Review by Ubarzz

Reviewed: 03/06/06

You think they would learn from xtreme.......

Well, in all honesty, I was disappointed. I was thinking to myself one day when playing Grandia Xtreme that "If only they could make a good story and interesting dungeon layouts they could easily make some of the best rpgs of all time with this series. So when I saw Grandia III coming out I got really excited and thought "What if they finally did it this time?" Well here is what they did......

Story- 5

Well, it seems they did it again. Although improving a bit over xtreme thats not saying much. It started out ok, but quickly morphed into something horrific. The story got very linear around 25% through and I was really pissed. For goodness sake this company can easily make a great story as we have all seen countless times. Why make a mediocre game with a crap story and truly wonderful battle system? You tell me.....

Sound- 6

While the battle music was fine because it is what I expected in the series some of the cutscene and opening songs left me wondering. In thier own rights they are ok songs, but are just a bit out of place in this genre. Overall it was ok, but music is usually on the lower list on determining a rating in my book.
I must add though that I enjoyed the voice acting very much. They had some well known voice actors from the anime world do some voices which was a nice touch. My least favorite was Alfina though.

Gameplay- 10

In short, truly amazing. They made some minor tweaks with the learning of magic and skills but it is a good change up. The battle system is again awesome with a few tweaks of its own like aerial combos. It still has the mosters roaming the field and you can slash them to gain advantages in battle. Basically the same old stuff as before so no real change there. I live for the battles in the game for it's the only thing that holds my interest in the game.

Graphics- 8

The character models were very detailed and environments were lush. Many good cutscenes move the story along, BUT what in the world are you doing with the damn monster models. Is it truly so hard to make more monster models instead of just throwing in the same model with a different color variation? I want a game where I want to run into a different monster in every area I go to. I love the feeling of going into new areas and seeing all the new monsters and then wonder what the next area will hold. They didn't do that though. Silly me for wanting a little diversity.

Replay Value- Non-Existent / 1

This shocked me when I was done with the game. What in the world were they thinking. A rpg with no extra dungeons, Bosses, equipment, nothing. Not even starting a new game with extra features. You just don't murder a game like this, it's sick. Playing the extra stuff is always great. Its where all the great challenges lie. Ridiculously hard bosses and time consuming puzzles and dungeons, I love it. Well there in none of it in this game. After your done with it you might as well lock it in your shelf because you may never play it again.....

Final Verdict 7/10

A good game in its own right that didn't even closely deliver on my hopes. I would definitely check it out to experience the good points in the game. 50$ not unless you really want to. This is definitely a borrow or rental because it's too short with no replay value so you really wont need that much time to finish it.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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