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    Boss FAQ by BlueScrooge07

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       Boss Battle Guide
       U.S. Version
       Version .95
    1. What is this guide?
    This guide is to help you figure out your ways through the boss battles 
    in Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles. If you don't know the game, which I highly 
    doubt, it is an action RPG based on the hit series Naruto. Naruto goes 
    through his regular life in time and does his missions, and you have to 
    aid him to be a "Hokage."
    But the main plot of this story/game is that Orochimaru has struck 
    again. His evil minions try to destroy the peaceful town of Konoha, and you 
    must stop him.
    Note: Lemme say that each boss battle is really tedious. There is no "easy" 
    boss battle. Trust me, you can never win a battle easily. Even me, I can't
    beat Choji without using coule of Duals. So buckle up if you want to fight
    a boss. No battle is simple.
    Note: Ok people, please don't keep spamming me about what you should do
    on the last level, whatever. It will be covered at the end of this FAQ. 
    Note: This is the guide for the American version of Naruto: Uzumaki 
    -From BlueScrooge07 (Xploade)
    Version History
    January 26, 2007............Started Guide
    February 3, 2007............Added Version History 
    February 3, 2007............Updated and Fixed
    February 14, 2007...........Fixed
    March 3, 2007...............Updated and Added "Thanks to" Section
    March 25, 2007..............Updated and Added "FAQ" Section
    September 25, 2007..........Ridiculous Update (actually a small one)
    January 7, 2008..............OMG 1337 Update (another small one)
    Thanks to...
    Gamefaqs for hosting this guide and various other FAQS.
    Joseph De Sousa for giving me some information on some Battles.
    Annie Hunter for doing the same.
    2. The Boss Battle Index
      a. Choji Akimichi
      b. Choji and Sasuke
      c. Shikamaru and Sasuke
      d. Sasuke Uchiha
      e. Grey Monkey
      f. Kabuto Yakushi
      g. Sasuke Uchiha
      h. Gaara of the Desert
      i. Giant
      j. Praymantis
      k. Gaara of the Desert + Kabuto Yakushi
      l. Giant + Kabuto Yakushi + Orochimaru
    Mission: The Missing Tamasaburo
    A. Choji Akimichi
    Human Boulder Technique
    Parital Body Multisize
    His "Grow Large" technique (it counters when you are landing to many 
    punches and kicks)
    Regular Taijutsu
    Fire Bombs
    Choji, the large Genin from the Akimichi clan, will have to fight you in 
    rather the earlier parts of the game. Choji's attacks are the Human 
    Boulder, Multisize Jutsu, and Fire Bombs. The Human Boulder can go only 
    one direction-forward, so as long as you stay out of that attack's way, 
    you'll be fine. Also, the Mutlisize Jutsu, which requires you to be 
    close range for it to work, so if you're out of his punching range, you 
    should be okay. The fire bombs reach only a couple feet in front of 
    Choji, so all in all, if you stay a fair range away from Choji when lot 
    on the offense, you should be okay.
    It starts out with a cutscene when Choji asking Naruto to hold the 
    Tamasaburo. Naruto refuses to give it to Choji, and then Choji loses it. 
    He throws one big fit of anger, and then starts attacking you. 
    He SHOULD start out with the Human Boulder Technique, in which you can 
    dodge easily. When he hits the wall, the impact sends Choji flying up in 
    the air, and if you are close enough, you can land a couple of punches 
    and kicks. When he gets up, he will start punching back, in which you 
    can use the substitution jutsu to counter. Then it would be smart for 
    you to drop back a little out of Choji's range. (Note: Sometimes Choji 
    uses a Jutsu to enlarge him while you are attacking to counter. Be 
    careful for that attack. It will happen if you are landing a lot of 
    punches and kicks.)He would be most likely to use the Multisize Jutsu, 
    where he Multisizes his arm and swings it around. If you get hit by 
    that, its no big deal, but rather stay out of it. He will use the Human 
    Boulder Technique a lot. After he gets up off the ground 
    from the impact, he is most vulnerable. Get him with your Rasengan(Power 
    Strike) and drop back. Again he will use the Human Boulder Technique, so 
    just dodge it and counter. Also, Choji will be throwing Fire Bombs at 
    you, but it only goes to a short distance, so don't worry. But Choji's 
    health meter, which is 5 bars, will be annoying to get down, so use your 
    Nine Tails power to hurry and finish him. Follow these guidelines and 
    you should be successful in defeating Choji.
    Mission: (Not a Mission)
    B. Choji and Sasuke
    Sasuke's Jutsus:
    Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu
    Regular Taijutsu
    Demon Wind Shuriken
    Choji's Jutsus:
    Human Boulder Technique
    Parital Body Multisize (I don't really think he uses this one though...)
    His "Grow Large" technique (it counters when you are landing to many 
    punches and kicks)
    Regular Taijutsu
    Fire Bombs (Not used commonly though)
    I don't if this is considered a boss battle, but I'll write about it 
    anyway. A little later in the game, you should be able to see a red 
    circle in the map. Go to it, and then you will see a cutscene where 
    Kakashi tells you to go to Lone Pine. That is located at the top of the 
    mountains above Konoha. But, one of the better things to do is to train 
    and get your Nine Tails meter up to full before you go see what's up 
    with Kakashi. After the Nine Tails gauge is full, go to Lone Pine, and 
    you should see a cutscene where Shikamaru, Choji, and Sasuke are standing 
    around. They talk a little bit, then Kakashi shows up telling you to Mock 
    Spar. He puts you on teams, and you get on Shikamaru's team first.
    Now the real threat is Sasuke. He should start out by throwing Demon 
    Wind Shurikens. When you get close to him, you should attack 
    immediately. Don't activate Nine Tails yet, but when you get low on 
    health, use some medicine. Choji will be around doing his Human Boulder 
    Technique, but mind him later. Sasuke will use Fire Style: Phoenix 
    Flower Jutsu a lot, so be careful of the fire. Also, he will use 
    Chidori, but that can go in one direction, and if you dodge right, he 
    will miss half of the time. Use Rasengan on Sasuke a lot. Your Shadow 
    Replication Technique will not be very helpful unfortunately. You are able 
    to use Shikamaru, but he's not very helpful, although you are able to place 
    bombs around the field...anyways, focus on Sasuke until you have depleted 
    his third health meter. Then go Nine Tails and go berserk on him. When you 
    defeat Sasuke, he should drop a lot of orbs, and collect them. You should 
    have enough Nine Tails energy left for Choji, so go ahead and beat him up 
    too. But if you don't have enough to defeat Choji completely, you would of 
    had to at least deplete his third energy bar. Use Powerstrike a lot on him, 
    and he should be done in no time.
    C. Shikamaru and Sasuke
    Sasuke's Jutsus:
    Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu
    Regular Taijutsu
    Demon Wind Shuriken
    Shikamaru's Jutsus:
    Shadow Possession Jutsu
    Trap Kunai (Not really a jutsu, it just explodes)
    Regular Taijutsu
    Like I said, some people might not consider this as a boss battle, but I 
    consider it as one. Here we go. After a short cutscene, Kakashi will 
    regroup the four and they will be Naruto and Choji vs. Shikamaru and 
    This time, both of them are threats. This is kind of hard, but you're 
    going have to come through it. Listen carefully. Sasuke will have the 
    same tactics as before, while the contestant Shikamaru will drop bombs, 
    throw multiple weapons at you at once, use the Shadow Possession jutsu 
    on you, and will use the Trap Kunai. Yes, Shikamaru is a pain. But, the 
    deeper threat is Sasuke, so focus on him while avoiding the bombs from 
    Shikamaru. Since you don't have Nine Tails anymore, this will be a 
    little different. You have to use Powerstrike like crazy, and make a few 
    Shadow Replications also. Sasuke will throw Demon Wind Shurikens at you 
    again, so just dodge them while charging up Power Strike. Get close to 
    him and let him have it. Keep your eye on Shikamaru also, and be careful 
    of the Shadow Possession Jutsu. If you see a black line coming towards 
    you, dodge it by jumping, but don't dash to the side because you might 
    run into a bomb. If you get caught, its a biggie. Shikamaru will toy 
    with you for a moment, and in that moment, Sasuke will use the Phoenix 
    Flower Jutsu. That'll inflict major damage and to add on, Shikamaru will 
    throw multiple kunais at you. Use the medicine, if you have any, to your 
    disposal. Sasuke should also be using Chidori, so dodge that and keep a 
    small eye on Shikamaru. Unlike Shikamaru, though, Choji will become a 
    great help. Keep PowerStriking Sasuke and punching the lights out of him, 
    and don't be afraid to use your Replications. Sasuke will be defeated 
    shortly if you do it right. After he is defeated,let Choji have some fun. 
    Shikamaru's Shadow Possession Jutsu and bombs will have no affect on Choji 
    when he uses the Human Boulder technique, and constantly ram Shikamaru with 
    that. When Naruto comes back him, stall a lot, make some Replications, do 
    something until it's okay for Choji to come back. Use Choji's Human Boulder 
    technique constantly, until Shikamaru is knocked out. If you've beaten 
    both Sasuke and Shikamaru, good job young shinobi!
    It's over. Kakashi will dismiss the four of you, that's all you have to 
    do in that little drill! 
    Mission: Coastal Disturbances
    D. Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke's Jutsus:
    Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu
    Lion Combo
    Regular Taijutsu
    Demon Wind Shuriken
    Phew, this one's a toughie. You might want to have some medicines and a 
    couple of DualA's at your disposal. Sasuke is not an easy opponent. It's 
    starts out with a girl in hostage by a man, and he wants the two of you 
    to have a deathmatch. I'll tell you again, this is not easy.
    Its starts out at a corner, so try and come out into the open to fight 
    Sasuke. He has his Lion Combo now, which is a major pain because of how 
    much health it takes away. Trust me, it only took one try for me to beat 
    Sasuke, but his Lion Combo almost made me lose. Anyways,back to the 
    battle. If I am correct, you should have your Nine Tails gauge should be 
    full. But save it for later, because you will need it. Start out with 
    some basic 5 combo Taijutsu and some Substitutions until Sasuke turns 
    more aggresive. Then, use your Power Strike to keep him off of his Lion 
    Combo and Chidori. He will most likely use the Lion Combo when he has 
    you cornered, so avoid that. Dodge his Phoenix Flower Jutsus, and try to 
    keep him occupied with your fists and feet. Use your Power Strike a lot, but 
    not so much that you'll run out of stamina really soon. Pick up his orbs, and
    keep him from using any techniques. Finally, when you've depleted his second 
    meter and you're working on his third, use your Nine Tails power. Go 
    berserk. He won't be able to block or escape this to well. When the Nine 
    Tails power goes away, you Sasuke should be on the middle or start of his 
    last meter. Use Power Strike and such to deplete the rest of his life. When 
    you've completed this, Kakashi should stop the fight. Kakashi to the 
    Mission: Gambler's Fallacy
    (Note: It might be a good idea to let Neji be a support character. He'll 
    help a lot.)
    E. Grey Monkey
    Grey Monkey's Attacks:
    Throwing Rocks
    This one's kinda funny. You start off with an old man saying that his 
    items got stolen from monkeys, and asks you to get it back. You agree.
    There should be a mountain at the bottom right hand (I can't say corner, 
    but it should be a blue dot at the bottom of the screen in a mountainous 
    area). Go there, and when you see nothing and nothing happens, come back 
    down, where there should be a cutscene. You find a grey monkey with a 
    green bag, and then the monkey sends it's minions on you. Easily defeat 
    the minions, and you should be back on the map screen. Go around the 
    mountain until you find the monkey again. If you don't defeat it in 
    time, the monkey will escape, and have full health again when you find 
    it. You want to avoid that, because its really frustrating, so when you 
    find the grey monkey again, activate Neji and use his 8 Trigrams to 
    decrease the monkey's health, if you have him as a support character. If 
    you don't, either use Shikamaru's Shadow Possession Jutsu a lot or 
    Choji's Human Boulder. You can also use Sasuke's Chidori. That would 
    help. When Neji is gone, use Naruto's Power Strike a lot, and don't let 
    up until it's okay for Neji to come back in. Then, use him again and his 
    8 Trigrams. When Neji is gone again, the monkey should start to hop on the 
    top branch and throw rocks, but after about five seconds, he should come 
    back down. If you use Neji a third time, the monkey will stop and a 
    cutscene will happen.
    A white flash should appear on your screen and it should show Naruto 
    chasing the monkey. The monkey makes Naruto play some kind of game or 
    fight, I'm not to sure because the they don't tell, but Naruto wins and 
    the monkey gives up the items. Funny thing is, the gambler didn't get 
    his stuff stolen-he lost it in gambling with the monkeys...
    Mission: (It's not really a mission, but it's called Sasuke Pursuit)
    F. Kabuto Yakushi
    Kabuto's Jutsus:
    (I didn't really hear well, but this is what I think they are)
    Underground Fish Reflection Jutsu
    Supernatural Respawn Jutsu
    (Note: If you are wondering why Kabuto, a sound nin, has water jutsus, 
    it's because they replaced him with Kisame, a ninja from the Mist 
    Like the mission to defeat Sasuke, this is not easy. I'll tell you that 
    right now. NOT easy. 
    Kabuto is fast. The only time he is really vulnerable is when he does 
    his respawn jutsu, which by the way, is really annoying. You might want 
    to start out with your Nine Tails gauge at Max, because that can be a 
    real match-decider. When you first start the battle, you want to go up 
    to him and start landing some combos. If he is blocking, stop attacking 
    immediately and dash out of the way. His counter attack is really 
    harmful. By the way, you might want some recovery medicine. I didn't 
    have any, and boy did I pay. Three times, reader, THREE TIMES! Anyways, 
    Kabuto is different. When you deplete his second gauge, use the Nine-Tails 
    on him. That should do major damage, and he should be on his second to last 
    meter or his last one. Then, attack him a lot. He will use his 
    Underground Fish Reflection Jutsu from time to time, and jump out of the 
    way to avoid it. It's really a pain if you get hit. But if his health is low 
    enough, he should stop attacking, find some space between you and him, and 
    start using the Supernatural Respawn Jutsu, which I already said, is really 
    annoying. His health meter starts to go back up, and pretty fast too. 
    This is when you take your chance. Equip the most deadliest weapons in your 
    inventory, and start chucking them at Kabuto. Fire Kunais, Fire Bombs, 
    and any weapon that multiplies when thrown is very useful. Keep throwing 
    them, and then he should release his virtue and stamina orbs. But I tell 
    you, reader, it is easier said then done. 
    (Haha, Kabuto is completely unscathed at the cutscene after you defeat 
    him, but once again, Kakashi comes to the rescue ^_^!)'
    EDIT: by Joseph De Sousa
    kabuto has afew basic attack...first off he will do an attack where he throws 
    3 kunai at you(if youre close up when he does this then good luck if youre not 
    good at dashing),using medical ninjutsu(really annoying because he waits 
    til his hp is low to heal himself fast),a jutsu where he goes underground
    (really only uses to get away from you but on occassions will use it to get 
    close..btw if his hp is low and he uses this watch out cause when he comes up 
    he will immediatly start healing himself),and also he will melee you(his most 
    common attack)first off i strongly suggest being good at comob-dash-combo as 
    i call it(when u combo an enemy into the air or just combo them and they 
    block and you dash to a side to either get behind their block or to do a new 
    combo and then you begin a second combo and keep them in the air so they dont 
    hit the ground). once youre good at that this boss and most other bosses 
    after this are very easy. but anyway when he goes udnerground usually he will 
    come back up on one of the corners of the stage(usually the side opposite from 
    you) and sometimes will use his 3 kunai attack so be careful when he does this. 
    whenever he melee's just do substitution and combo him to show him who's boss 
    >:) and when he uses medical ninjutsuy throw anything at him to slow him down 
    and start dashing at him(inbetween some of the dashes you may want to throw 
    another weapon although when i fought him i chose to use no weapons) and if 
    you get nine tail full gauge you CAN use it BUT you shouldnt really NEED to 
    use it.
    Mission: Sasuke's Challenge
    G. Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke's Jutsus:
    Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu
    Lion Combo
    Regular Taijutsu
    Demon Wind Shuriken
    Alright, there is two parts to this. This one's pretty confusing though.
    One thing, if you want fight Sasuke twice, once in his regular mode and 
    once in his Cursed Seal mode, feel free to use Kyuubi Naruto anytime. 
    But Cursed Sealed Sasuke is really hard. (I think that not going Kyuubi 
    Naruto will result in only one fight.)
    When you start off Sasuke is likely to use Chidori as his first move. 
    Remember, Chidori can go only one way so don't panic. Just keep fighting 
    and landing punches and sort to keep him away from his Lion Combo. His 
    Phoenix Flower Jutsu is ok, it doesn't take that much damage away. So, 
    use the Shadow Replication at full power, and also use your Harem Jutsu. 
    With that you can easily land a few punches. Don't forget your Power Strike. 
    That's really strong too. Sasuke should be done in no time.
    Curse Sealed Sasuke:
    Same Jutsus
    Same Items
    I never beat this part, so I beat him on his regular mode without using 
    Kyuubi. He is stronger, faster, and one major pain. His Lion's Barrage 
    is devastating. I don't know what to say to beat him, but I never got 
    passed him so I can't type much about this.
    EDIT: by Joseph De Sousa
    this battle is actually easy once you know all the basics and here they are:
    the number one most important thing about this fight is if he is doing chidori 
    get away and i mean FAR away. I'm not sure if i was just unlucky or if the 
    game is supposed to do this but every time i dodged his chidori but i wasnt 
    far away from him he instantly did lions barrage. Now for the actual strategy.
    are you used to using substition jutsu?well if not ya better get used to it 
    cause it can save your life in this battle. also if you arent very good at
    using dash(the thing where you teleport or something) in the middle of a combo 
    while your opponent is in the air and continuing with a different combo(not 
    jutsu before or after the dash) then you should practice because that is 
    EXTREMLY useful here.now if he starts doing dragon flame jutsu then just dash 
    to the side and go up to him FROM THE SIDE OR BACK(i found that if u approach 
    from an angle usually the flame will hit you even if you arent touching it..a 
    glitch?). next off another very important thing is dont bother using your 
    power strike in this battle(thats right i said dont use power strike) because 
    it does so little damage it isnt worth the charge up time and stamina. instead 
    use your shadow clones every time you get him on the ground and make sure you 
    use them WHILE he is getting up not after he has gotten up because if you use 
    them after he has gotten up he will quickly dispose of them. also one final 
    tip..dont jump alot because if you do he will likely use lions barrage. oh 
    yeah and if you do manage to get him down to the last bar of health dont be 
    stupid and ruin it because trust me he is VERY and i emphasize VERY good at 
    making quick comebacks in this fight(the reason i had to restart the mission 
    twice even though i kept getting him down low on hp)
    Mission: Trouble in the Sand
    H. Gaara of the Desert
    Gaara's Jutsus:
    Sand Replication
    Sand Barrier
    His Sand of Course!
    Sand Shuriken
    Gaara of the Sand is not that hard. As long as you have Kyuubi Naruto at 
    your disposal,you should be fine. Just go up to him and land as many 
    punches as you can. Also, you fire weapons will become good use, and so 
    will Shikamaru. When you deplete his first two bars, go Kyuubi. After 
    that, he should be on the beggining of his second to last life bar, and 
    then use some weapons. Use your Shadow Replication Jutsu a lot also. 
    Power Strike will also come in handy, for Power Strike makes Gaara lose 
    his Sand Replications. When Gaara is on his last bar, don't risk it 
    anymore. Use Shikamaru's Shadow Possession Jutsu and finish Gaara at the 
    moment. If you leave him to cool, he'll make you pay your sand dollars. 
    Gaara is not like Sasuke or Kabuto, he's much easier, so as long as you 
    follow these guidelines, you should have no problem ^_^!
    Mission: Helping Hinata
    I. Giant
    Giant's Attacks:
    Hit you with a bat really hard
    Summoning Ground Stagmite
    Summoning Lightning?
    This is one of the randomest and the wierdest guy you will fight in my 
    opinion. After the small cutscene where Naruto looks at the broken black 
    thing, he hears a loud sound.
    This guy---he does major damage. I'll tell you that right now. MAJOR 
    damage, especially when he hits you up, and then plays a little baseball 
    with you. That hurts like anything. His lightning summon is pretty 
    powerful, and if you had a momentum going against him, watch out not to 
    get electrocuted. This guy is super hard. 
    Okay, first off, his weakness. He is pretty slow, so if you dash to 
    counter his moves,your in good shape. Keep busting him with Power 
    Strike, and to catch him off guard or stop some of his attacks, use your 
    Shadow Replication Jutsu. Use Power Strike constantly, and never stop 
    punching. If he's about to rock you upside your chin with his bat, dash 
    somewhere so he misses. Like I said, that attack hurts really bad. 
    Anyways, keep moving, and use Power Strike a lot. Keep doing some 
    Taijutsu also. When he summons his Lightning,just get hit. (I don't know how 
    to counter against that, sorry!!!) After you keep hitting him, use your 
    Kyubi, if you have any. If not, keep combo-ing until you get it. Kyubi is 
    going to really help against him. Use Kyubi, and if you are lucky, you might 
    be able to use it twice. Like I said, never stop using Power Strike, and keep 
    combo-ing. Also, use the triangle button to do slightly more damage. 
    He should be done in no time.
    Mission: The Stuntman
    J. Praymantis
    Praymantis's Attacks:
    (Not Really Sure)
    Sound Waves?
    Cute Praymantis...small, cute, beady eyes, looks like it's praying...but 
    one thing. These Praymantis are not small, cute, beady eyes, nor does it 
    look like it's praying. It's about to eat you-live.
    The Praymantis isn't really hard, as long as you constantly use Power 
    Strike against them. You also should power them down a lot by using 
    Neji's 8 Trigrams a lot and ASAP during the match. But about halfway, 
    another Praymantis comes. Don't panic! It's still easy. Use Neji a lot 
    and ASAP, and use Naruto's Power Strike constantly to beat them. As I 
    said, it's not that hard, but it's going to take a while and a lot of 
    patience from you. 
    The Praymantis should start off with Sound Waves? or something, and you 
    should easily be able to dodge them. Shadow Replications will not be 
    very useful because the Praymantis can easily defeat them. Use Naruto's 
    Power Strike constantly, and be on the move. Never stop, just keep 
    dashing. Weapons will be very useful also. Sooner or later, another 
    Praymantis will drop in. Use Neji's 8 Trigrams a lot, and they should be 
    squashed bugs in no time.
    Mission: Mass Disappearances
    K. Gaara of the Desert + Kabuto Yakushi
    Gaara's Jutsus: 
    Sand Replication
    Sand Barrier
    His Sand of Course!
    Sand Shuriken
    Kabuto's Jutsus:
    (I didn't really hear well, but this is what I think they are)
    Shinobi Spawning or something
    Underground Fish Reflection Jutsu
    Supernatural Respawn Jutsu
    Don't let the title fool you. Gaara and Kabuto are still easy-or at 
    least Gaara is. You will face Gaara first, and he isn't to hard.
    Gaara is Gaara, no matter what. Just use Neji's 8 Trigrams on him 
    constantly, and he should be defeated. Power Strike will also 
    help also, and it will more likely get rid of his Sand Clones. 
    Don't use Kyubi on him, though. Save that for Kabuto.
    Kabuto isn't as hard as before, I'll tell you that right now. He has 
    become much easier, although his Supernatural Respawn Jutsu is more 
    annoying than ever. He has a new jutsu-it spawns easy ninjas. Just 
    ignore them. Kabuto has a tendancy to step back and watch battle more 
    than to fight in it. Anyways, use Power Strike constantly on him, and 
    keep using your Shadow Replications. After his second life bar is 
    depleted, use Kyubi, and he should be down to his second to last or last 
    bar. Use Neji and his 8 Trigrams to finish him off. It's pretty easy, so 
    don't be intimidated.
    At the cutscene, Kakashi comes another time to rescue the Genin from 
    Mission: Final Battle
    L. Giant + Kabuto Yakushi + Orochimaru
    Giant's Attacks:
    Just come at you with a bat
    Hitting You
    Kabuto's Jutsus:
    Shinobi Spawning
    Underground Fish Reflection Jutsu
    Supernatural Respawn Jutsu
    Orochimaru's Jutsus:
    Dash Attacking
    Single Hurricane Blowing
    Many Hurricanes Blowing
    Sword(Maybe, it depends)
    Ok, you only have to fight Kabuto and the Giant at the same time. You 
    should have Sasuke and Kakashi by your side by now, so keep them in handy. 
    First, go around destroying the black keys, and then focus on the giant. 
    Kabuto won't all up in your face, so don't mind him until you defeat this 
    giant. Don't go Kyubi, though, and if you don't have Kyubi, keep combo-
    ing until you have one. Use Kakashi as your support character, and beat 
    the giant up badly. Don't let up, and constantly use Lightning Blade 
    with Kakashi. Also, Sasuke will be a big help also. Use his Chidori a 
    lot, and his Dragon Flame Jutsu. Keep using Power Strike to wait between 
    the wait so that Kakashi/Sasuke will heal up thier stamina. Never let 
    up, and the giant should be done in no time.
    Kabuto is easier than ever. He will rely on his spawned shinobi to 
    attack, and you can always go up to him a give him a piece of your mind. 
    Use Kakashi's Lightning Blade constantly, and also Sasuke's Chidori. 
    Naruto's Power Strike will help a lot also. But don't use Kyubi. Save 
    that up for Orochimaru. Keep Power Strike-ing, Lightning Blade-ing, and 
    Chidori-ing to beat Kabuto easily. Just jump out of the way of his 
    Underground Fish Relection Jutsu. Never, never use the Kyubi on him, 
    it's just a waste. He should be done really quickly.
    Orochimaru, one of the three legendary Sennin. He is a little tough, but 
    not to much. Use Power Strike on him constantly, and Kakashi's Lightning 
    Blade. I didn't use Kakashi's Thousand Years of Death technique, but 
    I've heard it does a lot of damage, so use that on Orochimaru. Sasuke's 
    Chidori will help also. Use Naruto U Barrage a lot, and never stop 
    making Shadow Clones. Orochimaru has a pretty powerful attack. It's his 
    Many Hurricane Jutsu, and it's pretty much damaging. You should stay out 
    of the way of that attack. Use Kakashi constantly, because his kicks are 
    powerful. Kakashi's Lightning Blade will help out a lot. When Orochimaru 
    is on his last health bar, guarantee victory by going Kyubi and 
    finishing him off. 
    EDIT: By Annie Hunter
    Hey, I read your Boss Guide, and just wanted to give a little feed back 
    on the Final Battle... For the Giant and Kabuto and Orochimaru, by that 
    time the player should have either the Seal Weaken (s) or (L) Which makes 
    it much easier to attain Kyubi, I was able to use it arround 3 times in the 
    giant/Kabuto battle 1 on the giant 2 on Kabuto and a total of 3 times 
    on Orochimaru, with the larger Seal Weaken chip. Also about Kakashi's 
    Thousand Years of Death technique it is good on Kabuto but not on 
    Orochimaru, Orochimaru is too fast for the technique so he just evades it 
    every time it's just squandering your time as Kakashi. Also one of the best 
    things to have is the Perfect Strike chip it's the best method on defeating 
    Kabuto and Orochimaru...
    Congratulations, young Shinobi! If you have come this far, you have 
    completed the game!
    xploade62194@yahoo.com (E-Mail)
    If you have any questions, comments, complaints, feedback, or if you 
    find anything not true or wrong about this guide, please contact me and 
    tell me. Also, your Gamefaqs name (if you have one) would be useful so I 
    can tell others who sent me the information. If you don't send me your 
    name, I will put you up as your name in your mail.
    Thank you!
    I'm sorry for all that have sent me information, because I've deleted your
    Emails. Sorry, I didn't mean to be mean, but I had too much, and some 
    spam crap from some weird stuff had infected my old email, so I made
    a new, one. My name for Gamefaqs is Xploade. I will be sure to include
    you and your name in my FAQ if you send me information, so please, 
    thank you, and feel free to send me info on anything regarding the game, 
    that is not covered in this FAQ. If you send me a feedback that is already
    covered, I will send my elves to do unpleasant stuff to you.
    1. Hey, person. I'm sending you this annoying E-mail because your thing on 
    google. Yep...Well... Any who... I'm at that stupid part of Uzumaki 
    Chronicles when you have to go through the shrine gate...erm...gates...and 
    am very frustrated...as you may imagine. Well, you seem good at this game 
    so, will you lend me a hand? Thanks A Bunch!!! BUH BYE!!!
    Submitted by Devon Vincent
    1a. Well, if you look at the shadows of all the shrine gates, you will notice 
    that one shrine gate has it's shadow leaning the opposite way from the other 
    two. Go through that shrine gate.
    2. Your good at the boss battle walkthrough, it really helped, but I'm stuck. 
    I'm in the final battle mission and in the cave. I'm stuck in the area where 
    you see Neji fighting all those ninja, than Lee gives you a healing thing X. 
    (I don't remember what its called I'm mad at it right now.) but anyway I go 
    upthe slow and when I try to jump over to the platform where the arrow 
    shooters are, I can't, I don't jump far enough. I even destroyed the 
    shooters and tried everything, can you help?
    Submitted by MyFlamingAbyss@aol.com
    2a. Good question. Now, you know what skill chips are right? I'm pretty sure
    there is one called "air dash". Buy that skill chip, and then you will be 
    able to dash through the air, giving you that final boost so you can easily
    hop along the platforms.
    3. Hi, I read you FAQ. You seem good at this game. But I'm stuck at the 
    part where you have to get through the cave. I can't seem to get pass the
    cart part. What do I have to do?
    Submitted by junu31341@yahoo.com
    3a. This is the most common question. All the levers have two colors on 
    them. You have to set all of the colors on one side. I'm not too sure which
    side it should be on...I think it varies. So anyways, yeah, do that.
    This is made by BlueScrooge07 of www.gamefaqs.com. Anyone who copies 
    this and pastes this somewhere else as their own will be known as a 
    thief. Do not copy, it's Plagiarism, and also a violation of the copy 
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    My new IGN is Xploade. I was banned from the other account. I dunno why 
    though...anyways, I deleted all of my mail. I need you to send another
    mail if you want my help. Anyways, yeah.
    I've just come back to my email, and I've deleted ALL of the messages. And,
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