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Reviewed: 01/09/06 | Updated: 02/15/06

Live WWII through the eyes of a normal soldier.

First off, WWII is not an original idea for a video game. With how many games on the subject their are, creating an interesting and somewhat unique storyline is very hard to do. If you couldn't think it could be done, it was! They somehow made Call of Duty II: Big Red One BETTER than Call of Duty: Finest Hour. But that's just me. What else is more fun than running around shooting at people? Running around and shooting at people in a game with a storyline. But more of that later. Call of Duty II: Big Red One has somehow captured the emotional aspect of World War II better than many games that I have played. Angry, sad, happy, frustrated, confused, I had all of these emotions throughout the game. The game doesn't mess around with the concept that war is good. It shows you that war isn't all glorious. This isn't a fun 'n gun game, like some first-person-shooters, it actually invokes some skill, and though process. It maintains all the aspects of war, and can sometimes get you emotionally involved when one of your guy's die.

Game-play: 10/10
Fairly Simple first-person-shooter layout. R1 to fire you primary weapon, L2 to throw your grenades, up and down to change guns(you can carry up to two weapons). Fortunately you have automatic reload. Left analog stick to move. Playable levels let you crush the enemies in tanks, battle it out in boats, fight for you life on foot, and escape in a plane. It's simple FPS stuff, nothing too advanced, and it keeps the fun their, with missions being diverse, and not monotonous.

Storyline: 9/10
(The people that made this game captured the war really well if you asked me.) Call of Duty II: Big Red One takes place in World War II. You control an infantry private in the Big Red One, an infamous division of the U.S. army in the war. Movies have been made, focusing around this division. Learn about your men through the character profiles, and experience their personality in pre and post mission cutscenes. As more men die, and you live throughout the war, you rise the ranks. Eventually, your men might even look up to you as a model. You experience many key battles throughout the game, including some funny dialog in pre-mission and post-mission scenes. You battle your way through Northern Africa, kill Italian troops in beautifully reconstructed town's in Sicily, and face down Field Marshal Rommel's troops in Germany.

Graphics and Sound: 8/10
The graphics make the game very realistic, with expressions on faces, grenades that don't look like little circles, but realistic weaponry. Close-ups of the gun's look exactly like a replica of the gun. The sound is amazing, the voices hold their expressions throughout the game, and are never dull. There's even some word's spoken in German, and Italian! The town's and countrysides that you fight in are beautifully reconstructed to look exactly as they once did. I'd like to see what they look like today. Although, at times I have had trouble seeing, in a few levels. I've had to turn the brightness up and "guide myself through the mazes.

Re-playability: 8/10 with multi-player. 6/10 without.
Not a whole lot to do with it after you beat the first time. Either: A) Challenge yourself; go out and try to beat it on a harder mode. Or B) Go have fun with it, and try to beat it on an easier mode. Without the multiplayer aspect, this game fall's short in re-playability. From what I have heard, just getting connected for online play is a big enough challenge, and when you do get on, don't be surprised if you get kicked out of the game.

Other(stuff that doesn't fit elsewhere):
This. Game. Is. Short. It's only 13 missions, and the missions start out short. Although, as you progress throughout the game, the missions do get longer, it still doesn't quite even out. Outside of your main characters, your AI don't help you too much, especially later in the game, too many of your men are die, and do stupid things like shooting at walls. After every mission that you beat, you unlock more extras. The extras are quite fun, especially the movies, and concept art. Other extras give you in-depth information about the characters, weapons that are used, and the vehicles included in the game.

Get this game now, get stuck on a level, go on Gamefaqs, ask for help, get help, and go play some more! Or wait for the price to fall from $49.99.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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