Review by lordofthefarm

Reviewed: 12/26/05

Big Red Package of Goodness

I'll start with saying that this game is based on World War 2. You will go through Africa, Italy, and other major places with your team. It is a FPS, which you take control of tanks, planes, guns, and everything you would find in a war game. This game is somewhat historically correct. Even with clips of original clips of that time.

Gameplay 9/10

Yes, this game has flaws. Such as being stuck between a little box and a wall, where even the useless jump button; is useless. And the AI is sometimes unreal, with enemies being able to spot you from behind the wall. But all that aside, lets concentrate on the good things. These include incredible aiming system and controls to really make you feel as if you were in the game. You will find yourself using up most of your ammo, but have just enough to pass through loads of corpses with supplies on them. But even if you run out of ammo, or don't want to waste it, the melee button is just as effective in close-combat. Walking, aiming, loading, switching weapons, and all these are easy to memorize, and you will be able to enjoy the game without thinking which button is which. And although the game generally is very easy in all difficulties, some parts will be hard even in EASY mode.

Graphics 10/10

Now, we have the graphics. This is easily the best part of the game. As you walk in a mighty desert, or crawl on the cold floor of a deserted church, this game will amaze you. The detail in everything, from guns to backgrounds, is astonishing. The faces of every singe soldier, dead or alive, is remarkably realistic. In the middle of the desert, with the hot sun shining down on the sand, you will find it easy to see, but the dunes will make it harder. In ruins of buildings in Italy, it will be easy to see your foe, but the darkness cancels this out with outstanding graphics. The breathtaking scenery of hills and tanks, sunshine and blood, will make you speechless, I assure you that.

Sound 9/10

The reason this game did not get a 10/10 for sound is because of two reasons. One is that explosions make it hard to hear some really memorable speech. The second is because thats it. Explosions. There is nothing else to hear apart from the mission briefings at the start/end of the level. I know some of you will that thats all a war game needs, but it would have been nice to have screams when you kill an enemy brutally, or soldiers talking, before you open their heads with bullets.

Replay Value 6/10 Without Multi-player 10/10 With Multi-player

We all know that with multi-player online, the fun is endless, but that itself is self-explanatory. But the common Joe wont have online play, and with that, the fun is greatly smaller. You can still have fun with single player again with the other difficulties, make you own challenges, but nothing with real spark.

Rent OR Buy

I would suggest you buy this game as it will take you 10+ hours to complete the single player on one difficulty level. But if you have mutli-player...BUY! This is one of the best online multies on PS2.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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