(create your own question)Does anybody have a map of the Treasure Locations?

  1. Map of the Treasure Locations?

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    patrick_s7 - 8 years ago


  1. No, but Tankboy's pickups FAQ gives a good description for each level.

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  2. PART 1
    Far-C-060(EL 1):Land base in the North West corner of map
    Far-D-070(EL 1):Cargo plane in South going Nort
    Far-E-080(EL 1):Underwater base in Northwest corner
    Far-F-093(EL 2):Transport appears West center of map
    Pac-A-100(EL 1):Transport in Northwest corner
    Pac-A-110(EL 1):Transport in North end
    Pac-C-120(EL 2):Cargo plane appears at beginning of mission flying
    West to East
    Pac-D-130(EL 1):Underwater base East center of map
    Pac-E-140(EL 2):Transport moving North along coast from center
    Pac-G-150(EL 1):Underwater base in the West channel of the center island
    Pac-H-160(EL 2):Cargo plane at West end of map going East
    Pac-I-171(EL 1):Cargo plane appears after destroying all enemy ships
    heading South down center of map
    Pac-I-180(EL 1):Transport appears after sinking Superweapon along East edge of map
    Eur-C-190(EL 1):Cargo plane appears going Northwest toward center of map
    Eur-A-200(EL 2):Kill transport in West center harbor to spawn transport in
    Southwest corner
    Eur-D-210(EL 1):Land base in North center of map
    Eur-I-225(EL 1):Cargo plane going Northwest
    Eur-E-234(EL 2):Cargo plane appears going Northeast from West side of map
    Eur-F-240(EL 2):Cargo plane appears South center of map going North
    Eur-L-250(EL 2):Transport sits Northeast of peninsula
    Eur-C-263(EL 1):Entering harbor triggers a series a transports, which after
    all are destroyed triggers a cargo plane
    Eur-O-272(EL ):Surface base in Northwest corner of map
    Eur-D-280(EL 1):Land base North center of map
    Eur-D-290(EL 1):Surface base West of allied city
    Eur-G-300(EL 1):Underwater base near center of map
    Eur-A-310(EL 2):Transport moving East to West along North edge of map
    Med-A-320(EL 1):Surface base Northwest corner of map behind starting
    Med-B-330(EL 1):Surface base South center of map
    Med-C-340(EL 2):After defeating all enemies, cargo plane appears in South
    end of map going East to West
    Med-C-350(EL 1):Cargo plane appears from Southern airfield when transport
    North of South island is destroyed
    Med-D-360(EL 2):Sink reinforcements triggers a cargo plane flying North from
    the South of big land mass
    Med-E-372(EL 1):Underwater base Northnorthwest side of map
    Med-F-380(EL 1):Land base Northeast corner of map
    Med-G-396(EL 1):Surface base North of Northern island
    Med-H-406(EL 1):Underwater base at Southeast enterance of Bay
    Med-I-411(EL 2):Land base along West wall
    Med-J-421(EL 2):Destroy Transport in Southwest corner of map, triggers Cargo plane flying south to south west down center of map
    Med-K-431(EL 2):At 1st announcement of reinforcments transport appears
    West-North-West of map, South of airbase
    Eur-A-440(EL 1):Cargo Plane appears over Eastern land mass after destroying
    a series of transports appearing individually
    Eur-B-450(EL 2):Cargo plane flying South to North along center

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  3. PART 2
    Eur-K-464(EL 1):Underwater base at inland end of fjord

    Eur-I-473(EL 1):After collecting your agents, transport appears at South end
    of map going East to West

    Eur-J-483(EL 2):Transport North of Eastern land mass appears after
    sinking all enemies

    Eur-H-490(EL 1):Surface base near Southwest shore of island

    Eur-M-500(EL 1):Surface base North shore of Northwest island

    Eur-N-510(EL 1):Land base near center of Eastern land mass

    Pac-I-520(EL 2):Transport in Southeast of map

    Pac-F-530(EL 1):Surface base in lake

    Pac-G-542(EL 1):Transport appears after completing all objectives North end of
    map going East to west

    Pac-J-552(EL 2):Transport appears West center of map

    Pac-E-561(EL 1):Ddestroying all transports triggers cargo plane traveling West
    from Southeast of map

    Pac-K-570(EL 2):Sink Northwest transport, then East transport, then West
    transport, then final transport in center

    Pac-A-580(EL 1):After killing Superweapon, transport appears in middle of
    islands heading South quickly

    Pac-B-593(EL 2):Destroy transport in Southwest end to trigger UFO appearing
    over Southeast island traveling quickly West

    Far-G-600(EL 1):Underwater base Northeast center of map

    Far-H-615(EL 2):Transport appears West side of map fleeing from airbase

    Far-H-622(EL 1):Transport sits Northeast of island

    Far-D-630(EL 1):Transport appears in Northwest behind subs after sinking all

    Far-I-640(EL 2):Surface base in Northwest corner of map

    Far-B-650(EL 1):Cargo plane appears after clearing enemies on West side of
    map going North to South

    Far-C-660(EL 1):Land base Southeast of map center

    Far-C-670(EL 1):Transport sits in bay where superweapon launches

    Far-A-680(EL 2):Unknown

    Arc-Z-690(EL 2):Transport at beginning of mission at top of map moving East
    to west

    Spe-A-700(EL 2):UFO appears with right group of enemies

    Spe-B-710(EL 2):Transport appears at 2nd announcement of reinforcements at
    West edge center of map going North

    Spe-C-720(EL 2):After 1st superweapon is sunk, a UFO appears from West side
    of map with reinforcements

    Spe-E-730(EL 2):Transport appears South west corner of map

    Spe-E-740(EL 2):Transport appears in Southwest corner of map

    Spe-F-750(EL 2):After clearing all enemies, transport appears in South.
    ignore it and head North for cargo plane heading South along West edge

    Spe-G-760(EL 2):Kill transports in corners starting with Southwest, then
    Northwest, then Northeast, travel to center to trigger squid(do not attack
    him). Final transport appears in Southeast corner

    User Info: ivngundamplayer

    ivngundamplayer - 6 years ago 0 0

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