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Reviewed: 07/05/06

The game is still in beta.

"The game is still in beta."

I have been a fan of DBZ since I was little. I borrowed both, Dragon Ball Z Budokai 1 and Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3. They were both very fun because I got to play as my favorite characters and whoop the ones I did not like.

Then later on Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi was made. This game offered a whole new way of playing DBZ. Let’s get on with the review shall we?

Gameplay 5/10

Controls were a bit tough at the first. But After a half hour I started to get the hang of it. Direction Pad and left analog are to move around. X is to dash. Square is for melee combat. Triangle is for ki attacks. O is to block. L2 to charge up ki. L1 is to lock on/lock off. L3 does nothing. R1 is to jump (tap again to ascend) R2 is to descend and R3 to taunt.

The controls are not that great due to it always being the same. It will usually be[ ] [ ]… until the combo ends. This is very repetitive and boring. When flying, it is very difficult to fly away thanks to the camera. You cannot move the camera around to look around; the camera will usually be behind you or a bit to the side. So a lot of the times you cannot see where you are going when flying. This is a big problem especially when you have to survive for a time period. Sometimes you will just fly into the opponent. Then if you are using a big character such as Broly, you can’t see your opponent at the start. This will be the main problem in tournament mode because you wont know if the opponent is about to shoot ki balls at you or just rush you.

This game now has three objectives in the story mode. You either have to kill the enemy, kill the enemy with a specific attack, or survive for an amount of time. When surviving for an amount of time it is really hard to run away. This is because the enemy is usually faster then you, if you hide, the enemy will destroy what you’re hiding behind. The areas are also so small that it is really hard to stay away; usually I have to actually fight the opponent and be cheap for the entire time limit.

The fighting is really repetitive. I played the game on normal. I found there to be only 3 kinds of AI.

1. I beat the crap out of the AI.

2. The AI just stayed as far away from me as possible and would spam Ki balls.

3. The AI would get in my face, then keep punching then do some kind of energy sphere around them to keep me from being punched to far away and repeat until my health was low enough to finish me with a large energy attack.

Graphics 8/10

The graphics are very, very good. When Goku is Super Saiyan you can see his sparkling gold hair. When you see Broly, you can see all of his muscles. The attacks look alright, some look a bit different then the ones in the show.
The reason I did not give a 10/10 was because the attacks are similar, just different colors… Like Galick gun and Kamehameha, Spirit Bomb and Death Ball, and the Death Beam and Dodonpa.

Sound 8/10

A lot of the music from The Budokai games is in here. But they all get kind of repetitive. Then there are also Japanese voices, which the mouths match. I had them on before but then I switched it off because I really saw no point to it. I prefer to have the Japanese voices for my DBZ movies, but not in the game. Then what annoyed me when I had the English voices on was that the mouths did not match it. Seriously… this is America.

Story/Length 10/10

This is DBZ, what do you expect? The game is pretty long. There is a Z Battle Gate which is the main mode. There are a lot of sagas in there. Saiyan, Freeza, Android, Cell, and Buu. Then in between there are some movie sagas. After that there What If stories and a GT saga.

Replay Value 4/10

There really isn’t any point to replay the story mode, except to get the dragon balls. You might want to replay the ranking mode though. See how far you can get up through 100 battles. Then there are also the tournaments. You can replay those for a bit since they are fun. Dual mode is also in it where you can go one on one with someone or a computer, or just watch two computers go at it. But it will get boring pretty fast.

+So many characters.
+Good idea with the free roam.
+Very long story mode.
+Ranking mode is a good challenge.

- Super cheap AI.
- Areas are pretty small.
- Bad camera.
- No variety in combos.
- Controls are a bit tough to get used to.
- Attacks look similar.
- English language doesn’t match mouth.

Rent or Buy?
Rent. If you like it, purchase it. If not, stay away from it and go buy DBZ Budokai 3.

Final Verdict 7/10.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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