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    Ncaa Football 2006 FAQ
    Table of Contents
    Version History..............(2)
    Game Basics..................(3)
    Offensive Strategies.........(4)
    Defensive Strategies.........(5)
    Defensive Formations.........(6)
    Recruiting Tips..............(7)
    In-Season Recruiting.........(9)
    Race For the heisman.........(10)
    Contact Information..........(14)
    Legal Stuff..................(15)
    Intro (1)
    Welcome to my guide for Ncaa Football 2006. This is my first attempt at making
    a guide for a sports game so I hope it turns out good. I am a huge fan of 
    college football and this is possibly the best Ncaa football game so far.
    Version History (2)
    Version 0.45
    Nov. 7th- did intro, offensive strategies, defensive strategies, defensive 
    formations, recruiting tips
    Version 0.85
    Nov. 8th- finished dynasty, in-season recruiting, race for heisman, pennants  
    QB: Quarterback
    HB: Half back
    RB: Running back
    TB: Tail back
    FB: Fullback
    WR: Wide Receiver
    OL: Offensive Line
    DL: Defensive Line
    LB: Line Backer
    DE: Defensive end
    CB: Cornerback
    FS: Free Saftey
    SS: Strong Safety 
    TE: Tight End
    DB: Defensive Back
    PA: Play Action
    int: interception
    td: touchdown
    FG: Field Goal
    Game Basics (3)
    Discipline, training, and  recruting budgets
    At the beggining of each off season the game will ask you to set you budgets.
    The best I have found is recruiting 40, training, 40, and discipline 20. One
    exception is if my team is having disipline problems and I don't need that 
    many recruits I will set more discipline points and less recruiting points.
    Disciplining players and being put on probation
    If you don't disipline your players good enough during the season and your
    NCAA interest meter gets high then your school will be investigated. If you 
    are put on probation you will be sanctioned. The samctions are: loss of 
    scholarships, ineligible for a bowl game, or ineligible for conference 
    championship. To keep your players from getting in trouble recruit only 
    players with good discipline and run a tight ship. Suspend them for at least
    five games to keep them from getting in trouble again.
    Offensive Strategies (4)
    In this section I will tell you what you need to be able to run certain 
    offensive types, wishbone etc. And what is the best playbook to run for 
    certain formations.
    Flexbone Offense
    Thye flexbone is possibly the hardest offense to  run in this game. If you 
    don't have a very good offensive line and fast running backs you will get 
    killed. Every time you try to do a sweep with one of the wingbacks, one of the
    ends or a linebacker will usually tackle the qb before he can even hand the 
    ball off to the back. You also need a fast qb and good blocking receivers if
    you want to run a good option offense out of this formation. To perfect this
    offense, you need a good Fullback who can get solid 4-7 yard runs and block 
    well. One more thing is that you need solid TEs that can block and catch 
    passes. The best playbook for the flexbone is Air Force's.
    Fast QB (78 speed or more)
    Good Offensive line
    VERY fast Running Backs
    WRs that can block well
    Solid FB that can block and run well
    TEs that can block and catch passes
    If you have all of that you will be able to run a good flexbone offense.
    The spread is a very fun offense. To start you obviously need a good QB who
    can run and pass well since you will be doing some option out of the shotgun.
    You will also need a RB who is fast and can come out of the backfield and 
    catch passes as well as block well. You will also need some good WRs that have
    good hands and speed. A good pass-blocking OL is also needed if you don't want
    to get sacked a lot. You will not ever need FBs or TEs in this offense. The 
    best playbook to run the spread is Florida's.
    QB that can pass and run
    RBs that can come out of the backfield and catch passes
    Good pass blocking OL
    WRs with good hands and speed
    The wishbone can be extremely effective or extremely frustrating. For starters
    you need good depth at RB (at least four good RBs). You also need a solid FB
    who can lead block and get good five yard runs. You obviously need a good OL
    that run blocks well. If you want to run the option you will need a speedy QB
    that can juke. If you have two fast RBs the HB option will work really well
    for you and get you around eight yards everytime you run it unless the defense
    is blitzing from the right side. Good blocking TEs are crucial since so many
    of the runs are to the outside. To give some more insurance you also need WRs
    who can block pretty good. I don't know any playbooks that have the wishbone
    formation in them so go to the create a playbook screen and put it in.
    Fast QB
    RBs that can turn the corner
    Good OL and TEs
    Depth at RB
    Solid blocking WRs
    Running Offense
    Here are some good formations to use if you want to pound the ball down your
    opponents throat.
    I form tight 
    2 TE, 1 HB, 1 FB, 1 WR
    Power I 
    1 HB, 2 FB, 2 TE
    Full House
    1 HB, 1 FB, 3 TE
    Wishbone Tight
    2 HB, 1 FB, 2 TE
    Pass Happy
    Here are the formations that I found worked best if you like to pass a lot.
    No Back
    5 Wrs
    Shotgun Spread
    4 Wrs, 1 RB
    Shotgun 5 wide
    5 WRs 
    Shotgun Trips
    4 WRs, 1 HB
    Offensive Tips
    When you are down near the goal line a great play to use that will almost 
    always get you a td is an option out of the shotgun or some kind of handoff to
    the outside with a WR. When you are driving down the field try to mix up your
    playcalling and play balanced. For example call a toss, pass, playaction, and 
    run to the outside. How can they perdict what you are running? They can't. 
    Almost everytime you call a post or fade and the defense is in the zone the WR
    will come wide open for a big gain.
    Defensive Strategies (5)
    In this section I will tell you what formations to run in certain situations.
    It will also tell what the CPU likes to do in certain situatons.
    Goal Line
    When a team is inside your five yard line the best plays to use are mad robber
    or any other 4-4 play. You can also use the goal line formation which is the 
    best. You might want to drop back a couple of DBs because the game likes to do
    a PA pass or a drop back pass in these types of situations. Another formation
    that works pretty well is the 5-2. 
    Pinned Down
    When you have a team down on their own one bring the house. A lot of the time
    they will do something stupid like an option or PA rollout and it will get you
    an easy safety. If you don't get to them in time they will just loft it over 
    your head for usually a fifty yard gain and sometimes a TD.
    Two Point Conversions
    When the game goes for a 2 point conversion they will almost always do a draw
    out of the shotgun or some other outside play. To stop this go into the 4-4 
    and blitz both of the outside LBs which will usually stick them in the 
    Other D tips
    On third and long they like to do a slant over the middle. To counter this 
    drop a LB back into coverage and you might get a pick. Also when they line up 
    in five wide they will sometimes do a fade which is impossible to stop when
    you are in the zone, so go with man-to-man when they use five wide most of the
    time, but not everytime. You need to vary your play calling espessially on 
    Heisman difficulty. If you keep calling the same play over and over again, the
    offense will audible and burn you. One of the faults in the AI is that they 
    run the HB pass at least six times a game. Since you never know what's coming
    it works almost every time and it will really piss you off. You will always
    want to get pressure on the QB on 3rd down. At least bring one LB and 
    sometimes you may want to bring at least seven to get pressure and force a bad
    throw. When you are facing a scrambling QB who runs a lot always put in a spy
    or two on third down so he can't just easily run right past the marker.
    Defensive Formations (6)
    Strengths: good run Defense
    Weaknesses: mildly weak pass defense
    The 4-3 works best in running situations ex. 2 and 3. Don't use this in 
    passing situations or you will give up lots of yardage. The only time to use
    this in passing situations is when you have a QB rattled and want to get 
    pressure on him. If a team is passing when you use this they are likely to get
    a first down because the safeties have to come in and play man coverage if you
    are blitzing your outside LBs and that's never good.
    Strengths: Good slant coverage
    Weaknesses: Bad run defense
    This is almost impossible to throw over the middle on if you drop back all 
    four LBs into coverage. If your opponent runs a draw you are helpless unless
    you have some very good D-Lineman. Never use this on first down or any running
    situation. Even if you blitz the LBs the RB will run by like it's nothing
    easily into your secondary.
    Strengths: 6 DBs
    Weaknesses: only five men in the box
    This is a very good formation for 2nd and 3rd downs. If you haven't blitzed in
    a while this has all sorts of blitzing plays involving the CBs and the LB and 
    can be very effective in forcing the QB to make a bad decision and turn the
    ball over. 
    Strengths: 5 DBs and 2 LBs 
    Weaknesses: Bad against slants and middle routes
    You can get more pressure on the QB because of the two LBs. The problem is the
    safeties will have to play man to man. The only time you should use this is
    when you are trying to sack and/or pressure the QB.
    3-3-5 Stack
    Strengths: Good at getting pressure 
    Weaknesses: Weak pass defense, weak against draw plays
    If you are facing a young, rattled QB, the middle blitz works well to force
    a turnover. If you use the middle blitz and they call a draw, the RB will slip
    right by your LBs and into your secondary. You are also going to get burned if
    they pick up the blitz because of the weak pass defense.
    Same as Dime just different plays and the players are lined up slightly 
    Recruiting Tips (7)
    The best recruiting budget I have found is 40 since it balances out with 
    discipline and training. When recruiting starts, target all of your needs
    first. It really sucks when you QB gets hurt in the middle of the season and
    you have to start a walk on because you didn't recruit another QB. If you
    already have met all of your needs go after the players that fit your system.
    Ie. if you like to run the ball go after OL and RBs. When you are trying to
    decide a pitch look at the player's scouting report. If he is from your town
    try the location pitch, if you run the ball and he is a RB use the coaching 
    style pitch. It is usually random though. Some pitches will even lower the 
    prospects interest in your school. Like if he wants to go to a school with
    good acedemics an your acedemics is a one star it will lower his interest. 
    Never recruit a player with poor discipline unless you have to. More often 
    than not, it will hurt your school and possibly get you put on probation. If
    you have any recruiting points left when you are done say yes when it asks you
    if the CPU can recruit for you because it will usaully get you a couple of
    three star commitments.
    Dynasty (8)
    The object of dynasty is to take a team and turn them into a powerhouse. When 
    you start, you will be asked to select a team. From there you can go into 
    'preseason options' and change your schedule to what you want, as well as 
    start recruiting and look in the Athlon magazine to find out the preseason 119
    and the conference projections. Sometimes before games you will be informed
    that one of your players have violated team rules. You must punish them or the
    Ncaa interest meter will rise and you may be put on probation which isn't 
    pleasent. In the coach options menu it will tell you what your goals for the
    season are. If you are a two star program the goals will be modest like "have 
    a winning record". If you accomplish your goals your coach prestige will rise
    and you may get a contract extension. If you consistently fail to meet your
    goals or have numerous losing seasons you may get fired.If you quit a coaching
    job before your contract is up and go somewhere else your coaching prestige
    will go down.
    In-Season Recruiting (9)
    At the start of the season you must target some recruits. After you have 
    targeted them, you have to set a certain number of recruiting points out of 
    the 100 that you are given. Always go after what you need. It is much easier 
    to recruit during the season than in the offseason because all you have to do 
    is win. On the scouting report for each recruit will be a list of eight 
    schools. As the season goes on, the list will be narrowed down to three 
    schools. You can then invite them for a visit. Always invite them during a 
    game because if you win he will usually comit to you if you are at the top of 
    his list. The best number of players to target is five or six so you can 
    evenly give the points.
    Race For the Heisman (10)
    The object of Race for the Heisman is to try to build up a great college 
    player and then try to get drafted in Madden 07. At the start you will need to
    choose what position you want to play. Next, you will do a drill and depending
    on how well you do in it is how big of a college you will be given a 
    scholarship to. You can also choose to walk on to a school. Wow, I didn't know
    they could judge how good a player can be in college by one drill. After you
    have enrolled you will be moved to your dorm. From here you can look at the
    stats on your computer, go practice some drills, look at a picture of your
    girlfriend who is either ugly or hot depending on how well your doing, look at
    your fan mail, or start your season.
    Teams (11)
    In this section I will breakdown all 119 teams and tell about their 
    tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses.
    SEC (west)
    Alabama Crimson Tide
    Strengths: Defense, running game
    Weaknesses: WRs, OL
    Rivals: Auburn, LSU, Tennessee
    Offensive scheme: balanced
    Brodey Croyle has a very strong arm, but has accuracy problems and is not
    mobile at all. The rest of the QBs after him are terrible.
    Kenneth Darby is one of the best HBs you will find in this game. He can run to
    the outside and break a 20 yard run up the middle. Tim Castille is the best FB
    in the SEC. Castille and Leron McClain are the best FB tandem in the game. 
    McClain and Castille are also great at coming out of the backfield and 
    catching passes.
    Tyrone Prothro is great at catching the ball and running with it and is also a
    great return man. DJ Hall is a great second receiver to Prothro. He has great 
    hands and good speed. For some weird reason Keith Brown isn't any good in this
    game even though he is great in real life. The TEs are pretty good at 
    blocking, but are not a threat in the passing game. None of the other WRs are
    any good.
    There is NO good OL for Bama besidesthe center. You will probably be sacked a
    lot your first year because Croyle is so slow.
    Alabama has one of the best secondaries you will find. At corner Simeon 
    Castille, Anthony Madison, Ramzee Robinson, and Jeffery Dukes will shut down 
    the opposing WRs. At safety Charlie Peprah and Roman Harper will provide good 
    Alabama has a very very good linebacking unit. Demeco Ryans is one of the best
    and Freddie Roach and Juwan Simpson are solid. Ryans can rush the QB as well 
    as drop back into coverage. Roach is an excellent pash rusher, but isn't very
    good in coverage. Simpson has great speed for pass coverage and getting to the
    QB quickly and easily.
    Both DEs will get a lot of pressure on the QB as well as force fumbles and
    force ints. At DT Jeremy Clark is a 300 pound monster that is great at 
    stuffing runs up the middle.
    The punter can get solid 45 yard punts consistently and has pretty good 
    accuracy. Jamie Christiensien is a descent kicker, but he can't hit the long
    50 yard FGs. 
    Alabama has protection problems and an unmobile QB, so the best way to go is 
    to use the running game and grind out yardage. On defense they have an awesome
    front seven and a solid secondary. Roll Tide Roll!
    Auburn Tigers
    Strengths:  WRs, OL, DEs
    Weaknesses: LBs
    Rivals: Alabama, Georgia
    Offensive Scheme: Balanced
    Brandon Cox is not a great QB, but can throw slants, screens, and other short 
    passes well. You will almost never hit a pass downfield with Cox.
    Kenny Irons and Tre Smith are a good one-two punch at tailback. They have a 
    pretty descent fullback who can run block well. 
    Courtney Taylor is a solid possesion receiver who is good at coming down with
    jump balls because of his size and strength. The other two receivers Obamanu
    and the other guy who's name I can't pronounce also have good speed and hands.
    Their first TE is a solid threat in the passing game and he blocks well.
    Auburn has a very good all around offensive line. You will not be giving up 
    many sacks with these guys. They all have all-SEC talent all the way around.
    The corners are solid in coverage and don't give up to many big plays deep.
    The safeties are also good at providing insurance.
    All of the linebackers are fast and are good at getting pressure on the QB.
    You will have a two-headed monster at DE with two great pash rushers. Nobody
    will be running to the outside on you.
    John Vaughn is a solid consistent kicker except against LSU lol. The punter
    has descent range and accuracy.
    They have a very good receiving corps. great DL, and a very, very good OL and
    are very solid all the way around even though I hate them being an Alabama 
    More Coming Soon.....
    Pennants (12)
    I will only do the 'game cheats' pennants.
    #199: 1ST AND 5
    Info: This pennant gives you 1st and 5 instead of 1st and 10 for one game.
    Code: N/A
    #200: 1ST AND 15
    Info: This pennant forces your opponent to gain 15 yards for a first down.
    Code: Thanks
    #201: BLINK
    Info: This pennant causes the ref to spot the ball short for your opponent.
    Code: For
    #202: BOING
    Info: This pennant increases your opponent's chances of dropping passes.
    Code: Registering
    #203: BRAKES
    Info: This pennant helps you angle punts deep into your opponent's territory.
    Code: N/A
    Info: This pennant increases your opponent's chances of fumbling for one game.
    Code: With EA
    Info: This pennant allows your QB to throw the ball past the line of 
    Code: Tiburon
    #206: CUFFED
    Info: This pennant prevents your team from fumbling or throwing interceptions.
    Code: EA Sports
    #207: EXTRA CREDIT
    Info: This pennant gives your team 4 points for each interception and 3 for 
          each sack.
    Code: touchdown
    #208: HELIUM
    Info: This Old Spice Red Zone Performance Pennant improves your players' 
          catching ability for one game.
    Code: In The Zone
    #209: HURRIANCE
    Info: This Old Spice Red Zone Performance Pennant improves your team's 
          pass rush on defense for one game.
    Code: N/A
    Info: This pennant gives your team 5 downs instead of 4 to make a first down.
    Code: Impact
    #211: JUMBALAYA
    Info: This pennant adds points to your score when your player is injured.
    Code: Heisman
    #212: MOLASSES
    Info: This pennant increases your opponent's fatigue factor for one game.
    Code: Game Time
    #213: NIKE FREE
    Info: The Nike Free Trainer increases your ability to break tackles for one 
    Code: N/A
    Info: The Nike Magnigrip Gloves incease your players' chances of intercepting
          a pass.
    Code: N/A
    #215: NIKE PRO
    Info: The NikePro Apparel improves your quarterback's passing accuracy for 
          one game.
    Code: N/A
    #216: NIKE SPEED TD
    Info: The Nike Speed TD shoe increases your receivers' chances of burning 
          the coverage deep.
    Code: N/A
    #217: PITCH IT
    Info: This pennant causes your opponent to fumble every time they try to juke.
    Code: N/A
    #218: PROTECTION
    Info: This Old Spice Red Zone Performance Pennant improves your players' pass 
          blocking for one game.
    Code: N/A
    #219: QB DUD
    Info: This pennant causes your opponent's passes to be high and wobbly.
    Code: Elite 11
    #220: QB ROCKET
    Info: This pennant increases your quarterback's passing range for one game.
    Code: N/A
    #221: STEEL TOE
    Info: This Old Spice Red Zone Performance Pennant increases your kicker's 
          kicking range for one game.
    Code: N/A
    #222: STIFFED
    Info: This pennant doubles your opponent's penalty yardage for one game.
    Code: NCAA
    #223: SUPER DIVE
    Info: This pennant increases your players' ability to dive for one game.
    Code: N/A
    #224: TAKE YOUR TIME
    Info: This pennant gives you unlimited timeouts for one game.
    Code: Football
    #225: THREAD & NEEDLE
    Info: This pennant narrows the uprights when your opponent tries a field goal.
    Code: 06
    #226: TOUGH AS NAILS
    Info: This pennant makes your QB almost impossible to sack for one game.
    Code: Offense
    #227: TRIP
    Info: This pennant increases your DB's chances of jamming his man at the line.
    Code: Defense
    #228: WHAT A HIT
    Info: This pennant increases your opponent's chances of getting injured.
    Code: Blitz
    #229: KICKER HEX
    Info: This pennant causes the wind to be in your favor on field goals.
    Code: Sideline
    Credits (13)
    EA Sports- for anothr great football game
    NCAA- for letting them play football.... I guess
    Football- for being so great
    Me- for typing this up
    Contact Information (14) 
    Email Adress: rolltide19921@yahoo.com
    Don't send any Junk mail
    If you ask a question already answered in the guide you will be ignored
    If you send in something you will be given full credit for it
    Don't ask the same thing over and over again
    Do NOT post this on your site without my permission
    Legal Stuff (15)
    This guide can not be copied without permission of the author. It can 
    not be used as any means of profit. 
    Roll Tide Roll

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