Review by DevilRyodo2000

Reviewed: 02/27/06

Trying my hardest not to compare it to Grandia II...

Alright so it's been, what, a few years since we've had a real Grandia game? Well Grandia 3 is here and if you were a fan of the previous Grandias(sans Xtreme) you'll be very happy and very dissapointed at the same time.

Storyline. (4/10)

You've probably heard the storyline is cliche right around now, and at first you don't beleive it but a few hours into the game is where it all goes downhill. We start off with a wannabe piliot who has been dreaming of becoming a piliot a.k.a Yuki who ends up meeting Alfina after she is being chased.... Then they see the Guardians which are gods that protect the Earth and Alfina is the only person left who is able to communicate with them... Bad guy starts trouble you visit the other guardians... You stop him... He sees all his wrongs... and the main bad guy comes around you defeat him and thats it.... Thats it.... Really what crap this is.

Character development. (6/10)

I honestly don't know why the only 2 interesting characters in the entire game leave your party and are never heard of again. Then we're left with characters with no real personalities and little development. This is what hurts the story even more... You just don't give a damn about them... Even in the sad scenes, that are overdone BTW, you don't care. Alfina is officialy the wussiest charcter in existance... eother screaming off the top of her lungs or fainting.... And Yuki is just the average main character. Nothing more to say. It's only getting a 6 for the 2 interesting charcters.

Extras+ Replay value. (3/10)

Nothing for you to do. You could go out and level up and fight the monsters that are usualy tougher than your average boss, but even then this game offers you nothing. Plus it's really short 25-30 hours on average.

Graphics. (9/10)

The graphics are top notch on the PS2, the characters in cutscenes are beautifly rendered. The magic spells look better than ever, probably the best looking spells you'll ever lay your eyes on in this generation atleast. The CG cutscenes mixed with the ingame models spruced up, is Grandia's unique style and it looks better than ever on here.

Gameplay. (10/10)

This is the only reason I bothered finishing this game... the gameplay is top notch. Your characters and enemies are placed on a grid and you hack and slash away at your enemies with your flashy magic or skills. If you manage to cancel them out while they are attemting to do a move on you, you not only move them back to the begining of the grid, you're also able to throw them into the air and are able to execute aerial combos with your teamates... Although move variations for aerial raves wouldn't have hurt, but still great nontheless. Other than that it's basically the same as Grandia 2 with aerial combos. Which IMO is as good as it can get.

Music and Sound. (9/10)

I love the J-pop opening intro and everything seems to fit, the music is awesome. There is one track that makes me wish I was born earless, I beleiev it was in the desert town. Everything fits into place. The voices are well done sans Alfina's screaming like the music everything fits into place. I would have preferred a Japanese voice option, but can't rag on something no one else does.

Overall. (8/10)

Really it has the perfect battle system, amazing graphics, but it lacks a great story and interesting characters. If you have to have a great story this isn't the game for you, if you're looking for an awesome battle system this is the game to get. You won't be playing it for very long but still great enough to buy on that merit alone.

-Battle system

-No Replay Value
-Story line is soo cliche and uninteresting
-Characters have little to no development

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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