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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Eversio11

    Version: 0.3 | Updated: 03/08/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    |Original Publish Date - March 07, 2006 |
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                              THE GAME
                             Version 0.3
                   FAQ by Mark 'Eversio' Villaloboz
           | This FAQ and all Its contents is copyright (C) |
           | 2006 Mark Villaloboz and may not be redistri-  |
           | buted or copied in any form or way unless      |
           | without the owner's permission. This FAQ may   |
           | only be linked from http://www.gameFAQs.com    |
           ----------------Table of Contents-----------------
           |                                                |
           | I. Version History (VHIS01)                    |
           | II. Weapons Guide (WPGU01)                     |
           | III. Strategies / Tactics / Tips (STTT01)      |
           | IV. Walkthrough   (WLKT01)                     |
           |     A. Hour 1 - 6:00 AM - 7:00 AM (HRWL01)     |
           |         1. Storming the Ship                   |
           |         2. Ricin Wired to Blow                 |
           |     B. Hour 2 - 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM (HRWL02)     |
           |         3. Chase Found Out                     |
           |     C. Hour 3 - 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM (HRWL03)     |
           |         4. Following Daniels                   |
           |         5. Daniels Takedown                    |
           |     D. Hour 4 - 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM (HRWL04)    |
           |         6. Interrogating Daniels               |
           |         7. Sniper Search                       |
           |         8. Taking Out the Enemy                |
           |                                                |  
           |               to be continued                  |
    I. Version History (VHIS01)
    	v0.1 - First version of this FAQ, weapons and first two hours.
                   I know it's pretty bare, but I've seen people already
                   with problems on the first mission, so I wanted to get
                   it out as soon as possible.
            v0.2 - Few more weapons, few more missions...
            v0.3 - Added another hour, plus updated the formatting and
                   table of contents. Everything is looking a lot better.
    II. Weapons Guide (WPGU01)
            * Elite Pistol
                 Range:       [X][X][X][ ][ ][ ]
                 Accuracy:    [X][X][X][ ][ ][ ]
                 Ammunition:  9 x 19mm Parabellum
                 Capacity:    15 rounds
            * TAG-17 Pistol
                 Range:       [X][X][X][ ][ ][ ]
                 Accuracy:    [X][X][X][ ][ ][ ]
                 Ammunition:  9 x 19mm Parabellum
                 Capacity:    17 rounds
            * Hauser Model 10
                 Range:       [X][X][X][X][ ][ ]
                 Accuracy:    [X][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
                 Ammunition:  9 x 19mm Parabellum
                 Capacity:    42 rounds
            * RF Micro
                 Range:       [X][X][X][X][ ][ ]
                 Accuracy:    [X][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
                 Ammunition:  9 x 19 Parabellum
                 Capacity:    20 rounds
            * Gray MK5
                 Range:       [X][X][ ][ ][ ][ ]
                 Accuracy:    [X][X][ ][ ][ ][ ]
                 Ammunition:  12ga shells
                 Capacity:    8 rounds
            * Montana T34
                 Range:       [X][X][ ][ ][ ][ ]
                 Accuracy:    [X][X][ ][ ][ ][ ]
                 Ammunition:  12ga shells
                 Capacity:    10 rounds
            * M5K Deutsche
                 Range:       [X][X][X][X][ ][ ]
                 Accuracy:    [X][X][X][X][X][ ]
                 Ammunition:  9 x 19 Parabellum
                 Capacity:    30 rounds
            * AZ7 Soviet
                 Range:       [X][X][X][X][X][ ]
                 Accuracy:    [X][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
                 Ammunition:  7.62 x 51mm NATO
                 Capacity:    30 rounds
            * M4 Carbine
                 Range:       [X][X][X][X][X][ ]
                 Accuracy:    [X][X][X][X][X][ ]
                 Ammunition:  5.56 x 45mm NATO
                 Capacity:    30 rounds
    III. Strategies / Tactics / Tips (STTT01)
                    coming soon
    IV. Walkthrough (WLKT01)
              So here's the walkthrough, probably what you came
              here just for. Just a little note about how I write
              the guides. I list each mission (58 total) by each hour
              (24, obviously). Within each mission is the objectives
              you must complete based off of your in game PDA. Additional
              objectives that are added within the mission are not
              listed, but appear as they appear in the game in the guide.
              So let's get to it, agent.
    ****** HRWL01  --------- Hour 1 (6:00 AM - 7:00 AM) ---------
                   ---------------- Mission 1 -------------------
                   |            Storming the Ship               |
                   |                                            |
                   | [Board the ship and stop the detonation    |
                   |  of the ricin cargo]                       |
                   |  [ ] Board the Ship                        |
                   |  [ ] Locate the ricin bomb                 |
                   |  [ ] Defuse the ricin bomb                 |
         - Board the Ship -
              Alright, here we go. You've seen and adored him
              on screen, and now it's your chance to play as
              Jack Bauer. Your first steps as Jack will be to
              lead your team onto the ship. Head straight ahead
              towards the yellow staircase up to the ship's deck
              and head to the yellow marker on the ground. Follow
              the on screen instructions, and try for a couple of 
              headshots. After the two tutorial baddies are dead,
              lead your team to the door around the corner and one
              of them will blow it open.
                 [X] Board the Ship
         - Locate the ricin bomb -
              It'll be sometime before you actually reach the bomb,
              so now you have a chance to hone on your shooting skills.
              If you grabbed the TAG-17 pistol off the first terrorist,
              I would suggest using that so you can get some headshots
              and a better accuracy rating for the mission. For the first
              few rooms you'll encounter some basic terrorists with pistols
              and shotguns. Just use cover behind desks or whatever and fire
              off some headshots. About half way through these rooms,
              there will be one with a Gray MK5 and a body armor vest.
              While you're making your way through the ship, try and spare
              some terrorists. I know Jack Bauer is the man and all,
              but you'll have to restrain at least 2 enemies to get a 
              100% rating for this mission. To restrain an enemy, just
              aim for limbs or the torso and continue hitting the R2
              button to announce yourself. If you see an enemy with
              his hands up, he has surrendered, don't shoot. If you
              kill a surrendered terrorist, it will count against your
              Anyways, enough of a sidebar, so when you make your way
              all the way through the ship you'll see a timer pop up
              for 04:00 minutes. This is more than enough time to reach
              the ricin bomb, so don't stress. Take your time outside
              and cover and shoot. When the enemies are all dead, you'll
              have to climb over the rubble on the right side of the
              screen. When you reach the other side, be careful,
              because you'll be ambushed on both sides of the doorway
              ahead of you. Just cover and take your time, these
              are the last enemies that stand between you and the bomb.
              Once everyone is dead, head through the door and to the
              left to locate the bomb. 
                  [X] Locate the ricin bomb
                   ---------------- Mission 2 -------------------
                   |           Ricin Wired to Blow              |
                   |                                            |
                   | [Board the ship and stop the detonation    |
                   |  of the ricin cargo]                       |
                   |  [X] Board the Ship                        |
                   |  [X] Locate the ricin bomb                 |
                   |  [ ] Defuse the ricin bomb                 |
         - Defuse the ricin bomb -
              Very simple mission, you just have to clear 3 waypoints
              in a Circuit Breaker type mini game. You'll have to
              defuse the bomb in less than 00:45 seconds and only
              use 9 connections to get a 100% rating. It's a lot
              easier than it sounds, just take a quick glance
              at the layout and where you need to go, then just
              start making your way around. The pattern is random,
              so I can't tell you the 'answer' because there is none.
              Seriously though, if you're having trouble here I don't
              know what to say. Play the mission over a few times if
              you can't get 100%, because the Circuit Breaker mini game
              will show up a lot more in the game.
                  [X] Defuse the ricin bomb
    ****** HRWL02  --------- Hour 2 (7:00 AM - 8:00 AM) ---------
                   ---------------- Mission 3 -------------------
                   |             Chase Found Out                |
                   |                                            |
                   | [Lock down the base and take out Carr      |
                   |  and Tarket]                               |
                   |  [ ] Destroy all 4 comms points            |
                   |  [ ] Locate security room key card         |
                   |  [ ] Trigger base lockdown                 |
                   |  [ ] Take out Tarket                       |
                   |  [ ] Take our Carr                         |
        - Destroy all 4 comms points -
              First things first, we've gotta destroy these comms points.
              When you first start out, there's one straight ahead
              of you, mounted on the wall. Walk up to it, and hit
              SQUARE, and Chase will rip it off the wall. One down.
              Head down the hallway until you see 2 guards on your
              mini map. Take cover, then aim around the corner and
              take them both out quickly. If you don't, they'll
              trigger an alarm, which you really don't want. Also,
              you'll need at least 10 headshots to get a 100% rating,
              so you might as well get 2 of them out of the way right
              here. Grab the RF Micro from one of the terrorists,
              but save the ammo for later, keep using your pistol.
              The second comms point is in a room on your left down the
              hall. Halfway there.
              Continue down the hallway and in a room on the right
              you'll find some 9mm ammo and some adrenaline. There
              are two more bad guys around the corner. Enter the room
              ahead of you and the third comms point is at the other
              end. Just one more to go, isn't this easy?
              Continue out of the room, there will be two terrorists
              in the hallway up ahead, one with a shotgun. Continue
              down the weird Half-Lifesque hallway and up the ladder
              that is straight ahead in the big room. At the end of
              everything is a large room with huge computers. Be careful
              you're not spotted by the guard in the raised room,
              otherwise he'll trip an alarm. Sneak up close enough
              to get a headshot, then take care of the guard on the ground.
              Head upstairs and take out the last comms point.
                  [X] Destroy all 4 comms points
         - Locate security room key card -
              Watch this. The security room key card is about 5 feet
              away from the last comms point, on the desk. See that,
              you just finished 2 objectives in 3 seconds.
                  [X] Locate security room key card
         - Trigger base lockdown -
              Chase has had enough of this BS, it's time to lockdown
              the base. You have 05:00 minutes to reach the security
              room, which is about 04:00 more minutes than you need.
              Start back tracking, while sprinting, all the way back
              to around the second comms point. It's marked on your
              mini map in yellow, so you shouldn't have a problem
              getting lost. Once you reach the security room, use your
              key card by pressing SQUARE. Enter the room, and on the
              left side is the Lockdown button. Again, it is marked
              on your mini map. Hit it with the SQUARE button.
                 [X] Trigger base lockdown
         - Use the elevator to reach the top floor - 
              New, quick objective added. The elevator is in the same
              room as the lockdown trigger. I've seen some posts on
              the GameFAQs board where people are asking the location
              of the elevator. Hit the call button with the SQUARE,
              then on the left side of the elevator is the 'Go Up'
                 [X] Use the elevator to reach the top floor
         - Take out Tarket -
              Alright, now we get to take out some serious terrorists.
              That's why you got the game, right? Well let's get to it.
              Head out of the elevator and down the hall. A bad guy will
              run towards you with an AZ7 Soviet, make sure you kill him
              quickly so he doesn't use up all your precious ammo. In the
              storage room next to you is a health pack, if you're into
              that sort of thing.
              Now, you have two options here. Once you head down the 
              corridor, you'll see a Jeep. You can either take it and 
              mow down the enemies ahead, or just use your good ol' 
              fashioned legs if you want. If you do use the Jeep, make 
              sure you grab the AZ7 ammo. If you go out on foot, make 
              sure you use the RF Micro or the TAG, you don't want to 
              waste precious AZ7 ammo on the underlings.
              Now, around the corner up ahead is Tarket and a few very
              accurate guards. Cover behind one of the pillars and just
              take out each guard one by one using the AZ7 because of it's
              range. Once the guards are disposed of, run down towards Tarket,
              lock on with the auto aim, and it only takes a well placed
              headshot to take him down. Grab his M4 Carbine, but continue
              to use the AZ7 because the M4 will have pretty low ammo.
                 [X] Take out Tarket
          - Take out Carr -
              Up ahead, on the right, is a little area with two guards.
              Take them out, because you'll need to come back to this
              area later, but you'll be under pressure with a timer.
              After that's done, continue all the way to the end of
              the corridor to reach Carr and his men. Use the same
              strategy as before on Tarket, but this time you only have
              02:00 minutes to kill Carr and get back to that area
              I was just talking about to escape. It should only take
              about 30 seconds to kill everyone, including Carr, just
              use the auto aim and 'flick' method. 
                 [X] Take out Carr
          - Exit the Base -
              Once everyone is dead, you'll need to backtrack to the
              exit. There should be one new enemy behind you, if you
              drove the Jeep you should have no problem getting back
              to the exit. It's marked on your mini map, so you shouldn't
              get lost either. Just walk onto the yellow marker and you're
                 [X] Exit the Base
    ****** HRWL03   --------- Hour 3 (8:00 AM - 9:00 AM) ---------
                    ---------------- Mission 4 -------------------
                    |            Following Daniels               |
                    |                                            |
                    | [Locate Robert Daniels, he is the only     |
                    |  lead]                                     |
                    |  [ ] Get to Robert Daniels' house          |
                    |  [ ] Chase after Robert Daniels            |
          - Get to Robert Daniels' house -
              Ah, first driving mission. Kind of reminds you of Grand
              Theft Auto, doesn't it? Start out taking the immediate
              right then left. Take it easy driving to Daniels' house,
              because vehicle damage counts against your rating. The
              house is marked on the mini map in yellow, just follow
              the arrow. When you pull up, Jack will get on the phone.
                 [X] Get to Robert Daniels' house
          - Chase after Robert Daniels -
              Daniels takes off while Jack is on the phone. You'll have to
              do a standard chase driving mission here. Just take it easy
              because Daniels is not the best driver, you'll have plenty of
              chances to catch up. When you reach the highway, Daniels will
              have a man start firing at you from the van with a automatic
              rifle. Keep your distance, and avoid other cars on the road
              as they'll be blown up by Daniels. Evnetually, you'll exit
              the freeway and Daniels will go into an underground parking
                 [X] Chase after Robert Daniels
                    ---------------- Mission 5 -------------------
                    |             Daniels Takedown               |
                    |                                            |
                    | [Locate Robert Daniels, he is the only     |
                    |  lead]                                     |
                    |  [ ] Search the building for Robert        |
                    |      Daniels                               |
                    |  [ ] Apprehend Daniels, he must be taken   |
                    |      ALIVE                                 |
          - Search the building for Robert Daniels -
              This is another lengthy shooting mission, so preserve your
              ammo and go for cover and headshots. You'll start out in
              the parking garage, around the corner from three enemies.
              Take cover and fire off three headshots, then Michelle will
              call with a map of the building. Start heading North towards
              the yellow arrow, only to find out a gate is in your way, and
              you have to ram it down with a car. Just grab any old car in
              the garage, and knock the gate down. Head up and into the next
              room where two enemies wait. 
              Up ahead you'll get split screen showing a guard with a radio.
              Take him out and grab the radio, now you'll be updated on what
              the guards are doing. Turns out, they're looking for the guy you
              just killed. Upstairs will be a little maze of walls, just cover
              and take out all the enemies in the area, it's not hard. Once
              they're all taken care of, head towards the yellow area and
              you'll reach a key card reader you'll have to hack with the 
              SEQUENCE ANALYZER.
              Once through, you'll meet up with three enemies in some large
              lobby. Take care of them, then watch the stairs as you head 
              towards it. Two enemies will come down with shotguns, then a 
              third will throw some furniture down the stairs at you. They
              shouldn't be hard to take down. At the top of the stairs is 
              two more guards, then a maze of cubicles with four enemies
              looking for you. You could do this Metal Gear style, but
              you may just find it easier to take them out.
              Up the stairs you'll find three terrorists in a construction
              area, a few more around the corner, and finally an enemy with
              hostage at gun point. Use some careful aiming, and fire a headshot.
              Be sure to walk up to the civilian and restrain them, it will
              count towards your rating. Be careful moving to the next area,
              these enemies will now have AZ7 Soviets that will tear through you.
              Take them out carefully, and nab the guns and ammo.
              You'll be fighting enemies with Soviets the rest of the way to
              Daniels, so just take your time and be sure to take cover. 
              There is plenty of health along the way, but that will factor
              against your rating. You'll eventually reach an elevator with
              another SEQUENCE ANALYZER minigame. Once you enter the elevator
              and start going up, you'll have completed your first objective.
                 [X] Search the building for Robert Daniels
          - Apprehend Daniels, he must be taken ALIVE -
              Upstairs will be a bunch of bad guys with Soviets and Shotguns.
              Needless to say, take care of them with caution. I would
              suggest circling around the right side as you exit the elevator,
              to take some of the enemies by surprise. Head towards the
              yellow marker to reach Daniels' office. There will be a few guards
              outside his office and to the right and left of his desk.
              You can kill all of them, just leave Daniels (the one in the middle)
              alone. Once everyone else is taken care of, lock onto him with
              a PISTOL, NOT a RIFLE. You have to take him in alive, so once
              you have a lock on him, start hitting R2 to get him to surrender.
              You'll probably have to fire one or two shots into him, just
              do NOT aim for the head or neck.
                 [X] Apprehend Daniels, he must be taken ALIVE
    ****** HRWL04  --------- Hour 4 (9:00 AM - 10:00 AM) ---------
                    ---------------- Mission 6 -------------------
                    |          Interrogating Daniels             |
                    |                                            |
                    | No specific objectives                     |
              You'll have to extract information from Daniels. If you read
              the help, you should have a basic understanding of how 
              interrogations work. You need to get the subject's stress
              level into the light blue shaded area on the screen. Here is
              an outline on the button presses for this specific
                  1. Try and hit TRIANGLE at the stress level's highest
                     point to get an answer on the first try.
                  2. If you did it right, the stress level should be
                     pretty low in the shaded blue area. Hit SQUARE when
                     the stress level is relatively high.
                  3. Hit SQUARE again, as you should be at the same level.
                  4. The shaded blue area gets smaller, just aim carefully
                     and use SQUARE again.
                  5. Same shaded blue area, but try and get the stress level
                     as low in the area as possible. For the next answer, you'll
                     have to go way low to get into the shaded blue area.
                  6. Now the shaded blue area is way at the bottom, use X at
                     the lowest peaks on the graph to get it down. You should
                     be able to comfortably do it in 3 questions.
                  7. I'm guessing you hit the last answer near the top of the
                     shaded area, try and keep it as high as possible for this
                     answer. The shaded area will move way back up for the next
                  8. The shaded area is back up there, you should be able to
                     reach it in 3 TRIANGLE presses.
                  9. The shaded area stays put, but it's getting pretty small. 
                     Last question before you break him.
                  10. Time to break him, should be pretty easy, you just have
                      to ask quickly.
              If you do it this way, it should only take 14 questions, which will
              get you a 100% rating.
                   ---------------- Mission 7 -------------------
                   |              Sniper Search                 |
                   |                                            |
                   | Help Jack save the Vice President by       |
                   |   locating the snipers                     |
           - Sniper-Scan Minigame -
              Pretty fun little game here. You have to find the location of
              9 snipers on the route of the motorcade. There's not much
              strategy to it, other than to only check people that have a
              clear shot of the road, and to always keep in mind people that
              may be snipers and to come back to them. I'll provide the locations
              here, but only use it if you're racking your brain trying to find
              that last sniper.
              * Far left building (Building 2)
                   - Floor 7, only person
                   - Floor 5, person on the right
              * Top most building (Building 1)
                   - Roof, only person
                   - Floor 3, person on the bottom right
                   - Floor 2, person on the bottom right
              * Building directly below above building (Building 3)
                   - Roof, only person
                   - Floor 5, person on the top right
              * Far right building (Building 4)
                   - Floor 6, person on the top left
              * Bottom most building (Building 5)
                   - Floor 9, only person  
              That's it.
                   ---------------- Mission 8 -------------------
                   |           Taking Out the Enemy             |
                   |                                            |
                   | Help Jack save the Vice President by       |
                   |   killing the snipers                      |
              Pretty standard sniping mission. If you've ever played
              Silent Scope, you should be fine here. The first two 
              snipers you should take out are located on the rooftops,
              one straight ahead as you start out, and one on the building
              to your left.
              Michelle will upload the potential sniper locations, be aware
              that not all of them are snipers, but you still have to 'identify'
              them by aiming your scope at each of the targets. Also, be
              careful not to miss the snipers. If you do, they'll take a lot
              more caution and a lot more cover, severely hurting your time
              The Vice President's motorcade will be attacked, and you'll
              have to take out a few more snipers. Just take the time to line
              up an accurate shot, you should have sufficient time to get 100%
              rating even if you do slip up once or twice. Once you get the
              last sniper in the second set, Jack will say all the targets are
                        - next version coming very soon -        

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