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"So...What's the big deal?"

A quick foreword...

I'm not biased to WWII games. Sure that war has been milked dry, but creativity can fix that, right? I love FPS games and anything that involves war, therefore this is a totally honest review. Also, I'm a hardcore gamer, so I do a lot of gaming in varied genres.

Story 5/10 -

Well, it follows "The Big Red One" through its combat tour from Africa to Europe. It's a great unit of men, but this game fails to capture it. Really what they do is throw a bunch of stereo-types together and call it a "unit." I take offense to Brooklyn, considering I come from that area of the country. Not all New York people are egotistical. It's sort of just typical WWII game story. You get your objective, complete them, go to the next mission. Pretty mediocre.

Graphics 7/10 -

Underwhelming is the first thing that comes to mind. I was riding on the turret of a tank and I glanced down and saw the pixelated mess they call a tank. Nothing is too detailed. They try to cover that up with explosions and dust. Which, by the way, a lot of stuff explodes. Although your bullets do no damage to the terrain. But, anyway, back to the graphics. They're not the best and they could've done better. Call of Duty: Finest Hour had better graphics. Remember: This is the sequel and the graphics are lesser than the originals!

Sounds 6/10 -

Okay, these are junk too. I know the M1 Garand didn't sound like a paintball gun. And I also know explosions were a bit louder. It's not my TV considering I've taken the time to hook my PS2 up to EVERY TV in my house (seven TVs and the sounds still weren't good.) The voice-overs are also mediocre...

Gameplay 6/10 -

Well, golly gee Mr. Sergeant! Thanks for explaining how I play the damn game! Sure, if you played the first you know the controls, but let's say someone picks this up instead of the original...How do you precision target? How do you throw grenades (I found that out when I blew myself up)? How do you force-reload? It tells you NOTHING! Aside from those annoying "Press select to see your objectives" "Press start to pause." "This helps me kill Krauts how?" The controls are clunky and your allies can't hit the broadside of a barn. The A.I. is terrible! I literally walked up to a group of Germans and knocked them all dead with the butt of my gun and I wasn't shot at. Oh, and did I forget to mention I also flanked a group and shot all of them and not one bothered to turn and shoot back? Congratulations Call of Duty 2: The Big Red One for having the most idiotic A.I. I've seen to date.

Re-playability 1/10 -

I saw this category on some one else's review...Figured I'd do this for fun. Alright, here we go... You run from point A to point B completing seemingly inane tasks that should have been done by the Airborne, not by an Infantry unit. You play this game once, and if you don't have online (high speed) capabilities, you proceed to sell it.

Rent or Buy? -

Rent it. It's a game, it's worth looking at, but oh my dear Lord, don't buy this. It's pathetic that they disgrace the First Infantry this with "game." I'm more of a Brothers in Arms guy. Now that's a WWII game. Plus the main character has the same name as me on the original, ha ha. But anyway, rent this or avoid it but not worth buying.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 03/30/06

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