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    Battle Quotes FAQ by Kantonoso

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/01/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Grandia 3
    Battle Quotes FAQ
    Version 1.1
    By: Kantonoso
    This is designed for those who are curious about battle quotes. Like, "Oh,
    look, I've never given Yuki the Crackle Fang spell before, what does he say
    when he casts it?" and other such things.
    This guide is sorted by character (Yuki, Miranda, Alfina, etc) in the order 
    that they join.
    This guide is Copyright Kantonoso 2007, and may only be shown on GameFAQs.
    There are spoilers here, and if I ruin the game for you, you have been warned.
    If you rip me off, I will notify the administrator of whatever site this is
    posted on and have it removed. I may allow you permission to use this guide
    if you email me with a link ot the site in question, first.
    Contact Information:
    My real name is Adam Whyte, otherwise known as Kantonoso here on GameFAQs.
    Grandia 3 really took me by surprise; it's been one week (as of version 1.1) 
    that I first played it, and wow, I think it might have finally beaten Final
    Fantasy 4 as my favorite game ever! I know it at least ties with Tales of
    the Abyss! Ahem, anyways, I'd be happy to answer questions about the game, as
    well as accept help with quotes.
    My email is as follows:
    Be sure to title it "Grandia 3 __________" with the blank being either help
    or quotes or something, so I know it's about this. I can't stress this enough,
    though. As a real life writer (though I haven't submitted anything for 
    publishing yet) I really can't get used to 1337 sp43k (leet speak) or just
    plain and simple bad grammar (lolol!!!11!!one! u r teh roxxorz!) so please,
    try to use proper grammar, though I'm perfectly fine with lol and the like.
    If you're a fellow GameFAQs contributor, like me, or use the boards, or even
    other boards, feel free to tell me what you want me to put in the credits if
    you help me out. Otherwise, I'll just use what it said your name was on the
    Version History
    Version 1.0:
    First draft, still missing a lot of spells, and possibly Dahna's ultimate skill
    if she has one above Mana Spring. Forgot to check Hect's quotes before losing 
    her. This is basically the framework for each copy afterwards. I admit, many
    quotes may be incorrect....
    As it stands:
    Yuki: Mostly complete except for spells and items
    Miranda: I've never had a tough battle with her, and she has a limited spell
    selection, so she's missing a lot
    Alfina: Mostly complete save for spells and items
    Alonso: Empty except for main line.
    Ulf: Mostly complete save for spells and items
    Hect: Missed out on most of her quotes
    Bosses and enemies: Perhaps in a later version
    UPDATE: Got posted on GameFAQs!
    Version 1.1:
    Updated Alonso; he's no longer an empty shell. Fixed a few Trivial errors,
    like I got one of Yuki's lines mixed up with Alfina's somehow. I'm sure I'm
    still missing a lot. I mean, there's at least 40 different spells, and an
    intimidating number of items, which I only ever use outside of battle if I
    want to conserve MP, otherwise I almost never use them at all.
    I also added the Contact information section, and added one person to my
    Plans for future updates:
    Table of Contents if this guide gets any longer
    Boss quote bosses (Kornell, etc)
    Battle advice quotes (non spoken, "Cancel it!" messages that can be turned 
    off, as well as Alfina's line when fighting Emelious)
    How this guide works:
    Battle end (finishes fight) 1 (most common)
    Battle end 2 (less common)
    Battle end Critical (someone died during the fight)
    Battle end perfect 1
    Battle end perfect 2
    Use Weapon 1 (and so on)
    New Special (new skill or upgrade)
    Special A 1 (original)
    Special A 2 (changed line, if it changes later)
    and so on. 1 means more common, 2 means less common, got that?
    The usual order is:
    Battle (main)
    Knockdown (attack cancelled)
    Death (solo)
    Death (last one standing)
    Battle End:
    Battle end Critical: I'm a pilot, I don't have time for this!
    Battle end perfect: Heh, were they even trying?
    Critical: Take... THIS!
    New Special: I got it!
    Aerial Slash: Hee-yah!
    Whirlwind: Feel the bite of my blade! Whrilwind!
    Flash: I feel the power!
    Blade Storm: Take... THIS!
    Dragon Slash: Oh dragon of light, lend me your power! DRA-GON... SLASH!
    Burn! 1: BURN!
    Burn! 2: Take... this!
    Ressurect: Please... get up!
    Crackle: Things are getting a little chilly!
    Diamond Dust: Take this! Diamond... dust!
    Cracke Fang: Fangs of Ice!
    Absolute Zelo: Take this! ABSOLUTE ZERO!
    Heal (self): I'll be fine!
    Heal (other): Hang in there!
    Alheal: Just a little longer, everyone!
    Snooze: Heh, it's beddy-bye time for you!
    Ressurection Potion: We have no choice! Please... WORK!
    Knockdown: I'm alright!
    Death Quote:
    Game Over Quote: The sky... it's becoming so dark... wait! Wait for me....
    Revival Quote:
    Battle End: Why don't you make things easier and stay out of our way?
    Battle End Critical:
    Battle End Perfect: Hmph, pitiful, come back when you learn how to fight!
    Use weapon (Force Dagger): These knives are cutting edge, let me show you!
    New Special:
    Dagger Dash: It's time for a little slice and dice! Stings, doesn't it?
    Force Slash: You're not enough for a meal, but I'll fry you up anyway!
    Burn!: BURN!
    Tremor: TREMOR!
    Knockdown: Just caught me off guard, that's all!
    Death Quote:
    Game Over Quote:
    Revival Quote:
    Battle End 1: We won! See, I can do it if I try!
    Battle End 2: We won! Thank Goodness!
    Battle End Critical:
    Battle End Perfect: I feel a little guilty...
    Use Weapon (staff of healing):
    New Special:
    Comet Strike 1: Oh sacred comet, bringer of light, Illiminate the darkness!
    Comet Strike 2: Oh Sacred Comet, slice through the pitch black night!
    Stun Force 1: Sorry, this may hurt a little!
    Stun Force 2: I'm not holding back!
    Ripple Shot: A sacred light... to slice at our enemies! You cannot escape!
    Holy Circle:
    Armageddon: Let your hate and your fear... be absorbed into the light... your
    suffering... is over!
    Burn!: BURN!
    BA-BOOM!: Now you've really got me angry!
    Galactic Bang: Feel the power of a thousand suns!
    Heaven's Gate: It's time to open... Heaven's Gate!
    Crackle 1: This is more than a little frostbite!
    Crackle 2: Crackle!
    Revival Potion: Please, get up!
    Grenade: Cover your ears, everyone!
    Death Quote:
    Game Over Quote: No! Why now? We can't give up... now!
    Revival Quote: I'll be fine!
    Battle End: At this rate, I'll be mobbed to death by fans!
    Battle End Critical:
    Battle End perfect: Another flawless victory! Want an autograph, get in line!
    Critical: Shishkabob!
    New Skill: Hmm, I'll give it a shot!
    Thrust Crash: Hey-yah! Huh! heard something snap, there!
    Lancer Smash: Time to get down and dirty!
    Death Quote:
    Game Over Quote:
    Revival Quote:
    Battle end: Heh, bring 'em on!
    Battle end Critical: Man, I'm beat, let's go get something to eat!
    Battle End Perfect:
    New Special:
    Rockbreaker: This might sting a little!
    Flame Spike: Flame spike!
    Big Wheel: No one can stop me now! What a rush!
    Shadow Warrior: Betcha can't tell which one is me! Keep an eye on my shadow!
    Inferno Spike: Prepare to Fry, maggots! INFERNO SPIKE!
    Red Lotus: These flames are scorching hot, ten thousand degrees of death!
    Dynamite Rush: I'M LOADED WITH DYYYNAMIIITE! I don't feel so well....
    Ressurect: Up you get!
    Astrea Zap: Here it comes, fiery death from above!
    Grenade 1: Things that make you go BOOM!
    Death Quote:
    Game Over Quote:
    Revival Quote: 
    Battle End: Of course we won!
    Battle end critical: I knew it, luck wasn't on our side...
    *Note: This is the only alternate after battle pose in the game!*
    Battle End Perfect:
    Use Weapon (sleep cards): Witness the true power of my cards!
    New Special:
    Homing Missile: Pick a card, any card!
    Mana Capture:
    Dancing Cards:
    Mana Spring:
    Meteor Strike: The star card! This is your destiny!
    Alheal: May the fates hear my call for healing!
    Astrea Zap: The judgment Card! You cannot oppose fate!
    Grenade: This isn't really my style, but...
    Death Quote:
    Game Over Quote:
    Revival Quote:
    Battle End:
    Battle End Critical:
    Battle End Perfect:
    New Special:
    Galactic Bang: Feel the true power of the stars!
    Heaven's Gate: Back to the darkness that spawned you!
    Death Quote:
    Game Over Qute:
    Revival Quote:
    This FAQ is Copyright Kantonoso 2007. 
    Thanks to Square and Game Arts for making this game!
    Thanks to Miz for "In the sky" (opening/ending theme) I love that song!
    Thanks to sis to picking this up and giving me the chance to get hooked!
    Thanks to Bloo, for being "that crazy girl who told me if this made sense or
    Thanks to my dog for barking all night, and hence giving me an excuse
    to stay home from school and play more Grandia.
    Thanks to you, for making the time spent doing this not so wasted....

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