Review by tglennfan83

Reviewed: 08/03/06

Great WWII shooter but come on! You couldn't make it any longer?

I like this game. I could say love but that would be extremely overrating it. The game itself sounded cool when I bought it. My birthday is in November so when this game came out I was like damn this game sounds awesome! I played the first Call of Duty and beat it. I thought that the first one was pretty good and was a pretty good game. I don’t play online or anything because I have dial up on my computer but I still like to enjoy the regular gameplay. So I took a trip down to my local Walmart and had a decision to make. Whether to get the regular Call of Duty 2: Big Red One or to get Call of Duty 2: Big Red Once Collectors Edition. So after about 2 min. of consideration I decided to buy the collector’s edition for $10 more. I thought it would come with more levels or something but to my surprise it came with nothing really extra. Just a few more movies and like I wanted to pay $10 extra for a few little movie clips. Anyway I played the game and played and played and after about a month I beat the game. The game wasn't that hard I only got stuck in one spot. The challenge was most of the time getting killed and starting over if I wasn't at a checkpoint. So let me tell you a little more about the game

Game play- 9... Though the game needs to be longer which makes the overall go down, so I'll give it a 7
The game play is great. It's smooth and makes the game fun. Obviously you’re killing Nazis and trying to win the war. The main problem with this game though is the shortness of the game. The game is like 12-15 levels long. I forgot the exact amount but it doesn't really matter. The game needs to be longer PERIOD. No one wants to play a short game. Once I finished the game it kept me wanting more. So I had to give the game play a 7 because of the shortness of the game.

Controls- 9
The same as the first COD. (Call of Duty, for all of you who haven’t gotten the hint already) The controls are very easy to use and you'll have absolutely no problem using them. There pretty basic and I don’t know how you could mess up after you've played at least one level of the game, and if you've played COD: Finest Hour then your already a pro at the controls.

Graphics- 8
What can I say? They’re just not as good as the Xbox 360's. I don’t want to say that COD: Big Red 2 is better on the 360 because I haven’t played it on there but the graphics sure are. The PS2 version does a good job trying to compete though and I was very satisfied with them. They were great in my book.

Overall- 8
The main problem I have with this game is how short it is. Like I said above it leaves you wanting more. I was ready to whoop some Nazi but and then the game was over. I was like "What? The game cant be over already!" Though it was and I was surprised. This game would get an easy 9 if the game were to be a few levels longer. It's a fun game don’t get me wrong but it'll keep you wanting more. I really suggest you play this game though. I would not buy it in my opinion. It's not really worth buying. Theres no multiplayer to play with your friends, though you could go online and play. But I'm pretty sure not a whole lot of people are online sense this game came out a while ago. Though I could be wrong. So my suggestion to you is to really play this game and get the feel of it and then decide if you want to buy it or not.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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