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    FAQ/Walkthrough by sparksmf

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                              Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves
                             Copyright 2005, Sucker Punch
                            Walkthrough and Strategy Guide
                       Written by: sparksmf (sparksmf@yahoo.com)
    000 - Version History
    010 - Introduction
            011 - Beginning Statement From Me
            012 - Different Things About Sly 3
            013 - A Word About 3-D Glasses
    020 - Characters Of The Game
    030 - Controls
            031 - Basics
            032 - Sly
            033 - Bentley
            034 - Murray
            035 - The Guru
            036 - Penelope
            037 - Panda King
            038 - Dimitri
            039 - Carmelita
    040 - Items
    050 - Safe House, Missions, & ThiefNet
    100 - Beginning Of The End
            101 - The Cooper Vault
            102 - Hazard Room
    200 - Episode One: An Opera Of Fear
            201 - Police HQ
            202 - Hazard Room
            203 - Octavio Snap
            204 - Into The Depths
            205 - Canal Chase
            206 - Turf War!
            207 - Tar Ball
            208 - Run 'N Bomb
            209 - Guard Duty
            210 - Operation: Tar Be Gone!
    300 - Episode Two: Rumble Down Under
            301 - Hazard Room
            302 - Search For The Guru
            303 - Spelunking
            304 - Dark Caves
            305 - Big Truck
            306 - Unleash The Guru
            307 - The Claw
            308 - Lemon Rage
            309 - Hungry Croc
            310 - Operation: Moon Crash
    400 - Episode Three: Flight Of Fancy
            401 - Hidden Flight Roster
            402 - Frame Team Belgium
            403 - Frame Team Iceland
            404 - Cooper Hangar Denfense
            405 - ACES Semifinals
            406 - Giant Wolf Massacre
            407 - Beauty And The Beast
            408 - Windmill Firewall
            409 - Operation: Turbo Dominant Eagle
    500 - Episode Four: A Cold Alliance
            501 - King Of Fire
            502 - Get A Job
            503 - Tearful Reunion
            504 - Grapple-Cam Break-In
            505 - Laptop Retrieval
            506 - Vampiric Demise
            507 - Down The Line
            508 - A Battery Of Peril
            509 - Operation: Wedding Crasher
    600 - Episode Five: Dead Men Tell No Tales
            601 - The Talk Of Pirates
            602 - Dynamic Duo
            603 - Jollyboat Of Destruction
            604 - X Marks The Spot
            605 - Crusher From The Depths
            606 - Deep Sea Danger
            607 - Battle On The High Seas
            608 - Operation: Reverse Double-Cross
    700 - Episode Six: Honor Among Thieves
            701 - Carmelita To The Rescue
            702 - A Deadly Bite
            703 - The Dark Current
            704 - Bump-Charge-Jump
            705 - Danger In The Skies
            706 - Honor Among Thieves
            707 - Stand Your Ground
            708 - Final Legacy
    800 - Master Thief Challenges (100% Completion)
            801 - Canal Chase - Expert Course
            802 - Air Time
            803 - Tower Scramble
            804 - Coin Chase
            805 - Speed Bombing
            806 - Octavio Canal Challenge
            807 - Octavio's Last Stand
            808 - Venice Treasure Hunt
            809 - Rock Run
            810 - Cave Sprint
            811 - Cave Mayhem
            812 - Scaling The Drill
            813 - Guard Swappin'
            814 - Quick Claw
            815 - Pressure Brawl
            816 - Crocs And Coins
            817 - Carmelita Climb
            818 - Outback Treasure Hunt
            819 - Castle Quick Climb
            820 - Muggshot Goon Attack
            821 - Security Breach
            822 - Defend The Hangar
            823 - Precision Air Duel
            824 - Wolf Rampage
            825 - One Woman Army
            826 - Going Out On A Wing
            827 - Holland Treasure Hunt
            828 - Big Air In China
            829 - Sharpshooter
            830 - Treetop Tangle
            831 - Tsao Showdown
            832 - China Treasure Hunt
            833 - Patch Grab
            834 - Stealth Challenge
            835 - Boat Bash
            836 - Last Ship
            837 - Pirate Treasure Hunt
            838 - Beauty Versus The Beast
            839 - Road Rage
            840 - Dr. M Dogfight
            841 - Ultimate Gauntlet
            842 - Battle Against Time
    900 - Multiplayer
            901 - Cops And Robbers
            902 - Hackathon
            903 - Biplane Duel
            904 - Galleon Duel
    060 - Ultimate Thieving
            061 - Pickpocket Objects
            062 - Extra Thief Abilities
            063 - General Tips
    070 - Codes And Unlockables
    080 - FAQs For Sly 3
    090 - Conclusions
            091 - Final Review
            092 - Contact Info
            093 - Credits
            094 - Disclaimer/Legal Stuff
                                 000 - Version History
    0.10 - Covered the very bare skeleton of this guide.
    0.20 - Completed the first episode.
    0.30 - Typed up all of the second episode.
    0.40 - Finished typing up the third episode, added FAQs.
    0.50 - Added the fourth episode, included more FAQs.
    0.65 - Successfully finished the controls section and the fifth episode.
    0.80 - Wow that took way longer than I had hoped. Typed walkthrough & credits.
    0.83 - Completed 1/3 of the challenges section. Yes, that whole thing is 1/3.
    0.86 - Finished another third of challenges, thanks to my whole two days off.
    0.90 - Added Codes/Unlockables section, updated FAQs/Credits/Challenges.
    Final - Typed up Final Review, Ultimate Thieving, and Multiplayer sections.
                                   010 - Introduction
    011 - Beginning Statement From Me
    Welcome back everyone, to my third Sly Cooper guide. I correctly predicted that 
    a third game would be made, and so here I am. Sucker Punch had me when I first 
    jumped over that fence approaching Tide of Terror. Anyway, Sly has changed much 
    since those days, for good and for bad. I welcome most of these changes, but I 
    also miss some of the old things they took out.
    In this game, Sly has discovered that there is a secret family vault hidden on 
    an island within the Southern Pacific area. Unfortunately it has already been 
    taken over by someone with the deed to the land. With air-tight security it'll 
    take more than Bentley and Murray's help to gain access within the walls. Thus 
    your quest in this game is to gather help in preparation of taking back control 
    of the Cooper family vault.
    I must immediately make it clear to all that this walkthrough will have some 
    major spoilers in it, so watch where you look.
    That said, let's get on with the rest already...
    012 - Different Things About Sly 3
     - New playable characters: Yep, your gang expands throughout the game to add 
       helpful new abilities for Sly. The three have always done things with only 
       each other, but this time, they have no choice but to reach out.
     - Bentley and Murray have new abilities: Now that Bentley is in a wheelchair 
       and Murray has trained far away, they both can do some new stuff. Murray can 
       roll into a ball and bounce around. Bentley can jump even higher than before
       from the previous games, and both can finally pickpocket! Yay!
     - No vaults, hidden loot, or clue bottles!: I almost cried when I discovered 
       this while playing the game. Not really. It's hard to imagine a Sly game 
       without the trademark clue bottles, but there it is. No more of them.
     - Carmelita has a new voice actress: Oh boy, here we go again. Yes, just like 
       Sly 3's predecessor, Carmelita's voice has changed in a glaringly-obvious 
       way. At least it's not as bad as the one from Sly 2...
     - Art decryption and safe combinations: Another neat thing Bentley can do is 
       scan a portrait and spot the code for the safe. Sly can also listen to the 
       vibrations that go off when he lands on a correct number before breaking 
       into a vault with a dial.
     - Tougher enemies and bosses: Holy crap the battles in this game are a million 
       times harder. The regular enemies have a lot more health and the bosses will 
       often have more than one stage. The guards are just as stupid though, heh.
     - Two Player Mode: Yay? Two people can now play at once? Personally I wish 
       that the creators didn't add this in, because it's not very in-depth and an 
       extra episode or two could've been added instead.
     - The Chaos Room: Bentley has devised a room that will allow the player to 
       experience different character's abilities. Good for players new to the Sly 
       video game series.
     - 3-D Glasses: In certain areas you can put on a pair of 3-D glasses to see 
       the effects of it. Sly looks a  bit funny with them on, I must admit, but 
       don't worry--they are purely optional.
     - Mission Replay: Hooray! My one complaint about Sly 2. Now you can replay a 
       single mission that you previously finished. Thus the replay value of this 
       game shoots up, as you can do stuff over again with new abilities.
     - Thought Bubbles: Awesome! You can now pick and choose what Sly or any other 
       character can say in a certain situation. Pick the right thing to the person 
       you're talking to happy, and the wrong thing to make them...well, unhappy.
     - USB Headset: When this option is on, all Binocucom dialog will be heard 
       through your headset that you wear, and nothing else. Pretty neat feature, 
       another one that is purely optional.
     - Disguise: There were a few missions the characters needed a disguise for in 
       the previous Sly game, but this time it's much more developed, including the 
       ability to speak the 'password' when confronting a guard.
    013 - A Word About 3-D Glasses
    Right, so, when you reach Venice, Bentley will eventually mention his latest 
    gadget for Sly--a pair of blue and red goggles. Then the screen will cut away 
    and mention to you that there is a pair within the manual that you can take out 
    to use. So you open up your manual, and sure enough, it's there.
    Now, understand this. At first I wasn't sure if it was my TV or what, but from 
    what I have read, the 3-D mode doesn't really do THAT MUCH to make things pop 
    out at you. Usually it's more of an inconvenience than anything else. Still, 
    you should give props to Sucker Punch for trying. Personally, I noticed next to 
    zero difference when using the 3-D mode. At any rate, don't worry if things 
    look pretty much the same when in this mode.
                              020 - Characters Of The Game
    Sly Cooper - The Thief: He's your main character! Well, the leader of the group 
    at any rate. Sly is your climbing expert (they all specialize in something). He 
    is also one of the best fighters, mainly because he can hold his own in both a 
    straight-on fight or through the sneaky way. Also the best at running away. Sly 
    is extremely agile, so use that to your advantage.
    Bentley - The Brains: This little turtle has changed a lot over the games. Now 
    he is no longer afraid to go outside the Safe House and complete a mission (or 
    seemingly, at least). He'll pump an enemy full of sleeping formula or blow them 
    up sky-high. As an added twist, Bentley must use a wheelchair in this game to 
    successfully get around.
    Murray - The Brawn: Yep, your basic muscle guy. Murray feels guilty over what 
    happened to Bentley in the last game, for some reason. So, he has taken off to 
    go train halfway around the globe. Murray also has an obsession (to put it very 
    lightly) about smashing and destroying stuff, and just general destruction. Use 
    his abilities to their full potential.
    The Guru - The, uh...Guru: Your first new character that will join the team. It 
    is a bit of a stretch about how you meet him (Murray trains with him for some 
    reason...) but he has two cool abilities. The first is that he can jump onto an 
    enemy and take control of their mind. The second is that he can transform into 
    an object that will be passed by the enemy's eye. Very handy. He also talks in 
    gibberish. They understand what he's saying, for some reason.
    Penelope - The Pilot: Yay! A lady! Finally! You never actually play her as a 
    character on the field. However, she will use her RC chopper and car to get the 
    job done. Her voice is really high and annoying, but you still need her help in 
    the game to complete certain areas. When she finds out that Bentley isn't the 
    macho-man that he said he was, she sets her sights on Sly, hehe. Or does she?
    Panda King - The Destructor: A strange ally to the Sly team. Remember in Sly 1, 
    and how he was your cold-hearted enemy and stuff? Well apparently Sucker Punch 
    is running out of ideas or something, so the Panda King turns out to be one of 
    Bentley's recruitments. He can target different things and shoot out fireworks 
    for a big explosion. Don't mess with him!!
    Dimitri - The Diver: See previous first sentences. Another ex-boss from Sly 2. 
    He is sooo weird. Who would've thought one day Dimitri would be helping you? I 
    dunno, I think Sucker Punch made his alliance even more of a stretch than the 
    Panda King in this game. Bah. Basically you will control him for all undersea 
    activity, since he can dive underwater and look for stuff. Yeah.
    Inspector Carmelita Montoya Fox: Her voice oddly changed again! Yay! In this 
    game, you can play her as a full-time character in some areas with her shock 
    pistol thing. You can also play her in the two-player mode.
    McSweeny: A really brief character. He's the one that tips Sly off to the idea 
    that there is a hidden Cooper family vault somewhere. He once worked with Sly's 
    father, back in the day.
    Dr. M: This is the owner of the island that the Cooper family vault is on. He 
    is very vicious and obviously holds a grudge against the Cooper clan. What was 
    it that happened in his past to lead him here?
    Don Octavio: *Almost* as weird as Dimitri. This guy runs a gang in Venice after 
    being rejected by the Opera. Loves to sing, obviously. He is a lion you don't 
    want to cross paths with, unless you wish to hear him sing...
    The Black Baron: An interesting character. Doesn't really seem like a 'baddie' 
    while you are in his area--in fact, he tries his hardest to make things fair. 
    What animal is he supposed to be, anyway?
    General Tsao: Has a thing for clans, and for some reason, the Panda King's only 
    daughter. In fact, he kidnapped her to marry. He is probably the most arrogant 
    of the Sly 3 bosses, which is not easy to do!
    Captain LeFwee: Arr, I need to type like a pirate while giving his bio, arrr. 
    He's a mean parrot that is confident in his intelligence, arr. He commands an 
    elite fleet of ships, arrr, that rule the seven seas. Yeah.
                                     030 - Controls
    031 - Basics
            Start: Pause the game, go through Options, Save and Quit, Help with 
    current job, look through the controls.
            Left analog stick or directional buttons: Move around, go up or down 
    in the menu. Tilt the left analog slightly to have your character tiptoe.
            Select: See what gadgets you can assign yourself.
            Right analog: Move the camera around.
            R3: View with the Binocucom.
    032 - Sly
            X: Jump. Hit X twice for an extra boost.
            Square: Attack with the cane.
            Triangle: Tap once for a cane power-up.
            Triangle + Square: Lift up an enemy from behind and knock them out.
            X + Square: Jump and smash overhead.
            X + R1: Jump and paraglide (later in the game).
            L1, L2, or R2: Assigned gadget.
            Binocucom mode + R1: Snap a picture.
            O: Perform an action (pickpocket, crawl, walk along ledges, etc).
            Directional buttons/left analog stick + R1: Run (will create noise).
            Toggle left analog stick: Moves vault dial.
    033 - Bentley
            X: Jump. Hit X twice for an extra boost, and again for another. Keep 
    the X held down to glide towards your destination.
            Square: Attack with your wheelchair.
            L1: Use your magnet to pickpocket guards.
            L2 or R2: Assigned gadget.
            Triangle: Drop a bomb.
            Binocucom + R1: Shoot a sleeping dart at an enemy.
            O: Perform an action (walk across ledges, type on a computer, etc).
            Directional buttons/left analog stick + R1: Run (will create noise).
    034 - Murray
            X: Jump. Hit X twice for an extra boost.
            Square: Attack with your fists.
            L1: Begins to roll like a ball. Press square to go faster & X to jump.
            L2 or R2: Assigned gadget.
            X + Square/Triangle: Thunderflop.
            Triangle + Square: Knock an enemy out.
            O: Perform an action (walk along ledges, lift heavy objects, etc).
            Triangle + O: Pick up an enemy in midair. Press O again to shake them 
    for any spare change they might have.
            Square: Throw an object that you're holding.
            Triangle: Slam an enemy you're holding.
            Directional buttons/left analog stick + R1: Run (will create noise).
    035 - The Guru
            X: Jump. Hit X twice for an extra boost.
            X + O: Jump and attach yourself to a creature/guard.
            Triangle: Jump off a guard/creature.
            L1: Make yourself hidden from guards.
            Directional buttons/left analog stick + R1: Run (will create noise).
    036 - Penelope
            X (RC Car): Accelerate forward.
            Square (RC Car): Accelerate backward.
            R1 (RC Car): Shoot.
            X (RC Chopper): Lowers pulling chain.
            R1 (RC Chopper): Boost.
    037 - The Panda King
            X: Jump. Hit X twice for an extra boost.
            Square: Flame attack.
            L1: Prepare your fireworks.
    038 - Dimitri
            X: Paddle forward.
            Square: Paddle left.
            O: Paddle right.
            Triangle: Paddle back.
            L1: Powerswim.
            R1: Shoot your harpoon.
    039 - Carmelita
            X: Jump. Hit X twice for an extra boost.
            Square: Quick attack.
            O: Superjump in the air.
            Triangle: Press it to get in and out of strafe mode and to run instead.
            R1: Fire your weapon at enemies.
                                       040 - Items
    Health: Once you defeat an enemy or break open an object, a red plus sign will 
    sometimes appear. This will restore your health partially and fill up your 
    meter for gadget usage.
    Coins: The basic currency for the game. There are plenty of places to find 
    these things.
    Loot: Pickpocket a guard with a shining pocket to obtain valuable items. 
                         050 - Safe House, Missions, & ThiefNet
    Safe House: At this place, you can have your health fully replenished, hide 
    from enemies that might be tracking you, sell something at ThiefNet, or switch 
    one of your characters. Press R3 to go into the Binocucom mode and look around 
    for the yellow beam that has a big "S" to successfully make your way back 
    Missions: Along the way with your adventures, you'll need to complete certain 
    jobs in order to continue. Press R3 to go into the Binocucom mode and see 
    where you need to go. Blue is for Sly, green is for Bentley, and purple is for 
    Murray. Additionally, once you move closer to the spot, a colored icon can be 
    seen for you to move on.
    ThiefNet: Once at the Safe House, Bentley can sell things online and use the 
    money to buy new abilities. A list of new offers appears in each new episode. 
    The list of buyable abilities and pickpocket items will be further on in this 
                              100 - Beginning Of The End
    101 - The Cooper Vault (Sly)
            - Open the Cooper Vault
            - Follow Bentley back to gang
            - Save Bentley from the creature
    Bentley introduces you to the rest of the team, although they are shadowed for 
    now. Once you have Sly free to move around, go into the Camera Options menu and 
    change both the left/right and up/down to reversed. At least that's the way I 
    prefer it to be.
    Now run down the pathway. Jump on top of the abandoned truck and press O to run 
    across the rope. When you go into Binocucom mode, I changed the up/down way to 
    reverse here as well to make life easier. Bentley will cue agent 'Heart-throb' 
    to get ready. Now slide down the pipe.
    After the elephants are down, agent 'Old Rod' will create a path for Sly to 
    walk across. So far, so good. Hop down to the grassy green area, where agent 
    'Monarch' will take care of the door for you. Jump down.
    Whack the tree roots with your cane and jump carefully over the electrical 
    barriers. Move on. Soon, agent 'Deep 6' will fire a spear gun from the water to 
    remove both barriers. After that you will hear a conversation from Dr. M to one 
    of his employees. Jump on the elevator. Once the cut scene is over, run up the 
    rope, walk against the wall, and hop up.
    A searchlight will spot you. Avoid the gunfire while running down the ropes. 
    Once you reach the end, press O to power down the turrets. the code to do so is 
    1-2-3.  Use the left analog stick or the directional buttons.
    Finally, Sly reaches the vault. But oh no! Dr. M has inconveniently arrived. 
    Follow Bentley down the ropes, over the water, and through the tunnel. Suddenly 
    a monster will appear and grab Bentley, so run down the path he created and 
    whack Dr. M twice to bring forth a cutscene. No, you don't actually defeat him.
    102 - Hazard Room (Sly)
    Press the left lever to begin. Bentley will explain your first task. Tilt the 
    right analog stick to the right to spot the marker. After that, press down on 
    the left analog stick or the L3 button to spot the next marker.
    After doing that twice more, Bentley wants you to move towards the next marker. 
    Press L3 and notice that a circle leads you to the direction of the new marker. 
    Very handy, wouldn't you say?
    Now it's time to talk jumping. Press X once, then again to reach the marker. 
    Use the right analog stick again to find the remaining markers. After that you 
    need to put all these skills together so you can find two more markers.
    Sly may now pull the other lever. Using your Ninja Spire jump, Sly will be able 
    to reach the other side. After that, Bentley will make you crawl in a tight 
    space, so press O when near it. Done!
                                200 - An Opera Of Fear
    201 - Police HQ (Sly)
            - Get to the roof of police HQ
            - Steal key from office
            - Break Dimitri out of jail
            - Escape from Carmelita
    Yay, your first mission. Once outside the safe house, press L# to find a Sly 
    marker to the left, near the dock. Go there. Once Sly is done talking with 
    Bentley, hop on the red cushion of the boat and go along the spires to 
    eventually get on the rope after you jump on another cushion.
    Now you get to talk with Dimitri. In this order, choose the last and second 
    option when speaking with him. Now you need to crawl under the table and across 
    the room to find the key. When going back, the lights will flicker on and off, 
    so be sure to pace yourself when hiding under the table. Once you get back to 
    Dimitri, go to the combination. Use the left analog stick to open it. Careful! 
    After that, avoid Carmelita's shots and get away from her.
    202 - Hazard Room (Sly & Bentley)
    Pull the third lever on the right. First you will learn about swinging from the 
    hooks. After that, Bentley will instruct you to climb a pipe. Finally, climb up 
    a wall using wall hooks by pressing O + down.
    Now pull the fourth lever. This is a lesson about pickpocketing. First, Sly 
    must pickpocket a motionless guard, and then another while moving. Next thing: 
    every veteran to the Sly series knows how to run away from guards. Bentley will 
    make you run from one guard, then two. After that you must sneak attack a guard 
    and then do the same thing without getting caught. Finally, press a nearby 
    button so that a boat collapses on a guard.
    Choose the second lever on the right now. Time for recon photos. Get a picture 
    of the chair by zooming in, then do the same with the guards. Pull the final 
    lever. Now it's Bentley's turn! Press triangle to drop a bomb on the crate, 
    then the sleeping guard. You'll need to put the seond and third guard to sleep 
    with his Binocucom. Pickpocket the fourth and fifth guards with L1.
    203 - Octavio Snap (Sly)
            - Take pictures of the boss
            - Eavesdrop on Octavio
    Quickly snap the first shot after Bentley is done talking with you. Now follow 
    him--and remember, stay on the rooftops whenever you can. For the second shot, 
    you can take it on the bridge nearby.
    The third photo is tricky. The only way you can get a clean shot is by riding 
    on the boats that drift along, so be sure to do that. The fourth picture is 
    similar to this--wait for a boat.
    After that, you must eavesdrop on his conversation by following him and use the 
    cane to latch onto his ferris wheel seat. Bentley will re-wire it for a funny 
    clip with the guards that come to investigate.
    204 - Into the Depths (Sly)
            - Get to cellar doors
            - Find Octavio's computer
            - Defend Bentley as he hacks
    After Bentley is done talking with you, go over to the front gate and hop over 
    using the step-like thing. Soon you will be asked whether or not you wish to 
    use the 3-D glasses. You're not missing much by saying no.
    Head over to where Bentley is. Push O the same time he says 'three' and move on 
    from there. Notice that there is a lot of furniture in the room, so smash them 
    for coins. Press the button when Bentley does and move on.
    Now you're in a water area. Jump across the crates and around the ledges. After 
    you hop across the boats, notice the firewheels. Time your path across very 
    carefully so you don't have any problems. Next it's some spinning spires with 
    fire, which is quite frankly easy to go over. Sneak around the ledge while 
    noting the sensors here.
    After you hop on one more boat and crawl across the pipe, land on the small 
    dock and knock the guard here into the water. Press the button. Bentley will 
    explode the door away so you can get through.
    Notice that this hall has even more lasers. Great. Time everything carefully! 
    Once you're on the other side, crawl through the ventilation shaft, as Bentley 
    points out. as you can tell, it's a long one. Listen to Octavio's conversation. 
    Kill the guard on the other side. Press the button to let Bentley in. The next 
    room has several guards, so take them out! After that, press the button again.
    Once Bentley gets his hands on the computer, you must defend him from lots of 
    guards. Listen carefully for the door beep and never go too far from him. Try 
    to whack the pigeons in the fire when you can.
    205 - Canal Chase (Sly & Bentley)
            - Destroy the blue vipers
    Always, always remember: avoid stuff first, shoot them second. If you remember 
    that, I mean, REALLY remember that, it won't be (too) hard. Once in awhile the 
    gun will overheat. You can clear a path, so use it whenever possible, but don't 
    let it distract you from what's going on. Also, don't become excited and thus 
    overconfident once you beat the first boat--there are still two more! This job 
    takes practice, but you get the hang of it eventually.
    206 - Turf War! (Carmelita)
            - Help Ape Guards defeat goons
    What, didn't think you could just sit back and watch as Carmelita attacks, did 
    you? Well basically, you need to take some bird guards out with your gun. Press 
    O to do a sort of superjump. You must have the guards within the sights of the 
    square on the screen to target properly. Defeat four different areas with the 
    flying guards to complete this mission.
    207 - Tar Ball (Murray)
            - Destroy the tar tanks
    Aw, Bentley and Murray have a cute conversation. Murray must use his ball form, 
    so press L1 and roll fast with the square. Bounce high with the X button. You 
    should be all set now for this task.
    Note while in this form you can also crush enemies. Hehehe. Anyway, the tanks 
    are spread out all across the town. Use Bentley's markers to guide yourself to 
    them. Don't forget to keep pressing X.
    208 - Run 'N Bomb (Sly)
            - Destroy balloon ads
            - Get balloon off tower
            - Return to Bentley
            - Save Bentley from Octavio
    Basically you need to place bombs quickly around Venice so that the ads blow 
    away. Don't worry about guards that are around--just run to the spot as fast as 
    possible. Uh, except, watch out for Carmelita.
    After you take care of the second balloon, you must climb to the top of the 
    tower. It has an assortment of wall hooks, ledges, and poles. Take your time 
    when climbing up. Once you finish that, whack the sign away. Next, save Bentley 
    from Octavio! Run back to his shop as fast as possible. Sly will have a 
    conversation with Octavio. You need to chase him down. Watch out for the red 
    barriers that he throws at you! And don't forget to press R1 and L3 to see 
    where he has gone to.
    209 - Guard Duty (Sly & Bentley)
            - Steal blueprint set 1
            - Take blueprint set 2
            - Nab blueprint set 3
    Assign a button for your Venice disguise. Talk to the first guard. The password 
    combination will vary. Bentley will go inside--the code (4-7-9) is printed on 
    the houses shown in the picture.
    Now go to the next door and give the password to the guard. He will weirdly 
    mention pasta sauce. Avoid the searchlights! The code, which is 9-6-8, is in 
    the swamp's water.
    The last guard will insist that you tell him his nickname. You need to talk 
    with two more guards to learn Tony's nickname. Go back to him and speak it to 
    allow Bentley inside. The art code (1-1-3) is located on a window on the black 
    background. The alarm will ring, so go back to the Safe House while Sly defends 
    you on the way there from the guards.
    210 - Operation: Tar Be Gone! (Sly, Bentley, & Murray)
            - Destroy 6 vacuum pumps
            - Sing duet with Octavio
            - Chase after the boss
            - Beat down Don Octavio
    First Sly must use his disguise to speak the password. Enter and speak with the 
    cat here. After you enter into the inner room, you'll meet Octavio. Give the 
    secret Soprano password and ask him if you two can press the double buttons. 
    Enter the pump chamber. Now as Bentley, destroy all the pumps while Sly does 
    the attacking. Three bombs will take care of them.
    Now it's time for Bentley's duet with Octavio. This ain't easy. Here are the 
    button combinations you should know:
     - square, XX, X, X
     - O, XX, X, X
     - triangle, XX, XXX
     - triangle, XXXX, X
     - square, X, XX, O
     - triangle, X, X, square
     - triangle, XX, X, X
     - square, XX, X, XX
     - O, XX, XXXX
     - triangle, XX, XXXX
     - square, XX, XX, XX
     - triangle, XX, X, X
    Unfortunately, Carmelita shows up a spilt second too soon. Great, now you have 
    to worry about red barriers, bombs, and cop boats. Shoot him while carefully 
    avoiding everything.
    After that, Murray takes him on. Octavio is too fast and powerful to survive on 
    a straight fight, so avoid his punches and wait for Sly to release the tar (you 
    must stand over it first). Soon you'll move to another pump. Be mindful of his 
    vocal vibration waves! Also, his body slam move. If you are sure to avoid his 
    attacks, Murray will soon emerge victorious.
                         300 - Episode Two: Rumble Down Under
    301 - Hazard Room (Murray)
    Pull the first lever on the right. This is all very straightforward. Press O 
    when near the rocks and square to knock the pillars down. Press square with the 
    guard first, pick him up, and throw him. The second guard needs a rock thrown 
    at him first. Rob the third guard be press O repeatedly when holding him. Then, 
    press triangle and O quickly at the smaller guards to take down the pillar. 
    Lastly, use Murray's Thunderflop to break the metal plate.
    302 - Search For The Guru (Sly)
            - Look for Guru at cave
            - Investigate Guru's house
            - Climb up to miner camp
    Time to find Murray's friend. You'll need to climb up some pipes and go across 
    hooks in order to reach the cave. Oh great, he's not there. Look for him at his 
    hut, with the wall hooks and everything. Oh, not there either. Time to go to 
    the miner camp. Another assortment of hooks and spires. The Guru won't leave, 
    so go back to the Safe House from here.
    303 - Spelunking (Murray)
            - Enter the mine
            - Find exit to see the Guru
    Now you need to reach the Guru as Murray. Take care of the things that block 
    your path with rocks or guards. Not that for the second one you must throw 
    something at it from where you are. Soon you'll need to use your aboriginal 
    ball form to press down the pistons and open the doors.
    Oh no! A guard is possessed by the Mask of Dark Earth. Throw the guy into each 
    of the drills twice to override the system. The mask will run away, but at 
    least you can see the Guru, now that the door is open.
    304 - Dark Caves (Sly)
            - Enter first secure mine
            - Escape mine with moonstone
            - Enter second secure mine
            - Get out of the cave, quick
    Yay, time for some 3-D (if you want). Enter the cave. Now it's time for a bunch 
    of O pressing. Go past the spinning drills and knock the guard out. Climb up 
    the wall hook and use the drills as spires. Jump behind the flashlight guard to 
    surprise him and the one after that.
    Time to jump over some floor sensors. Easy. Next, you must open the small safe 
    containing the moonstone. With practice, it should crack open. Frustrating, 
    yes, but you'll get there.
    Great, the moonstone turns out to be rigged with a detonator. Sly must now make 
    a quick exit. here comes the hard part. A LOT of guards will come to get you. 
    When in doubt, press O. Don't fight, just run!
    305 - Big Truck (Sly & Murray)
            - Head off to Ayers Rock
            - Collect red scorpions
            - Activate top of drill tower
            - Release scorpions into the mines
    Defeat the guards. As Murray, collect 20 red scorpions. Be careful that your 
    tires don't overheat. The blues will serve as cooling material, fyi. After you 
    collect seven, Sly will need to climb to the top of the tower. Nothing you 
    haven't done before, really. Be careful, though, when on the wall hooks that 
    are connected to spinning gears. Then continue to collect the scorpions, but 
    notice now that you can no longer cool your tires with water. So don't forget 
    to run over blue scorpions when you can.
    306 - Unleash The Guru (Bentley & The Guru)
            - Deliver items to the Guru
            - Break down stockade door
            - Destroy the drills
            - Silence the Wave Rock grinder
    Half the battle is getting Bentley up to see the Guru. Waay to the left will be 
    a ramp that he can gradually climb his way up on. Once you meet the Guru, 
    Bentley will hand him his staff and moonstone, then leave. The rest is up to 
    the Guru, so get going.
    Press L1 to transform yourself. When a guard comes to investigate, jump on him 
    and press O. Guide him to the door and crash into it. Next, you must talk with 
    Bentley at the second location point. Your task is to ram four guards into the 
    drills. They're not close by, so look around. Lastly, ram three guards into the 
    power generator by pressing X when riding them to jump over the rocks.
    307 - The Claw (Sly)
            - Head to the oil fields
            - Defend nodes as Murray pumps
            - Ignite the oil towers
            - Collect the radioactive oil
    This mission actually isn't hard if you know what you're doing. Basically, pick 
    the guards up and throw them back into the electrical fence. Don't worry about 
    rocks. Also, don't bother with anything about the barrels--just pick 'em up and 
    throw to the fence.
    Just when you think you're done, Bentley will tell you to move to the next 
    area. Pick up Murray and drive right. Throw the guards into the fence just like 
    you did before. The only difference now is that twice as many come. Still, it 
    shouldn't be a problem. After that, you move to phase two, which is setting 
    rocks down on the catapult for Murray. Do this six times. Be mindful of all the 
    guards that come to smash the nodes!
    308 - Lemon Rage (Sly, Bentley, & Murray)
            - Win the lemonade contest
            - Defeat the miners in a brawl
            - Take down the masked miner
    Yay, a really fun one. Your first order of business is to beat the miners in a 
    lemonade drinking contest. Sly and Bentley are both pretty fast drinkers, but 
    Bentley is really slow, so be sure to save some time up for him. All you need 
    to do is press a button rapidly in order to win the contest.
    Well of course they'll become mad and a fight will break out. Don't think you 
    can just sit back and relax as the others do the work--only after you kill a 
    certain number of guards will it switch over to the next character. Grab the 
    health when you can.
    Now the evil mask will appear again. Lure it over to Bentley's bomb or Murray's 
    throwable item. It'll become dazed, which is your chance to attack. Other than 
    that, avoid going near him and trying to attack. Rinse and repeat until you're 
    done. Bentley and Murray will need to do something three times.
    309 - Hungry Croc (Murray)
            - Give croc a taste for miners
            - Feed flashlight guard to croc
    Do your juggle punch move on four guards of each type and feed them to the 
    crocodile. Things can get messy, so thing out the guard numbers occasionally by 
    giving them a quick sucker punch.
    After that, go to Bentley's marker and look for a flashlight guard. Be sure to 
    clear out the guards leading up to that point. Feed him to the croc for the end 
    of the mission. The mask will appear, but...bah.
    310 - Moon Crash (Sly, Bentley, & The Guru)
            - Run guards into gyrocopter
            - Try to sedate Carmelita
            - Escape using the big truck
            - Remove Carmelita's mask
    The first thing you must do is control a few guards and ram them into the 
    chopper for a total of three times. This will take skill! Press triangle to let 
    the guard continue on. If it helps, lure the guard close to it and be hiding 
    continuously. Aim carefully!
    Great, now the mask has attached itself to Carmelita. It's Bentley's turn now. 
    Basically you must use his Binocucom and shoot sleeping darts at her. It's hard 
    but soon you'll shoot enough. Do that five times to go to the next stage.
    Wow, this just isn't their day. Make your brief escape on the truck. Now you 
    need to throw dynamite at her using the claw on the truck. Basically, just get 
    them of the top before they explode.
    It's up to Sly now. You need to use his climbing skills in order to reach the 
    top and unhook the mask. He seems to feel up to the task. Heh. Be careful to 
    avoid her guards circling around and shooting.
                         400 - Episode Three: Flight Of Fancy
    401 - Hidden Flight Roster (Sly & Bentley)
            - Get roster's site from Dimitri
            - Help Bentley into hangar
            - Enter Baron's hangar
            - Steal roster from painting safe
    First things's first--find Dimitri and talk with him. He's working at the bar 
    on the bottom floor. Now you must choose different options. In this order, 
    choose the second option, first option, and first option again.
    Leave the building and travel to the marker. Time to climb up his castle. Be 
    careful going up the array of hooks, pipes, and ledges. Eventually Sly will get 
    to the top and throw down a catapult. As Bentley, use it to reach the top and 
    enter inside.
    Time for some art decryption! The flight roster is located in either vault, so 
    you need to look in both. Not that you can't touch the floor, so use airplanes 
    suspended around. The code for the first vault (2-2-3) is at the top of the 
    building. The code for the second one (5-1-0) is on the mountain.
    402 - Frame Team Belgium (Sly, Bentley, Murray, & The Guru)
            - Distract the Belgium pilot
            - Pickpocket monogrammed hanky
            - Break open truck with guards
            - Swap out hanky for sculpture
    Find the badger-like pilot. It doesn't matter which option you choose as long 
    as you eventually reach physical humor. Then, make the pull as Bentley while 
    he's laughing. Then it's time for the Guru.
    Basically, ram the guards into the truck four times. The truck will begin to 
    release huge bear traps, so you'll have to jump over those. For some reason 
    guards become a lot more scarce, so look around. Finally hop into the truck as 
    Sly after catching up to it. Crack open the safe to complete this mission.
    403 - Frame Team Iceland (Sly & Bentley)
            - Move through sewer to hotel
            - Steal helmet from hotel
            - Leave sewer, enter hangar
            - Sabotage plane, leave helmet
    Advice: Don't be hit by any mines. The rowing becomes tires, after awhile, but 
    it's pretty easy. Same goes for Sly as he weaves down the sewer. Steal the 
    helmet in the room and be careful to avoid the traps. Don't make any noise to 
    wake up the pilots in the room!
    Now it's time to head back. After you jump around the mines as Sly, hop onto 
    the boat and continue down the tunnel. I love how Murray JUST manages to fit on 
    the raft. The mine locations are a little trickier, so be extra careful.
    Enter the inside of the hangar. You have one last task--curl up into Murray's 
    ball form and quickly hit square while avoiding the cutters. Do that four times 
    and plant that helmet on!
    404 - Cooper Hangar Defense (Bentley, Murray, & Penelope)
            - Murray defends the hangar
            - Use Bentley security systems
            - Ask Penelope for RC chopper help
    First you must defeat Muggshot. This is actually easy to do. Press the switch 
    and take out the guards while it recharges. Repeat until he's done. Then, use 
    Bentley's back system to kill the approaching guards. This is really hard. 
    Be sure to keep your eye on both screens at the same time! Practice practice!
    Now it's Penelope's turn. Use the green arrow to guide you to enemies. This 
    part is really hard too. Again, it takes practice. Always go for the tank 
    first, unless it's far away. There is a certain direction you can pull it so it 
    breaks away more easily. If you have trouble catching something, pay attention 
    to the chopper's shadow on the ground.
    405 - ACES Semifinals (Sly)
            - Defeat Belgium And Iceland
    This is just a small dose for what is to come. Use this time to practice! 
    There's not much advice I can give--just try not to get shot at too much and 
    have good aim. Defeat 25 of these guys. If you run out of ammo, go under one of 
    the bridges to collect more. Press R1 to fire and X to speed up.
    406 - Giant Wolf Massacre (Bentley & The Guru)
            - Sleep dart the giant wolf
            - Use wolf to reduce Baron's pilots
    I won't lie, this'll take some patience. You need to get Bentley RIGHT BEHIND 
    the wolf. Unfortunately, it tends to go after guards in the area. Be persistent 
    with this. Grab health from the guards if you can.
    Now as the Guru, jump onto the wolf and press square to kill 15 guards. And 
    remember, smashing stuff = good, as it will sometimes produce health. Be sure 
    that the wolf doesn't fall in the water and die.
    407 - Beauty And The Beast (Sly, Bentley, & Carmelita)
            - Lure Muggshot outside
            - Find Carmelita Fox
            - Lure Carmelita to square
            - Have Carmelita arrest Muggshot
    As Bentley, choose options until you reach the one for his mother. Then look 
    around for Carmelita as Sly. Lure her to the town square. Easy enough, as long 
    as her shots don't hit you too much.
    After that, it's all her. Aim your gun and fire at Muggshot. Be sure to watch 
    out for his gunfire and bombs. Press O and release it to jump high and avoid 
    some attacks that he'll create.
    408 - Windmill Firewall (Bentley)
            - Buy Hover Pack powerup
            - Hack into the control tower
    First you must purchase the Hover Pack on ThiefNet for 300. After that, begin 
    your climb up the tower. Yay, time for some hacking. Yay. Not. Be careful of 
    the nodes that attack you.
    Second one: Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap. Be careful to avoid the immediate 
    gunfire! Take them all out before going to the next area with the blackhole. 
    Shoot the nodes and put the balls in their proper places.
    Third one: Here's where you'll really need the mad skillz. Not that at the very 
    beginning there are certain spots you can hide the ship so no bullets can get 
    to you. In the next are, shoot the red ship while avoiding the orange ones.
    Fourth one: Oh great, three HUGE ships total. Again, be quick to avoid all the 
    gunfire that is being shot around. Try not to worry about the smaller ships too 
    much. After that, just shoot like CRAZY.
    409 - Operation: Turbo Dominant Eagle (Sly & Murray)
            - Plant locators on blimps
            - Pull out tower supports
            - Shoot down the Black Baron
            - Defeat the Baron in combat
    Buy the paraglider, then jump on all the blimps and plant the trackers. To use 
    the paraglider, jump and press R1. Next to the tracking device is a circular 
    thing that, when stood upon, will propel Sly into the air. After that, have 
    Murray row the boat away from the beams. Avoid planes!
    The game will ask if you would like to use 3-D glasses. Now it's time to look 
    for the Black Baron. And how, you might ask, do you know which plane is his? 
    Trust me, you'll know his plane when you see it. He has double wings and from a 
    distance, it flashes lights.
    After that, you must fight him. Yes, this is really hard. Get in a few swings 
    of the cane and immediately back away so he can perform an extra big punch. It 
    is important that you know when to step away from him! Soon he'll ask for the 
    guards to come out while he stays away. Collect health from them! Soon after 
    he'll attack you again. Jump up when he is about to slam down on the plane. Not 
    doing so will cause severe damage. Then just repeat everything you have done 
    previously to eventually win the battle.
                          500 - Episode Four: A Cold Alliance
    501 - King Of Fire (Sly, Bentley, Murray, The Guru, & Penelope)
            - Bounce to upper area
            - Prepare pinwheels
            - Set off pinwheels
    Great, Bentley has decided to recruit the Panda King. First you must bounce up 
    the pillars. Press L1 to go into the ball and bounce to the other pillars that 
    you can see from there.
    Now use Penelope's RC car to shoot at seven bamboo trees, which will allow Sly 
    to jump up there next to Murray. Next, press X and O to jump into Murray's 
    hands, then X again to land at the top. Whack the pinwheel down. Do the same 
    thing again for the second pinwheel.
    Bentley's turn! Aim for the six rockets and fire your darts. As the Guru, hop 
    on a guard and jump to the last house. Set off both fireworks. Ride the fallen 
    pinwheel to reach the Panda King. Great, now you have to face him. Run up to 
    him and smack him around a few times. Choose the last option so he'll snap out 
    of the dream he's having. Done!
    502 - Get A Job (Sly & Bentley)
            - Talk to Tsao about wedding
            - Take three sample pictures
            - Show Tsao pictures
    Bentley should approach Tsao's door with a disguise. It becomes clear Sly will 
    need to do stuff. Press select and change to your new disguise. Go to the first 
    location point, speak the password, and get a picture of them with your 
    Binocucom. In the next picture, you'll need to wait until the guards are next 
    to each other before snapping it. Fir the final picture  wait until the monkey 
    guard is far enough away before quickly snapping it. Now take three pictures of 
    Tsao and then show him your work.
    503 - Tearful Reunion (Murray, Penelope, & The Panda King)
            - Investigate signal
            - Drag the van to shore
            - Free van from icy prison
    Neat, you found the team van again. First you must pull it to shore using 
    Penelope's RC Chopper. Don't forget that you can always stop and take out the 
    guards. Next, punch away as much ice away as possible while knocking out the 
    guards that come to investigate.
    Murray doesn't have enough time, so help him out with the RC Chopper again 
    while he moves it by clearing the path of guards. It's pretty easy. Now for a 
    harder part--use turrets controlled by the Panda King to knock away the spikes 
    and kill guards. Notice that you can overheat the gun if used too long. And 
    remember--don't shoot at Murray! Also, zoom out to spot guards ahead of time. 
    They'll keep coming, so shoot out the spikes quickly.
    504 - Grapple-Cam Break-In (Sly & Bentley)
            - Pickpocket two keys at once
            - Break into business
            - Lure guards onto red plates
            - Hack General Tsao's computer
    The first thing you need to do is pickpocket two keys as Bentley and Sly. Not 
    hard--no explanation needed. After that, make your way into the business area. 
    Now it's time for Grapple-Cam fun. Assign it a button and throw it out. The new 
    screen (after you press the assigned button again) will show you all the neat 
    controls. Lure the guard to stand on the pressure plate at the end of the room 
    by grappling forward and distracting him. Once he's in position, sleep dart him 
    and go back to Grapple-Cam mode.
    Do much the same with the second area, only this time, AVOID the lights. Note 
    that the statues are breakable. After you sleep dart the second guard, move up 
    there yourself. Great, another hacking job. Shoot off the barriers of the four 
    ships while trying not to die.
    505 - Laptop Retrieval (Sly & Bentley)
            - Hack into Tsao's computer across the heavens
            - Fight Tsao on the treetops
            - Take on Tsao in bamboo forest
    Enter his hose and hack his system. Shoot down the huge ship and quickly put 
    the balls in. After that, go back to see what Sly and the Guru are up to. Hop 
    across the path that the Guru makes.
    You will be asked if you want to use 3-D glasses. I HIGHLY recommend not using 
    them, as they get in the way. Now for one of the hardest parts in the game. The 
    trick here is to follow where Tsao goes and hit him before he has a chance to 
    land back on a tree. Avoid his powerful attacks when possible.
    After that, you face him on ground. Evade his attacks until the moment cones 
    for you to hit him without his protective shield. When he uses black magic, 
    climb the trees or run away from it. A good time to hit him is when he rotates 
    his shield (hit him after), then he'll go into a sort of spin. When he finishes 
    that, whack him immediately after.
    506 - Vampiric Demise (The Panda King)
            - Get Panda King to help
            - Collect fireworks stashes
            - Destroy hopping vampire crypt
    You must choose some options for the Panda King. Choose the last option. Now 
    you'll go out to the field next to Sly. Press L1 to target stuff. After the 
    tutorial, it's time to go follow Sly.
    This is some time to practice more with your fireworks. Pick up the stuff from 
    Sly three times while fending away the vampires. This is very self-explanatory. 
    Once you need to destroy the crypt, go to the grave that is marked by the only
    marker. Keep targeting it and targeting it until the grave is destroyed.
    507 - Down The Line (Murray & Penelope)
            - Break open phone line box
            - Beat fuse to save Murray
    First, run up next to the box and press O to begin lifting the lid up. Great, 
    now Murray's knocked out. Fortunately Penelope will come and use her RC Car in 
    order to save him at the top of the area.
    Now here comes the hard part, easily one of the hardest things in the game. 
    Make sure to use the turret sparingly. Cut corners, but watch out for snowy 
    road bumps that will cost you valuable time. Grab health when you can. Don't be 
    distressed if the fuse gets ahead of you, as you can catch up in another place 
    further on.
    508 - A Battery Of Peril (Sly, Bentley, & Carmelita)
           - Get battery
           - Charge battery
           - Recharge the van
    Here's an amusing mission. After you reach the battery as Bentley, Sly will be 
    spotted by Carmelita. Switch over to her and zap Sly with your gun while 
    chasing him down. Be careful of the surrounding guards--if you aren't cautious 
    enough, they'll kill you. After several hits, Sly will go down.
    Or so it seems. Sneak away from Carmelita and run over to the place that will 
    charge the battery. Be quick! Hopefully you will be able to finish up before 
    Carmelita arrives. After that, glide over to where the van is and do the same 
    thing there. The enemies will attack you relentlessly, so try to hit and evade.
    509 - Operation: Wedding Crasher (Sly, Bentley, Murray, & Penelope)
           - Steal treasure from hall
           - Lure Carmelita to wedding
           - Free Jing King
           - Save Penelope from Dragon
    Man, it's a task just to reach the starting point. Open the door for some more 
    RC Car fun. This part is EXTREMELY delicate. Be light with the X button! Move 
    slowly down the pathways while avoiding the blue sensors. When in doubt, DON'T 
    GO! Otherwise you'll need to start all over again. Destroy the computer with 
    the turrets when you reach the end.
    Now comes an even more challenging part. destroy all the blue security nodes 
    you just spent so much time avoiding before the clock runs out. There are 30 in 
    total. Remember that you can smash the thin walls that cover them by using the 
    turret. Get the door open by waiting for Penelope's three. You're all done in 
    this area.
    Boy, this just keeps on getting better and better. Now you need to prevent some 
    vases from smashing. They fall in this order: center bottom, top left, upper 
    left, upper right, lower left, top right, center right, center top, center 
    left, top right, lower left, upper left, center bottom, center top, center 
    left, lower right. Press O to stabilize them.
    Now it's Bentley's turn. Use your Grapple-Cam much like before. Grapple onto a 
    wall near her and press the distract button to bring her closer. Eventually you 
    will reach your destination.
    Great, now you need to fight a huge dragon. Actually, this isn't so hard. Grab 
    a nearby firework with your cane and make your way to his head and whack him. 
    Avoid his fiery tongue and his fireballs in general. The dragon should be down 
    within a few turns of doing this.
                       600 - Episode Five: Dead Men Tell No Tales
    601 - The Talk Of Pirates (Sly)
            - Meet Black Spot Pete
            - Collect pirate disguise
            - Trick Pete to find diving gear
    Use the catapult on the top of the Safe House to easily glide over to where the 
    marker is. Now talk to him and discover you need to find pieces of a disguise 
    to trick him. The first guy has a thing for monkeys. Hit the trees and lead him 
    to the anchor further down.
    The second guy is a little harder. Basically, make noise at a safe distance so 
    that one guard will come over to investigate. Repeat this process again until 
    he's by himself.
    The last guy is a simple chase, though you may need to practice it a bit. Try 
    to time your jumping as best you can. Finally, enter a name-calling contest 
    with Pete. If you don't repeat what's been said, the mission is completed.
    602 - Dynamic Duo (Bentley & Penelope)
            - Use spectrometer
            - Collect data with RC car
            - Break into Skull Keep
            - Lead Penelope with Grapple-Cam
    This is harder than it looks. Although you're not racing against the clock, you 
    need to be especially careful to avoid being spotted by the guards; otherwise 
    they'll shoot at you. The last one is definitely the hardest to reach, so make 
    sure you have extra good aim when getting over the wood ramp!
    Now begin to make your way into Skull Keep. Jump across the boxes and bomb the 
    support beams. After overhearing a conversation with LeFwee, you need to take 
    out the guards by sleep darting them and then drop a bomb. Open the double 
    button door and go inside.
    Grapple-Cam time! Shoot down the bridge's pulley and use Bentley's voice on the 
    cam to help Penelope back to the Safe House. This actually isn't too hard, 
    especially since no guards get in the way.
    603 - Jollyboat Of Destruction (Sly & Murray)
            - Destroy the rudders
            - Run off armor and sink boats
            - Take down the large patrol boat
    First you must destroy four rudders. Don't worry about shooting the surrounding 
    small ships. Next, ram six boats and later shoot them with the cannon. Not too 
    hard...in theory. Remember, the longer you press down, the further it'll go.
    Lastly, you must take care of the final patrol boat. To do this, you'll need to 
    target the four masts and fire while avoiding the cannonball shots. With some 
    practice, this is no problem.
    604 - X Marks The Spot (Sly & Murray)
           - Buy Silent Obliteration powerup
           - Steal pirate boat
           - Sail to Dagger Isle
           - Follow treasure map
           - Dig up diving gear
    First thing is to give up a few coins to buy the powerup if you haven't 
    already. After you reach the first marker, glide over to where Murray is. Avoid 
    the land mines. Press triangle and then square to pick off the guards one by 
    one. Control the ship with L2 and R2.
    Before you reach the island, you'll need to quickly fight a pirate ship. Blast 
    your cannons into it. Jump aboard and fight the captain for treasure. I advise 
    hitting triangle before press square to do more damage.
    Now it's time to follow the clues from the treasure map. Press L1 to see the 
    clues given and the location of Sly. Here are the solutions:
    - Stand before the statue's gaze, to begin your walk along the treasure's maze.
            - Go directly to the other end of the island where the other ship is 
              and walk in front of the statue there.
    - Take ye twelve paces in the direction of the statue's gaze.
            - Self explanatory. Move where the statue looks.
    - X always marks the spot shipmate...find the X and take ye 6 paces towards it.
            - Notice the nearby crisscrossed palm trees (to the right).
    - Move ye eighteen paces into the circle of palm trees.
            - Walk directly down from where you are.
    - Take sixteen paces to pass between two great stones. Like a ship at sail, 
    avoid the rocks!
            - Go down and to the right--in other words, southeast.
    - Look out to sea and spot a rock with three palm trees. Make thirteen paces in 
    its direction and get your feet sandy!
            - Move directly right after seeing where the island is in the water.
    - Not all ships meet a happy ending but follow where they point is what ye must 
    do for 6 paces.
            - See where the shipwrecked boat's nose is pointing? Walk up.
    605 - Crusher From The Depths (Sly & The Panda King)
            - Hunt down "Crusher"
            - Panda King defends the boat
            - Sly takes on the squid
            - The Guru bonds with "Crusher"
    The first thing to do is move the ship over to Crusher's location. Avoid the 
    other pirate ships if you wish. Now it's time to defend everything. Press L1 
    and look around to target the tentacles. Sooner or later the head will surface. 
    Watch out for the rocks it spits at you! Wait until your launcher is fully 
    charged to make things go a bit faster.
    After that Crusher will start to pull the boat under. Try to target multiple 
    tentacles at once for an easy completion of this part. Finally, hit his head a 
    few more times while making sure to attack the tentacles as well so that they 
    don't hit the Panda King. Sly will then come up. Here you must whack all of the 
    tentacles and shoot him in the eye with the cannons to end this. Again, it will 
    shoot rocks at you, so be careful to avoid them.
    606 - Deep Sea Danger (Dimitri)
            - Dive down to find shipwreck
            - Collect cannon blast collars
            - Catch fish to lure sharks
            - Hunt sharks to boost gunpowder
    Choose whether or not you want to be in 3-D mode. I recommend not. Go to the 
    other end of the area and shoot the jellyfish by press R1 to go through the 
    passage that leads you to the sharks. Look around for collars. Once Dimitri is 
    close to one he will automatically pick it up. After that, swim up to the 
    basket lowered down from the ship and throw it in. The collars are actually not 
    that hard to find, and there are more than what you need.
    Now you must catch two fish. Dive down below and use your power swim by 
    pressing L1 to capture them. Watch out for the jellyfish and the sharks that 
    lurk down here. Also, try to have good aim when swimming around.
    Finally, kill 5 hammerheads by shooting them twice. They'll come after you the 
    first time, so use this time to practice your evasive skills. Also, be careful 
    of the 'regular' sharks--don't let them out of your sight.
    607 - Battle On The High Seas (Sly)
            - Battle solo pirate ship
            - Take on group of pirates
            - Sink remaining pirate forces
    Although it might not seem like it now, you will become the master of doing 
    this after all the practice the game gives to you. Okay, first up, a lone ship. 
    Easy prey, no? When they give you a leak from their cannons, run over and whack 
    it with your cane to stop more damage. Again, when you face the captain, I 
    recommend pressing triangle first before whacking him down.
    The next battle is much of the same, only this time, there's three. Oh well. 
    Don't forget to use both sides of your cannons and to repair holes. Notice in 
    the water before going into a battle that there are now chests with a red plus 
    sign, signifying health that can be restored. The last group has four in all. 
    Ouch. Still, just remember to pick one off at a time and you'll get it.
    608 - Operation: Reverse Double-Cross (Sly, Murray, The Guru, & Penelope)
            - Save Penelope at Skull Keep
            - Crush pirates with "Crusher"
            - Penelope duels with LeFwee
    First you'll need to attack his ship. Easy enough, really. Next you'll need to 
    insult him. Insult his creativity, his pirate-talk, and his ability to keep her 
    prisoner. Use the jollyboat to escape LeFwee. Run up the path you made earlier 
    to Skull Keep while avoiding the guards' attacks.
    Back at the ship, it's time for Crusher to be of some use. Smash the guys that 
    come after Bentley. This is surprisingly hard. Probably because of the really 
    irritating controls that are required. Personally, I just kept mashing the L1 
    and R1 buttons repeatedly. Meh, seemed to work good enough.
    Finally it's a duel with Penelope and LeFwee. In my opinion, this is definitely 
    the hardest part of the game. Basically it goes like this: level one - press 
    square a bunch of times. When Penelope appears to be getting tired, press X 
    until she's not. Press triangle when he leaves himself open. Level two - you 
    only need to worry about square for attacking and O for ducking on this level. 
    Level three - you need to worry about all four buttons, although when LeFwee 
    shields himself, you will always need to press triangle. Just keep practicing 
    this, I know it's tedious, but eventually, although it's hard to believe, you 
    get used to his patterns and soon this mission will be conquered.
                        700 - Episode Six: Honor Among Thieves
    701 - Carmelita To The Rescue (Carmelita)
            - Carmelita and Apes attack
            - Defeat Dr. M's beast, save Sly
    Start shooting like crazy on the boat. Occasionally a bomb will be tossed at 
    you. Eventually the created will create a path to the right of the boat. 
    Smaller minions will attack--don't worry so much about killing them, but worry 
    more about attacking the monster. Finally, jump up the falling spire and dodge 
    his smashing move by jumping. After a few more attacks, he's done.
    702 - A Deadly Bite (The Guru)
            - Control sharks to attack
            - Disable magnet to free the cane
    This is pretty straightforward. To jump off a shark, press triangle, but to 
    jump WITH the shark, press X. If you're wondering how to avoid the mines that 
    come in pairs, simply press X. When the electric rods appear, you will need to 
    jump with your shark at the exactly right moment. Finally, rockets will shoot 
    out. Again, press X quickly to avoid them.
    703 - The Dark Current (Dimitri)
            - Dive in after the cane
            - Avoid claws in the current
            - Defeat Dr. M's sea creature
    For the first part, MAKE SURE YOU HOLD DOWN L1. That is very important, and I 
    sure wish I had known it sooner. Dodge the claws by pressing X, square, O, and 
    triangle. It becomes hard quickly, but as long as you press L1, Dimitri will be 
    able to turn hard and react better to all obstacles.
    Next you fight Dr. M. He'll shoot a squid-like thing out. Move him accordingly 
    to the beam it shoots out. Use L1 if necessary. Next you'll need to worry about 
    being swallowed. Shoot Dr. M quickly to avoid this. Then the creature's big 
    tentacles will try to block your path--stay focused! Finally, he'll shoot out 
    search beams and a hurtful green light. Stay in one direction and swim hard the 
    other way at the last moment to evade this move.
    704 - Bump-Charge-Jump (Penelope)
            - Collect energy from drones
            - Jump to next track
            - Destroy all three radar towers
    Press L2 and R2 when at the side of a car to knock it away. There are three 
    tracks in total and five cars for each track. Although they will shoot ammo out 
    at you, it is nothing at all significant. Don't worry about dodging bullets--
    just catch up to the cars! Overall, this isn't the hardest mission, and you 
    should be done with it fairly quickly.
    705 - Danger In The Skies (Sly)
            - Destroy the turrets
            - Defeat flying defenses
            - Take the cane from Dr. M
            - Enter the Cooper Vault
    Great, more airplane stuff. My favorite. The first thing you must do is shoot 
    out all of the surrounding turrets. O button (barrel) will be your friend here. 
    Right before a turret shoots its missiles, you must roll sideways. Then, shoot 
    the green square next to it. Do this a fair number of times for the next event.
    Now flying bat-like things will come (a total of twenty). First you must target 
    one with the L1, and then release it so that the shield comes down. Then, shoot 
    the creature with R1 to take care of it. Occasionally they will perform what I 
    like to call a 'kamikaze' move and blow themselves up, not counting towards 
    your number. Be careful of this. By the way, a recharge of ammo will always be 
    under the rocky arch thing.
    At last you fight a giant whale. Use the X button immediately to catch up to 
    him and easily avoid the following attacks. Once you're up close, punch R1 
    until he flies away. Then he'll shoot out weird green bars. Either stay within 
    them and try to him Dr. M or stay out of his line of fire and try to shoot him 
    there. It's your choice. After that, you must run up to him again and repeat. 
    The bars will alternate directions, so have a sharp eye and be aware of that.
    706 - Honor Among Thieves (Sly)
           - Explore the Vault
    Occasionally you should notice a pedestal with information. Press O when close 
    to it and learn more info about Sly's lineage. First we see lots of barrels. 
    Hope quickly across them and use your cane to hook onto the thing above before 
    the barrels sink. After you read the next inscription, hop across more barrels 
    and use the wall hook. Use the rails to run down it and jump between the two 
    so the wheels don't catch you off guard. Once you're done, paraglide down.
    You'll read another inscription, and then ahead are shaky circles. Be careful 
    that you aren't knocked off by the rocks. Avoid the hammers next. Just time all 
    movements carefully when walking across. This isn't really that big of a deal. 
    After yet another bio you jump across the ends of knives. Fun. This is pretty 
    hard--only jump off a knife's edge when you absolutely have; otherwise, the 
    next one won't be out in time for you to land on. After another easy area, you 
    must crawl under the half-barrels to avoid the damaging electricity. Glide down 
    the rope on the other side. Jump across the moving circles again and climb up 
    the ropes while avoiding the wheels. I don't think this is particularly hard, 
    as long as you have a good sense of coordination. Paraglide down.
    Jump across the barrels and swing from the hooks before they have a chance to 
    release. Hop across more spires. Hammer time! Jump quickly up them (you'll 
    probably need to use the double jump, and remember, you can't go side to side, 
    only up). Swing across the hooks with good timing. Jump across the propellers. 
    Finally, you'll come to Sly's father's thief move. You should see a laser beam 
    here--simply jump and press O so that Sly will glide down it. Continue this 
    through the room of laser beams to reach the end.
    707 - Stand Your Ground (Bentley & Murray)
            - Hold off mutant forces
            - Place treasure on Dr. M
    This first part is actually really hard. All you need to do is beat away the 
    snake things, but be careful--they have extremely deadly attacks. To survive, I 
    suggest that you press R1 and just punch like crazy. Yes, you will die. With 
    some luck, the game will begin to feel sorry for you and start handing out some 
    spare health for poor Murray. Fortunately, the game will reset you somewhere in 
    the middle of the battle if you die. And remember, grab health whenever you see 
    it and just pray to survive.
    Bentley's turn. Grab the ancient security device and put it on Dr. M. When you 
    do it again, you will first need the aid of the Grapple-Cam. From behind the 
    pillar, throw one out and grapple your way to a position that will allow you to 
    take care of the guards. Repeat this process until all the security devices 
    have been used on the evil scientist.
    708 - Final Legacy (Sly & Carmelita)
            - Face off against Dr. M
    Ahh this fight is sooo hard. First part: jump on the lasers and eventually 
    reach him. Hook onto his legs and attack him when you fall. Second part: hide 
    under the vehicle when he shoots a laser out. Third part: avoid his advances. 
    When a blue sphere appears, hop onto the lasers so it'll fall down. Attack him 
    after that while he tries to counter you. Sixth part: he'll shoot off lots of 
    dangerous fire stuff that follows you. Go onto laserbeams to avoid this, but be 
    quick when hopping from beam to beam. Seventh part: when he slams down, fire 
    will be created, so be sure to jump up when this happens.
    After you're finally done with all that, Carmelita will manage to find a few 
    shots in for Dr. M. This is not at all hard and the doctor'll pretty much just 
    stand there. Then yay, he'll be done for.
                    800 - Master Thief Challenges (100% Completion)
    801 - Canal Chase - Expert Course: Defeat Blue Viper boats without taking 
    significant damage.
    You can be hit a maximum of five times now. Isn't that EXCITING? Basically, as 
    before, dodge first and shoot second. There are several spots on the course 
    where the game will try to "trick" you into being hit--memorize these locations 
    to avoid falling into the trap. Try to damage as much of the first viper as you 
    can in the very beginning. Also, it helped for me to keep R1 held down except 
    when the gun was recharging.
    802 - Air Time: Destroy all the tar reservoirs before time runs out.
    This isn't too hard. Obviously the time will reload every time you smash a tar 
    reservoir. You might be able to see that there is a clear path you must take--
    only go over the river after you have smashed all the ones on the first side. 
    There are six in all.
    803 - Tower Scramble: Get to the top of the tower and knock the balloon free 
    before time runs out.
    You only have enough time to make one trip. As long as you're quick with the X 
    and O buttons, you should be fine. The game should have decently prepared you 
    for this. Don't forget to knock off the balloon!
    804 - Coin Chase: Collect 20 coins while keeping up with Octavio.
    And how will you obtain said coins? Two ways: either you can quickly defeat his 
    minions, or you can knock down breakable objects scattered across the level and 
    hope for the best. Neither is exactly easy, but the latter is the quicker way. 
    The flower bed at the beginning has six coins, so make good use of it. If 
    possible, try to get ahead of him and take an enemy out to wield more coins.
    805 - Speed Bombing: Destroy the vacuum pumps before time runs out.
    Grr. Try to save the toughest pump for last (you know which one I'm talking 
    about). Put three bombs on a pump at a time and get out of there FAST. After 
    that it's just luck. Grab health around the room whenever you can. Sly will be 
    helpful, but often times he'll get in the way.
    806 - Octavio Canal Challenge: Defeat Octavio in the Venice canals under time 
    Unlike the Blue Viper Challenge, you should be able to defeat Octavio after 
    relatively little practice, since you are now under time pressure and not lack 
    of health. Be extra careful about the red barriers and bombs that he throws out 
    and you should be fine. Hold the R1 at him for as long as possible before it 
    recharges. Try to time it so that the gun will recharge during a "jump" area in 
    the river, in other words, during a period where all you do is lift the boat.
    807 - Octavio's Last Stand: Defeat Octavio before time runs out.
    As if this fight hasn't hard enough, now you have to worry about a time limit. 
    Great. Try to lure him into the tar as much as possible before it runs dry. 
    Then just avoid his attacks and punch like crazy.
    808 - Venice treasure Hunt: Using your treasure map, follow the clues to find 
    the hidden loot.
    - Centered on a trap to a watery grave, below the large clock's face starts the 
      path for the brave.
            - Somewhat near the police station (over the river) is a building with 
              a huge clock. Below is a glass panel with water under.
    - They blow in the wind, hanging by a thread.
            - See the three flags? Go opposite from them.
    - Look down the alley that leads to a point and take 14 paces.
            - Head 14 steps southeast from where you are.
    - Like the pull of the moon this draws you close by 16 paces.
            - The center of the plaza by the police headquarters kinda looks like a 
              moon, right? I mean, if you squint...
    - Stay away from the police. Take 9 paces to pot some distance between the cops 
      and the robber.
            - Go west 9 steps from the police station.
    - Take 6 paces away from the tower by the water.
            - Go north from the tower Sly climbed up earlier.
    - Take 11 paces away from the large circle on the ground.
            - Boy, that's not hard to figure out. Go northwest this time.
    - Take 6 paces toward the fountain and statue.
            - To the left are two statues within a fountain. Move southwest for 6 
              steps to see the end of this challenge.
    809 - Rock Run: Complete the rock climbing course under time pressure.
    I got this on my first try. If/when an enemy spots you, brush him away with a 
    simple hit of the cane and move on. The markers are pretty clear, but use the 
    L3 just in case you don't see them.
    810 - Cave Sprint: Make it to the safe without being damaged and before time 
    runs out.
    After some practice this isn't too hard. Take out the first guard, but leave 
    the others alone and jump from drill to drill without being spotted. Remember, 
    you're under time pressure, so jump quickly.
    811 - Cave Mayhem: Defeat 12 guards and make it out of the cave in time.
    They give you an extended period of time now so you can manage to finish off 
    enough enemies.  Don't forget to press R1, and knock them off the rails when 
    you can. This'll make things easier for you.
    812 - Scaling The Drill: Make it to the top of the drill before time expires.
    Another basic time-limited challenge. You absolutely HAVE to do everything in 
    one turn. If you're having trouble connecting with the hook at the end, you 
    need to double jump at the last moment to reach it. And as for the wall hooks 
    that circle, it's all about timing. Wait for Sly to become upright.
    813 - Guard Swappin': Posses 5 different guards without touching the ground.
    Ick, this will take some finesse. I can't really give you much advice except to 
    have a sharp eye out for potential guards and to be careful that, when the Guru 
    jumps off a guard and onto another, that you don't leave him to run into the 
    path of the other guard, destroying your chances of catching him. Did that make 
    any sense at all? Bah...
    814 - Quick Claw: Keep Murray safe from the guards to score high on this 
    You only have to cover one phase of this challenge. Basically, you do the same 
    thing as before. The only difference is a LOT more guards come after you. If 
    you like, drop the nearby barrels onto the enemy instead for a quick kill or 
    so. After that, it's all about the electric fence.
    815 - Pressure Brawl: Murray, Sly, and Bentley team up to win a giant brawl 
    under time pressure.
    Yeah, this is a little harder. For Bentley, don't worry about bombs--just hit 
    as many as possible. For Sly, it usually helped for me to press triangle before 
    attacking so that he spun around to hit multiple targets. For Murray, just 
    punch a lot, and do one hit KOs when you can.
    816 - Crocs and Coins: Collect 100 coins while fending off attacking guards.
    As an FYI, you can NOT just die after obtaining the correct number of coins. 
    You need to feed the crocodile the required number of guards to complete the 
    mission. To collect coins first, just keep pressing the square button. To feed 
    the croc, give him one guard at a time and then pause to clear the area out a 
    little before you give him another.
    817 - Carmelita Climb: Get the mask off Carmelita before time runs out.
    You need to climb up the left side of her first (her left...Sly's right) if you 
    want to have enough time to finish the other side. Like any other climbing 
    challenge, this requires quick feet and quick pressing of the O button. Not all 
    that hard after some practice...
    818 - Outback Treasure Hunt: Using your treasure map, follow the clues to find 
    the hidden loot.
    - Start upon the steps of the Guru's prison shack, from the miner's camp to the 
      treasure pack.
            - You remember where the Guru was held prisoner, right? At the end of 
              his cell are steps you must stand on.
    - Escape toward freedom for 9 paces.
            - Walk south. Wow, that was hard to figure out.
    - Make your way to the towering machine for 9 paces.
            - The machine is the crane, which can be easily spotted from where Sly 
              is at the moment.
    - The smell of lemonade and the sounds of fighting draw you closer by 10 paces.
            - Move 10 paces east, because that's where the bar was, remember?
    - Of the two trucks, take 14 paces toward the lesser.
            - I don't know about that, but one truck is southeast, so...go there?
    - Now that you are closer to the lesser, walk 28 paces to become farther from 
      the greater.
            - Move directly south from here.
    - Try to hide from the spinning giant by getting under him for 4 paces.
            - It's kind of a stretch, but you need to move northeast from here. Get 
              it, the spinning giant is the crane?
    - Take 8 paces toward the small island in the quicksand.
            - If you look around you should see a small platform surrounded by the 
              green stuff (quicksand apparently) to the south.
    819 - Castle Quick Climb: Get to the top of the castle under time pressure.
    This may or may not be hard, depending on who you are. For some reason the 
    camera angles really suck. Unlike other time pressure climbing challenges, Sly 
    has time to fall into the water and still recover. Use the right analog stick 
    whenever you can to maneuver the camera.
    820 - Muggshot Goon Attack: Defeat 30 guards before taking down Muggshot.
    Another basic 'beat up as many enemies as you can without dying' challenge. 
    Attack Muggshot by flipping the switch while you defeat the enemies so you 
    don't have to worry about that later. Leave him with one hit left. Defeat the 
    guards before they get far from him--they come in pairs at most and can be 
    handled easily that way, one at a time.
    821 - Security Breach: Defend the fragile plane in the hangar from approaching 
    Wow, I thought this was hard enough without the extra challenge. Now the plane 
    has half the health it used to. Basically, if you have a really good eye and a 
    talent for paying attention to both screens, this shouldn't be too hard. I 
    can't give you much more advice, except to practice.
    822 - Defend The Hangar: The Hangar can take limited damage. Keep it safe.
    This challenge is really, really hard. I barely managed to beat it the first 
    time with full health. The key is to move fast and have good aim when trying to 
    connect your hook with the guards below. For the tanks, GET TO THEM FAST! 
    Ignore all other guards unless they're all the way to the tank. The trick with 
    it is to take them out quickly by rotating your helicopter in a circle. I found 
    out that they come off much faster that way than just a straight pull.
    823 - Precision Air Duel: Destroy only the tri-winged planes.
    This isn't too hard, but it is pretty tedious. Probably the most difficult 
    thing is not killing the other planes by accident. Towards the end they will 
    start to swoop close to you in an attempt to crash. Don't let this happen. Try 
    to stay out of the clouds to spot them easier.
    824 - Wolf Rampage: Defeat the guards while avoiding serious damage to the 
    Considering that the guards will drop health half the time after being killed, 
    this challenge isn't very difficult at all. As long as you carefully aim his 
    attacks when moving so he doesn't knock into a wall, you should have no problem 
    with this challenge as a whole.
    825 - One Woman Army: Carmelita must defeat 15 guards before defeating 
    This will be hard if you stay in the street. Therefore, I suggest that you 
    stick to the rooftops. The only attack he'll give up there is a bomb that will 
    be detonated a few seconds after thrown. You have plenty of time to escape its 
    blast radius, however. Meanwhile, the guards will sometimes come to Carmelita 
    up there, or you can just shoot them from above to acquire the number needed.
    826 - Going Out On A Wing: Defeat the Black Baron before time runs out.
    Believe me, you have more time than you think you do. Still be careful when he 
    is attacking and evade his punches at all costs--otherwise you'll die before 
    the Black Baron can be defeated. When the guards come out, stand in front of 
    the door and keep attacking them once to brush them of continuously. Grab the 
    much-needed health when you can. And remember, when the Baron jumps up, you 
    must do the same to avoid an attack.
    827 - Holland Treasure Hunt: Using your treasure map, follow the clues to find 
    the hidden loot.
    - Upon the steaming lid to the sewers you start, the treasure is yours if you 
    pace it out smart.
            - Near the hotel is a sewer lid with steam.
    - It will take you 29 paces to cross the water without getting wet.
            - Duh, go across the bridge.
    - Avoid the cheese that elevates your mind and body, take 10 paces away from 
            - Head in the southwest direction.
    - Face the well and take 7 paces backwards.
            - Go south. Not hard...
    - One windmill is alone and defenseless, take 9 paces toward it.
            - It's pretty far away, so just go to the east.
    - Penelope pretended as she looked down from this high perch, take 18 paces 
    toward it.
            - They're of course talking about her mansion.
    - Gaze across and take 13 paces toward the home of the Cooper biplane.
            - Head east from where you are. It's hard to see it from here.
    - This windmill is standing, but not by itself. Take 10 paces toward it to find 
    the wealth.
            - You can see it from here. Go southeast.
    828 - Big Air in China: Use Murray's ball move to reach all the waypoints 
    without taking damage and before time expires.
    The last jump is rather hard to achieve--you need to have kept all of your 
    previous momentum in order to make it. Don't worry too much about the clock for 
    this one. You should be able to beat this after some maneuvering.
    829 - Sharpshooter: Keep Murray from taking significant damage from the 
    attacking guards.
    Remember, use the right analog to zoom in and out. Keep in mind that you CANNOT 
    hit Murray during this process! Keep the camera zoomed in, but only partially 
    to see everything still. And don't forget--once you shoot a guard, they'll be 
    stunned, so you'll need to take care of them again.
    830 - Treetop Tangle: Defeat Tsao without sustaining significant damage.
    It figures they have to make this a challenge. You can only be hit ONCE! Twice 
    it you're lucky. It quickly becomes annoying to listen to him talk about his 
    superiority. When he comes up from beneath the trees, jump then! Jump again to 
    avoid a direct hit. Then, jump where you landed and you should get a hit in. 
    When Tsao's at half health he'll start to play dirty by jumping quickly to an 
    area nearby. Don't go near him if you think you can't make it! That's about all 
    the advice I can think off. Always remain cautious.
    831 - Tsao Showdown: Defeat Tsao without sustaining significant damage.
    This challenge isn't as hard, since you now have places to run. Actually, there 
    is a nice clearing for you on the other side of the river, if you want to use 
    it. Basically, do everything that you did when you first fought him, except be 
    extra careful to evade his attacks. You may be hit once. Whittle away Tsao's 
    health by getting an easy hit in when he spins his shield around.
    832 - China Treasure Hunt: Using your treasure map, follow the clues to find 
    the hidden loot.
    - From the back doors of the van the quest begins. Hunt for the treasure among 
    Tsao's sins.
            - ...Just start at the van.
    - Retrace the yan's path for 13 paces.
            - Go southwest. I don't really know what the clue is supposed to mean.
    - Climb toward the pagoda to contemplate your path, 9 paces for ying and 9 
    paces for yang.
            - Go 18 paces west from where you are.
    - Grow closer to General Tsao by taking 14 pace toward his visage.
            - Go north. Not hard to see where.
    - You are pushed away from safety and home, again for 14 paces.
            - Move in the opposite direction of the Safe House.
    - For 9 paces you travel under the cable and to the next arch.
            - Go northwest. See the arch they're talking about?
    - Listen to the tears and take 7 paces toward the prison of Jing King.
            - You know where her prison was, right? Go north.
    - A long final push of 24 paces will lead you down a hard lowly road.
            - There is no other place to go but east.
    833 - Patch Grab: Lure Jake back to the anchor and get the patch before time 
    runs out.
    Eh, this isn't too hard. As long as you go in a somewhat succession he'll be 
    able to hear each time that you hit a tree. Hurry though, and make sure that 
    Jake doesn't spot you. everything should be fine if you do that.
    834 - Stealth Challenge: Steal the peg leg without being discovered under time 
    This isn't hard at all--in fact, if you have been following my guide, you only 
    need to do what you did previously. I got this done with time to spare. Stand 
    next to one of the guards and run away quickly so he'll turn around to check 
    things out. Then, when he turns around again, sneak attack him. Repeat with the 
    other guy and then steal the leg.
    835 - Boat Bash: Defeat enemy boats under time pressure.
    Remember, you need to ram the boat hard from a distance for the armor to come 
    off. Really, this challenge isn't hard either. You don't even really need to 
    aim your cannon that carefully. Just make sure to dodge the cannonballs that 
    they fire back at you.
    836 - Last Ship Sailing: Defeat 5 boats without sinking, no health pickups.
    Yeah, I guess this can be pretty hard. I got this on my second try, though. Try 
    to pick off one boat at a time instead of battling against two or three. Since 
    there's no health pickups, you just need to be careful. Never show your broad 
    side to the enemy unless they've just fired and you don't need to worry about 
    cannonballs. Make sure the ENTIRE ship can be hit by ALL of your cannonballs to 
    make your attack the most effective that they can be.
    837 - Pirate Treasure Hunt: Using your treasure map, follow the clues to find 
    the hidden loot.
    - Center yourself tall on Mushroom Rock. By the Falls of Despair, your fate is 
            - To the northwest of the level is a huge waterfall. Next to it (up by 
              the bridge) is a rock that sorta looks like a mushroom.
    - Off the rock do ye walk 7 paces, toward the place where seadogs sleep.
            - See the small tent? Yeah, that's where you go.
    - Look toward the fearful flag, high in the sky and take ye 10 paces to your 
            - An enormous pirate flag can be seen in the horizon.
    - Away from the lone boat and onto land walk ye 5 paces.
            - Walk southeast.
    - Like a sea hag, avoid the burning heat and take ye 9 paces away.
            - Too easy. Move away from the fire that can be seen above.
    - Skull Keep lies before you, take ye 5 paces toward the pirate's curse.
            - It's the thing with the flag. Go east.
    - Walk toward the keel that was halved up for a roof for 4 paces.
            - I don't really know what the clue means, but walk northeast.
    - If you are sure you want it, take ye a final 6 paces towards the Falls of 
            - Go northwest towards where you started.
    838 - Beauty Versus The Beast: Defeat the giant beast before time runs out.
    As long as you continuously press the button to fire your gun rapidly, this 
    isn't a problem. Overall, Carmelita has health to spare, so you really don't 
    need to worry about dying that way. When he throws the henchmen at you, just 
    ignore them and keep firing while evading.
    839 - Road Rage: Defeat at least 16 enemy cars, no energy collection required.
    Here's a simple trick for this challenge: wait right where all the cars land 
    after going on the ramp, then stay there and hit them as they race by. No 
    movement is required, and they don't have time to take anything away from your 
    health. Simple, no?
    840 - Dr. M Dogfight: Defeat Dr. M and his flying creature under time pressure.
    Just do the exact same thing that you did before. Press X to boost up to him 
    and shoot like crazy. This way his rockets can't get you. Weave through the 
    green bars while still shooting and you should make it.
    841 - Ultimate Gauntlet: Make it through the Gauntlet of the Ancestors under 
    time pressure, with no checkpoints.
    Don't rush! You have plenty of time. Remember, you must examine each of his 
    ancestor's bios before he can proceed. There's not too much advice I can give, 
    except to be extra cautious and use lots of practice. I can it can be extremely 
    frustrating to die at the very end or something, but eventually you'll get the 
    hang of it and do everything with ease.
    842 - Battle Against Time: Defeat Dr. M before time runs out.
    You shouldn't really worry about the time factor, although you should never 
    hesitate to attack him. At the same time though, you must be mindful of all the 
    attacks that he throws out at you. It's very easy to die because of a little 
    bit of carelessness. Don't let it happen to you. Other than that, just use the 
    same strategy that I gave earlier on for this fight.
                                   900 - Multiplayer
    Basically all I'm going to do in this section is talk about each of the types 
    of multiplayers that Sucker Punch gave us. Some are uh...better than others.
    901 - Cops And Robbers
    Description: Sly steals the loot and gets it to safe points. Carmelita needs to 
    stop Sly.
    Hmm, here's an interesting one. Instead of having two players doing equal tasks 
    as a contest like the others, here two people must do to separate things. The 
    person playing Sly must steal loot and bring it to certain checkpoints in order 
    to score a point. The person playing Carmelita must stop and kill Sly to earn a 
    point. Along the way you can find a few 'power-ups' like a megajump or a shield 
    to protect your character. This multiplayer takes place in Venice.
    902 - Hackathon: Hack into computers together!
    Again, this one is unique, but in a different sense. Now Bentley and Penelope 
    are working TOGETHER to hack a computer. Sometimes you will also see a star on 
    the screen, signifying another power-up, such as a shield or double the ammo. 
    Interestingly, apparently you can 'win' or 'lose' this challenge. Does anyone 
    know what happens once you hack all of the code and 'complete' the mission? I 
    wish I did...someone send me an e-mail if you figure it out.
    903 - Biplane Duel: Sly and Carmelita battle it out in the skies!
    Hmm. This can be somewhat boring at times, especially when you're trying to 
    find your foe within the huge landscape. Here we see again the different types 
    of power-ups you can find: lock-on projectiles, the occasional nuke, etc. As 
    predicted, this multiplayer takes place in Holland. You can also crash your 
    plane into the other person's to kill you both. Overall I don't see too much 
    thrill in fighting in the sky when you can't see your opponent half the time.
    904 - Galleon Duel: Avast! Sink the other ship before it sinks you!
    Heh. As if we didn't get enough ship sinking in the game, now you can try it in 
    the multiplayer too. This one is rather quick-paced, and those who are very 
    inexperienced with ship-sinking will have trouble against someone who has. I 
    didn't see any power-ups to speak of, so I can only assume you need to fight 
    back pretty fast when challenging someone else. This multiplayer is located in 
    the pirate episode, and you mainly use Sly and Bentley.
                                060 - Ultimate Thieving
    061 - Pickpocket Objects
    Bronze Watch (24)         Silver Watch (41)         Gold Watch (54)
    Bronze Ring (27)          Silver Ring (50)          Gold Ring (70)
    Bronze Pen (32)           Silver Pen (59)           Gold Pen (81)
    Bronze Medal (39)         Silver Medal (64)         Gold Medal (94)
    Small Nugget (51)         Medium Nugget (89)        Large Gold Bar (130)
    Topaz (49)                Sapphire (91)             Ruby (132)
    Small Necklace (52)       Medium Necklace (94)      Large Necklace (137)
    Small Diamond (55)        Medium Diamond (101)      Large Diamond (147)
    062 - Extra Thief Abilities
    Name: Smoke Bomb
    Character: Sly
    Description: Obscure the vision of your enemies for a hasty getaway.
    How to get: Pay 200 at ThiefNet
    My review: A nice item in the beginning, but that's all it is. I can think of 
    better, more effective things to use or do than this. And besides, not only 
    does it last for a pretty short period, but it takes a good deal away from your 
    meter. Still, if you find it useful, then by all means use it.
    My rating: 4/10
    Name: Combat Dodge
    Character: Sly
    Description: Sidestep enemies in combat.
    How to get: Pay 400 at ThiefNet
    My review: This is another one of those abilities where you either like it or 
    you don't. I personally found no long-lasting use for it, but then again, I 
    wasn't terribly good with using it. This ability can be pretty effective for a 
    battle, although sometimes there's an object in your way, which renders this 
    move useless for Sly.
    My rating: 6/10
    Name: Feral Pounce
    Character: Sly
    Description: Jump over vast distances.
    How to get: Pay 1000 at ThiefNet
    My review: A perfect upgrading move. It's a real good thing that it drains 
    nothing from your meter. On top of the high boost, you can make Sly double jump 
    again for an extra distance. You can also escape from enemies and lot faster. 
    I definitely recommend using it.
    My rating: 10/10
    Name: Knockout Dive
    Character: Sly
    Description: Leap at enemies, leaving them stunned on the ground.
    How to get: Pay 300 at ThiefNet
    My review: This ability is one of those types where you either like it or you 
    don't. I can see how it has its uses, but I believe that there are better ways 
    and better methods to takes out your enemies than this one. Not bad to use in 
    the beginning of the game, I think.
    My rating: 3/10
    Name: Shadow Power Level 2
    Character: Sly
    Description: Move without being seen.
    How to get: Pay 1400 at ThiefNet
    My review: This version is way better than Sly 2's. Not only can you run in 
    this mode, but you can also attack enemies. If you remember in Sly 1, all you 
    could do was walk around at most. As we all see, Sucker Punch has improved this 
    ability by vast amounts over the series.
    My rating: 10/10
    Name: Thief Reflexes
    Character: Sly
    Description: Slow down time to a crawl.
    How to get: Pay 1200 at ThiefNet
    My review: This is one cool ability. It has no good use, except for the fact 
    that you can see an enemy's attack coming. An added plus is that it drains away 
    from the meter very slowly. Most importantly though, you can just go out and 
    have lots of fun watching it.
    My rating: 8/10
    Name: Rocket Boots
    Character: Sly
    Description: Roll through the level...silently!
    How to get: Pay 600 at ThiefNet
    My review: The Stealth Slide's equivalent from Sly 2. I believe this ability is 
    thoroughly average. You can use it if you like, but I personally just stuck to 
    his normal running. Although I must admit, you can go pretty fast. Still, why 
    waste your ability meter on something like this?
    My rating: 5/10
    Name: Paraglide
    Character: Sly
    Description: Fly through the air with this quick-deploy paraglider.
    How to get: Pay 300 at ThiefNet (this is a mandatory ability in Episode 3)
    My review: What can I say? You MUST buy it in order to complete the game, so it 
    has to have some uses, right? And indeed it does. Perfect for a great variety 
    of occasions, the paraglider and Sly will become inseparatable.
    My rating: 10/10
    Name: Spin Attack
    Character: Sly
    Description: Use your cane's full force to attack enemies in battle.
    How to get: Buy all the upgrades at ThiefNet.
    My review: Yeah, I definitely used this move a lot, especially with all of the 
    pirate captain battles, for some reason. Press the triangle button three times 
    (assuming that you've gotten it up to level 3) and Sly will spin around to do 
    lots of extra damage. Pretty hand in tight situations.
    My rating: 9/10
    Name: Push Attack
    Character: Sly
    Description: Push your enemies away.
    How to get: Buy all the upgrades at ThiefNet.
    My review: I give it a 'meh' since I never used it nor needed to. Basically, 
    there's no need to use elaborate attacks like this when you never need it. You 
    can definitely go without this ability, but on the other hand, you might find 
    it to be useful. I suppose it all depends on your tastes.
    My rating: 7/10
    Name: Jump Attack
    Character: Sly
    Description: Attack your enemies with a jump.
    How to get: Buy all the upgrades at ThiefNet.
    My review: See previous ability. I found that you either like it or you don't. 
    Again, this is a little too elaborate for my tastes. Why not just stick with 
    the simple whack of the cane? But, as I said before, use it by all means if you 
    think this ability is handy for combat.
    My rating: 7/10
    Name: Alarm Clock
    Character: Bentley
    Description: Confuse your enemies with this distracting alarm clock.
    How to get: Pay 200 at ThiefNet
    My review: I don't think it's particularly handy, as there are better, more 
    effective ways to avoid enemies, and it can even backfire on you. Still, since 
    Bentley is the weakest character, this might help you out. It's a pretty nice 
    ability in the beginning of the game, but then you find other things.
    My rating: 7/10
    Name: Adrenaline Burst
    Character: Bentley
    Description: Move like no turtle has moved before.
    How to get: Pay 400 at ThiefNet
    My review: This is the same as Sly's Rocket Boots, but unlike that ability, 
    Bentley will still create noise while using it. It's nice for a fast getaway, 
    but also drains your meter quickly. This is one of those abilities where you 
    can either use it or not, depending on how you feel.
    My rating: 4/10
    Name: Health Extractor
    Character: Bentley
    Description: Capture guards and extract medicine from them.
    How to get: Pay 600 at ThiefNet
    My review: Yay, Bentley finally gets a decent ability. Unlike a lot of his 
    other gadgets, this one has a remote detonation, so you can use it at will. A 
    common problem with Bentley is that he tends to be pretty weak, so this move 
    can help out a lot when playing as him.
    My rating: 10/10
    Name: Insanity Strike
    Character: Bentley
    Description: Make enemies attack each other with a wheelchair spin attack.
    How to get: Pay 600 at ThiefNet
    My review: I found this to be absolutely essential during some fights. A quick 
    tap of the button, a hit to an enemy, and...presto! The enemy is now on your 
    side. From there on after, the thing that you hit will now start attacking your
    enemies for you. Very handy in tight situations, and besides, it's quick to use
    during heavy combat.
    My rating: 10/10
    Name: Size Destabilizer
    Character: Bentley
    Description: Shrink guards by whacking them with your wheelchair.
    How to get: Pay 800 at ThiefNet
    My review: I see absolutely no point in this ability, save for the fact that it 
    sort of 'looks cool.' Even after you shrink the enemies, they can still attack 
    you--in the meantime, more show up, and you to waste more time killing off the 
    first target. I don't advise using it at all.
    My rating: 1/10
    Name: Rage Bomb
    Character: Bentley
    Description: Confuse all enemies in the area into attacking each other.
    How to get: Pay 1200 at ThiefNet
    My review: This ability is an extension to the Insanity Strike move. Aim and 
    toss a bomb that will detonate after a second or two and will the confuse any 
    guards that it came in contact with. This move has its ups and downs: on the 
    one hand, it's a plus that it can hit multiple enemies at once, but for the 
    downside, you need to take the time to aim and wait for it to go off. Also, the 
    enemies need to stay within the blast radius long enough. Usually, they don't 
    like to stay in one place for too long, and consequently, you can only manage 
    to hit one guard out of many, which is what Insanity Strike does anyways to the 
    guards. I prefer Insanity Strike, although this is good as well.
    My rating: 7/10
    Name: Hover Pack
    Character: Bentley
    Description: Extend your jumps by hovering in the air. (this is a mandatory 
    ability in Episode 3)
    How to get: Pay 1200 at ThiefNet
    My review: Yep, this is a pretty important ability for Bentley right here. And 
    unlike the previous game, Bentley can go up to quadruple his normal jump. This 
    makes him much more able on the field. He can reach places that he couldn't 
    normally reach before. Getting around should be a breeze now.
    My rating: 10/10
    Name: Grapple-Cam
    Character: Bentley
    Description: A remote camera with amazing abilities. (this is a mandatory 
    ability in Episode 4).
    How to get: Pay 400 at ThiefNet
    My review: Also a mandatory item. I suppose you COULD use it outside of the 
    missions, but why would you want to do that? In all likelihood you won't use it 
    for any other part of the game. Although it's great in taking out enemies, the 
    camera angles are lousy and the controls can be frustrating.
    My rating: 6/10
    Name: Be The Ball
    Character: Murray
    Description: Roll around like a ball.
    How to get: Automatic ability.
    My review: Yeah, another one of those abilities you need in order to beat the 
    game. Since Murray automatically comes with it, there's no need to worry about 
    saving up for money. He can also easily smash enemies without worrying too 
    much about them fighting back.
    My rating: 10/10
    Name: Berserker Charge
    Character: Murray
    Description: Scatter enemies with this powerful run.
    How to get: Pay 300 at ThiefNet
    My review: Unlike the other two characters' 'fast run' abilities, Murray's 
    lasts for a shorter amount of time, and he can attack enemies this way. This 
    has to be the worst way for Murray to attack. I don't recommend using it. It 
    probably would've been better if Murray could instant KO them with this move, 
    but since he doesn't, he's left vulernable to attacks ahead.
    My rating: 3/10
    Name: Juggernaut Throw
    Character: Murray
    Description: Thrown objects explode on impact.
    How to get: Pay 400 at ThiefNet
    Ny review: Since this move will be performed automatically, you don't need to 
    worry about pressing L1, L2, or R2, or worry about your ability meter draining 
    down. I'm not quite sure how much the exploding object makes of a difference, 
    though. But since it damages nearby enemies, that makes it useful.
    My rating: 8/10
    Name: Guttural Roar
    Character: Murray
    Description: Terrify your foes.
    How to get: Pay 600 at ThiefNet
    My review: You can use this move both during combat and out of it. Basically, 
    if you don't feel like fighting, then this move is for you. It does require 
    some amount from the ability meter, though. Still, this move is very useful to 
    you. Use it when Murray runs into trouble.
    My rating: 10/10
    Name: Fists Of Flame
    Character: Murray
    Description: Turn ordinary punches into fiery ones.
    How to get: Pay 800 at ThiefNet
    My review: Basically, this move is a one-hit KO type thing, similar to Sly's 
    Lightning Strike move. It's kind of a waste though, especially since Murray 
    usually creates instant KOs by himself with an ability. Still, this move can be 
    useful at times during combat.
    My rating: 9/10
    Name: Temporal Lock
    Character: Murray
    Description: Freeze time around the guards...temporarily, at least.
    How to get: Pay 1000 at ThiefNet
    My review: If you need a fast getaway plan, then look no further than this move 
    right here. I'm pretty sure that this ability freezes all of the enemies in the 
    level, not just the ones nearby. You can use it about three times, but that's 
    more than what you really need (during emergencies, anyways).
    My rating: 10/10
    Name: Raging Inferno Flop
    Character: Murray
    Description: Use while jumping to create a wall of flame on impact.
    How to get: Pay 1200 at ThiefNet
    My review: An extension to Murray's Diablo Fire Slam ability. Minus the fact 
    that you can only use it a few times, this is the perfect ability. In a small 
    instant, Murray can give KOs to multiple enemies. Helpful indeed, especially 
    during tough combat situations, which Murray tends to run into.
    My rating: 10/10
    Name: Diablo Fire Slam
    Character: Murray
    Description: Use while carrying an enemy to create deadly firestorm.
    How to get: Pay 1400 at ThiefNet
    My review: It took me a minute or two to figure out how to use this. I suppose 
    that it's a plus to hurt enemies around you when slamming a guard on the floor. 
    You can also give an instant KO to whoever you're carrying, although I doubt 
    I'd ever really use this move.
    My rating: 7/10
    063 - General Tips
    Jumping - General                       - Make good use of the double jump move
                                            - Running before you jump to another 
                                              platform extends your distance
                                            - Always look for some sort of object 
                                              or net that will bounce you up
    Jumping - Sly                           - Keep the paraglider handy when you're 
                                              able to receive it
                                            - If you're having a hard time moving 
                                              up, buy his Feral Pounce move
    Jumping - Bentley                       - If you're having a hard time moving 
                                              up, buy his Hover Pack move
    Jumping - Murray                        - If you're having a hard time moving 
                                              up, buy his Turnbuckle Launch move
    Combat - General                        - Whack enemies over the building or a 
                                              high area to take care of them
                                            - Your enemy will quickly attack back 
                                              after you hit it, so dodge this move
                                            - It's always better to avoid fights
    Combat - Sly                            - Use the surprise attack option for 
                                              guards whenever you can
                                            - Confuse one or two guards with Sly's 
                                              Insanity Strike move
    Combat - Bentley                        - Since Bentley is so weak, his dart 
                                              sleeping gun works best to avoid them
                                            - Upgrade with his trigger bomb so you 
                                              can run to a safe distance
    Combat - Murray                         - Use the surprise attack option for 
                                              guards whenever you can
                                            - Upgrade to Murray's Raging Inferno
                                              Flop to kill multiple enemies
    Running Away - General                  - Run to the other side so they will
                                              usually lose you
                                            - Jump to any roof so that the bigger 
                                              guards will not be able to get you
                                            - If you avoid the larger guards' light 
                                              then they can't shoot with accuracy
    Running Away - Sly                      - If you're on a building then a quick 
                                              paraglide will cause them to lose you
                                            - Make good use of Sly's Smoke Bomb 
                                              ability to run away
                                            - Climb up anything that has blue aura 
                                              around it--they can't get up there
    Running Away - Bentley                  - Use Bentley's Adrenaline Burst move 
                                              for a fast getaway
    Running Away - Murray                   - Never run away with Murray--in most 
                                              cases, it's safer to stay and fight
    Avoiding Battle - General               - At all costs, do not make noise. Look 
                                              for any nearby guards before running
                                            - Be mindful of the larger guards and 
                                              their flashlights
                                            - Be at a safe distance to avoid being 
                                              spotted by the smaller guards
    Avoiding Battle - Sly                   - Upgrade to his Silent Obliteration 
                                              ability as soon as possible
                                            - Buy his Stealth Slide to get around
                                              easier without being detected
                                            - Obtain the vault's Shadow Power move
                                              to avoid being seen
    Avoiding Battle - Bentley               - Use his sleeping darts to knock any
                                              guards around out of commission
                                            - Obtain his Temperal Lock move so all
                                              of the guards will not move
    Avoiding Battle - Murray                - Buy his Guttural Roar ability to make 
                                              the guards run away
    Pickpocketing - General                 - Always be sure that the guard has a 
                                              vaulable item with the Binocucom
                                            - Some guards will turn around while 
                                              on patrol, so watch out for that
                                            - Occasionally you must distract guards 
                                              so they can move to reveal pockets
                                            - Be careful that no other guards can
                                              spot you while pickpocketing
                              070 - Codes And Unlockables
    As far as I know, there is one code for Sly 3 and four unlockables. To view the 
    videos, you must select the intro episode in the menu and look for the option 
    to play the bonus clips.
    Different Cooper Plane Skin: R1, R1, right, down, down, right
    Goodbye My Sweet Part 1: Unlocked after you finish the prelude episode.
    Goodbye My Sweet Part 2: Unlocked after you finish the last episode.
    The Evolution of Sly Video: Unlocked after you have completed 80% of the game.
    Dimitri's Video: Unlocked after you have completed 100% of the game.
                                  080 - FAQS For Sly 3
    This section is for various questions that have been asked to me, or ones that
    I have thought of myself:
    Q: I just found out that ______ from Sly 1/Sly 2 isn't in this game!! What!?!?
            A: Like clue bottles, for instance? Or hidden valuables throughout the 
    level? Uh, deal with it?
    Q: I think [a new thing added in Sly 3 not in the previous games] sucks/rocks!
            A: Yep. Don't care. Don't praise/rant about it to me.
    Q: I have completed the game successfully, but it says I'm only a little over 
    being halfway done according to my percentage. Any reason?
            A: Go into the episode menu. When a certain episode is selected, you 
    have the option to complete certain (HARD) challenges.
    Q: I think I've done all the challenges, but I still don't have 100%.
            A: Then you probably skipped something. As far as I know, there have 
    been no glitches reported to indicate that there is a problem with percentage.
    Q: What happens when you get 100%?
            A: See section 070.
    Q: Are there any secrets or unlockables in Sly 3?
            A: See above answer.
    Q: When I'm in China and I need to use the disguise, the guards keep shooting 
    at me even though I'm wearing it! Why?
            A: That's probably because you're using the Venice disguise. There will 
    be a new disguise available in that options menu specifically for China.
    Q: In the fifth episode when I need to sneak onto the ship, how do I attack the 
    guards without them spotting me?
            A: You'll need to use the sneak attack. Press triangle when behind a 
    guard and then square. In addition, you'll need to buy Sly's ability called 
    Silent Obliteration on ThiefNet.
    Q: I can't access ThiefNet after I've beaten the game.
            A: Uh...go to a random episode and access it in the Safe House. You 
    must also press the 'continue episode' button in the menu...
    Q: I wanna sell stuff on ThiefNet, but I don't know how.
            A: You can't. Not in this game. It'll automatically be sold.
    Q: Boy, this whole Grapple-Cam business is sure getting to me.
            A: Remember, be at a safe distance away from the person you want to 
    follow you so that he/she won't destroy the camera. Also, it helps not to knock 
    out the person you're leading.
            A: ...Practice. Ask a stupid question...
    Q: Regarding the whole 3-D glasses thing...
            A: I have another section about that. Look there.
    Q: The ending was so weird! Will there be another addition to the Sly series?
            A: This time I have no idea at all. The ending held a lot of closure, I 
    thought. Not a clue. Time will tell though...and I hope Sucker Punch keeps 
    going with it, the idea of being a thief is just so cool.
                                   090 - Conclusions
    091 - Final Review
    Graphics: They pretty much remain unchanged from Sly 2. I noticed very little 
    difference from the frame rates, either. Sometimes it would slow down for a 
    certain spot, especially in China. I guess the 3-D aspect can be put in this 
    category? Although I commend Sucker Punch for trying something different, I 
    noticed no difference when using this mode and it was more annoying than it was 
    fun. Nothing really popped out. I'm going to bump this game down a notch. 8/10
    Sound: Woo! I can hear my instrument in the menu screen! A lot! Uh, anyway, I 
    can tell yet again that detail was put into this category. You can hear things 
    in the distance grow louder as you approach and vice versa when you walk away. 
    I also really liked the difference between Sly sneaking around, Sly approaching 
    a guard, and Sly stuck in a battle. 10/10
    Gameplay: Blah. Since I'm a vet to the other Sly games, adding extra characters 
    did not appeal to me much, especially since you don't make much use of them. 
    For example: you only play the Panda King walking around and everything twice. 
    And Dimitri is twice as well. Bentley did exactly what Penelope did in Sly 2. 
    So really, we only see the Guru enough to make him worth it. I dunno, I just 
    felt that it wasn't necessary, and because of so many extras we didn't get to 
    play Sly and sneak around as much and all that like in the second one. Again I 
    will lower the score here. 6.5/10
    Story: A huge stretch, in my opinion. Clearly there was trouble shifting a 
    transition between the Clockwerk Saga and Sly's mysterious family vault. None 
    of it was as interlaced as Sly 2. Can you tell I loved Sly 2 a lot? Still, it's 
    acceptable. Not what I was hoping for in Sucker Punch, but acceptable. Let's go 
    with the word 'mediocre' for this. Yeah. 7/10
    Replay Value: Yay! Here's where we see the one flaw of Sly 2 mended. Not only 
    can you replay old missions, but you can try them in 3-D and take on some hard 
    challenges to obtain 100%. You can also mess around with the multiplayer if you 
    want, although it's not as in-depth as others. Still, there's a LOT more to do 
    after you beat the game. Plus, it's still fun once you pick it up after not 
    playing for awhile. 10/10
    Overall: Bad news first--Sly 3 does have some downfalls. Instead of 8 episodes 
    we were only given 6, making it much, much shorter. We can't play our lovable 
    thief as much because of the needless (IMO) extra characters. And a lot of fun 
    things from the first games are now gone, such as finding clue bottles. But you 
    shouldn't give up on it just yet. Sucker Punch still incorporated a lot of 
    interesting tasks and challenges for the best of thieves. But because of the 
    serious shortness and lack of playing Sly much, I can't give it the high rating 
    it should've gotten. However, I'm still definitely recommending the game for 
    you to play, especially if you enjoyed the first and second one. 7.5/10
    092 - Contact Info
    sparksmf@yahoo.com is the only e-mail address that I'm going to use for this 
    guide. Here are the things that I will accept:
            - Game help questions regarding this game that haven't been addressed
            - Problems/incorrect information within this guide
            - Alternative strategies with bosses ONLY
            - Anything else in general with Sly 3 that I may need to add
    Versus the things that I won't accept:
            - Attachments
            - E-mail titles that are irrelevant to this guide
            - Flames/'your guide sucks' (well then let's see you write one!)
            - Asking if it's okay for my guide to be on another site (NO! NO!!!!!)
    I'm assuming my readers will use good judgment, but I've also grown far too 
    accustomed in the online world for listening to idiots. When/if you send me an 
    e-mail, title it with something that I know is about this game. Note that I 
    have written walkthroughs for the other Sly games, so be extra sure to include 
    the '3' in there. And again, I will be more than happy to answer any questions, 
    or hear about any problems or mistakes that this guide might have. If you ask 
    me a question that's already in this walkthrough, however, I'll probably just 
    delete your message.
    093 - Credits:
    Here is a list of people I would like to thank now that this guide is done:
     - gamefaqs.com/CJayC: Yay for providing a means to host this thing.
     - ign.com: See above? Thanks as well.
     - Patrick Fox: For the alternate boss strategy.
     - "mp": For the other boss strategy that was suggested.
     - "Hw3000": Thanks for the gadget list you gave me.
     - All of those people who told me stuff about the codes and such.
     - Benjamin Kabaker: For the tip about Dimitri fighting Dr. M.
     - Jake Olefsky: Thanks for informing me about the RC car challenge trick.
     - "RoboClank": For telling me what happens when you get 100%. Man that sucks.
     - Rick: 'Cause...uh...you're just awesome like that? Yeah...
     - Sucker Punch: Once again, thanks for making such a great game!
    094 - Disclaimer/Legal Stuff
    This guide has taken me forever to write. And considering my schedule, I'd be 
    very unhappy if someone takes it without asking. If one of you readers out 
    there see it in another place, notify me immediately. For now, the only sites 
    that this walkthrough is located at are:
            - Gamefaqs.com
            - IGN.com
    So if you see this in those places, that's okay. Otherwise, it hasn't been 
    authorized for anywhere else. Thank you, and I hope this guide has helped.
    All characters, names, etc, belong to their respective owners.

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