What do I need to get 100% of game completition?

  1. I want to know what items I have to find, what I have to buy or what games I have to play.

    User Info: Zantozzzz

    Zantozzzz - 8 years ago

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  1. (Taken From www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/file/928128/45323)
    Collect all 75 Rubber Bands
    Collect all 40 G&G Cards
    Destroy all 25 Gnomes
    Collect all 6 Transistors
    Complete all 14 Bike Races
    Complete at least 30 errands
    Complete all 6 levels of Lawn Mowing
    Complete all Paper Route levels
    Side task Boxing
    Ride all 3 Carnival rides
    Win at all 4 Carnival games at least once
    Beat Penalty Shots once
    Beat Keep Ups once
    Complete all 5 levels of all classes
    Get high score in Consumo, Nut Shots and Monkey Fling arcade games
    Buy all clothing in the game
    Buy 100 sodas
    Drink 500 sodas
    Smash all Pumpkins from Halloween
    Smash all Tombstones from Halloween
    Pull 20 fire alarms
    Travel 100 km on a bike
    RUN at least 41.8 km
    Fail any three classes
    Take all Yearbook photos
    Win at least the first Go Kart race (probably better to win all 10 for the go-kart)
    Beat up the hidden secret pirate
    Unlock the unlockables (obvious)

    User Info: spydawicked

    spydawicked - 8 years ago 2 0

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