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"One of the best"

One of the Best
This game gets knocked alot here, must be that some people are too lazy or hyper to fully experience the true "grandeur" :) that is Grandia III. Spanning two disks, this is truly an epic adventure to take your time with. I must say that I generally immerse myself in video games, and I don't attempt to finish them at high speed. I am patient, and allow the game to fully show itself off. Most say this game is far too short: completion at twenty-five to thirty hours. This seems like a long time to me though, as the average film is around an hour and a half. I have about two-hundred hours on my save file, although I leave the system on at night. I would say that I have upwards of ninety hours minimum of actual playtime. I still am not fully leveled up, though I am quite happy with my position.
Grandia III does not follow a typical cookie cutter RPG format. It is generally linear- though some stuff will be missed if time is not taken.

Story: 10/10
Wonderfully shown through widescreen cut-scenes, giving it atrue movie-like feel. Very poinient and beautiful, though not super in-depth.

Gameplay: 10/10
Awesome battles with a great innovative system. Based on reaction time or initiative, yet still turn based. Love it. The menu system is easy to understand and get used to. Highly intuitive. Everything is super smooth with no slowdown or hiccups. Ever.

Graphics: 10/10
Top class graphics for the PS2. It doesn't get any better than this. From the vistas while traveling (which are superbly done) and the awesome cartoon-like film sequences, to the wonderful battle graphics (please use the "bird's eye view"), they are simply brilliant. The magic spells are truly a sight to behold. Some of the best ever. This is a perfect example of maximizing a system's power to it's supreme fullest.

Sound: 10/10
From the invigorating intro (which easily could have been a top hit single), you know you are in for some top notch sounds. The music is done by actual musicians, almost an orchestra it seems. Some tracks are very sorrowful- especially the violin. The voice acting is generally good as well, though it would be preferred in the original Japanese with subtitles.

Overall: 10/10
One of the best.

Battle system

There truly is nothing negative here

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/14/07

Game Release: Grandia III (US, 02/14/06)

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