Review by riotsrfun

Reviewed: 02/23/06

More than just a distraction until Kingdom Hearts 2

Okay, lets face it. Many Square-Enix fans, and fans of the first Kingdom Hearts are just waiting to get their hands on a copy of Kingdom Hearts 2. While some may consider Grandia 3 as "something SE is feeding us until we get KH2", I refer to as "One of the Greatest RPGs ever". Why...Well here we go

Graphics: Both the high point and the low point of the game. The character models and the anime inspired text portraits look rather good. The game is SO SMOOTH, there is rarely a lag due to quality graphics. There are also some nice enviromental touches that other games often leave out that give the game a sense of beauty and evidence that this part of the game was worked on. The spell effects look really awesome and there is NEVER SLOWDOWN. However, the cutscenes arent really what I expected. There isnt a real dynamic or something that sets them apart from the rest of the game. I give tis part a 9/10.

Sound: Aside from the "pop" intro music this is really good as well. The voice acting is very good, and the battle music is remarkable memorable. This has always been one of my favorite areas and its really well done here. 10/10

Gameplay: Im not going to spoil too much but this game has probably the best battle system I have ever seen. Its fast paced and offers something different than many of us are accustomed to. You have your standard, buy-equip, set up but the mana eggs and skill books add something that kinda resembles the FF8-draw system, and the FF9-equip/skill system. Once you pick up the game, often times the story is going to hook you more than the gameplay will. Its that good. 9/10

The Bottom Line---Buy this game now. You will not be disappointed you did. Look at it this way. If you play 1 1/2 hrs, average a day it will take you 20-25 days to beat. If you do the math youll be like WOW ONLY 2 weeks left until KH2. Most of all have fun...its AWESOME

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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