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"Better than a xbox 360 game in nearly all ways!!"

I have spent over 55 hours on this and have barely scratched the surface of content packed into this! I have heard of people playing well over 600 hours trying to get everything which is a heavy-weight 1500 individual items in all.

I just love this game! I literally mean this game can beat almost any 360 simulation game to date along with ps2 simulator games!
if you like war a little more explosive than possible and like building ships down to weapon placement, engines, armor, etc.
This more than satisfies my thirst for the near pefect game of building some outrageously deadly floating, mobile whirlwind of destruction and then taking it out to sea and learning it's strengths and outright weaknesses and then fixing that so-hated error of your almost always outright awesome ship.

It's like lego's for ship warfare. I have never heard of this but when I saw this piece of eye candy I had to say yes! Their are some 'funnies' like rubber ducky aircraft that could wipe out a whole fleet of 2,000 foot long battleship and then some to gun that cause no harm but as described in the game 'Make infernal noise so put these party poppers to start the party and some confusion'. Their are just about every weapon able to be thought of from the smallest machine-gun to so called " waveguns" and so on. From what I know the only possible weapon is a Nuclear weapon and 50 mile wide space-lasers but this game way more than makes up for that.

Forget what the other guy said walk outside right now and find a place that offers this game that way more than exceeds 360 or ps3 simulation games because I have a few of the better known and played games and this has content to the max and am honestly suprised the content on 1 SINGLE disc!!!! Thank who ever had a part in this once in a life time game and if I could help them make a Warship gunner 3 and had the money I would personally tell them here is 1 million dollars and give the noob and the pro gamer a great simulation game and keep the change.

Whether the person be 10 or 110, boy or girl, weak gamer or the strongest gamer known to man get this for them escpecially if the had some sort of military armed forces experience definatly if they were in the navy.Get this for your brother or great great grandparent and they are sure to be amazed at the possibilities in this game that can only be rivaled by the smallest of margins by one of the best Gears of War or Halo 3 or Halo Reach.

I am sure to be playing this like cavemen played with their new fire for months if not a year or so.

Have a good day and get this game from a store or off the internet and this is easily worth 50 to 90 dollars in a used somewhat scratched condition.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 02/07/11

Game Release: Warship Gunner 2 (US, 03/21/06)

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