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    FAQ/Walkthrough by spaceminer93

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    FAQ Author: GIRfan99
    Eeeeeemail: sebastianst@bellsouth.net
    Version 1.1
    This guide may be found on the following sites:
    Ver. 1: The guide completed, and submitted.
    Ver. 1.1: Additional hosting information added, a few minor tweaks and 
    explanations, the Hunt classes added, Jetpack info added.
    Ver. 1.5: Tweaks to the guide & stuff. Added the map strategies.
    Information List (Table Of Contents)
    1. Welcome to STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT II!
    2. Operations Guide (PS2 Controls)
    3. Meet The Combatants (Faction, Unit, Weapon Lists)
    4. Planetary Conflicts (Ground Battles)
    4.1: Map Strategies
    5. Space Conflicts (Space Battles)
    6. Rise Of The Empire (Campaign Mode)
    6.1: Fall Of The Old Republic
    6.1A: Training Mission on Geonosis: Attack Of The Clones
    6.1B: Mygeeto: Amongst The Ruins
    6.1C: Coruscant: A Daring Rescue (Coruscant Space)
    6.1D: Felucia: Heart Of Darkness
    6.1E: Kashyyyk: First Line Of Defense (Kashyyyk Space)
    6.1F: Kashyyyk: A Line In The Sand
    6.1G: Utapau: Underground Ambush
    6.1End: Coruscant: Operation: Knightfall
    6.2: Rise Of The Empire
    6.2A: Naboo: Imperial Diplomacy
    6.2B: Mustafar: Preventative Measures (Mustafar Space)
    6.2C: Mustafar: Tying Up Loose Ends
    6.2D: Kamino: Changing Of The Guard
    6.2E: Death Star: Prison Break
    6.2F: Polis Massa: Birth Of The Rebellion
    6.2G: Tantive IV: Recovering The Plans
    6.2H: Yavin IV: Vader's Fist Strikes Back (Yavin IV Space)
    6.2I: Yavin IV: Revenge Of The Empire
    6.2Final: Hoth: Our Finest Hour
    7. Galactic Conquest
    8. Mission Variants (Other Modes and Instant Action)
    9. Medals and Awards
    10. A Few Choice Quotes
    11. Vehicles
    12. Author
    13. FAQ
    14. Legal
    Greetings. If you're reading this, CONGRATULATIONS! You have picked the 
    right game! This is Star Wars: Battlefront II (aka SWBF2), the best-
    selling Star Wars game of all time, and the sequel to the former best-
    selling SW game, SW Battlefront. I've also played BF1, but am less 
    experienced in it. I even bought my own copy of it. You will enjoy this 
    game if:
    -You like FPS games (though you can play this in 1st or 3rd person)
    -You enjoy mass destruction
    -You like Star Wars AT ALL
    -You enjoyed the first Battlefront
    -You enjoy strategy games (hey, GC IS strategy!)
    -You like flying stuff
    I first played BF2 about 1 month ago. I headed over to my friend's 
    house, we fired up the PS2, and we gave VS mode a shot. Needless to say, 
    I didn't do so well... I have perfected my technique, and have amassed a 
    lot of knowledge and skill. The only reason we couldn't fight last time 
    was because his controller messed up. He actually didn't play this much 
    anymore, and he sold it to me... for 3 bucks. I'd gladly pay 20, but he 
    was selling lots of stuff for $3 (he's a 360 gamer and wanted some quick 
    cash. The 360's great, trust me!). Incidentally, he got me hooked on 
    Portal, Team Fortress 2, and Half-Life 2.
    This game ROCKS! It's a combat sim where you strive to dominate the 
    enemy forces. Here's just a few things you can do:
    -Hop in an AT-AT and blast turrets and T-47s
    -Hop in an ARC-170 and blast Droid fighters
    -Snipe people from the Mos Eisley skyline
    -Unleash the Jedi, Sith, and a few other legendary figures
    -Battle across 17+ maps, and in space
    -Use an Engineer to hijack an enemy tank
    -Drop Time Bombs on Capital Ship systems... on the inside!
    -Hunt Wampas, Ewoks, Jawas, Gungans, Tusken Raiders, and Geonosians... or 
    hunt their hunters!
    Impressive... Most impressive. You will find many more things to do here.
    2. Operations Guide (PS2 Controls)
    X Button: Jump or Confirm
    O Button: Crouch (If standing still)
    	    Roll (If running)
    Tap once in space and hit L3 to dodge-spin.
    Tap 2x in space and hit L3 to U-turn.
    ? Button: Cancel (This will be referred to as Triangle. I'm not bringing 
    up the symbol menu again and again...)
    [] Button: Lock-on, Skip Option (only if available)
    L1: Fire Secondary Weapon (if any)
    L2: Change Sec. Weapon, Lock-On (Space only)
    R1: Fire Primary Weapon (usually a gun)
    R2: Switch Primary Weapon (if applicable)
    L3 (Left Stick): Move, tap to sprint (ground only)
    R3 (Right Stick): Rotate, tap to boost (Space Only)
    Tap L3: Sprint or boost (Ground only)
    Tap R3: Zoom in
    Select: Brings up Map, mission objectives (This turns off your normal 
    Start: Pause
    Tap UP on the D-Pad when targeting a friendly unit to make them follow 
    you. They will provide cover fire, defend areas, etc. Target that unit 
    again and press UP again to dismiss them from your command. They will 
    revert to their normal (stupid) AI programming.
    I don't have the PC or XBOX versions, so don't expect to see the 
    controls for them, kay? I DO know that in the PC version, you click the 
    class and post you want, then hit the respawn button.
    As for options, the main ones are friendly fire (default: off), auto-
    lock on, and whether you want a third-person or first-person camera. 
    Friendly Fire should be obvious, if it's off, you are unable to damage 
    teammates or yourself with attacks. Many a self-kill have I gotten with 
    rockets... Auto-lock on will automatically move the crosshair to a 
    highlighted target and keep it there. Finally, third-person is the 
    default camera where you see behind you. First person is like an eye 
    3. Meet The Combatants
    This section details the 4 Factions and their units and weapons.
    3A: The Galactic Republic
    The central government in the Galaxy prior to the end of the Clone Wars, 
    the Republic was formed 25K years before the Battle Of Yavin, and first 
    entered its current in 1000 years BBY, as part of the Ruusan 
    Reformation. In 22 BBY, Chancellor Palpatine (the future Emperor) was 
    granted Emergency Powers to help the Republic hold off and combat the 
    threat of the CIS. On Geonosis, the Clone Army of the Republic (based on 
    famous bounty hunter Jango Fett) entered its first battle, helping 
    rescue Obi-Wan Kenobi, and starting The Clone Wars. The Republic was 
    dissolved in 19 BBY, becoming the Galactic Empire.
    The Republic rocks. The Clone Troopers are excellent units, and their 
    special classes are the best. The main disadvantage: their Base Planet, 
    Kamino, is right next to Tatooine, which always starts as enemy 
    controlled. However, Geonosis is also next to Tatooine.
    Republic Heroes:
    Aayla Secura (Felucia)
    Mace Windu (Geonosis, Coruscant, Yavin IV)
    Obi-Wan Kenobi (Naboo, Tatooine, Kamino, Utapau, Mustafar)
    Yoda! (Dagobah, Kashyyyk, Polis Massa)
    Ki-Adi Mundi (Mygeeto) 
    Standard: Clone Trooper
    Heavy Weapons: Heavy Trooper (white tasset)
    Sniper: Clone Sharpshooter (purple tasset)
    Engineer: Clone Engineer
    Commander: Clone Commander (really a Galactic Marine)
    Special Troop: Jet Trooper
    3B. The Confederacy Of Independent Systems (CIS)
    Formed near the onset of the Clone Wars, the CIS uses Battle Droids to 
    fight. It is made up of various industries, such as the IG Banking Clan, 
    the Techno Union, and of course, the Trade Federation. The CIS is also 
    good, but the Republic is better on paper. The CIS is led by figures 
    such as Count Dooku and General Grievous. In terms of how they were in 
    the movies, what they stood for, etc, I tend to align myself with the 
    CIS. Seriously, the chaingun is the only major bonus the Republic has.
    CIS Heroes:
    Count Dooku (Geonosis)
    Anakin Skywalker (Mustafar)
    Jango Fett (Kamino, Felucia, Kashyyyk)
    Darth Maul! (Tatooine, Yavin IV, Naboo, Coruscant, Polis Massa)
    General Grievous (Dagobah, Utapau, Mygeeto)
    Standard: B2 Super Battle Droid
    Heavy Weapons: Assault Droid (red markings)
    Sniper: Assassin Droid (bad camo paint)
    Engineer: Droid Engineer (yellow markings)
    Commander: IG-100 Magnaguard
    Special Troop: Droideka/Destroyer Droid
    3C. Alliance To Restore The Republic (Rebel Alliance, Rebels, Rebellion)
    The Rebels. The famous heroes that fight the evil Galactic Empire. 
    Founded in 2 BBY by Senators Bail Organa, Garm Bel Iblis, and Mon 
    Mothma, among others. The Rebel Alliance used the family crest of Galen 
    Marek (aka Starkiller) to honor his sacrifice to protect the other 
    founders. The Rebels are great. They have the most accurate weapons, it 
    seems. In 4 ABY, the Rebel Alliance became the Alliance of Free Planets, 
    and eventually became the New Republic.
    Luke Skywalker (Coruscant, Mygeeto)
    Pilot Luke (Hoth)
    Princess Leia (Polis Massa, Naboo)
    Han Solo (Tatooine, Utapau, Endor)
    Chewbacca (Kashyyyk, Felucia, Yavin IV)
    Obi-Wan Kenobi (Mustafar)
    Yoda (Dagobah)
    Standard: Rebel Soldier
    Heavy Weapons: Rebel Vanguard
    Sniper: Rebel Marks(wo)man
    Engineer: Rebel Smuggler
    Commander: Bothan Spy
    Special Troop: Wookiee Warrior
    3C. Galactic Empire
    The famous Empire stands for the ideals of one man: Emperor Palpatine. 
    Ever since the Invasion of Naboo (and probably earlier), Senator 
    Palpatine secretly schemed to take control of the Old Republic. He used 
    his Sith name Darth Sidious to orchestrate the Invasion of Naboo, the 
    Clone Wars, and the CIS' defeat. While the CIS was effectively 
    destroyed, the Republic also fell to Supreme Chancellor Palpatine's 
    scheme. Ever since 19 BBY, the Empire has become a symbol of oppression 
    and tyranny, one that the Rebel Alliance hopes to destroy.
    The Emperor (Coruscant, Death Star, Naboo, Polis Massa)
    Darth Vader (Hoth, Dagobah, Endor)
    Boba Fett (Tatooine, Mygeeto, Kashyyyk, Utapau, Yavin IV, Felucia
    Anakin Skywalker (Mustafar)
    Standard: Stormtrooper
    Heavy Weapons: Shock Trooper (a Sandtrooper)
    Sniper: Scout Trooper
    Engineer: Imperial Engineer (a Death Star gunner)
    Commander: Imperial Officer
    Special Troop: Dark Trooper
    All factions have Pilot and Marine Classes. They differ cosmetically 
    To select a class in the respawn menu, tap Left or Right to switch your 
    choice. In order:
    Soldier, Heavy Weapons, Sniper, Engineer, Commander, Special Troops, 
    Hero. The cycle repeats from there. Note that the Commander classes 
    require 8 points in the current battle to use, and Special Troops 
    require 12. Also, a certain number of both can only exist at one time. 
    If there are 4 Clone Commanders, for instance, you can't pick one 
    because the limit is 4.
    * This indicates that one or more units of that type do not use that 
    weapon, but use another weapon listed later on.
    PRIMARY WEAPONS are fired with the R1 Button. Some will sustain fire if 
    the button is held down, and others require a tap per shot. Tap R2 to 
    switch between primary weapons.
    Used by: Standard*, Marine
    Ammo: 200-300
    Clip size: 50
    An all-purpose weapon, the Blaster Rifle is used primarily by standard 
    infantry. It fires fairly fast and carries a large amount of ammo. 
    Reload time is average, and it has good accuracy. The Rebels have 300 
    shots for this gun, and the Stormtrooper version seems very inaccurate, 
    although any blaster rifle will turn inaccurate if you sustain fire for 
    too long.
    Used by: Heavy Weapons, Marine
    Ammo: 7 (4 for Marines)
    Clip size: 1
    Primarily used for destroying tough defenses that grenades just won't 
    break. The Rocket Launcher is also suitable for overkilling your 
    enemies. This weapon can lock-on to enemy vehicles, such as tanks, but 
    not infantry units. Rockets benefit greatly from the Critical Hit 
    system. Each faction's rockets are different colors. Has a slow reload 
    Rebel: Yellow/orange
    Empire: Green
    Republic: Blue
    CIS: Purple
    Used by: Snipers
    Ammo: 35
    Clip Size: 5
    Zoom level: 1, 2
    Tap R3 once to zoom in. Tap it again to double-zoom. The Sniper Rifle is 
    my weapon of choice (next to the CHAINGUN). It is primarily used for 
    "precision elimination," taking out targets from a distance. When aiming 
    for a target, aim for the head. Headshots are almost always instant 
    kills. Also: targets are easier to hit if they aren't moving. Aim for 
    people in turrets. The Sniper Rifle is powerful regardless of range and 
    distance. Has an average reload time. Try to stay near a Gonk Droid when 
    sniping. Either that, or rush into the front lines with your rifle held 
    high (like I do. It works, trust me!). As with rockets, the beam color 
    varies with faction.
    Rebel: Yellow
    Empire: Green
    Republic: Blue
    CIS: Red
    Used by: Engineers
    Ammo: 250 or so
    Clip size: 5, 8 shots per clip
    The Shotgun (Blast Cannon if you're the Empire) is similar to a real-
    life shotgun. It fires 8 shots in a cone of fire. It has a fairly wide 
    range, but you should never fight from a distance with it. Shotguns are 
    good up close. One point-blank blast from a Shotgun is almost guaranteed 
    death. This has an average reload time. Remember: shotguns rock, 
    especially here and in H
    Used by: Standard*, Heavy Weapons, Snipers, Pilots, Jet Troopers, Clone 
    Commanders, Dark Troopers
    No Ammo Limit - Overheats
    The Blaster Pistol is a fairly good weapon. It is primarily used when 
    your other weapon has been rendered ineffective. It can fire a good 
    amount of blasts before overheating. It has a fairly good cool-down 
    time. Dark Troopers, Jet Troopers, and maybe more classes have a 
    slightly stronger variant called the Commando Pistol, but they're just 
    about the same.
    Used by: Super Battle Droids
    Ammo: 200 (or 250?)
    Clip size: 50
    The Super Battle Droid has an alternate version of the Blaster Rifle. It 
    is slower and more powerful than the rifle. It's not that much different 
    though. Fast reload time.
    Used by: Super Battle Droid
    No Ammo Limit - Overheats
    This fires 3 blaster shots in a triangle pattern. It can fire 3 shots 
    without cooling before it overheats. It's powerful.
    Used by: Engineers, Pilots
    The Fusion Cutter is a multipurpose tool. It is used for:
    -Repairing FX-7s and Gonk Droids (health and ammo)
    -Repairing Vehicles
    -Removing enemy Mines
    -Slicing into enemy vehicles
    -Repairing your command ship's shields in space (not that it does any 
    Stand next to your target to use it.
    Used by: Clone Commanders
    No Ammo Limit - Overheat
    Hold down the button to fire this. It has about a second of warm-up time 
    (similar to The Heavy's Minigun) and fires many shots. You can hold it 
    for about 8 seconds before it overheats. This is by far my favorite 
    Used by: Jet Troopers
    Ammo: 8
    Clip size: 2
    This is an anti-infantry rocket launcher. It has a moderately fast 
    reload time. It's very fun to use.
    Used by: Magnaguards
    Ammo: 30
    Clip size: 6
    Another anti-infantry rocket launcher. It fires fast and you can lock 
    the rockets on your targets. I'm not really good with this weapon. It 
    has slow reload time.
    Used by: Bothan Spies
    Ammo: 150
    Clip size: 1, 15 shots per clip
    Use this to kill an enemy from behind. Just cloak yourself, sneak up 
    behind him, then switch to this and fire away. It's kind of like 
    backstabbing someone in Team Fortress 2. It deals fair damage and has 
    moderate reload time.
    Used by: Bothan Spies
    Ammo: Your energy bar
    This will make you invisible until the energy bar runs out. Use this to 
    sneak behind enemy lines. The computer still seems to see you though...
    Used by: Wookiee Warriors
    Ammo: 25
    Clip size: 5
    This fires a grenade into the air in front of you. You can charge it to 
    increase the range of the shot.
    Used by: Wookiee Warriors
    Ammo: 200+
    Clip size: 5?
    Zoom: 2
    See Shotgun. Can be charged. This means you can have 200 sniper shots. 
    It fires many blaster bolts in a wide spread. I frequently die to these 
    when I fight on Kashyyyk or if the Rebels have Wookiees.
    Used by: Imperial Officer
    Ammo: 35
    Clip size: 5
    I don't use this much. It's a blaster with splash damage.
    Used by: Imperial Officer
    Ammo: 25
    Clip size: 5
    See Grenade Launcher.
    Used by: Magnaguard
    Ammo: 25/35?
    Clip size: 5
    Another grenade launcher. This one is a one-hit-kill on infantry but 
    doesn't affect vehicles.
    Used by: Dark Troopers
    Ammo: 25
    Clip size: 5
    This is an electricity launcher. It is powerful and has a moderate 
    reload time. You can charge this weapon by holding the primary fire 
    button. When fully charged, you can nail 5 units at once. I like it a 
    SECONDARY WEAPONS are fired with the L1 Button. Most (if not all) 
    require one tap per fire. Switch between secondary weapons with L2 (if 
    Used by: All except: Engineer, Pilot, Super Battle Droid, Droideka, 
    Commander classes, some Special Troops
    Max amount: 4, 2 in some cases
    These are all-purpose explosives. They explode faster in water. Soldiers 
    and Marines carry 4, but Heavies and Snipers carry 2.
    Used by: Engineer
    Max amount: 3
    This is a remote explosive. Drop it and hit the secondary fire button 
    again to explode it. They can be useful sometimes.
    Used by: Heavy Weapons
    Max amount: 4
    Drop one of these if someone's bugging you. These are one-hit-kills on 
    anything... even tanks. Only AT-ATs and AT-TEs are immune to the one-shot 
    effect. These rock.
    Used by: Snipers
    Max amount: 1
    This is a floating ball that can rapid-fire lasers at any target it 
    finds. Enemies are quick to kill these. They can be used as alarms or to 
    draw fire temporarily. Autoturrets are the same whether a Sniper uses 
    them or an Autoturret bonus is used.
    Used by: Engineer
    Max amount: 5
    This restores a good amount of health and 2 clips of ammo. Very nice. 
    Sometimes CPU Engineers will run up to you and toss this at you.
    Used by: Pilots, Bothan Spies
    Max amount: 3
    Drop this and run. It has a 5 second timer and can destroy systems in 
    Space Battles. Slip one on a TIE right after someone jumps in. Watch 
    them explode when they reach open space. Always good for a laugh.
    Used by: Clone Commanders, Wookiee Warriors, Magnaguards, Imperial 
    Max amount: 1
    This can scour the area for you. They have weak guns and can self-
    destruct. They also have a zoom scope. Unlike BF1, they don't have an 
    orbital strike beacon. Ah well, it's still OK.
    Used by: Han Solo, Clone Commanders
    Max amount: 1
    This is area-effect status boost. Any friendly unit in range will get a 
    30 second increase to their defense. This can help a good bit.
    Used by: Chewbacca, Imperial Officer, General Grievous
    Max amount: 1*
    This is a different version of Rally. This one increases attack instead 
    of defense. General Grievous has an infinite amount of them.
    Used by: Bothan Spy
    Max amount: 1
    This does not increase any stat. Rather, it rapidly restores the health 
    of units affected by it. This is very good. I think it might be 
    glitched, because I once ended up healed with my own bonus.
    Used by: Magnaguard
    Max amount: 1
    Now the Magnauard's impersonating GLaDOS from Portal. This will drain 
    the health of any enemy caught in the initial wave. It is essentially 
    death. I have never seen a unit survive this. EVER.
    Used by: Princess Leia
    Max amount: 1
    Hmm.. what could this do? I don't have a single clue... I never use 
    Princess Leia, so I don't use this. Still, it's good.
    I'm not listing the hero weapons here.
    The Classes are as follows:
    An all-around class, the standard soldier has no glaring weaknesses but 
    no major advantages. They carry grenades to help with heavy targets and 
    the blaster rifle is good for almost any situation.
    "STAY DEAD!"
    This class has a slower running speed, but has better armor (its health 
    regenerates slower due to this). This is used to take out vehicles or 
    other heavy targets that grenades just won't kill. The pistol is their 
    only real defense at close range, so a soldier can beat them in a close-
    range firefight. If you play the Soldier in Team Fortress 2, you should 
    have no problem with this class. The only difference: no shotgun, no 
    shovel, and grenades.
    Best. Class. Ever. The Sniper class is kind of speedy and most good 
    sniper nests are near health and ammo droids. However, its low armor 
    makes it an easy target, but the health of this class regenerates faster 
    to compensate. The sniper rifle is good practically anywhere and 
    anytime. The Autoturret is also a good defense in a pinch.
    "Sniper! Take him out!"
    The main healer/hacker. He can throw health and ammo to soldiers, as 
    well as fix things. He also hacks enemy tanks. Buy the Engineer first, 
    second, (or if you're the Republic) third. These guys rock.
    "This turret needs fixing."
    These are no longer ground units. They come equipped with an auto-
    vehicle regen, meaning their ships recover health while in flight. They 
    are also excellent saboteurs. Unfortunately, they carry a weak pistol 
    and no other weapons.
    "Pilots and Marines, get to your ships! The Jedi are depending on you!"
    They are meant for repelling boarding parties and providing cover fire 
    for Pilots. They are decent at destruction, but do not regenerate your 
    starships health. Remember: Cover Fire. Do not sabotage unless you are 
    unoccupied and there are multiple people at work. It can take an entire 
    stock of rockets, grenades, and a bit of Elite Rifle fire to blow up 
    something with a Marine.
    Not much that hasn't been said in the weapon list. Wookiees have more 
    health, but are SLOW.
    Has weak armor. They are recognizable by their shiny black-ish armor. 
    They have a jump-pack that boosts them across battlefields. These guys 
    aren't actually supposed to be here! They're robots! Well, mostly 
    The Jetpack is good for evading enemy fire. As with Dark Troopers, they 
    have weak armor. They're OK units. They're really good if you know where 
    to fly... hehehe.
    I didn't mention its weapons in the weapon section, because this thing 
    IS a weapon! It can roll around very quickly, and has a very good 
    shield. It takes a lot to make it run totally out. The blasters are very 
    fast and fairly powerful.
    Lastly, I will include the Heroes of the game.
    Note: Any world with (Clone Wars) or (GCW) listed has that Hero ONLY for 
    that time period, with GCW standing for Galactic Civil War.
    And remember: Clone Wars = Republic VS. CIS
    Galactic Civil War = Rebels VS. Empire
    Planets without the signifier have that hero on both eras. Hoth, Endor, 
    and Geonosis also lack these due to being available in one era only.
    Weapon: green lightsaber
    Secondary: Force Push, Saber Throw
    Used on: Mygeeto (GCW), Coruscant (GCW), Death Star (GCW), Jabba's 
    Palace (GCW)
    A good, all-around hero. He is about the strongest Jedi hero there is. 
    Use him well.
    Weapon: Blue lightsaber
    Secondary: Force Push, Saber Throw
    Used on: Hoth
    A palette-swap of Luke.
    Weapon: Sporting Blaster
    Secondary: Invincibility, Thermal Detonators
    Used on: Naboo (GCW), Tantive IV (GCW), Polis Massa (GCW)
    The sporting blaster is essentially a close-range sniper rifle. Leia 
    possesses the one-of-a-kind Invincibility  Bonus, so use it well if you 
    pick her.
    Weapon: DL-44 Blaster, Fusion Cutter
    Secondary Weapons: Detpacks, Rally
    Used on: Tatooine (GCW), Utapau (GCW), Endor
    Han is a pretty good hero. The DL-44 fires 2 consecutive shots, and has 
    no ammo limit. As a note, be careful when you use him. If you have 
    obtained Legendary rank for the Gunslinger Bonus, you will be unable to 
    switch back to Han's blaster if you switch to the Fusion Cutter.
    Weapons: Wookiee Bowcaster, Guided Rockets
    Secondary: Rage, Time Bombs
    Used on: Kashyyyk (GCW), Felucia (GCW), Yavin IV (GCW)
    An average hero. Remember: the bowcaster has 2 scopes, and can be 
    charged up to fire one strong shot. Guided Rockets are controlled like 
    Weapon: Blue lightsaber
    Secondary: Force Push, Saber Throw
    Used on: Mustafar, Naboo (Clone Wars), Utapau (Clone Wars), Kamino 
    (Clone Wars), Tatooine (Clone Wars)
    One of the best heroes, General Kenobi can really layeth the smacketh-
    down on the CIS (and Stormtroopers on Mustafar). Use him at every 
    Weapons: Blue & Green Lightsabers (Blue & Purple in the PSP version)
    Secondary: Force Pull, Saber Throw
    Used on: Felucia (Clone Wars), Jabba's Palace (Clone Wars)
    A good hero, General Secura has 2 sabers. She is very devastating when 
    you use her.
    Weapon: Blue lightsaber
    Secondary: Force Push, Saber Throw
    Used on: Mygeeto (Clone Wars)
    Winner of the "Most Excessive Sprint Attack" award, High General Ki-Adi 
    Mundi is the generic-est hero you can find.
    Weapon: Purple Lightsaber
    Secondary: Force Push, Saber Throw
    Used on: Geonosis, Coruscant (Clone Wars), Yavin IV (Clone Wars)
    Mace Windu is capable of slamming the ground while in the air. 
    Otherwise, he's a plain Jedi.
    Weapon: Short, Green Lightsaber
    Secondary: Force Push, Force Pull
    Used on: Polis Massa (Clone Wars), Dagobah, Kashyyyk (Clone Wars)
    Yoda is short. He is not a ranged Jedi. Use Force Pull to bring the 
    enemy to you, then cut them down. I kind of like using Yoda.
    Weapon: Blue lightsaber
    Secondary: Force Choke, Saber Throw
    Used on: Mustafar, Coruscant (Rise Of The Empire)
    My personal favorite villain. Take Obi-Wan, make him a Sith, and you get 
    Anakin. He even has the same moves (minus the choke).
    Weapon: Red, Curved-Hilt Lightsaber
    Secondary: Force Choke, Force Lightning
    Used on: Geonosis
    One of the worst villains. He just seems generic. He's not really fast, 
    and I don't use the dark side Force powers much.
    Weapon: Red lightsaber
    Secondary: Force Choke, Saber Throw
    Used on: Hoth, Dagobah (GCW), Endor
    He's not as fast with the suit, but he's a good villain all the same. 
    Instead of double-jumping, he floats.
    Weapon: Red Lightsaber
    Secondary: Force Choke, Force Lightning
    Used on: Coruscant (GCW), Death Star, Polis Massa (GCW) Naboo (GCW)
    He's slow, can do a shockwave slam, and he float-jumps.
    Weapons: WESTAR-34 Pistol (Precision Pistol), Flamethrower
    Secondary: Time Bombs, Wrist Rockets
    Used on: Felucia (Clone Wars), Kashyyyk (Clone Wars), Kamino (Clone 
    He has a jetpack. He's pretty good. The flamethrower works like the 
    Weapons: EE-3 Blaster Rifle (Elite Rifle), Flamethrower
    Secondary: Detpacks, Wrist Rockets
    Used on: Tatooine (GCW), Jabba's Palace (GCW), Kashyyyk (GCW), Yavin IV 
    (GCW), Mygeeto (GCW), Utapau (GCW), Kamino (GCW), Felucia (GCW)
    Treat him exactly like Jango. The only difference is the weapons.
    Weapons: 4 Lightsabers
    Secondary: Rage (unlimited supply)
    Used on: Utapau (Clone Wars), Dagobah (Clone Wars), Mygeeto (Clone 
    Wars), Tantive IV (Clone Wars)
    He has Force Sprint like Jedi, but is incapable of using Force Jump. 
    He's pretty good.
    Weapon: Red Saberstaff
    Secondary: Saber Throw, Force Choke
    Used on: Naboo (Clone Wars), Tatooine (Clone Wars), Yavin IV (Clone 
    Wars), Coruscant (Clone Wars), Polis Massa (Clone Wars)
    The BEST villain is Darth Maul.
    1: he has Duel Of The Fates as his theme song
    2: Double-bladed saber!
    3: he's cool
    Use him every chance you get.
    Tap the X Button while in the air to use a jetpack, or jump-jets. Jango 
    Fett, Boba Fett, and Jet Troopers have a plain jetpack. A white meter 
    will be building up on the left side of the screen. This is the length 
    of time you can be in the air before the pack shuts down. Move with the 
    left stick, and move the camera and your vertical path with the right 
    Dark Troopers do not have a jetpack, they have "jump-jets" instead. 
    These will jump you across the field quickly, but it can be hard to aim. 
    You fly in a straight line.
    Due to the above, Jet Troopers and Dark Troopers are TOTALLY IMMUNE to 
    fall damage.
    4. Planetary Conflicts (Ground Battles)
    Most of this game's action takes place in battles between factions on 
    planets. Some planets are forested nightmares (like Felucia), but some 
    are highly advanced and civilized (like Coruscant). BF2 contains 15 
    different planets (and 3 non-gc battles) that come from all 6 movies.
    Polis Massa (Ep. III)
    Hoth (Ep. V)
    Mustafar (Ep. III)
    Utapau (Ep. III)
    Naboo (Ep. I)
    Dagobah (Ep. V)
    Geonosis (Ep. II)
    Tatooine (Mos Eisley) (Ep. IV)
    Kashyyyk (Ep. III)
    Mygeeto (Ep. III)
    Coruscant (Ep. I)
    Felucia (Ep. III)
    Yavin IV (Ep. IV)
    Endor (Ep. VI)
    Kamino (Ep. II)
    And the other 3 fields:
    Death Star I (Ep. IV)
    Tantive IV (Ep. IV)
    Tatooine (Jabba's Palace) (Ep. VI)
    These worlds are all different, but some maps are better than others.
    If you're playing the PC or XBOX360 version, you have the opportunity to 
    download the missing maps from BF1. These maps are:
    Rhen Var (Caverns)
    Rhen Var (Citadel)
    Bespin (Platforms)
    Bespin (Cloud City)
    Yavin IV (Arena)
    I gotta say, these maps are worth the time, effort, and/or money. Rhen 
    Var itself looks pretty nice. A quiet ice planet... all alone... and hardly 
    anyone goes there.... Hey! My perfect vacation home! Oh wait, second best: 
    Polis Massa takes the top spot. It has easy access to a medical base. I 
    have recently played all of these maps, and I love them. I will NOT be 
    missing the Kashyyyk maps, they weren't great.
    As for battles themselves, the rules are simple. Either bring your 
    opponent's reinforcement count to 0 or hold every Command Post for 20 
    These are strategic points on the field that are used to spawn in troops 
    and vehicles. Blue CPs belong to your team, red ones belong to the enemy 
    team, and white ones are neutral and can be taken by either team. You 
    can look on the map to check which posts belong to which team. A CP 
    looks like a grey thing on the ground with light coming out of the top. 
    If all CPs are not neutral, the amount each team has determines what 
    happens in battle. Some maps have even numbers of Command Posts, but 
    some have odd numbers. To capture a Command Posts, stand next to it. An 
    icon will appear under the mini-map. It will slowly fill with blue, and 
    when the icon is all blue, the Command Post will have been captured by 
    your team. You will receive points for this, and will have gained a new 
    spawn point. If you are capping an enemy post, the icon will be red. The 
    red will slowly drain, turning the icon white. When the post becomes 
    neutral, the meter will fill up as described above. More people capping 
    a post speed up the process. Too bad we don't have The Scout from TF2... 
    Speaking of Team Fortress 2, whenever you see a variant of the phrase, 
    "Cap the CP," it means capture it. Also related to TF2, I may call CPs 
    "Points," as in "Control Points."
    Oh yeah: a post will not fill with your color unless no enemy units are 
    present. The icon will flash colors until all enemy units are out of its 
    range, or are dead. Your mini-map will alert you to anyone capping a 
    post. If a CP flashes white on the map, someone is taking it, but is 
    encountering resistance. If it flashes between red and blue (or vice-
    versa), no one is opposing the capping of the post. Remember: if the 
    enemy has no posts, they can't spawn in additional infantry (the reverse 
    also works), so a main goal is to turn all posts blue (or at least 
    white), kill every enemy on the field, and capture the remaining posts. 
    You will encounter NO OPPOSITION.
    The enemy team's reinforcement count will start dropping automatically, 
    even if no soldiers on the field die. You will periodically receive 
    messages saying that their reinforcements are being depleted, and the 
    battle will be in your favor. You totally want this to happen, so get 
    "Enemy reinforcement count decreasing. Roger roger."
    Your team's reinforcement count will start dropping automatically, even 
    if no soldiers on the field die. You will periodically receive messages 
    saying that your reinforcements are being depleted, and the battle will 
    totally NOT be in your favor. This is totally NOT a good thing. 
    Remember, you lose if the enemy holds all posts for 20 seconds, so stay 
    at a CP if you're the only one left alive, and defend it with your life 
    (maybe that's a bad idea...)!
    "The Republic can't spare any more reinforcements..."
    In default battles (GC and the like), you will start with 150 
    reinforcements each. Normally, you start with:
    A. One CP each, with others neutral
    B. Equal CP amounts
    C. Equal CP amounts, with one neutral
    Try to kill every enemy you see while capping the posts. Remember: 
    vehicles can help GREATLY, especially the AT-AT. Death to all in its 
    Tatooine (Mos Eisley)
    Polis Massa
    Tantive IV
    Yavin IV
    Endor. Easiest battle ever for the Rebels, hardest for Empire. My friend 
    Chris tried this map once to show something. He set it to 750 each, went 
    in the bunker, and then started TKing. He died as the last Imperial 
    left. He tried to take on 500-some Rebels single-handed.
    Tatooine (Jabba's Palace). Too dark to see, plus the Gamorrean Guards 
    are a real pain.
    Mygeeto. Really laggy, and it's just stupid.
    Death Star I: Just... poorly done. It could be much better. Also glitched 
    against the Rebels (or was it Empire?)
    I advise practicing in Instant Action before attempting GC.
    Plus, here's some map-specific strategies!
    4.1. Map-specific Strategies
    These are little bits about maps, and little things you can do.
    Uber-Spawn Killing!: Use someone with Saber Throw (preferably Darth 
    Maul) and head to the Imperial or Republic spawn point. Saber throw and 
    cap the point. You have no opposition!
    Mine It Up, Y'all!: Find the CIS or Rebel spawn point, cap the CP, and 
    mine up the doors. Good for a last stand if the enemy is winning.
    Snipers Ahoy!: This map is a Sniper paradise! Simply head on up to a 
    rooftop. At the CP in the docking bay, take the ramp to the roof, and 
    just camp there. You can easily hit 3-4 turrets from there, plus the 
    Last Stand In The Cantina: Use a Heavy to mine up the exits of CP 4, the 
    Cantina. Immediately restock on mines with the droid.
    Sniper Bait: works in Co-Op. Build a rooftop turret for a nearby enemy, 
    while the other player waits with a sniper rifle...
    Turrets are kind of useless in this battle. The CPs are kind of 
    widespread, and there are many alleys and small paths to take a surprise 
    Vortal Combat: Named after the most suitable song for this strategy. You 
    must be the Empire or Republic for this. Head to your front-line CP with 
    mines ready. Place them on the paths to the left and right before 
    enemies arrive. Restock, and wait with a rocket launcher in hand. Be 
    prepared to die many times, but this WILL work! It's total chaos at the 
    fron with this idea. It's just like the Antlion invasion in Half-Life 2 
    Episode 2, which is where the song came from. Yes, the song played in 
    that fight, and what an awesome fight it was...
    Outside Intelligence: Take a tank and sneak around to the back CPs of 
    your enemies. Strike from the back!
    Hallrunner: Similar to the Vortal Combat idea, but with one of the long, 
    thin halls.
    Another Sniper Paradise!: You'll be able to find tons of snipers, and 
    not without reason. Snipers reign supreme here.
    Guard The Door: Take one of the buildings and watch the doors in it.
    Gotta JET!: Use a Jet Trooper to get around fast, and even on top of the 
    buildings! Sniping + EMP = fun.
    AT-AT Terror: use the AT-AT
    Target: Maximum firepower!: destroy the Shield Generator with an AT-AT. 
    This will remove its CP.
    A Tunnel, or a Mine Shaft?: Take the CP that leads inside the tunnel to 
    the Rebel base. Mine it up for unsuspecting targets.
    Snipin's A Good Job, Mate!: snipers = good here. Do I need to say more?
    Tankin' It Out, Boss!: Take a tank and rain fire on the infantry in your 
    Drowning Your Sorrows: Hide in a fountain and crouch. You are now 
    invisible and untouchable, and you won't drown, oddly.
    Cover Fire: hide in a corner in the plaza and cover a teammate.
    Escaping?: The Escape Pod bays are a good CP to have if things go sour.
    A Board Meeting: Chris gave the left-most CP the "Board Room." It is 
    another good CP to have.
    Ctf_Turbine: Activate the Turbine, then go around it. Enemies will have 
    a harder trek to the CP. If they destroy the turbine box, mine it up ;)
    The Wall Does Not Fall: this doesn't work nearly as well in a regular 
    game. Stay next to the Gate Winch with a fusion cutter.
    Path Of Snipers: the high-up paths over the ocean are a good spot to 
    snipe from... as long as the turret gunners are incompetent. I have hit 
    Chris from a concussion turret when he was sniping here.
    We Will Fight In The Shade: Fight to take the last CP from the beach. 
    It's a short walk.
    A Ledgend: Take the CP on the mountain, then go outside and go in front 
    of it. Snipe at will.
    Lack Of Defense: The posts in the downed ship and the bunker aren't 
    great defensively. Try a post in the back of the field.
    AT-TE Terror: use the AT-TE
    An Outrageous Sniper Spot: Take a bike or sprint up the steep ramps 
    inside the temple. It's a good, almost untouchable sniper spot with a 
    good view of the entrance.
    Sniper's Temple: try it with the ramps outside the temple. It's easier.
    Waterfall: Take the path to the back CP behind the waterfall. It's a 
    road less traveled.
    Bridge Point: take out the bridges once the CP on the other side is 
    Ground Zero: CP 0 is a good point to make a last stand. It's the one on 
    the other side of the bridges.
    A Sniper: there's a small ledge leading into the CP 0 room. Snipe from 
    Bunker Down!: Hide in the shield bunker.
    Stumped: The tree (CP 6) is a good last stand place. Snipe, and mine up 
    the ramp.
    Y'know, I once fought off 12 Clone Troopers here BY MYSELF! I only had 1 
    CP. At the end of the match, they were dead and I had all but 1 CP.
    Snipers: Snipers tend to hang around the back of the field.
    Snipers, Part 2: There's a ledge to snipe on above the CP near the 
    Snipers, Part 3: The bridge leading to the back (the sniper hangout) is 
    just begging for a Sniper!
    No strategies available for Jabba's Palace.
    Prison or Mine?: mine up the hallways in the prison area.
    Another little hint: with friendly fire off, put 4 mines on a tank or a 
    bike. Go kamikaze!
    5. Space Conflicts (Space Battles)
    Space Battles are a generally fun new addition to BF2, although the 
    ground/air fighting from BF1 (another awesome game) was removed. Space 
    is fun at first, but it could be much better. Matches now generally end 
    up like this:
    1. Hop in LAAT Gunship/Shuttle/Droid Gunship
    2. Land it in the enemy hangar
    3. Destroy all the stuff inside the enemy ship
    4. Hijack a bomber and bomb the remaining parts and frigates
    5. In the RARE event the battle's not over, I hijack an interceptor and 
    blast the other ships out of the sky.
    Seriously. That's it.
    But enough rambling, you want to know about these, right?
    When 2 fleets collide in Galactic Conquest, a space battle begins. Both 
    Capital Ships have 5 special systems that must be destroyed, and each 
    ship is covered by one or more lesser ships, known as Frigates. A 
    default battle ends when one team reaches a score of 180. Each ship 
    hangar (the CIS is a special case) contains the following ships:
    A Fighter
    An Interceptor
    A Bomber
    A Lander
    Note that one Republic VS CIS map DOES NOT HAVE LANDERS. It instead has 
    2 V-Wings.
    More about ships:
    Each one is single-person EXCEPT:
    TIE Bombers
    Droid Gunships
    Imperial Shuttles
    Each one has different weapons and little quirks to distinguish them.
    Units: X-Wing, ARC-170, Droid Starfighter, TIE Fighter
    Weapons: Laser cannons
    Secondary Weapons: Proton Torpedoes
    These ships are generally used for supporting the specialized ships. 
    They can deliver fair firepower to enemy ships, and are decent at 
    dogfights. The downside is that they aren't as good at dogfighting as 
    interceptors, and can't bring down big targets as easily as bombers. In 
    short, pick another ship and do something with it.
    Fighter differences:
    The X-Wing has 4 cannons, the others are essentially equal.
    Units: A-Wing, Republic Starfighter, Droid Tri-Fighter, TIE Interceptor
    Weapons: Lasers*
    Secondary Weapons: Missiles
    These are fast ships designed for space fighting. They go down in a few 
    hits, but are good at fighting enemy ships. Wait, did I say a FEW hits? 
    They go down in one or two hits. They generally have weak weapons that 
    work well on fighters, and each one is vastly different.
    Fighter differences:
    The TIE Interceptor can fire its missiles upon command.
    The A-Wing launches all of its missiles at once.
    The Republic Starfighter launches pairs of missiles upon command.
    The Tri-Fighter has a repeating blaster instead of regular lasers, and 
    fires 3 missiles at once. These missiles are different looking from 
    normal missiles, and you can fire 9 before they run out.
    Units: Y-Wing, V-Wing, CIS Strike Bomber, TIE Bomber
    Weapons: Heavy cannons
    Secondary Weapons: Bombs
    These are for taking down big targets like frigates and stuff like 
    engines. Up to 6 bombs can be fired before reloading. These are slow, 
    but are my ship of choice.
    Fighter differences:
    The Y-Wing has a second seat. The second member will be firing a 
    repeating gun similar to the Tri-Fighter's gun. The Y-Wing also drops 
    its bombs in pairs.
    The TIE Bomber has a second seat. The second member can fire Remote 
    Rockets. Control them like a ship.
    The V-Wing seems faster for some reason and has 2 shotgun-like "Shock 
    The CIS Strike Bomber fires its bombs very quickly, and they have less 
    frontal range.
    Units: AAC/LAAT, Droid Gunship, Imperial Shuttle
    Weapons: Heavy cannons/Beam cannon
    Secondary Weapons: VARIES
    These serve as mobile spawn points. They do that even in the enemy 
    ship's hangar. Understand? They take a LOT to bring down.
    Weapons: Heavy cannons
    Secondary Weapons: 36 Proton Torpedoes
    Seat 2: Remote Rockets
    Seats 3 & 4: Beam cannons
    This is a pretty good ship. Well, it looks like someone at LucasArts was 
    LAZY and gave the Republic and Rebel Alliance the SAME SHIP. Come on 
    guys! Use this for taking down CIS/Imperial Frigates. Remember: Remote 
    Rockets are controlled like fighters. It may be a throwback to a level 
    from Rogue Squadron 3, where Sarkli fights Wedge in one of these, and 
    Wedge fights back with a Jedi Starfighter.
    Weapons: Beam cannon
    Secondary Weapons: Tri-Fighter missiles (10 per clip)
    Seat 2: Remote Rockets
    Seats 3 & 4: Heavy cannons
    Seats 5, 6, and 7: Passengers
    Probably the coolest lander, and the most destructive. The Beam Cannon 
    is useful on frigates. USE THIS AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY!
    Weapons: 2 Heavy Cannons
    Secondary Weapons: A-Wing missiles (2 sets per clip)
    Seat 2: Remote Rockets
    Seat 3: Tail Gun
    Seats 4, 5, 6, and 7: Passengers
    Tied with the Droid lander for best lander, this is a cool one. People 
    wonder why they used the Theta-class one from Episode III. Well, I think 
    the GIANT WING on top of the regular Lambda-class shuttle would hamper 
    hangar entry. This one keeps a lower profile.
    The inside of a ship contains the following:
    The HANGAR contains the ships. NOW for the targets...
    Takes 4 time bombs to destroy. This will remove the shields around the 
    enemy ship, decreasing the time it takes to bomb it.
    Takes 2 time bombs to destroy. Are the Auto Turrets outside hassling 
    you? Blow this thing up, and the problem's solved. This will NOT stop 
    the Auto Turrets INSIDE the ship (ceiling or bonus), or the ones on the 
    The console in the back is your target. Drop 3 time bombs and watch it 
    burn. You CAN take this out from outside.
    The entire back wall is your target here. Drop 3 bombs and your work is 
    done. This will destroy ALL engines outside the ship. You CAN destroy 
    every engine... manually... one by one... but this is faster, right?
    These big things are flanking the big ships. They all have Auto Turrets 
    and can be hard to take down. There can be from 1 to 3 in any battle.
    Point breakdown:
    3 points for a fighter of any kind
    7 points for a lander
    1 point for every kill (works with fighters)
    18 points for every ship system and/or frigate destroyed
    1 point for destroying turrets
    Remember: reach 180 points to win.
    And, the maps:
    Frigates: 3
    A large map, it has 3 frigates on each side. It's not hard to get to the 
    enemy hangar, if you can dodge the frigates and their turrets. NOTE THAT 
    THIS MAP IS GLITCHED! The Republic's Comm. Array can be attacked 
    regardless of shield levels.
    Frigates: 1
    A small map. It's a straight shot to the enemy hangar here. If you're 
    the CIS, watch out. The Republic almost exclusively uses V-Wings, and 
    they have a high chance of winning this one.
    Frigates: 2
    First of all: NO LANDERS. WHY?!?! Second: The ships are set up so they 
    face each other, with the frigates flanking them. I hate this one.
    Frigates: 2
    It's a straight shot to their hangar. There's a lot of space debris 
    here, so dodge it. The frigates are arranged defensively on the side of 
    each ship. There is one on each side of the hangar.
    Frigates: 1
    The Star Destroyer is above the Star Cruiser, and it's hangar faces the 
    front of the Rebel ship. Frigates are above the capital ships. Maybe a 
    diagram would help...
    			 EXIT U
    Frigates: 2
    The Rebel Blockade Runners are replaced with Rebel Transports, but it's 
    really a cosmetic difference. Your ships are pointed at each other like 
    in Space Felucia. Fortunately, you DO get landers here.
    So... I think that oughta get you started here.
    Ahh, Story Mode. You take on the role of the 501st Legion, an elite 
    division of Clone Troopers who were involved in some very famous 
    battles... and a few not-so-famous ones. They braved near-unimaginable 
    dangers, such as the Acklays of Felucia, the lava of Mustafar, and the 
    lightsabers of the Jedi. Yes, these are the troops that marched into the 
    Jedi Temple in Episode III. And guess what? That's one of the missions!
    You start out using Republic forces. After the aforementioned mission, 
    you use Imperial stuff instead. Each mission has its own description on 
    the LOADING screen, plus some movie clips, plus some in-game cinematics, 
    and excerpts from the Journal Of The 501st. It kind of makes you feel 
    sorry for them.
    6A. Fall Of The Old Republic
    The first 7 (8 if you count Training) missions take place during the 
    Clone Wars. You fight the battle droids of the CIS, eventually taking 
    out General Grievous himself. As the CIS falls, so does the Republic... 
    and so do the Jedi.
    The training mission is easy. Your commander (voiced by Teumera 
    Morrison, Jango Fett himself) will give you every objective in turn. 
    This mission gets you acquainted with Command Posts, combat, Class 
    Switching (can be done at any friendly CP), and what each class can do. 
    The very end gets you acquainted with Heroes, legendary figures that aid 
    your forces in battle. This one lets you use Mace Windu as your hero. 
    Once you complete the objective with him (capture another CP), the 
    mission ends. Congratulations. You are now part of the 501st. Note that 
    on Geonosis, the Clones have an alternate suit set. The Snipers have red 
    markings, the Heavies have blue markings, the Engineers have yellow 
    markings, and the Jet Troopers have their cool green stripes back.
    This mission pits you against the CIS on Mygeeto, a ruined industrial 
    world. Your objective would appear to be to destroy a manufacturing 
    plant, but High General Ki-Adi Mundi feels otherwise. Guess what? He's 
    right. The 501st Legion is there to collect an experimental power crystal 
    to be used in Chancellor Palpatine's TOP SECRET superlaser project. Hmm... 
    what do we know that has a superlaser? Could it be a giant ball that 
    could destroy an entire planet, like say, Alderaan? Nah, that could 
    NEVER happen!
    "Let's turn this place into a scrap pile!"
    Nice introduction to your battle, eh? And yes, the place WILL be a scrap 
    pile once you're done. For starters, head to the CP indicated on your 
    map. It is enemy-occupied, so cap it. You will most likely encounter a 
    swarm of Magnaguards there. Well done, trooper. Next, an LAAT will be 
    visible in the sky, but will be unable to land due to the heavy turrets 
    firing at it. Switch to a Heavy Trooper and take down both of them. You 
    now have the option to play as Ki-Adi Mundi, the hero on Mygeeto. I 
    would advise it. Go back to the recently-capped CP, and follow the wall 
    to the left (your left when facing away from the stairs) until you see 
    the shield box indicated with a yellow arrow. Destroy it. Next, rush to 
    the indicated CP and cap it. Now, take out the other indicated shield 
    boxes. They take few lightsaber hits, an a good rocket shot will blow it 
    up. Now, rush to the end of the map (it's over another bridge) and find 
    the 2 shield boxes around the tower base. Destroy both and head inside. 
    Slash or shoot the power generator until you get the "Objective 
    Complete" message. A crystal will appear in front of the pillar. Grab it 
    (note that Ki-Adi can't multi-jump as long as he has it, and Jet 
    Troopers can't jetpack if they have it) and rush back to where the 
    mission started. An LAAT will have landed. Walk up to it and the mission 
    will be complete. Ki-Adi stays behind to finish the fight, and the 501st 
    will eventually turn on him...
    Your first Space mission. You have been tasked with clearing a hole 
    through the CIS fleet. General Grievous has staged a kidnapping of 
    Chancellor Palpatine, and is using a CIS battle fleet to cover his 
    escape. This last cruiser is the only thing keeping General Obi-Wan 
    Kenobi and General Anakin Skywalker from reaching Grievous' ship, the 
    Invisible Hand. Don't worry, they won't kill you here... much.
    Your first objective is to take down 5 CIS fighters. The first thing you 
    should notice is that your only ships are ARC-170s. Take one and blast 
    the droid ships. Just be careful, the ARCs are WIDE ships.
    Next, you must destroy the CIS frigate. Aim for it and shoot it. 
    Remember: frigates have Auto Turrets, but only on the top. Use that to 
    your advantage.
    Next you'll need to take down the CIS cruiser's shields. This is as 
    simple as shooting the ship. It normally takes a while in an actual 
    battle. But the shields will go down fairly fast.
    Now you'll need to take out the CIS ship's engines. Land in its hangar 
    and leave your fighter. Walk up the stairs and enter either door here. 
    Find the engine room and drop some bombs on the back. If you chose a 
    Marine, this will take a lot of rockets and grenades.
    Final objective: Destroy the bridge of the CIS ship. Why didn't they 
    open the other movies with a battle like this?! I guarantee Episode 1 
    and 2 would be just that more bearable with one at the beginning. Well, 
    1 would. Episode 2 is unwatchable, period.
    Here, you are introduced to the game's worst battlefield: Felucia. It's 
    foggy, there's giant tree-flower things everywhere, and the landscape is 
    very hostile. You'll be dealing with something new here: Acklay.
    I suggest starting as a speedy class. You'll be hearing screams and 
    weird sounds up ahead. Rush to the second CP to find what happened to 
    the missing 182nd Legion...
    Meet the Acklay. It's a giant, green thing that will kill you if it 
    attacks you. Immediately switch to a Heavy Trooper and find one. Blast 
    it twice with a rocket and repeat the process on the next two. Three 
    more will appear, so use the ammo droid if you need to. Reminds me of 
    Hunters from Half-Life 2.
    You now have to defend the AT-TE here for 2 minutes. This won't be hard, 
    the droids rarely approach it. On the other hand, this is a good time to 
    rack up kills, so charge up the hill. Blot out the sun with your 
    When the 2 minutes are up, you will have the option to play as Aayla 
    Secura. Do it. Aayla has 2 lightsabers and the usual Jedi abilities. 
    Now, Acklay will randomly appear on the field, so watch out for them. 
    You need to find a crashed LAAT and bring its power cell back to the AT-
    TE. Do so.
    Now that the AT-TE is back online, you need to destroy 5 heavy turrets 
    set up around the giant tree. It shouldn't be hard for any class, so do 
    it and you've won.
    Another space battle, this will teach you some of the finer points and 
    recommended strategies for space. You will have the full range of ships 
    First, take down more fighters. I think it's around 7 or so. Next, I 
    believe you need to destroy the heavy turrets. Then, land an LAAT inside 
    the enemy hangar (they FINALLY tell you the proper way to fight) and 
    sabotage the engines and life support. Finally, head for the shield room 
    and grab the CIS battle plan holocron. Take it back to the specified 
    area on your cruiser (hijack a Tri-Fighter to get there faster) and you 
    The guy who reads the 501st journal is right: until Yoda gets here, this 
    is suicide. Your first objective: defend the CP at the front of the 
    beach. Spider walkers and tank droids will storm the CP. You have to 
    defend it for 3 minutes. This is by no means an easy task... I recommend 
    using a Heavy to mine up the water, then blast rockets. If you're out, 
    switch to a Commander if applicable. Once the order has been given, run 
    back to the sea wall. The far CP behind the giant steel gate is your 
    destination. A Wookiee oil refinery is in the very back of the clearing. 
    You must defend it for 4 minutes. The droids won't hurt it much on their 
    own, but the tanks will. You can keep them out by keeping the gate up. 
    When the box labeled "Gate Winch" is destroyed (it's much easier to 
    destroy and repair here), the gate will fall, and you will receive audio 
    confirmation. You can do this the easy way or the hard way...
    HARD WAY: Wait for the wall to fall, and go all out with a Heavy or a 
    Commander. You will most likely lose at least once with this method.
    EASY WAY: Select an Engineer. Walk up to the Gate Winch. Switch to the 
    fusion cutter and KEEP THE FIRE BUTTON HELD DOWN. This will actually 
    repair the wall before it hits the ground. This gets easier in 2P mode: 
    both of you pick Engineers, and one player heals the other, while the 
    other repairs the gate winch. When the "medic" runs out of health packs, 
    switch roles. Go back for more packs if you need to.
    The timer's up, and YODA IS HERE! Pick him and go inflict serious pain. 
    Your last objective is to capture the 4 or 5 remaining CPs. Do that and 
    the mission's over.
    "General Kenobi gathered an army large enough to take 3 star systems."
    He SAYS that. You really don't start with a lot of people, so watch it. 
    The first goal: cap a CP on the top floor of a building. It's on a ledge 
    and has a good view of the area. I suggest sniping from there... or do 
    what I do and run straight at the enemy with a sniper rifle. Next, you 
    need to take the first of 2 CPs on the highway, aka the TANK Spawn 
    point. The first, not so hard. You also get Obi-Wan for your team. Next, 
    take the second one, further down the road. One CP to go now. Go to the 
    last one (Hangar 10) and, as the Heavy says in TF2, "Get on point, 
    You have a boss to fight now. He is: General Grievous. He isn't that 
    hard with Kenobi, but if you die, just switch to a Heavy and drop a 
    mine. Remember: those things are ONE HIT KILLS. Comprende? Once GG goes 
    down in flames (it was cooler in the movie. You seriously gotta see it), 
    you have one more thing to do: take out 2 turrets next to the sinkhole's 
    Oh yeah. ONE MORE THING. If you don't mind dying, jump into the 
    sinkhole, which is now bottomless for some reason. Spawn at CP 1, your 
    starting base. Run near where CP 2 is in Conquest. There should be a 
    giant pillar the, the "ATX ENERGY PILLAR." Blast it with rockets and 
    grenades. This is the last of the missions with the Republic. Well, you 
    have one more mission with the Clones, but it won't be for the Republic...
    You will probably die a lot here. Most of the time, you won't be facing 
    conventional soldiers. You'll be facing JEDI. Yes, you're the guys who 
    march in with Darth Vader in the movie. And you get to wipe out the 
    Jedi. AWESOME!!!
    Your first task: Cap a CP. AGAIN. It somehow has 2 manual turrets in 
    front of it. If you have trouble with Jedi, pick a Heavy. Attract a 
    troublesome Jedi's attention, and drop a mine and backpedal. BOOM. 
    Alright, switch to someone FAST, 'cause you need to JET to the Library!
    When you get there, the CP is yours. I advise switching from a Jet 
    Trooper to a Heavy. You need to defend the Holobook cases for 2 minutes. 
    If at least one bookcase survives, you did it. Jedi will periodically 
    attack. Remember: MINES KILL IN ONE HIT. Comprende?
    Alright, when that's done, you have YET ANOTHER flag to capture. There 
    are 2 ways to get this one.
    WAY ONE: Head to the first CP you capped and head of the long stairs. Or 
    just die and respawn there.
    WAY TWO: Head up the stairs behind the bookcase CP. Take the path 
    through the green hologram record room. Be careful, there are Jedi in 
    Whichever way you picked, get the holocron to the specified point. You 
    have just unlocked my favorite character on the Dark Side: Anakin 
    Skywalker, complete with the hood from the movie. You must chase one 
    more holocron. This one is in the possession of a Jedi. TAKE HIM DOWN!
    Once the last holocron is secure, you face the last challenge. 3 Jedi 
    Masters will drop from the roof somehow. They have those "important 
    target" markers, you can't miss them. Kill them all. Muhahahahahaha...
    That's it. The Republic is no more. Now we get a new system: the 
    GALACTIC EMPIRE. Fortunately, you don't have to go through the last 
    half-hour of Episode III just to become Stormtroopers.
    6B. Rise Of The Empire
    Now the game really begins. You are now Stormtroopers. You now are 
    weapons of mass destruction and order. You are known as Vader's Fist, 
    due to serving under him directly... and because you rock. Before, you 
    dealt with a rebellion against the Old Republic: The CIS. Now... you face... 
    well, pretty much everyone! You have a battle with Naboo's military, 2 
    final battles with the CIS, and even a battle against Clone Troopers! 
    Then you move to the Death Star... then the first movie begins.
    To put it simply, "Imperial Diplomacy" roughly means, "stage a hostile 
    takeover of the planet, killing its ruler and just about everyone you 
    see on the way." Awesome.
    As with the Jedi Temple soldiers (poor losers), the Naboo soldiers are 
    actually palette-swaps of the Rebels! Neat, eh? Just like BF1.
    Get used to using Stormtroopers, because that's what you are. No more 
    chaingun for you. No more jetpack. No more Teumera Morrison giving 
    orders. Now you have this British-sounding guy directing you. Why do so 
    many Imperials have British accents??? It's a mystery... Guess they just 
    want to sound fancy and authoritative.
    First, you have to - GUESS WHAT? - cap a CP. Every mission seems to open 
    with one. Contrary to my previous idea, a sniper wouldn't do well in a 
    rush here. Pick a regular soldier or a Heavy.
    Alright, now you have to take ANOTHER CP. Remember: going into the 
    middle plaza pretty much means death by turret. Mostly, you'll be 
    capping CPs. They somehow get a tank to one of them. Oh, by the way, the 
    troops sometimes whistle the Imperial March here. I have heard it 
    myself. Hmm... where did they learn that?
    After capping CP 3, head up the stairs. There should be a big black box 
    with a blue screen. Oh, did Strong Bad's computer break again? No, it's 
    Pick a Heavy and get ready for EVEN MORE JEDI KILLING. Yeah, there's 
    fugitive Jedi here. Poor losers.
    When they all go down, a 3 minute timer starts. The Queen herself will 
    stride onto the field. My preferred method is to do a good old-fashioned 
    sniper shot to the head. I think they intended you to do that, actually. 
    "Boom, headshot." Snipin' truly is a good job, mate!
    One of your 2 final missions against the good old Battle Droids. This 
    one is a space battle.
    First, you'll notice an ENEMY LANDER IN YOUR HANGAR! That's not right! 
    Or even allowed by standard programming! Take it down, but remember: 
    LANDERS ARE TOUGH FOR A REASON. It will take many, MANY rockets and 
    grenades to scratch it. Alright, it's gone, now you need to bring down 
    10 CIS ships, so hop in a TIE and get blasting! Dodge the asteroids. YOU 
    Ok, your next objective is to... hang on, let me think... take out the... 
    Communications Array? Just blow something up. This is the one mission I 
    don't remember the objectives for!
    Your final order is a curious one: hijack a CIS Strike Bomber. Take it 
    to your hangar and you... win? Why did we need one of these?
    Last battle with the CIS... or what's left of it. A Geonosian named Gizor 
    Dellso (they misspelled it in-game) has a nice little lava base set up. 
    This is HARD on Elite mode, trust me.
    First, take a CP. A little note, when I just say "CP," you will know you 
    need to cap a CP.
    Head across the bridge. CP. Heal up, reload your stuff, and head through 
    the door. Go up the ramp on the right side. CP. Head inside and head to 
    the blue glowing tables. Each one contains prototype Battle Droid 
    schematics. You know the drill with non-moving targets... I love rockets 
    Once both are down, head to the council room where Darth Vader killed 
    the CIS leaders like 19 or less years ago. An "Orbital Strike Beacon" is 
    at the end of the room. You know the drill. Oh, remember the Recon 
    Droid's "Orbital Strike" ability from BF1? Remember what it did? Oh 
    yeah. I know you do. Unfortunately, you don't call the strike yourself.
    Put it on the specified spot and head to the indicated CP.
    Geonosians will fall from the sky (these guys are tough), among them 
    your target: Gizor Dellso. KILL HIM! And watch the fireworks... I loved 
    the Orbital Strike in BF1.
    Your last non-rebel mission has you doing something a bit... unexpected. 
    You will take down Clone Troopers on Kamino, where the 501st was created. 
    You will gain a familiar leader in this battle: Boba Fett, who lived 
    here about 10 years ago. Stormtroopers vs. Clone Troopers, and who wins? 
    Of course, you do.
    I suggest using Boba Fett at every opportunity, he has a Jetpack to get 
    around quicker, and has a ton of explosives. Regarding Sir Fett, you can 
    use him up to twice in this mission. After that, he's gone.
    First, you need access to a building. Head to the marked building's 
    front door and you should see a little black box next to the door. Blast 
    it with a wrist rocket to open the door. Head inside. You have another 
    flag to capture: a container of DNA for the Kaminoans to use in cloning. 
    Grab it and take it back to the Imperial Landing Craft marked on the 
    map. As with Dark Troopers and Jet Troopers, Boba Fett will be unable to 
    use the Jetpack while carrying a flag.
    As a note: all of your enemies at this point are Jet Troopers, wearing 
    their green striped suits. Remember: they are defensively weak. Most of 
    them don't think to hit you with an EMP at point-blank.
    Next, you must (AGAIN) cap a CP. Head there and do it. Your next 
    objective: head to the building opposite from the one you were in and 
    head to the hallway inside it. Take the door on your left when you go in 
    the front door. 5 computer consoles are here, all labeled "CLONE LIFE 
    SUPPORT." You know the drill. Also: a new Anti-Trooper appears at this 
    point: the Rail ARC Commando. They look like the Republic's Heavy 
    Troopers do on Geonosis, but have Chainguns. Be careful, you don't want 
    to be on the receiving end of a blast from it.
    At this point, make sure you have as many explosives as you can carry. 2 
    LAATs loaded with Kaminoan staff who started the Anti-Trooper line will 
    be escaping. You have around 5 minutes to destroy both of them. Fire 
    every explosive you have at them. If you run out at some point, respawn 
    as a Shock Trooper and lock on to one of the LAATs. Fire at them with 
    your rockets. It doesn't take many to destroy them.
    This is your first mission fighting the Rebel Alliance, the latest 
    threat to your Empire. A group of Rebel Soldiers (including one Jedi) 
    have broken out of a prison block inside the Empire's new weapon: the 
    First, head for the CP in the indicated hangar (Hangar 84-G). It's the 
    one through the door in front of you. Cap the CP and a 2 or 3 minute 
    timer will start. You now have backup. Rebels of all kinds will come 
    from both hallways leading out of here. They will have a good number of 
    Wookiee Warriors, so be careful. Once all are down, head through the 
    northern door and head to the Detention Block, where the riot started. 
    Cap the CP and defend it for 3 minutes. You will be alerted to a Rebel 
    escaping with (gasp!) the DEATH STAR PLANS! You must kill him and take 
    it to the Detention Block CP. I think he took running lessons from The 
    Scout, he's fast!
    Alright, this is where things pick up a bit. Head for the Rebel's 
    destination, the fire control room. You must cap the CP. Watch out, it's 
    usually very heavily-defended with Wookiees. I would suggest hiding 
    behind a corner, then pop out and fire a rocket. Repeat as necessary. 
    Or, use a fully-charged Arc Caster blast on them, though you won't live 
    as long with a Dark Trooper.
    I advise switching to a Shock Trooper at the first opportunity. Head for 
    the hangar next to the one you defended a while back (Hangar 85-G). A 
    Landing Craft is there, and the Rebels are trying to hijack it. Destroy 
    it within about 2 minutes.
    The Rebel insurgents' leader will storm onto the field. He's a Jedi! 
    Remember what I keep telling you about mines? And how the AI (no matter 
    how smart it is) will blindly walk into them? Kill the Jedi and the 
    mission's over... but the Rebels DID get the plans. Uh-oh. Darth Vader 
    will not be pleased...
    This is when the game gets really hard, so I hope you're trying this in 
    2P mode, other wise it will be even tougher.
    The Rebels have the Death Star Plans and are holed up in my #1 Choice 
    For A Vacation Home, Polis Massa. They have taken the medical base and 
    are sending the Plans to their contacts. Silence the Rebels, grab the 
    disk with the plans, and get out of there alive.
    First, you'll be in the hangar. Head to the giant circle area and head 
    to the room in the middle of it. Cap the CP. There's a Gonk and FX-7 
    here if you need health and/or ammo.
    Now you need what you came here for: THE PLANS! A room will be indicated 
    on the map. Head there, grab the holodisk you see, and take it back to 
    your CP.
    Defend this CP for 3 minutes, the initial part is the hardest, but Rebel 
    opposition will drop dramatically after a few seconds.
    Your next objective is to head for the caverns near the opposite end of 
    the base. Go there, and you should see a blue console system. This is 
    allowing Rebel spies to eavesdrop on Imperial communications, so guess 
    what we do now?
    This sums up your next goal:
    "I've got good news and bad news. The good news: it's time for us to 
    finally get off this rock. The bad news: the Rebels have taken over the 
    Head to the hangar where the mission started. Head to the CP there and 
    cap it. The mission is over, and you unfortunately leave Polis Massa. I 
    once ended up having to take it single-handed, due to me being the ONLY 
    This is when the first movie begins. The consular ship Tantive IV is 
    passing over Tatooine on its way to Alderaan. Its main passenger, 
    Princess Leia, is secretly in possession of the DEATH STAR PLANS! This 
    means you need to capture her and her ship.
    First, the door will explode. Storm outside, killing the Rebel soldiers. 
    Head down the hall and to the right. Cap the CP there. You will gain the 
    ability to use Darth Vader, so do it! Head to the indicated room. This 
    is the security room. Smash all the consoles here (some are in the next 
    room) to unlock the next objective.
    Head to another room to find your goal. First, smash the box labeled 
    "TURBINE CONTROL" and the instant-death energy turbine will stop. Pass 
    through and up the stairs. A security holodisk will be laying on the 
    ground. Pick it up. Note that like Ki-Adi Mundi, Vader cannot Force Jump 
    (or in this case, Force Float) while carrying a flag of some kind. Take 
    it to the security room where you smashed the consoles. The escape pod 
    bays are unlocked.
    Head down there (it's where the bottom CP is in Instant Action) and you 
    will sight your target: Leia. Take her down and the mission ends and the 
    rest of the movie happens...
    The Death Star has exploded, and most of the 501st with it. The rest of 
    it is striking back at the Rebel fleet above Yavin IV. Several 
    Transports are attempting to escape the Empire's wrath.
    You have around 3 to 5 minutes for this.
    First, you need to take out about 15 Rebel fighters, so hop in a TIE and 
    blast some X-Wings. A-Wings go down faster, but are harder to hit. Y-
    Wings take more effort to down, but are easier targets.
    Next, switch to a Bomber and take out the 6 Rebel Transports. If you're 
    on 2P mode, this will be a snap. Now, a 10 minute timer starts. Your new 
    instructions are to destroy the Blockade Runners and heavy turrets (not 
    necessarily in that order). Finally, destroy the engines on the Rebel 
    cruiser to win.
    With the Rebel fleet mostly destroyed, the remaining forces are stranded 
    on the planet. The 501st needs to blast the entrance of Massassi Temple 
    open, and eliminate the Rebel command staff therein.
    First, head for the fountain indicated. Take the CP. Easy. Next, head 
    for the CP on your map. I believe this one is the reflecting pool. Once 
    it's capped, you need to defend it for about 2 minutes.
    Now, a Breaching Bomb will be placed near the main temple gate. Switch 
    to a Dark Trooper and jump-jet over to it. It's where CP 6 is in a 
    normal game. Take it to the door of the main temple. A 10 second timer 
    starts. You want to not be around the door when the timer goes off.
    Jet back to the door. Head inside and up the stairs. Go through one of 
    the doors. You must eliminate 3 Bothan commanders. They're invisible, 
    but the target markers kind of give them away. Blast them with the Arc 
    Caster a few times. You win.
    The final strike on the Rebel Alliance is here on Hoth. You know what 
    happens in this battle: The Empire blasts the Shield Generator, the 
    Transports attempt escape, the Millenium Falcon escapes, and the Empire 
    You have a continuous timer of 21 minutes.
    First, you need to take the CP to the east of the AT-ATs. It is not 
    Alright, head to the next indicated CP. Cap it and head to the walkers. 
    Hop in one and blast the Shield Generator. You actually get a movie 
    scene this time. In line with the movie, I love shouting "Target: 
    Maximum firepower!" before destroying it.
    Head inside Echo Base and cap the CP. Remember, the walkers can't get in 
    there, so you're on your own. This is HARD. The Rebels tend to swarm 
    whatever post they have.
    Darth Vader will enter battle. Head through the tunnels until you find 
    the security consoles. Slash them to open the back of the hangar. Head 
    to the CP there.
    Hey, that's the Millenium Falcon! Take the CP and the Falcon will 
    escape, complete with a movie scene. And, just like in the movie, it has 
    an auto turret.
    The end of this mission is the hardest. Head to the indicated point and 
    grab the ORBITAL STRIKE BEACON. This level will finish in style. The 
    Empire gots the STYLE!
    Head under the final Rebel Transport. The beacon will be placed, but 
    requires 1 minute to activate. Note that if you die, you will respawn 
    almost right next to it. Rebels will be doing their best to take it 
    down. They're using rockets, grenades, and all things explosive. My 
    friend and I have lost at this point with one second on the timer. When 
    I say "their best," I mean they are UNSTOPPABLE! Just try to fire 
    rockets at them or grenade them. Even better, have one player defend the 
    beacon from nearby Rebels while the other player goes Sniper.
    The Transport is destroyed via Orbital Strike. The Rebel Alliance is in 
    full retreat, and severely crippled, having lost most of their 
    transports. The 501st wins.
    Ahh, the meat of the game. Galactic Conquest (GC) is the main focus of 
    the game. It's also the best part. To put it simply, you and your 
    opposing faction battle it out in space and 13 planets, and one side 
    wins when they control every planet on the map. You will build fleets to 
    destroy your enemies and take over their planets. You will have to buy 
    new units for your faction, and you can buy bonuses to use in battles, 
    giving you the edge you need to win.
    When you pick Galactic Conquest on the menu, you will see 4 different 
    campaign options. Each one makes you a different faction. These factions 
    and their 3 starting worlds are listed below. Your starting fleet may be 
    positioned on any of these 3 worlds.
    BIRTH OF THE REBELLION (Rebels): Hoth (base), Dagobah, Yavin IV
    THE SEPARATIST UPRISING (CIS): Geonosis (base), Mustafar, Utapau
    REPUBLIC SOVEREIGNTY (Republic): Kamino (base), Naboo, Coruscant
    DARK REIGN OF THE EMPIRE (Empire): Endor (base), Mustafar, Coruscant
    Your opponents will control the 10 other planets on the map. Note that 
    Hoth and Endor are exclusive to the Rebel and Imperial campaigns, and 
    Kamino and Geonosis are exclusive to the Republic and CIS campaigns.
    You move across the map by selecting a fleet you own, and picking a 
    destination. You may move one fleet per turn, and you can only move one 
    space per turn. Your opponent will be building fleets too, and using 
    them for these purposes. You will see your faction at the top, under 
    which is your Credit amount. Credits are the Star Wars version of cash. 
    You will use Credits to add new unit types to your side, and for buying 
    fleets and bonuses. Hit L1 to access the Bonus menu, and hit R1 to 
    access the Unit menu. On the Unit menu, hit R1 again to go back to the 
    map. On the bonus menu, use the L1 Button to go to the map. You start 
    with 1000 Credits, enough to get you started. You will also start with 
    one fleet, positioned on one of your starting worlds.
    You may buy more fleets, but this will cost you. The more fleets you 
    have on the field, the more new ones cost. This can be useful to do, 
    though it is very costly.
    If you have no fleets on the map, they are free. Each additional fleet 
    will cost 1000 Credits, and that amount is doubled for every fleet on 
    the map.
    These are used to give you an edge in battle. Unlike BF1, you must buy 
    the bonuses. They are no longer dependent on the planets you control. 
    Bonuses will last for the chosen battle only. Each bonus has different 
    effects, and different costs. You may only use 1 bonus per battle.
    Cost: 200 Credits
    This will increase the rate your energy bar fills. I've never used it, 
    it's not really any good.
    Cost: 200 Credits
    This will increase your reinforcement count by 30 when it hits 30, 
    effectively making your reinforcement count 180 instead of 150. Use this 
    for any battle you want, but it won't work in space battles.
    Cost: 200 Credits
    This will place Auto Turrets at every CP you own. They regenerate after 
    a while if destroyed. They are exactly the same as the kind the snipers 
    use. Not a bad bonus.
    Cost: 400 Credits
    This will double the amount of ammo you have, making it easier to last 
    longer in shootouts. It makes space battles easier by giving you the 
    amount of explosives you need to sabotage them effectively, and will 
    double the missile count of the LAAT, making it easier to take down 
    frigates with it. Definitely worth it.
    Cost: 400 Credits
    This will make all units on your team regenerate health. It does make 
    them regenerate health, but it does it VERY SLOWLY. I've never used it, 
    but that doesn't mean it's not useful.
    Cost: 400 Credits
    This will give all units on your team an extra 25% health, indicated by 
    a flashing white area of your health bar. If your health drops below 
    this amount, you can't restore it back. You can only restore health up 
    to its original amount. This is fairly useful, especially if you die a 
    Cost: 600 Credits
    This will DOUBLE the power of your blaster rifles, pistols, and possibly 
    the sniper rifle and shotgun. Good for killing enemy troops quicker... 
    just make sure you hit them. Fairly useful.
    Cost: 600 Credits
    This will dramatically damage enemy vehicles when they spawn in to the 
    map. This is VERY good in space battles, but is good on tank-heavy maps 
    such as Mygeeto, Endor, and Kashyyyk.
    Cost: 800 Credits
    The most expensive bonus, but also the best if you use it in the right 
    place. This will make the Hero for the battle selectable. For instance, 
    if the CIS uses this on Naboo, they will have access to Darth Maul for 
    the battle, and if the Rebels use it on Tatooine, Han Solo will be 
    available for the battle.
    To recruit, train, enlist, or manufacture new units, tap R1. The Unit 
    menu will have all units your team can use, with brief descriptions of 
    them. Yellow text means they are recruitable, red text means they are 
    too expensive at the moment, and grey text means that the unit type in 
    question is already on your team.
    SOLDIER: Already available
    HEAVY WEAPONS: 1000 Credits
    SNIPER: 1000 Credits
    ENGINEER: 1000 Credits
    COMMANDER: 1800 Credits
    SPECIAL TROOPS: 1800 Credits
    PILOT: Already available
    MARINE: 800 Credits
    I suggest the Sniper or Engineer first, followed by the Heavy, then the 
    Commander, then Special, and then the Marine.
    Planets will be represented on the map by large circles. Blue means they 
    are yours, while red means they are your enemies' worlds. Plain small, 
    white circles are empty spaces, and are neutral. You cannot take these 
    spaces. To attack an enemy world, move your fleet to the planet in 
    question. If two fleets meet, there will be a space battle. If a fleet 
    is present above a planet, there will be a space battle. If you win, you 
    will immediately begin the invasion of the planet. The reverse works for 
    your enemies, too.
    You will receive either 500 or 600 Credits for winning a ground battle, 
    and around 200 for losing. If you win on your opponent's base planet (or 
    your own), you will receive 1000 Credits! Losing those battles will give 
    you 500. You will receive 100 Credits for losing a space battle, and 300 
    for winning. In addition to the amounts listed, on ground battles you 
    will receive extra Credits based on how many planets you actually 
    control. Each planet you control will give a 30 Credit bonus. If you are 
    in control of your base planet, you will receive a 100 Credit bonus. For 
    The Republic wins a battle on Kamino and controls it, as well as 3 more 
    planets. The Republic receives 1000 Credits for winning, 90 for the 3 
    planets, and 100 more for being in control of their base, Kamino.
    An important note: If the enemy wins a battle on your base planet, you 
    can NEVER retake it. It will be removed from the map, and you will lose 
    the 100 Credit bonus. The same works for the enemy faction.
    To win, you must control all of the planets on the map, as well as your 
    opponent's base planet. When all of the following have been done, you 
    will win.
    Rise Of The Empire and GC aren't the only modes. You will notice many 
    other options for BF2.
    Pick a map, then the type of battle. You can change settings such as 
    troop counts, and score required. There are many battle types for each 
    map, give them a try! I heavily suggest practicing here, and studying 
    the maps here.
    This is a standard GC battle, though you will have all units unlocked, 
    and no bonuses. The standard troop count is 150 each, and can be 
    increased in increments of 15, up to 750 troops each.
    This is a space battle. The standard victory score is 180 points, and 
    can be increased in 10 point increments, up to 1000. If this is selected 
    in Mos Eisley, you will fight in "Hero Mode." Every Hero and Villain is 
    selectable. Just for quick reference, here's the list:
    Luke Skywalker
    Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Aayla Secura
    Mace Windu
    Han Solo
    Princess Leia
    Ki-Adi Mundi
    Darth Sidious/The Emperor
    Darth Vader
    Darth Maul
    Count Dooku (aka Darth Tyrannus)
    General Grievous
    Jango Fett
    Boba Fett
    Anakin Skywalker
    Remember, other battles in this mode will be SPACE battles. The rules 
    from normal battles apply.
    Short for Capture The Flag. You will be tasked with stealing the flag 
    from your enemies, and getting it to your base. There are 2 variants.
    1-FLAG CTF
    A Yellow flag is placed in the middle of the field. Grab it and take it 
    to the enemy base to score. Not my favorite, but kind of fun.
    2-FLAG CTF
    You must grab the flag from the enemy base, and bring it to yours. Be 
    careful, the enemy team will be trying to do the same, so keep watch on 
    your flag. Unlike some variants of CTF (like the Crash: Nitro Kart 
    variety), you don't have to have your flag at your base to score. Flight 
    abilities can't be used while holding a flag, and Droidekas must be in 
    walking mode to pick up a flag. After that, start rolling to make a very 
    quick getaway ;)
    You must hunt an indigenous species, or select them. The teams differ 
    for each map.
    HOTH: Rebels VS. Wampas
    GEONOSIS: Clone Sharpshooters VS. Geonosians
    ENDOR: Scout Troopers VS. Ewoks
    TATOOINE: Jawas VS. Tusken Raiders
    KASHYYYK: Magnaguards VS. Wookiees
    NABOO: Gungans VS. Super Battle Droids
    Weapons: Claws
    These are essentially Grievous without lightsabers. They have a slamming 
    attack in the air, and the L1 Button triggers an alternate claw swipe. 
    Did I mention they take about 3 headshots to take down?
    Weapons: Sonic Blasters
    They can fly like the Jet Trooper, and the blasters are just like the 
    Imperial Officer's.
    Weapons: Tribal Spear, Rocks
    Aww, how cute. These guys are DEADLY! The spears are powerful, and the 
    rocks stun for a fairly long time.
    Weapons: Arc Caster
    Very small. The Caster is VERY good on Tusken Raiders. You should get 
    used to playing with an alternate camera angle, it's relative to height.
    Weapons: Tusken Cycler
    The Cycler is like a rifle, but with one continuous shot, like the 
    sniper rifle. It has a fair rate of fire.
    Weapons: Tusken Sniper Rifle
    These are Tusken Snipers.
    Weapons: Grenade Launcher, Detpacks or Fusion Cutters
    The first Wookiee has the Detpacks. Note that the Wookiees are glitched: 
    they will somehow have the Gate Winch and the wooden barricades 
    registered as enemy units.
    Weapons: Fusion Cutter, grenades
    Aside from the grenades, they are unarmed. That's what the Turret Posts 
    are for. They aren't threatening unless they're in turrets.
    You may notice little award text when playing. This notifies that you 
    have obtained an award. If you meet the right conditions, you will 
    receive certain bonuses for these awards.
    When you have 0-3 medals in one award, you will be "GREEN," and will not 
    receive its corresponding bonus. When you have 4-31 medals in that 
    award, you will be "VETERAN," and will receive the bonus when you earn 
    the award. If you die within 30 seconds of gaining the bonus, it will be 
    granted to you on your next life, but that's it. When you have 32-63 of 
    an award, you will be "ELITE," and the requirements for earning the 
    award drop by 25%. When you have 64 or more in an award, you will be 
    "LEGENDARY," and the bonus is permanent. You will then receive that 
    bonus at the start of EVERY BATTLE from now on.
    Get 6/4 kills with a Pistol in one life.
    Not too hard, is easiest to get in space battles. Totally worth the 
    Get 12/9 kills with a Blaster Rifle in one life.
    This isn't that hard, and it's well worth the effort.
    Get 4/3 Critical Hits on a vehicle with Rockets in one life.
    It's best to do this on an AT-AT or the AT-TE. It's fairly good.
    Get 6/4 Sniper Rifle Headshots in one life.
    Mos Eisley is the best place for getting this, but you might not want it 
    Get 6/4 Shotgun kills in one life.
    Not bad, considering the Shotgun is an almost guaranteed kill at point-
    blank range.
    Get 12/9 points in one life.
    Do I really need to explain this?
    Get 24/18 points in one life.
    See above.
    Get 32/24 points in one life.
    Um... duh?
    Slice into an enemy vehicle.
    Once again... DUH!
    Each of these has a good (or semi-good) bonus. Here they are:
    PRECISION PISTOL (Gunslinger)
    Ammo: 64-96
    Clip size: 16
    Zoom level: 1
    VERY fast and powerful. This is TOTALLY worth getting 64 Gunslingers. 
    Yes, it has a scope.
    ELITE RIFLE (Frenzy)
    Ammo: 144-216
    Clip size: 12
    This gun fires 3 shots at once, with a second in between blasts. It's 
    VERY powerful, and well worth the effort.
    GUIDED ROCKETS (Demolition)
    Ammo: 4-5
    This is essentially a Remote Rocket. Use them to flush out those last 
    few enemies near the end of a battle. Remember: it controls like a ship. 
    These things are really good for hunting on an open map.
    BEAM RIFLE (Marksman)
    Ammo: 24
    Clip size: 4
    Zoom: 1.75 (or so)
    The one weapon you DON'T want to keep. This has some... interesting 
    glitches. You want to aim lower if you want headshots with this. DON'T 
    Ammo: 168-252
    Clip size: 6
    Fires 7 powerful shots in a narrower spread than the regular Shotgun. 
    This is totally worth the effort.
    VEHICLE REGEN BONUS (Technician)
    Any vehicle you occupy will now have an auto regen effect, just like the 
    Pilots in space.
    STAMINA BONUS (Endurance)
    Your energy bar will recover faster, just like the Energy Boost bonus. 
    With a Bothan Spy, you can cloak indefinitely if you don't sprint. Kind 
    of like The Spy's Cloak & Dagger.
    You take half damage with this. VERY USEFUL!
    You do extra damage with ANY weapon. NICE BONUS.
    These are just some quotes from the game that I thought were pretty 
    "Darth Maul! Flank him!" (Clone Troopers VS. Darth Maul)
    "He can't take us all down!" (Same)
    "With the last CIS ship destroyed, Generals Kenobi and Skywalker took 
    advantage of the opening we'd created, and rescued the Chancellor. Took 
    all the credit, too." (A Daring Rescue closing)
    "I took a long look back, and wondered why so many had to die for a 
    bunch of walking carpets." (First Line Of Defense closing)
    "I AM HERE, AND I AM NOT AMUSED!" (Emperor enters battle)
    "You worms are no match for the Dark Side!" (Darth Maul)
    "One hundred... two hundred... three hundred... you guys are gonna make me 
    rich!" (Jango Fett? Or Boba? It's in Hero Mode)
    "Dead or alive, I get paid either way!" (Boba Fett in Hero Mode)
    "You don't need me here any more. I'm off to more important battles." 
    (Anakin is defeated)
    "Yoda you summon. Here I am." (Yoda enters battle)
    "Yoda I am. Fight I will." (Yoda enters battle)
    "Tied I am. Rest I must." (Yoda is defeated)
    "SPY!" (Imperials upon sighting a Bothan Spy)
    "*whistles Imperial March*" (Imperial Diplomacy random quote)
    "DIE! DIE! DIE!" (Rebels when they get a kill)
    "One shot, one kill." (Clone Troopers upon headshotting an enemy)
    "This battle bores me!" (General Grievous is defeated)
    "This is a waste of my training! Bring me more Jedi!" (General Grievous)
    11. VEHICLES
    I probably should've mentioned these earlier.
    NOTE: The factions listed are the ones that use the vehicles by default. 
    You can hijack any vehicle.
    Z-74 Speeder Bike/BARC Speeder
    Used by: Rebels, Empire, Republic*
    Found: Endor, Kashyyyk
    Weapons: Laser cannon
    This is a light, fast, weak speeder used on forest worlds like Endor and 
    Kashyyyk. It has a limited jump ability. You can use these to quickly 
    cross the map. Be extremely careful on these, they're fragile and offer 
    no protection to the driver. The Republic has a variant called the BARC 
    Speeder. You can impale people with these.
    Used by: CIS
    Weapons: Lasers
    Less of a speeder than the bike, this is about as fast. It's even harder 
    to hit than a speeder bike.
    Used by: Rebels
    Found on: Hoth
    No weapons
    These are ground versions of the speeder bike.
    Used by: Republic
    Found on: Utapau, Naboo, Felucia
    Weapons: Lasers, Mortar cannons
    A light walker. This is fairly fast, but leaves the pilot exposed to 
    enemy fire.
    Used by: Republic
    Found on: Mygeeto, Naboo, Utapau, Yavin IV
    Weapons: Lasers, Rockets
    Second Seat: Beam Cannon
    Critical Hit: Red and White panel on back
    This is a standard tank. The second seat is exposed to enemy fire. This 
    has red markings.
    Used by: Empire
    Found on: Mygeeto, Yavin IV, Utapau, Naboo
    Weapons: Lasers, Rockets
    Second Seat: Beam Cannon
    Critical hit: see IFT-X
    A Blue version of the IFT-X, it's the exact same.
    Used by: CIS
    Found on: Kashyyyk, Felucia
    Weapons: Shock Cannons, Mortar Launcher
    Critical Hit: The ball at the back of the tank tread
    One of the CIS tanks. It has a big tread down the middle and cannot 
    strafe. It's fairly useful.
    Used by: CIS
    Found on: Polis Massa, Yavin IV, Naboo, Utapau
    Weapons: Lasers, Rockets
    Second Seat: Heavy Turret
    Critical hit: Back of tank
    The alternate CIS tank, very similar to the IFT-X. The second seat is 
    closed in.
    Used by: Rebel Alliance
    Found on: Polis Massa, Utapau, Mygeeto, Felucia, Yavin IV
    Weapons: Lasers, Heavy cannons
    Secondary Seat: 12 Rapid-fire rockets
    Critical Hit: Black cooling tanks on the sides
    Winner of "Best Tank" and "Hardest To Hit Critical Spot" is the AAC-1. 
    The heavy cannons are a bit weaker than the IFT-T's rockets, but faster. 
    Use these, they're good.
    Used by: Empire
    Found on: Hoth, Endor
    Weapons: Lasers, Heavy Cannons
    Secondary Seat: Remote Rockets
    Critical Hit: Box between leg connector wheels.
    This is big and it's pretty good. Use it at every opportunity.
    Like Landers in Space, these serve as mobile CPs. They can't be sliced 
    Used by: Republic
    Found on: Geonosis
    Seat 1: Cannons, heavy cannons
    Seat 2: Beam Cannon
    Seat 3: Repeating blasters (rear)
    Critical Hit: Cylinder below control center
    This is good, but it's slow.
    Used by: Empire
    Found on: Hoth
    Weapons: Lasers, heavy cannons
    Critical Hit: neck
    The BEST walker. It rains down death from the sky, cutting down Rebel 
    infantry and Snowspeeders. Be careful: competent speeder pilots can use 
    the tow cable to bring you down.
    Incom T-47 SnowSpeeder
    Used by: Rebels
    Found on: Hoth
    Weapons: Lasers
    Second Seat: Tow Cable
    Use this to bring down Imperial Walkers. Make sure you have a computer 
    (or a competent human) in the second seat. Fly near the legs of an AT-
    AT. Fire the tow cable at the legs. If it hits, the camera will change. 
    Wrap the legs up with the tow cable to bring the walker down in one 
    12. AUTHOR
    GameFAQs Name: spaceminer93
    This takes its inspiration from a game online called The Space Game. You 
    mine asteroids to collect minerals, which you use to buy mining ships 
    and laser defenses. It's pretty fun, check it out:
    click PLAY, then The Space Game or TSG: Missions.
    I am a resident of North Carolina, I enjoy this game, I enjoy Half-Life 
    2, its episodes, and Portal (best game ever).
    This is my first FAQ. I hope to provide a veritable wealth of knowledge 
    of BF2, as well as provide the reader with an understandable guide 
    through Rise Of The Empire.
    In the event this does not serve its purpose (or you want further tips 
    on BF2), search for the following on YouTube:
    Star Wars Battlefront II Tips & Tricks
    SWBF2 Maps
    SWBF2 Glitches
    Provided you know where to look, you can find it.
    13. FAQ
    Many times, things remain unclear, even with FAQs and Walkthroughs. 
    Questions you (yes, you) may have about this game can be answered right 
    here! Only rule: It cannot have been answered in the walkthrough. For 
    instance, you want to know about maps, which I don't have yet. Just ask!
    This currently contains NO Frequently-Asked-Questions.
    14. LEGAL
    Every guide has (or should have) one of these legal sections. Ya, 
    they're not fun to write, but I gotta do it.
    Me - The Author
    GameFAQS - for hosting this and for being one of my most-visited sites.
    Credit goes to the people who RUN GFAQs and the others.
    Credit goes to the users who wrote FAQs for this game, driving me to 
    write one as well (and to put much effort into it).
    Thanks to Neoseeker and Supercheats for also hosting this guide.
    Thanks to Scott Adams and www.dilbert.com for giving me a daily laugh.
    Thanks to Valve Software for making the HL2 Episode 1 & 2 Soundtrack 
    (which I listen to as I type this).
    Thanks goes to LucasArts and Pandemic for actually making this.
    And credit goes to all those who have helped me so far.
    Star Wars Battlefront II is a registered trademark of LucasArts Ltd.
    And, finally, I just have to do it.
    Mentioned games:
    Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2 Episode 1, Half-Life 2 Episode 2, 
    Portal, and Team Fortress 2 are owned by Valve Software.
    The Space Game and TSG: Missions are copyrighted by the Casual 
    This guide should be found on GameFAQs.com, Neoseeker.com, and 
    SuperCheats.com. No money is to be made off of this in any way.
    If you want it printed out for easy, away-from-computer access, let me 
    (c)2009-Onwards by Sebastian Thomas
    I reserve the right to change this FAQ at will, and to prohibit the use 
    of it.
    Hope you enjoyed it, and if you see it ANYWHERE it's not supposed to be, 
    LET ME KNOW. I know how to take legal action. This also serves as a 
    warning not to copy or distribute this without permission.

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