Review by Grandstream

Reviewed: 03/14/06

What do I think of the new Grandia? The guy tried his best and it worked.

Latent fans of either the newest installment of the series, Grandia III, may be reminded that perhaps it would be very cliche in its detail in storyline (like Grandia did) or characters that were just randomly contemplated with a close enough storyline (like Grandia 2). However, the entire plot of "save the world" is always a common thing in an RPG. And the thing that distinguished Grandia 3 from its past works is that it's had the best work to date out of the series, and despite how the creator of the series dubbed this his last installent, he did not disappoint. The story begins with Yuki, a pilot who aspires to become as great as his role model, a skilled pilot known as Schmidt. With his arm still clung upon by his still youthful (and appealing) mother, Miranda, he wonders if he would ever leave. Then, when a young and beautiful girl named Alfina appears one day evading pursuit from strange people, she entangles Yuki into a great journey.

The battle system requires no difficulty to master, but the opposite tells that it is not as simple to master. Like its past ancestral installments, there are two kinds of standard attack: combo, which normally involves a two-strike attack for light damage; or critical, which is a single concentrated attack that inflicts a bit above light damage and can cancel an enemy as he is readying an attack or spell. Turns are determined by a gauge where characters are indicated by their icons. As they revolve around the gauge, the Action bar determines their action. Spells and high powered, unmastered special attacks (in which the more often a special attack is utilized in advantageous positions in battles) require more time to build, while simple attacks or mastered combos require little or no time to build. If a character performs a critical, and perhaps Cancels the enemy, there is a chance the enemy will be thrown into the air for a couple of seconds. If the enemy is a target of a combo attack, for example, as he is thrown into the air, there is a chance that a special combo will be performed, inflicting extra damage and utilizing perhaps more hits. If an enemy is killed this way in the air, it is known as an Aerial Finish, which gives bonus experience and gold. All in all, the battle system is comparable to Dragon Quest: Easy to learn, but difficult to master.

I can conclude in saying that March is a huge time for good games to arrive. February brought the moderate Tales of Legendia, but it also brought this game. And this game attained better ovation compared to its noted counterpart. Grandia III may not be the best RPG out this year, but it will be noted as one of the few that could be the better RPGs of this year.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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