PlayStation2 CodeBreaker Save (North America)

Save Game File09/16/05GameMasterZer0204K
EA September Roster Update
Save Game File07/27/06goalie4life5555210K
Updated roster up to Markov to Detroit

PlayStation2 Max Drive Save (North America)

Save Game File10/01/06Phil Parent220K
Roster Update - All NHL Stats Are NHL 07 X360 Stats, All new players in 07 are in, Non-NHL 07 X360 UFAs & Retirees Are In Created Teams, New Ducks jersey also in as created team. Rosters Updated Up To Malakhov trade (10/01/06)
Save Game File12/30/06Phil Parent221K
Updates previous release by same author. New Sabres jersey now in as created team. All players that have played one game in 06/07 so far are in. Updated up to Afanasenkov waiver claim. (12/30/06)

PlayStation2 Max Drive Save (Europe)

Save Game File12/03/05kabejo219K
EU conversion of leatherface latest update (12/01/05)
Save Game File10/13/05kabejo219K
Up to date Rosters (13/10) with CAPS for the NHL (creds to leatherface61and Matt "The Nemesis15" Vignal) and the Swedish Elitleague (creds to jonny gustafsson).

PlayStation2 X-Port Save (Europe)

Save Game File09/18/05CaptainCAWisma444K
Conversion of iNtHEmIND's Save for Europe. EA September Roster Update

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