Review by OWLovethBL

"Really Awful"

Right from the off, this game was a disappointment to me. The characters are hard to control, and the spell casting system is confusing, The game explains nothing to you, leaving you to get killed whilst trying to figure out which one is the good ol' flipendo button.

I have played all the Harry Potter games, and this one, by far, is the worst. Gone are the days when you could freely roam around Hogwarts doing as you please, whether it be collecting beans or searching for wizard cards, striving for 100% completion. There is no longer a set-out interior to the school, but there is a screen, from which you choose your challenges. There is only one lesson; Defense Against the Dark Arts, with all other challenges relating to the Triwizard tournament.

Collecting beans is now tiresome, as they continually jump away from you as you run to collect them. And no longer can you go and visit Fred and Geroge's joke shop to buy any manner of things, as beans can only be used to buy Wizard cards now, and they don't have wizards on them, they just bump up your stats.

All in all this game is like a poor version of the film. Whereas the previous games have taken ideas from both the films and the books, this one is just the movie, with no real creative imput. There are some good points of the game, such as the graphics and, wait no, that's it.

This Harry Potter game is a crushing disappointment for fans of the Potter series, while I suppose that a newcomer may find it appealing, which is the sole reason I rated it as 2 and not 1. If like me, you really looked forward to playing this game, having played it's predecessors, then follow my advice and please, please, don't even look at it. Just put it somewhere and pretend it doesn't exist, and just hope that the Order of the Pheonix will be based on the first 3 Playstation 2 Harry Potter games, and not on this one.

Rent or buy? Neither. If you find a copy in the street, smash it. If you're given a copy, smash it. Please, PLEASE don't contaminate your PS2 with this awful, awful game.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 01/05/06

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