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NOT a good way to wrap up the series on the Ps2...05/31/06__EmuzMan__
It may be diffrent from the others, but it's still great.05/30/061337_cool_frog
Possibly The Best On-line Mode12/18/06aquzenn
There is no doubt that you will compete, because if you don't well...02/17/11Arcreium
A very decent edition to the series02/27/06avonT
This Game Is More Fun Than A Busload Of Cheerleaders !04/13/06CrunchBandicoot
It's getting better and better!11/09/05Def Freak7
Quite Possibly the Best TPS in the World!11/02/05dyllio
Ratchet: Deadlocked - GamerBoy0's Review08/28/13Eislern
Until you realize you beat the game in 10.5 hours, you'll never hate this game.03/24/06GoldenMagikarp
Ask yourself, what can ridiculously overpowered weapons do for you?02/17/06Gumbercules
Another great game made by Insomniac Games!01/16/06King_Brandon
A honest and unbiased review by a die hard Ratchet and Clank fan11/21/05kutay1
Ratchet: Deadlock. Is it keeping up it's action packed goodness?05/11/06MarioAllStars
Anyone that thought Ratchet was retired after Up Your Arsenal was sadly mistaken.10/23/06Megaman1981
More of a shooter than a platformer, but it's still a blast to play!06/16/08MetalIceWolf
Yay! Fun Games are fun!12/10/05Ocelot529
Not the best, yet not the worst...01/31/11PickLink
Not as best as the last games, but it's OK09/11/06PS2gamer234
Good, but doesnt feel as complete as the others01/16/06RatchetRule
A Terrific Game for the High of Standards01/26/09Shadowfang1992
Decent game, but ultimately a let-down05/17/07silentbobus
Not the best in the series but close03/13/06wschampnny

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