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"Until you realize you beat the game in 10.5 hours, you'll never hate this game."

Ratchet and of the best duos in the history of all video games. They've had three misadventures so far, all of them the best platformers I have ever played. And with Ratchet:Deadlocked, this will make four. Although failing to remove Up Your Arsenal from First Place, this game makes a decent Second Place game in the series.

Gameplay: 8/10
The Gameplay is absoulutely fantastic. You thought Gadgetron missed the concept of Overkill? Vox Industries blows the roof off destructive power. You have a dual pistol arrangment with a high refire rate (Ala the N90-Hurricane), a bomb launcher, a mine launhcher, and a few new missile launchers (including a weapon so powerful, the RYNO and Apocalator shudder in fear!). The number of weapons is disappointing, but the Alpha and Omega mods make up for it. You get classics like Acid and Shock, some that came in the form of a weapon like the Mini-Bomb (Bouncer) and Morphing (Quack-O-Ray), and a few brand new ones. The weapons also grow to level 99 in Challenge mode.

The gameplay aside from the weapons is appealing. You have 11 planets and 12 areas to traverse, done in unique detail and very fun. The downside is the repetition. All of your misions are vehicle, node, hacker, arena, or a combination of them. A few unique missions are hidden there, but not numerous enough to list.

Story: 5/10 you get kidnapped and brought to a place called Dreadzone Station (ala Annihilation Nation) by a man named Gleeman Vox. If you choose not to play, your team of yourself, Clank, and Al will be "terminated". the story does not advance much. Play 2-3 planets, beat boss #X, etc, a few movies thrown in with minor plot advances, and you face Gleeman Vox himself. You can choose not to even pay attention to the story if you don't want to.

Graphics: 9/10
The only thing I miss is the bright cheery atmosphere of UYA and GC. Otherwise, the graphics have been upped. Weapons are perfectly detailed, and look even deadlier when upgraded. Landscapes have been smoothed, and made graphically better. There are few slowdowns, mostly caused by a vast number of explosions and enemies onscreen at once. The Quick Select Screen, Menus, and characters have all been given a much-needed face lift. And all of the enemies are depicted in stunning detail and look very good for the environments they live in.

Audio: 7/10
The Humor in this game is slightly less funny than previous games. For starters, only 2 characters (Al and Clank) have made major appearances in the game. (Some players make cameos such as Quark and Sasha.) The jokes are also boring and repetitive. Some of the ones between the hosts of Dreadzone are mildly funny. The VAs are much better in this game, and Ratchet becomes a little moe badass. The music is simply intolerable. However, the sound effects are realistic. the weapon rounds leave stunningly accurate firing sounds and you can hear bullet shells hit the ground, especially on the Magma Cannon and Dual Vipers, the two weapons you start with.

Replay Value: 10/10
The game has a rather short playthrough. Anywhere from 6-15 hrs for an average player will take you into Challenge Mode. Challenge mode wields a lot of bolts (You can easily rack up enough to buy a few Mega Weapons by Sarathos!) and there are new challenges called Exterminator cards. Players who finish quickly may also want to play through again as well.

Difficulty/Fun: 8/10
Another high score. You can set your own difficulty level each time you load your save file. You can adjust it as you play and move up, or gauge your skill and choose a level to play at. The game itself, even on the highest level Exterminator (which is only unlocked in Challenge Mode) is not that hard, especially early on. None of the bosses are as tough as the boss of UYA,; even Gleeman Vox can be taken down from 15 minutes to half-an hour.

The game is definitely fun; I recommend buying it last, even though the story does not really continue from UYA.

Overall Score: 7/10
Buy/Rent/Break in half: Definitely Buy if you're hardcore Ratchet. Notice I didn't say Clank. Unfortunately, our little buddy doesn't fight in this game. Nonetheless, it's a great Buy. If you're not sure, Rent it.


Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 03/24/06

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