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    G&G Card Location Guide by EWaechter

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/27/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    G&G Card Location List for:
    Bully (Playstation 2)
    Copyright Notice
    This document is copyrighted © 2006 by Eric Waechter (author) and Candied
    Skull Publication, LLC (business registered in State of Michigan) This guide 
    is for personal use only and may not be altered, printed or distributed 
    for any commercial purposes.  This guide may be printed for personal use 
    providing it is not further distributed or sold. No part of this guide 
    may be used without written consent of the author and the requester agrees
    to provide proper recognition. Violators of this copyright will be 
    prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Bully and its contents is  
    copyright © 2006 Rockstar Games, Inc, Rockstar Games, Rockstar Vancouver.
    There are a total of 40 G&G Cards spread around the entire Bully map.  Finding
    all 40 of them is required for 100% completion status and will earn you the
    title "G&G Master" as well as unlock the Grotto Master costume in your
    wardrobe.  Divided into general sections of the map, here are the 
    descriptions of their location:
    1.  Bullworth Academy Grounds --
    #1 -  On the top balcony on the back (south) side of the main school 
    building.  Climb the lattice work and it will be lying up there.
    #2 - In the attic of the girls dorm.
    #3 - From the abandoned bus, go out that side entrance of the Academy and
    look to your left as you go.  You will see a dirt path.  Take the dirt path
    and follow it a short distance and you should see the card next to some big
    rocks behind the parking lot wall.
    #4 - Head toward the Auto Shop from the school parking lot.  When you pass
    through the first building, turn to your right and there will be a green
    dumpster.  The card is behind it.
    #5 - In the library in the far right corner on the same table with the Info-
    #6 - Climb up the ladder on the front right side of the Gym Pool building 
    and drop down behind the fence.  Follow the fence along and you will find it
    next to some bushes.
    #7 - In the boys locker room in the gym, in the first bathroom stall.
    #8 - In the front yard of the observatory, in the corner of the wall formed
    by the back side of the stairs up to the Spud Cannon.
    #9 - Follow the shortcut tunnel that leads from the observatory path toward
    the Asylum.  The card is on the ground in the brief open area between 
    2.  Old Bullworth Vale --
    #10 - Climb a set of rocks on the beach just off the southern edge of the 
    bridge from Bullworth Academy.
    #11 - Outside the movie theater in the center of town, at the bottom of the
    steps next to the trash can.
    #12 - On the platform on the top of the dead end stairs just to the west of 
    the burger place.
    #13 - In Tad's yard behind the car.
    #14 - In the cemetary up in the very northern part of town.  The very back
    of the cemetary next to a gravestone.
    #15 - On the very end of the lighthouse pier. (Your save house if you have
    completed the 'Prep Challenge')
    #16 - On the barge floating out in the bay to the southeast of the large
    pier.  Swim out to it and there is a ramp on the southeast corner of the 
    barge to walk up onto it.
    #17 - On the sunken pirate ship on the southeast side of the island in the
    middle of the bay.  It's a long swim, but you can climb up on the exposed 
    part of the ship to get the card.
    3.  The Carnival --
    #18 - In the carnival parking lot to the right just before you enter the 
    gate to the carnival, in the back corner.
    #19 - In the souvenier tent, up on the raised platform with the arcade 
    #20 - On the platform as you enter the Big Squid ride.  You must purchase a
    ticket to ride it and you will automatically grab the card as you enter.
    4.  Bullworth Town --
    #21 - There is a fenced in area next to the bank across the street from the
    Dragon's Wing Comic Book store.  Go around behind the bank and you will 
    find a small hole you can crawl through to access this area.
    #22 - At the bottom of the stairs that lead into the basement of the 
    Dragon's Wing Comic Book store.  (Back entrance to the save house if you 
    have completed 'Nerd Challenge')
    #23 - On the couch in the same room with the bed in the basement of the 
    Dragon's Wing Comic Book store.  (Room you sleep in if this is your save 
    house if you have complete 'Nerd Challenge')
    #24 - In the alley behind the Come Hither Adult Book store.
    #25 - On top of a green dumpster in the alley that runs behind the Worn In
    clothing store.
    #26 - On the roof of the police station (building to the east of Town Hall).
    There is a ladder on the back of the building to climb up.
    #27 - Behind on of the raised planted trees in the parking lot of the In and
    Out Motel.  The Motel is on your right on the short road going in to New
    Coventry, before the train bridge.
    5.  New Coventry --
    #28 - Up on the train bridge over the road leading in to New Coventry from
    Bullworth Town, near the end of some train cars.
    #29 - On the right side of the dirt path that leads up to the train bridge
    from the south.  In the grass near some trees.
    #30 - Inside the Final Cut (barber shop and clothing store), near the marker
    to buy clothes.
    #31 - Across from your bike garage, on the raised platform of the warehouse.
    #32 - Heading north on the road from Blue Skies Industrial Park up into New
    Coventry, you should see a raised alley up an incline as you approach the 
    intersection where you can turn right to go to the Tenements.  The card is 
    in the alley on an overhang.  Climb up on the dumpster to gain access to the
    #33 - Take the dirt path that leads out of the west side of the Tenements 
    area to go to the train bridge.  The card will be lying on the path on the
    way not long after leaving the Tenements.
    6.  Blue Skies Industrial Park --
    #34 - The easternmost home in the trailer park on the north end of this part
    of town.  In the back yard where the laundry is hanging.  This house is 
    right across the road from the power line tower.
    #35 - Right next to a small trailer just a little bit north up the road from
    Zoe's house.
    #36 - In Zoe's back yard, just smash in the gate.
    #37 - In an enclosed area at the back of Spencer Shipping near a dumpster.
    Smash in the gate to enter.
    #38 - Inside the Townies Clubhouse on the floor next to a bookshelf.  (Your
    save house if you have completed 'Townies Challenge')
    #39 - On the roof of the Blue Skies Shipping building.  Use the access 
    stairs on the northwest corner of the building.
    #40 - Inside the Wonder Meats warehouse on the floor near a crate.  (You 
    must have completed the mission 'Busting In' to access this card)
    My name is Eric Waechter.  If you have any questions, comments, submissions 
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    ****BEFORE YOU WRITE TO ME!!!****
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