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    FAQ/Walkthrough by glennkcl

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 02/14/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Grandia III
    Complete US Version Walkthrough 1.0
    by: glennkcl
    Table of Contents
    01.	Version History
    02.	Introduction
    03.	Tips
    04.	Walkthrough
    05.	Extras
    	a) Mana Egg Fusion
    	b) Arrange Dice
    	c) Aerial Combos
    	d) Seeds
    	e) Easter Eggs and Bloopers
    06.	Contact
    07.	Thanks/Credits
    »»  01. Version History  »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»
    03/13/06	Version 1.1: Made some minor corrections, and added a blooper
    			     that practically *everyone* sent in. 
    02/14/06	Version 1.0: (Complete) This walkthrough should be fairly
    			     complete by the time the game releases in the
                                 states. Although this is a complete walkthrough, it
    			     is by no means comprehensive. Readers will notice
    			     that I don't include things like an item list or
    			     treasure chest locations, but I'm positive the many
    			     other splendid authors on GameFAQs will fill the
    			     void. As the first guide on GameFAQs for the US
    			     version of Grandia III, I trust that it can be use-
    			     ful for at least a few people until the community
    			     has spent some time with this game and start coming
    			     up with better and more informative text. As 
    			     always, I'm gonna take a leap of faith and say I've
    			     written down all I CARE to write down for this 
    			     game, and I'm not planning on updating for another 
    			     version, but feel free to write in and shower me 
    			     with rants or raves. =)
    »»  02. Introduction  »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»
    The next chapter in the Grandia series returns with Grandia III, and comes back
    with arguably one of the best RPG battle systems ever seen in any game. Comple-
    menting this outstanding combat system are gorgeous visuals that paint the world
    of Grandia III in rich colors and wonderful detail. Add to that mix a cast of
    characters with complex histories and tragic fates, and you have the recipe for
    what could be one of the best RPGs of the year.
    I read somewhere that this game could be completed inside of 25-30 hours. Now,
    despite what can be said about my skill as a gamer, let me assure readers that
    your first time playing this game WILL PROBABLY YIELD MUCH MORE than 25-30
    hours. The first disc starts off easy enough, but once you reach the last few
    levels, this game is under no circumstances easy. Without taking the time to
    develop some of your characters strengths and skill sets, this game can be
    downright nasty. A more accurate estimate would place this game at around 35-40
    hours for beginners.
    From the Grandia III website:
    "Sky Captain Schmidt was a legendary flyer who flew faster and further than
    anyone in the world. Although he has faded from the memories of most, he is
    still an inspiration to a generation of aspiring young pilots.
    On Titalos Island in the middle of the great Belion Sea is a peaceful village
    called Anfog. Tucked away in a corner of this village is a simple garage from
    which the sounds of hammering can be heard. Inspired by tales of Sky Captain
    Schmidt, a young man named Yuki is building his own airplane. "Someday I'll
    leave this village and fly over the sea, all the way to the mainland!" he thinks
    to himself. His eyes grow distant, imagining the vast sky stretching out in
    front of him.
    Nearby, a flaming arrow slices through the night. A horse-drawn carriage races
    through the forest just ahead of its pursuers. "I must get to Arcriff...!" This
    thought alone allows Alfina to face her fears and take this dangerous journey.
    Fate brings these two young people together just as the world is about to fall
    »»  03. Tips  »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»
    - Always try to stun an enemy before engaging it.
    - Use Special Moves often to develop their maximum potential.
    - Kill the Lucky Mink.
    - Extract skills from books you will no longer use.
    - Always fuse weaker eggs into stronger ones.
    - KILL the Lucky Mink.
    - Some items, like Sheepskin, exist for no other reason that for being sold.
    - Try to defeat enemies with an Aerial Combo. Rare items drop more frequently.
    - KILL THE LUCKY MINK (you'll see).
    »»  04. Walkthrough  »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»
    Game begins in Anfog Village, a small village in the woods whose residents stake
    their claim to fame as skilled potters. Yuki, the main character, is also
    expected to grow up as a potter, but his dreams are to follow in the footsteps
    of his idol, Schmidt. He works day and night, occasionally neglecting other
    responsibilities to realize that dream with his buddy, Rotts. Together, they 
    make plans to take to the air once more...
      Anfog Village
    Your first task is to retrieve a flight unit from Miranda. Head to Miranda's
    house to find it, but you can speak to NPCs along the way to discover a little
    more about the village and its residents. When you reach Miranda's house, speak
    to Miranda and check the cupboard in the kitchen to obtain what you're looking
    for. There is also a save point if you wish to save. Return to Rotts' Garage,
    and prepare for takeoff!
      Anfog Woods
    After the event, Miranda and Yuki will encounter their first battle. A tutorial
    will give basic instructions and introduce all the major elements of the battle
    system. After the battle, walk down the path until you reach the crash site of
    the carriage for another event.
    After you regain control of Yuki, save the game and head down the path that
    takes you to the southern-most tip of the map.
      Anfog Village
    When the event finishes, you'll find yourself back at Miranda's house in Anfog
    Village. Head to Rotts' Garage to get a Healing Herb from one corner of the
    room. Return to Miranda's house and enter her room to meet Alfina.
    A series of events occur and Yuki's attention is demanded outside. Save the game
    in Miranda's house and go outside to do battle with Kornell
    | Boss: Kornell |
    Your first encounter with Kornell will be a pushover. The game is still slowly
    introducing a few gameplay elements, so you will be guided through this battle
    with a lot of help text.
    After you defeat Kornell, the shops in the village will be open. Visit the magic
    shop and general store to equip yourself to your liking, and speak to Miranda
    when you're ready to leave the village.
      Anfog Woods
    Make your way through Anfog Woods and wrap up some final tutorials as you go. 
    There are a few items to be found in chests and mushrooms, so take the time to
    interact with all the objects. There is a save point near the end of the map,
    and your exit is to the southwest.
      Anfog Woods - Camp
    The group sets up camp for the night in this part of the woods. You continue
    after a short event. During the dinner scene, cycle through each of the
    characters to advance the dialogue. When you've reached the end of the dialogue,
    an arrow marked "end" will appear of the head of one of the characters.
    As you leave the campsite, you will trigger another short event, which leads
    into a battle with Kornell.
    | Boss: Kornell |
    This fight with Kornell is much tougher than your last bout with him, if only
    because he brings along his henchmen with him. Begin by dispatching of his two
    henchmen as soon as possible, and then concentrate on his Iron First. Without
    it, Kornell's offensive power becomes much weaker. If your characters are paced
    fairly evenly apart on the IP gauge, you'll almost always cancel his attacks,
    thereby removing any chance for him to hurt you. Nonetheless, watch your HP
    during this battle, and keep your party healthy.
      Anfog Woods - South
    More of the same here in the southern part of Anfog Woods. The path is long and
    fraught with peril, but there is a save point about halfway through. Make sure
    you open all the chests and destroy all the mushrooms for the goodies they hold,
    and exit to the south to reach Sabatar Coast.
      Sabatar Coast
    An event begins as you approach the coast, and you are introduced to Alonso, a
    swashbuckling, demi-human sailor.
    After the event, feel free to save near the exit, then continue to the next
      Sabatar Coast - Beach
    The enemies are stronger here and occasionally attack in groups of 4 or more, so
    be careful as you proceed through this area. Try to begin each fight in a better
    strategic position by catching monsters off guard before you engage them. Alonso
    is actually a very welcome addition to your party, so use his strengths to your
    advantage. A few detours off the beaten path take you to chests. Explore the
    area completely before you leave.
      Sabatar Harbor
    You'll arrive at a small encampment populated by what seems to be a troupe of
    sailers, gamblers, and entertainers. The main attraction here is Bianca's
    Casino, which Alonso seems to have history with. Enter the casino tent for an
    event with Bianca, and witness a table game between Bianca and Alonso. 
    If you enter the other tent, you'll find a man who will sell you the Burnstrike
    fire spell for 168G. If you have the funds, help him out by buying the spell,
    but it isn't really necessary for the next few areas. Another man, who sells
    skills, is much more worthy of your patronage. By now your characters should 
    each have a couple of skill slots, so make sure you boost their stats properly
    according to the role you want them to play in your party. There is a save spot
    here, but there's also one at your destination as well. Head to Alonso's ship to
    find it.
      Alonso's Ship
    When you enter the cabin, another event begins.
    After the event, head down the cabin to reach the sleeping quarters where you'll
    find a save spot. Speak to Alonso to receive a medal, which you can use at the
    casino. Return to the casino to learn the rules of Arrange Dice, and play a few
    rounds. When you've had your fill, speak to Miranda to call it a night. The next
    morning, head back to the casino and watch the events unfold.
    Bianca's been run outta town, but the casino has been put under new ownership.
    You can still play a few games if you're feeling lucky, or glean the praises of
    the locals as you walk around. Return to the ship and make ready for the wide
    open seas when you're ready.
    Speak to Miranda to rest. Head back out onto the deck and walk to the bow to
    trigger a battle with a horde of enemies.
    | Boat Swallows |
    Individually they're pretty weak, but because boat swallows come in large
    numbers, your party can easily be overwhelmed if you don't have a proper
    strategy in place. Additionally, you fight them in two waves without time to
    heal in between.
    Nevertheless, if you haven't been avoiding every monster encounter, your party
    should be at a pretty good level to take them on at. Yuki can make short work of
    most of the swallows in each group with his Whirlwind special attack, and anyone
    who is equipped with Tremor can practically wipe out the whole group at once.
    Enemies left over should be easily overpowered.
    Ulf and Shiba come to the aid of the party, and Yuki is instantly fascinated by
    the strange red dragon. Speak to Shiba a few times, and return to the cabin to 
    start a dinner event. Like the previous dinner event, cycle through each 
    person's dialogue by placing the cursor over someone's head and pressing the 
    confirm button. When you've reached the end of their conversation, look for the 
    arrow marked "end" over Alonso's head.
    When you wake up the next morning, the rest of the group is already outside
    bidding farewell to Ulf and Shiba. Head back out to the deck and say your good-
    byes for now. You'll be seeing them again soon. In the meantime, Randoto Island
    lay just ahead.
      Randoto - Inlet
    As you head towards the caves, there is a save point. Use and/or proceed.
      Randoto - Underground Caves
    In this network of caves and corridors, you'll encounter a couple of new enemies
    that can be pretty tough. The Zoea is a lobster-like crustacean that has one
    very annoying move called the Lobster Quadrille. It hits for multiple times, but
    also has a chance to putting the character to sleep as well. Fishmen are
    creatures that look exactly as they sound - half fish, half man. Their attacks
    are fairly powerful, but can also put the entire party to sleep with the Snooze
    skill. Keep your party members healthy, however, and you shouldn't have any
    trouble making it out on the other side. Along they way, use your search ability
    to locate treasure chests.
      Randoto - Northwest Wall
    Not more than a few steps beyond the exit to the caves, a strange earthquake
    jolts the party. Discover its source by heading up the mountain. As you proceed,
    you'll see a chest sitting on a ledge separated by a seemingly uncrossable gap.
    Make clever use of the large boulder just at the top of the hill and collect
    bounty afterwards. This area is mostly infested by boat swallows of the same
    variety you've fought before, so nothing should be too terribly unexpected here.
    The worst part about boat swallows is their penchant to do a mating call, which
    summons one or more of their brethren into the field.
      Randato - Mountaintop
    The Lem tree is just around the corner at the top of the mountain. Before you
    can obtain the lem fruit tho, you'll have to do battle with a Minotaur and a 
    group of minions. Save the game first, then approach the tree for battle.
    | Minotaur |
    If the fight was four against one, the Minotaur wouldn't stand a chance. His IP
    gauge speed is slow, so you can cancel most of his attacks before he manages to
    get one off. The problem, however, is that he enters this battle surrounded by
    fishmen. And no ordinary fishmen either; they're stronger and tougher, and more
    prone to sway from your attacks.
    Because the Minotaur has heaps of HP, concentrate on defeating the fishmen
    first. Use area damage magic and skills to deplete a lot of HP in as short an
    amount of time as possible, because the fishmen will cast Snooze on your party
    often. If Alfina is playing the role of healer, make sure she keeps herself
    healthy so she can cast curative spells on the rest of the members when
    Even without help, the Minotaur can still do devestating amounts of damage with
    his Ground Crush attack. If your party is evenly distributed around the IP
    gauge, however, you might not even need to worry about it at all. Just whittle
    away at his HP with critical attacks, and watch him fall in no time.
    After you defeat the Minotaur, pick up a lem fruit near the base of the tree.
    When you do, another mysterious earthquake happens, and the party gets separated
    for the time being.
      Strange Wasteland
    Follow the path around its bends and corners, and you'll eventually stumble upon
    a strange girl playing a stringed instrument.
    During the dialogue, you discover you've been taken to the Verse Realm. The
    strange girl helps Yuki and Alfina find their way back to their own world, but
    as soon as they arrive, they find Miranda and Alonso surrounded by strange new
    monsters, and a particular creature called the Excise Sigma.
    | Excise Sigma |
    Like the Minotaur, the Excise Sigma isn't particularly strong by itself, but
    with a small group of the strange black Pico Alphas, he can be a downright
    nuisance. His strongest attack is the Anode, which is an lightning elemental
    attack aimed at one person. Fortunately, neither the Excise Sigma nor the Pico
    Alphas are as strong as their counterparts in the battle against the Minotaur,
    so your party shouldn't have too much trouble bringing them down.
    You'll find yourself back in the small inlet, which you should then reboard
    Alonso's ship and set sail for Mendi.
      Alonso's Ship
    Another dinner event, another round of dialogue.
      Mendi (et cetera)
    Mendi Harbor is the port of entry to Mendi, and an event begins as you get off
    Alonso's Ship.
    The party finally arrives in Mendi, a sprawling port city on the north continent
    that plays hosts sailors, travelers, merchants, and even a few pilots. As you
    look for Schmidt, you'll run into a variety of interesting characters hawking
    products, breaking up, telling stories, etc. Head into the South Street District
    to trigger another event.
    As you head into Park Avenue, the main thoroughfare of Mendi, you'll find stores
    that hold a variety of new and useful items. Swap out your equipment for some
    stronger ones, and upgrade your magic spells and skills. Schmidt's Garage is
    located at the end of the block on the north side of town.
    Once you find Schmidt, you'll have to convince him to offer you his services.
    Speak with him a few times in order to plead your case, and eventually Schmidt
    will agree to help you. Once he does, you can head back to Alonso's Ship to
    break the news to Miranda and Alonso.
      Alonso's Ship
    Once you enter the ship, an event plays. A dinner event follows. Rest for the
    night, and take your party back to Schmidt's Garage in the morning.
      Schmidt's Garage
    When you enter Schmidt's Garage, Schmidt will be waiting for you near the giant
    flight unit against the wall. After a short dialogue and a few words of
    encouragement, Yuki steps outside and sees his new plane. The next time you see
    Alonso and Miranda will be in the closing events, so farewells are in order. 
    Mother and son share a tender moment, and Yuki takes off into the blue skies
    Once you're in the air, you'll be given momentary control of the plane so you
    can get a feel for it. The flight trajectory is locked towards Arcriff temple,
    so there's not much you can do to stray, but it's a simple prelude to your
    flying lessons later on in the game. When events continue, Alfina and Yuki
    encounter an ominous figure in the skies, and crash in the woods before they can
    reach Arcriff.
      Arcriff Forest
    Luckily, the plane crashes near a rainbow save point, where you can recover from
    future battles. In the wide open area to the south of this map, there are three
    chests scattered about, as well as a few Baabaas. Look for a fallen tree to
    cross the gorge separating you from the path that takes you through the
    forest. Pick up the herbs that you find lying on the ground along the way.
    You'll encounter a few Dragonoids before you reach the end of the path, and the
    antidotes are definitely useful against the poison they can inflict on your
      Arcriff Temple Road
    Enjoy the view. That's pretty much all there is here.
      Arcriff Temple Square
    Safe from the dangers of the forest, you can take a moment to speak to a few
    priests in the square to learn a little more about Arcriff and it's people. Two
    shops are open here, a Magic Shop and a General Store, but the General Store
    only sells items - no new equipment is available in Arcriff. The Magic Shop,
    however, offers a few new spells that you may want to pick up if you have the
    money for it. Head north into Arcriff Temple - Lobby afterwards.
      Arcriff Temple - Lobby
    Forward... through the doors... into the Cathedral...
      Arcriff Temple - Cathedral (et cetera)
    Speak to the Bishop in front of the steps to have Alfina reaquaint herself with
    her grandfather, who promptly has a room prepared for the two. Before you can
    rest, head over to hallway in the east and take the stairs up to the second
    floor to find the Communicator's Room. While in this room, examine the diary on
    the table to trigger a few text scenes. These scenes shed some light into the
    mysterious betrayal by Emelious to his people and duty, but so upsets Alfina
    that Yuki suggests they turn in for the evening.
    The rooms are at the north end of the western hallway, but before you go to
    sleep, it's not a bad idea to explore the rest of Arcriff Temple. You'll never
    get another chance to do it, since...tragedy...will befall the temple soon. In
    addition to speaking with the Temple clergy, there is a Library just south of 
    the sleeping quarters where various volumes of books tell the tales of Arcriff,
    Communicators, Guardians, and other lore. Additionally, there is also a hall of
    portraits in the east where Alfina's ancestry is proudly displayed. When you are
    truly ready, speak with the priest standing in front of the rooms.
    Yuki will be alone in the room after the event, so return to the second floor of
    the Temple and head to the Waiting Room just west of the Communicator's Room.
    Here you'll watch the festivities for the day unfold.
    The Waiting Room has been reduced to rubble, and you must lead Alfina safely out
    of the Temple. Take note of the two treasure chests and the save spot, because a
    battle is about to take place. As a matter of fact, it happens as soon as you
    exit the room...
    The Excise Sigma is only slightly stronger this time around, but your party is
    sans two members as well. It makes for a pretty good battle without the help of
    Alonso and Miranda, but shouldn't pose to much of a threat if you use the same
    strategies as before. Anode and Dark Fist make their reprise as the greatest
    threats against you, so make sure Alfina keeps everyone healthy.
    After the battle, you'll find yourself in an utterly destroyed and abandoned
    Arcriff Cathedral. Most of the exits have been blocked off, so return to the
    second floor and toward the North Tower to find your only way out.
      Arcriff Temple - North Tower
    Yuki and Alfina still have a bit of a fight left before they can leave the
    fallen temple. The four chests that lay before Yuki contains items that may make
    that fight a bit easier, so grab them before you proceed any further. As for the
    rest of the map, the collapsing roof will occasionally force you to detour and
    backtrack, but it's fairly linear and you'll all but walk through every single
    corridor as you make your way out to the north. A spiral walkway will take you
    outside the temple
      Arcriff Temple
    Arcriff Temple is now hardly recognizable and overrun with Dragonoid monsters,
    but the good news is that treasure chests have been scattered all over the area.
    While doing battle against the Dragonoids, take care to cure the poison status
    they tend to inflict. If you found and equipped the Aromatic Root on Alfina, you
    can use its inherent abilities to cast cure for free on your party members
    during battle!
      Arcriff Forest
    The path back to the plane hasn't suffered much in light of Emelious' attack on
    the temple, so no need to expect anything new. Just head back to the plane and
    take off for Mendi once more.
      Mendi City
    After crashing onto the landing strip behind Schmidt's Garage, take the couple
    to the Inn, where Alfina leaves you for a moment to gather her thoughts. When
    Yuki exits the Inn, he'll run into an old friend.
    Try and convince Shiba to take you to Randoto again by speaking with him.
      Randoto - Southeast Wall
    The path up the mountaintop on this side of the cliffs is much shorter than the
    Northwest Wall. You'll get to see Ulf for the first time as well. Since he's
    naturally inclined towards fire magic and techniques, make sure you equip him
    with an egg and book that will properly boost his potential. Zoea's and
    Fishmen continue to patrol this area, and they are STILL out to put your party
    to sleep. Counteract Snooze and Lobster Quadrille with an accessory, and make
    your way up.
      Randato - Mountaintop
    A wall of rock momentarily blocks your way, so you use the explosive flower to
    clear a path. From there, you can examine the crater that the Versesphere left
    behind the first time Yuki and Alfina were transported to the Verse Realm, tho
    not much has been left behind. When you're done, approach the Lem Tree, where
    two Minotaurs guard the Lem Fruit this time around.
    | Minotaur x2 |
    No squad of Fishmen flank the Minotaurs this time around, which is a shame
    because it might've made this battle a bit more exciting. This pair is
    practically identical in stats to their previous brother, only you'll be dealing
    with both of them at once. Cancel their special moves whenever you can, which
    shouldn't be outrageously difficult with Yuki's Aerial Slash upgraded to it's
    second Secret Method. Ulf joins your party with his very powerful Rockbreaker as
    well, and with a few fire spells in his inventory, he'll turn out to be a very
    powerful warrior for you indeed. 
    Due to their enormous strength, all of their attacks can cancel. If Yuki or Ulf
    get hit while they're in the blue, they'll be knocked back a few notches. If
    they get hit while they're in the COM, however, it's guaranteed that you'll have
    that attack canceled. They're not weak against any elements, but any 3-4 star
    spell will do a healthy amount of damage to them. As with the first Minotaur,
    you'll especially need to worry the Tornado Horn, which inflicts two very
    critical blows on one party member. Recover as fast as you can if nails you, and
    continue to concentrate your blows on one Minotaur until it falls. A lone
    Minotaur should then be a cinch...again.
    After defeating the Minotaurs, grab the Lem Fruit and take it back to Schmidt
    for another offering.
      Mendi City (et cetera)
    Walking towards the garage triggers an event. After that, return to the inn to
    pick up Alfina.
    While still in the city, you should make sure Ulf has been rightly equipped if
    you didn't do it previously. There is also a case that Otto the Boy Detective is
    working on. If you have any leads, or can help him solve the case, speak with
    him in the westernmost edge of town. He'll give you an item to show his
    appreciation. Otherwise, you may return to the airstrip and board your new plane
    for Dragon Valley.
    + About Flying +
    At this point, you'll have control of Yuki's plane for the rest of the game. It
    will be your primary method of travel around the world, but as a general rule,
    you may either head to the next area to advance the game, or revisit areas that
    you've already cleared.
    Even without being able to land everywhere, however, all the major landmarks on
    the map can be examined for more information by pressing R1 as you fly by. The
    map is pretty, and there is quite a lot to see, so you can spend a bit of time
    exploring the islands before you move on. If you ever find yourself lost, you 
    can always pull up an overhead view of the map which marks your current location
    by pressing START.
    Take Yuki all the way up into the clouds, and see if you can find a strange
    creature that won't make an appearance anywhere else in the game!
      Dragon Valley - Rocky Cliffs
    After some drama between Ulf and his people, the group finally touches down in
    Dragon Valley. As you navigate through the lush hills of Dragon Valley, you'll
    come across boulders that you need to push in place to transform the terrain to
    make it passable. There are one or two treasure chests off the regular path as
    Venom Birds and Hill Lizards are native to Dragon Valley, and Venom Birds have a
    propensity to call on their friends during battle. They both like to inflict
    poison on your party as well, but if you've outfitted someone with the Cure
    spell, you can counteract it. Additionally, if you were able to find Alfina's
    Aromatic Root in Arcriff, Cure is yours for free.
    THe other enemy that you can find here is the Thunder Dragon. It's Thunder
    Breath has a chance of paralyzing who it hits, but again, Cure will negate its
      Dragon Valley - Windy Path
    Lycanthropes are powerful, agile warriors capable of using wind magic. Related
    to them are the Lycan Knights who charge out from the side of the cliff shortly
    up the path. They're nothing more than Lycanthropes mounted on Thunder Dragons,
    but you'll notice that both the Lycan Knight and Thunder Dragon have a 
    tremendous amount of HP compared to their single counterparts. If you manage to
    defeat one, however, the HP of the other drops dramatically, so concentrate your
    attacks on one or the other while doing battle with them.
    From where the Lycan Knights came out, there is a large cavernous space on the 
    side of the mountain where a few eggs and a piece of armor lies. The rest of the
    way up is uneventful but still guarded by many enemies, so continue to be
    careful and save your game up at the top.
      Dragon Valley - Rocky Terrace
    It's a good idea to use your search function constantly while going through this
    area because there are many objects to interact with. The land masses here are
    split by the streams that flow down from the waterfall at the peak of the
    mountain. You can only get across a few places by chopping down trees and
    letting them fall into the water for a makeshift bridge. There is a unique pair
    of monsters to this area that you'll first encounter in the southwest corner
    called the Green Man. They have a lot of HP, and they're pretty quick so waste
    no time using your strongest techniques to defeat them. Additionally, the
    Lycanthropes will come in larger groups here, so make sure you replenish your
    health and/or MP after each battle. It's also a good idea to save before
    entering the next area.
      Dragon Valley - Sanctuary of the Wind
    Walking forward will trigger an event scene.
    Head down the narrow path and speak with Drak to obtain your first Guardian Orb.
    The massive Drak will bestow upon you his awesome fiery power, which will come
    in quite handy in future battles. After your retrieve the Orb, Drak will clue
    you in on your next task. It's time to go find the "People of the Corridor" in
      Baccula Settlement
    Many things are of note in Baccula Settlement, but before you can wander deeper
    into this desert town, you will trigger a cutscene.
    Your destination is the Chief's Tent in the westernmost part of the settlement,
    where you will meet Dahna. After an unfavorable first encounter, however, you
    will be forced to spend the night at the Inn before Dahna will speak to you
    again. When you enter the Inn, speak with the Innkeeper to trigger a dinner
    event. Another event follows when you exit the tent.
    Dahna automatically joins your party after the latest event, and you may elect
    to view another dinner event with Dahna in your party, or go explore the rest
    of the Baccula Settlement.
    As mentioned above, there are a few things of note in Baccula Settlement. Of
    particular interest is the Mana Egg Fusion Machine found in the Magic Shop. It's
    the first and one of the few places where you can actually fuse Mana Eggs, which
    is necessary in itself to create more powerful eggs to use. By now, you should
    possess quite a few extra Mana Eggs in your inventory (Check the Mana Egg Fusion
    section to learn how to make a very powerful egg to extract a very powerful
    spell this early in the game!). The Fusion Machine will always tell you the
    output of your combinations before you fuse your eggs, so there's little danger
    in making a mistake. If you head back into the Chief's Room in the Chief's Tent,
    you can examine the Chief's Emblem sitting in the back of the room. This is an
    item you'll have to get later. Additionally, the shops in Baccula all contain a
    wide variety of equipment and goods that can't be found anywhere else this early
    in the game. Outfit your party appropriately and head out to the Baccularn
      Baccularn Desert - West
    The Baccularn Desert is home to the desert versions of flys and lizards. As you
    would expect, most of the enemies here have a natural resistance to earth and
    fire spells, but oddly enough have no weaknesses to ice elemental magic. There's
    really not much else here besides the baddies, but if you're up for an insanely
    difficult fight at this stage in the game, look for a wandering blue monster
    that patrols the southwestern region of this map. The Desert Lord might give you
    what you're looking for. At this point in time, since it's certain death to
    challege the Desert Lord, we'll skip it and proceed right into Baccularn
    Desert - North
      Baccularn Desert - North
    More of the same barreness here in this part of Baccularn Desert, that is, until
    you get to the wall that runs along the north part of this map. There is a 
    rainbow save point near the rock formation, so it's a good idea before you head
    up the sandy path to Yoat.
      Baccula Ruins - Sandy Path
    Rabid bunnies. That's one of the dangers on this journey to Yoat. Well, to be
    fair, there are more threatening enemies on this sandy path, but the bunnies
    man... Anyway, use the map to make sure you explore every nook and cranny in 
    this area, because even dead ends may yield treasure. Eventually make your way
    to the exit in the north.
      Baccula Ruins - Sand valley
    There's a short bridge across the cliffs before you reach the Earth Shrine where
    Yoat resides. A few Baccula Condors patrol the skies here, but nothing that
    would keep you from the door to the shrine. If you take a look at your map, you
    will notice a part of the cliffs you can't get to from your current location,
    but no matter. You'll be headed there in a bit anyway.
      Baccula Ruins - Earth Shrine
    The interior of the Earth Shrine resembles the sandy path you took to get here,
    and share the same set of enemies. The first thing you should do is follow the
    path out to the lower eastern exit. This will take you out to the other part of
    the cliffs in the previous map, where a few treasure chests await your plunder.
    Be careful tho... a few rabid bunnies may impede your progress... um... yeah...
    When you return, your goal is to eventually reach the exit to the north. There
    is a four-way crossroads just underneath the steps that lead to a save point and
    the exit, and both the path to the east and the path to the west lead to a few
    goodies that shouldn't be passed up. Using the Ram statue in the middle of the
    crossroads alternate access between the two paths. One, however, should take
    particular care when walking down the western path. Eventually your party will
    arrive in a chamber where the golem heiroglyphs will come to life and surround
    your group. At that point, it'll be one battle after another against two very
    ornery golems.
    | Golems |
    I wouldn't call the golems bosses as we know bosses to traditionally be. 
    Nevertheless, I feel they may be tough enough to warrant some sort of strategy
    displayed on the part of the player, especially since you have to fight two of
    them at once *nearly four times in a row.* They're fast, they're strong, they're
    quite resistant to physical attacks, and they're apt to cancel your attacks. The
    golems use their Lightning attack that inflicts paralysis unless your characters
    are properly outfitted, and oh, did I mention that they can cancel your attacks?
    Fortunately for you, this series of encounters are only as difficult as you make
    them out to be, and if you've been adequately equiping and leveling your party,
    you shouldn't ever feel like you're being overwhelmed. As mentioned, physical
    attacks don't do much to the golems, so magic is your friend for the next few
    minutes. The eggs you equip your characters with should enhance the element that
    they naturally lean towards. Yuki is a wind user, and if you've given him eggs
    that boost his skills and magic, he can inflict quite a bit of damage not being
    your primary magic user notwithstanding. Ulf is naturally predisposed towards
    fire, so likewise make sure his equipment complements his skills. Any magic is
    deadly in Dahna's hands, so cast away with her most powerful spells. Finally,
    Alfina won't be able to do much damage to the Golems with her attacks nor
    skills, so have her regularly cast healing spells to keep the party healthy.
    Right away, you should be able to make short work of the first two golems if you
    use Drak's Orb (no sense in saving it). In between battles, you should also be
    able to enter the menu to heal or re-equip before your momentary invicibility
    wears off.
    After you defeat the golems, collect your spoils along the rest of the western
    path, and exit to the north. As you do, an event starts.
      Baccula Ruins - Sacred Valley
    Head up the steps and through the door. Another event reveals the return of
    Kornell and his new companion, and your next official boss battle begins!
    | Kornell and Violetta |
    Kornell and Violetta are a nasty duo with very nasty weapons. Kornell is still
    sporting his Iron Fist, and you'll soon learn all about Violetta's Demon Scythe.
    They're both very capable magic users, possess very powerful skills, but by far
    their most painful move is Rumble, where they team up to pummel you with their
    weapons. The worst part of it all is that they can revive each other once one is
    defeated! The only good news in light of all this is once you break their
    weapons, its gone for good, and you seriously hamper their offensive capacities.
    But it STILL doesn't mean they're a pushover.
    If by some stroke of luck you have Drak's Orb fully charged, use it immediately.
    Right away, you can take off a huge chunk of HP from each of their weapons, as
    well as some from Kornell and Violetta themselves. Have Alfina cast Diggin' on
    the party to take some of the sting off their attacks, and use your most
    powerful spells and skills to quickly remove the threat of their weapons. Once
    they're disarmed, you can revert back to the standard strategy where Yuki and
    Ulf attack, Alfina heals, and Dahna supplements both.
    After winning the battle and receiving the spoils, witness the event. Once that
    is over, you'll be able to obtain Yoat's Orb.
    When you exit the Sacred Valley, you're immediately taken to "Baccularn Desert -
    North", so it saves you the trouble of traversing back through the shrine.
      Baccularn Desert - North
    Just comin' thru...
      Baccularn Desert - South
    With Yoat's Orb, you may be tempted to take on the Desert Lord now, but it's
    likely that your characters are still not strong enough to make it through the
    battle. Just head back to the Baccula Settlement for now.
    NOTE: If at this point you are holding Galactic Bang (through a series of egg
    fusions and extractions), you can equip Dahna with it, and go to town on the
    Desert Lord. If you can give both Dahna and Alfina one, this will be over in a
    matter of minutes. If you don't possess Galactic Bang at all, it's best to avoid
    this fight altogether right now.
      Baccula Settlement
    Head back into the Chief's Tent where you first met Dahna and retrieve the
    Chief's Emblem from inside the room. You'll need it to get to Heresell. The
    inventory at the shops haven't changed since the last time you were here, so if
    you have a few new eggs that you'd like to fuse, the Magic Shop is pretty much
    the only shop you might need to revisit. With the Chief's Emblem in your
    possession, approach the western gate to Baccularn Desert - South for a
    departure event.
      Baccularn Desert - South
    Not much different in this part of Baccularn Desert - South. Just head to the
    in the south.
    This arcane-looking holy ground is a gateway to the Verse Realm. When you insert
    the Chief's Emblem into the receptor on the ground, you'll trigger an event that
    takes you to a few of Dahna's flashbacks.
    After that, jump into the portal and its off the Verse Realm you go!
    * At this point, you have completed disc 1. Save your game and swap discs,     *
    * then restart the PS2.                                                        *
      Verse Realm - Caverns
    It's been a while since you've seen the Pico Alphas, and they're a little
    stronger, but in the big scheme of things, you're A LOT stronger now, so they
    shouldn't pose any threat. The Pico Gammas are slightly upgraded versions of the
    Alphas, but they too shouldn't be too tough. Follow the path through the caverns
    to get to the exit, opening chests along the way.
      Verse Realm - Glass Forest
    From top to bottom, the glass forest is infested with Pico Alphas, but a few
    groups patrol with Aton Betas as well. The Aton Betas are deadlier than the
    Picos, and their Needle Lancer attack is painful for any one character. Be on
    guard as you fight them. There are many chests to be had here, so don't forget
    to open them before you leave. Then take the lift to Terrarium.
    Terrarium is home to Hect, the girl playing the violin you saw earlier. Tough
    times have befallen the people of Terrarium as a being named Xorn has inflicted
    a terrible curse on them. Speak with Hect at Hect's House to learn more. She can
    be found in the terrace at her house.
    After the event, head to the plaza in the middle of the town for another event
    scene, and speak with Hect again when you regain control.
    After Hect leaves the courtyard, return to her house and speak with the butler.
    He won't let you see Hect again for the time being, but he does invite you to
    kick up your heels for the night and have dinner at the house. After another
    dinner event, spend the night at the house.
    Definitely take the time to stop by the various shops in Terrarium. New upgrades
    for your characters can be found. When you're ready, take the lift at the end of
    the southeastern path to get to Surmania Zero.
      Verse Realm - Silver Stream
    The Silver Stream path to Surmania Zero is actually a fairly dangerous place to
    be. There are no save points in this map, and the enemies here are the toughest
    you've faced yet. It's necessary to make sure your characters are properly 
    equipped and boosted so they don't take too much damage from the new enemies who
    can really put the hurt on. If you bought the Hellburner spell from the Magic
    Shop at Terrarium, it could make short work of many enemies in the hands of your
    most powerful magic users. This is important, because almost all the enemies
    here have techniques that can paralyze you from moving. This is troublesome,
    because the enemies of Verse Realm can already move much faster than you to
    begin with. During an encounter of four or more enemies, it is entirely possible
    for your foes to take two turns for every one turn that your party members take.
    The Pico Gamma's use Paralyzer and the Verseshrooms have their Stun Spores. When
    they're coupled with a few Aton Gammas and/or Gigas Thetas, the tables can
    easily turn quickly indeed. The treasure chests they guard are definitely earned
      Verse Realm - Doomed Garden
    The Doomed Garden is a small garden teeming with life, seemingly untouched in
    Verse Realm by Xorn's curse. Head inside the house to speak to Femuto, and have
    him tell you about the history of Surmania Zero and how it came to be in it's
    current state of affairs. There is also a save point outside the house. It's a
    good idea to save before you head any further.
      Surmania Zero - City Ruins
    The once great city of Surmania Zero has now been reduced to a large barren
    crater. As you approach the center of the crater, you'll find Hect.
    After the event, you're pretty much gonna have to fight your way back to
    Terrarium, going back the way you came.
    Back at Terrarium, your first order of business is to see Hect's butler. Speak
    to him at Hect's House, and you'll receive a full nights rest. In the morning,
    head outside to the terrace and speak to Hect.
    Your time at Terrarium is coming to a close, so you can either choose to spend
    one more night and engage in a dinner event, or simply take the lift out from 
    the southwestern path. There's nothing new in the shops, so gather what you need
    for the trip out if you must, and prepare to head back home.
       Verse Realm - Silver Spring
    Lots of tough groups of enemies lurk here, but lots of treasure chests to be had
    as well. A save point lies just south of the exit.
      Eternal Corridor - Giant Cavern
    The Giant Cavern is umm...a giant cavern...fraught with peril. In addition to
    your regular rogues gallery of Gammas and Thetas, there are a few deadly enemies
    here called Excise Psis. Thankfully, most of your encounters against an Excise
    Psi is solo, which means he appears all by himself, but its not as if he needed
    the help. To begin with, these guys are fast. *Very* fast. They're faster than
    any enemy you've ever faced before, boss or not. The only way you can keep up is
    if you have Runner cast on your allies, and even then you're just pacing it. The
    Excise Psi has very, very, very powerful attacks that border on being unfair. If
    a Psi ever uses Pluto Killer on one of your party members, they will either be
    dead or severely crippled. Another deadly attack is the Demon Claw, which will
    damage a small radius with a dark substance. Excise Psis are also apt to use 
    Fiora, which makes casting defensive magic that much tougher. The good news is
    that they're extremely weak against fire. This makes Ulf and your other fire
    magic users indispensable. Hellburner is particularly nasty against the Excise
    Psi if it has been correctly boosted, so let loose your strongest fire spells
    against them. One REALLY bad encounter pits you against an Excise Psi, a Gigas
    Theta, and a few Aton Gammas and Pico Gammas, so its a party and everyone's
    invited. Bring punch (Ha ha, get it? Bring "punch," like a fist, as in fighting.
    That's funny to me...).
    As if traversing this area wasn't tough enough, when you exit to the north,
    you'll be taken to a boss battle. Save first!
      Eternal Corridor - Heart
    | Mother Breed |
    The battle against Mother Breed is actually pretty fun and none too difficult in
    the greater scheme of things. Mother Breed spends most of her time spawning the
    enemies that you've grown familar with during this time spent in Verse Realm, 
    and doesn't actually attack you herself much of the time. When she does attack, 
    she uses earth magic - usually Quake. Like most of her children, she's weak 
    against fire spells, so that will be the key to defeating her quickly. If your 
    spells are strong enough, you may not even need to bother with the spawns, but 
    let too many of them stick around and it could give you a headache. Ulf has a 
    few fire element area attacks, and if you have magic users who can complement 
    him with a few spells of their own, you'll finish this battle in no time.
    After you defeat Mother Breed, a versphere will take you back to your own world.
    Jump in and you'll find yourself in Nautica Plains.
      Nautica Plains
    This wide open map is home to all sorts of dangerous bunnies and sheep. If you
    will brave these perils, then try and collect all the chests around the
    perimeter. But be careful. We are talkin' bunnies and sheep here after all.
      Nautica Plains - Walled Ruins
    Skeleton Knights, Blood Demons, and Angry Spirits, oh my! We've got some spell
    casting bad guys here. Use your search ability often because many chests are
    tucked away in the ruins. Make your way to the top of the steps at the north end
    and enter the Ruined Courtyard
      Nautica Plains - Ruined Courtyard
    | La Ilim & Undead Dragon |
    In this quasi-boss battle, you face off against La Ilim and his pet, the Undead
    Dragon. It's quasi in the sense that you don't have to defeat them. La Ilim runs
    away if you take away half his HP, and the Undead Dragon follows suit if you
    allow his master to escape. If that happens, you technically "win" the fight,
    but of course lose all credibility as a gamer. Therefore, the more appropriate
    way to do battle is to, of course, kick as much booty as possible (which in this
    case is the defeat of the Undead Dragon). Your efforts, in addition to your 
    pride, is a cool 5K of EXP. Not too shabby at all.
    *NOTE!* Many players have brought to my attention that La Ilim can also be
    defeated during this battle if you're quick enough. This usually requires a
    player to be fairly leveled at this point, possess at least a few high level
    magic spells, have an Orb charged, and have their strongest abilities upgraded. 
    Additionally, a player would need to be very savvy about cancelling La Ilim's 
    Flee move, but the efforts net you a total of 15K EXP and about 2100 in money.
    Thanks to Wobble and Menno Beekman for being the first ones to point this out.
    Your best bet is to focus all offensive strategies on the Undead Dragon, and 
    only waste a move on La Ilim if it will cancel something he's trying to do. For
    the most part, he won't bring out all his weapons during this fight, so you've
    got the green light to concentrate on his pet. The Undead Dragon has two notable
    attacks: Hellfang and Chaos Fury. Hellfang targets one party member and Chaos 
    Fury hurts inside of an area. Both aren't *terrible* meaning they won't
    guarantee instant death, but thats only if you keep your party nice and healthy.
    The Undead Dragon isn't weak against any element in particular, but by now your
    most powerful spells and techniques should be more than enough to put this bad
    boy down. A quick casting of Diggin' by someone in the beginning wouldn't hurt
    After the fight, proceed through the courtyard and into the Dig Site.
      Nautica Plains - Dig Site
    The Gilled enemies that roam the Dig Site can be pretty obnoxious. The Gilled
    Runner is the only one of its kind that has any known weakness (earth), but
    otherwise these creatures are fast, powerful, capable of very strong magic, and
    travel in packs. The Dig Site is worth travelling through very slowly - there
    are some very good items to be had in the chests here. More importantly,
    however, there are quite a few encounters in the Dig Site, and if you take all
    of them head on back to back, you'll give yourself more work than you really
    need. Scattered throughout the Dig Site are exploding flowers. By now, you know
    that enemies caught in its blast radius are momentarily stunned, giving you a
    slight advantage if you engage them then. Unlike stunning an enemy with your
    sword, stunning them after they get caught in a blast gives you a first strike
    opportunity, allowing you to get off all your hits before they can even take
    one. In occasions where you can't catch them with an exploding flower, watch
    their patrol route and stun them while their backs are to you with your sword.
    Make sure to heal between each encounter - you may think you have enough HP and
    MP for the next battle, but always better to err on the safe side.
    It may be a good idea to equip your party to protect against paralysis while you
    take them through the Dig Site. The Gilled Snipers have a nasty habit of using
    May Showers, which can inflict paralysis on the entire party. While fighting a
    group of them, you can easily be overwhelmed if this skill is invoked over and
    over again.
      Baccularn Desert - West
    Things should start to look pretty familiar here. By now, none of the enemies
    here should be any challenge to your party, and you can even take on the Desert
    Lord and put him in his place if you see fit. Come back after you've saved at
    Baccularn Settlement.
    | Desert Lord |
    Assuming you're anywhere in the neighborhood of level 30 (give or take), the
    Desert Lord is really more like the Dessert Lord, which is to say, a big softie.
    Well, I exaggerate a bit. Maybe not exactly a big softie, but definitely
    managable. This time around, you have Yoat's power on your side, a few new
    learned techniques, and not to mention a whole lot more battle experience on
    your side. Best of all, he's not really a boss, so he'll respawn every time you
    reenter the area. 4000 EXP may compel you to do so.
    His magic is still powerful, and his speed is still unmatched, so its up to you
    to put him under as soon as possible. The Desert Lord has one unique move, 
    Quicksand, where he'll plunge his tail into the ground for a massive attack that
    damages all. Unfortunately, he's not particularly weak against anything, but the
    bright side to that is everything hurts him equally. Powerful magic and your
    strongest special techniques can make short work of him, but keep an eye out for
    your party's overall HP. Don't let anyone dip underneath half and you'll be in
    good shape.
      Baccula Settlement
    Because of the "revolution," the inventory in a few of the shops have changed.
    Now would also be a good time to fuse stronger Mana Eggs or extract better
    spells from them. Ultimately, your task is to see Ruilia in the Chief's Tent.
    After you get what you need from her, go to the Inn for a dinner event followed
    by a night of rest. In the morning, return to your plane and take off for Vejas
      Vejas Jungle - Outskirts
    You land in the outskirts of Vejas Jungle near a save point. After you save, 
    head deeper into the jungle.
      Vejas Jungle - Entrance
    Vejas jungle almost has no redeeming qualities. The enemies are tough but don't
    yield too much EXP. There aren't too many chests here, and the save points
    beyond the outskirts are the regular green ones that don't recover any HP or MP.
    There are a few forks in the road, but they all lead to the east. Go east, young
      Vejas Jungle
    As you head into the heart of the jungle, the path splits. At each intersection,
    large square blocks stand in your way. You must push the blocks into the
    cavities carved out around the block, which will usually reveal two paths. It
    really doesn't matter which paths you take, because they all end up connecting.
    A couple of Sasquatches can be found in the south, and they're pretty mean, but
    you might as well get used to fighting them now. You're guaranteed to run into
    more up ahead.
      Vejas Jungle - Jungle Path
    The Arlaune that habitates this area is no ordinary plant monster. This one is
    carnivorous, and to your misfortune, it happens to travel with its favorite kind
    of food, the Giant Crawfish. Once it gets a hold of a Giant Crawfish, it becomes
    *much* faster and *much* more resistant to magic. If at all possible, prevent it
    from eating a Giant Crawfish. Of course, sometimes you won't be able to, and it
    will suck. Fortunately, by now your party members shouldn't be slouches, with 
    more than enough tricks up their sleeves to prune a plant.
      Veja Ruins - Entrance
    A temple lay just ahead. Enter.
      Veja Ruins - Jade Temple
    The Jade Temple yields many treasures and many dangers. Within its walls, you
    may find useful eggs and equipment and items, but all are guarded by very tough
    groups of monsters. The Sasquatch packs appear in full force here, and may even
    force you to heal as often as you attack. At the lower levels of the temple,
    four Forest Protectors guard the key to the inner sanctuaries where Seiba
    | Forest Protectors |
    The Forest Protectors seal the exits as soon as you enter their chambers. Just
    like the Golems in the Earth Shrine, the Forest Protectors come coupled in four
    sets. And like the Golems, their defeat is not necessary but warrented for the
    EXP they give. 1000 EXP per Forest Protector will net you 8000 EXP if you defeat
    them all, and 8K of EXP at these levels is nothing to scoff at. The Forest
    Protectors don't seem to be affected by magic. Don't even bother using spells
    against them because its just a waste of a turn. Instead, use your strongest
    techniques to do damage. As you might have guessed, they're resistant against
    most status effects too, but strangely enough, are susceptible to Fiora. This is
    well and good, because the Forest Protectors have two attacks, Forest Stench and
    Omni-Laser, which you'll definitely want to prevent them from using. Omni-Laser
    is a huge area effect attack that showers your party members with frickin' laser
    beams. Forest Stench is a multi-hit gas attack that has a chance to stun a party
    member. Between Alfina and Dahna, if they take turns casting Fiora and keep the
    Forest Protectors silenced, Ulf and Yuki should have enough time to dish out
    enough punishment until they fall.
    Look for a step on the ground to reveal the secret door, and trigger the switch
    to open the doors at the top of steps in the main hall. Head up the steps and
    take the lift to the next area.
      Veja Ruins - Cavern
    Seiba awaits. Receive his guidance by going up to him.
    After you collect the orb, exit the temple.
      Alfina's Mind
    While unconscious, Alfina digs up some of her memories buried deep within the
    crevices of her mind. Examine the doors to "remember" the memories. When you've
    walked through all three, head through the last door and Alfina will come to.
    By the way, little Alfina... adorable. Little Emelious? Mmm... not so much...
    The group is taken to the outskirts of Vejas Jungle, where Yuki's plane await
    the party.
      Melc Ruins - Sky Castle
    The Sky Castle is easy enough to find. You've probably seen it already from
    flying around in Yuki's plane. It's a large floating castle above the waters
    between Samaram Island and Vejas Jungle. When you land, save your game, then
    proceed through the door.
      Melc Ruins - Entrance
    Head up the steps to a room full of cogs and gears, and take the lift to the
    center platform. The Melc Crystal will be there to greet you.
    | Melc Crystal A, B, C |
    This battle is NOT good times. It's nowhere NEAR good times. You would not
    BELIEVE how difficult this boss is if you don't have a good strategy in place.
    The Melc Crystal actually comes in two flavors - a ground form and an air form.
    While it's in it's ground form, it resembles a strange alien ape and attacks
    with *outrageous* power. In it's air form, it takes the shape of a giant bird
    and is *ridiculously* fast. Both forms are extremely punishing, almost to the
    point of being unfair.
    If there is a better time to use Yoat's Orb, I don't know it. If you're typical,
    you may be tempted to use Drak's Orb to deplete a large amount of HP from this
    boss. Under normal circumstances, the a-good-defense-is-a-strong-offense
    philosophy usually works, but the Melc Crystal dares you to try it. Unless
    you're completely confident in your party's capacity to defeat the Melc Crystal
    inside of 30 seconds, you'll need Yoat's Orb just to *barely stay alive*.
    That said, your most powerful spells and techniques will get a lot of screen
    time during this battle. By now, hopefully you've obtained the Ultimate Method
    for your strongest moves like Yuki's Dragon Slash and Ulf's Dynamite. You'll
    also want to make sure that Alfina can replenish everyone's SP gauges with her
    Energy Drive. Dahna, who is most likely your deadliest magic user, should be
    equipped with various five star+ spells. If you've taken the time to obtain 
    Force Attack, it gives its wearer a multiple hit critical. If you have powered 
    up Dahna's Dancing Cards skill, and have given her Force Attack, she can nail 
    him with a 3000+ hit while doing critical. Additionally, Force Attack pretty 
    much guarantees a cancel, which you'll want to do regularly where possible. By
    casting Runner on one more members, you can negate a lot of damage while pulling
    off effective aerial combos at no cost to your SP or MP.
    With the first signs that your party is in trouble, use Yoat's Orb and you'll 
    revive anyone who has been KO'd, replenish the entire party's HP, and be cured
    of any status afflictions. During this time, when you have Yoat's assistance,
    you'll need to do your best to destroy at least one of the Melc Crystal's
    appendages - either B or C. If you've used up a lot of SP, have Alfina use her
    Energy Drive to restore it, and keep hitting the Melc Crystal with your
    strongest weapons.
    A good rule of thumb: while the Melc Crystal is in its bird form, don't bother
    trying to attack. You CANNOT keep up with it, so make sure your party stays
    alive and healthy until it returns to its ground form. While it's in the air,
    each part will take multiple turns before you get one, so you'll to do all you
    can to stay alive. Endurance may negate the damage from minor spells like Zap,
    but this birdy can also use Ripper and Feather Blizzard and those you *will*
    Against its land form, you'll have to play a smart game, going between offense
    and defense. You can fend off most of its regular attacks, but when it does
    Megaspark or Hellspinner, heal, heal, heal. And by the way, if you destroy
    Part A while the Melc Crystal is in its land form, it cannot use Cluster Change
    and take to the air. 
    Take the lift to the upper levels of Melc Ruins afterwards.
      Melc Ruins - Center
    The labyrinth of Melc Ruins is all hallways, corridors, and rooms. Strange
    floating statues and rotating gears inhabit a few of these rooms, not to mention
    new enemies who are out to get you. To the east, west, and south are exits that
    take you back outside, where a circular walkway surrounds the structure. It is
    necessary to go outside to get to different sections of this area, and your
    first door is to the northeast.
      Melc Ruins - Sky Castle
    The outer perimeter of the Sky Castle connect the inner rooms to each other. You
    will have to make the short hike to either the south or northwest entrance to 
    visit another part of the central chamber. Along the way, there are three towers
    connected to the walkway by a short bridge. At the base of two towers are 
    chests that are worth picking up. Watch out for the Lich enemies. They have a
    lot of EXP and cast very powerful magic spells.
      Melc Ruins - Center
    Whichever door you decide to re-enter the Center from, you can now look for
    switches around the room to open secret doorways in the walls to connect all the
    corridors. One can be found on the floor in a hallway, another will be found on
    the floor between two gears in a small room. As you proceed, you'll likely
    encounter an enemy called the Red Beast. It is a fire elemental monster, so as
    expected it is weak against water spells. This enemy has a lot of HP as well, so
    you may be in for a tougher fight than the usual lizards and demons you run
    Of particular note is one lone treasure chest that sits way off in a corner just
    south of the northwestern exit. When you approach it, the trick wall gets pulled
    to the front of the map. The resulting action is a much longer hallway that
    reveals previously unaccessible rooms, stocked with treasure. And, that treasure
    chest way at the end? Yeah, it's not a treasure chest. It's an enemy called
    Mimic. The worst part about Mimic is that it's completely resistant to all
    elements and status effects save silence. If you defeat it, you'll net a lot of
    money, but otherwise its just a nuisance. Head up the exit to the north to reach
    the next level of Melc Ruins.
      Melc Ruins - Hall of Time
    The Hall of Time is perhaps one of the most lucrative areas in the game. Chests
    can be found both inside the circular rooms and on the ring that surrounds them.
    However, the most valuable treasures here are fiercely guarded by the Hydras.
    Two Hydras sit right at the entrances to these treasure rooms, and there is no
    way to enter without fighting them. You can, however, enter the fight, flee, and
    then walk past them that way (AHEM...WUSS...).
    The worst trick they do is Regeneration, which replenishes their HP at
    ludicrous speed. With each tick of the Regeneration spell, each head of the
    Hyudra can recover upwards of 450 HP. The rate of recovery is about one tick
    *every second*. Your success depends on the utter and complete annihilation of
    this creature as soon as possible. If you even stop attacking for a turn, the
    Hyudra can virtually recover all of its HP, no matter how close it was to death.
    To give it a quick death, concentrate all your efforts on the middle head, since
    the rest of it dies when you defeat the middle. It is IMPERATIVE that you don't
    waste too many turns healing. Even at the cost of resurrecting a KO'd member, if
    you see an opportunity to kill it, don't waste it. It may be one of the few you
      Melc Ruins - Spire of Heaven
    Here in the next level of Melc Ruins, you'll encounter a very peculiar enemy
    called the Lucky Mink. At first glance, you may think it's just another useless
    bunny put in for cannon fodder. When you try to kill it, however, you'll find
    that your work is cut out for you. they almost always manages to escape the
    battle before you can attack. Even if you could, they have a perfect defense
    against any and all elemental attacks or status effects. They have low HP, but
    low HP is more than enough if you can't put a dent in them. Most people will be
    inclined to ignore them, but in case you're curious, the reward for bagging one
    of these Lucky Minks is a flood of EXP. Somewhere north of 16,000... (!!!).
    When you take the steps up to the top of the Spire, you'll find thin bridges of
    light connecting the pillars in a grid pattern. Make your way to the other side
    and take the final steps up to the Guardian.
      Melc Ruins - Hall of Flight
    Home stretch. Just walk up, save, enter door, and ride lift.
      Melc Ruins - Guardian's Tomb
    Here you meet the fourth and final guardian, Unama
    After the event, you'll automatically obtain Unama's Orb. When you leave, you'll
    be taken back to the entrance.
    At this point, since you're in the last few hours of the game, you may want to
    take the time to revisit some of the old towns, gamble a bit at 'The Money'
    Casino, solve a few cases with Otto the Boy Detective, or any of the other
    things you can do in the world of Grandia III. You'll get more chances before
    the game ends, but now that you've obtained all four Guardian orbs, it feels
    like the right time to take a break.
    When you're ready, however, take Yuki's plane and head for the skies. Surmania
    Zero awaits.
      Surmania - Tunnel
    You'll leave Shiba and the plane behind here as you venture into the Caves.
      Surmania - Caves
    The Aton Lambdas and Gigas Pis that lurk in the caves are just derivatives of 
    enemies you've seen before. They're stronger, obviously, but so is your party,
    so the strategies you've picked up still apply. The new enemies are the Zeptol
    Phis that look insects. Other than the few chests scattered about this area, 
    nothing else is worth a fancy, so exit out with the lift to the north.
      Surmania - Chapel
    A rainbow save point sits ominously in the room ahead. Save, for your next
    battle will be against Violetta.
    | Violetta |
    Violetta has incredible defense but not a lot of HP. The Demon Scythe she uses
    has a ton of HP, but takes damage as it should. The combination isn't as lethal
    as you think it could be. At about level 40+, Yuki and the rest of the party is
    a force to be reckoned with.
    If you're comfortable with a longer battle, reduce the damage Violetta is
    capable of inflicting by focusing on her Demon Scythe. It is susceptible to
    paralysis and silence, but they only last for about a turn. Single focus attacks
    like Dynamite Rush will cause a lot of damage, but because you'll be taking out 
    Violetta anyway, strong multi-hit attacks are good too.
    If you'd rather try the faster approach, focus solely on Violetta and only deal
    with the Scythe if it needs to be Cancelled. Use big single-target spells and 
    skills like Galactic Bang and Blade Storm. Just win the war of attrition as you
    damage her big and she damages you right back.
    Both Violetta and her Scythe are very fast, but now that you have Unama's Orb an
    extremely valuable action has been added to your benefit. Unama's Orb stops
    time, and during this window you can do massive damage, boost attributes, and
    heal teammates all without consequence. It's probably not necessary to waste an 
    orb on Violetta, but if you want to experiment with Unama's Orb, she's not a bad
    candidate at all.
    Her attacks are moderately damaging. Her Burn Wall technique surrounds her with
    rotating fireballs to protect her (causing big problems for attacking
    characters), and both Chant of Despair and Freeshooter summon magical particles
    to either rain down damage from above or have a shotgun effect. Chant of Despair
    also lowers defense, so it can cause some problems when she decides to follow it
    up with high level spells. Nevertheless, you shouldn't come out of this battle 
    with too many bruises.
      Surmania - Castle
    As soon as you enter, an event between Raven and Emelious begins. Afterwards,
    you'll find yourself in Surmania Castle.
    The Duamutef is a new enemy here with a lot of defense. It's also capable of
    using Erebos, which you should be familiar with by now. The rest of the enemies
    are stronger iterations of previous enemies, now prefixed "King." The King Drake
    uses Burst Breath, which is nasty against anyone weak against fire. That said,
    most enemies here are inclined towards one type of magic, so it's quite hard to
    equip accordingly with Divine Charm's for everyone.
      Surmania - Courtyard
    Walk further along the path and you'll trigger another scene between Raven and
      Surmania - Entrance
    Save the game first, and enter the round platform where La Ilim awaits.
    | La Ilim, Crystal Skull & Undead Dragon |
    Round two against La Ilim and the Undead Dragon can guarantee that it will be
    nothing like your first encounter, which ended with La Ilim running away.
    This time, La Ilim's Crystal Skull is also a target, but hardly defeatable
    because of it's unholy defense. Better to concentrate on La Ilim and the
    Undead Dragon instead.
    The Undead Dragon, once again, is quite weak compared to its master and should
    perish with a few direct hits of your strongest techniques. The problem,
    however, is that La Ilim has quite an attachment to his pet, and is not quick to
    let it stay dead... er... undead... for too long. Once his Crystal Skull uses 
    Rebirth you'll be saying hi to ol' dragy again.
    Fortunately, the Undead Dragon falls quite easily, and getting rid of its
    presense makes the front against La Ilim much easier and it's in your best 
    interests to do so. La-Ilim's strongest attacks, such as Comet Cannon and Energy
    Drain, can't be used without the Dragon. Without the Dragon he's reduced to much
    more manageable attacks, such as Crackle and physical attacks.
    Casting Diggin' on the party will reduce your need to waste too many turns to
    heal, so let that be a priority during this fight. Physical attacks usually
    don't have much of a place during boss battles now, so you're going to be using
    your strongest spells and techniques once more. Dahna's Mana Spring will ensure
    that powerful magic continues to rain down on La Ilim, while Alfina's Energy
    Drive will keep Yuki and Ulf in the running with SP to use. All in all, this
    encounter shouldn't be too much of a headache, and victory is attainable even
    without the use of Orbs. Their defeat this time is final.
    After you defeat La Ilim, head down the rest of the walkway and take the lift up
    to the next level.
      Surmania - Top of Cursed Tower
    Save your game once more, and enter the giant double doors that leads to a
    showdown against Emelious.
    | Emelious, Orb of Darkness, Demon Sword & God Slayer |
    There is one very important thing to remember during this battle against
    Emelious: The God Slayer sword he wields must never be allowed to reach ACT on
    the IP gauge. If it does, your battle is over. It moves along at a snail's crawl
    on the IP gauge, but with the frenzy of battle on you, its easy to forget that
    certain death lurks just a step away.
    Regardless of God Slayer, Emelious still has attacks that can pretty much
    guarantee death. His Orb casts a few powerful dark magic spells that send groups
    of projectiles towards one person. Dimension blade is a fast and painful slash
    of his sword, and perhaps the move that generates the biggest OUCH factor in the
    game, Spirit Wall, will almost always KO a single person.
    Once Emelious falls, the rest of the parts go with him, but it is far too
    dangerous to try to defeat Emelious without paying attention to anything else.
    This battle is best won in calculated steps, and your first order of business is
    to destroy the Orb. It's the easiest one to break, and you'll likely take a fair
    share of damage before you get rid of it, but it is entirely possible to do so
    without using an orb. This is important, because you'll need to use Unama's help
    to get rid of the Demon Sword.
    Once again, Mana Spring and Energy Drive play pivotal roles in Emelious' defeat.
    By now, I should sound like a broken record when I say casting powerful magic in
    conjuction with Mana Spring is central to your offensive strategy. You'll still
    want to use single target spells and techniques to get rid of each part as soon
    as you can, but if you toss in an area attack every once in a while, it will
    only make the next target easier to kill.
    After the Orb is gone, you take away Emelious' ability to use his dark magic.
    Nevertheless, his most deadly attack is still available as long as the Demon
    Sword exists, so get rid of that next. This is where you use Unama's Orb, which
    will both give you a chance to heal completely and launch an offensive wave
    which should almost destroy the Demon Sword. When the effects of Unama's Orb
    wears off, you should be able to break the sword with a few more turns.
    Emelious, now alone with his God Slayer, has been seriously handicapped. It's
    just a matter of chipping away at his HP now, as he has a ton of it, but there's
    nothing too terribly threatening left about this battle. He is still capable of
    using Dimension Blade, but with both Dahna and Alfina casting Healer+ and 
    Alhealer, you should be able to stay fairly healthy as you whittle away at
    Emelious. Remember to keep an eye out for the God Slayer, and cancel it's turn
    as soon as it gets too close for comfort to the ACT line.
      Raflid Alps - Mountain Slope
    You end up crashing in a new area, Raflid Alps, and have lost Alfina to the
    clutches of Emelious. As you make your way back to civilization, you'll
    encounter White Bunnies and Bigfoots. Don't let the harmless look of the White
    Bunnies fool you - they are quite capable of their own mean streak.
    Up ahead on the path is a snowman and a chest. The map reveals another path that
    you can travel, but is blocked off with snow. For the moment, just head into 
    town and rest up.
      Raflid Town
    Event plays on entry.
    You'll have to make your way to the Temporary Workshop on the west side of town,
    where Rotts exits the house as you approach.
    The team has scattered about the town after the event, but instead of rounding
    everyone up, your job is to talk to Rotts at the stack of logs.
    Look for the source of the violin music at the top of the hill. Here, you'll
    reunite with Hect.
      Raflid Alps - Mountain Slope
    Once the series of events ends, Yuki will find himself alone in the part of the
    alps that was previously unaccessible. Return to town by walking up the path,
    battling White Bunnies along the way. As you approach a rock in the path, you'll
    stop to collect a necklace.
      Raflid Town
    Yuki collapses at the entrance to Raflid Town, and Ulf and Rotts take him to the
    inn. Meanwhile, Schmidt seems to recognize the necklace that Yuki recovered...
    When Yuki recovers, the party regroups and adds Hect to the roster. Hect is a 
    little weaker than Alfina as far as physical stats go, but is far and away a
    much stronger magic user. She comes equipped with Magica Esoterica, a skill that
    adds cancel to magic spells. The rest of the town offers slim pickings, as there
    is nothing in the magic and skill shops that offer anything you haven't seen
    before. When you're ready, head out to Raflid Alps from the path east of the
    log stacks.
      Raflid Alps
    Three chests can be found in this area, along with a plentiful bounty of White
    Bunnies and Bigfoots (Bigfeet?). This area provides a very good arena to test
    Hect's powers and a chance to boost one or two of her techniques.
      Raflid Alps - Northern Mountains  
    Schmidt's old plane sits at the base of the Northern Mountains, and along the
    way you can pick up a few goodies, but there are a plethora of Gilled enemies
    that lurk here. When you get to the plane, examine it and you'll be taken back
    to town for an event.
    Rotts demands that you get some rest before the big day in the morning, so head
    to the inn to spend the night. The next day, head back to the airstrip.
      Xorn Shell - Breach Point
    The Xorn Shell is eerily quiet...that is, until you meet with Omega Breed
    shortly up the path.
    | Omega Breed |
    Omega Breed should remind you of a certain boss you've faced off against in the
    past. Like Mother Breed, Omega Breed is still also against fire. Much of your
    previous strategies against Mother Breed still apply, as she spends most of her
    turns spawning children to fight for her. With Hect in the party, Heaven's Gate
    and Armageddon should make sure yours is a quick fight, and a few strong fire 
    spells should all but finish her off.
    As for the rest of the level, it'll be a long, hard path to Surmania Ruins. The
    enemies here resemble the groups you faced in the Verse Realm, but they're
    definitely tougher. Hopefully you remembered to restock on items in Raflid,
    because you'll most likely be running on empty by the time you get to the end.
      Xorn Shell - Surmania Ruins Entrance
    As always, a rainbow save point usually means danger ahead, Will Robinson, so
    make sure to save before going any further.
    | Omega Breed |
    Yes, it's her again. Yes, she has more HP. No, your strategy won't change much.
    Yes, she will cast Meteor Strike. No, it doesn't hurt that bad. Yes, Heaven's
    Gate will still suck for her. No, you won't need to use an orb. Yes, it will be
    the last time you face her. No, Bill Gates hasn't invented some email tracking
    program that will pay you to forward your email. STOP IT PEOPLE.
    Ulf's Red Lotus skill is good for clearing a swath of enemies and doing some 
    decent damage to Omega Breed. If you find yourself swamped by enemies, Hect's 
    Armageddon skill is fantastic. Other multi-targeting spells are good too (think 
    Quake or Burnblaze). Otherwise, target the Omega Breed solo and watch her 
    HP disappear.
    Once the last Omega Breed is out of the way, walk up to the nucleus and destroy
    And with that, the skies of Grandia return to normal. Your journey is almost at
    an end, but you're not much of a hero if you don't save the damsel in distress
    now are you? Proceed through the rest of Surmania Ruins to find Alfina held
    captive by Emelious atop a strange structure.
      Surmania Ruins - Underground Maze
    The Underground Maze is a network of passages and gates that may be opened by
    activating triggers located on the floor. Some triggers will open the gates that
    will allow you to advance through the maze, others will open the gates to cells
    that hold enemies captive. It's usually fairly obvious which ones do what, so if
    you want to battle as many enemies as you can to level up, don't miss the ones
    that open cells.
    It should go without saying, but if you haven't learned the Ultimate Method for
    all of your techniques by now, you should probably use them as much as possible
    here. Ulf's Dynamite will be second to none once you've completely boosted it,
    and Hect's Armageddon is exactly that - Armageddon for your enemies, but only
    after it's gone through a few stages of upgrades. Of course, here is where
    you'll need these upgrades the most. Enemies like the Demon Lord and Calibus
    don't pity your cause, but are eager to enroll you in their very own school of
    hard knocks.
    Before you can approach the exit to the maze, the ground will give and you'll
    fall into the floor below.
    When you can continue, look for the lift back up to where you were, and the rest
    of the way to the exit.
      Surmania Ruins - Heart of Undergroud Maze
    Three gates prevent you from reaching the final corridor before the last battle.
    Each of the gates yield a different obstacle, if you can call a treasure chest
    an obstacle, but there a couple of groups of Calibus' to overcome before you can
    reach the save point. The last room is deceiving. The map suggests that its a
    small entryway with the exit on the north end. In reality, it is a multi-tiered
    corridor with hidden hallways and the exit is at the bottom. Your rewards will
    be the best equipment in the game, but it will certainly come at a great effort.
    The lift at the bottom takes you to the last few encounters.
    NOTE: Don't even bother with the Lucky Minks unless you've got your Orb charged.
    With Unama's Orb, it's a piece of cake to freeze time and then take down a 
    Mink... or three. One of the U-shaped areas has a room with minks, one of which 
    is a battle with three Minks. Attack it with your sword to surprise it, then use
    Unama's Orb and blast as many as you can. If you get all three, we're talking 
    over 49,000(!) experience.
      Surmania Ruins - Cursed Tower
    This is one of the smallest maps in the game, but one of the most difficult to
    make it out of alive. The Last Keeper, Excise Omega, Gigas Omega, and Demon
    Lords conspire to keep you from your mission. Worse yet, you've just gone
    through hordes of enemies that must've seriously taxed your inventory, so you're
    practically running on empty. If you're anal about defeating every single enemy
    you have your work cut out for you, but the few extra EXP towards a new level
    will definitely help.
    The Excise Omega is a real jerk - he'll Auto-Cancel just about anything 
    targeting him unless it's going to Cancel him. You can try to target other 
    enemies with spells and hope he gets caught in the crossfire, but chances are 
    you'll need to set Yuki and Ulf to do a whole lot of regular attacks, with the 
    others joining in, Defending, or Cancelling. Note that he sometimes Auto-Cancels
    All-targeted spells and skills. Making him even more of a jerk.
    The Last Keeper is a big softie, especially if you manage to cancel his Magic 
    Immunity up front. Otherwise, good use of skills will take him down. His Power 
    Slam does a lot of damage, but like the Duamutef he's slow to act.
      Surmania Ruins - Top of Cursed Tower
    Finally! A save spot that will recover your HP and MP! You'll need to use it to
    start fresh against the final boss, Xorn. Alfina rejoins the party, and make
    sure you take a quick look at her outfit to be certain that she's outfitted with
    the new equipment you've picked up in Surmania. Afterwards, speak with Hect to
    receive Armageddon for your two dedicated magic users. Cross the light bridge to
    enter the final battle.
    If you're feeling unprepared, you can talk to Hect again and go back to the 
    plane and fly elsewhere. Raflid can Fuse and Extract some mana eggs, for 
    example. You probably don't need to level up any more, though. 
      Hall of Nothingness
    Examine the Soul Slayer to confront Xorn.
    | Xorn |
    Xorn, being the final boss, isn't as hard to beat as you would assume, but you
    do want to have your party be at least in the mid 40's before facing Xorn. First
    off, Xorn is only one icon on the IP gauge. That means that he doesn't have more
    than one chance to attack, unlike Emelious who had four. To make up for those
    lack of turns, Xorn's INI is very high. Your strongest magic will be spells like
    Heaven's Gate, Absolute Zero, Galactic Bang, and Meteor Strike. If you've taken 
    the time to obtain the ultimate method for the rest of your skills, your 
    strongest attacks should be doozies. Take care, though. Once Xorn loses about 
    half his HP, he'll start using his stronger attacks more often.
    There are several attacks that you want to watch out for, the first being "Death
    Knell". When you see Xorn use Death Knell, you'll notice that it doesn't 
    activate right away, but you'll see a small circle underneath one or more 
    characters who have been unlucky enough to be the target of Xorn's scorn. This 
    is your warning flag to get out of that circle of wind, because anything in that
    circle will positively die when Death Knell activates.
    Another attack that you want to look out for is Dimension Gate. Dimension Gate
    is a single target attack that can easily take out 50% or more of your 
    character's HP. A good Defend when you see it coming will help a great deal. 
    Darkness is arguably the most devastating attack because it damages the whole 
    party a great deal. The damage probably won't kill you, but don't forget that 
    Xorn's INI is very high. If you don't heal, it's very easy for him to use 
    another moderate-damage spell or skill and then you're left with three party 
    members. And taking time to resurrect your party is time that you could spend 
    dealing damage to Xorn.
    Dark Hymn is a single target attack that can cancel and does a good amount of
    damage. Despair is a single target effect that removes all of your stat boosts 
    (ATK UP, DEF UP, and SPD UP) AND prevents you from recasting those boosts on 
    your characters until Despair wears off. Either way, Despair is a hassle but 
    you'll probably prefer it over Xorn using another big-damage spell. Erosion is a
    single target status effect. Status effects shouldn't be a problem if you have 
    accessories that nullify them like the Spirit Ring. Thunder Clap is a single 
    target multi-hit spell that is not too strong at all. And to finish it off, Xorn
    has a normal attack, which is a bunch of dark orbs that hit ALL of your party 
    members about four times for about 70-80 HP per hit. Whew!
    Now, the key strategies to defeating Xorn are very simple, and there are
    different ways to defeat him, but the concepts are the same. One thing you want
    to make sure you're constantly doing is cancelling attacks like Darkness and 
    getting out of the way of the Death Knell. Cast magic like Heaven's Gate and 
    Galactic Bang to deal a lot of damage. Use Yuki's Flash skill and double your 
    combo attacks. Yuki's Dragon Slash won't play much of a role in this battle 
    because 99SP is a lot to spend on one enemy. Ulf's Flame Spike and Dynamite 
    techniques, however, will be very often used, and Dahna will be your magic nuker
    as usual. Mana Spring should be on tap so she doesn't lose MP. Alfina reprises 
    her role as the healer and will be in charge of boosting the party where 
    possible, refreshing SP with Energy Drive, and weakening Xorn with Armageddon 
    (which will slow him down for a short time as well).
    Orb usage isn't entirely necessary, but it can come in handy. If your party is
    having a rough time dealing with Xorn, use Unama's Orb to freeze time, get 
    your act together and deal damage with no interruptions. Yoat's Orb will revive 
    characters if they die, allowing Alfina to ignore healing and focus on 
    Armageddon and Energy Drive. Other orbs are pretty much useless at this point.
    Rinse strategy and repeat. After an epic battle, you'll conquer Xorn once and
    for all.
    	staff roll
    »»  05. Extras  »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»
      a. Mana Egg Fusion
    You'll first hear about the mysterious art of fusing mana eggs in the Mendi City
    magic shop, but won't actually get to fuse anything until you reach Baccula.
    Fusing Mana Eggs is perhaps one of the most important pasttimes in Grandia III.
    Not only does fusion create more powerful Mana Eggs to boost your elemental
    attacks, but some high level magic spells can only be obtained through
    extracting them from certain eggs. Most low level eggs are easy to come by,
    since enemies will occasionally drop them during your battles. In fact, later in
    the game, when you obtain the Legendary Thief Skill, they are even more readily
    obtainable. This is important, because from the first four Magic Level 1 eggs,
    YOU CAN CREATE ANY OF THE OTHER EGGS. This, of course, is good news for those of
    you who want to spam Galactic Bang in your battles until your head pops.
    Theoretically, you could even farm eggs from the start to have at your disposal
    some of the strongest spells in the game right from the get go. Again, using
    Galactic Bang (an eight star spell) as an example, it can be yours by simply
    farming five Flare Eggs and performing a series of fusions. How? Let's refer to 
    figure 1 (haha):
    	- Figure 1 -
    	1. Flare Egg x Flare Egg		= Blaze Egg
    	2. Blaze Egg x Flare Egg		= Volcano Egg
    	3. Volcano Egg x Flare Egg		= Calamity Egg
    	4. Calamity Egg x Flare Egg		= Cluster Egg
    	Extract Cluster Egg >>> *GALACTIC BANG*, Quake
    As you can see, extracting a Cluster Egg produces Galactic Bang, and you even
    get Quake thrown in as a leftover. If you're a gambler, you could actually *win*
    the Volcano Egg at the casino, and then you'll only need two Flare Eggs to
    produce your desired result. Since it is entirely reasonable that you'll have at
    least two Flare Eggs by the time you reach Baccula, you'll be completely set up
    to make a very powerful spell, very early in the game.
    Of course, Galactic Bang is only one extreme. With the previous information in
    mind, one can actually fuse any number of in-between spells and still be very
    well equipped after leaving Baccula. Refer to an Egg guide for all the possible
    fusion combinations.
      b. Arrange Dice
    Oh if only Vegas had a game like Arrange Dice... In this mini-game, the odds are
    entirely in your favor, boys and girl. Like Vegas, if you sit at a table long
    enough, the money WILL eventually concentrate on one side of the table. Unlike
    Vegas, YOUR fortune grows the LONGER you play. You will still lose much more 
    often than you will win, but it is the payout of your big wins that more than
    make up for your losses. You can lose 40 hands in a row, but that 41st roll
    might pay out 100x what you bet, effectively more than doubling the money you
    lost, and then some.
    Why do you want to play Arrange Dice in the first place? Well, like Alonso says,
    it's a man's game (har!), but gambling is the only way you can obtain some very
    special items, including the best book in the game - the Master Book.
    To play Arrange Dice, you must purchase medals at the casino. Alonso also gives
    you one medal to start off when you first arrive in Sabatar.
    Arrange Dice seems like a complex game but actually has a very simple premise. 
    Beyond the fancy looking table, peculiar dice, and decorative cards, Arrange 
    Dice boils down to nothing more than a number matching game. The player picks 
    seven cards from a stack of nine, each card numbered from 3 to 11. These numbers
    represent the potential sum of any roll for two die. Numbers 2 and 12 are 
    excluded because they are special sums that will be discussed later. The player 
    then arranges his seven cards on the table, and rolls a pair of dice five times.
    For each roll, if one of the cards match the sum of the dice, the card is 
    "lifted." The player's goal is to "lift" at least three cards in a row from the
    five rolls of the dice. If you manage to lift more cards for a longer row, the 
    payout is, of course, higher.
      Special Conditions
    Of course, sums that have already been rolled cannot be used again. On top of
    that, the sums 2 and 12 are special because of the lowered probability of the
    player hitting that sum. Rolling a 2 (or "snake eyes") will result in a 10x
    multiplier PROVIDED you win, and rolling a 12 (or "boxcars") will result in an
    automatic loss. Additionally, the 3 and 11 cards are marked red, and are bonus 
    multipliers if used to complete a row.
    The above special conditions make sense mathematically, as not all sums are
    created equally. With a regular pair of six-sided dice, there is only a 1 in 36
    chance that you'll roll either a 2 or 12. Additionally, there is only a 1 in 18
    chance that you'll roll either a 3 or 11. To make sense of this, consult the
    following chart:
    	- the following chart -
    	    1  2  3  4  5  6	  
    	1 | 2  3  4  5  6  7
    	2 | 3  4  5  6  7  8
    	3 | 4  5  6  7  8  9
    	4 | 5  6  7  8  9  10
    	5 | 6  7  8  9  10 11
    	6 | 7  8  9  10 11 12
    As you can see, there is only one combination of rolls that will result in
    either the sum of 2 or 12, and only 2 combinations of rolls that will result in
    either the sum of 3 or 11. Everything else has a 1 in 12 chance or greater of
    hitting, with 7 being the most probable combination - a 1 in 6 chance of
    occuring during each roll. If you like to play the odds, cards 6, 7, and 8
    should always be on your table.
    Does this mean you should ignore the red cards? Not in the least bit. This is
    gambling after all, and sometimes if you want to win big, you have to take the
    risks. And like I said in the beginning, when you win, you'll want to win big
    enough that the payout covers your previous losses, and then some. Multipliers
    are the way to do it. Playing the red cards is the only way you'll qualify for
    some of the larger payouts.
    "Lucky" means you've used at least one red card in your row. "Fever" means
    you've used both red cards in your row.
    3-Card Row:                 x2
    Lucky 3-Card Row:           x4
    Fever 3-Card Row:           x8
    4-Card Row:                 x15
    Lucky 4-Card Row:           x30
    Fever 4-Card Row:           x60
    Absolute 5-Card Row:        x100
    Lucky Absolute 4-Card Row:  x200
    Fever Absolute 5-Card Row:  x400
    Don't forget, the red cards aren't the only multipliers in Arrange Dice. If
    during any roll you get snake eyes, it's a 10x multiplier provided you win. This
    means if you roll snake eyes twice, it's a 100x multiplier if you manage to hit
    three cards in a row during the same turn. If you make a Lucky 3-Card Row and
    roll snake eyes twice, it's a 400x payout. If you make a Fever 3-Card Row and
    roll snake eyes twice, it's an 800x payout!!!
      c. Aerial Combos
    Here's a complete list of the Aeriel Combo move that each character executes. 
    Initiates are actions (aside from a critical hit) that can lead to an Aerial
    Combo, and Terminals are actions that cannot be chained with another Aerial
    Yuki - Swallow Slash (doubled w/ Flash)
    Alfina - Mana Stinger
    Miranda - Flying Kick
    Alonso - Breaching
    Ulf - You're Finished (bottom damage doubled with Shadow Warrior)
    Dahna - Gatling Shot
    Hect - Thunder Call
    Initiates: Howl, Crackle, BOOM!, Tremor, Quake (yes, Tremor and Quake)
    Terminals: You're Finished, Breaching
      d. Seeds
    Here is a quick, incomplete list on where to get specific seeds if you're into
    farming them to raise stats:
    Surmania Entrance - Life, Magic Seeds
    Excise - Magic Seeds
    Zeptol - Resistance Seeds
    Gigas - Defense Seeds
    Demons - Life Seeds
    Gate Keepers - Resistance Seeds
    Minotaur - Power Seeds
      e. Easter Eggs and Bloopers
    I'm pretty sure half of the following tidbits weren't intended to be Easter Eggs
    but simply goofs on the programmer's parts, but there are a few surprising
    things scattered throughout the world of Grandia III that may give you a chuckle
    or two.
    - In the Mendi City in, head upstairs to the rooms and look for a portrait
      hanging on the wall. The silhouette of this portrait looks *remarkably* like a
      certain US president...who made a proclamation...about emancipation...and
      followed it with a certain...address...at Gettysburg...and that should about
      do it.
    - In the same Inn, if you're on the 2nd disc, you can check one of the locked
      doors to hear about what happens to Bianca.
    - Towards the second half of the game, if you speak to the old lady in the tent
      in Sabatar Harbor, you can hear what eventually happens to Jerry from the
      "Jerry and Nina" love story.
    - In the last meal dialogue that includes Miranda and Alonso (before the party
      breaks up for the first time), Miranda mentions that Yuki used to sleep with
      his Flight Unit when he was three years old. However, while in Anfog, Yuki
      mentioned that he and Rotts had to work really hard to make the money for
      their first Flight Unit. The discrepancy? Miranda and Yuki didn't arrive in
      Anfog (and thus met Rotts) until Yuki was five years old.
    - Talk about a *Magic* Shop! In Anfog Village, if you step inside the Magic
      Shop, you'll notice that there is a window to the right of the door. There is
      sunlight pouring in through this window. Now try to find that same window on
      the outside of that shop!
    - There is a whale in the sky. Dude. No joke.
    - Perhaps the single largest blooper in Grandia III occurs near the start of the
      game. After saving Alfina from soldiers and encountering Raven, Yuki and
      Miranda take Alfina back to their house in Anfog. After Yuki obtains a
      Medicinal Herb for Miranda, he walks into the room to check up on Alfina.
      Now, pay very close attention to the scenes that take place. When you first
      see Alfina on the bed, you'll notice that she is underneath the blankets and
      they are pulled up to her waist. In the *very next* scene, they are nicely
      folded at her foot, and she is sitting atop a perfectly made bed.
    - A shocking amount of people have emailed me about this blooper, and I hang my
      head in shame for not catching it myself, but many thanks to the various
      players who were more attentive than I was. While Alfina and Yuki are in
      Arcriff Temple, Alfina is dressed in an elaborate ceremonial gown for the
      Communicator summoning where she speaks to Gryph. When Emelious attacks, Yuki
      grabs Alfina, and the two race back into the temple - formal outfit and all.
      In the very next scene, Alfina is back in the Temple and dressed in her normal
      adventuring garb. Thanks to Adam Doochin for being the first to write me about
      it, but a big shout out to all the great players who were able to catch it as
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