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    FAQ/Walkthrough by opaqueeyelids

    Version: .60 | Updated: 10/28/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                         BULLY FAQ by Opaque Eyelids
                            Email: Opaqueeyelids@aol.com
                         Platform: PlayStation 2
                     Date Created: October 22, 2006
                    Last Modified: October 23, 2006
                          Version: 0.50
                        File Size: 70 KB
                Special thanks to: www.gamefaqs.com
    © Opaque Eyelids 2006
    October 23, 2006  
    Version 0.25
    First installment of the new game Bully. Looks like I have a lot to cover.
    Last couple of days have been rough. The sooner this is done, the better.
    October 28, 2006  
    Version 0.50
    Almost halfway there, I try to work on it as much as I can. Hopefully it
    will be completed soon but it's hard to balance working on a FAQ and school.
    Updated on most of everything else. All that's pretty much left is the rest 
    of the missions and secret items locations.
    Rockstar goes back to school for the game outfit's latest outrageous con-
    coction, Bully. You're teengager Jimm Hopkins. You've been expelled from 
    every school you've been to. With mom off on honeymoon number 5, you've
    been left at Bullworth Academy, a twisted institution that makes the school of 
    hard knocks look oddly normal. The liars, cheats and scoundrels are the most
    popular... and that's just the teachers! Stand up to bullies, get picked up by
    teachers, play pranks, and more, as you work your way up the social ladder.\
    -Summary by gamefly.com
    " 8'88   `88
      8'88. .88                                                                 \ 
      8'88888y,                        Table of                                  |
      8'88	  '88.                     Contents                                  |
      8'88     '88.                                                             /
    . d'88.   .88;
           Note: Hit ctrl+f to skip through
              I. Controls
        II. Gaming Basics
       III. Basic Moves
        IV. Learned/Hobo Moves
         V. Weapons/Pranks
        VI. Bullying
       VII. Cliques
      VIII. Classes & Rewards *
        IX. Chapter I
            "Making New Friends & Enemies"
         A.  Main Story Missions
              1.  Welcome to Bullworth
              2.  This Is Your School
              3.  The Setup
              4.  The Slingshot
              5.  A Little Help
              6.  Save Algie
              7.  That Bitch
              8.  Defend Bucky
              9.  The Candidate
             10.  Halloween
             11.  Help Gary
             12.  Russell In The Hole
         B.  Side Missions
              1.  The Diary
              2.  The Big Prank
              3.  Character Sheets
              4.  Keep Ups Minigame
              5.  Penalty Shots Minigame
         X. Chapter II
            "Rich Kid Blues"
         C.  Main Story Missions
              1.  Last Minute Shopping
              2.  Hattrick vs Galloway
              3.  Prep Challenge
              4.  The Eggs
              5.  Movie Tickets
              6.  Carnival Date
              7.  Race The Vale
              8.  Beach Rumble
              9.  Tad's House
             10.  Boxing Challenge
             11.  Dishonorable Fight
         D.  Side Missions
              1.  Panty Raid 
              2.  Weed Killer
              3.  Carnival Rides 
              4.  Carnival Games 
              5.  Bike Races *
              6.  Go-Kart Racing *
              7.  Lawn Mowing 
              8.  Paper Route 
              9.  Boxing
        XI. Chapter III  
            "Love Makes The World Go Around"
         E.  Main Story Missions *
              1.Christmas is here!
         F.  Side Missions *
      XIII. Chapter IV 
            "A Healthy Mind In A Healthy Body, & Other Lies"
         G.  Main Story Missions *
         H.  Side Missions *
       XIV. Chapter V  
            "The Fall And Rise Of Jimmy Hopkins, Age 15"
         I.  Main Story Missions *
         J.  Side Missions *
        XV. Chapter VI 
            "Endless Summer"
       XVI. Bikes *
      XVII. Secret Items & Locations *
     XVIII. Unlockables *
       XIX. Contact Information
    * - not completed
    |------------------------------------|  |------------------------------------|
    " 8'88   `88
      8'88. .88                                                                 \ 
      8'88888y,                     I. CONTROLS                                  |
      8'88	  '88.                                                               |
      8'88     '88.                                                             /
    . d'88.   .88;
     Directional Pad - 
     Up: Zoom In. Down: Zoom Out. Right: Objectives. Left: Secondary Objectives.
     X Button - Sprint
     Triangle Button - Grapple/Interact
     Square Button - Melee Attack
     Circle Button - Jump
     R1 Button - Weapon Fire/Launch
     R2 Button - Cycle Weapon
     R3 Button - Crouch/Crawl
     L1 Button - Lock on Target
     L2 Button - Cycle Weapon Left
     L3 Button - Look Behind
     Left Analog Stick - Move
     Right Analog Stick - Camera Control  Start Button - Options Menu
     Select Button - Map Menu
     Directional Pad - Right: Objectives. Left: Secondary Objectives.
     X Button - Accelerate
     Triangle Button - Dismount
     Square Button - Break/Reverse
     Circle Button - Jump
     R1 Button - Weapon Fire/Launch
     L3 Button - Look Behind
     Left Analog Stick - Steer
     Right Analog Stick - Camera Control
     Start Button - Options Menu
     Select Button - Map Menu 
     Directional Pad - Right: Objectives. Left: Secondary Objectives.
     X Button - Accelerate
     Triangle Button - Dismount
     Square Button - Break/Reverse
     L3 Button - Look Behind
     Left Analog Stick - Steer
     Right Analog Stick - Camera Control
     Start Button - Options Menu
     Select Button - Map Menu 
    |------------------------------------|  |------------------------------------|
    ' 8'88   `88
      8'88  .88                                                                 \ 
      8'88888y,                  II. Gaming Basics                               |
      8'88	  '88.                                                               |
      8'88     '88.                                                             /
    . d'88    .88;
    Sleep - You are aloud to sleep anywhere from 7:00 P.M. to 2:00 A.M.; there 
            will be ZzZz's on your map leading to your dorm room. If you don't 
            sleep before 2:00 A.M. you'll pass out on the spot, your shoes will 
            have most likely been stolen and you'll end up where you passed out.
    Curfew - Starts at 11:00 P.M. If you're caught outside after that, you'll be 
             sent back to your dorm room which best advice would be to sleep.
    Lock Picking - You can do this right from the start of the game. All you need
                   to do is go up to a locker with a red marker in front of it and 
                   press triangle. A lock will come up on the right and you must
                   use the analog stick and turn it slowly in the direction the 
                   arrow is pointing above the lock.
                   Raid the boys' locker room lockers to find some special masks.
    Errands - Available later in the game. If someone wants you to do an errand 
              for them, they will have a blue arrow above their head and a blue
              'X' will be on the map. Lock onto them and the errand they want done
              will appear under the 'X' button in the command menu. Accept it by
              tapping the 'X' button when locked on. Otherwise just walk away.
              Doing errand will earn you money.
    Jobs - Only available after completing "Last Minute Shopping" in Chaper 2,
           there will be a varity of jobs scattered throughout the town that will
           be marked with a "$" symbol on the map. Examples would be lawn mowing
           and paper routes.  
    Vandalism - All it is, is just destroying anything. You'll rack up a lot of
                trouble points for the more things you destroy. Some examples 
                would be for how many windows broken, plants smashed, cars egged,
                fire crackers in toilets, cars damaged, trash bins smashed, 
                gravestones smashed, pumpkins smashed, gnomes & crates smashed.
                All are found on your stats. Just don't let authorities see you.
    |------------------------------------|  |------------------------------------|
    " 8'88   `88
      8'88. .88                                                                 \ 
      8'88888y,                    III. BASIC MOVES                              |
      8'88	  '88.                                                               |
      8'88     '88.                                                             /
    . d'88.   .88;
              Grapple - Triangle up close to opponent
                Throw - Triangle while grappling opponent
      Grapple punches - Square while grappling opponent
       Block, lock on - Hold L1 Button
                Punch - Square
        Charged punch - Hold square
          3-hit combo - Square, Square, Square
         Ground kicks - Square, when opponent is on ground
            Humuliate - L1 and Circle when opponent's health is low 
    |------------------------------------|  |------------------------------------|
    " 8'88   `88
      8'88. .88                                                                 \ 
      8'88888y,                    IV. LEARNED MOVES                             |
      8'88	  '88.                     & HOBO MOVES                              |
      8'88     '88.                                                             /
    . d'88.   .88;
    Gym Moves 
                  Headbutt - Grapple (Triangle) and then square
               3-hit combo - Grapple plus square, square, square (hold)
                 Leg sweep - Square, square (hold)
                 Take down - Grapple and circle (X button to dismount)
               Knee Strike - Circle after take down
               3-hit combo - Sqaure, square, square (after take down)
    Hobo Training Moves 
                 Uppercut - Hold square     
             5- hit combo - Square five times
    |------------------------------------|  |------------------------------------|
    " 8'88   `88
      8'88  .88                                                                 \ 
      8'88888y,                    V. WEAPONS/PRANKS                             |
      8'88	  '88.                                                               |
      8'88     '88.                                                             /
    . d'88    .88;
    Firecrackers - 
    One of the first weapons you'll get. It explodes on contact, you can stick 
    them in toilets and watch helpless victims freak out when using the bathroom. 
    It's great to take down some enemies with just one hit. Just don't hold it 
    for too long or it'll backfire. 
    Slingshot - 
    Not so great at first but it will keep your enemies in line. Great for
    shooting things or people from affar, just be prepared to run. It's great 
    because it has unlimited ammo and it's fun to shoot at prefects.
    Super Slingshot - 
    Now this is what I call a slingshot. Just like a slingshot, only better! It's 
    even got a sniper scope for really far away enemies or if you just don't want  
    to fight. This makes enemies go down fast and you get it pretty early in the 
    game. One of it's great features is that it has unlimited ammo, like it's 
    predicessor. Once you get it, your regular slingshot will disappear but who 
    cares!? Have fun and shoot at some prefects.
    Bag of Marbles - 
    Small and round, little marbles. Throw them at someone and they'll slip and 
    fall. They'll come after you once they're done slipping, but you should have 
    gotten away by then. If not, hit them with some firecrackers. Again, great 
    for p***ing off prefects.
    Stink Bombs - 
    Smells like the boys' locker room indeed. Throw it at someone and they'll be 
    gagging uncontrolably, some may even throw up. At least Mandy did in "That 
    Bitch" mission.
    Itching Powerd - 
    Is someone giving you a hard time and you want them to leave you alone? Then 
    try itching powder, it's great for making people... itchy. Just throw it at 
    them and they will scratch until they bleed. If someone is chasing you, they 
    won't be anymore because they'll be too busy scratching once you throw this 
    powder on them. Great prank for pulling on people that don't have respect for 
    Eggs - 
    Grade A eggs, now all we need is some toilet paper. Eggs are the perfect 
    prank to scare someone off. Just throw one and they'll run, most of the time.
    Banana skin - 
    Another great classic prank. All you need to do it take a banana from the 
    cafeteria or kitchen, eat it using triangle, and place it in front of a 
    helpless victim. Watch them slip on it like the bag of marbles. Great to 
    throw on the ground if a prefect is following you.
    Banana skin - 
    Another great classic prank. All you need to do it take a banana from the 
    cafeteria or kitchen, eat it using triangle, and place it in front of a 
    helpless victim. Watch them slip on it like the bag of marbles. Great to throw 
    on the ground if a prefect is following you. 
    Spud Gun - 
    Bottle Rockets - 
    Volcano 4000 - 
    Place it in the middle of a group of people and sit back and watch the magic, 
    until it explodes. Great for taking out many enemies without using your fists.
    Snowballs - 
    Food Items - 
    Just like the banana, get it from the cafeteria on the tables. Just throw 
    it at someone and they just may start a food fight. People are usually in the 
    cafeteria around 12:30-1 p.m., so that's the best time to stir up some food 
    fightin' trouble.
    |------------------------------------|  |------------------------------------|
    " 8'88   `88
      8'88. .88                                                                 \ 
      8'88888y,                       VI. BULLYING                               |
      8'88	  '88.                                                               |
      8'88     '88.                                                             /
    . d'88.   .88;
    Wedgies - 
    Ah, the infamous wedgie. A nerd's nightmare. This available right at the start 
    of the game. All you have to do sneak behind someone, and once you're close 
    enough, an underwear icon should appear in the command menu once you have them 
    locked on. Hit the command (L1 + O) and voila.
    Swirlies - Also available, is the swirlie. Yes the swirlie in all of it's 
    glory. All you have to do is grab somebody, take them to the bathroom (they 
    may try to push you off of them, but just grab them again), take them to an 
    open toilet and keep pressing the X button to dunk him, hence, a swirlie.
    Kick me signs - 
    Yes, here it is, the kick me sign. This is a great prank to pull just because 
    I find it funny. Sneak behind the unsuspecting victim and hit the kick me sign 
    command when it comes up in the command menu (L1 + Square). Jimmy will slap a 
    kick me sign on the victim's back and sit back and watch. Students will run up 
    behind the victim and start kicking him. Can usually be found in lockers.
    Humilation - 
    this is a great way to... humilate someone you just don't like very much. 
    There are many forms of humiliation that Jimmy will pull on an enemy. The 
    "why are you hitting yourself," was my favorite. The only thing is, you can 
    only do this when their health bar is in the red. When their health bar is 
    red and if you're locked onto them, the fist in the command menu will turn 
    red (L1 + O), hit the combination and just let Jimmy do the rest.
    Stuffing People in lockers - 
    This is a fun one. All you have to do is grab someone, and push them into a 
    locker you could hide in (locker with a blue marker in front of it). Just drag 
    them into the blue marker and Jimmy will shove them in and close the door. 
    You'll even hear some knocking coming from inside the locker.
    Stuffing People in Trash Bins - 
    Another fun one. What Jimmy does is push, perferably a nerd, into the trash 
    bin so they can't get out because they're arms are stuck in the trash bin 
    with there butts and so their legs are flailing about. All you have to do is 
    do the same procedure as the stuffing people in lockers one. Grab somebody, 
    and drag them over to a trash bin and in. Jimmy will do the rest.
    |------------------------------------|  |------------------------------------|
    ' 8'88   `88
      8'88  .88                                                                 \ 
      8'88888y,                    VII. THE CLIQUES                              |
      8'88	  '88.                                                               |
      8'88     '88.                                                             /
    . d'88    .88;
    A tough bunch to deal with at first just because, first of all, they don't 
    like you, and second of all, you're the 'new easy meat'. They become annoying 
    at times because they are just everywhere you are. They will try to push you 
    and pick a fight and will say just about anything vulgur to get you annoyed. 
    However, they are easy to fight alone but do become problematic when there's 
    a group (especially when you're trying to protect someone), but that comes 
    with every clique you run into. It's best advised to stay away from Russel 
    (the bully leader), in the begining he is way to tough to fight but if you 
    want a good challenge, by all means fight him. He is usually seen near the 
    front gate at night. The best advice to beating them easily is to get them on 
    ground and to keep punching them.
    Very timid and weak though will stand up and defend themselves at times. They 
    all wear the same type of cliche clothing, the nerdy look, glasses, hair short 
    or tied back (for girls), mainly all dressed in green plaid or the school 
    uniform. Most of the guys are fat with a funny high pitched voice with their 
    fly unzipped. Not very threatening at all. Just an easy bunch to point out 
    and the easiest to pick on. They hang out at the library and just around the 
    courtyard of the school. These guys are easy meat, so just take them out any 
    way you want. Listen to some of their quotes, I find them hilarious.
    Reincarnations of Fonzie, or better known as greasers. Not a finer bunch of 
    rebels with the infamous slicked back hair, leather jackets, the funky smell 
    and the many cuttings of class. They can rough you up a bit, only because 
    they like to stick in groups. They are really only found hanging around the 
    auto shop. They like to push you around if you get too close and no teachers 
    or prefects really go back there unless necessary so pick all the fights you 
    want if you want to learn how to fight better or just want to fight for the 
    hell of it. Just beat them the same way you would the bullies but don't let 
    too many crowd around you. 
    Ah, jocks or better known as the roid monkeys. Yep, Sweaty, popular, sport 
    craving jocks. The Athletic group of the school. Usually always seen wearing 
    Bullworth Academy sports jackets or blue, long-sleeved sweaters. They are 
    never really seen anywhere else but the gym and outside near the gym either 
    walking around or hanging around the basketball courts. They do unfortunetly,
    are strong. Just like real jocks. They like to pick fights just as much as 
    the greasers do if not more and they do like to give wedgies if it's just 
    to nerds. They are one of the biggest threats just because there is so many 
    in a little area and they aren't that easy to get away from, but if you want 
    to fight them, grappling moves won't work that well but leg sweeps and 
    regular punches do although they like to block. Heavy kicks work great as 
    The rich kids of the school. The ever notoriously popular, grubbing off of 
    daddy's money, preps. They have a dorm all to their own going towards to the 
    gym on the left side. You can't miss it. For the most part they really don't 
    bother you, but they do like to call you loser and other put down names. They 
    will fight when needed, though would prefer not to. Not very interesting and 
    there isn't many of them, though it does feel good to give someone popular a 
    wedgie from time to time. The best way to beat these guys is using heavy kicks 
    and leg sweeps. Also, try to ram them to the ground and do a knee strike and 
    fast punches. If you try to do an uppercut, they'll most likely be punching 
    you instead of you punching them.
    |------------------------------------|  |------------------------------------|
    " 8'88   `88
      8'88. .88                                                                 \ 
      8'88888y,                 VIII. CLASSES & REWARDS                          |
      8'88	  '88.                                                               |
      8'88     '88.                                                             /
    . d'88.   .88;
    Morning Classes start at 9:00 to 11:30 A.M  
    Afternoon Classes go from 1:00 to 3:00 P.M.
    Once you complete a class, you no longer have to attend it and it won't be
    considered truancy during the school hours. 
    | Morning Classes |
    Instuctions: Press the correct button that passes through the gray box.
    Chemistry 1 - Make firecrackers from your chemistry set.
    Chemistry 2 - Make Stink Bombs from your chemistry set.
    Chemistry 3 - Make itching powder from your chemistry set.
    Chemistry 4 - Full Ammo from your chemistry set.
    Chemistry 5 - Unlimited daily use of chemistry set.
    (Note: Your chemistry set is in your dorm room)
    Instructions: Draw a box with your paintbrush to expose a part of the picture.
                  Don't get in the path of the enemies. 
    Art 1 - Earn the ability to give kisses to girls in exchange for gifts. 
    	Kisses give you a 25% health boost.
    Art 2 - Kisses give you a 50% health boost.
    Art 3 - Kisses give you a 75% health boost.
    Art 4 - Kisses give you a 100% health boost.
    Art 5 - You can kiss girls without giving them a gift first.
    (Note: You must give a girl a gift in order to receive a kiss, like flowers)
    SHOP (Only availble after chapter 1)
    Instructions: Follow the onscreen button sequences
    Shop 1 - Left Anaglog stick, rotate right
    	 Tap the X button
    	 Left Analog stick, rotate left
    Shop 2 - Left Analog stick, rotate right
             Tap the Square Button
             Tap the X button
             Left Analog stick left
    Shop 3 - Left Analog stick right
             Tap the X button
             Left Analog stick left 324
             Tap the Square button
             Left Analog stick right
    Shop 4 - Left Analog stick left
             Tap the X button
             Left Analog stick right
             Tap the Square button
             Tap the Circle button
             Left Analog stick right
    Shop 5 - Tap the Circle button
             Tap the Triangle button
             Left Analog stick right
             Tap the X button
             Left Analog stick left
             Tap Square button 
             Tap Circle button
             Left Analog stick left
    Shop 1 - Basic BMX
    Shop 2 - Retro BMX 
    Shop 3 - Green BMX
    Shop 4 - Blue BMX
    Shop 5 - Red BMX
    | Afternoon Classes |
    Instructions: find as many hidden words (anagrams) as possible using the 
                  scrambled letters before class ends, You must get 56% in order
                  to pass. 
                  Luckily for you, most are listed below.
    (Note: All of the words aren't listed, just enough to pass)
    English 1 - mellow, mew, meow, low, well, woe, mole, elm, mow, owl, moll & mewl
    English 2 - fights, sight, his, hit, hits, fit, fits, fight, sit, gift, gifts, 
                sift, fist, figs, fig, this, its, & sigh
    English 3 - less, miss, mess, mile, miles, slime, isle, isles, elm, elms, 
                lie, lies, smiles, smiles, mise & lime
    English 4 - coy, con, nay, car, can, cay, yarn, acorn, crayon, arc, cry, any, 
                corn, corny, roan, nor, ore, racy & ran
    English 5 - drag, age, egg, grade, ragged, gag, gage, rag, red, rage, read,
                dear, ear, gear, dagger, rad, gad, & dare
    English 1 - Learned basic apologies.
    English 2 - Improved taunting.
    English 3 - Learned prefect and teacher apologies for small crimes. 
    English 4 - Advanced taunting.
    English 5 - Learned police apologies for small crimes.
    Instructions: In Gym you will wrestle & learn new abilities
                  Sometimes you will play dodgeball. My best advice is to just use
                  the X button to throw and to catch when it's thrown at you.
    Gym 1 - Wrestling
    Gym 2 - Dodgeball
    Gym 3 - Wrestling
    Gym 4 - Dodgeball
    Gym 5 - Dodgeball
    Gym 1 - Learned Headbutt move.
    Gym 2 - Good projectile accuracy.
    Gym 3 - Learned 3-hit combo take down & knee strike. 
    Gym 4 - Better projectile accuracy.
    Gym 5 - Best projectile accuracy.
    PHOTOGRAPHY (Only available after completing "Hattrik v.s. Galloway" and 
                get the camera)
    Instructions: Take pictures of objects/people needed before time runs out.
    (Note: Pictures must be a 'good photo' in order to pass)
    Photography 1 - Take pictures of all the banners around the school
    		Banners: In front of the school, in front of the girl's dorm, 
                    above the library entrance, above the prep house entrance & 
                    on the side of the auto shop.
    Photography 2 - Take pictures of the students for the yearbook
    Photography 3 - 
    Photography 4 -
    Photography 5 -
    Photography 1 - Small photo album you can save pictures to.
    Photography 2 - You can take pictures of students for the yearbook.
    Photography 3 - Large Photo Album
    Photography 4 - Digital Camera (Color Pictures)
    Photography 5 - Bonus Carnival prize tickets
    Contributed by: joseph198519@msn.com
    Once you complete all of the classes, you will recieve graduation hat.
    |------------------------------------|  |------------------------------------|
    " 8'88   `88
      8'88. .88                                                                 \ 
      8'88888y,                         Walkthrough                              |
      8'88	  '88.                         INTRO                                 |
      8'88     '88.                                                             /
    . d'88.   .88;
    "Welcome to Bullworth Academy."
    One of the most brutal schools in the country. You're Jimmy Hopkins, a 15 year 
    old trouble maker that's been to just about every school around and has been 
    kicked out and expelled endlessly. There isn't really anyone that likes you, 
    not even your parents. You must make friends the hard way, by being a bully.
    Objective: Go to the Principle's Office.
    Reward: N/A
    This 'mission' is basically a tutorial and tells you all the basic buttons you 
    need to know. All you really need to do is follow the yellow 'x' on the small 
    map. The first clique you meet are the bullies, they will call you names and 
    eventually chase you down in order to try to fight you, you may fight if you 
    want but it's easier just to run right up to the school, going into the 
    school, and up to the second floor to the principle's office. Once you are at 
    the principle's office, a cutscene will appear. All the principle does is 
    talk about how nasty Hopkin's past is and about keeping your nose clean.
    |------------------------------------|  |------------------------------------|
    " 8'88   `88
      8'88. .88                                                                 \ 
      8'88888y,                    IX. CHAPTER ONE                               |
      8'88	  '88.          "Making New Friends & Enemies"                       |
      8'88     '88.                                                             /
    . d'88.   .88;
    Objective: Go to the boys' dorm
    Reward: Meet your new 'friend', Gary.
    After the cutscene, run out of the principle's office, down the stairs and out 
    the front door where you had just come from. Head for the yellow 'x' marked on 
    the map, which is the boys' dorm. Remember this location well, because it's 
    possibly the most important of them all. Once you reach the stairs of the boys' 
    dorm, some bullies will stop you in an attempt to beat you up. This is the 
    tutorial for fighting, just follow the onscreen instructions until they are 
    all knocked out. After you beat up the bully, a cutscene wil appear. You'll 
    meet Gary who automatically becomes your 'friend' so to speak. After the 
    cutscene, follow Gary around and he will give you some more tips (tuturial 
    type stuff) and show you around the dorm. Just follow his two simple 
    instructions. When you change into your school uniform, another cutscene will 
    appear and you'll meet Petey as Gary picks upon him and makes you feel sorry 
    for him. When the cutscene is over, save in the book if you want and then 
    follow the yellow star on the map to your next objective. You may look around 
    the dorm while your at it. The next mission is at the two front doors of the 
    | "This is Your School"	 a.2.                                                |
    Objective: Explore the school with Gary
    Reward: Firecrackers, "Future Street Race 2165" game in rec room
    All this mission is, is basically following around Gary around the school. 
    Follow Gary and you'll first come upon Russel. Just follow the onscreen 
    instructions. After bribing him not to pound you. You get to lockpick his 
    locker. Lockpicking is simple, as long as you do it out of sight of prefects 
    and teachers. Just turn the left analog stick in the direction the arrow is 
    pointing, slowly. If you do it too fast you will have to restart. Once you 
    grab the goods out of the locker, a prefects will appear and chase Gary and 
    then come after you. Just quickly hide into the trash bin before he sees you 
    when you regain control. Wait until your crime meter is empty before you exit. 
    Wait for Gary to come to you and follow him all the way to the bathroom on the 
    far end of the school. You now need to go get Eunice's chocolates back. Follow 
    the yellow 'x' to the bathroom on the otherside of the school. To get the 
    chocolates back quickly, just go up to the nerd and hold L1 and humilate him 
    (L1+O) and he'll lie on the floor. Take the chocolates beack to Eunice and get 
    a special treat. Next, follow Gary to the Cafeteria and a cutscene will emerge 
    and Gary will tell you all about the different cliques around the school. After 
    the cutscene you'll be instructed to go to your first class (Chemistry). There 
    should be a bell symbol on the map so just follow it. Once there you'll need 
    to press the correct button as it passes through the gray box in the middle of 
    the screen. Extremely easy. Hopefully you passed that and you'll now be able 
    to use fire crackers as weapons. Try it out on the bully nearby. Next, move 
    outside and towards the yellow marker to start the new mission.
    | "The Setup"  a.3.                                                          |
    Objective: Follow Davis 
    Reward: Slingshot (Bully Respect -5)
    After another annoying cutscene with the principle. The bully, Davis, shows up 
    and hits you with rocks with his slingshot. Now you'll be forced to chase down 
    this prick, but it's nothing to worry about because it's an easy mission. When 
    you start to chase him, just follow him towards the fence and jump over it 
    (onsreen instructions) and keep following him using your map (he's the red 
    'x'), cut as many corners as you can. He'll lead you into the auto shop where 
    more bullies will show up and you'll be forced to fight, but don't fight them 
    just yet. One you meet your first bully, ignore him and head straight into the 
    glowing marker and keep tapping triangle. Do the same thing for the next two 
    markers. Now you must fight all the bullies in this small, confined area. It 
    isn't much of a hastle since they don't put up much of a fight. A good move to 
    use is to grab them and keep punching them. If they become to crowded around 
    you, throw some to the ground to move them away. Once they are all down, Davis 
    will begin shooting at you with his slingshot. He does have pretty good aim 
    but it doesn't do much damage. Plus there should be some Beam Cola lying 
    around from when you koncked out all of the bullies. All you have to do is 
    pick up some of the bricks lying around by pressing triangle and locking onto 
    him and hitting the R1 button. You only have to hit him about 3 times with a 
    brick and he'll go down. Mission complete. You'll also earn the slingshot. 
    You'll most likely be tardy for your next class if you decided to do this 
    mission directly after the last. Just watch out for the prefect and don't let 
    them catch you or you'll be sent to class.
    | "The Slingshot" a.4.                                                       |
    Objective: Follow Gary to the Old School Bus
    Reward: Nerd Respect + 5
    After the mission cutscene, follow Gary until he stops at the old, abandoned 
    school bus. He tells you to knock out some o the school bus' windows. Do so 
    with the slingshot. Just lock onto a window by pressing L1 and hold in R1 for 
    it to charge some and let 'er rip. After about 3 windows are knocked out, 
    follow Gary to the football field where you'll have to knockout some football 
    players with your slingshot. Ignore the jocks that may try to start a fight 
    with you on your way there. Once your there, go all the way to the left where 
    the tree is and the climb comand will appear. Climb the tree and sit on the 
    branch a little ways out to get a better view and shot. Once the football 
    practice starts, take out your slingshot and lock on to one of the football 
    players, charge it up most of the way and fire it. Once you knock out all of 
    the players, jump out of the tree by pressing 'O' and you passed. 
    Congraulations on passing one of the easiest missions ever!
    | "A Little Help" a.5.                                                       |
    Objective: Look for the hobo behind the old school bus
    Reward: Hobo move - Uppercut, Hobo training missions
    There are two missions available at this time but I chose to do this one since 
    it's a lot easier than the next. Once the cutscene is over and after Gary shows 
    the ugliness of his personality, you'll need to run over again to the old 
    school bus, or just follow the yellow 'x'. Once in front of the school bus, 
    step into the blue marker and the open command will appear. So open the school 
    bus door and walk to the back through the school bus and out through the large 
    hole and to the left and a cutscene will appear. Now you must find a transis-
    tor, which you really don't have to find anything, you just have to follow the 
    next yellow 'x' on your map. The transistor is located in the auto shop. Make 
    your way through the auto shop, ignoring Greasers that may follow until you 
    reach a yellow marker in front of a ladder that's on the left side of the 
    second garage. Wait till the climb command comes and climb the ladder. The 
    transistor is straight ahead ontop of the roof of the garage. Now take the 
    transistor back to the hobo. Climb or jump off the roof and follow the next 
    yellow 'x' that appears, or just backtrack to the hobo. Once there, he'll 
    thank you for the transistor and show you a 'hobo move' which just happens to 
    be the uppercut and all you have to do it hold down the square button. I like 
    this move because it takes down enemied faster than regular, light punches. 
    Although, it does take longer to dish out this move than others, try it out 
    on the bullies nearby. 
    | "Save Algie" a.6.                                                          |
    Objective: Escort Algeron to the school bathroom
    Rewards: $5 & Nerd Respect + 5 (Bully Respect -10)
    You'll start out in front of the library with Algeron (I hate that name, it 
    reminds me of Algebra). Anyways, start heading down the stairs to the library 
    and slow down to a walking pace and walk towards the front of the school for 
    the first bully to arrive. He will try to run up to Algie and beat him up, 
    this is bad because if Algeron get knocked out, mission failed. Before he gets 
    to Algie use your push move to grab (don't bother locking on) and push him 
    away from Algie. This will also prevent you from hitting Algie when beating up 
    the bully. When he's finally down, keep a walking pace over towards the front 
    of the school. You'll see  two bullies up ahead talking to eachother. Once you 
    get close enough, they will make a break for Algie. You won't be able to stop 
    them both at once so just push the one out of the way so he focuses on you 
    and quickly run for the second and push him to the ground. Now they are both 
    focused on you. Try to finish this fight quickley so you don't have to rush to 
    get Algie to a bathroom before he pees himself. Hopefully you've learned some 
    new moves in Gym 1 which help greatly in this fight. There may be some nerds 
    nearby that may help out in fighting. Once they are both down, run to the front 
    doors of the school and go inside. Follow the yellow 'x' (triangle) up to the 
    second floor and all the way to the left side near the front. You'll probably 
    be faster than Algie, so just wait for him to go to the bathroom. He'll then 
    go to the bathroom but he asks for you to cover him. Step outside the bathroom 
    and block the entrance so it's harder for the two bullies coming to enter. 
    Again, push them out of the way so they can focus on you and not Algie. Knock 
    them both out. Last but not least, you must take Algie to his lock. Don't 
    worry, no more bullies show up. Just run to the yellow 'x' on the map nearby 
    and a cutscene will start and you'll have earned 5$ and some nerd respect.
    | "That Bitch" a.7. (Only Available in the Daytime)		      	     |
    Objective: Break into Mandy's locker to get back the lab notes
    Reward: Beatrice now likes you, get health bonus from kissing Beatrice
    Two new missions are availble but again, I'm choosing the easier of the two. 
    This mission starts in the girls' dorm room, just walk in and it's to the left 
    in the hallway. You'll start out on the side of the girls' dorm on the right 
    side of the building, make a sharp right and there should be a gap in the wall, 
    jump over it by pressing 'O'. Now, head towards the gym by follwing the yellow 
    'x'. Once inside the gym, head down into the girls locker room quickly and 
    don't let any prefects see you. Watch out though, there will be girl in the 
    locker room that will scream so just quickly and steathily lock pick Mandy's 
    locker open before the prefect comes. Once control is regained, hide on the 
    otherside of the lockers until Mandy vomits in the toilet and the prefect has 
    left. Now, go return the lab notes to Beatrice by following the yellow 'x' or 
    just backtrack the way you came and Beatrice will give you a kiss.
    | "Defend Bucky" a.8.                                                        |
    Objective: Escort Algeron to the school bathroom
    Rewards: Skateboard & Nerd Respect + 5 (Bully Respect -10)
    Again, after the cutscene with Gary, being an a**hole, Algie wants you to save 
    his friend, Bucky, who hasn't returned from the auto shop. You'll start out in 
    front of the Boys' Dorm. You'll need to be fast because if you watch Bucky's 
    health bar with quickly depleat if he isn't saved in time. So quickly run to 
    the auto shop by following the yellow 'x' (bucky) on the map. Once you see the 
    bullies trying to beat up Bucky (another name I hate), quickly push one of the 
    ground holding the stick since he's the stronger of the two, then go over and 
    punch or push the other one and try to lure them away from Bucky to avoid any 
    friendly fire. This is easy since Bucky will try to run if a bully goes after 
    him. Once they are both down, take bucky to the garage. On your way there, two 
    more bullies will come at you. Go to the one with the bat since he's the 
    stronger of the two, grapple him and tap triangle to take his bat and beat him 
    with it, and then the other. When they are knocked out head over to the garage 
    door and open it by tapping the triangle button. Now you must escort bucky out 
    of the auto shop. On your way out, two more, annoying bullies will come at 
    you, one with a bat and the other unarmed and do the same thing you did for 
    the last guys fought. One might ignore you and head for bucky, but just push 
    or punch him and his attention will stay on you. When they're down, head for 
    the yellow marker to open the gate. Mission complete. Upon completing this 
    mission, you will now be able to take errands from people to make some small, 
    easy cash.
    | "The Candidate"  a.9.                                                      |
    Objective: Keep Earnest safe for the duration of the speech
    Rewards: $10 & Nerd Respect + 5 (Jock Respect -5)
    After the cutscene, quickly run towards the stairs, up the stairs and to the 
    auditorium balcony entrance before time runs out. You will now have to keep 
    earnest safe from jocks and such while he's giving his speech. The best method 
    is to be on your toes and watch the map closely to see when they are coming 
    and from where. Use your (sniper mode) super slingshot to take them out. A 
    good tip would be to always charge your shot even if they are not coming. This 
    may be random from which directions they are coming from, but here's where 
    they came from for me:
    1. Bottom left
    2. Bottom, stage left
    3. Balcony, left
    4. Bottom left
    5. Balcony, left
    6. Straight ahead
    7. Bottom, stage right & Balcony, right
    8. Bottom right
    9. Bottom, stage right & Balcony, far right
    10. Straight ahead
    11. Bottom, stage right & Balcony, right
    12. Bottom right (Hit the mascot twice)
    13. Bottom, stage right and straight ahead
    14. Balcony, left & Bottom left
    15. Balcony, far left
    16. Bottom, stage left & Straight ahead
    17. Bottom, stage right & Bottom right
    Note: One more will come out from the balcony on the far right but if you hit 
    them all, then it should end before you or he can fire.
    | "Halloween" a.10.                                                          |
    Objective: Find some pranks to play
    Reward: Skeleton Costume, 'The Big Prank' Mission
    Note: Time stops magically, so take advantage of it!
    Before you start you should find all 19 tombstones to recieve a special 
    unlockable. Tombstones are only availble for destroying at Halloween. They're 
    easy to find outside around the school, just don't let a prefect see you 
    destroying it. Most are located in front of the dorms, the prep house, on the 
    side of the school, ect.
    Ah, one of the greatest holidays, Halloween. I find this mission fun since 
    you can watch all the student walk around in costumes and the entire school 
    at the time will be themed Halloween. You'll start out in the boys' dorm, 
    and while you're at it, destroy every pumpkin you see before Halloween is 
    over, though you won't get to get all of them because there is a done in 
    the boiler room of the school in a later mission. Smash 'em all and you'll 
    receive the pumpkin head outfit. Anyways, head outside and look for some 
    pranks that people want you to pull off for them. The pranks that people want 
    you to do are totally optional, you just need to complete 5 of the ones you 
    want to do. The fun ones are the volcano 4000, the kick me sign and the 
    marbles. Once you complete 5 pranks, 'The Big Prank' mission will be 
    available, it's only availble during Halloween. 
    | "Help Gary" a.11.                                                          |
    Objective: Follow Gary through the school's basement
    Rewards: School Basement unlocked
    After Gary talks about how he wants to rule the school and talking about other 
    non-sense, follow him to the entrance of the auto shop or near the old school 
    bus. Gary will set you up by telling the bullies that you (as in Jimmy) wants 
    to kick their a**. Since there's three (a fourth might show up) of them, it's 
    a little more difficult that one or two (obviously), but just them out quick 
    and they shouldn't present a problem. Gary will help, but hardly much. All he 
    pretty much does is keep a couple of them from keeping their attention on you. 
    After that is done, follow him into the school's basement. Walk forward a 
    little until he runs ahead, and follow him. Activate the first swtich to the 
    right to open thr first door. Next, go to the right side of the cage and jump 
    over the gap in the side of the fence and activate the switch. Follow him into 
    the next room and take out your super slingshot (zoom in) and hit the broom 
    next to the switch, to activate the switch. Go into the next room and go 
    forward and crawl under the fence in the gap using R3, go activate the switch 
    and go into the last room. Here's the last of the pumpkins so smash 'em all. 
    Once they're all smashed you should receive the pumpkin head outfit. Now, take 
    the fire extinguisher off the wall (take the transistor there while you're at 
    it) to the right and use R1 to take out the fire in the furnace. Once it's out,
    quickly follow Gary up the stairs, into the next room, down the stairs and 
    through the hallway and down into the pit in the yellow marker and a cutscene 
    will appear. Somehow this cutscene didn't suprise me... 
    | "Russell in the Hole" a.12.                                                |
    Objective: Fight Russell in the hole
    Rewards: Bully Respect + 100, free to roam outside the academy
    FIGHT RUSSELL: Ok, so Gary set you up, and now you have to fight Russell 
    because he told Russell about what you "said" to Gary about his mom and some 
    barnyard animals. This is a pretty fair fight, just be on your toes. Once it 
    starts, quickly, and keep punching Russell and step back every now and then 
    so he doesn't hit you. If you step back too much, he'll start moving up and 
    down from the ground (like a monkey), that means he's getting ready to charge 
    you, so step back and don't stop moving and he should run into a wall giving 
    you an opportunity to get some good hits in. You can't use grapple moves 
    because he'll just push you off and possibly get some free hits on you. 
    Sometimes he'll grab you and just tap triangle to get away. Just keep doing 
    this stradegy until he goes down. 
    After Gary's lame speech, Russell suddenly grows a heart and appologizes for 
    beating you up. Now you are friends with the bullies 100% and you are free to 
    roam outside of the school!
    Note: If you pay a bully money, they will follow you around and gang up on 
          people you're beating up.
    |------------------------------------|  |------------------------------------|
    ' 8'88   `88
      8'88  .88                                                                 \ 
      8'88888y,                      CHAPTER ONE                                 |
      8'88	  '88.                  Side Missions                                |
      8'88     '88.                                                             /
    . d'88    .88;
    | "The Diary" b.1. (Only Available at Night Around 7:00)                     |
    Objective: Get back Beatrice's Diary.
    Reward: $20
    After seeing the lovely cold sores on Beatrice's face, you soon find out that 
    you're going to need to get back her diary to save your reputation. Start out 
    by taking the gap in the fence to the right and head over to the back of the 
    school by following the yellow 'x'. In the back of the school in the middle, 
    there should be an opening in the fence to the side where the wall pops out. 
    Jump on the ledge and climb the awning to the top and climb inside the window. 
    Now, be careful not to let any prefects see you because you are trespassing. 
    Follow the first'x' to the math room door, the door will be locked so you'll 
    need to head downstairs to the teacher's lounge by again, following the yellow 
    'x'. Once inside, grab the diary from the second desk on the left. You can 
    read the diary entry if you want to, she basically obsesses over Jimmy for 
    some reason. Cause some vandalism if you'd like and head out the school near 
    the closest exit to the right and head back to Beatrice to return her diary
    | "The Big Prank" b.2. (Only available during Halloween)                     |
    Objective: Pull off 'The Big Prank'
    Reward: Red Ninja Costume
    This mission starts in front of the prep house. The first thing to do is to 
    protect Gary from Chad, while he's chasing around the dog. Just knock him out. 
    Once that's done, watch this amazing cutscene. Finally take the 'doggy bag' 
    into the school (easiest way in is through the back doors of the school) and 
    put in in the yellow marker in front of the teacher's lounge and sit back and 
    watch. Once the cutscene is over you'll need to sprint out of the school 
    because the gym teacher and possibly some prefect will be on your tail. 
    Mission Complete.
    | "Character Sheets" b.3.                                                    |
    Objective: Get back Melvin's Character Sheets.
    Reward: $10
    Looks like Melvin needs his character sheets back. First go around the library 
    to your first yellow 'x' and hop the gap in the fence. You don't really need 
    to fight anyone here if you don't want to but where's the fun in that? All 
    he'll do is kick you in the balls and run off. Tap triangle to get back up, if 
    you want beat up the one bully that you can catch to beat up and just collect 
    the first sheet. Next head to the yellow 'x' near the front of the library 
    steps. This guy is a pain in the a** to chase. He'll throw marbles and such at 
    you to slow you down. He will momentarily stop to catch his breath. What I did 
    was, I just got close enough to hit him with my super slingshot enough that 
    went down no problem.  Just throw some kind of projectile at him until he goes 
    down and collect the sheet. Another easier way would to let a prefect catch 
    him. When a prefect starts chasing after him, follow him and wait for the 
    bully to catch his breat and the prefect will run and grab him. Now head to 
    the yellow 'x' near the auto shop. All you have to do is beat up the bullies, 
    the nerds they were harrassing will help in the fight and say some funny 
    things, now collect the sheet and head to the last 'x' near the boys' dorm. 
    Just take down the bully that's teasing the nerd. Take the character sheets
    back to Melvin who is back at the library and you've earned yourself $10. 
    I think it was too much of a hastle for that kind of dough.
    | "Keep Ups Minigame" b.4.                                                   |
    Found all the way to the west end of the football field near the bleachers.
    This isn't really a mission, it's just a minigame because it will always be 
    there even when completing it. You can bet as much as you want but the higher
    of a bet you go, the harder it is. All you have to do keep the ball in the 
    air. To do that, there will be two icons that appear at the bottom of your 
    screen that look like analog sticks. Once you get started, you must use the 
    analog sticks and push them in the direction that the arrow is pointing on the
    analog stick icons. Just focus on those icons and it should be very easy. If 
    your successful, you will win that amount that you bet. If you lost, you will
    lose the amount that you bet. If you do it regulary you can rack up a lot of
    cash for yourself.
    | "Penalty Shots Minigame" b.5.                                              |
    Another easy minigame. It's found outside the gym in the basketball courts to 
    the west. This isn't really a mission, it's just a minigame because it will 
    always be there even when completing it. You can bet as much as you want but 
    the higher of a bet you go, the harder it is. It's simple, you are given 5
    soccer balls and the object of the game is to hit the nerd moving around 
    back forth across the wall. An 'x' will appear on the screen which is where 
    you must hit the X button when the x appears on the nerd and Jimmy will kick
    the ball at the nerd and damage him. If you hit him successfully until his
    life bar empties out, you will win the amount you bet. If you lost, you will
    lose the amount that you bet. If you do it regulary you can rack up a lot of
    cash for yourself.
    |------------------------------------|  |------------------------------------|
    " 8'88   `88
      8'88. .88                                                                 \ 
      8'88888y,                      2. CHAPTER TWO                              |
      8'88	  '88.                   "Rich Kid Blues"                            |
      8'88     '88.                                                             /
    . d'88.   .88;
    | "Last Minute Shopping" c.1.                                                |
    Objective: Run some errands for Edna.
    Reward: $15, jobs unlocked
    Now that you can finally go outside the academy, some missions will now be 
    held outside as well. The gross lunch lady, Edna, wants you to do some quick 
    missions for you. This mission is timed, but it's hardly anything to worry 
    about since they give you enough time. First, run out of the cafeteria and 
    through the lobby and out the school doors. Watch out for the prefects because 
    you'll most likey have to do this mission during school hours, or at least I 
    did. Keep going straight until you reach the academy gate. Once your out into 
    the open, follow the yellow 'x' by going left to see Edna's bike at the bike 
    rack. Hop on the bike by pressing triangle. Take the bike into Bullworth town 
    and follow the new yellow 'x's. You can do them in any order you want but this 
    is how I did it...
    1. Yum Yum Market, grab the meat from the table
    2. The Happy Mullet, take the razor from the counter
    3. Worn Jn Clothing, pick up  Edna's laundry from the dressing room
    Now all you have to do is quickly take back the things to Edna before time 
    runs out. You can either ride your bike back, or you can take the bus by going 
    to the Bus Stop (Big Yellow 'B' on the map) and standing next to the sign and 
    press triangle. Mission Complete.
    | "Hattrick v.s. Galloway" c.2. (Only available during school hours)	     |
    Objective: Find Galloway's hidden bottles
    Rewards: Camera, Photography Class unlocked
    You'll start out near the cafeteria. Go into the cafeteria and into the kit-
    chen in the back. All the way to the right, near some fridges and a blue rubber 
    band should be the first bottle. Grab it and head for next nearest marker 
    which is upstairs in the trophy case. Smash open the case and grab the bottle. 
    You will see Mr. Hattrick talking to the principle about Mr. Galloway's 
    problem. It's easier if you do this with no prefects around because 
    Mr. Hattrick will come chasing after you once he hears you break the trophy 
    case. Just run all the way to the right side of the school and near the girl's
    bathroom and hide in the trash bin near the entrance of the girl's bathroom. 
    Head to the last yellow x on the when the coast is clear, which lucky for you 
    is right behind you. Try not to run in there so quickly because you may get 
    trapped because Mandy will yell and a teacher will come running for you as 
    well as some prefects. Just wait for the coast to be clear again and head into 
    the girl's bathroom and grab the last bottle which is in the last stall, next 
    to the toilet on the right. After that, sneak out of the girl's bathroom and 
    sprint to the front doors on the first floor. Once outside, go all the way to 
    the left to return the bottles over to Ms. Philips, who is standing right in 
    front of the old school bus, near the front of the auto shop. Mission complete, 
    and you get a camera.
    | "Prep Challenge" c.3.                                                      |
    Objective: Box some preps at Bullworth Vale Gym
    Reward: Beach Clubhouse (save point)
    This mission starts out in the Bullworth Vale Gym. There will be two markers, 
    a red and blue one. It is recommened that you take the 'Boxing Challenge' side
    mission in order to increase the power of your punches making the 'Prep 
    Challenge' mission a breeze, however it is not required. You must now box with
    three preps, Chad, Justin and Parker. Both, you and your opponents health will
    be displayed at the top of the screen. You must knock your opponent out before
    he knocks you out. You may use all the punching moves you have learned to this 
    point either from gym or the hobo. What I did was I held in the block (L1) 
    button and just kept punching when they weren't blocking and ducked occasion-
    ally. It wasn't that difficult because they all fight about the same and one
    isn't harder than the other. Once they are all down a cutscene will appear and
    you'll discover that the preps screwed you, but they still give you the beach
    clubhouse which isn't bad. At least it comes with a bed and everything else.
    | "The Eggs" c.4.                                                           |
    Objective: Retrieve eggs to egg Mr. Hattrick's house 
    Reward: Eggs available at save houses (Prep Respect -10)
    This is another mission found at the Bullworth Valy Gym. You need to buy an
    Aquaberry vest for $17.50 at the Aquaberry Clothing store before you can 
    start this mission (It's the clothing store closest to the gym). Once you're 
    inside the gym, turn to your left and go up the stairs and step into the 
    yellow maker. The preps are mad at Mr. Hattrick for trying to get Mr. Galloway
    fired for drinking, so they want you to egg Mr. Hattrick's house. Once the 
    cutscene is over, head on over to the Yum Yum Market by following the yellow
    'x' on the map and buy a carton of eggs inside and head out. A new yellow 'x' 
    will appear on the map so head to it (it's Tad's house). When you arrive at 
    Tad's house a cutscene will appear and Gary has provoked the preps into no 
    longer needing your help, infact, they want to beat your ass. So now you have 
    to escape Tad's yard with the preps throwing eggs at you. They have closed all 
    the gates so you cannot escape. Head back around the house and to the gate, 
    there will be a prep guarding the gate and he will have a red arrow over his 
    head. Beat him up and aquire the key and open the gate by standing in the 
    marker and pressing triangle. Once you run onto the street the mission will 
    have been completed, an easy mission if you ask me, however the preps will
    not stop chasing/egging you. Just pull out your skateboard and get the 
    hell out.
    | "Movie Tickets" c.5.                                                       |
    Objective: Clear the line for... Pinky, without the use of violence
    Rewards: $15 (Prep Respect -5)
    This is your first mission that doesn't take place anywhere in the school. 
    It's in town to the left, just look at your map. This mission sucks since 
    you can't use any violence and you have to help the "princess" and you find 
    out that Gary's saying more rumors about you. First, look to your right, 
    Gord's bike should be parked there. Go over and steal it to lure him away 
    from the line. Keep riding until the greaser girl whines and they all chase 
    after her. Head back to the theater. Go talk to Eunice in the front line. 
    Now you have to go get fatty some chocolates, so head to the next yellow 
    'x' on the map and use the bike to speed up the mission. You can head out into 
    the main street or use the allies and go into the Yum Yum Market. Go inside 
    and purchase a box of chocolates which are about $1. Head out of the store and 
    back the way you came to meet up with Eunice and give her the chocolates. She 
    well then want you to take her to a secluded spot (it's marked on the map, so 
    just head back into the alley on the left of the theater. Don't run away from 
    her or she won't follow. Make out... with her and head back to the theater 
    entrance. Now just go over to Kirby and Trent and talk to them or they should 
    walk away on their own, at least they did for me. A cutscene will appear and 
    the mission will be complete.
    | "Carnival Date" c.6.                                                       |
    Objective: Win prize tickets by playing carnival games
    Reward: Pinky will now like you
    You'll need to find or buy flowers first before you can start this mission. 
    Looks like you're trying to date Pinky, a girl that's into incest. Looks like 
    she's starting to like you, but I'm not likin' her. Now you must make it to 
    the carnival before it closes at 1 a.m. but it's not far away, just take the 
    tunnel that leads right to it. Once you buy a ticket and go into the carnival, 
    you'll meet up with her and you'll have to win prize tickets by playing games 
    in the carnival. The first game you see is called strike out. Though the 
    easiest game to play is high striker. All of the games are covered in Carn-
    ival Games (d.4.) in the side missions section. Watch out though because 
    sometimes people will come up to you and try to beat you up, so just let 'em 
    have it and be onto your next game or you can keep playing the same one. You 
    get 3 every game. This mission is almost impossible to fail unless you run 
    out of money, pass out, get knocked out, or just fail completely. Once you 
    play some of the games and win 10 tickets, head on over to the souvenir tent 
    and get her the bear and walk outside and a cutscene will appear. Mission com-
    | "Race the Vale" c.7.                                                       |
    Objective: Race the preps through Bullworth Vale
    Reward: $15 (Prep Respect -10)
    This mission will start all the way back at the boys' dorm in the hallways.
    Petey seems lonely and just down and he tells you of a race taking place. Grab
    a bike and follow him over into Bullworth Vale. The race takes place right 
    near the beach clubhouse. Once you step into the yellow marker, the race will 
    begin. What you do is race around the outside edge of Bullworth Vale for about 
    2 minutes. It's very important that you focus on the markers ahead of you 
    because they tell you where to go next (they have arrows in the middle of 
    them). You may punch and throw things at the other bikers but it is HIGHLY
    recommended that you just ignore them and keep tapping the X button. This is 
    what I did and I was ahead of them the entire time but my thumb did hurt a 
    little afterwards but I did win very easily. They do throw eggs time to time
    but they have horrible aim so it's nothing to worry about. Just keep tapping 
    away at the X button and pay attention to the maps and the markers and you 
    won't get lost. When you win, you are told to go pick up your trophy at the 
    Shiny Bike shop across the road from the beach.
    | "Beach Rumble" c.8.                                                        |
    Objective: Win prize tickets by playing carnival games
    Reward: Unlocks bike races (Preppy Respect -10)
    Once you go inside the Shiny Bike shop you'll have no choice but to start this
    mission. Once inside, a cutscene will start. When you ask for the trophy from
    the owner, some preps will come in, steal it and run. Now Ricky and you have 
    to chase them down and get it back. Once you're outside, make sure Ricky is 
    following and head down to the beach. Run to your new save house (the beach
    clubhouse). You may use your scope on your slingshot to pick some off even
    though this is an easy fight. Once most are down, Gord will come out and 
    try to fight you but they are easy so just beat them down any way you want.
    Once you finish off Gord, your trophy will be laying on top him. Grab it and 
    the mission will be complete. Bike races will now be unlocked and you can sign
    up for on next to Shiny Bikes and Dry Seaman Bar.
    | "Tad's House" c.9.                                                         |
    Objective: Eggs Tad's house with Russell
    Reward: $15 (Prep Respect -15)
    Head to the Yum Yum Market in Old Bullworth Vale to start the mission. When 
    the cutscene starts, you'll see Russell getting ready to pound the store 
    clerk. After calming Russell down, the clerk will tell you that Tad's parents
    aren't home. Get some eggs and follow Russell up to Tad's house. You can pass 
    him but either way he will most likely because you to Tad's house. Enter the 
    blue marker and open the gate. Quitely head to the right of Tad's house and 
    enter first person mode and pull out the eggs. For every open window (there's 
    6) you must throw an egg through each. All the windows are on the second floor
    and when an egg makes it successfully through a window, the window will close
    after Tad yells. He will send out preps into the yard to come out and beat you
    but if you keep going around the house to the right, they shouldn't see you.
    With Russell closely following, after all the windows have been hit, go around 
    and beat up the preps. Russell should do a consideral amount of damage to 
    them. When all of the preps had their fill of fist, just head out into the 
    street and the mission will be complete.
    | "Boxing Challenge" c.10.                                                   |
    Objective: Take out the boxing champ, Bif in public
    Reward: Boxing Outfit
    This mission starts out at the end of the pier in Bullworth Vale. You talk to
    Petey and he suggests that you and Bif have a showdown in public. You like the
    idea, so head to the boxing gym and Bif will accept your challenge. If you 
    completed the Boxing Challenge side missions, you should be really powerful 
    and this mission should be over in no time. The good thing is, you only have
    to fight him once. The standard method on beating him is to just keep punching
    the square button to... punch (dur), and when he starts to block, you start to
    block because that means he's getting ready to punch. Once he has also had his 
    fill of fist, a cutscene will apear and Derby isn't happy and you'll have no 
    choice but to enter the next mission.
    | "Dishonorable Fight" c.11.                                                 |
    Objective: Fight Derby and his preps
    Reward: Prep Respect +100, Nerd Repect +10 & new area unlocked
    Bif is obviously not satisfied with his champ, Bif, having been beat down by
    you. Again, you should have beat the 'Boxing Challenge' side missions so you
    will be extremely powerful. Derby will run upstairs to have a drink while 
    his minions try to slaughter you. Luckily, you're the one that'll be doing
    the slaughtering. You'll start out on the side of the ring and one prep will
    come at you while the other one behind him will wait for you to beat the one
    or atleast that's what happened to me. If not, they still won't put up much a
    fight. Once they're down, run upstairs and fight the last prep standing in 
    front of the door. Just pound him with punches until he's on the floor and 
    head on inside the bar. Once inside, immediately run to the door you just came 
    from and go up to the glowing yellow board near the door. Tap the triangle 
    button to make it lock the door and to prevent more preps from coming in. Do 
    the same for the other door on the other side. With both doors down, take down 
    any other preps that may ave entered and then focus on Derby. Take him down as 
    soon as possible and try not to do anything fancy because he'll just knock you
    down. After he's down this mission, and chapter will be over. Another area 
    will be unlocked and it's Christmas time at Bullworth!
    |------------------------------------|  |------------------------------------|
    ' 8'88   `88
      8'88  .88                                                                 \ 
      8'88888y,                      CHAPTER TWO                                 |
      8'88	  '88.                  Side Missions                                |
      8'88     '88.                                                             /
    . d'88    .88;
    | "Panty Raid" d.1.                                                          |
    Objective: The Gym Teacher wants you to collect some "dirty laundry" from the 
               girls' dorm to do some... "research"
    Reward: $30
    This mission is only available at night and starts out at the "Come Hither" 
    store. It seems that the gym teacher wants you to collect some "dirty laundry 
    from the girls' dorm. I wonder if this actually happens at actual boarding 
    schools, i wouldn't doubt it. Well, anyways, you start out at the naughty 
    shop so go all the way back to the academy either by bike, bus or some means 
    of transportation. Once you're in front of the girls' dorm, go to the right 
    of the building on the side and step into the yellow marker to climb the 
    awning. Once inside the attic of the girls' dorm, head straight until you 
    see the stairs, slowly walk down the stairs and watch for the map to see where 
    the teacher is. Hide in the closet if need be until she turns the other way 
    down the hall. When she heads for the rooms all the way to the right, sprint 
    for the room straight ahead, still watching the map, quickly grab the panties 
    at the end of the bed and run out the door and into the next room across the 
    hall (attic door now locked). Take the panties from the room and head out but 
    wait for the teacher to go into a room away from the one your in. Go into the 
    next room (same side from the one you were just in) and grab the panties next 
    to the bed and hide in the closet until the coast is clear. Go into the 
    bathroom across from the room you were in and go around the wall to where the 
    stalls are and steal the next set of panties. Only one more to go. Hide in the 
    stall if you need to. Now, when the teacher heads down the hall near the attic 
    entrance and enters a room, now is your chance to go into the last room and 
    take the panties from the floor. Once that is done a girl will scream and hit 
    the fire alarm, hide into the closet until it's safe to come out. Run over to 
    the railing of the stairs and jump over it, you should land and break some 
    things. There is another teacher down here but she'll just stand there long 
    enough for you to run out of the girls' dorm. Once outside, take the "dirty 
    laundry" over to Mr. Burton who is standing outside of the academy, just 
    follow the yellow 'x'. Mission Complete.
    | "Weed Killer" d.2.                                                         |
    Objective: Kill Derby's prized Venus Flytrap
    Reward: $30
    This mission is found at the school on the second floor biology class. The 
    biology teacher is complaning about Derby's very rare Venus Flytrap. He says 
    that he only has it to belittle the biology teacher's collection, so you 
    must kill Derby's Venus Flytrap. Once the cutscene is over, you are told to go 
    put on an Aquaberry sweater, so do so back in the boys' dorm. Once that's 
    done, you are told to go get a haircut at the barber to blend in with the 
    preps. Just jump on a bike and into Bullworth Vale and go to yellow 'x' on the 
    map, which is the barber shop, and pick any of the stupid looking haircuts 
    they have to choose from. Disguised as a prep, you are now instructed to head 
    on over to the Harrington house (Prep House), which is the yellow 'x' on the 
    map, so just head towards it. When you're finally there, go inside and talk to
    Bif, he will compliment your attire and open the door he's guarding. Once your
    in, head down the hall and go up the stairs to the left. Go up the stairs and 
    through the door to the right. Go around the corner and you'll see some preps
    talking around some poker tables. Just ignore them and keep going straight 
    and go out onto the balcony and up the next set of stairs and into the room 
    with a bunch of glass windows. You'll be in a room full of plants. You'll
    notice that the huge Venus Flytrap is straight ahead and up some stairs.
    Head towards it and you'll be instructed to grab the poison sprayer from the 
    counter. Grab it and take it over to "Crapula Maxima". The plant's life bar 
    will appear on top of the screen when you start spraying it. Lock onto it 
    and hold in the R1 button to kill it. Once it's health is drained some preps
    will run in and see what a horrible sin you've committed. Take the two preps
    out. Once they're down, go over to the double doors and punch 'em till they
    break. Escape just the way you came. Some preps will run after you because
    apparently they can see everything that goes on when they're just standing 
    around talking. Just take them out and the doors will open and another
    prep will run in to fight you. Take him out and head out the large double 
    doors you entered the building from. Bif will come and fight you, throw some
    firecrackers at him to take him out quick. Mission complete.
    | "Carnival Rides" d.3.                                                      |
    This isn't really a "side mission", but it's important to ride all of the 
    rides at the carnival in order to get a 100% completion. Ride all of the rides
    and you'll recieve a G&G Card.
    Here's a list of the rides you may ride.
    Ferris Wheel
    Big Squid
    Big Canyon Railway
    Freak Show
    | "Carnival Games" d.4.                                                      |
    This also another, not really a side mission.
    Just a brief information section and what you should do to beat some of the 
    carnival games.
    Strike Out $1
    Instructions: Hit all of the pitchers to win 3 tickets. Avoid umpires or it's
                  game over.
    High Striker $1 (easiest & fastest game)
    Instructions: Tap the X button really fast to hit the 100 and win 3 tickets.
    Splish Splash $1
    Instructions: Same as the Penalty Shots Minigame. Hit the target to dunk the 
    Shooting Range $2
    Instructions: Shoot bandits and bottles to gain points. Avoid women. Get a 
                  high score and win 3 tickets.
    | "Bike Races" d.5.                                                          |
    [Coming Soon]
    | "Go-Kart Racing" d.6.                                                      |
    [Coming Soon]
    | "Lawn Mowing" d.7.                                                         |
    A simple easy way of making some fast cash. The lawn mowing job can be found
    at the dollar symbol in Old Bullworth Vale Gardens, just walk into the blue 
    marker and accept to begin. Walk on over to the mower and hop on, All you have 
    to do is run over the "dark" (longer) grass, the mower will do the rest. The
    X button is gas, square button is brake and reverse. The lawn mowing job has 
    three stages which earn you more cash the higher the stage, finish them within
    the time limit.
    Stage 1: Mow 70% of the grass and earn $15
    Stage 2: Mow 80% of the grass and earn $15
    Stage 3: Mow 90% of the grass and earn $15
    Manage to mow 100% of the grass and you'll get $25
    Complete the 3 stages and a second location of lawn mowing will appear where
    you can earn a larger amount of cash although it's only available until 
    Chapter 4 because of the snow.
    | "Paper Route" d.8.                                                         |
    Another easy job that can be found at the dollar symbol on the map in front of
    the news stand in Old Bullworth Vale. You start out on a bike and you must 
    ride to the top of the hill to grab your papers. Once that's done, you'll be 
    asked to deliver them. The mailboxes that need papers, they will be marked
    with a yellow 'x' on the map. Once you're near one, lock onto it (hold L1) and
    hit the fire button (R1) and Jimmy will throw it into the mailbox. You can 
    even throw papers at people for a good laugh. A dog might even come and chase 
    you and it won't leave you alone until you get off the bike and kick it (poor
    puppy!). For later stages, some people will be throwing eggs at you as well as
    many dogs that come chase you. Don't worry about the egg thowers though, they
    have lousy aim. The more stages you pass, the more cash and customers you 
    Stage 1: 7 customers
    Stage 2: 10 customers
    Stage 3: 14 customers
    Stage 4: 20 customers
    Stage 5: 24 customers
    | "Boxing" d.9.                                                              |
    This challenge, er, side mission will take place at the Old Bullworth Vale 
    Gym. Just step in the blue marker to start. You will have to fight four 
    matches and each time you beat someone, your strength in your punches will in-
    crease. The match is simple, you are only aloud to use punch, block or dodge 
    but you may use combo punches for easier take downs. Each opponent will have
    their own way of trying to beat you up, mainly after blocking, they will hit 
    you. So watch for that and block around that time they start blocking and hit
    them after the stop hitting you. Once their health meter is drained, you have
    the chance to knock them out and win the match. The screen will tell you when
    the right time to knock them out will be and all you have to do is hold the 
    square button and Jimmy will knock them out and win the match. Once this opp-
    ortunity arrises, don't hesitate to knock them out or you may just have put on
    another round in which case, your opponent's health will have increased. Once 
    all 4 matches are completed, you may return for "random" matches against 
    "random" fighters although you'll need to beat at least one "random" fight in
    order to achieve 100% completion.
    |------------------------------------|  |------------------------------------|
    " 8'88   `88
      8'88. .88                                                                 \ 
      8'88888y,                   XI. CHAPTER THREE                              |
      8'88	  '88.       "Love Makes The World Go Around"                        |
      8'88     '88.                                                             /
    . d'88.   .88;
    | "Christmas is here!" e.1.                                                  |
    Objective: Go to the principle's office
    Reward: A really corny reindeer outfit
    All you have to do, is at the start of Chapter Three, you'll be instructed to
    go to the principle's office. This is hardly what I call a mission though.
    All you do is go to the principle's office and you find out that your parents 
    have sent you a "thoughtful" gift which you have no choice but to wear once 
    the cutscene is over and everyone is laughing at you. Mission, uh-- complete?
    Yep, complete.
    |------------------------------------|  |------------------------------------|
    " 8'88   `88
      8'88. .88                                                                 \ 
      8'88888y,                       XII. BIKES                                 |
      8'88	  '88.                                                               |
      8'88     '88.                                                             /
    . d'88.   .88;
    Bike are only available when you complete Chapter 1.
    These are the basic stats of the bikes.
    Basic BMX
    Speed - **
    Accel - **
    Handling - ****
    Where found - Usually in front of the bike shop closest to the academy
    	      Unlocked in the garage after shop 1
    Looks like - Red tire, blue pedels, green frame, one blue rim
    Retro BMX
    Speed - **
    Accel - **
    Handling - ***
    Where found - Unlocked in the garage after shop 2
    Looks like - Orange frame, racing number on front end
    Green BMX
    Speed - ***
    Accel - **
    Handling - ****
    Where found - Unlocked in the garage after shop 3
    Looks like - Yellow rims, seat, pedels & handle bars. Green frame, 
                 racing number on front end
    Blue BMX
    Speed - ***
    Accel - ***
    Handling - ****
    Where found - Unlocked in the garage after shop 4
    Looks like - Light blue tires & dark blue rims. Flames on the frame.
    Red BMX
    Speed - ****
    Accel - ****
    Handling - *****
    Where found - Unlocked in the garage after shop 5
    Looks like - Red frame with yellow spokes
    Mountain Bike
    Price: $35.00
    Speed - *****
    Accel - ****
    Handling - ***
    (Handles better on rough terrain)
    Where found - Can be bought in the bike shops 
    Looks like - Blue frame, white handle bars & rims
    Price: $15.00
    Speed - *****
    Accel - *****
    Handling - ***
    Where found - Can be bought in the bike shops
    Looks like - Larger, red frame. Curled, white racing handle bars
    Aquaberry Cruiser (Gord's Bike)
    Price: $25.00
    Speed - *****
    Accel - *****
    Handling - ****
    Where found - Can be bought in the bike shops
                  Found in the mission "movie tickets"
    Looks like - Blue & white frame. White rims & handle bars
    |------------------------------------|  |------------------------------------|
    " 8'88   `88
      8'88. .88                                                                 \ 
      8'88888y,                   XIII. SECRET ITEMS                             |
      8'88	  '88.                                                               |
      8'88     '88.                                                             /
    . d'88.   .88;
    Secret Rubber Bands (22/75)
    (Note: This is in the order that I found them. 
           It's better if you play most of the game first so you know
           where you're going.)
    1 - In the left hallway of the boys' dorm, in front of the couch.
    2 - The left side of the girls'dorm, behind the stairs.
    3 - Inside the old school bus, near the back.
    4 - Up the stairs and to the right side of the school, before the fence.
    5 - In the middle of path that leads from the gap in the fence from the 
        right of the library and the courtyard of the prep house and vice-versa.
    6 - Facing the boys' dorm entrance, on the right side of the building
    7 - In the school's basement in the third room with the live wire, next to 
        some boxes after crawling under the fence.
    8 - In the third garage in the auto shop, on the table.
    9 - In the kitchen, to the right near some fridges.
    10 - Directly on the left wall in the principle's office.
    11 - Right near the wall where the garage is where your bike's are locked 
         up in front of the auto shop.
    12 - In between one of the book shelves on the second floor of the library.
    13 - In the northwest corner of the map, in the middle of the gizebo. 
         In the middle of the gizebo, connected to the house in the northwest 
         section of the map. North of the large house it's connected to.
    14 - North of # 13 (the gizebo), in the northwest corner of the b-ball 
    15 - In the middle of the gizebo in Old Bullworth Vale Gardens.
    16 - To the right of the Boxing Challenge building next to a trash can. 
         Near a gizebo.
    17 - On the sand near the mine entrance connecting to Bullworth Academy,
         near the pirate ship.
    18 - Swim all the way to the south west corner of the map and step onto 
         the sand, close to the beach house & carnival. Go through the tunnel
         and across the log. 
    19 - In the alley next to the movie theater to the left. Behind the build-
         ing with the big crab.
    20 - In the Aquaberry Clothing shop, north of the barber shop, next the 
         mirror in the back.
    21 - Next to the tree between the Aquaberry Clothing shop and Shea Lewis
    22 - Cross the wooden planks that link the tiny islands together in the
         south. Once crossed, hop on the ledge to the left.
    23 - Directly above the tunnel that leads to the carnival. Near bench.
         You can see the lighthouse from a distance.
    24 - In the bushes behind the restaurant Shinjo's. A little south west
         of the burger shop. (Go up the stairs next to Shinjo's and to the 
    25 - On the pier, on the beach waterfront. On the right side at the 
         end of the pier.
    26 - Next to the Gym entrance at Bullworth Academy.
    27 - In the mine shaft sitting on the train tracks.
    28 - Inside the Freak Show in front of the painted man exhibit at the 
    G&G Collectible Cards (12/40)
    (Note: This is in the order that I found them. 
           It's better if you play most of the game first so you know
           where you're going.)
    1 - Climb the awning in the back of the school to the balcony. 
    2 - In the Girls' Dorm attic, near the stairs
    3 - Inside the library, all the way in the back on the right. 
        Next to the fact globe.
    4 - In the boys' locker room in the stall to the left. Next to toilet.
    5 - In the souvenir tent in the carnival, next to the arcade games.
    6 - All the way to the right of the carnival entrance in the corner,
        right of the bike rack.
    7 - Ride all the rides at the Carnival.
    8 - Behind the car in the house in the northwest section of the map. Large
        house. Gizebo to the north.
    9 - To the left corner of the bridge to the left of Bulworth Acadmey. On 
        some rocks, near the rail gaurd. Town side of the bridge.
    10 - Up the stairs next to the burger shop to the left of town. Road up 
         from carnival tunnel. Up the stairs and to the left in the corner
         next to the building.
    11 - On the left side of the pirate ship in the south end of the lake.
    12 - At the end of the beach clubhouse dock.
    Gnomes (7/25)
    (Note: This is in the order that I found them. 
           It's better if you play most of the game first so you know
           where you're going.)
    1 - In the courtyard of the preppy house.
    2 - In front of the Bullworth Gardens entrance, where your first lawn mowing 
        job starts.
    3 - Near the front door of the house directly south of Trent's house.
    4 - Near the front door of the house with the first red mailbox in the 
        coldisac. There's a dog and a car in the yard.
    5 - Hidden in the bushes near a gizebo in the house in the northwest section
        of the map.
    6 - On the island with the pirate. Near the pirate ship.
    7 - To the right of the three garages. Looks like an iPod on the map, south
        of Bullworth gardens.
    Radio Transistors (4/6)
    (Note: This is in the order that I found them)
    A yellow 'H' will appear on your map when you have found one. 
    Go to it to learn more moves from the hobo.
    1 - Ontop of the second auto shop garage. Use ladder.
    2 - In the school's basement near the fire extinguisher in the furnace room.
    3 - Behind the Mexican Restaurant across from the bike shop in town.
    4 - In the middle of the dam's ramp. To the very north of the map.
    |------------------------------------|  |------------------------------------|
    " 8'88   `88
      8'88. .88                                                                 \ 
      8'88888y,                      IX. UNLOCKABLES                             |
      8'88	  '88.                                                               |
      8'88     '88.                                                             /
    . d'88.   .88;
    Black Ninja Outfit 	Fill up your yearbook completely. 
    Black Skate Shoes 	Travel at least 50.00km on foot, buy at shop 
    BMX Champion 		Complete one of the bike races. 
    Boxing Outfit 		Beat either 'Boxing Challenge' or 'Prep Challenge' in 
                            Chapter 2. 
    Crash Helmet 		Place 1st in the Kart Race at the Carnival 
    Dunce Hat 		Go to the boys locker room in the gym and turn on all 
                            the showers. 
    Edna Mask 		Destroy 19/19 Tombstones during Halloween 
    Fast Food 		Complete the Burger Joint errand found in 
                            Bullworth Vale. 
    Firefighter's Helmet 	Pull the Fire Alarm 20 times 
    Gnome Costume		Smash all garden gnomes. 
    Gold Suit 		Buy all clothing in the game. 
    Green Ninja Outfit 	Hit stuff with projectiles (eggs, etc.) 1000 times. 
    Grotto Master 		Collect all G&G cards. 
    Skeleton Costume 	Beat the mission, Halloween.
    Orderly Uniform 	Complete 'Finding Johnny Vincent' in Chapter 5. 
    Pirate Hat 		Beat up pirate on island near Beach House. 
    Prison Uniform 		Beat all the detention mini games at least once. 
    Pumpkin Head 		Destroy all the 27 pumpkins during "Halloween Event" 
    Red Ninja Outfit 	Complete 'The Big Prank' on Halloween
    School Mascot 		Beat 'Nice Outfit' in Chapter 4. 
    Wrestling Uniform 	Beat Gym 1
    Tiny Swimsuit 		At the Beach House location, find the Preppie with a 
                            blue mission on the beach and beat his swimming time. 
    Werewolf Mask           Lockpick the lockers multiple times in the boys' 
                            locker room.
    Bandit Mask             Lockpick the lockers multiple times in the boys' 
                            locker room.
    Contributed By: wratha, TrialAndError, Pink-Tears, benmurphys, Opaque Eyelids
    |------------------------------------|  |------------------------------------|
    " 8'88   `88
      8'88   .88                                                                 \ 
      8'88888y,                 XIX. Contact Information                         |
      8'88	  '88.                                                               |
      8'88     '88.                                                             /
    . d'88    .88;
    If you have questions or problems in the game that I have not covered by all 
    means, ask them. I enjoy answering questions that you may encounter along the
    way. Just don't bother asking me questions that have already been covered 
    in this FAQ. Please don't be stupid and send me spam, vulgar emails or 
    porn. They will just be deleted. Also, whatever you do please... PLEASE,
    don't use internet shorthand (i.e. "u" instead of "you"). If you purposely
    send me emails with internet shorthand, they will ultimately be deleted 
    because I take the time to type correctly for you, the least you could do is
    type correctly for me since I work on this FAQ endlessly until it's finished.
    One last thing, there may be some things that I have not yet finished in this
    FAQ. Give me time and hopefully it will have been answered when I finish the 
    section because most likely if I have not yet finished it, I havn't found 
    or completed that part of the game yet. Other than that, feel free to 
    email me.
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