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"Call of duty 2 gets a big red 7"

Alright, so this game is pretty good. But pretty good is just that, pretty good.

Graphics 7: The game deserves a seven because it is a clear improvement over finest hour with dust being kicked up when you shoot it. Also there is a new lighting engine that makes the air a little foggy which can look pretty nice at times. The soldiers all look relatively the same with maybe 3 different models for each side. The characters in your squad all have there own face. In addition as your characters advance through the story they will have dirtier uniforms and stuff. The enemies die more realistically but only in maybe 10 different ways. Thankfully there is blood, and more than just a puff. It is not gory or any thing it is really just a longer lasting bigger puff of blood.

Story 9: You are a private in a squad of the Big Red One. Your squad mates are from various walks of American life. One a Texas football player, another a son of a wealthy Connecticut entrepreneur. You grow a connection to them thought the missions as they talk about life in America and stuff like that. You go into three different campaigns with three or four missions each. You go into North Africa to face off against the French (Since France is under Germany's control) and Rommel's "Africa Corps" in places such as Kassierene. Also you wil fight the Italians in Sicily, and finally you finally get to fight the Germans in France with the required D-Day scene.(Although it is slightly different than normal) Watch the movie Patton to get a better understanding of all of the locations.

Game play 8: The name of the game is 50% accuracy 50% cover. If you are using the sights on your gun you will always get a hit and if aimed right , a kill. Cover is necessary but not as much as it is on MOH:European Assault.You basically go about the different places killing every one in sight. There are some tank levels which are pretty fun. Also in some missions you will have to do stuff like look through binoculars and press R1 on a target for an artillery strike. There is even a mission when you are in a bomber over North Africa and you get to shoot down Stukas and stuff.

Sound 7: The weapons gust did not feel right, as for they all felt sort of muffled and quiet. Of course you could just turn it up, but it still just doesn't have the boom or the bang that it had in Finest Hour. Although the anti tank rockets made a novel sound than is like "Bam Crash Whoosh Boom '' Probably with out that sound would have gotten a 6. The voice acting is alright with people form the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers lending there voices. The enemies shout stuff in there language and you hear allied yells and whatever in the distance.

Depth 6:although it is a fine game it can be beaten in four days on normal difficulty.

Multi player 7: Although it doesn't have stat tracking , playing capture the flag in a small European town with tanks is still really fun and can go on for months.

Final Score: I give Call Of Duty 2 Big Red One a Big Red 7 for many fine features and improvements but not an 8 because of a short game.

Buy/Rent : Even if you are a hardcore WWII fan like me you may still want to rent with the rest of the world since it can be beaten in a few days and the extra features are nothing special.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/10/06

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