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"Comical Dialog - "Hey! Out of the road, children!""

Crash Tag Team Racing is one of the best games created after Crash Nitro Cart and any other racing games. Basically, you can ally with another person during a race and you get to throw submarines, pianos, a cow, and shoot with a variety of weapons during the game. I have heard the dialogue quitely used very well, there are no major flaws on it. For example, when Crunch crashes on another contestant he says: "Stop blocking! Crunch is coming through!" That dialogue is obvious to the person that Crunch wants to be in 1st place. There are also a variety of dialogue in any other way.

Story: 10/10
The story is okay. It allows the player to feel that you are rock on, ready to start your engines, and start racing toward first place. The story is actually about Von Clutch's power gems stolen by an evil person. Who? You will find out when you play the game! Anyway, the story begins with two teams, Bandicoot and team Cortex were battling each other. Then while in Von Clutch's park, Von Clutch has two allies, Pasadena and Willie. After Von Clutch made plans with them the battle between two teams is still on. They suddenly arrived at Von Clutch's park, leaving them to find Von Clutch watching them and decided to set a meeting. Then the two teams decided to call forth a truce and help Von Clutch retrieve his power gem. However, the black power gem was stolen too, which means he will power down at any moment. So the whole team starts to find the missing power gems. You will find more scenes coming up when you play the game.

Sound Effects: 9/10
The sound effects were really cool, once you get to feel the car explode, and all that. Shotgun sounds and all. They are pretty realistic. However the sounds can be little bit of an error, but not that all a problem.

Voice Actors: 10/10
The Radical Entertainment has hired a variety of voice actors which means you can hear people say in different sentences. Like Von Clutch's dialogue: "I know that doesn't feel good, but it does." A really nice way to start.

Music: 9/10
The music was connected to the stage that I was on. I really like to feel the beat to the music, somehow there are some errors in the music I just can't describe it.

Overall Score of 10/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 02/11/08

Game Release: Crash Tag Team Racing (US, 10/19/05)

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