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"Third time the charm? Maybe..."

Fans of the Evil Dead movies/games are a rare breed. They are not as popular as your Final Fantasy fans, or your Grand Theft Auto fans. But there is one thing about them; they love Evil Dead no matter what.

I love the movies, but as for the video games…I have my problems with a few of them. The first game “Hail to the King” was a disaster. Most gamers do not enjoy this title, but you'll find some that actually like it. Who knew? A Fistful of Boomstick was the next game, and some people thought it was too short, or wasn't creative enough. It was my perfect Evil Dead game, and some other fans also loved it. With the release of Regeneration, I thought that the next level was going to be reached to the Evil Dead series. I was close, but wrong. Sure some changes were made, but when I play the game I feel as if more steps were taken backwards instead of forwards. This is probably because the programmers/producers didn't want to take the time to make a full game, and just made a short version of what they could of completed if they wanted to.

Sad really, since we need an Evil Dead game that has the gameplay and presentation of titles like Silent Hill or Resident Evil. The story and plot for the Evil Dead games are good, but they lack in creativeness when you start to play them. They either become boring with repetition, or they turn into mindless shooting games. Hopefully, the next Evil Dead game (I hope that there is a fourth) will be the gem of everyone's collection.


The game itself is short...As in you can finish this game in about five hours short. No wonder the game is only twenty bucks. If they charged forty or fifty bucks for this, people would be hunting them down like Deadites at a Williams family reunion. Then to almost add insult to injury, they repeat the same formula for several levels. Basically, the part where you need to get a soul, and Sam needs to make it back to the gatekeeper in one piece. You'll do this a lot in the game. I'd have to say about four times, which is three times too many. The level is fun once, but when you are constantly doing it, it becomes boring and almost like doing a chore. I don't know why it took so long for another Evil Dead game to be released, and yet it's just as short (or maybe even shorter) than the last game.

The story for the game is perfect, and even though I thought that Sam would be annoying, he was just as funny as Ash was. His mini-levels were fun to complete, and usually ended with me laughing. Though they did repeat the same actions, there wasn't any type of variety in what Sam could handle. 9/10


No complaints here. I was happy with what I was seeing on the TV screen. Even though there were a few bugs with things loading up, it only happened twice. The cut scenes were very detailed, and if you were to watch them all in a row, it could be like watching an Evil Dead movie of sorts. 8/10


Bruce Campbell once again did a great job with the voice acting. Ted Raimi's performance was also well done. When these two bicker back and forth, you almost want to stop playing and just listen to them. It's a shame that when they talk, this is the only time that you'll hear any background sounds. Only certain mini-levels have background music to them. So, when you're moving along in the level and are not killing anything, it can be quiet...Almost too quiet. 8/10


The gameplay is very easy to learn. Just shoot whatever you see...And sometimes you can take out your anger on your pint-sized parter, which always makes for some entertainment. Too bad only one level has some areas to launch Sam into for a humorous result. Ash has a few weapons for each hand, and you'll never run out of ammo. I guess this is cool for some gamers, but I'd prefer to have to find my ammo first, and then maybe as an unlockable feature, have infinite ammo. The targeting system in the game could of been better. There will be times when you're trying to shoot at a Deadite/Creature, and your targeting icon won't show up. Or you'll end up shooting something else just because it happened to be in front of you. This also works with kicking Sam. Even though you're targeting something sort of far away, if another object is in the direct line of travel, Sam will attach himself to that object first.

I did encounter some glitches in the game. Twice, as I was heading to a new area in the level, I couldn't see the floor, but I could see the trees/buildings/etc. that would be on top of the ground. One of these times, I had to escort Sam back to the Peeper with the soul. I stopped before I reached the missing floor...Sam didn't, and he died. I had to redo that part of the level because of the glitch. The second time, I had to backtrack a bit and then hope that the floor would load up this time. It did. Saving can also cause the game to freeze up, if you do your button commands too fast that is. I went to save and knew what I needed to press, and I guess something was still working in the background and the game just froze. I had to restart the game, and luckily I didn't erase anything from the memory card. 9/10

Lasting Appeal

Having all three Evil Dead games, this one is almost the best out of the group. If they had made the game longer, or didn't repeat certain levels/mini levels, or had the one-liner button like A Fistful of Boomstick had...Then this game would be in the number one spot. Instead, A Fistful of Boomstick remains the best Evil Dead game in my opinion.

The game isn't very long. You can easily complete it in less than six hours, maybe even five. Evil Dead fans will love the game, but if you are expecting a game that is at least ten hours long, or has a lot of depth to it, or has a ton of secrets/unlockables…Then keep on moving, because there isn't anything to see here. 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/17/05

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