will spawn near 
    this CP.
    Command Post 4: http://img145.imageshack.us/img145/8238/yavin42oc.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Neutral) 
    The earliest part of the game will be spent taking Command Post 4. The 
    CIS/Empire starts closer, so they'll usually get it first. The stairs around it 
    prevent vehicles from taking or defending it well.
    Command Post 5: http://img507.imageshack.us/img507/5065/yavin53se.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Republic/Alliance), Capture the Flag (CIS/Alliance)
    This CP is at the beginning of the aforementioned walkway. It cuts straight 
    through much of the level and can be traveled on to surprise the enemy. One of 
    the most fun exploits is to drive a Speeder Bike (or something similar) down it 
    full speed and off the end to the ledge Command Post 1 sits on, providing both 
    an exciting ride and a way to sneak all the way back to the enemy's first 
    Command Post. Just be sure to get off the bike before it crashes and explodes. 
    5 is also the best CP to try for 4 from. Also, one more tank will spawn near 
    this CP.
    Command Post 6: http://img507.imageshack.us/img507/161/yavin64fm.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Republic/Alliance), Capture the Flag (CIS/Alliance)
    6 is on a large tower with steep steps leading up to it. This feature can make 
    it rather difficult to take, since vehicles are little help.
    Command Post 7: http://img507.imageshack.us/img507/7809/yavin79cn.jpg 
    Modes: Conquest (Republic/Alliance)
    7 is way up in the Rebel's command base. Their vehicles start right outside, so 
    unless you want to take one, start farther forward. You likely won't see 
    fighting here in a typical game.
    \\\\\\\\\\11. Awards (Awrds)\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    By performing extraordinary feats in battle without dying, you can win various 
    awards that grant you useful bonuses. Many are quite powerful, and all are 
    worth trying to get.
    -Gunslinger (get 6 kills with a Pistol)
    Award: Precision Pistol
    For the brave ones who forgo stronger weapons and like to blast things with a 
    pistol, the Gunslinger award is a huge prize. The Precision Pistol is ammo-
    based unlike other Pistols and is incredibly powerful; 2 hits from it are 
    enough to kill nearly anything. It's also accurate enough for sniping.
    -Frenzy (get 12 kills with a Blaster Rifle)
    Award: Elite Rifle
    Frenzy is hard to get because of the large number of kills required, but it can 
    make the Blaster Rifle even stronger. The Elite Rifle fires bursts of 3 shots 
    that are instant death to anything they hit. A good shot can easily now enemies 
    down with it. Like the Precision Pistol, it's also quite accurate.
    -Demolition (get 4 critical hits with the Rocket Launcher)
    Award: Guided Rocket Launcher
    Demolition is possibly the most tedious award to get, but it is fairly easy. 
    Start as the Rebels on Hoth with no computers in Instant Action, in the hangar. 
    Fly a Snowspeeder out to below the nearest AT-AT, get out, and blast its neck 
    until you get the award. It's as easy as shooting fish in a barrel.
    -Marksman (get 6 Sniper Rifle headshots)
    Award: Beam Rifle
    Skilled Sniper get the Beam Rifle for 6 headshots. Though extremely powerful, 
    the weapon is a mixed bag-it has less ammo, a clip half as big, and has some 
    strange hit detection glitches. If you aim for people's bodies with it, you'll 
    get instant kills every time.
    -Regulator (get 8 Shotgun kills)
    Award: Flechette Shotgun
    Skilled Engineers who take out 8 enemies get the powerful Flechette Shotgun, 
    which fires stronger shots that spread out less, increasing its range.
    -Technician (slice into an enemy vehicle)
    Award: Vehicle Regen
    A daring Engineer that manages to slice an enemy vehicle gets a powerful 
    vehicle regeneration bonus, like the one Pilots get in space. It makes them 
    even deadlier with their stolen rides.
    -Endurance (get 12 points)
    Award: Energy Regen
    Endurance is the easiest award in the game to attain; it's almost easier not to 
    get it. Fittingly, the bonus is fairly small; an Energy Regen bonus that 
    refills your stamina meter faster.
    -Guardian (get 24 points)
    Award: Damage Reduction
    A unit that survives to get 24 points gets will take reduced damage from 
    attacks, a powerful bonus indeed.
    -War Hero (get 36 points)
    Award: Damage Increase
    A player who manages to get 36 points in one life gains increased damage for 
    all his/her weapons.
    Note that you have a 30-second "grace period" after getting an award. If you 
    die within it, you'll keep the award upon respawning.
    Each award also has different levels that affect how you get it in battle.
    -Green (0-3 times)
    When you've barely gotten an award at all, attaining it in battle does nothing 
    except notify you of your success. You have to start somewhere.
    -Veteran (4-31 times)
    Veterans of an award can get it in battle by meeting the prerequisite. Nothing 
    special about Veteran status.
    -Elite (32-63)
    Once you're ranked Elite with an award, the requirements for it go down by 
    about a fourth. (You only need 4 Pistol kills for Gunslinger, or 18 points for 
    -Legendary (64+)
    A player skilled and patient enough to get an award 64 times is in luck-the 
    effect of that award becomes permanent in all single player modes, providing a 
    huge advantage.
    \\\\\\\\\\12. Legal Information (Legin)\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    Copyright 2005
    This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
    distributed publicly without my permission. Use of this guide on any other web 
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation 
    of copyright. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are 
    owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Although you may find this FAQ elsewhere, it was originally posted on 
    www.gameFAQs.com, so check it out!
    Credit for the information in this guide goes mostly to my experience with the 
    game and the LucasArts website, but also to:
    Death Durron for telling me what the Harpoon Gun is for.
    http://reg.imageshack.us/ for hosting my screenshots.
    Dmitry for a correction on Neuro-Poison.
    If you helped with my guide but don't see your name here, let me know!

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