How do I beat last pulvulizer?

  1. It's fast and i' am dead even with ultimate weapon.

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    019283746512121 - 9 years ago

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  1. The last? you mean the 75th mission.... use dual rocket that fire 6 rocket at once. makes sure it hits the target, once it out... drop it. use PIXIE2 and NIX to attack him... use a setup that use VULTURE2 as booster, G91 as generator, ANANDA as radiator and COUGAR2 as leg.... the recovery speed should fast enough.

    User Info: Hoshiizora

    Hoshiizora - 9 years ago 1 0


  1. If you mean the rail gun when you say "ultimate weapon" then swap it out and use the dual rocket arms that fire six shots. make sure you hit him each time and if you do then you wont need any other weaons. best of luck that guys a friggin beast

    User Info: zen2291

    zen2291 - 8 years ago 0 0
  2. rockets?? what you need are missiles. Missiles aren't exactly the Pulverizers' weakness, but their tendency to hit them is vey high.

    for arm weapons, I would use the CETUS weapon arms, because they do a lot of damage and stun the Pulverizer at the same time. when the Pulverizer starts to fire the red laser barrage which can't be dodged, fire the CETUS at that "thing" and it should get stunned and stop.

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  3. If you are pertaining to the Bipedal Pulverizer.... Machine Gun to death. use any AC with a max boost speed of 400 or above (preferably an AC with high AP and defense, just use Pegasus to speed it up), and keep roach hitting it with Machine guns til it dies. Its easy to dodge its predictable attacks if your AC is this fast.

    User Info: The_Jmel

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  4. Do you know bazooka Arm? that is the most effective one but make sure your AC is fast super fast until can dodge any stubborn kamikaze......i suggest this arm cause i use this to kill 1st rank raven that is lucifer in Arena easily very easily.....


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  5. I try the bazooka arm to defeat the bipedal pulveriser and ITS WORK Yahooooooooooooo!!!
    now try it yourself use cougar leg and vulture2 thruster....use lightweight body if needed...
    like CRONUS..for lethal damage and extra damage use this body: C9BE2


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  6. If you have greyon3 use two of them

    User Info: armoredcorebeas

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