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"As most of the other reviews suggest, battle > story..."

Grandia III had a great battle system, which after the first 15 hours of the game the only reason I played it was the battles. The story wasn't one of my favorites, too animeish if you ask me, so if you're looking for a anime-like RPG with a great battle system Grandia III is the game for you.

The characters all played their role quite well, and they interacted with each other great, one of the better things about this game. Some of their looks were quite unbearable, but the battle system, like implied before kept me playing. I'm sure they won't bother too many people because they all have good places in the story.

The graphics were mediocre, I thought they could've been a little better for a late PS2 game, but the normal looks were very similar to the cut-scenes, which can be good and bad. The characters them self looked a little choppy at times, but the other graphics(terrain, magic, skills, etc.) looked good enough to make up for the characters.

Not much to say about the sound, the voice-overs were okay and the sound effects were great. Never got old hearing all the sayings for each skill, magic, etc.

The battle system... Ah the battle system. I would rate this 9 out of 10, and the only reason it got a 9 was because you couldn't have a RTB(Real Time Battle System)which basically meant everything else would stop while you did your magic, skills, and items, although good for new players I thought this was a big flaw because I like a good challenge.

The battle system was so good it deserved more then one paragraph. The battle system made it so you could turn the tide of the battle at any time with the right thinking, or you could totally annihilate your opponents in a second. I have to give it up for GameArts on this one, since I truly love a battle system like this in a RPG. Truly great, would reccomened this game JUST for the battle system.

Grandia III's story? Corny and childish. Really, with the story it should be rated E. Honestly I think they made it T because they thought people 12 and under couldn't handle the battle system. The story really made me sick, I MUST and I emphasize must give the creators credit for making the CS(Cut-Scene) skip option available. Please, if you're looking for a good story mixed with a good game, do not buy this, unless you can stand the boring/childish conversations.

With so many flaws I wouldn't recommend this game EXCEPT for the battle system. The game is relatively short too, first disc took me 18 hours 50 minutes, I read it was supposed to be 30 hours and the second disc was supposed to be 15. I played the second one for another 20 hours and completed the game, so 38 hours of gameplay all together just isn't good enough.

To wrap it all up, Grandia has a okay story at the beginning, then it decreases in how good it is, while the battles just keep getting better and better. With the short gameplay time and boring story this game will get a 6/10 from me. Please consider this stuff if you want to buy this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 03/30/06

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