How can you delete walls?

  1. I try to delete walls and floors in the games but its not letting me, is there another way?

    User Info: befyxcore

    befyxcore - 8 years ago
  2. Clarification Request:
    Do you mean that it won't let you go to the Build Catalog? If so there is nothing you can do.

    User Info: gabouga

    gabouga - 8 years ago

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  1. Part A.
    Wall removal.

    1.] Hit the start button to enter the menu.

    2. ] Scroll over to the tab for the Building mode part of the catalog. Hit the X button to select walls and fences.

    3. ] Now hit the Square button. This opens the removal wall and fencing tool.

    Now that you have the wall tool available. Take and place it at one of the corners of the wall or the spot you wish to remove.

    4. ] Press the X button and stretch this wall tool out to cover the area you wish to remove by using your Left Analog stick till you have sufficiently covered the amount you want to remove. [ Notice that it has all X's on it and that it is green. This means you have selected to remove a wall or a fence and it is allowing you to do so.

    5. ] Press the X button again and it is removed / gone. Just hit the Triangle button to exit.

    Part B.

    Removal of floors in detail.

    1. ] Hit the Start button to enter and pause the game.

    2.] Use the upper shoulder buttons / L1 or R 1 button to move over the tabs to select the flooring..

    3. ] Press the X button to enter this part of the catalog menu selection. [ Note- you can scroll through and match the floor to do this. If you selected the grass or soil, you still can remove the entire floor or jest a section / one square. ]

    4. ] Now to enter the Removal of floor tiles and carpet; Hit the Square Button to get the floor tool to appear. When you go to use the Removal tool for floor tiles and carpeting, you will see Red X marks appear on the floor. This is how you can tell that you are going to remove a floor.

    a. ] For the removal of a whole room of carpet or floor tiles. Press and hold the upper L1 shoulder button and hit the X button. Now the floor is gone.

    b. ] For the removal of a section or just one or a few squares of floor tile. Place the floor tool over the first square piece you wish to remove and press the X button.

    Then stretch the floor tool over the other squares of flooring that you want to remove and hit the X button. Now it is gone.

    5. ] Just hit the Triangle button to exit the removal of floors.

    ~Reason for failing to remove the flooring. There is no reason why you should fail. For there is two ways to do this. Just like wallpapering.

    Second way to change the flooring [ and or wall paper ] Is to buy it.

    1. ] Press the start Button to pause the game and enter the building part of the menu catalog.

    2. ] Select the type of floor tile or carpet you want. Press the X button when you find one you think you may like.

    a. ] Press and hold the upper L 1 shoulder button to display an entire room of what you have selected. If you like what you see; hit the X button and it will replace the whole entire room with this floor tile or carpet that you have selected.

    If you do not like it, just hit the Triangle button to exit your selection and chose another type of floor tile or carpet.

    b. ] If you just wish to change a section of the floor. Just select the floor type you want to use and hit the X button to begin. Then stretch it over the area you wish to place this at, whether it be four squares or more.

    Once you are ready; just press the X button to place these pieces of carpet or floor tile down.

    3. ] Then when you are all done, just hit the Triangle button to exit.

    ``Special Note - Wallpaper removal is much like removing floor tiles and carpeting. You can either just buy new wallpaper and put it in there or follow the above steps as explained in the flooring. Just select wallpaper, press Square, then the upper L1 shoulder button and hold it to remove and entire room as you press the X button.

    In Free play; you can kick the family out and bulldoze the whole entire lot. Then rebuild the house from scratch. In story Mode, you cannot bulldoze the lot.

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  1. I think that you might be doing the same thing that you did in the original Sims. You are holding X and dragging the wall/floor to where you want it and releasing X. What you need to do is press X to start the installation, release X and drag to where you want it to go and press X again where you want the wall/floor to end.

    User Info: zzphil18

    zzphil18 - 8 years ago 0 0

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