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"24 The Game is true to the show"

24:The Game is #1 when it comes to being true to your origin. Not only is this game accurate with the character layout (facial features, reactions, etc., etc.), but the game lives up to its name and almost reaches perfection in several areas.

Despite lacking the multi-player capability, this game has the potential to get anyone, anywhere attached to it on many levels. The facts are set straight and simple: The missions are well laid out, the character development is there, and the graphics reach nothing short of incredible.

The controller function is complicated enough for the advanced gamer to tinker with, yet is still easy enough for the newbie to get used to. The sound effects are amazing, not to down-rate the music, which as a matter of fact is right up with them. Game play can be frustrating for the gamer who has not seen and grown to love 24 the series.

Laid out before the gamer is a number of actions, split-second decisions, and a group of characters to play as with their own traits. The constant storyline is what really caught my eye though. Much like the television show, the clock is always ticking in the game. Lives are always being influenced by your actions, and your actions influence your ranking on the percentage scale. However it is the different types of game play that will get you hooked.

From pursuits, to infiltrations, to interrogations, to escapes, and in all different modes of action. One mission you will be in a sniper mode, next you will have to keep an interrogation subject in a stable condition, then you must drive to a set building: It is all in this one game! Not to mention the dialog is fantastic.
Sure, it has a flaw here and there, but what game doesn't?

There are points in the game that one might get flustered by the cut-scenes, because there are a lot, but don't let that bring you down. If this game could be any better, it couldn't get better by much. In conclusion, I will go over the details (Out of 10):

Sound Effects - 8.9

Music - 9.4

Driving Game play - 9.0

Third Person Game play - 9.6

Story - 9.7

Graphic Design - 9.5

This game has an artistic style that is unique for this day of gaming. 24:The Game is a must have and should be a number one bestseller at millions of game stores around the time people have realized how good it really is. It is great for gamers, and it is great for 24 fans.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/10/06

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