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    Boss FAQ by DakotaKH2

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/20/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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                               HONOR AMONG THIEVES
    -----Boss FAQ------------by DakotaKH2-------created October 8, 2005-----------
     Welcome to my second FAQ!! I've worked extremely hard on this Boss FAQ, and
     it's copyright 2005 DakotaKH2.
     Table of Contents
     To quickly find what you want, press CTRL + F to bring up "Find". Copy the
     characters in brackets into the space.
     I. Intro-------------------------------------------[sc3:i]
     II. Version History--------------------------------[sc3:vh]
     III. Copyright and Contact Info--------------------[sc3:cci]
     IV. Controls---------------------------------------[sc3:cont]
     V. Walkthrough-------------------------------------[sc3:w]
        A. Dr. M's Giant Beast #1
        B. Otto Octavio
        C. Mask-powered Dingo
        D. Mask-powered Carmelita
        E. Muggshot #1
        F. Muggshot #2
        G. Black Baron's Plane
        H. Black Baron
        I. Panda King
        J. General Tsao
        K. Chinese Dragon
        L. Crusher
        M. LeFwee
        N. Dr. M's Giant Beast #2
        O. Dr. M's Viperfish
        P. Dr. M's Whale-fly
        Q. Dr. M's Spider-------------------------------[sc3:w:b17]
     VI. Frequently Asked Questions---------------------[sc3:faq]
     VII. Conclusion------------------------------------[sc3:conc]
     VIII. Credits--------------------------------------[sc3:cr]
     I. Intro [sc3:i]
     Glad to see everybody's here! Introducing......the Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves
     Boss FAQ! I hope you find this masterpiece (yeah, right) useful during this
     awesome Sly game! Don't think for one teeny tiny second that this will be a
     boring piece of work *yawn*. I can crack a few jokes in this FAQ, you know.
     Okay? Let's get started with this masterpiece!!
     But first, the boring junk. Hahahahahaha!!!
     II. Version History [sc3:vh]
     You're still here? I thought you'd be at the walkthrough part. Oh well, no
     escape now. Ahem. I mean...please please please read my version history don't
     10/08/05 -- Version 1.0 -- the first version! I completed the FAQ, but I
                                still need questions from you guys
     III. Copyright and Contact Info [sc3:cci]
     Ok, now I'm just shocked that you're still here. People, this is the boring
     Copyright and Contact Info section!! Okay, I guess if you wanna stay, you can
     stay, all right?
     This guide is MY work and it is not, under ANY circumstances, to be taken
     credit of. You MUST email me for permission to post this document on your
     site. I send my updates to Gamefaqs and Gamefaqs ONLY. This guide must NOT be
     changed or altered in absolutely ANY way, and I MUST get credit. Claiming it
     as your own is prohibited by law. This document is copyright 2005 DakotaKH2. 
     My email address is dakotafuzz@gmail.com. Do NOT send me garbage or I will
     IGNORE you.
     Thank you.
     IV. Controls [sc3:cont]
     Are you done crying? Well, get a Kleenex.
     Yes, yes, I know. "Why is there a control section in a Boss FAQ?" Well, my
     friend, you have to know these controls to beat these bosses!
     NOTE: I'm only explaining the "boss-useful" moves of the characters.
     Left Analog Stick (softly, normal)------------Move slooooow, move normal
     Right Analog Stick----------------------------Camera
     R1 button-------------------------------------hold down and move to run
     L1, L2, R2------------------------------------gadgets
     Start-----------------------------------------in-game menu/pause
     Select----------------------------------------gadget menu 
     X button--------------------------------------Jump
     X,X button------------------------------------Double Jump
     Square button---------------------------------Cane Swing
     Circle button---------------------------------Thief Moves (on blue sparkles)
     Triangle button-------------------------------Charge up
     Tri, Squ--------------------------------------Spin Attack Lvl. 1, 2, 3
     Tri, Cir--------------------------------------Push Attack Lvl. 1, 2, 3
     Tri, X----------------------------------------Jump Attack Lvl. 1, 2, 3
     X, Squ----------------------------------------Overhead Smash
     X, Tri----------------------------------------Dive Spin
     X button--------------------------------------Jump
     X,X button------------------------------------Double Jump
     Square button---------------------------------Punch
     X, Tri or Squ---------------------------------Thunder Flop
     Triangle button-------------------------------Uppercut
     X button--------------------------------------Jump
     X,X button------------------------------------Double Jump
     X,X,X button----------------------------------Afterburner Jump
     Square button---------------------------------Wheelchair Spin
     Triangle button-------------------------------Drop bomb
     X button--------------------------------------Jump
     X,X button------------------------------------Double Jump
     Circle button---------------------------------Mega Jump (hold, release)
     Triangle button-------------------------------Toggle modes
     R1 button-------------------------------------fire Shock Pistol
     Square button---------------------------------Kick
     (other charcters engaged in Boss battles will be explained later)
     V. Walkthrough [sc3:w]
     Oh yeah! It's walthrough time! Let's get this show on the road: Sly Cooper
     V.A. Boss #1: Dr. M's Giant Beast #1
     Character: Sly Cooper
      Hmmmm the first boss of the game, eh? I have ten, count 'em, TEN words for
     ya: This is the easiest boss in the history of gaming. It isn't even a boss,
     really! He dies in like, two hits! Just smack that ugly baboon while dogding
     his even uglier friend's attacks, and you'll kill that thing lickity-split.
     Lickity-split I say!
     A plan to put in an "Otto Octavio Boat Fight" boss strategy soon. Keep watch!
     V.B. Boss #2: Otto Octavio AKA Opera Kinnnnng
     Character: "The Murray" (okaaaay)
      Ok, THIS is the first real boss. You'll need to use Otto's evil tar to your
     advantage; the opera star is just too agile for Murray's punches. First, you
     gotta touch the tar spout in the middle of the arena. Now we can fight this
     guy! When he's not in the tar, he has this killer punch attack. But when he's
     in the tar, he can uppercut you, and jump in the tar to make "death waves" or
     something. You have to get some good blows in, while dodging his own blows.
     After a while, the tar valve will empty, so wait for Sly to start up another.
     Then just touch the spout and start again.
     While on the third valve in the first arena, after a couple of punches Sly
     will tell you to follow him to another set of valves. Run from the psychotic
     opera singer! Get to the new arena, and Otto will introduce his new attack.
     He'll start singing, and pink circles will come out of his throat (that's
     music, by the way). Dodge those sound waves! Get him in the tar, and after a
     couple of punches, thunder flops, and bad singing, Otto will be defeated!!!
     "The Murray" triumphs over music!
     V.C. Boss #3: Mask-powered Dingo
     Character: Sly the sly thief from a long line of thieves that stole stuff....
      What the?! That Mask of Dark Earth is annoying! Anyway, if you're wondering
     how to beat this guy, I'll tell you. As you may have noticed, he cannot be
     harmed while...er....conscious. That's where your pals come in! Bentley will
     use his bombs and Murray will use barrels. First things first: run!!!! Wait
     until Bentley announces that he set up his bomb, then carefully lead the
     dingo to the radius of the bomb's explosion. Um, "boom"? The dingo should be
     stunned now, so smack him with your cane until he's back in action.
     Now it's Murray's turn. Lure the idiotic Austrailian miner to Murray's
     position. The hippo will throw a barrel at the dingo. Smack him with your
     cane. Rinse, lather, repeat. Bentley bombs, Murray throws, etc, etc, ETC!
     Soon, the dingo-rific dingo will die, and the mask will get away. Again.
     That's just plain great.
     Well, you conquered the lemonade bar, how does that make you feel?
     V.D. Boss #4: Mask-powered Carmelita (oh that's just charming)
     Character: Sly on the Crane
      Awesome. We're attacking Giant Mask-powered "Carme-large-a". The battle is 
     pretty straightforward: pick up the dynamite barrels she throws with the 
     crane (X button), and throw them at her (circle button). Here's the catch: 
     the barrels blow up pretty fast, and sometimes it's just too tough to grab 
     the blasted barrel. Well, the big truck has health too, and ya can't let that
     drain. All you have to do is pick up the barrel, and wing it. Ok? Ok. Easy.
     V.E. Boss #5: Muggshot #1
     Character: Sly Cooooooper Crisp (yes, I know: corny)
      Ahh....remember good ol' Muggshot from the first Sly game? Anyway, back to
     work. This fight isn't hard at all. All that stupid dog does is stand in the
     doorway, only attacking you if you get too close. And yes, he still stays in
     the doorway after the...thing hits him (stupid, brainless idiot). Anyway, the
     only threat here are the waves of guards. What you have to do is press the
     button by the hangar doorway. You know there's a catch, right? Of course
     there is, you guessed correctly. The thingy that the button activates has to 
     recharge. So you have to destroy the guards if you want to live. Hahahahaha.
     But, this guy is pretty easy, don't worry. He'll be gone by the time you can
     say "California and New York".
     Ready? Set? Go. "California and New York". Wow, I was wrong.
     V.F. Boss #6: Muggshot #2
     Character: Carmelita (yay)
      Hmmm I guess we gotta fight this ugly mutt again. Oh well. Muggshot has two
     attacks: his gun and dynamite. This battle ain't too hard; you just gotta
     shoot and dodge, shoot and dodge. Mega Jump comes in handy here. Jump over
     Muggshot's bullets, and then shoot him. You could shoot him from a roof, too.
     This battle isn't hard at all. Once you've whittled down the last of the dumb
     dog's health, Carmelita will bring him to justice.
     V.G. Boss #7: Black Baron's Plane
     Character: Sly in his bi-plane
      Awesome! A plane boss battle! If you can't find the blasted plane, just look
     for a big black one. Once you find it, just start chasing and shooting. The
     other planes become annoying if you're on the Baron's tail. Remember to pick
     up bullets under the bridges. There isn't much to say about this one except
     to stay focused on the Baron.
     Focus is the key to the door of winning the battle which brings you one step
     closer to accomplishing your goal to beat this gem of a game. Peace.
     V.H. Boss #8: Black Baron
     Character: Sly
      This was one of the hardest battles for me and I have no idea why. The Black
     Baron has three attacks in stage one (before he calls in his guards): Punch,
     Uppercut, and Leap. The safest time to strike is after he does an uppercut
     (see how he pauses after the uppercut). You could also move around him like a
     boxer and swing time after time. Or you could play it safe and run around
     until he uppercuts. After some combos on him, he'll hang off the side of the
     wing and call his guards. Run up to the guards and knock 'em off the side of
     the wing. Make sure to dodge the gasoline to avoid...er....being set aflame.
     After all the freak-pigs are gone, stage two begins. The Baron has a new
     attack (oh, great). He will jump up and down to shake the wing. This damages
     you and it can knock you off the wing. Punch Baron more and the piggies will
     come again.
     After the last little piggy cried his way home, stage three begins. Here, the
     pigs come out while the Black Baron beats on you. Yikes. Luckily, they can
     hurt each other. Watch the little hogs fly over the edge when the Baron hops.
     Hahaha. After some intense boxing, the Baron will be defeated.
     You have GOT to see what happens with the Baron.........
     V.I. Boss #9: Panda King
     Character: Sly's mind-self (huh?)
      This is the exact same battle with the Panda King in the first Sly game,
     except you don't die in one hit here, and Sly's face is less deformed.
     First, you have to make your way up to the center of the arena where the
     Panda King is, dodging fireballs along the way. When you get there, dodge his
     Flame-Fu attacks: Fiery Wheel, Palms of Thunder, and Booming Chop. This guy
     is just too awesome. Jump over his Fiery Wheel, jump to the side of his Palms
     of Thunder and for his Booming Chop. You don't even have to finish him off;
     he'll just belly boom you back and it's over.
     What an awesome panda.
     V.J. Boss #10: General Tsao
     Character: Sly
     Strategy: Part 1:
      This fight is awesome!! It's matrix-style is just too plain cool. Here's the
     situation: you can jump alllll the way across the treetop arena, and you can
     jump again (double jump) to change direction. Make it so that Tsao is exactly
     opposite you when he begins blasting. Jump about one stick to the left or to
     the right. When he starts jumping toward where you were, go at him at that
     angle. Then hit him in midair. You could also jump to the left or right and
     jump at him while he's shooting his last bullets. Then double jump toward him
     at that funky angle. Pick the angle that works for you, and he'll go down in
     no time.
     Part 2:
      This battle is pretty annoying. This time you're on the ground with all the
     bamboo, and there is no matrix-style of movement. Tsao will spin his shield
     horizontally and vertically. The vertical spin is the worst, because he'll
     hurt you if you hit him from the front. Three words: push attacks rule! I
     had level 1 push and it did more damage than my level 3 spin. Just make sure
     not to destroy too many bamboo shoots, you'll need them for when Tsao summons
     zombie hands to chase you from underground, and when he summons a dragon head
     to chase you. That dragon will even go up the trees! After some push attacks
     and cane swipes, Tsao will fall.
     Tsao's black magic was no match for a Cooper!
     V.K. Boss #11: Chinese Dragon
     Character: Sly.....again
      This is an interesting battle. The dragon is flying above China, and to get
     up to him, you need to grab onto fireworks, which are found at the waypoints.
     The good thing is that you can find guards on the ground to get health
     pickups. Anyway, fly up to the dragon and spire jump to one of its spines.
     Jump on each spine leading up to the head, while dodging the fire it spews.
     Once you're on the spine closest to the head, smack its face when it turns
     around. Watch out for its flamin' tongue and its claw swipe. After some blows
     at its ugly face, it'll shake you off its back. Down, down, down you go onto
     the ground. Find another firework and blast off! Jump onto its spines and
     repeat the process of smacking its nasty face and dodging its combusted
     tongue. Remember to kill guards for health pickups when needed. After the
     dragon bites the dust, Penelope is safe.
     Dragons are cooler than Bentley.
     V.L. Boss #12: Crusher
     Character: Panda King, then Sly
      Awesome, we're fighting a sea monster! Anyway, load up Panda King's fire-
     works (L1 button) and fire at Crusher's tentacle (aim at target by looking at 
     it, wait until red bar is full, then release L1). Tentacle after tentacle
     will come; make sure to kill it before it smashes you. After a few tentacles,
     Crusher's face will appear. Load fireworks while dodging the fireballs, then
     let the fireworks loose. Repeat this until Crusher begins putting tentacles
     on the two sides of the ship. Oh no! You have to make sure the tentacles
     don't tip the ship over. Do this by making sure there aren't too many tenta-
     cles on one side. Remember that you can target more than one enemy. After 
     the tentacles are done trying to drown you, Crusher's face will appear again, 
     along with two tentacles that come back after you kill them. Defeat Crusher's
     face again to end Panda King's turn.
     Sly's up. Crusher sends fireballs down behind Sly to make a "wall". What you
     have to do is dodge Crusher's tentacle slams and then whack them to make them
     stick. Three stuck tentacles will make Crusher come in very close to help
     itself. Fire a cannon right onto his face!! Hahahaha!! Uh-oh, now the sea
     monster is sending fireballs to your area. This time you gotta smack four of
     Crusher's tentacles. BOOM! Cannon in the face; hahahahahaha!! Now you gotta
     smack FIVE tentacles while dodging fireball after fireball and the tentacles.
     Oh my...... Anyway, after his head comes back, blast a cannon on him to teach
     him a lesson. A very violent lesson, that is.
     Very violent indeed.
     V.M. Boss #13: LeFwee
     Character: Penelope (hahaha)
      This....battle......is.......awesome!!!!!!! This battle is a pirate duel
     between Penelope and LeFwee, the smartest man on the seven seas. To win this
     duel, you have to know these things: when LeFwee looks like he's attacking
     high, duck (circle button or down on the left analog stick). Just hold down
     the stick or the button to stay ducking. When he's gonna attack low, jump 
     (X button or up on the stick). To stay jumping, KEEP TAPPING the button or
     the stick. When he holds his sword high while taking a pause, attack low
     (square). When he's holding his sword low while taking a pause, attack high
     (triangle). Just follow those rules while trying to knock him overboard. You
     have no health bar, and neither does he. You have to hit him to get him
     closer toward the water, and he does the same to you.
     There are three stages. The first two he only uses one move (high/low), and
     the third is mixed. Be patient and you can knock LeFwee overboard!
     Take that, Smart Man!!
     V.N. Boss #14: Dr. M's Giant Beast #2
     Character: Carmelita
      Wow, Carmelita is actually fighting to save Sly (by the way, Sly is trapped
     in the beast's hand). This battle is actually fun. First stage: you're on
     your crew's boat. Your crew is going after the beast.....and they're getting
     killed. Dodge your crew as they hurtle toward you, while shooting the beast.
     After a while, platforms will allow you to move to stage two. This time, Dr.
     M's goons are there with you in that tiny battle zone. On the bright side,
     they drop health pickups. Shoot the beast some more until you have access to
     stage three.
     Move on the stage three, and shoot the beast until Dr. M decides to come over
     to you. Dodge his attacks and shoot him until he dies (well, the beast dies,
     not the baboon).
     Heh. An evil baboon.
     V.O. Boss #15: Dr. M's Viperfish
     Character: Dimitri, cool
      Cool, an underwater battle with Dimitri. In case you don't know the controls
     (and you should, you played as Dimitri before), they are: X is down, square
     is left, triangle is up, circle is right. As you may have figured out by now,
     the target is Dr. M, in that lightbulb thing on the fish. Shoot him with the
     spear gun. The hard part is dodging the disk-beam things. What the fish does
     is shoot out disks. Pay attention to the angle, because the beam comes out of
     the side, surrounding it. You kinda wanna not be in the beam that blasts out
     of the sides. Sometimes he starts to suck you into the mouth. Stop this by
     shooting Dr. M until the fish starts sucking you in. Soon, tentacles will
     come out from under the fish. These hurt you a little I think. Continue
     spearing the baboon until the fish pulls out guns (nice). These will fire
     harmful green beams after charging, so watch out. Keep on shooting Dr. M
     until he retreats.......with Sly's cane.
     Well, at least we conquer the water.
     V.P. Boss #16: Dr. M's Whale-fly
     Character: Sly in his bi-plane
      This fight is pretty fun, actually. Catch up to Dr. M, who's in the back of
     the whale-fly, and blast him. Remember to lock-on to the missle launchers to
     destroy them, or you can just dodge the missles (it's possible). Soon, Dr.
     M wants to see you "dance" through his deathtrap. He'll shoot green patterns
     out of the back of the whale-fly, and you have to swerve around the green.
     Then you gotta get a good shot when you're close enough. It is not as easy as
     it sounds, people. You could risk some health and just go up and shoot, not
     worrying about the green (I did that). After he gets hit enough, he'll go
     back to throwing missle launchers, but there's more (uh-oh). Continue to hurt
     the baboon until he sends out another dance pattern. This one was easier for
     me, but you can just risk health again if you feel you should. After enough
     bullets on his baboony body, he'll be done.
     Baboony body......haha.
     V.Q. Boss #17 AKA Final Boss: Dr. M's Spider
     Character: Sly Cooper
      I hate you, baboon! Here we are, the final battle. Dr. M is shooting 
     fireball while fying. Jump onto the laser wires and hook onto the spider's 
     legs. You and baboon-dude will be on the main platform. He'll jump up and 
     shoot a laser from his forcefield. Hide under the vehicle! Dr. M will blow it
     up, leaving you safe. His first element is water. He will shoot a water 
     bubble that follows you, and will trap you in it for a moment and it'll hurt.
     He also jumps around and does other physical moves. Push attacks work well 
     here. If he knocks you over to the lasers, land on them to save yourself. He
     shoots fireballs while you're on the lasers.
     When he goes back to flying, hook onto him again and hide under the vehicle.
     Now his element is electric. He shoots electric balls that you can lose by
     jumping on the wires; they'll fall. He slides and electric goo is spread
     behind him. Attack him until he goes back to flying.
     After you get him down, and after you hide under the vehicle, you'll see that
     Dr. M's last element is fire. He will shoot fireballs, do fiery slides, and
     all this fiery stuff. After some tough battling, you'll beat hi- wha?!
     Carmelita?? Oh well. Finish off that baboon fool with the shock pistol.
     Congratulations! You beat Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves! Now get outside, get
     some exercise. Okay? Okay.
     VI. Frequently Asked Questions [sc3:faq]
     Here is where you guys send in questions. Send. I put. Got it?
      Question sent in by Samson R:
     Q. I am at the last boss of the game and it said that I have 52% of the game
        finished. Why????
     A. The reason for your low percentage is because you have to complete the
        master challenges. To get to these, select an episode and select "Jobs
        and Challenges". You will see some challenges to do, and some are pretty
        tricky. Good luck!
     VII. Conclusion [sc3:conc]
     Well, this is the end. I hope my FAQ helped you beat all these bosses.
     See you guys in my future guides!
                 -Vinnie (DakotaKH2)
     VIII. Credits [sc3:cr]
     All of these people really deserve to be here. Thanks guys!
     Me- for writing this masterpiece 
     CjayC- for creating an awesome site
     Sucker Punch- for creating an awesome game
     My Mom- for getting this for me as a gift
     You- for reading this masterpiece
     I hope reading this entertained and helped you! Bye bye now!
     Copyright 2005 DakotaKH2

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