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    FAQ/Walkthrough by MajinChrono86

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    /__\    UZUMAKI CHRONICLES - US      \/
    ~|~ Table of Contents ~|~
    1 - Full Walkthrough
    2 - Skill System (Chips, Plates, etc.)
    3 - Ninja Tools (Kunai, Shuriken, etc.)
    4 - All that other stuff
    ~ 1 ~ Full Walkthrough ~ 1 ~
    At first glance, the Leaf Village appears to be maintaining
    the peace with a military strength that dominates other
    nations... However, beneath the surface, a crisis is
    drawing near.
    Troubling incidents recur near the village, and Orochimaru
    is clearly seeking to destabilize it through various
    wicked plots. In response, the village leaders decide they
    must temporarily rely on an extreme measure.
    In order to supplement a military strength that is running
    short, Genin, who would normally be assigned C-rank
    missions or lower, are now given more difficult missions,
    according to their ability.
    Thus, even the youngest Genin are burdened with a portion
    of the village's fate. Some struggle with the weight of the
    responsibility, while others are thrilled, feeling this a
    chance to prove their abilities.
    No more so than Naruto Uzumaki!
    After the conversation with Kakashi, you are given the
    option to practice the basic controls. If it is your first
    time playing, I strongly suggest you practice. I will not
    be teaching basics later on, so get the knowledge now while
    you can.
    Hidden Leaf Village Gate
    Every time you enter here your Health and Stamina are
    automatically refilled. This is where you will also save
    your game 95% of the time. At any time you can press start
    to enter the 'Camp' screen. Select abilities to spend your
    gold Virtue orbs on either raising health, raising stamina,
    or obtaining new skill chips. See Section 2: Skill System
    for more detail.
    Also from here, you can go to Hokage's Room to start a
    mission. Missions progress the game, and are ranked
    according to difficulty. D, C, B, A, and S. The lower the
    grade, the easier the mission. You can always leave the
    village to get stronger before taking on the next mission,
    except before Mission 1.
    Keep in mind that some Missions can be failed, but you
    still continue the game. If you fail you cannot retry the
    mission, and the rewards are lost.
     *~ MISSION 1: Delivery Service - RANK: D ~*
     Transport food items from the Hidden Leaf Village to
     Tanzaku Town and deliver them to the waiting trader. You
     may be attacked in transit, so be careful.
    These missions are a real pain in the butt later on in the
    game. You will move from one town to another, and encounter
    a number of battles. The hard part is protecting the cart
    from enemies destroying them. This first mission should be
    easy. Be sure to save before leaving the village.
    Once on the main map, move the Kunai pointer to the red
    dot, Tanzaku Town. This will automatically set you on the
    shortest route to your destination. The main map is where
    you will trigger random encounters with several ninja
    throughout the game, and during a mission a short path is
    the safest path.
    When you reach the first mid-point, you will start your
    first encounter. After the scene the rules will be shown,
    4 minutes and the cart, both carried over until the end of
    the mission.
    Power Strike(R2) is the best way to bust up these low-level
    enemies. Always bust up the ones closest to the cart to
    minimize damage. Check the radar to see where enemies are
    hiding, there's one tool ninja in a corner chucking ninja
    stars at the cart and you. After crunching them, you'll
    wind up back on the main map. Select the red destination
    again. It's the same group of punks! Use the same method
    to subdue them. Now back to the map, and one more feeble
    attempt. After three battles, you arrive at Tanzaku Town.
    Select the town while standing on it to enter.
    Virtue ~ +200
    Reward ~ Rations Cx5
    After completing the mission, you automatically return to
    Hidden Leaf Village. See the note, New Skill Chips? That
    means that there are new chips to purchase!
    Suggested Setup ~
    Skill Plate:	Baby Leaf
    Skill Chips:	Tai-Attack + 2
    		Drain Effect
    		Stamina Up (S)
    		Defense + 2
    Summary:	The reason this works well is because you
    		can buy all of these skill chips
    		immediately after Mission 1, and you get
    		bonuses for having the entire Skill Plate
    If Mission 1 was a challenge, you can leave the village
    and roam the map for some practice before attempting the
    next mission.
     *~ MISSION 2: Shop Assistant - Rank: D ~*
     A request for help has come from the only source of Ninja
     Tools in the village, "Emporium Karin". Go to the shop,
     learn the owner's situation, and help restore the business.
    You'll have a scene explaining the mission. Your orders are
    basically to kick butt and advertise. You'll receive a
    number of free Ninja Tools(see Section 3 for details). Have
    fun with them, but save anything that has a fire attribute.
    Remember to save and leave the village.
    Out on the main map, head south-east first, and you'll
    encounter some outlaws. Very low-level enemies, just bust
    them up with Taijutsu combos and Power Strike. Use this
    mission to become acquanted with the game. You need to
    defeat 9 or more groups of outlaws, then return to Konoha
    Village. Select the Ask Around option. If the scene shows
    a positive result, go to the General Store; if not, then
    go fight a couple more battles and check again.
    Virtue ~ +400
    Reward ~ Recovery
     *~ MISSION 3: The Missing Tamasaburo - Rank: C ~*
     The famous Tamasaburo candy has suddenly disappeared from
     shops. The village sweet-tooths are in an uproar, and Anko,
     the elite Jonin, has taken ill from shock. Find the
     Tamasaburo in order to restore her health.
    Head for the first destination marker and enter East Town.
    After the short scene, head for the next destination,
    Tanzaku Town. Now to find the candy maker, in South Town.
    After the scene, you now have your first combat ally, Choji.
    Head south to the new area on the main map, Honeydew Mtn.
    When the first ninja attacks, bust him up quick. As soon as
    he's defeated, four more pop out. You can use Choji now,
    but he's not necessary. After the scene you'll be in a free
    roam/battle. It's not necessary to defeat all or any enemies
    to complete the event. Although, you need to prepare for the
    first boss battle coming up, and having Nine-Tails ready is
    probably a good idea. Use Power Strike on groups of enemies
    to rack up some good combos, which fill the Nine-Tails
    gauge. When the symbol in the bottom left is bright red, and
    on fire or shining(whichever), it's ready. The new enemy
    female ninjas can be difficult. Remember to constantly
    double-tap X to dash around, and if you dash directly at an
    enemy and immediately attack, you can get a quick combo. If
    they are giving you a lot of trouble, Power Strike will take
    them out without too much trouble.
    After following all around the cliff, the only path heads up
    to the left. There is a giant boulder, and when you get
    close, two female ninja appear. Beat them down then look at
    the boulder. Switch to Choji(L2), and use his Human Boulder
    Ninjutsu(R1). Roll/pummel the boulder and it will eventually
    crumble. Before heading in, follow the path left of the
    boulder to find a chest with some Medicine Cs. These will be
    helpful soon. Head through the path opened by destroying the
    boulder to find the Honeydew plant. Return to South Town,
    and watch the scene. Now head towards Leaf Village. Before
    long, you'll enter what appears to be a random encounter.
    BOSS BATTLE: Choji Akimichi
    First off, lock on and strafe away, as he'll use Human
    Boulder immediately. If your health is already below 1/2,
    activate the Nine-Tails chakra(Triangle and Circle). This is
    easy, smash away at Choji and use whatever techniques you
    wish. His Human Boulder cannot be blocked or broken, so stay
    away from it. Being the first boss, he's very slow and
    predictable. Use a Medicine C after you use Nine-Tails and
    wail on him with Jutsu when he's vulnerable. You should blow
    him away with Nine-Tails though, no sweat. The Virtue is nice,
    but MAKE SURE to grab the Dual As he drops.
    Virtue ~ +500
    Reward ~ Kunai
    With the new Kunai Skill Plate you just received, it's time to
    get stronger. Empty out the Baby Leaf plate and equip the Kunai
    plate. There are a number of things you could do now that were
    impossible with the Baby Leaf.
    Suggested Setup ~
    Skill Plate:	Kunai
    Skill Chips:	Health Up (S)
    		Health Up (L)
    		Tai-Attack + 1
    		Tai-Attack + 2
    		Drain Effect
    		Stamina Up (S)
    		Defense + 2
    		Defense + 3
    		Nin-Attack + 10
    Summary:	This setup is well-balanced, and will
    		work great for any beginner. You get a
    		great boost in Health from this and
    		all stats are up to a fairly decent
    		level. Attaining the Nin-Attack + 30%
    		is what places this setup above others.
     *~ MISSION 4: Fragile - Do Not Break - Rank: C ~*
     Transport goods from the Hidden Leaf Village to Border Town and
     deliver them to the Trader who is waiting. The cargo this time
     is very easily damaged, so be careful.
    Don't get hasty and leave too quick, because you can now Form A
    Team. Choji is the only current option, so take him along. Save
    and now leave the village.
    The map has expanded again, revealing Border Town. Head to Border
    Town to begin the encounters. There is a new big enemy this time.
    Fully charged Power Strike can jack anyone with your high amount
    of Nin-Attack with my suggested setup... but does consume a
    large amount of Stamina. This is the first really challenging
    mission, and may take a couple of attempts. It's not necessary
    to pass. When you arrive in Border Town you're finished.
    Virtue ~ +650
    Reward ~ Medicine Cx5
     *~ MISSION 5: Sensei for a Day - Rank: C ~*
     Due to the number of incidents recently, many Academy
     instructors are busy with missions. Graduates are being sought
     to fill in while the teachers are out and help train the
     younger students.
    For this mission you will need the Air Dash chip. If using the
    suggested setup, replace the Defense + 3 chip with this one. Now
    save and leave the village. Head right to the East Forest, and
    enter. When the exercise starts, run straight and jump from the
    ledge, and Air Dash to the raised island. Head left off of it
    and get the tag on top of the rock by the ramp. Head up the ramp
    and grab another on the right. Jump off the edge of the ramp and
    run straight to the next one on the wall. Turn around and there
    will be one on the backside of the ramp. Run past the ramp and
    then take a hard right so you're between the island and the start.
    There's one on the wall. Head towards the circle of trees and get
    the one on the trunk. One tree has one on it. Follow around the
    right and the rest are easily visible. The last one will be back
    at the entrance, and once you reach the entrance, you win...
    Not yet!
    BOSS BATTLE: Neji Hyuuga
    Neji is very scary when you first think about it, given his 8
    Trigrams 64 Palms jutsu. First change that Air Dash back for the
    Defense + 3. Charge up a Power Strike while dashing to stay out
    from his direct front. He shouldn't be able to hit with 8 Trigrams
    64 Palms, and continue to bash with the Power Strike. If you run
    out of Stamina just do regular combos. Nine-Tails will end this
    battle in a flash.
    Virtue ~ +700
    Reward ~ Orb Absorb
    Suggested Setup ~
    Skill Plate:	Kunai
    Skill Chips:	Health Up (S)
    		Health Up (L)
    		Tai-Attack + 2
    		Tai-Attack + 4
    		Defense + 3
    		Nin-Attack + 10
    		Nin-Attack + 20
    Summary:	This will help us to finally cause some real
    		damage to enemies. The super-high Nin-Att of
    		+ 39 is unreal considering how early in the
    		game we are! Tai-Att + 8 is double the last
    		setup. We do take a Stamina loss, but the
    		gained power is far more valuable. If you
    		haven't done so, use some virtue to raise
    		your Health and Stamina permanently. I gave
    		my Health 30 and my Stamina 10. My maximum
    		Health is now 200 and Stamina 110. Very nice.
    What? No more missions? Save the game and leave the village. East
    Town is marked with a destination marker... what's going on? Go
    to East Town. Watch the scene and go to Lone Pine Hill, now
    revealed on the main map. Now you'll begin a fun bit of Sparring
    Practice. The most important thing here is to USE YOUR ALLY.
    The first match will be you and Shikamaru vs Sasuke and Choji.
    Focus on one or the other. Choji can be beaten quickly, and
    Sasuke causes you more damage. Use Shikamaru's Shadow Possession
    Jutsu (R2), which will trap one or both. Then mash the circle
    button to throw a bunch of kunai. His Trap Kunai can be effective
    as well. With Naruto, a fully charged Power Strike with + 39
    Nin-Att is really a powerful strike! Remember to grab the Dual
    As from each downed opponent!
    Next will be you and Choji vs Sasuke and Shikamaru.
    Try and focus on Shikamaru, his traps and Shadow Possession will
    leave you wide open for Sasuke's long combos. Lock on and use
    Choji's Human Boulder Jutsu(R1). His Partial Expansion Jutsu isn't
    very useful in this battle. This one was considerably difficult
    for me. Just be sure and USE YOUR ALLY.
    If you used your teammates well in battle, you'll receive:
    MedicineC x 10
    Not much, but it helps... not to mention all the DualAs you
    picked up! Now, back to the village!
     *~ MISSION 6: The Hokage Dolls - Rank: D ~*
     Rumor has it that Hokage Dolls sold in the village are cursed,
     as those who buy the doll inevitable seem to meet with misfortune.
     Gather the dolls and investigate the rumor. Kakashi will
     accompany you.
    Save, save, save. Leave the village and head for Tanzaku Town.
    After the scene you'll head to East Town to collect more dolls.
    Last stop for dolls, South Town. Now head to the Outskirts. After
    the obvious scene, you'll start the battle. It may seem like it'll
    be an easy battle... which it kind of will be. After defeating a
    few enemies, a whole bunch of tall strong enemies will come. To
    smash them easily, just switch to Kakashi and use Lightning Blade,
    and the whole group will get jacked.
    Virtue ~ +900
    Reward ~ Chakra Bonus
     *~ MISSION 7: Prisoner Escort I - Rank: C ~*
     A wanted ninja has been captured in Border Town. Take the prisoner
     into custody and escort him to the Leaf Village. Attacks on the
     road by the prisoner's comrades are expected. Be careful.
    Of all times you should save, now is DEFINITELY the time. Before
    taking off, Form A Team. My own personal preference is Sasuke and
    Neji, but do as you please. Sasuke's Chidori and Neji's 8 Trigrams
    64 Palms are exceptionally strong techniques. Leave the village and
    head for Border Town, to the west. Enter and watch the scene. Now
    for the mad rush back to the Leaf Village. Much like the Delivery
    missions, you have to protect the prisoner. Maybe I got you a
    little worried. This first Prisoner Escort is actually easy. Just
    use common sense and stick close to the cart. If things get sticky,
    call out one of your allies and take out whoever's causing trouble.
    Getting back shouldn't be too difficult. In the future remember
    that these missions can be unpredictable and sometimes extremely
    difficult. Always save, no matter what. Then again, it's not even
    necessary to complete it...
    Virtue ~ +1000
    Reward ~ Dual Cx5
     *~ MISSION 8: Bad Publicity - Rank: D ~*
     Emporium Karin is requesting advertising help again. Get the details
     from the store owner and follow her instructions to carry out an
     advertising campaign.
    Female ninjas have been making a bad name for Emporium Karin... why?
    God only knows. Just like the last time you helped Karin, advertise
    in style. Roam around and kick some butt. Another 10 battles, roughly,
    should do the trick. These Kunoichi have tendancy to dodge and
    counter-attack. Using clones or Rasengan might be helpful. Remember
    that you can tap X right when an opponent attacks to use the
    Replacement technique. Also, keep in mind that the Sexy and Harem 
    Jutsus are ineffective against females. 
    It's best to fight close to the Leaf Village, since you can stop there
    between battles to refill your Health and Stamina. After you've
    fought a number of battles, enter the Leaf Village and select the
    option 'Ask Around'. If you talk to Rock Lee (Bushy Brows), and he
    says Emporium Karin is a nice shop, head to the General Store. If
    not, go fight some more.
    Virtue ~ +1100
    Reward ~ Leaf
    Suggested Setup ~
    Skill Plate:	Leaf
    Skill Chips:	Health Up (S)
    		Health Up (L)
    		Tai-Attack + 1
    		Tai-Attack + 2
    		Tai-Attack + 3
    		Tai-Attack + 4
    		Tai-Attack + 5
    		Stamina Up (S)
    		Stamina Up (L)
    		Defense + 3
    		Defense + 4
    		Nin-Attack + 10
    		Nin-Attack + 20
    		Orb Absorb
    Summary:	Now we're really cooking. If you haven't
    		noticed already, I tend to try and keep
    		Naruto well-rounded. At this point it's
    		easy to go for what you like best. If you
    		like the special abilities, or maybe the
    		Naruto Uzumaki Barrage, you can go that
    		route. Play around with different setups
    		of your own. This one required a little
    		bit of buying, but we're making a big
    		leap in power. Our Nin-Att is still the
    		solid +39, and our Health at 200, unless
    		you upgraded it more. Tai-Att has made
    		a generous leap, going from +8 to +20.
    		Defense for both Taijutsu and Ninjutsu
    		are raised favorably and our Stamina
    		has a boost +70 over the last setup. If
    		you have enough Virtue, push your stamina
    		up to a max of 200.
     *~ MISSION 9: Coastal Disturbances - Rank: B ~*
     Information has come in that some suspicious men are gathered in
     a coastal town. Sasuke has gone ahead to investigate; meet up
     with him and check things out.
    Save and head far East to Port Town. Watch the scene. During this
    fight you can use Power Strike to build up some combos, and charge
    the Nine-Tails gauge. Now Sasuke.
    BOSS BATTLE: Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke is one major thing. FAST. If you haven't mastered dashing
    and strafing, you better do it quick. To easily beat him, fully
    charge Power Strike repeatedly until you have no more stamina.
    If your health is low, use a DualA. If not, use Rations of some
    and continue with the Power Strike attacks. When the Nine-Tails
    symbol flashes and glows, let your health drop below half and
    unload on this fool. To beat him without Nine-Tails, conserverve
    your Chakra for the Replacement technique and try to end combos
    with the Heavenwardly Kick to get double and sometimes triple
    sets of combos. As with all bosses, grab the DualAs he drops.
    After the fight, watch the coolest cutscene so far. Kakashi
    intervenes and the mission is a success.
    Virtue ~ +1200
    Reward ~ Perfect Strike
    ~ 2 ~ Skill System ~ 2 ~
    Skill Plates
     Baby Leaf - Initial Equip
      For beginners. Cannot set large chips
     Kunai - Reward for Mission 3
      Not much space, but it's fairly easy to fill the plate for
      bonus effects.
     Leaf - Reward for Mission 8
      Handles large chips as well, especially the longer ones.
    Raise Health
     +10 to Maximum Health Each Level
      Level 1 - 100 Virtue
      Level 2 - 200 Virtue
      Level 3 - 300 Virtue
    	... and so on...
    Raise Stamina
     +5 to Maximum Stamina Each Level
      Level 1 - 100 Virtue
      Level 2 - 200 Virtue
      Level 3 - 300 Virtue
    	... and so on...
    Skill Chips
     Taijutsu - RED
      Drain Attack - Receive for free during Practice
       Opponents attacked with Taijutsu drop Chakra orbs
        Cost - n/a
      Health Up (S) - Buy after Practice
       Maximum Health up 20
        Cost - 50 Virtue
      Health Up (M) - Buy after Mission 1
       Maximum Health up 30
        Cost - 200 Virtue
      Health Up (L) - Buy after Mission 3
       Maximum Health up 50
        Cost - 500 Virtue
      Tai-Shield (S) - Buy after Practice
       Taijutsu AT damage taken reduced by 10%
        Cost - 50 Virtue
      Tai-Shield (M) - Buy after Mission 4
       Taijutsu AT damage taken reduced by 20%
        Cost - 200 Virtue
      Tai-Shield (L) - Buy after Kakashi's Sparring
       Taijutsu AT damage taken reduced by 30%
        Cost - 500 Virtue
      Tai-Attack + 1 - Buy after Practice
       Taijutsu AT up 1
        Cost - 50 Virtue
      Tai-Attack + 2 - Buy after Mission 1
       Taijutsu AT up 2
        Cost - 50 Virtue
      Tai-Attack + 3 - Buy after Mission 2
       Taijutsu AT up 3
        Cost - 100 Virtue
      Tai-Attack + 4 - Buy after Mission 3
       Taijutsu AT up 4
        Cost - 300 Virtue
      Tai-Attack + 5 - Buy after Mission 8
       Taijutsu AT up 5
        Cost - 500 Virtue
      Weap. Shield (S) - Buy after Practice
       Weapon AT damage taken reduced by 10%
        Cost - 50 Virtue
      Weap. Shield (M) - Buy after Mission 5
       Weapon AT damage taken reduced by 20%
        Cost - 200 Virtue
      Weap. Shield (L) - Buy After Mission 6
       Weapon AT damage taken reduced by 30%
        Cost - 500 Virtue
     Ninjutsu - Blue
      Stamina Up (S) - Buy after Practice
       Maximum Stamina up 20
        Cost - 50 Virtue
      Stamina Up (M) - Buy after Mission 1
       Maximum Stamina up 30
        Cost - 200 Virtue
      Stamina Up (L) - Buy after Mission 3
       Maximum Stamina up 50
        Cost - 500 Virtue
      Nin-Shield (S) - Buy after Practice
       Ninjutsu AT damage taken reduced by 10%
        Cost - 50 Virtue
      Nin-Shield (M) - Buy after Mission 4
       Ninjutsu AT damage taken reduced by 20%
        Cost - 200 Virtue
      Nin-Shield (L) - Buy after Kakashi's Sparring
       Ninjutsu AT damage taken reduced by 30%
        Cost - 500 Virtue
      Defense + 1 - Buy after Practice
       Taijutsu DF and Ninjutsu DF each up 1
        Cost - 50 Virtue
      Defense + 2 - Buy after Mission 1
       Taijutsu DF and Ninjutsu DF each up 2
        Cost - 50 Virtue
      Defense + 3 - Buy after Mission 2
       Taijutsu DF and Ninjutsu DF each up 3
        Cost - 100 Virtue
      Defense + 4 - Buy after Mission 3
       Taijutsu DF and Ninjutsu DF each up 4
        Cost - 300 Virtue
      Defense + 5 - Buy after Mission 8
       Taijutsu DF and Ninjutsu DF each up 5
        Cost - 500 Virtue
      Nin-Attack + 10 - Buy after Practice
       Ninjutsu AT up 10
        Cost - 50 Virtue
      Nin-Attack + 20 - Buy after Mission 5
       Ninjutsu AT up 10
        Cost - 200 Virtue
      Stam. Saver (S) - Buy after Kakashi's Sparring
       Amount of Stamina consumed when building up
       Chakra reduced by 20%
        Cost - 1000 Virtue
      Seal Weaken (S) - Buy after Kakashi's Sparring
       Nine-Tail Gauge fills more easily
        Cost - 200 Virtue
      Stam. Restore (S) - Buy after Mission 7
       Stamina recovery speed increases slightly
        Cost - 500 Virtue
     Special - Green
      Spoils of Battle - Buy after Mission 4
       Enemies become more likely to drop items
        Cost - 1000 Virtue
      Flash Jump - Buy after Practice
       Quickly press jump button twice while standing to
       instantly jump
        Cost - 100 Virtue
      Air Dash - Buy after Practice
       During jump, press jump button again to dash in
       direction of left analog stick
        Cost - 100 Virtue
      Extra Clone - A - Buy after Kakashi's Sparring
       Can release one more Shadow Clone (Maximum of four)
        Cost - 200 Virtue
      Extra Clone - B - Buy after Practice
       Can release one more Shadow Clone (Maximum of four)
        Cost - 200 Virtue
      Naruto U Barrage - Buy after Kakashi's Sparring
       Lock on to enemy and release 4 Shadow Clones to use
       Naruto Uzumaki Barrage.
        Cost - 800 Virtue
      Orb Absorb Plus - Buy after Mission 7
       Draws in Virtue/Chakra orbs - Use with Orb Absorb
       to expand range
        Cost - 800 Virtue
      Stun Recovery - Buy after Mission 2
       Makes it easier to recover from being stunned
        Cost - 300 Virtue
      Recovery - Reawrd for Mission ?
       Automatically recover when knocked into the air by
       an attack
        Cost - N/A
      Perfect Strike - Reward for Mission 9
       Build Chakra Gauge to MAX to unleash upgraded Power
       Strike (ground only)
        Cost - N/A
      Orb Absorb - Reward for Mission 5
       Draws in Virtue/Chakra orbs - Use with Orb Absorb
       Plus to expand range
        Cost - N/A
      Chakra Bonus - Reward for Mission 6
       Defeated enemies tend to drop more Chakra Orbs
        Cost - N/A
     Empty - Yellow
      Empty Chip 4 - Buy after Mission 5
        Cost - 500 Virtue
      Empty Chip 6 - Buy after Mission 7
        Cost - 100 Virtue
    ~ 3 ~ Ninja Tools ~ 3 ~
    ~ 4 ~ All that other stuff ~ 4 ~
    Everything Naruto credited to Masashi Kishimoto, it's creator.
    Shonen Jump
    Bandai Namco Games
    And myself, full creator of this FAQ.(so far...)
    COPYRIGHT 2006, Ron Irvin

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