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    Race For The Heisman FAQ by jsacevedo

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 12/02/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Race For The Heisman FAQ
    Version 1.3
    Date: December 2, 2005
    Author: jsacevedo
    Version History
    1.0 - Completed the FAQ, put in all features, finished.
    1.1 - Added questions received in emails.
    ***Note: Check questions section before sending me an email because someone
       else may have had the same question.***
    1.2 - Added more questions received via email.  Added some new content and
          reordered one section of the FAQ.
    ***Note: Please check Questions section for information about speed backs.
    1.3 - Changed section on creating alternate positions.
    Table of Contents
    - I included a symbol key after each section so you can use the find command
    (CTRL + F) to quickly skip to the section you want to see -
    I. Introduction [**I**]
    II. Beginning the Race For The Heisman [**II**]
    	A. Choose Your Position [**IIA**]
    	B. Player Size [**IIB**]
    	C. Drills [**IIC**]
    	   1. Pocket QB [**IIC1**]
    	   2. Scrambling QB [**IIC2**]
    	   3. Running Back [**IIC3**]
    	   4. Wide Receiver [**IIC4**]
    	   5. Defensive Lineman [**IIC5**]
      	   6. Linebacker [**IIC6**]
    	   7. Defensive Back [**IIC7**]
    	D. Offers [**IID**]
            E. Alternate Positions [**IIE**]
    	   1. Tight End [**IIE1**]
    	   2. Safety [**IIE2**]
    	   3. Offensive Line [**IIE3**]
    	   4. Fullback [**IID3**]
    III. Your Dorm Room [**III**]
    	A. Fan Mail [**IIIA**]
    	B. Playbook [**IIIB**]
    	C. Schedule [**IIIC**]
    	D. Closet [**IIID**]
    	E. Newsletter [**IIIE**]
    	F. Trophy Case [**IIIF**]
    	G. Picture [**IIIG**]
    	H. Computer [**IIIH**]
    	   1. Season Stats [**IIIH1**]
    	   2. Career Stats [**IIIH2**]
    	   3. Team Stats [**IIIH3**]
    	   4. View Rosters [**IIIH4**]
       	   5. Heisman Watch [**IIIH5**]
      	   6. Top 25 Polls [**IIIH6**]
    	   7. Conference Standings [**IIIH7**]
    	   8. Players of the Week [**IIIH8**]
    	   9. Bowl Rankings/Bowl Schedule [**IIIH9**]
    IV. Your Career [**IV**]
    V. The Next Level [**V**]
    VI. Questions [**VI**]
    VII. Contact Information [**VII**]
    VIII. Copyright and Recognition [**VIII**]
    I. Introduction [**I**]
    - This year EA Sports gave us a new way to play NCAA football, the Race for
      the Heisman.
    - In this game mode, the player does not control the entire team. All offseason
      activities are simulated (no recruiting, cutting players, or changing
    - You can only change the depth chart during games (and it is not a permanent
    - This game mode tries to immerse the player into feeling that he is indeed,
      IN THE GAME.
    - Please read the Questions section [**VI**] before asking any questions
      because it has probably already been answered (Questions about speed backs
      are answered there).
    - If any information in this FAQ is incorrect please correct me.  I am not
      perfect and I make mistakes.  Just don't be a jerk about it.
    II. Beginning the Race For The Heisman [**II**]
    A. Choose Your position: [**IIA**]
       1. Pocket QB
       2. Scrambling QB
       3. Running Back
       4. Wide Receiver
       5. Defensive Lineman
       6. Linebacker
       7. Defensive Back
    B. Player Size [**IIB1**]
       - Player size isn't extremely important but it can help to keep players
         appropriatley sized for the sake of realism.
       - Size will not affect the final ratings of a player.  A 5'6" 160lb. RB will
         play the same if you make him 7'0" 400lbs.
       - Pocket QB:
         - Height: 6'0' - 6'5"
         - Weight: 210lbs. - 240lbs.
       - Scrambling QB:
         - Height: 5'11" - 6'3"
         - Weight: 200lbs. - 220lbs.
       - Running Back:
         - Height: 5'8" - 5'11"
         - Weight: 190lbs. - 230lbs.
       - Wide Receiver:
         - Height: 5'10" - 6'6"
         - Weight: 190lbs - 230lbs.
       - Defensive Line:
         - Height: 6'0" - 6'6"
         - Weight: 270lbs. - 310lbs.
       - Linebacker:
         - Height: 5'10" - 6'4"
         - Weight: 230lbs. - 270lbs.
       - Defensive Back:
         - Height: 5'8" - 5'11"
         - Weight: 190lbs. - 230lbs.
    C. Drills [**IIC**]
       1. Pocket QB [**IIC1**]
       - Stay in the pocket and try to complete passes and score touchdowns
       - There is no defensive or offensive line and no blitz, however, there
         is a timer in the upper left corner of the screen and you must pass
         the ball before it counts down to zero seconds. You are given an
         8 second time limit.
       - Hints:
         - Do not force the ball between defenders. You have 8 seconds and no
           pass rush, there is no reason to rush your throws. Be patient.
         - Do not try for touchdowns every play. Take your time and try to get
           a touchdown every 2-3 plays unless your receiver just leaves the
           defensive back in the dust.
         - Flats are your friend. If there is no one open, throw to the receivers
           and backs in the flats.
         - Finally, don't pass the line of scrimmage or you'll lose that try.
       - Points:
         - Pass thrown in time: 25 - 100 points
         - Appropriate pass strength: 25 - 100 points
         - Throw to open receiver: 50 points
         - Receiver drop: 50 points
         - Completion: 100 points
         - Consecutive completions: 50 X number of consecutive completions
         - Touchdowns: 300 points
         - Consecutive touchdowns: 100 X number of consecutive touchdowns
         - Pass tipped: -50 points
         - No attempt (Run across the line of scrimmage): -50 points
         - Incomplete pass: -100 points
         - Time expired: -100 points
         - Throw into coverage: -100 - -200 points
         - Interception: -300 points
       2. Scrambling QB [**IIC2**]
       - An option running drill. There are two defenders (one LB and one Safety)
       - Hints:
         - Hold A so that you are sprinting and follow your lead blocker. The game
           dives your QB pretty decent speed so you can usually run one way,
           catch a block, and then run the other way and get a touchdown.
         - If you are getting tackled, pitch the ball to the RB and hope the CPU
           runs for a touchdown
       - Points:
         - Juke: 25 points
         - Spin: 25 points
         - Good pitch: 50 points
         - Touchdown: 100 points
         - Consecutive touchdowns: 100 X number of consecutive touchdowns
         - Yards gained: = 10 x number of yards gained
       3. Running Back [**IIC3**]
       - Straight ahead running drill.
       - You have one blocker and there are two defenders.
       - You must stay between the orange lines on the field or you lose a turn
       - You have ten tries to score. Try to get a touchdown every time.
       - Hints:
         - Run towards one direction to get the defense running that way than
           quickly spin or juke in the opposite direction and you will score
           almost every time.
         - Sometimes you can put your head down and just run defenders over.
       - Points:
         - Touchdown: 1 point
         - No Touchdown: 0 points
       4. Wide Receiver [**IIC4**]
       - Run crisp routes, get open, and try to catch the ball.
       - You control the wide receiver and he is always lined to the left of the
       - There are ten reps of this drill.
       - Hints:
         - Always get open. You will get points even if you don't catch the ball.
           Run crisp routes, and break off if you see an open portion of the
         - Make user catches. You'll get extra bonuses for multiple catches in a
         - Defend a bad throw. You don't control the quarterback, and the computer
           will make a bad throw. If the defense intercepts the ball it will take
           points away, but only if you are the intended receiver.
       - Points:
         - Get partially open: 100 points
         - Get open: 200 points
         - Get wide open: 300 points
         - Complete pass: 200 points
         - Touchdown: 300 points
         - Defensive pass interference: 200 points
         - Consecutive completions: 50 X number of consecutive completions
         - Consecutive touchdowns: 100 X number of consecutive touchdowns
       5. Defensive Line [**IIC5**]
       - Opposite of the running back drill.
       - Stop the computer from scoring.
       - Hints:
         - Wait until the running back commits, then attack.
         - Back away from the blocker and try to attack the runner. The AI on the
           linebacker behind you is not that great, so try to get the tackle
         - Force the running back out of bounds.
       - Points:
         - Touchdown: 1 point
         - No Touchdown: 0 points
         - Note -
           - You want to end this with a low score, hopefully 0 points.
       6. Linebacker [**IIC6**]
       - Almost exactly the same as the defensive line drill, only you are the
       - Hints:
         - Same as defensive line drill (see above)
         - Instead of the linebacker not having the greatest AI, the defensive
           lineman doesn't have the greatest AI. You must make up for it. Tackle
           the runner yourself.
         - Be patient and attack where the running back runs and you'll stop him.
       - Points:
         - See defensive line drill above [**IIB5**]
       7. Defensive Back [**IIC7**]
       - Opposite of the Pocket QB drill
       - Stop the CPU controlled QB from moving the ball.
       - You control one defender, but the rest of your team plays a big part in
         your success.
       - You are positioned as the defensive back all the way to the right of the
         defensive formation (to the left of the QB).
       - Hints:
         - Shut down your receiver. Take him out of the play. Do not let him get
           open. Or...
         - Play around a little and let him get open. Then, shoot in for the
           tip or interception.
         - Try to keep the CPU QB to the lowest score possible. Your AI controlled
           teammates are not very dumb, they just aren't the best tacklers. So,
           never stop, always run to the ball and try to wrap up the receiver.
         - Don't try to sack the QB, you can't. You'll just leave a hole in the
         - The CPU QB only has 4 seconds to get rid of the ball, so all it takes
           is 4 seconds of shutdown defense.
       - Points:
         - See Pocket QB drill above [**IIB1**]
    D. Offers [**IID**]
       - After your drill is over, you will see all of your offers.
       - Depending on how successful you were in your drill, better schools will
         extend you a scholarship for their respective institutions.
       - Or, you can just walk on to any team you'd like.
       - Then, you can customize your characters appearance, size, equipment, and
         personal information.
       - Finally, you will see your player's ratings. Depending on how well you
         performed in the drill, your rating will be between a low 60 to a low 80.
       - Get ready, because your race for the Heisman has just begun!
    E. Alternate Positions [**IIE**]
       - "I don't want to win the Heisman trophy as any of those positions, I want
         to be a tight end, a strong safety, or an offensive lineman!"
       - Do not worry, there are ways to fix this problem.
       - Note: The ratings will be a little lower, because of the change in
         position, but as he plays at that position, if he plays well, he will
         get better.
       - I cannot think of any way to make a kicker with good kicking power and
       1. Tight End [**IIE1**]
       - Go through the wide receiver drill.
       - Make him a little taller than normal - 6'3" to 6'7" is a good height range
         for a tight end.
       - Make the receiver BIG!  Most receivers are 230 lbs. or less, so make him
         at least 240 lbs., but no larger than 280 lbs.
       - When the season starts, switch him to TE during games in the depth
       2. Safety [**IIE2**]
       - Go through the defensive back drill.
       - Make him any height you want - for the sake of realism, you may want to
         make the character less than 6'0" tall, because DBs and safetys are
         normally shorter than 6'0" tall.
       - Weight does not matter as well, but for the sake of realism, you really
         don't want him any more than 220 - 230 lbs. or smaller than 200 lbs.
       - When the season starts, switch him to SS or FS during games in the
         depth charts.
       3. Offensive Line [**IIE3**]
       - Go through the defensive line drill.
       - Offensive lineman are BIG BOYS!! I mean really big.
       - He should be no shorter than 6'2", but they can be as tall as 6'8".
       - As far as weight goes, no less than 280 lbs., but no more than 350 lbs.
       - When the season starts, switch him to the offensive line, during games, in
         the depth charts.
       4. Fullback [**IIE3**]
       - Go through the running back drill.
       - Fullbacks are bigger, stronger, blocking runningbacks, who barely get the
       - The fullback should be between 5'10' and 6'4".  Tall enough to create
         holes and lead block for the RB, but not too tall.
       - For weight, 230 - 260lbs. is pretty accurate.
       - When the season starts switch the RB to FB, during games, in the depth
    ***Note About Changing Positions***: You must make the change at the beginning
       of every game. This must be done, because in Race for the Heisman, you have
       no access to the rosters outside of the weekly games.
    III. Your Dorm Room [**III**]
    - Your dorm room is where the action happens.
    - All of the information about the season, your player, and every team is
      accessed through your virtual dorm room.
    - As you progress along your career, you will be given bigger, better dorm
    A. Fan Mail [**IIIA**]
       - Read what your fans have to say about you.
       - Each week you will get a different letter from a fan (usually a student)
         expressing his/her feelings for you.
       - Play well and you'll be praised.
       - Play poorly and you'll be hated.
    B. Playbook [**IIIB**]
       - Improve your game by running your position drill on the practice field.
       - Run the same drill you took when you began your Race for the Heisman.
       - The same tactics apply, however the drill may be more difficult.
       - The drills have no effect on your player's ratings.
    C. Schedule [**IIIC**]
       - Play your team's games and check out the schedule for other teams.
       - View your schedule, see the pushovers and powerhouses.
       - Check out your opponents schedule and see who they have been facing.
       - Select your current game to play for the week and WIN!
    D. Closet [**IIID**]
       - View your player's personal information and awards.
       - Here you can see your player's career stats, current ratings, and
         career personal awards.
       - Are you an All-American? 1st or 2nd team? What is your speed? Find it
         all here.
    E. Newsletter [**IIIE**]
       - Follow your team's story in the school newsletter.
       - See a cover page from your school newsletter that showcases an article
         about your team or player.
    F. Trophy Case [**IIIF**]
       - View all you trophies from throughout your career.
       - View your national championship, conference championship, and personal
         award trophies from throughout your career.
    G. Picture [**IIIG**]
       - See a snapshot of your current girlfriend.
       - The better you play, the prettier your girlfriend.
    H. Computer [**IIIH**]
       - View stats and rankings for your team and your player.
       1. Season Stats [**IIIH1**]
       - Season stats for every active player in the NCAA
       2. Career Stats [**IIIH2**]
       - Career stats for every active player in the NCAA
       3. Team Stats [**IIIH3**]
       - Season stats for the team.
       - Find out offensive production, defensive production, efficiency, and
         turnover ratio for every Division 1 NCAA team.
       4. View Rosters [**IIIH4**]
       - View active rosters for every NCAA division 1 team.
       - See depth charts, injury reports, formations, etc.
       5. Heisman Watch [**IIIH5**]
       - View the stats and standings for the 5 players fighting for the Heisman
       - Hopefully your player's name is at the top of this list.
       6. Top 25 Polls [**IIIH6**]
       - View the Top 25 rated teams in the country.
       - View the coaches poll and the media poll.
       - Hopefully your team is in the Top 25. It is almost impossible to win the
         Heisman on a losing team.
       7. Conference Standings [**IIIH7**]
       - View the standings in each conference around the country.
       - View each teams records (overall and conference), points scored, and
         home/away records.
       8. Players of the Week [**IIIH8**]
       - Hopefully your player's name shows up here often. This list is reserved
         for player's who make a big impact in that week's games.
       - There is an offensive and defensive player of the week for the entire
         NCAA and for each conference.
       9. Bowl Rankings/Bowl Schedule [**IIIH9**]
       - As the season progresses, eventually bowl season will come around.
       - Here you can view the Bowl Rankings (with the all new system) and which
         bowl each team is expected to attend.
       - Try to lead your team to the national title!
    IV. Your Career [**IV**]
        - Stay in college for three or four years and play hard every down.
        - Hopefully you'll win a couple Heisman trophies, be an All-American and
          become a college football legend.
        - Keep track of all of your stats and records thorugh your dorm room (see
          section III).
        - Get ready for the next level when you decide your college career is over.
    V. The Next Level [**V**]
       - After your college career is over, there are many choices to make.
       - Depending on how well you performed you have two main options.
         - Enter the NFL Draft
         - Become a coach
         - And...I guess you could do nothing and go back to Mom's house
       - Note:
         - If you win the Heisman by your junior year, you can leave for the draft
           a year early and see how you do.
       - Note:
         - If you are going into the draft at the end of your Junior or Senior
           season, you must export your character to Madden NFL 06. At this time,
           your Race for the Heisman will end.
         - In order to enter yourself into the NFL Draft, you must own Madden NFL
           06. Begin a new Superstar mode and import your character from NCAA
           Football 06.
    VI. Questions [**VI**]
    - All questions will be answered here (see section VII for contact info) and I
      will reply to your email.
    ***This is the most frequently asked question:***
    Q: How do I get a speed back?  Everytime I do the drill, even if I am never
       touched and I score everytime he is always a power back.  I can make him
       5'8" and 165 lbs. and it still says speed back.  How can I fix this?
    A: You can't.  There is some coding in the game that sets a cap to the speed at
       an 88-89 as a maximum.  I could never get it any higher and many others have
       told me they could never get it any higher.  If anyone knows how to get a
       higher speed attribute, please let me know.
    Q: Do you know any easy way I can download this years rosters on to my NCAA 06 
       game.  If you do please let me know.  Thank you.
    A: If you want to download rosters easily, buy an Action Replay.  It is $20-$30
       and you can find it at any EBGames, Gamestop, Wal-Mart, etc.  First, you
       just install the drivers from the disc onto the computer.  Then you need to
       plug in the USB adaptor with the memory card into a USB port and make sure
       you can switch files in the Action Replay interface (which is all click and
       drag).  Go to a website like fkrosters.com and download the latest roster
       update for free.  Leave the file zipped and drag it into the Action Replay
       interface into the memory card.  Put the memory card into your Xbox
       controller and load the rosters, and you should have accurate, up to date
       rosters.  If you don't want to buy an action replay, you can also send your
       memory card to fkrosters.com and have him load the rosters to it, and then
       he'll send it back to you.  I think that he requires that you use an
       official Xbox memory card though.  If those two are not an option there are
       sites like www.ncaafootball2006.tk that you can get rosters from, but you 
       have to manually enter them.
    Q: what is the perect DNA for  rb,qb,wr,db
    A: I think this is a Madden question?? As far as Madden goes, when you create
       a superstar, you want your father to be hall of fame at the position you
       want, and then you want your mother to be a sprinter.  Also, you don't want
       them to be dumb.  In NCAA, if you do good in the combine you'll be good at
       your position.  Hope that helps.
    Q: Hey, I read your FAQ on NCAA 06. I know players can transfer schools in
       Dynasty mode. Do you know if it's possible to transfer schools in Heisman
       mode. And if so, how do you do that?
    A: I have never seen the option appear and I have played a couple Road to the
       Heismans, so I think it is safe to say that it won't happen.  It only
       happens if a player sits on the bench, and your player starts in RttH.  You
       could bench your player and see what happens, but I am very sure that you
       cannot transfer.
    Q: Hey bro I used to live in florida and I was a big fan of the NCAA franchise. 
       But I currently live in London, England now which uses PS2 games on the PAL
       region instead of the NTSC. Do you know or can you find out if NCAA Football
       06 will be released in europe especially the UK because I definately want to
       get it. We are very behind here because Madden isn't out until the 16th of
       Sept. If you could get back to me ASAP I would be so grateful.
    A: Sorry for the late reply.  I don't think NCAA is coming out for PAL.  I
       looked on Gamefaqs and it has no date set for an EU release, and they
       usually have dates set for games that will release in Europe.  If you still
       have your US PS2, you could import it.
    Q: I won the Hesiman, Maxwell, and best QB on dynasty. I was a senior. Can 
       I export my guy to Madden or only in Race for the Heisman
    A: You can only export your guy in Race For The Heisman. Sorry.
    Q: In Race for the heisman, how do you get your characters stats up? Is it by
       practice, or do u just have to own in all the games? Because, every time I
       win a game, its by a lot, and before I go back to my dorm room, I look at the
       depth chart, and it says my stats went up. but when I get back to my dorm,
       I look at the depth chart, and I'm back where I started! Does the difficulty
       mode have something to do with it?? Help me!
    A: If you play well throughout the season, your ratings will go up after about
       half the season, but not after every game.  Check after your fifth or sixth
       game and at the end of the season and your OVR should go up a point or two.
       Also, in the off season you can get as much as an 8 or 9 point boost to your
       stats.  I simulated a Race for the Heisman, and the QB was pretty good and
       he ended up a 91 when it was all over.  The biggest jump in stats you'll see
       is in your awareness.  You don't have to throw for a mile or run for two
       thousand yards.  Just be a good player.  Also, during games, if you are
       playing well, you'll get a temporary ratings boost during that game.
    Q: Hi I made my QB in the Race for the Heisman a pocket QB and he has a 65 
       overall in speed is there any way that I canmake his speed higher or do I
       have to wait until I get to Madden and try to increase his speed in mini
       camp. Is there any possible that I can do this in the Race for the Heisman?
    A: If you make him a scrambling QB, you can make him as fast as 84 speed.
       Also, the QB will still have like a 92 THP and 80 THA.  It is very easy to
       increase those stats by just playing well.  Pocket QBs are usually, by being
       defined as Pocket QBs, slow.  The scrambling QB is still good, and in my
       opinion a better option.
    Q: I was wondering if there is a way to control only your character during a
       game in Race to the Heisman mode.  I'm a wide receiver on the team, but I
       have to control the QB, RB, and anyone else that I throw to.  Do you know
       if I can lock on my player and let the rest of the game happen without me?
    A: I think if you just snap the ball and don't touch any buttons, the game will
       control itself.  I know that on defense or special teams, if you select a
       player and do not move them or press any buttons the CPU AI will just play.
    Q: I read your FAQ, and you obviously know this game pretty well, and I was
       wondering if you could answer me this: Is there any way, in Race for the
       Heisman or in Dynasty mode, to get a specific character (my created one, to
       be exact) to become an Impact Player?
    A: Get really good stats with your player (i.e. WR - 1200+ yds, 12 TDs; QB -
       3000+yds., 30 TDs; etc.) and if the starting impact players don't play as
       well they will lose the spot and you can gain it.  However, there will
       always be 1 impact player on offense and 1 on defense, with the final player
       being on either side, so if you have really dominating players on your team,
       you might just have to wait until some people graduate and then earn the
       status.  So, to sum it all up, (A) You can wait until people graduate and
       lose their impact player status, or (B) You can wait (or cause) an existing
       impact player to play poorly and he'll lose his status, then, with excellent
       play you can become the impact player.
    Q: Just a quick question.  I have played a lot of football games.  But this
       one has me stumped or I am just really stupid.  I have tried everything and
       I can't figure out how to taunt opponents when I am running into the
    A: Hold the "L" button and move the right thumbstick.
    Q: I was wondering if there was a way to scramble the QB (for xbox) when its a
       pass play.  I couldnt figure it out, and i need the yards for my heisman
    A: Hold down the 'A' Button and run.  You must be using the new style controls.
    Q: In Race for the Heisman, my guy is a WR and I won the Maxwell, Heisman, and
       Best WR in my Freshman year, but in the next year when I check my stats I
       only went from 82 to 86, what gives?  Do I need to practice more?
    A: No, he just didn't progress that much.  Progression is kind of random.  If
       you have a save before that, the best that I could suggest is to keep
       trying until you get a better progression that you like.  It's out of your
       control - I hate to say that.  I never practice and my guy went up 5 points.
       Do you notice if your receiver's ratings go up during the season, because
       you can usually get 2 or 3 points that way too.  Combine that with the 4
       points you got in the offseason and you got a pretty good progression of 6
       or 7 points over the season.
    Q: How do I make my player in the race for heisman faster?
    A: There is no direct way to make a player faster, however, very rarely during
       the offseason he could get 1 or 2 points, but it is very rare.  You are
       usually stuck with the speed you start with.
    Q: Do you have to play at a BCS school to win it or can you play for a non-BCS
    A: No, just pick a team and win a lot.  It helps to put big name highly ranked
       schools on your schedule so that you'll have better wins and do not lose
       one game.
    Q: Will NCAA 06 come to Gamecube?
    A: Sorry, but no NCAA Football 06 for GameCube.  I looked on gamefaqs and
       EASports.com and there is no evidence of an upcoming release on GameCube.
    Q: Is there any way to change your apperence and number after seasons?
    A: No, I am pretty sure that you are stuck with what you create.
    VII. Contact Information [**VII**]
    If you would like to contact me directly about NCAA Football 06, I can be 
    reached at:
    Or, I usually frequent the Gamefaqs boards for NCAA Football 06 and Madden NFL 
    06, my user name is jsacevedo.
    Madden NFL 06 Board:
    NCAA Football 06 Board:
    VIII. Copyright and Recognition [**VIII**]
    Copyright 2005 Jordan S. Acevedo
    This FAQ is for private, personal use only.  It is not meant for sale.  It is
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    MetsRule - For the idea to put links to the message boards in the FAQ

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