Review by methedemon

Reviewed: 01/16/06


PRESENTATION COD 2: BRO does a great job depicting what war is really like. The environment, the atmosphere, the explosions everywhere, everything around you just showing you that war is tough, dirty and certainly not a fun game.

GRAPHICS The graphics are pretty sweet in BRO. The cut scenes are superb and the number of characters that can be on screen at once, and all the explosions, tanks and air planes, all sort of things you expect in a war are there with no hint of slow down or drop in frame rate!

SOUND the voice acting is perfect. Explosions gun fire, aircraft flying over your head
all these sound effects added realism to the game.

STORY The big red one, one of the most famous units in WW2. You play a private in the BRO. You travel all across north Africa, Algeria, Italy and of course Germany.

CONTROLS/GAME-PLAY Any WW2 veteran will feel right home. The controls are easy to use, you won’t even need to read the manual. The game play is basically just like any other WW2 game, but with a nice variety on your journey. You will be driving Tanks, using anti-aircraft, escorting doctors, defending civilians, you will do just about everything.

LENGTH/DIFFICULTY Well the game is easy, almost one of the easiest WW2 games I played. Thanks to the Health packages that are scattered just all over the place I never died, not even once! Even though the game is easy the AI makes up for it. They will dodge, hide, and sometimes surround you and kill you if you don’t pay attention. Standing still in one place is no good, you need to keep moving, take cover and stay with your squad.

You can carry up to two guns at once, so you will need to choose carefully. Are you surrounded? Then get that full loaded-fast reloading gun, or maybe you want to clear the path from a distance? Then get that sniper rifle.

The game is 14 missions. Each mission will take you about half to an hour to complete, so the game is relatively short. And there is not much of replay value, all extras will be unlocked once you beat the game. There is on-line but I haven’t tried it yet.


FINAL SCORE -8.6 (Recommended)

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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