Review by Vivox

Reviewed: 09/17/05

Not a film sequel, but it will do! (for now)

Vivox's Review of Evil Dead: Regeneration

Evil Dead: Regeneration is the latest game (the fourth, counting the Commodore 64 game) in the Evil Dead video game series, which is based upon, in my opinion, one of the best, if not the best, horror movie series ever.

Story: This game, like every game and movie in the series, takes the story from the previous installments and throws it out the window and stomps it in the ground. In this game, Army of Darkness never took place, and instead, Ash is arrested for the murders of everyone who died in the cabin and is put into an insane asylum. But, the man who runs the asylum is crazier than the inmates and unleashes the power of the necrinomicon on an unsuspecting populace. Now, Ash and his half deadite companion Sam (one of the doctors experiments with the necrinomicon) now must close a bunch of portals to stop the mad doctor plans. Really, the games concept, that Army of Darkness and the other games never happened, is an interesting one, and the inclusion of a sidekick (which I originally thought was gonna be stupid) is pretty cool. Honestly, I liked the story alot. The Story gets a 9 out of 10.

Gameplay: Alot has changed since the last game. Now (much to my happiness) this time around you don't have to collect ammo, and there aren't infinite hordes of deadites that attack you nonstop from ever angle. This game is a action-adventure where you collect secrets (pages of the necrinomicon), fight deadites, and kick and possess Sam to solve puzzles (or to simply kill him). That's right, not only do you play as Ashly J. Williams, you play as a wise cracking half deadite, Sam, played by none other than Ted Raimi! You go place to place, killing deadites as you go with your chainsaw and boomstick... and as Evil Ash, his deadite "other half". Very cool. The Gameplay gets a 9 out of 10.

Graphics: This game looks good. My little brother even commented to me while I was playing it that he thought the graphics were pretty good (and he is pretty picky when it comes to graphics). And I agree. The cut scenes look fairly decent, and the in-game graphics are good as well. The environments, while a bit bland are well designed and look nice (well, as nice as a blood spattered asylum or a cemetery can look). Like stated earlier, the cut scenes are well done. I loved one where they did the sun setting effect done in Evil Dead II (fans will know what I mean). The Graphics get a 8 out of 10.

Music\Sound: Well done. The sounds are great and the voice acting (featuring Bruce Campbell and Ted Raimi) are what you'd expect from that pair: awesome! This game has all the snide comments and taunts you'd expect from Ash and Sam adds to it by constantly telling stories and asking questions to which Ash usually responded by physically threatening Sam. The music in the game is definitely what I would call Evil Dead "style" music, although I would have liked the main theme from Army of Darkness (ya know, the one where Ash is getting dragged through the desert at the beginning of the movie?) The Music\Sound get a 9 out of 10.

Replayability: Regeneration is short and has many extras for you to find. Fans will definitely play through this game a few times. I beat the game pretty quickly, and I will definitely play through this game a few times. But, this game will definitely get more playtime depending on if you are a fan of the series or not. The Replayability gets a 8 out of 10.

Buy, or Rent?: This game is a buy. You cannot beat a price tag of $20. It is definitely a worthy buy for fans of the films. If you don't want to spend $20, by all means give it a rent. But for fans, this is a must have game at an unbeatable price.

This game is a great, well put together game that fans of the series will love. Don't believe the bad reviews from game magazines or non-fans, seeing as how they don't know the source material and have never seen the movies. When I picked up a Fistful of Boomstick last year, the store clerk told me that Evil Dead fans "live under logs". Well, this is a great game and is definitely for us people who "live under logs".

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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