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    FAQ by MetsRule

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    NCAA Football 06 FAQ
    Author: MetsRule
    Contact: MetsRule5@gmail.com
    - Table of Contents -
    I. Introduction
    II. Basic Controls
            A. Offensive Controls
            B. Defense Controls
            C. Kicking Controls
    III. Race for the Heisman Mode
    IV. Dynasty Mode
    V. Online Play
    VI. Mini Games
    VII. Team Outlooks
            A. ACC
            B. Big 12
            C. Big East
            D. Big Ten
            E. Conference USA
            F. Independents
            G. MAC
            H. Mountain West
            I. Pac-10
            J. SEC
            K. Sun Belt
            L. WAC
    VIII. Copyright Information
    I. - Introduction
    Hello, and welcome to my guide for NCAA Football 06.  This guide is 
    designed to help people that are struggling in NCAA Football 06, so if 
    you've came to the right place if you need help.  To easily navigate 
    this guide you can use CTRL + F to search a certain term.  Here you'll 
    find all of the strategies you need to conquer this game, so now it's 
    time to get things started!
    II. - Basic Controls
    A. Offensive Controls
    -- While you're at the line of scrimmage --
    Snap the ball - X Button
    Fake snap - O Button
    Send a man in motion - D Button (Up, down, left, right)
    Quiet the crowd - L2 Button
    -- Running the ball --
    Stiff arm - L1 Button (left hand), R1 Button (right hand)
    Juke - Right analog stick
    Cover up the ball - Right analog stick up
    -- Passing the ball --
    Pass to receiver - Square button, triangle button, circle button, L1 
    button, R1 button
    Bullet pass - Hold corresponding receiver button
    Lob pass - Tap corresponding receiver button
    Pump fake - R2 Button
    -- Running the QB option --
    Pitching the ball - R2 button
    Fake the pitch - L2 button
    Hand off to fullback (only on triple option) - X button
    QB Dive - Square button
    B. Defensive Controls
    -- Before the snap --
    Change player - O button, X Button
    Pump up the crowd - L2 button
    You can only pump up the crowd when you're the home team.  The effect 
    of pumping up the crowd will vary on the amount of fans in your stadium 
    and the success of your team.  If you are playing NCAA Football 06 with 
    a friend, it will make the opponent's controller vibrate.
    -- During a play --
    Switch to closest player - O button
    Swat ball - L1 button
    Strip ball - R2 button
    Big hit - Right analog stick
    Strafe (defensive line) - R1 button
    Swim/spin (defensive line) - Move right analog stick left or right
    Bull rush - Move right analog stick down
    C. Kicking Controls
    -- Kick offs/punts/PATS --
    Aim the kick - Left analog stick
    Start the kick meter - X Button
    Stop kick meter while upswing for power zone - X Button
    Stop kick meter while downswing for accuracy zone - X Button
    -- Kick return --
    Fair catch - Triangle button
    Kneel in endzone - STAY in endzone
    III. Race for the Heisman Mode
    Race for the Heisman mode allows you to create a high school recruit 
    and guide him throughout his college career.  This mode is very fun for 
    those that enjoy building up young players.
    When you first start out you will need to choose your position, which 
    will then decide what drill you're in and the position your Heisman 
    hopeful will play.  You can choose to be a Pocket QB, Scrambling QB, 
    Running Back, Wide Receiver, Defensive Lineman, Linebacker, or 
    Defensive Back.  Your player's attributes will be determined by this 
    drill, so you may want to make sure you perfect this before you accept 
    your player and move into the season.
    After you finish the drill, you will be offered a scholarship from 
    three teams.  Those three teams are the teams that you will most likely 
    succeed with, but you can choose another team if you wish.  You can 
    choose another team by selecting the "walk on" option.  Then you will 
    be prompted with a list of all of the colleges in the game and you can 
    choose from there.
    After you choose your college you will be brought to a screen where you 
    can customize the looks of your player.  You can choose his height, 
    weight, jersey number and much more.  The equipment will not affect 
    your stats, but many people believe that if you make a Running Back 
    extremely small he will be a speed back.  You will then be shown your 
    player's attributes and overall.   Your overall will be determined 
    depending on your performance during training camp. Your player's 
    overall rating will likely range from the low sixties to the mid-
    Next you will be brought to your dorm room.  The dorm room is the place 
    where you will be able to access everything in Race for the Heisman 
    mode.  Your dorm room will change as your player gets better, though.
    One of the most important things you will use in your dorm room is your 
    computer.  You can access stats around the league for every team.  
    Another thing you can look at is the most recent polls and the 
    standings for every conference.  As the season progresses you will see 
    a new section added here that will give you the latest predictions on 
    the bowl games.  If your player is doing good enough, you may see him 
    featured on the Heisman watch list.  The Heisman watch list lists the 
    top five candidates for the Heisman award.
    In your dorm room you will be able to access your team's playbook.  You 
    will be able to get accustomed to using your player.  This is basically 
    a practice mode, but it has no effect on your players' ratings.
    You can also view letters from fans in Race for the Heisman mode.  Each 
    week you will get a new letter, which is usually from a student 
    attending the same college as you.  If your player performs well during 
    the season and your team is winning you will be praised.  If your team 
    is doing badly and your team is struggling you will receive mail from 
    angry fans.
    To view your player's stats on the season and his attributes you can go 
    into your player's closet.  You can take a look at his stats for the 
    current season or even his entire college career.  While in the closet 
    you can also see a history of the awards that your player has won.
    Do you enjoy looking at college football magazines?  If so, you can 
    take a look at your school's newsletter.  Your school's newspaper will 
    tell you what's going on with the team.  There will be a new article 
    for you school's newspaper every week.
    If you want to take a look back at dominating past, you can go to your 
    team's trophy case.  In the trophy case you will be able to see your 
    own trophies, such as the coveted Heisman trophy.  You will also be 
    able to see National Championship trophies and other team awards.
    You will also notice a picture of a girl hanging up in your room.  Your 
    player will start out with very ugly girlfriends in the beginning, but 
    he will move on to much better women as he gets better.
    From there on you will play your games as regular games, just as if it 
    were dynasty mode.  To play games in Race for the Heisman mode you will 
    need to go to the schedule, which is located in your dorm room.  The 
    only difference is that your player will automatically be starting and 
    you should adjust your offense or defense to accommodate him.  In Race 
    for the Heisman mode you will find yourself trying to pad your stats in 
    order to secure your spot as the Heisman winner.  When you win the 
    Heisman your stats usually increase and you will likely be better when 
    you're imported into Madden NFL 06.
    After your junior season in Race for the Heisman mode, you will be 
    given the chance to leave college and enter the NFL draft.  You will 
    only be able to see your player drafted if you import him into Madden 
    NFL 06's Superstar Mode.  
    IV. - Dynasty Mode
    In Dynasty Mode you will take control of your favorite college football 
    team and try to build a national powerhouse.  You will do this by 
    making the right moves while recruiting.
    When you first begin your Dynasty Mode season you will be given the 
    option to edit your schedule.  You will be able to change your 
    opponents to make a tougher schedule for yourself, but you can't edit 
    teams that are in your conference.
    This year NCAA Football 06 implemented a new feature that allows you to 
    recruit high school players during the season.  At the beginning of the 
    season you will have a set amount of scholarships you are allowed to 
    hand out.  The amount of scholarships you hand out during the season 
    will not affect the amount of scholarships you have during the off-
    season, so it's best to use all of your team's scholarships.
    During the first season you will have one hundred points to distribute 
    to all of your players.  While looking for players to recruit you 
    should click the circle button and see what position your team will 
    need help on next year because of players graduating and players 
    entering the NFL draft.  There will be a rating for every position 
    based on the depth you will have and it will show you if you're going 
    to be short players.  
    You should always try to go after a player if it will fill a position 
    need.  You should also give more points to the players you really want 
    on your team.  As the season progresses, the players list of schools 
    that they are considering will shrink.  Once a player's list of schools 
    he's considering hits three, you will be able to offer him a chance to 
    come to your school.  You should try to get the player to come to your 
    school as soon as possible, though.  Signing day will come sooner then 
    you think.  On the week that the player comes to your school you will 
    need to offer an idea to pitch to him.  You should base your pitch 
    offer off of what he has said to you throughout the season.
    During Dynasty Mode you will try to climb your way up the polls.  You 
    can check your rank in the polls during the preseason by going to the 
    Athlon Sports magazine.  During the season you can go to the Sports 
    Illustrated magazine to check your ranks in the polls.
    To play games for your dynasty, you need to go to the "play week" 
    option.  You will be able to play a single game, simulate the game, or 
    you can even simulate the entire season.
    The stat book will allow you to look at stats for all of the teams 
    around the league.  You can look at career stats for all of the players 
    in your dynasty.  Another thing you can do is see your teams rankings 
    compared to other college teams.
    If you want to change your team's game strategy, you should go to the 
    "coach options" section.  You can see how you've done as a coach for 
    your team so far and how secure you are with a job position.  You can 
    even quit or retire from coaching here if you feel that your best days 
    are behind you.
    If you want to take a look at your team's roster you can go to the 
    "roster/playbook" section.  You can take a look to see where your team 
    is struggling and see what you need to improve.  You can also make 
    changes to your playbook.
    By going to the "My NCAA" page you can view your trophy room, greatest 
    games played, record book, and a pennant collection.  This basically 
    shows the highlights from your user profile.
    During the season your players may get in trouble with the school.  
    Every week you should check to see if any of your players have 
    discipline infractions.  There will be a recommended amount of time 
    that you should suspend the player, but you should try making it a 
    little shorter then what they recommend.  The longer the suspension you 
    give, the more you'll turn away players you're trying to recruit.  If 
    you don't discipline the players you may lose a few scholarships for a 
    few seasons.
    During the off-season you will be faced with a lot of players leaving 
    your school.  You will be forwarded to a screen that shows you which 
    players are leaving.  You can try to convince players to stay in 
    school, but most of the time you will be unsuccessful.  I would only 
    recommend trying to talk a player into staying with your school if he 
    has a bar filled a little more than a quarter of the way full.  After 
    you finish trying to talk the players out of entering the draft, you 
    will be asked if you want to export the draft class.  This means that 
    you will be able to use this draft class for Franchise Mode in Madden 
    NFL 06.  
    It will be harder to find recruits that are interested in coming to 
    your school in the off-season because there are much more players to 
    choose from.  If you have one of the top programs, you will have a much 
    easier time getting some of the better players.  
    V. - Online Play
    To play NCAA Football 06 online you need to have an Ethernet cord and a 
    network adapter (You don't need a network adapter if you have a slim 
    PS2.)  I'm not going to explain how to set it up to play online because 
    this can easily be found on Sony's website.
    While playing online, you can use the "Play Now" option to find a quick 
    game to play.  This will find a random opponent for you to play 
    If you want to check out your stats so far while playing NCAA Football 
    06 online, you can go to the "My Stats" section.  This will give you 
    your win-loss record and a great breakdown of team stats.
    If you want to find an opponent to play, your best bet is to go to the 
    lobby.  In the lobby you can find the perfect player to play by looking 
    at opponent's profiles.  Once you find a good opponent you can offer 
    them a challenge.
    In the OT Drill, you will begin a game that starts out in overtime.  It 
    will be up to you to overcome the pressure and come away win a win.
    While playing online you can also start or join a tournament.  A 
    tournament can consist of four or eight players.  The winner of the 
    tournament usually unlocks an online trophy that will be added to their 
    VI. - Mini Games
    This year NCAA Football 06 has given us the option to play mini games.  
    Some of this years mini games are the Option Attack, The Oklahoma, Pass 
    Skeleton, and Rushing Attack.  
    While playing Option Attack you will try to master the option play with 
    the Quarterback.  You can also play on the defensive side of the 
    option.  To perfect the option you need to get your timing down 
    The Oklahoma drill is a drill that is actually practiced by most 
    college football teams around the nation.  You will only be allowed to 
    use a small portion of the field that is about the length of the 
    lineman and score a touchdown.  Your object is to rush the ball with 
    only one blocker.  You will need to score a touchdown.  After you 
    finish a run, you will be in the same exact position, except you will 
    be on the defensive side of the ball now.  This is a very hard drill 
    that can't be perfected with any team.  You will need a quick 
    quarterback and a quick running back.  I would recommend using the 
    Texas Longhorns for this drill.
    The Pass Skeleton drill is all about passing the ball and learning to 
    defend the pass.  I would recommend using this drill if you are having 
    trouble defending the deep pass, which is very hard to master in NCAA 
    Football 06.
    The Rushing Attack drill is a drill where you willl have to try to rush 
    the ball by juking your way to the endzone.
    VII. - Team Outlooks
    A. ACC
    Boston College
    Boston College isn't exactly a team that will blow you away, but they 
    play consistently well almost every season.  If you're looking for a 
    team that can play well and doesn't have any superstar players.  Thay 
    have a very tough schedule since they play in the ACC, which is a 
    strong conference.  If you want to be successful with Boston College, 
    you will need to make sure you keep their defense intact.  Boston 
    College's defense is the reason why they're always in games.
    Clemson is a team that has the talent to win games, but never seems to 
    pull it together.  Clemson will have to rely on their quarterback, 
    Charlie Whitehurst, if they want to win games.  He will be their key 
    player and determine what type of season Clemson will have.
    Duke is basically the laughing stock of the ACC and they usually finish 
    in last.  They have some decent skill at some of the key positions, but 
    they have a weak offensive line.  Without a good offensive line, this 
    team will crumble.
    Florida State
    Florida State is a very good college football team, but they are very 
    overrated.  Florida State has problems at the quarterback position, 
    where they don't have a clear cut starter.  The teams' success will 
    rely on their running back, Leon Washington.  Washington is a very 
    talented running back.  If you decide to take over the head coaching 
    position at Florida State, your first move should be to find a better 
    quarterback when you're recruiting.
    Georgia Tech
    Georgia Tech is an underrated team that has a chance to surprise a lot 
    of people.  They have one of the top defenses in college football, and 
    some weapons on offense that may be able to give them a spark.  Running 
    back, P.J. Daniels, and wide receiver Calvin Johnson will have a big 
    year for Georgia Tech. 
    Maryland had a very disappointing season last year and will hope to 
    turn it around this year. The offense really isn't what you'd expect 
    from Maryland, but their defense should keep them in close games.  I 
    would look for a lot of low scoring match-ups if you choose Maryland.  
    You may want to try to improve the quarterback position through 
    recruiting too.
    Miami (FL)
    Miami is an extremely talented team that has the chance to make it all 
    the way to the National Championship.  Miami has one of the top 
    defenses in the league, even though they don't really have any "stand 
    out players".  The offense is lead by quarterback Kyle Wright and 
    halfback Tyrone Moss.  Tyrone Moss is an excellent rusher that has a 
    great combination of speed and power.
    North Carolina
    North Carolina had a good season last year, which surprised many.  
    North Carolina probably won't finish with a winning record, but they 
    might come close.  The offensive line will need to become more 
    consistent if North Carolina wants to be taken as a serious threat in 
    the ACC conference.
    North Carolina State
    North Carolina State has one of the top defenses throughout all of 
    college football and that will be important if they want to be 
    successful.  North Carolina will need to make less mistakes on offense, 
    which is the reason why they struggled so much last season.
    The key to Virginia's offense is their offense tackle, D'Brickashaw 
    Ferguson.  Ferguson is the top offensive lineman throughout college 
    football, so the offense should be able to do its part.  The young wide 
    receivers will need to step it up if Virginia wants to be this years 
    surprise team.
    Virginia Tech
    Virginia Tech is a very talented team led my Marcus Vick, the younger 
    brother of the Atlanta Falcon's quarterback, Michael Vick.  The defense 
    is very talented, but probably won't be the same as it was last year.  
    You will need to be successful with Marcus Vick if you want Virginia 
    Tech to win the ACC conference.  This will be very hard, especially 
    when you play an amazing team like Miami.
    Wake Forest
    Wake Forest will not be able to match the power that the other teams in 
    the ACC have.  A realistic goal for this team would be about five or 
    six wins, but that might be pushing it.  Cornerback Riley Swanson will 
    need to do a good job on defense for the team to have success.
    This conference will probably be won by either Miami or Virginia Tech.  
    I have a good feeling about Miami's defense, so they're my favorite to 
    win the ACC.
    B. Big 12
    Baylor is nothing special and is a good team to use if you're looking 
    for a challenge.  You will be lucky if you're able to win three or four 
    game while using Baylor, and will need to rebuild almost the entire 
    team through recruiting during the off-season.
    Colorado has a very inconsistent offense that will rely on a breakout 
    season from Lawrence Vickers.  Colorado's defense is the worst in the 
    conference, but it has potential.
    Iowa State
    This season will rely on the connection between quarterback Brent Meyer 
    and wide receiver Todd Blythe.  Todd Blythe is one of the most talented 
    players on the team, but he is coming off of an injury.   You will have 
    to make sure that Brent Meyer does not go into a sophomore slump and 
    get the ball to Todd Blythe when he is open.
    Kansas has a very talented defense that should be able to carry the 
    team.  Kansas also has an experienced offensive line, which should help 
    whoever you decide to start at quarterback.  There is quite a battle at 
    the quarterback position in Kansas, so you will need to make a wise 
    decision here.  
    Kansas State
    Kansas State's offensive line will need to be successful in order for 
    you to have a good season with this team.  Jeromey Clary should be able 
    to protect the quarterback.
    Missouri has a good defense that will be the key if you want to have a 
    successful season with them.  Quarterback, Brad Smith, should have a 
    good season for you, now that he is able to stay in the pocket and find 
    the open receiver.
    The key to Nebraska getting back on track will be their offensive line.  
    The offensive line will need to be successful for Cory Ross to have a 
    good season for you.  You should try cutting back and running to the 
    outside with him.
    Oklahoma will have to rely on Adrian Peterson if they want to have 
    success in NCAA Football 06.  Oklahoma may be on the decline, but 
    they're still a team to watch for.  Oklahoma's secondary may need to 
    pick it up a little bit, but other than that the defense should play 
    Oklahoma State
    Oklahoma State will need to execute more on offense if they want to 
    finish near the top of the conference.  The defense is already good 
    with their playmaker, Darrent Williams, at cornerback.
    Texas is easily the team to beat in the Big 12.  Vince Young is a great 
    athlete and you should dominate with him as your quarterback.  He is a 
    great passer and can threaten defenses with his ability to scramble.  
    Rodrique Wright will anchor your defense with his ability to put 
    pressure on the quarterback.
    Texas A&M
    Texas A&M should finish in the top five of the Big 12.  With Reggie 
    McNeal as your quarterback, you will have a great leader for your 
    offense.  He has a good receiving corps and a good running back that he 
    can hand the ball off to.
    Texas Tech
    Texas Tech is a very talented team that has great chemistry.  
    Quarterback Cody Hodges will need to have a good season for you team to 
    fight for a chance in the Big 12.  The defense should be able to hold 
    C. Big East
    Cincinnati will have a tough year as they play their first season in 
    the Big East.  You will probably be forced to start a true freshman 
    quarterback, Dustin Garza.  You will probably need to rely on your 
    running game if you want to pull off a few wins.
    Connecticut has a great backfield of running backs and fullbacks.  This 
    is great because you can keep rotating them so there stamina ratings 
    stay high.  I would definitely focus on smashing the ball down your 
    opponent's throat if you're playing as Connecticut.
    Louisville is the favorite to win the Big East.  You will need to have 
    a good season with Brian Brohm if you want to have a dominate offense, 
    now that Stefan LeFors is gone.  Elvis Dumervil should be a dominate 
    defensive end for you because he puts a massive amount of pressure on 
    Pittsburgh has a chance to become a team that will surprise a lot of 
    people.  Tyler Palko and Greg Lee are a great combination that will 
    hook up for touchdowns a lot for you.  
    If you want to have a good season with Rutgers, you will need to get 
    the ball to their running back, Brian Leonard.  Leonard has some of the 
    best hands in the country and he can rush the ball very well.  He is a 
    powerful running back that can wear down defenses, so you should 
    establish the running game early in the game.
    South Florida
    South Florida has become a team for people to watch out for.  They have 
    an easy schedule since they face Big East teams, but will probably earn 
    a bowl bid if you're a good player.  You should also run the ball a lot 
    with Andre Hall.
    You'll have a big challenge if you choose to use Syracuse.  Damien 
    Rhodes seems to be the teams' loan talent on offense, which is where 
    they really struggle.  The defense is better, but it's still not that 
    West Virginia
    West Virginia will likely be competing with their only competition in 
    the Big East for the conference, Louisville.  West Virginia lost a big 
    playmaker in Adam "Pac-Man" Jones, but they should be successful still.  
    There defense still has a lot of talent, which is what will carry the 
    team far.
    D. Big Ten
    Illinois is a very disappointing team that will struggle in the Big 
    Ten.  Their best players are their running backs, Pierre Thomas and 
    E.B. Halsey.  Tim Brasic will need to pull a miracle for your team if 
    you want to have a successful season with the Fighting Illini.  
    You will need to have a good season with Balke Powers if you want to be 
    successful with Indiana.   You will probably play from behind most of 
    the time, so he will need to be able to execute for you. 
    Iowa is one of the better teams in the Big Ten.  Drew Tate is an 
    amazing quarterback in NCAA Football 06, and you should take advantage 
    of that.  Tate can also hand off to Marques Simmons, who is a decent 
    running back.
    Michigan is a great team that has an offense that can overpower many 
    teams.  Chad Henne is a great quarterback that can get his team out of 
    a jam.  Mike Hart is a very good running back, and probably one of the 
    best in the league.  He is a workhorse that averages around five yards 
    per carry.
    Michigan State
    Michigan State is a decent team led by their quarterback, Drew Stanton.  
    Stanton has a great set of receivers to throw to, which is why he is so 
    successful.   Stanton will have to stay healthy, though.  Michigan 
    State doesn't have much experience with their other quarterbacks.
    Laurence Maroney will play a huge role in the success that Minnesota 
    has.  Maroney is an extremely talented running back that should rush 
    for at least 1,500 yards.  Minnesota will also need to improve their 
    secondary a little bit in order to compete.
    Northwestern's defense has the potential to make a lot of big plays.  
    This will be important for Northwestern to have success.  Northwestern 
    has a great offensive tackle in Zach Strief and that should help both 
    the passing and running game.
    Ohio State
    Ohio State has an extremely talented team that has talent on both 
    offense and defense.  Ohio State has a good passing game, since they 
    have a great wide receiver in Ted Ginn Jr. to pass too.  On defense 
    they have one of the most talented linebackers in college football, 
    A.J. Hawk.  
    Penn State
    Penn State may be the most talented team in the Big Ten.  Michael 
    Robinson is a great quarterback that has both the power and accuracy to 
    power the ball to his receivers.  Robinson also has the ability to 
    scramble once he gets pressure and the pocket collapses.
    Purdue has a very talented defense, but I don't think that will be 
    enough for this team to win with.  The teams' offense will suffer a lot 
    due to the loss of their quarterback, Kyle Orton.  They still have some 
    talented receivers, but that won't be enough for Brandon Kirsch.
    Wisconsin has an amazing defense that may be able to carry them to the 
    top of this tough conference.  Linebacker, Dontez Sanders, may be 
    undersized, but he is very tough and can bring down the ball carrier.  
    I would watch out for Wisconsin if you have them on your schedule.
    E. Conference USA
    East Carolina
    East Carolina really needs to improve their defense, which is the first 
    step you need to take if you decide to use East Carolina.  It'll be a 
    few years before East Carolina can begin contending again.
    Houston will need to improve their defense if they want to be taken as 
    a serious threat.  Their offense has some talent in their quarterback, 
    Kevin Kolb, but he isn't enough to save this team.
    Marshall has a pretty good defense, but they really lack the talent 
    that they need on offense.  Running back, Ahmad Bradshaw, will be the 
    main part of the offense until Marshall can figure out their 
    quarterback situation.
    The key to this Memphis team is their running back, DeAngelo Williams.  
    He is one of the best in the nation, but it will be hard to establish 
    the run with him if you have no passing game.  During the off-season, 
    you should try to recruit a good quarterback to come to Memphis.
    If you want to have a successful season with Rice, you will basically 
    need to improve them in every area of the game.  They have a decent 
    defense, but it's definitely not something I would brag about.  Rice's 
    quarterback, Joel Armstrong, may be extremely fast, but he has very 
    poor accuracy.
    Southern Methodist
    For Southern Methodist to have a good season, you will need to turn 
    around the team's offense.  You will need to work on their 
    quarterbacks, who aren't that good compared to others around the 
    league.  You should try to find your tight end, Robert Kennedy.  
    Kennedy is a reliable tight end that will not let you down.
    Southern Miss
    Southern Miss will need to improve their defense and their running 
    game.  Southern Miss' defense is on the decline and their running game 
    isn't as good as it could be.  
    Tulane's success will rely on quarterback Lester Ricard.  Ricard is 
    big, mobile, and he has a great arm.  Jovon Jackson is also a good 
    running back and he should be called on to wear down defenses.
    Tulsa will need to improve its offense to win more games.  They have a 
    good offense with their running attack featuring Uril Parrish and 
    Brandon Diles.  
    UAB has a very good offense that is led by their quarterback, Darnell 
    Hackney.  He has young, unproven wide receivers, so he'll need to use 
    all of his talent for UAB to be successful.  He is one of the better 
    quarterbacks in the Conference USA. 
    UCF will have a good season if their quarterbacks can step it up.  
    UCF's wide receivers should do fine, which leaves no excuse for their 
    quarterback to play poorly.  Their offensive line will also need to 
    UTEP has a great receiving corps, which is why they do so well on 
    offense.  Jordan Palmer has plenty of time to find the open receiver, 
    thanks to his offensive line.  UTEP needs a little work on the 
    defensive side of the ball, though. 
    F. Independents
    Army's season lies on their entire offensive line.  The offensive line 
    will need to do well for Carlton Jones to do good rushing the ball.  
    Carlton Jones is a very good player, so he will need to make big plays 
    Navy will need to be able to successfully replace quarterback Aaron 
    Polanco.  If Lamar Owens or Brian Hampton struggle for you, you will 
    likely have a bad season.  Navy will need to execute in the passing 
    game to have a good season.
    Notre Dame
    You should have a good season with Notre Dame if you're able to run a 
    balance offense that equally passes and rushes the ball.  Brady Quinn 
    is a great quarterback that can find the open receiver, and he also has 
    great leadership.  Darius Walker, who is a sophomore, will have to step 
    it up in the running game to improve the teams' offense.
    Not much looks good for Temple this year as they lost their two best 
    players to the NFL draft last season.  They will struggle on both on 
    offense and defense, and this team will need a complete overhaul.  The 
    one good player that they have is their defensive end, Mike Mendenhall.  
    G. MAC
    Akron's success will lie on their offensive line and the way their 
    offense executes.  Now that Charlie Frye has left and is in the NFL 
    now, the team will be left with an inexperienced quarterback as the 
    starter.  Domenik Hixon should help your choice of quarterback because 
    he is a very athletic wide receiver that has the ability to improve his 
    Ball State
    Ball State isn't as bad as many people think.  Their team isn't great, 
    but quarterback Joey Lynch should be able to command the offense well.  
    The defense will need to step up, though.  The front seven will need to 
    apply more pressure on the quarterback if Ball State wants to be 
    Bowling Green
    Omar Jacobs is obviously the key to Bowling Green's team.  Jacobs is an 
    outstanding quarterback that can sit in the pocket and find the open 
    receiver.  Jacobs can also run the ball well, even though he is a 
    pretty large quarterback.  Bowling Green's pass defense will also need 
    to improve.
    Buffalo may have a pretty weak team, but they will be able to stay 
    close in most of their games.  They have a weak schedule, and may be 
    able to surprise people with a few wins.  Gamara Williams is Buffalo's 
    top player and he should be able to make a big difference in the team's 
    pass defense.
    Central Michigan
    Central Michigan's pass defense will need to take a stride forward for 
    the team to improve.  Their top pass rusher, Daniel Bazuin, should be 
    able to put enough pressure on the quarterback.  
    Eastern Michigan
    Eastern Michigan has a fairly good defense, but there is a big question 
    mark on offense for this team.  Eastern Michigan has a great secondary 
    that shouldn't allow many big plays.  On offense Matt Bohnet will need 
    to make some big plays for Eastern Michigan.
    Kent State
    Kent State's defense will carry them far, and maybe even to a bowl game 
    if you're lucky.  If you want to make that bowl game, your running game 
    will need to be successful.  Luke Tillman and Jon Drager should be able 
    to wear down the opposing defense.
    Miami (OH)
    Miami University should be able to make a bowl game, since they're in a 
    very weak conference.  Josh Betts should be able to lead this team very 
    far.  He has a good receiving corps and an offensive line that will be 
    able to overpower many defenses.
    Northern Illinois
    Northern Illinois will need play better on defense if they want to be 
    seen as a major threat.  They have talent on offense with their 
    dominate receiving corps, but they may not have a good enough 
    quarterback to feed them the ball.
    Ohio will need to improve their play in the battle of the trenches on 
    the offensive line.  Last season Ohio struggled on the offensive line, 
    which is why they lost games.  If the offensive line is able to 
    execute, Ohio will be able to get the running game going.
    Toledo has a very powerful offense that will overpower many defenses.  
    Bruce Gradkowski is a great quarterback that has great touch on his 
    passes.  He is one of the most accurate passers in all of college 
    football right now.
    Western Michigan
    Western Michigan is led by their wide receiver, Greg Jennings.  
    Jennings is an outstanding athlete that can also return kicks.  You 
    should try to build your team around him.  
    H. Mountain West
    Air Force
    Air Force will be led by their quarterback, Shaun Carney.  Carney had a 
    good season last year during his freshman year and will improve as his 
    career progresses.  He is a good passer and he can also run with the 
    ball if he needs too.
    Brigham Young
    Brigham Young has a talented offense, but they may not have enough 
    talent of the defensive side of the ball to be successful.  The defense 
    will need to become more aggressive and force more turnovers.
    Colorado State
    Colorado State's defense will need to step it up while defending the 
    run.  They can stop the pass well, but they struggle while stopping the 
    running game.  The offensive line should be able to help Colorado 
    State's offense improve.
    New Mexico
    New Mexico has a very good running game with DonTrell Moore and Rodney 
    Ferguson.  The offensive line does a very good job at opening up holes 
    for the back to run through, which is something you should exploit.  
    Their passing game is very weak, which is the biggest problem you will 
    face if you use New Mexico.
    San Diego State
    San Diego State's linebacking corps will need to improve for San Diego 
    State to have a successful season.  If their linebacking corps improves 
    they will be able to stop the run, which is something they've struggled 
    with before.
    Tye Gunn will play an important role in the success of TCU.  His 
    offensive line will need to play well, though.  If the blocking doesn't 
    hold up it may be a long season for TCU.  However, if the offensive 
    line does well, TCU will make a bowl appearance.
    UNLV probably won't have a good year without their old quarterback, but 
    there two junior quarterbacks will obviously need to step up.  Your 
    wide receivers will also need to step up so the team has a go-to 
    Without Alex Smith, Utah will struggle.  Brian Smith will be a great 
    quarterback, but he doesn't have the weapons that Alex Smith had while 
    he was at Utah.  The offense will need to step up now that Smith is 
    Wyoming probably won't do that well in the Mountain West.  The team's 
    pass protection is really lagging, which will eventually get their 
    quarterback injured.  
    I. Pac-10
    Arizona has one of the leagues worst offenses, which is why they 
    struggle to win games.  Mike Bell and Richard Kovalcheck will need to 
    improve from their previous seasons in order to get the offense moving.  
    While recruiting you should look for a quarterback that can lead your 
    team during his four years at Arizona.
    Arizona State
    Arizona State has a very explosive offense featuring two All-American 
    caliber players in Derek Hagan and Zach Miller.  Quarterback Sam Keller 
    should have a great year with these receivers.  Arizona State also has 
    a talented defense, but they need to improve their play on the 
    defensive line.
    California has lost a lot of their key players from last year's team, 
    but they should be able to overcome this.  The offense will struggle at 
    first, but once you get Jeff Tedford on a role, he will surprise you 
    with his excellent play.  
    Oregon's offensive line will need to improve for Oregon to have a 
    successful season.  Terrance Whitehead is a great running back, but he 
    will need to have a lane to run through.  Oregon will also need to 
    improve their linebacking corps, which is where they lack experience.  
    Oregon State
    Oregon State had a very good defense last year, but most of their best 
    defensive players have left.  If the players replacing them can perform 
    well, then Oregon State will be successful.  Oregon State also has a 
    great wide receiver in Mike Hass.  Hass is a possible All-American 
    candidate, and can make any quarterback look good.
    Stanford's offensive line will need to be successful for Stanford to 
    have a good season.  The team has an experienced quarterback, Trent 
    Edwards, that should be able to fire the ball to his receivers if he is 
    given enough time.
    UCLA has a very talented team that will surprise many people.  They 
    have an outstanding rushing attack which is led by Maurice Drew.  You 
    should expect big things from him.  UCLA has a lot of problems on 
    defense, though.  They have a porous rush defense that has great 
    difficulty while trying to stop the run game.  Their passing defense 
    isn't all that great either.  I would work on recruiting defensive 
    players if I were to control UCLA.
    USC is obviously the most dominate team in college football.  They have 
    a very dominate offense featuring Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush.  The 
    offensive line plays very well, which is one of the reasons why they 
    are so successful, not to take anything away from either of those 
    players, though.  USC also has one of the top defenses in college 
    football.  The only position they really need to improve is cornerback.
    For Washington to have a season that isn't laughable, they will need to 
    stop turning the ball over so much on offense.  The offensive line will 
    also need to be more efficient while blocking.  Washington doesn't have 
    much of a quarterback, so you should probably look for a top 
    quarterback while recruiting.
    Washington State
    Washington State has some talent on offense, but they need a 
    quarterback that can lead the team.  The front seven on the defensive 
    side of the ball play amazingly well, and they will play an important 
    role in Washington State's success.
    J. SEC
    Alabama should have a good season this season since they have a lot of 
    returning starters on both sides of the ball.  The defensive line 
    should have a big year.  Alabama also has a great secondary, which is 
    the reason why their defense is so successful.
    The offense may struggle for you this season without Matt Jones, but 
    that should be expected when you lose such an athletic player.  Your 
    quarterback will need to step up and get the ball to Marcus Monk.  Monk 
    is a big receiver that can make big plays.
    Sophomore quarterback, Brandon Cox, will need to step up for the Auburn 
    offense.  After losing Carnell "Cadillac" Williams and Ronnie Brown to 
    the NFL Draft, the offense will definitely slip in terms of production.  
    It'll be your job to find a new running back during your time 
    The key to the Florida Gators team will be their quarterback, Chris 
    Leak.  Leak should be able to connect with wide receiver Chad Jackson, 
    which is why they will have a powerful offense.
    Georgia will look to impress many people this year as D.J. Shockley 
    takes control of the Georgia team.  Shockley has tremendous speed, even 
    though he is a large quarterback.  Georgia doesn't exactly have a 
    number one wide receiver, so one of the receivers will need to step it 
    Kentucky's offense will definitely need to improve if they want to 
    contend in the SEC.  Kentucky needs more depth on offense all-around, 
    which is why you should concentrate on improving the offense during 
    LSU's offense is loaded with talent and you will need to dominate on 
    the offensive side of the ball to win games.  They have on of the most 
    talented receiving corps in college football, which will help your 
    starting quarterback.
    Mississippi's offense will definitely need to improve for the team to 
    get back into shape.  The Rebels have trouble at the quarterback 
    position, and they can definitely use their amazing quarterback Eli 
    Manning, who used to play for Ole Miss.
    Mississippi State
    Mississippi State has a decent team, but they definitely need to 
    improve their passing game.  Omarr Conner doesn't look that good in the 
    pocket and he will need to be replaced.  I would definitely look for a 
    top quarterback while recruiting.
    South Carolina
    South Carolina has a good team, but they won't play well, since they 
    have a tough schedule.  They also have a bit of a situation at the 
    quarterback position, which may cause them to struggle early in the 
    Tennessee has a great team that has big expectations when you first 
    start dynasty mode.  They have a tough schedule, so it will be hard to 
    meet these expectations.  Tennessee has one of the best defenses in 
    college football, so I would expect them to play a lot of low scoring 
    games.  You may want to tone your skills on offense before you start 
    playing with Tennessee. 
    Vanderbilt has never been a successful program, so I wouldn't expect a 
    quick change.  Vanderbilt will need to improve their running game to 
    get some more respect in the SEC.
    K. Sun Belt
    Arkansas State
    Arkansas State has a chance at winning the Sun Belt conference.  They 
    have one of the most explosive offenses in the Sun Belt division, which 
    will be the way they win games.  Arkansas State has a very inconsistent 
    defense that will need to be improved on during recruiting.  You can 
    definitely use a JUCO player for some experience. 
    Florida Atlantic
    Florida Atlantic will have a very tough time trying to pull off a 
    winning season.  They have a very small offensive line that will be 
    overpowered by many teams.  I would definitely work on improving the 
    offensive line through recruiting.
    Florida International
    Florida International can expect an improvement on the offensive side 
    of the ball this year, since they have quite a few veterans returning 
    to the starting lineup.  There defense will struggle badly, though.  
    Florida International has a very weak pass defense, and this is why 
    they will lose so many games.
    Jerry Babb is a great quarterback, and quite possibly the best 
    quarterback in the Sun Belt conference.  He is also a threat to 
    scramble, which makes it hard for defenses to create a gameplan against 
    the Louisiana-Lafayette offense.
    Louisiana-Monroe has problems on the defensive side of the ball.  They 
    give up a lot of yardage and they're usually burned on deep plays, 
    which is why you should try to recruit cornerbacks with a very good 
    forty time.
    Middle Tennessee State
    Middle Tennessee State has a very good team, but don't receive much 
    credit since they never execute.  They have a very good front seven on 
    defense, which is why they're so successful while stopping the run 
    North Texas
    North Texas has a very good running game that features Patrick Cobbs 
    and Jamario Thomas.  They are one of the most feared running back 
    combinations throughout college football, and you should use that to 
    your advantage.  You should also call a lot of play action plays 
    because this will usually catch the opposing teams' defense off guard.
    Troy has a very good defense, which is the key to their success.  
    Linebacker, Bernard Davis, is a very strong player that does his best 
    to make the stop.  He can single-handedly shut down the run game.
    L. WAC
    Boise State
    Boise State has an extremely strong offense with an experienced 
    offensive line.  Jared Zabransky should play well for you know that he 
    is more experienced and has a better group of receivers to pass to.  
    Boise State should win the WAC conference.
    Fresno State
    Fresno State has a very successful running game that should be even 
    better this year.  Fresno State's offensive line is more experienced, 
    and can open up holes for Bryson Sumlin and Wendell Mathis.  Fresno 
    State should continue its success defending the pass, but expect them 
    to struggle while defending the run.
    Hawaii will be a very different team compared to last season after 
    losing Timmy Chang and their two best running backs.  On the defensive 
    side of the ball, Hawaii will need to improve on stopping the run game, 
    which something they have struggled doing in the past.
    Idaho has a very weak defense that will need a lot of help from 
    recruiting.  They have problems stopping both the passing game and the 
    run game.  Idaho needs some work on their secondary, which should help 
    some of the problems mentioned above.
    Louisiana Tech
    Louisiana Tech does a good job at putting pressure on the quarterback, 
    but the secondary still seems to have trouble shutting down the 
    receivers.  I would work on recruiting a top cornerback to try to 
    improve Louisiana Tech's pass defense.
    Nevada has a good offense that features a great wide receiving corps.  
    Jeff Rowe does a great job getting the ball to his receivers.  The only 
    problem Nevada may have is on the offensive line, which is where they 
    have quite a few inexperienced players.
    New Mexico State
    New Mexico State has a very tough time trying to stop the run while 
    their on defense.  This is because they don't get much of a pass rush 
    at the line of scrimmage.  You should work on New Mexico State's 
    outside linebackers if you choose to play as them in dynasty mode.
    San Jose State
    San Jose State has a very powerful offensive line and a pair of quick, 
    speedy running backs.  These running backs may not have much power, but 
    they will be able to get through the massive holes created by the 
    offensive line and turn them into big gains.
    Utah State
    Utah State's offense is basically non-existent.  They have one of the 
    worst running games throughout college football, which isn't exactly 
    something you want.  Utah State's passing game is also pretty bad, but 
    it's better then the run game.  During recruiting I would make a major 
    push for one of the top running backs.
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