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    Treasure Locations by vyctym

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    Warship Gunner 2
    Secret Treasure Locations
    Playstation 2
    Version 1.03
    Copyright 2006 Jose Agostino
    This document may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for
    personal, private use.  It may not be placed on any website or otherwise
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    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
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    This is a compiled list of how to find secret treasures for individual
    Land bases require a helicopter for item pickup.
    Underwater bases require ASW weapons to hit.
    Make sure to shoot down cargo planes over water as the crates will be
    destroyed if they hit land.
    EL: Enemy Layout.
    Far-C-060(EL 1):Land base in the North West corner of map
    Far-D-070(EL 1):Cargo plane in South going North
    Far-E-080(EL 1):Underwater base in Northwest corner
    Far-F-093(EL 2):Transport appears West center of map
    Pac-A-100(EL 1):Transport in Northwest corner
    Pac-A-110(EL 1):Transport in North end
    Pac-C-120(EL 2):Cargo plane appears at beginning of mission flying
    	West to East
    Pac-D-130(EL 1):Underwater base East center of map
    Pac-E-140(EL 2):Transport moving North along coast from center
    Pac-G-150(EL 1):Underwater base in the West channel of the center island
    Pac-H-160(EL 2):Cargo plane at West end of map going East
    Pac-I-171(EL 1):Cargo plane appears after destroying all enemy ships
    	heading South down center of map
    Pac-I-180(EL 1):Transport appears after sinking Superweapon along East edge
     of map
    Eur-C-190(EL 1):Cargo plane appears going Northwest toward center of map
    Eur-A-200(EL 2):Kill transport in West center harbor to spawn transport in
    Southwest corner
    Eur-D-210(EL 1):Land base in North center of map
    Eur-I-225(EL 1):Cargo plane going Northwest
    Eur-E-234(EL 2):Cargo plane appears going Northeast from West side of map
    Eur-F-240(EL 2):Cargo plane appears South center of map going North
    Eur-L-250(EL 2):Transport sits Northeast of peninsula
    Eur-C-263(EL 1):Entering harbor triggers a series a transports, which after
     all are destroyed triggers a cargo plane
    Eur-O-272(EL  ):Surface base in Northwest corner of map
    Eur-D-280(EL 1):Land base North center of map
    Eur-D-290(EL 1):Surface base West of allied city
    Eur-G-300(EL 1):Underwater base near center of map
    Eur-A-310(EL 2):Transport moving East to West along North edge of map
    Med-A-320(EL 1):Surface base Northwest corner of map behind starting 
    Med-B-330(EL 1):Surface base South center of map
    Med-C-340(EL 2):After defeating all enemies, cargo plane appears in South
    end of map going East to West
    Med-C-350(EL 1):Cargo plane appears from Southern airfield when transport
    North of South island is destroyed 
    Med-D-360(EL 2):Sink reinforcements triggers a cargo plane flying North from
    the South of big land mass
    Med-E-372(EL 1):Underwater base Northnorthwest side of map
    Med-F-380(EL 1):Land base Northeast corner of map
    Med-G-396(EL 1):Surface base North of Northern island
    Med-H-406(EL 1):Underwater base at Southeast enterance of Bay
    Med-I-411(EL 2):Land base along West wall
    Med-J-421(EL 2):Destroy Transport in Southwest corner of map, triggers Cargo
     plane flying south to south west down center of map
    Med-K-431(EL 2):At 1st announcement of reinforcments transport appears
     West-North-West of map, South of airbase
    Eur-A-440(EL 1):Cargo Plane appears over Eastern land mass after destroying 
    a series of transports appearing individually
    Eur-B-450(EL 2):Cargo plane flying South to North along center
    Eur-K-464(EL 1):Underwater base at inland end of fjord
    Eur-I-473(EL 1):After collecting your agents, transport appears at South end
     of map going East to West
    Eur-J-483(EL 2):Transport North of Eastern land mass appears after
    sinking all enemies
    Eur-H-490(EL 1):Surface base near Southwest shore of island
    Eur-M-500(EL 1):Surface base North shore of Northwest island
    Eur-N-510(EL 1):Land base near center of Eastern land mass
    Pac-I-520(EL 2):Transport in Southeast of map
    Pac-F-530(EL 1):Surface base in lake
    Pac-G-542(EL 1):Transport appears after completing all objectives North end of
     map going East to west
    Pac-J-552(EL 2):Transport appears West center of map
    Pac-E-561(EL 1):Ddestroying all transports triggers cargo plane traveling West
     from Southeast of map
    Pac-K-570(EL 2):Sink Northwest transport, then East transport, then West
    transport, then final transport in center
    Pac-A-580(EL 1):After killing Superweapon, transport appears in middle of
    islands heading South quickly
    Pac-B-593(EL 2):Destroy transport in Southwest end to trigger UFO appearing
    over Southeast island traveling quickly West
    Far-G-600(EL 1):Underwater base Northeast center of map
    Far-H-615(EL 2):Transport appears West side of map fleeing from airbase
    Far-H-622(EL 1):Transport sits Northeast of island
    Far-D-630(EL 1):Transport appears in Northwest behind subs after sinking all
    Far-I-640(EL 2):Surface base in Northwest corner of map
    Far-B-650(EL 1):Cargo plane appears after clearing enemies on West side of 
    map going North to South
    Far-C-660(EL 1):Land base Southeast of map center
    Far-C-670(EL 1):Transport sits in bay where superweapon launches
    Far-A-680(EL 2):Unknown
    Arc-Z-690(EL 2):Transport at beginning of mission at top of map moving East
     to west
    Spe-A-700(EL 2):UFO appears with right group of enemies
    Spe-B-710(EL 2):Transport appears at 2nd announcement of reinforcements at
     West edge center of map going North
    Spe-C-720(EL 2):After 1st superweapon is sunk, a UFO appears from West side
     of map with reinforcements
    Spe-E-730(EL 2):Transport appears South west corner of map
    Spe-E-740(EL 2):Transport appears in Southwest corner of map
    Spe-F-750(EL 2):After clearing all enemies, transport appears in South.
     ignore it and head North for cargo plane heading South along West edge
    Spe-G-760(EL 2):Kill transports in corners starting with Southwest, then
     Northwest, then Northeast, travel to center to trigger squid(do not attack
     him). Final transport appears in Southeast corner
    If you have additions or corrections you would like to see added, you can email
     me at b_junkie@hotmail.com.  Please put "warship gunner" in the subject line.  

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