Adam KaufmanZachary Quinto
Additional ArtAndy Davies
Additional ArtBen Durrant
Additional ArtMatthew James
Additional ArtDavid Kirkland
Additional ArtAlex Townsend
Additional ArtWai Yuen
Additional CharactersMartin Binfield
Additional CharactersAlex Kanaris-Sotiriou
Additional CharactersXavier Malard
Additional DesignSarah Hefford
Additional DesignAndy Knowles
Additional DesignPhil Mansell
Additional DesignTim Saunders
Additional DesignJames Shepherd
Additional Design ImplementationMatthew Dickson
Additional Design ImplementationRob King
Additional Design ImplementationAndy Knowles
AIMichael Blaha
AIDaniel Hotop
AINick Ind
AIDarren White
Art Direction ConsultantRodney Charters
Art Direction ConsultantSam Coates
Art Direction ConsultantDuppy Demetrius
Art Direction ConsultantPaul Gadd
Art Direction ConsultantJoseph Hodges
Art Direction ConsultantSimon Knights
Art Direction ConsultantMark Marcum
Audio ProgrammingChip Bell
Audio ProgrammingDaniel Hotop
Audio ProgrammingGary Richards
Audio ProgrammingRichard Talbot-Watkins
Audio Programming: AV ManagerGary Richards
Build Systems SupportMichael Blaha
Build Systems SupportJim Chaney
Character ArtRob Hill
Character ArtCandice Teo
Chloe O'BrianMary Lynn Rajskub
City EnvironmentStuart Bugg
City EnvironmentRichard Priest
City EnvironmentPete Ridgway
ComposerSean Callery
Creative DirectorChris Sorrell
Creative Services ManagerDave Ranyard
Cutscenes CreationDalia Al-Husseini
Cutscenes CreationMatt Bagshaw
Cutscenes CreationMartin Binfield
Cutscenes CreationAngelo Bod
Cutscenes CreationAlan Brand
Cutscenes CreationMark Brown
Cutscenes CreationAndy Davies
Cutscenes CreationLisa Harmon
Cutscenes CreationTony Jackson
Cutscenes CreationAlex Kanaris-Sotiriou
Cutscenes CreationRachel Larkum
Cutscenes CreationArt Lenavat
Cutscenes CreationBen Levitt
Cutscenes CreationXavier Malard
Cutscenes CreationBruce Millar
Cutscenes CreationRichard O'Donovan
Cutscenes CreationShafeq Rahman
Cutscenes CreationChris Riddell
Cutscenes CreationRoss Stanton
Cutscenes CreationJames Stevenson
Cutscenes CreationDean Stolpmann
Cutscenes CreationMatt Stoneham
Cutscenes CreationMike Swindall
Cutscenes CreationAndy Tudor
Cutscenes Rendering SupportMichael Blaha
Cutscenes Rendering SupportAndy Knowles
Cutscenes Rendering SupportGary Richards
Cutscenes SupervisorAndy Tudor
David PalmerDennis Haysbert
Design ImplementationMartin Deacon
Design ImplementationSarah Hefford
Design ImplementationChris Roope
Design ImplementationTim Saunders
Design ImplementationKatie Sorrell
Design ImplementationJames Stimpson
Design ImplementationAlex Sulman
Design ImplementationKieran Teasdale
DesignerChris Sorrell
DesignerAlex Sulman
Director of PhotographyRodney Charters
Driving ProgrammerStephen Bashow
Driving ProgrammerDaniel Hotop
Driving ProgrammerGuy Moss
Driving ProgrammerSteven Wright
Engine ExtensionsJames Busby
Engine ExtensionsJim Chaney
Engine ExtensionsPaul Firth
Engine ExtensionsChris Sorrell
Environment Art DirectorJason Wilson
Environment Team LeadPete Ridgway
EnvironmentsTamas Bako
EnvironmentsStuart Bugg
EnvironmentsDave Fletcher
EnvironmentsMichael Frost
EnvironmentsPete Giles
EnvironmentsTony Heap
EnvironmentsThomas Jones
EnvironmentsBen Levitt
EnvironmentsScott McInnes
EnvironmentsSteven Moore
EnvironmentsRichard Priest
EnvironmentsShafeq Rahman
EnvironmentsChris Riddell
EnvironmentsPete Ridgway
EnvironmentsDean Stolpmann
EnvironmentsRichard Thomas
Executive ProducerJames Shepherd
Front-End Graphic DesignOliver Wright
Gadget Graphic DesignSteven Moore
Gadgets ImplementationJuri Oudshoorn
Game Sound Effects EditingRichard Adams
Game Sound Effects EditingLee Banyard
Game Sound Effects EditingNicholas Kidd
Game Sound Effects EditingStephen O'Callaghan
Game Sound Effects EditingKenny Young
Game Sound RecordistNicholas Kidd
Graphic DesignerFernando Munoz
Ingame AnimationMatt Bagshaw
Ingame AnimationAlan Brand
Ingame AnimationMark Brown
Ingame AnimationLisa Harmon
Interrogation ProgrammerSteven Wright
Jim PrescottAlan Dale
Lead ArtistRob Hill
Lead DesignerKatie Sorrell
Lead ProgrammerMatthew Porter
Lead Tools ProgrammerBryony King
Level ContentMichael Blaha
Level ContentPaul Crowder
Level ContentBen Hesketh
Level ContentDaniel Hotop
Level ContentDarren White
LocalizationJuri Oudshoorn
LocalizationChris Sorrell
OptimizationGary Antcliffe
OptimizationJulian Rex
OptimizationSteven Tattersall
Physics/CollisionJames Busby
Physics/CollisionGuillaume Raffy
Physics/CollisionSteven Wright
Player/Camera ProgrammerPaul Donovan
Player/Camera ProgrammerBen Hesketh
Player/Camera ProgrammerTony Pyle
Player/Camera ProgrammerChris Sorrell
ProducerJean-Baptiste Bolcato
ProducerPaul Gadd
Rendering Engine and Special EffectsPaul Firth
Ryan ChappellePaul Schulze
Script DatabaseChristopher Burgess
Script DatabaseAndrew Scheller
Tools ProgrammingMichael Blaha
Tools ProgrammingChristopher Burgess
Tools ProgrammingJim Chaney
Tools ProgrammingMatthew Dickson
Tools ProgrammingGuillaume Raffy
Tools ProgrammingKevin Rose
Tools ProgrammingAndrew Scheller
Vehicle ArtTamas Bako
Vehicle ArtPete Ridgway
Vehicle ArtMatt Tracey
Voice: Agent Aaron PierceGlenn Morshower
Voice: Agent Tom BakerDaniel Dae Kim
Voice: Chase EdmundsJames Badge Dale
Voice: Governor RadfordAndreas Katsulas
Voice: Jack BauerKiefer Sutherland
Voice: Kate WarnerSarah Wynter
Voice: Kim BauerElisha Cuthbert
Voice: MadsenChristian Kane
Voice: Michelle DesslerReiko Aylesworth
Voice: Nina MyersSarah Clarke
Voice: SidTom Sizemore
Voice: Tony AlmeidaCarlos Bernard
WriterDuppy Demetrius
WriterChris Sorrell


Data and credits for this game contributed by Philz20, plasmabeam, blznght, lilobaggins, Chad_Attack, IowasFallen, msgX, R351D3NT3V1L4, odino, LordAndrew, and oliist.

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