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    FAQ/Walkthrough by EchelonThree

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    *A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away*
    *Screen fades dark*
    *Star Wars logo comes in, cue music*
    *Capital ship enters from hyperspace*
    Table of Contents
          1.1 What's New
    2.Basic Gameplay
          2.2 How to Play
    3.Units and their weapons
          3.1 CIS
          3.2 Galactic Republic
          3.3 Rebel Alliance
          3.4 Galactic Empire
          3.5 Weapons Chart
          3.6 Awards
          4.1 Light
          4.2 Medium
          4.3 Heavy
          4.4 Extra Heavy
          4.5 Turrets
          4.6 Vehicle Charts
    5 Space Combat
          5.1 How to play
          5.2 Starfighters
    6. Galactic Conquest
    7. Sabotage
    8. Sniping
    9. Taking down vehicles
    10. Close Combat
    11 : The top misconceptions and mistakes
    12. FAQ / Fan Mail
          12.1 Trivia
          12.2 Fan Tips
    13. End
    14. Copyright
       14.1 Legal Info
    15. Contact Info
    16. Credits
    1: Introduction
    First walkthroughs are always the hardest, but I'll go easy on you.
    I was a large fan of Battlefront 1 , and am now a huge fan of this
    I must admit, this was originally meant to be a guide for Battlefront 1, but
    I started a bit late.
    If you want to contact me, you can do so at echelonthreeguides [at] gmail [dot]
    Please feel free to contribute tips and use this guide as a platform for your
    opinions on the units
    0.1 Aug 19th 2005
    Guide started
    0.2 Nov 14th
    Brought it up to date
    0.3 Nov 23
    0.4 Nov 28 2005
    0.5 Nov 29 2005
    Combat Chart
    0.6 Nov 30 2005
    0.65 Dec 1
    0.7 Dec 3
    Walkthrough Skeleton
    Vehicle Charts
    Getting hard o_0
    0.8 Dec 7
    Galactic Conquest - Bonuses
    0.81 Dec 10
    Galactic Conquest
    0.83 Dec 28 Christmas Break Over
    Received a mail on options
    Com crash
    Lost sabotage
    0.9 May 28 June 2006
    Change of computers
    0.92 December 7 2006
    Taking down vehicles
    What's New
    * Playing as Jedi
    * The officer class
    * Space battles!
    * New galactic conquest mode, no more stupid Vader invading echo base
    * It rocks!
    * Unit limits
    * Hero Units
    * It rocks!
    * Class Changing
    * Awards
    * Star Points
    * Stamina
    2: Basic Gameplay
    If you already know the controls, skip this section and move on to part 3
    Infantry / Jedi :
    L - Run Forwards/Backward; strafe Left/Right
    R - Free look/Aim; Click to Zoom
    A - Jump (Press again in the air to activate Jet Pack)
    B - Crouch / Dive
    Y - Action/Enter Vehicle
    X - Lock on
    L (trigger) - Fire Secondary Weapon
    R (trigger) - Fire Primary Weapon
    White Button - Switch Secondary Weapon
    Black Button - Switch Primary Weapon / Jedi Block
    Back - Toggle Map Modes
    Start - Pause
    Down - Reload
    Up - Squad Commands
    L - Throttle / Click to boost
    R - Turn /  Click to Zoom
    A - Jumpjets (Only for some)
    B - No Function
    Y - Exit Vehicle
    X - Lock on
    L (trigger) - Secondary Weapon
    R (trigger) - Primary Weapon
    White Button - No Function
    Black Button - Switch position (inside Vehicle)
    Back - Toggle Map Modes Start - Pause
    D-Pad - Directional Pad: Squad Commands
    Up - Squad Commands
    L - Pitch/Turn
    R - Throttle/ Click to boost
    A - Land/Take off
    B - Tricks Double tap for advanced
    Y - Exit Vehicle
    X - Lock on
    L (trigger) - Secondary Weapon
    White Button - No Function
    R (trigger) - Primary Weapon
    White Button - No Function
    Black Button - Switch Position (inside Vehicle)
    Back - Toggle Map Modes
    Start - Pause
    D-Pad - Directional Pad: Squad Commands
    Up -Squad Commands
    2.1 How To Play
    Basically, you have to capture command posts and/or reduce your opponents
    reinforcement points to zero. You can see the enemy's reinforcements at the
    top of the screen. There are two bars and numbers under them. The blue
    number is you, and the red number is your enemy. When the blue number is
    0, you lose, and it will say "Defeat" on the screen. If the red number is
    all the way down, you see "Victory" across the screen.  The commander will
    report on your status, like saying "Our reinforcements are taking casualties"
    or "Victory is imminent!" and other phrases. The second and harder way of
    winning is holding all the command posts for 20 seconds. If you try to win
    just by killing and not capturing command posts, then most likely you will
    lose, unless you are depriving the enemy of taking main battle routes or
    holding them at one command post while your allies take other ones easily.
    Space Assault
    Grab a fighter, bomber, or interceptor, and get out there and take down your
    objectives, you get points for destroying critical systems or frigates. For
    more info, watch the space battle video
    3: Units
    There are 6 main types of troops on each side, namely:
    The Soldier
    The Marksman
    The Heavy Weapons class
    The Pilot
    The Officer
    And a special class unique to its faction (e.g. Droideka)
    For simplicitys's sake, I'll only cover the unique units
    The generic classes can be found in the "Classes" section, this was done to
    make the file size smaller, and the download faster.
    The CIS's SBD is unique
    The Classes
    The Sniper
    - Assassin Droid
    - Clone Sharpshooter
    - Rebel Marksman
    - Imperial Scoutrooper
    Sniper rifle
    Blaster Pistol
    Thermal Detonators
    Auto Turret
    Overall Rating: 3/5
    Long range delivery. Those three words say it all, get to a high spot and
    give them a little "brainwarmer" when you put the laser through the enemy's
    head. The 2 detonators give close up troops and turrets trouble. But bear in
    mind that at close range against soldiers, you're better off dropping a turret
    and running.
    The Heavy Weapons Man
    -Assault Droid
    -Heavy Trooper
    -Rebel Vanguard
    -Imperial Shock Trooper
    Missile Launcher
    Blaster Pistol
    Thermal Detonators
    Overall Rating: 3/5
    Explosives go boom, everybody knows that, but what better way to do it
    without messing your backyard, with homing weapons, and the introduction of
    weak spots on vehicles, this will be a good game to blow stuff up, plant mines
    in front of vehicle spawns, and boom, throw thermal detonators at troops, and
    boom, launch rockets at vehicles, and boom. However... only 6 rockets,
    3 detonators, and 4 mines, an you are left with a lame pistol to defend
    yourself until you find an ammo droid. And don't even think about using this
    class on a map with no vehicles, though it can blow up dense troop
    concentrations with ease.
    The Engineer
    -Droid Engineer
    -Clone Engineer
    -Rebel Smuggler
    -Imperial Engineer
    Fusion Cutter
    Health and Ammo
    Overall rating: 4/5
    Why a high rating? Well, vehicles are key to winning, so it pays to keep your
    vehicles and try to sabotage/steal the enemy's vehicles, preferably steal, as
    it gives you a vehicle, and takes one away from them. The Fusion Cutter is
    just that weapon, slice into the enemy vehicle, repair your own vehicle,
    repair the health and ammo droids, or give them out in the field. Slicing a
    vehicle ejects the enemies inside for a free shotgun in the head, then you can
    take the vehicle. Engineers can also heal themselves with the health dispenser.
    Giving you more health than any other unit if you heal up. The Clone War
    engineer has more ammo.
    The Soldier
    - Rebel Soldier
    - Imperial Stormtrooper
    - Super Battle Droid a.k.a SBD
    - Clone Trooper
    Blaster Rifle
    Blaster Pistol
    Thermal Detonators
    Troopers carry an automatic blaster rifle that makes for an all round weapon.
    They can shred other classes at medium range. Not much to say here. But they
    all have different amounts of ammo.
    The CIS
    The Assassin Droid
    Sniper rifle (35 rounds)
    Blaster Pistol
    Thermal Detonators  (2 grenades)
    Auto Turret (1 auto turret)
    See Sniper
    Assault Droid
    Missile Launcher (7 missiles)
    Blaster Pistol
    Thermal Detonators (2 grenades)
    Mines (4 mines)
    See Heavy Weapons
    Droid Engineer
    Shotgun (320 shots, 8 per blast)
    Fusion Cutter
    Detpacks (3 packs)
    Health and Ammo (5 packs)
    The Super Battle Droid (SBD)
    Wrist Blaster (250 shots)
    Tri Shot
    Wrist Missiles (3 missiles)
    Overall Rating: 4/5
    A good unit, you can't go wrong with it, you can't do much, either, the tri
    shot deals out three bolts in one shot, and has unlimited ammo, thus making
    it much better than the blaster pistol, but far slower, think of it as the
    poor man's shotgun. Along with that, it has wrist rockets, making it the only
    unit that is not a heavy weapons or officer class to have a launchable weapon.
    Bulldog RLR (30 missiles)
    Radiation Launcher (15 shots)
    Recon Droid (1 droid)
    Neuro-Poison (1 use)
    Overall Rating: 5/5
    The MagnaGuard is a highly advanced and unlockable droid. Its Bulldog RLR is
    a homing launcher, but fires  rapidly and has several shots to a clip, making
    it a deadly weapon. The Radiation Launcher is also explosive, and functions
    much like a grenade launcher. It can deploy a Recon Droid to scout and explode.
    Its Neuro-Poison is a anti-Rally, bringing down all enemies around the
    MagnaGuard to lessen the power of the enemies, and kill them.
    The Droideka
    Dual Blasters
    Overall Rating: 5/5
    Dual blasters, rolling form, long lasting, fast recharging shield, super
    killing speed, low charging time.
    Need I say more?
    The Republic
    Clone Trooper
    Blaster Rifle (200 shots)
    Blaster Pistol
    Thermal Detonators (4 Grenades)
    See Soldier
    Clone Sharpshooter
    Sniper rifle (35 rounds)
    Blaster Pistol
    Thermal Detonators  (2 grenades)
    Auto Turret (1 auto turret)
    See Sniper
    Heavy Trooper
    Missile Launcher (7 missiles)
    Blaster Pistol
    Thermal Detonators (2 grenades)
    Mines (4 mines)
    See Heavy Weapons
    Clone Engineer
    Shotgun (320 shots, 8 per blast)
    Fusion Cutter
    Detpacks (3 packs)
    Health and Ammo (5 packs)
    Clone Commander
    Blaster Pistol
    Rally (1 use)
    Recon Droid (1 droid)
    Overall rating: 5/5
    OH YEAH!, Unlimited ammo with a bullet hose, chops through Jedi and scout
    vehicles. But takes a while to begin the fire, rally increases the defense of
    units in a certain radius, and the recon droid is a fabulous asset if leading
    a squad.
    Jet Trooper
    EMP Launcher (8 shots)
    Commando Pistol
    Thermal Detonator (4 grenades)
    Overall Rating: 4/5
    This is the one for flight, the Jet Trooper can nimbly traverse the field with
    his jetpack, his EMP rockets are lethal to droids, but do not damage clones.
    His commando pistol is one of the top weapons, with a lower charging time and
    a faster and more damaging bullet. Cool outfit too.
    Rebel Alliance
    Rebel Soldier
    Blaster Rifle (300 shots)
    Blaster Pistol
    Thermal Detonators (4 grenades)
    Rebel Marksman
    Sniper rifle (35 rounds)
    Blaster Pistol
    Thermal Detonators  (2 grenades)
    Auto Turret (1 auto turret)
    See Sniper
    Rebel Vanguard
    Missile Launcher (7 missiles)
    Blaster Pistol
    Thermal Detonators (2 grenades)
    Mines (4 mines)
    See Heavy Weapons
    Rebel Smuggler
    Shotgun (240 shots, 8 per blast)
    Fusion Cutter
    Detpacks (3 packs)
    Health and Ammo (5 packs)
    Bothan Spy
    Incinerator Pistol (145 shots, 10 per pull)
    Regeneration (1 use)
    Time Bomb (3 bombs)
    Overall Rating: 4/5
    The incinerator has too short a range. Any stray hit will fizzle the stealth,
    you can't sprint, either.  Finally, the  time bomb has no real use, vehicles
    are way too fast, turrets are way too well defended, and an AT-AT, I'd like
    to see you break through the troop line. So what's so good about this unit?
    Stealth is infinite if you have endurance, but you must keep it on stealth,
    not use the incinerator when undercover, regeneration is also the one saving
    ability to any troop, all units health will regenerate till full if affected.
    Wookie Warrior
    Bowcaster (210 shots)
    Grenade Launcher (15 grenades)
    Thermal Detonators (4 grenades)
    Recon Droid (1 droid)
    Overall rating: 4/5
    If any of you play Command and Conquer, this is the mammoth tank of BF2,
    super strong, but super slow, the bowcaster and the grenade launcher give
    troops a mouthful but it's as slow as a snail, and is easily outmaneuvered by
    the faster troops
    Galactic Empire (cue Imperial March)
    Imperial Stormtrooper
    Blaster Rifle (250 shots)
    Blaster Pistol
    Thermal Detonators (4 grenades)
    Imperial Scoutrooper
    Sniper rifle (35 rounds)
    Blaster Pistol
    Thermal Detonators  (2 grenades)
    Auto Turret (1 auto turret)
    See Sniper
    Imperial Shocktrooper
    Missile Launcher (7 missiles)
    Blaster Pistol
    Thermal Detonators (2 grenades)
    Mines (4 mines)
    See Heavy Weapons
    Imperial Engineer
    Shotgun (240 shots, 8 per blast)
    Fusion Cutter
    Detpacks (3 packs)
    Health and Ammo (5 packs)
    Imperial Officer
    Sonic Blaster (35 shots)
    Mortar Launcher (25 shots
    Rage (1 use)
    Recon Droid (1 droid)
    Overall Rating: 3/5
    The galactic civil war has produced some wimpy officers. The sonic blaster
    rounds are powerful, but they take too long to travel and reload. The mortar
    has a limited range, but hopeless accuracy. The only thing useful is the rage
    ability, giving all the squad an enhanced damage bonus.
    Dark Trooper
    ARC Caster (25)
    Commando Pistol
    Thermal Detonators (4 grenades)
    Overall Rating: 5/5
    Perfect, second only to the droideka, which I feel is overpowered, the arc
    can be charged and kill up to 4 units at once, the pistol is enhanced, and the
    thermal detonator count is reasonably good.
    Weapons Chart
    P - Power
    R - Range
    A - Accuracy
    FR- Firing Rate (With Reload/Overheat)
    AC- Ammunition Carried
    CS- Clip Size
    AI- Against Infantry
    AV- Against Vehicles
    O - Overall
    Weapon Name______________I                                                   I
    Blaster Rifle____________I 3/5 | 4/5 | 3/5 | 5/5| 5/5| 4/5| 4/5| 1/5 |  9/10 |
    Shotgun__________________I 4/5 | 2/5 | 3/5 | 2/5| 4/5| 3/5I 5/5| 3/5 |  7/10 |
    Sniper Rifle_____________I 5/5 | 5/5 | 5/5 | 1/5| 2/5| 2/5| 5/5| 0/5 |  8/10 |
    Rocket Launcher__________I 5/5 | 4/5 | 2/5 | 2/5| 1/5| 1/5| 2/5| 5/5 |  6/10 |
    Blaster Pistol___________I 1/5 | 2/5 | 3/5 | 2/5| 5/5| 3/5| 3/5| 0/5 |  4/10 |
    Commando Pistol__________I 2/5 | 3/5 | 4/5 | 4/5| 5/5| 3/5| 3/5| 0/5 |  5/10 |
    Thermal Detonators_______I 5/5 | 1/5 | 2/5 | 1/5| Varies  | 5/5| 3/5 |  7/10 |
    Mines____________________I 5/5 | 0/5 I 5/5 | 1/5| 2/5| 2/5| 3/5| 5/5 |  8/10 |
    Recon Droid______________I 1/5 | 2/5 | 1/5 | 2/5| 5/5| 5/5| 2/5| 0/5 |  3/10 |
    Detpacks_________________I 4/5 | 0/5 | 5/5 | 2/5| 3/5| 3/5| 4/5| 5/5 |  9/10 |
    Timebombs________________I 5/5 | 0/5 | 5/5 | 1/5| 2/5| 2/5| 1/5| 4/5 |  7/10 |
    Tri Shot_________________I 3/5 | 3/5 | 3/5 | 3/5| 5/5| 5/5| 3/5| 1/5 |  6/10 |
    Bulldog RLR______________I 4/5 | 5/5 | 4/5 | 4/5| 3/5| 3/5| 4/5| 2/5 |  8/10 |
    Radiation Launcher_______I 5/5 | 2/5 | 3/5 | 3/5| 2/5| 2/5| 5/5| 1/5 |  7/10 |
    Dual Blasters____________I 5/5 | 4/5 | 4/5 | 5/5| 5/5| 5/5| 5/5| 1/5 |  10/10|
    Chaingun_________________I 5/5 | 4/5 | 1/5 | 5/5| 5/5| 5/5| 5/5| 2/5 |  9/10 |
    EMP Launcher_____________I 5/5 | 4/5 | 3/5 | 2/5| 3/5| 2/5| 5/5| 3/5 |  7/10 |
    Incinerator Pistol_______I 4/5 | 2/5 | 2/5 | 5/5| 4/5| 1/5| 5/5| 2/5 |  6/10 |
    Bowcaster________________I 4/5 | 3/5 | 2/5 | 3/5| 4/5| 3/5| 3/5| 1/5 |  7/10 |
    Sonic Blaster____________I 3/5 | 3/5 | 2/5 | 2/5| 3/5| 2/5| 3/5| 0/5 |  6/10 |
    Mortar Launcher__________I 4/5 | 2/5 | 3/5 | 2/5| 2/5| 3/5| 4/5| 3/5 |  7/10 |
    ARC Caster_______________I 5/5 | 2/5 | 4/5 | 4/5| 3/5| 3/5| 5/5| 2/5 |  10/10|
    3.5 : Awards
    Awards are what you get when you earn medals, medals are what you get when
    you perform certain accomplishments, like getting a certain number of points
    in one life.
    You start at Green rank, then work your way up
    The awards are
    All Medals have to be accomplished in one life
    Medal      |    Criteria                     Award
    Gunslinger | 6 Pistol Kills in One Life | Precision Pistol      |
    Frenzy     | 12 Blaster Rifle Kills     | Elite Rifle           |
    Demolition | 4 Critical Hits            | Guided Rockets        |
    Technician | Slice into a Vehicle       | Vehicle Regeneration  |
    Marksman   | 6 Headshots with a Sniper  | Beam Rifle            |
    Regulator  | 8 Shotgun Kills            | Flechette Shotgun     |
    Endurance  | 8 Points                   | Stamina Regeneration  |
    Guardian   | 16 Points                  | Damage Reduction      |
    War Hero   | 24 Points                  | Attack Increase       |
    I've decided not to tell you what the award weapons can do as I feel that it's
    best for you to find out the true power for yourself, all I can tell you is
    that they are outrageously powerful and that the bonuses are good for your
    Once you get 4 of a certain medal, you earn the veteran rank, and can use it,
    when you get 32, you need only achieve 75 percent of the requirements,
    e.g. 6 points for endurance
    The awards have a 30 second grace period, that if you die, you will respawn
    with the weapon.
    Once you get 64 medals, you have the award permanently.
    4: Vehicles
    Guide Summary
    Name: What it is
    Side: What faction it is in
    Crew: How many spots for destruction
    Good Against: What will it shred
    Bad Against: What's it bad against
    Weapon(s): What you've got to kill with
    Piloting: How to drive your ride
    Fighting: How to blow this to the junkyard
    Critical Hit Hitting: How to blow this thing to Abu Dhabi and back
    Special Ability: Special Stuff
    Vehicles are the top priority to killing, you should always try to get one
    and destroy the enemies', these things are so powerful that they can mow down
    an entire battalion of troops in a flash, kill these, or be killed
    There are five classes (including turrets) of vehicles, the four main classes
                Light    Medium          Heavy        Extra-Heavy
          Less     |         |              |            |            More
    Firepower  ----|---------|--------------|------------|----------->
                   |         |              |            |
    Speed      <---|---------|--------------|------------|------------
           More    |         |              |            |            Less
                Light    Medium          Heavy        Extra-Heavy
          (e.g. STAP)    (e.g. IFT-X)(e.g. Spider Walker) (e.g. AT-AT)
    These vehicles are your bane ... or your boon, they are fast, but have
    tin foil armour
    Name: STAP
    Side: CIS
    Crew: 1
    Good Against: Infantry, Turrets
    Bad Against: Rockets, Tanks, Grenades, Snipers
    Weapons: 2x Laser Cannons
    Piloting: Don't stop moving! Speed is your main advantage, use the boost to
    impale and mow down infantry, the laser cannon makes short work of troops,
    but it is pointless on vehicles
    Fighting: Your best chance is to pursue in a tank, or to shoot a rocket and
    pray that it hits, other methods are to try to snipe the driver.
    Critical Hit Hitting: None
    Name: Speeder Bike
    Side: All but CIS
    Crew: 1
    Good Against: Same as STAP
    Bad Against: Same as STAP
    Weapon: Laser Cannon
    Piloting: Same as STAP
    Fighting: Same as STAP
    Critical Hit Hitting: None
    Special Ability: This has a limited jump ability.
    These vehicles are devastating against infantry and are also good against
    tanks, terminate them with caution.
    Name: AAT
    Side: CIS
    Crew: Pilot
    Good Against: Other Tanks, Infantry, Turrets
    Bad Against: Rockets, Grenades, Anything close up
    Weapons: 2x Laser Cannon
            2x Missile Launcher
            Big Laser Cannon (Gunner)
              The first equation
    AAT = Powerful
    AAT - Big Laser Cannon = Slag
    Get it yet? The tank needs a gunner to win in a fight, no gunner, no chance.
              The second equation
    AAT + flanked = Flanking enemies dead
    The tank turns so fast that it can take out enemies on either side.
              The crucial equation
    AAT + enemy under tank = Slag
    The blind spot of the tank is under the cockpit, behind the tank
    Fighting: Follow the equations, and get under that cockpit, and unload.
    Critical Hit Hitting: Hit the spot under the cockpit, the most accessible area
    is also the easiest spot to hit.
    Name: Alliance Assault Craft-1 (AAC-1) a.k.a. MRLS
    Side: Rebel Alliance
    Crew: Pilot
    Good Against: Fast moving infantry, Tanks
    Bad Against: Rockets, Long range threats
    Weapons: 2x Laser Cannons
            2x Particle Cannons
            2x Missile Launchers (Gunner)
    Piloting: OH YEAH!!!!! 12 MISSILES in QUICK SUCCESSION. Bye Bye tanks,
    good speed makes for a rapid kill. Think MRLS, only much stronger. The
    driver's weapons are a good way to guard the big one, the missiles.
    Good turning power as well
    Fighting: If anybody has a strategy please send one in, but as for now, my
    only method is to get on the thing and pack it with lasers.
    Critical Hit Hitting: Hit the cooling tanks on the side, it is hard to hit,
    but possible.
    Name: Hailfire Droid Tank a.k.a. Scud
    Side: CIS
    Crew: 1
    Good Against: Infantry, Slow Threats
    Bad Against: Other Tanks
    Weapons: Laser Cannon
            2x Missile Racks
    Piloting: This thing isn't called Hailfire for a reason, it should have been
    called Hellfire, after the missile, this competes with the AAC-1 for most
    missiles. This thing is also fast and rotates good as well.
    Fighting: Take it on from a distance with rockets, no better way.
    Critical Hit Hitting: Hit the pointy bit under the tank.
    Can somebody send a strategy for how?
    Name: IFT-X / IFT-T
    Side: Republic, Empire
    Crew: Pilot
    Good Against: Infantry, Other Tanks(w/o turret)
    Bad Against: Snipers, Rockets
    Weapons: 2x Laser Cannons
             2x Missile Launcher
             Beam Cannon (Gunner)
    Piloting: This vehicle is the tank of choice, fast, powerful, and versatile.
    The twin missiles will make sort work of other tanks and the lasers will
    massacre infantry, the strafing ability is the best method to attack others.
    Fighting: You can snipe out the gunner from the turret, once the gunner is
    out, the tank is as good as dead, just unload from there.
    Critical Hit Hitting: Sneak up behind the thing and give it a rocket, it will
    go down in about 3 hits. The place is the circle on the rear
    These are the heavy hitters, but they dish out more punishment than they take.
    They are also exceedingly slow to move and most can't strafe.
    Name: AT-RT a.k.a. Chicken Little (Very bad pun intended)
    Side: Republic
    Crew: 1
    Good Against: Fast moving infantry, turrets
    Bad Against: Rockets, Snipers
    Weapons:  Laser Cannon
              Mortar Launcher
    Piloting: This one is tough, the walk is slow and strafing is lousy to start.
    My experience tells me to start strafing early to get up to full speed, boost
    when possible as this is one really slow vehicle. The firepower behind the
    seat is enormous, and most troopers will be dead if they don't find cover
    quick. The mortars are LOBBED, so aim higher than the desired target.
    Fighting: You can snipe the driver out of the cockpit, or hit the barrel under
    the seat, destroying the entire vehicle in one rocket hit.
    Critical Hit Hitting: A single critical hit from a rocket blows the entire
    thing up, you can sneak up behind it and give it to him.
    Name: AT-ST a.k.a. Chicken Walker
    Side: Empire
    Crew: Pilot
    Good Against: Groups of infantry, Tanks
    Bad Against: Rockets, Being backed
    Weapon: 2x Laser Cannon
            2x Particle Cannon
            Guided Missile (Gunner
    Piloting: Good speed for a heavy vehicle, the cockpit is shielded so you can't
    be sniped either. The cannons fire for 5 seconds before cooldown is needed the
    particle cannon has the "splash laser" effect and can clear out groups of
    enemies en masse. The vehicle is quite tall and that gives it a good range,
    too. The gunner can help out by firing missiles at enemies, or better yet,
    use missiles as scouts.
    Fighting: The AT-ST does not have the 360 degree joint anymore, so you can
    take it down by shooting it in the back. Just stay behind it and blow its
    critical spot - The block below the cockpit
    Critical Hit Hitting: Like I said, stay behind and knock it's block off.
    (pun intended)
    Name: Armoured Tank Droid
    Side: CIS
    Crew: 1
    Good Against: Everything in front of it
    Bad Against: Everything behind it, rockets, grenades
    Weapons: 2x Shock Rifles
             2x Mortar
    Piloting: This thing will rip through enemy lines and trash the opposition
    as long as they are in front of you, I suggest that you have a soldier to
    guard your back, you will be slagged if a rocketman/engineer gets there.
    The twin Shock Rifles can seriously damage any opponent nearby, the mortar is
    just as destructive.
    Fighting: Close range monster, you definitely do not want to be up close in
    front of this thing, note that I said up front, the vehicle's turning speed
    is soooo slow, that it can't turn fast enough to nullify a threat in the back.
    Unless it boosts.
    Critical Hit Hitting: Just circle the tank and blast the side of the rear
    tread cylinder.
    Name: Spider Walker
    Side: CIS
    Crew: 1
    Good Against: Tanks, infantry
    Bad Against: Fast Infantry, rockets, being flanked
    Weapon: Laser Cannon
            Beam Cannon
    Piloting: This is one big vehicle, a huge asset for killing AT-TE's. It can
    massacre infantry by the dozens, the beam laser can sweep off all the enemies
    the laser blaster can also deal tremendous amounts of damage to infantry.
    I will now show you the dark side of this.
    Fighting: This is one big target, a large liability for the AT-TE's to target.
    It can also be downed by rocket troops easily, the beam laser leaves no
    question to it's location, the laser blaster is easy to dodge if on foot.
    Also, this vehicle is way too slow and cannot boost.
    Simply put, it's a sitting, okay, slow moving, duck.
    Critical Hit Hitting: Aim for the joints to waste this thing, it's major
    blind spot is under it.
    These are the troop spawning, heavy hitting, and absolute killer vehicles.
    Introducing the command vehicles.
    Name: AT-TE
    Side: Republic
    Crew: Pilot (Forward)
          Main Gunner (Top)
          Rear Gunner (Rear)
    Good Against: Everything
    Bad Against: Rockets, grenades
    Weapons: 2x Laser Cannons (Pilot)
            2x Particle Cannons (Pilot)
            1x Large Particle Laser (Main Gunner)
            2x Repeating Blasters (Rear Gunner)
    Piloting: This vehicle has got the most firepower for any vehicle, guns here
    and there, rear, front, and side, even the bottom is covered by the spawning
    troops. A single shot from a particle or laser cannon will kill most clumps
    of infantry.
    Fighting: I suggest a tank or rocket launcher as this thing is impervious to
    small arms fire. Other than that hit the cylinder on the bottom.
    Critical Hit Hitting: Hit the cylinder on the bottom.
    Special: Spawn Point
    Name: AT-AT
    Side: Empire
    Crew: Pilot
    Good Against: Everything
    Bad Against: Almost nothing except rockets and snowspeeders
    Weapons: 2x Laser Cannons
             2x Heavy Laser Cannons
    Piloting: This is THE big one, the one and only, the terror of Hoth, the AT-AT.
    The Cannons on this thing pretty much vaporise anything it hits, shoot at the
    enemy with the lasers and finish it with the particle cannon, the particle
    cannon travels so fast that it can intercept the snowspeeder, the only real
    threat, when facing one that is circling you, watch where it passes, stop,
    and suppress that area, the speeder will go through that area and go boom, or
    it will flee, keeping your AT-ATs close together ensures that they can protect
    each other
    The snowspeeders will not be able to wrap the AT-AT's or they will bash into
    the legs of the other one, or get shot down, the AT-ST's will clear the way of
    rocketmen, with assistance from the snipers, and you win.
    Fighting: You should have no problem hitting it, just blast its neck like
    there's no tomorrow. You can use this formation (theoretically... nothing
    works in practice)
    Your best bet is get the AT-AT's spread out so that they can get
    taken down by the vanguards/Snowspeeders, the snipers should take down the
    enemy stragglers, the wook's will hold the defensive line for the Tauntauns to
    flank them.
    The point is to outflank the formation of the enemy
    Critical Hitting: Get under it and blow it's neck up, if you can get under
    it, the thing will go down.
    Last but certainly not least are the turrets, abundant in nature and good for
    massacring infantry or light vehicles en masse.
    Name: Laser Turret
    Weapon: Laser Cannon
    Good Against: Most Things
    Bad Against: Tanks
    The laser cannon on this turret will be good against both infantry and
    vehicles alike but not too powerful against either, it could save your
    life by covering your face from incoming fire. It's better than being on foot.
    Name: Anti-Infantry Turret
    Weapon: Repeating Blasters
    Good Against: What do you think??
    Bad Against: Tanks
    Use this turret to kill troops, think of it as an elite rifle turret.
    Name: Anti-Vehicle Turret
    Weapon: Particle Cannon
    Good Against: Guess? No Prizes, 3 guesses :)
    Bad Against: Moving Infantry
    Vehicle Chart
    P - Power
    S - Speed
    A - Armor
    SF- Sustained Fire
    BS- Bullet Speed
    AG- Agility
    AI- Anti-Infantry Ability
    AV- Anti-Vehicle Ability
    O - Overall
    Vehicle Name_____________I                                                   I
    STAP_____________________I 2/5 | 5/5 | 1/5 | 3/5| 4/5| 3/5| 4/5| 1/5 |  5/10 |
    Speeder Bike_____________I 2/5 | 5/5 | 1/5 | 4/5| 4/5| 3/5I 4/5| 1/5 |  5/10 |
    AAT______________________I 4/5 | 3/5 | 3/5 | 2/5| 3/5| 3/5| 2/5| 4/5 |  8/10 |
    AAC-1____________________I 4/5 | 2/5 | 3/5 | 2/5| 2/5| 2/5| 2/5| 4/5 |  8/10 |
    Hailfire_________________I 3/5 | 4/5 | 2/5 | 2/5| 4/5| 3/5| 3/5| 5/5 |  8/10 |
    IFT-X____________________I 3/5 | 3/5 | 3/5 | 4/5| 5/5| 5/5| 4/5| 3/5 |  7/10 |
    AT-RT____________________I 3/5 | 2/5 | 3/5 | 2/5| 2/5| 3/5| 4/5| 3/5 |  7/10 |
    AT-ST____________________I 4/5 | 2/5 I 4/5 | 3/5| 4/5| 3/5| 4/5| 4/5 |  9/10 |
    Armoured Tank Droid______I 4/5 | 2/5 | 4/5 | 2/5| 5/5| 1/5| 4/5| 4/5 |  9/10 |
    Spider Walker____________I 5/5 | 1/5 | 4/5 | 3/5| 5/5| 0/5| 4/5| 4/5 |  8/10 |
    AT-TE____________________I 5/5 | 1/5 | 5/5 | 4/5| 4/5| 0/5| 3/5| 5/5 |  9/10 |
    AT-AT____________________I 5/5 | 1/5 | 5/5 | 2/5| 4/5| 0/5| 4/5| 5/5 |  10/10|
    Laser Turret_____________I 3/5 | 0/5 | 2/5 | 4/5| 3/5| 0/5| 3/5| 3/5 |  6/10 |
    Anti Vehicle Turret______I 4/5 | 0/5 | 2/5 | 3/5| 4/5| 0/5| 2/5| 5/5 |  7/10 |
    Anti Infantry Turret_____I 4/5 | 0/5 | 2/5 | 3/5| 5/5| 0/5| 5/5| 2/5 |  8/10 |
    5: Space Combat
    Simply put, get on their ship, blow them and get the hell out of dodge,
    or slag their ship from the exterior, that's what space combat is about.
    Each ship has several systems that give points, and 2 systems that make
    life easier for you
    They are
    Critical Systems
    Life Support
    Comms Array
    Sensor Array
    Support Systems
    Shield Generator
    Auto-Defense Mainframe
    The ones that give you points are the first 5, the other 2 make it easier
    for you to slag their ship.
    The Shield Generator, Auto Defense mainframe, Engines, and Life Support are
    all accessible from inside.
    All critical systems can be bombed from the outside, but only if the shield
    is down, either via sabotage or by boming from the outside
    Bombing the Engines and Life Support internally bypasses the shields
    The Shield Generator is the internal area that projects the shield and can be
    repaired if destroyed.
    The Auto Defense Mainframe is what controls the capital ships outer
    Auto Turrets, destroy it to disable the turrets and malke it easier for
    your bombers
    There are four classes of starfighters, they are, Interceptors(e.g. A-Wing),
    Fighters(e.g. X-Wing), and Bombers(e.g. V-Wing), and Transports(e.g. LAAT)
    They are in this graph
                Inter    Fighter         Bomber       Transport
          Less     |         |              |            |            More
    Firepower  ----|---------|--------------|------------|----------->
                   |         |              |            |
    Speed      <---|---------|--------------|------------|------------
           More    |         |              |            |            Less
                Inter    Fighter         Bomber       Transport
          (e.g. A-wing) (e.g. X-Wing) (e.g. CIS Striker) (e.g. LAAT)
    Transports are mobile spawn points when they land.
    Interceptors a.k.a. Flutter like a butterfly and sting like one too
    Republic Starfighter
    TIE Interceptor
    They all have homing weapons and powerful anti-starfighter weapons, they are
    best used to guard your ship or protect your bombers.
    Droid Starfighter
    X-"Lock s-foils in attack position" Wing
    Tie Fighter
    These are the in-betweens, good at both engaging and attacking systems, but
    not as good as either specialised class.
    CIS Strike Bomber
    V-Wing Bomber
    Y-Wing Bomber
    Tie Bomber
    Apparently all the factions want to ensure that people know which one is a
    bomber, and why does the CIS bomber look like Grevious' ship?
    Anyway, these are the slow moving, heavy hitting big bombers, they hit hard,
    and have powerful weapons. But are slower than all the classes except
    MAF Gunship a.k.a. Droid Gunship
    Landing Craft
    These are mobile spawn points if they land, which they often don't, but they
    have the biggest arsenal of all the units, but are the slowest.
    6: Galactic Conquest
    Conquering the galaxy from a different view.
    You have to conquer the galaxy, how? Using fleets to go around and beat the
    nuts out of the resistance on that planet.
    Differences between the new and the old galactic conquest
    * You now have to recruit bonuses
    * You have to buy bonuses
    * You have to physically move your fleet
    * You can station other fleets above planets that you want to guard, forcing
    the enemy to have to FIRST destroy your fleet via engagement, ONLY THEN can
    he attack your ground forces
    * No more 4 victory superweapon, Previously, after four victories, you could
    use a superweapon
    * You can engage the enemy fleet in space
    What you can buy
    A purchase is a choice between two classes, each with it's own pros and cons
    in galactic conquest, you can choose between Bonus, or Troops
    In Bonus, teams are allowed to use a bonus for one battle, giving it a one
    off boost, bonuses are cheap, but they last for only one battle
    In Troops, teams can enlist new troops into the army, this choice is
    expensive, but it lasts for the rest of the game
    Energy Boost
    Makes your units energy recharge faster.
    Useful for maps like Dagobah where it is a mad rush for CP's at the start
    Cost: 200 credits
    Gives you more ammo for all weapons.
    Good for any situation
    Cost: 200 credits
    Ground only, the bonus gives you 30 extra reinforcements when you fall below
    about thirty.
    This is like insurance, where if you go below a certain level it stocks it
    back up
    Cost: 200 credits
    Deploys a defensive matrix of turrets, best for open battles like Mygeeto
    Cost: 400 credits
    Bacta Tanks
    Slowly heals you and your faction troops back to full health
    This one is okay, if your opponents do not know that you have this, they
    are going to be unprepared when your troops start healing slowly.
    Cost: 400 credits
    Combat Shielding
    Gives your troops extra health to start with when they spawn.
    Somewhat like bacta tanks, but more like a one-off big bonus at the start.
    Cost: 400 credits
    Good for space battles, as it damages ALL enemy vehicles to 25 percent
    health when they spawn in.
    Cost: 600 credits
    Enhanced Blasters
    Makes all blasters do as much damage as if the guy had rage.
    Cost: 600 credits
    Lets that faction's leader take part in that battle, changing depending
    on which planet you're fighting on. Ground only.
    Cost: 800 credits
    Cost: Free
    Cost: Free
    Heavy Weapons
    Cost: 1000
    Cost: 1000
    Cost: 1000
    Cost: 1800
    Cost: 1800
    Cost: 800
    As you can see, you can buy anything but the Commander and Unique class, you
    could buy the powerful leader bonus, but that is better spent on a unit class
    I would suggest this order of buying classes
    Heavy Weapons
    You can buy bonuses anytime you want.
    Have at least one leader bonus on standby if you have all your classes bought,
    use a leader bonus if you are assaulting a base planet, defending against
    a leader, or defending your base planet
    You can also buy fleets, at an ever increasing price depending on how many
    you already have.
    Fleet 1 - Free
    Fleet 2 - 1000
    Fleet 3 - 2000
    Fleet 4 - 3000
    Bear in mind that these prices are for your existing fleets, not the junked
    7: Sabotage
    Get in, get out, get bombing
    There are several ways of sabotage, but all involve an enemy vehicle
    Note that sabotage involves destroying/damaging the enemy vehicle whilst it
    is EMPTY to render them useless
    1. Mines on enemy vehicles
    2. A DetPack on the enemy's vehicle
    3. A rocketman trained on the vehicle
    4. An ambush of engineers
    Pointers on sabotage.
    1. Do NOT destroy the vehicle totally as you won't get points for a kill,
    just damage it enough.
    2. A detpack on a vehicle may be better left until somebody attempts to go
    close to the vehicle, then detonate it and you've got a free kill
    3. Well this trick is easily the meanest one in the book, place a mine on an
    enemy vehicle, and drive it towards a concentration of enemies, you get
    extra points if you shout "kamikaze" like they do in "Worms" =P
    4. Never underestimate the power of 4 rocketmen firing at a pack of tanks
    and men heading at your location if they're near an ammo droid all the better
    as that will allow hem to fire continously in a barrage.
    5. The engineer rush is a powerful tactic, it works in command and conquer
    (if you know), and it works here, 10 men with shotguns that can heal
    themselves will easily swamp all the opposition (and ruin their vehicles)
    8: Sniping
    Sniping is the method of long range brain surgery, but it's not what
    everybody makes it out to be, there are some key misconceptions on snipers
    they think that snipers are:
    Cheapskate campers
    Loners who go solo
    Non-Team Players
    But snipers are exactly the opposite of what was just said
    This is my standard team rating of who to choose first
    1. Vehicle Experts and engineer experts
    2. Sniper experts
    3. Infantry experts
    4. Rocket experts (except on Hoth)
    You see, snipers are not loners as people often say, in fact, when in a team,
    the sniper is a wonderful thing to have on open maps, like Kashyyk.
    A sniper usually needs a trooper to accompany him and guard against
    close threats.
    Support Points
    Snipers without support points are near rubbish, what use is a sniper
    without targets (or cover)?
    A sniper needs a good point where he/she can view the battlefield, thus...
    Snipers with support points are kings of the map.
    A support point is a point from which a sniper has a good view of the
    field, whilst is relatively covered
    Here are some good examples of support points.
    Kashhyk - the elevated areas, the stlits, the sea wall.
    Hoth - the hills, or better yet, try standing on a snowspeeder!
    Geonosis - The cliffs
    Mos Eisley - Any roofs, especially the hanger for the rebels
    In general, a support point is a good area where you can shoot without being
    shot easily.
    Enemies of snipers
    These are what you have to watch out for
    Infantry at close range
    Vehicles are hard, but you should have a support point where you cannot be
    engaged by vehicular assault, unless you've got a rocketman with you.
    Infantry at close range is troublesome, but your support should take care of
    Enemy Snipers are the main concern, not only will they take you out, but they
    will kill your support, namely the troopers and engineers, leaving you open
    not only the enemy sniper, but his teammates, who now have you surrounded
    support, so when you see an enemy sniper, kill him off.
    Likewise, always be on the lookout to kill the support of enemy snipers.
    Finding Snipers
    You'll usually find a sniper in a high position, or in open ground, that's
    where they have maximum scope of the battlefield
    When Spotted
    When you snipe a few units off, they will eventually detect you can come for
    you with heavy armor, that's where you have some choices
    They are
    1. Change support point
    2. Stay and fight with your pistol
    3. Drop an autoturret and run
    4. Pick off as many enemies as you can, then throw grenades
    5. Leave your support to kill them, which takes us to the next topic
    Support for Snipers
    A sniper at close range of enemy infantry is toast, the way to counter this
    is to have adequate infantry support
    My recommended sniper team consists of
    A sniper
    An Engineer
    2 Soldiers
    A Rocketman (if vehicles are on)
    If your entire tem is going to consist of these teams you'll have a very
    weak main force, so I'd suggest this for field snipers, other snipers can
    and should hang around command posts, or an area with health and ammo droids.
    You'll notice that not only can this be used as a good sniper team, but can
    be used to attack just about anywhere, especially enemy CPs.
    Oh yeah, don't just have your sniper team stand there, get them moving and
    they can do a lot more than snipe, they're an all-rounded killing force
    It is ready to fend off any attacks, and also go into an aggressive stance
    to fight.
    Sniping Tactics
    1. Believe it or not, it may be advantageous NOT to kill all enemy units
    in your sights, the laser trail that the rifle leaves is a clear one, and
    enemies will look for it once they sense a sniper, so shoot, shift
    position, and shoot again.
    2. Crouching stabilises your aim, use it when possible, but just remember
    to stand up to run
    3. The auto turret will automatically fire in the general direction of
    enemies, this could be used as a "detector" to find enemies that you cannot
    4. A sniper can be used at close range to "no scope" a person, 2 shots kills
    anybody but a wookie warrior, a headshot kills anything
    5. You can tell where your shot hit, after you shoot, there may or may not be
    a red circle in your reticule, if the red lines are forked, then is was a
    critical hit, if it isn't forked, then it was a hit, if not, then you missed.
    9: Downing vehicles
    Vehicles are the kings of the battlefield, in a one on one against a vehicle,
    you'll probably get owned and be at the respawn pretty soon unless you're a
    rocketman, or an engineer.
    1. Mines are a one-hit killer on most vehicles, except command vehicles, which
    is when the rocketmen come in, you can use the target tracking button to
    lock onto enemy vehicles, then let one fly. from the vehicle guide, you
    can see the critical hit spots for the vehicles, it's always advantageous
    to aim for them, but bear in mind that these spots are easier to hit
    with dumbfire (manual aiming).
    2. Rocketmen, unlike snipers, don't really rely on sniper points, but they
    do need support, as the rocket launcher isn't really the best anti-infantry
    3. The best method of course, is to use your fusion cutter and "borrow" the
    enemy vehicles, once the enemy is out, you're free to shotgun the driver,
    and steal the vehicle.
    4. If you want to fire without being seen, then the guided rockets of
    the demolition award are the best tools to use, they are especially
    impressive on hoth, where you can camp in echo base and launch a barrage.
    5. If worst comes to worst, a chaingun can really tear vehicles apart
    in the right spots if you shoot enough.
    10:Close Combat
    Close range is crucial to any fight, weapons become more accurate
    and tend to do more damage.
    Grenades, rapid fire weapons, splash damage, and even pistols become killing
    Your best bet is to aim LOW with your weapons, why? because with it, enemies
    have less chance of successfully dodging the splash damage, it's better to
    splash him to death than to aim for a lethal bodyshot and miss entirely.
    11 : The top misconceptions and mistakes
         Tips and Tricks
    *Guided rockets can be used to scout
    *Turrets are powerful
    *Drive mobile command posts into the enemy base to spawn there
    *With an AT-RT, stand with your back to the wall as the enemy cannot
    rearkill you
    *Put up autoturrets often, they can see enemies and shoot at them, even those
    out of your sight
    *Try to time Mace Windu's jump attack such that you are just above the
    enemy before slashing as it will do a lot more damage than the usual slam
    *Get everybody to spawn as a sniper, then have everyone deploy autoturrets,
    then change class, the turrets will remain. (well it's good for a joke)
    *Never underestimate the power of a sniper rifle at close range, it hurts.
    *Mines should not be in the open as they flash
    *Turrets may look powerful, and they are, but snipers can still hit you
    *Don't stand in front of your autoturret, it shoots at any enemy, even if
    you are in the way
    *This is not a super-soldier game
    I'm a human player, I can charge those AI's anyday... arrgh! *respawns*
    Even though you are smarter than the AI, safety in numbers atill applies
    12: FAQ/User Tips
    Hello, I've discovered a "Hero option" menu one day that had settings to
    change how fast your hero is useable and other options. Unfortunately, I
    turned off my X-Box and when I started the game again the settings were
    gone. Since then I was unable to figure out where the menu for the hero
    options were. Just wondering if you could help me out.
    - UltraMan.exe / Ryoku
    Ultraman.exe, you are probably playing Instant Action, to access the menus
    to customize the hero availablity rate, you have to press the "X" button
    on the controller, read the bottom part of the screen for instructions once
    you are there.
    There are several options, one per gametype, like Conquest or Assault.
    The options stay for one session(Disc in - Disc Out) only, and are reset
    for the next time you put it in.
    I just read your FAQ's. There has to be a way to unlock the hero's. What a
    waste. I guess I just can't walk around as Darth Maul. Did you hear of
    any cheats?
    A: Yeah, there are some cheat codes, but i prefer if they weren't used
    You have to pause the game then enter these on in the D-Pad
    U, D, L, D, D, L, D, D, L, D, D, D, L, R Infinite Ammo
    U, U, U, L, D, D, D, L, U, U, U, L, R Invincibility
    D, D, D, U, U, L, D, D, D, D, D, L, U, U, U, L, R Lo-Res Soldiers
    U, U, U, U, L, U, U, D, L, D, U, U, L, R No HUD
    U, D, L, D, L, R Party Time Hit Effects
    I have something to tell you about the game you didn't put in the guide...
    1:Droidekas aren't that good as me with my no good aim could take one from
    full health to pieces in 2 emp rockets and my friend takes them out with a
    pistol when in moving form. Also a good thing to try is put a mine straight
    in front of them.
    2: Snipers dont have recon droids any more... the good
    old star wars
    battlefront 1 times...
    thanks for reading
    I found your guide extremely detailed and I found it a great help, I am
    wondering if you have a complete version. I'm especially looking for sniper
    positions and vehicle critical hits.
    Thanks, I'd be delighted to release the sniping portion, I'll try to get it
    up ASAP, by the way, you can find the part about critical hit positions in
    the vehicle locations, and it also tells you how to down and destroy vehicles.
    if you place cheats on in battlefront II, do you still get the awards?
    A: yep, it's an easy method to rack up the awards, but it isn't very fair,
    as you're cheating >=O
    Q:what happens if I get the regulator but I don't get the enhanced shotgun?
    A:You need to get at least 4 of the regulator award before you can start
    receiving the award weapons.
    "I have a strategy for defeating the AAC-1.  You have to get in a empire
    IFT-T and come up behind it and shoot it with rockets and lasers and DON'T
    forget your gunner. I have it for PS2 and I always see the battle between
    them and the AAC-1 always blow up.  I usually see that at Utapau."
    Dean Asks: I just wanted to ask, about the Squad Commands. In the old Star
    Wars BattleFront, there used to be the commands to "Hold" and "At Ease" etc.
    But all I can command the troops are "Follow me" and "Move Out" commands.
    Can you tell me how to do the other commands?
    A: Nope, I can't tell you, because there aren't any, they removed most of the
    squad commands and the only commands left are "follow me" and "move out"
    (to tell them to go away from you.)
    On a side note, they'll stay by your side, making it fairly hard to get
    them to stop following you.
    13: End
    I do hope that my FIRST faq helped, do note that this guide will be updated
    regularly, so check back for more tips!
    Until next time, good luck, aim well, and may the force be with you.
    14: Copyright
    EchelonThree/Cyro/Rocket Man
    Control Point, Gamereplays.org, Edgegamers.org, TeamFortress2Fort.com
    Writer for Gamereplays.org
    This guide is protected under a Creative Commons License, the full license is
    viewable through the link below
    Summary of the CCL protecting this guide.
    	You are free to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work and to make
    derivative works
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    	Any of these conditions can be waived if you get permission from the
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    	Nothing in this license impairs or restricts the author's moral rights.
    Thank you in advance for abiding with this license.
    15: Contact Info
    My email is echelonthreeguides[at] gmail.com
    You can contact me to offer tips, point out errors, ask for advice, or simply
    give me feedback
    16: Credits
    GameFAQs.com - It's FAQing good!
    Lucasarts and Pandemic Studios - For THE best Star Wars game yet!
    The GameFAQ contributors - For inspiring me to write this
    IGN.com - for providing me with good information to crosscheck with
    These players who sent in tips
    smith a
    Michael Garino
    Alex Schagaev
    of course...
    George Lucas - For creating Star Wars

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