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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CptAwsum

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    Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow
    Invisible Assassin
    invisibleassassin (AT) gmail (DOT) com
                                   =Table of Content=
           1. Introduction
           2. Moves
           3. Walkthrough
              3.01 The Trouble with Treasure
              3.02 The Hero Of Port Royal
              3.03 Freeing Fort Charles
              3.04 Royal Damsel, Jack's Distress
              3.05 The Bigger The Boat...
              3.06 Silver Mine, Cloudy Lining
              3.07 Old Friends And Old Fiends
              3.08 Trial By Tavern
              3.09 Formosa Fling
              3.10 Temple Terror
              3.11 Stop Blowing Holes In My Ship
              3.12 Sizing Up Trouble
              3.13 Viking Landing
              3.14 From Frozen To Freedom
              3.15 The Damsel And The Dead
              3.16 Sacked Without A Shot
              3.17 Where There's Fire, There's Blacksmoke
              3.18 Prisoners Of The Pearl
              3.19 Broadsides
              3.20 Sand, Sky, Rum, And Gold
              3.21 Dauntless Derring-Do
              3.22 Pirates Cursed And Even Worse
              3.23 The Last Shot
              3.24 Escaping The Truth
           4. Upgrades
           5. Closing
           6. Version Info
           7. Legal
    Hello, and welcome to my first full FAQ/Walkthrough. This game was nice and
    easy, and dubiously short, so I decided it would be a good place to start.
    I'll try and make this guide as easy as possible to navigate, so bear with me.
    I'll at first have the barebones guide up, then I hope to flesh it out so that
    it becomes an all-you-ever-need guide. There is no difference between the PC
    and PS2 versions, so this guide should be compatable with both versions.
    There are two buttons in the game that can form combos: the Light Attack and 
    Heavy Attack buttons.
    LL.....Double Slash
    LLL....Spin Attack
    LH.....Overhead Slice
    H......Heavy Slash
    HH.....Double Heavy Slash
    HL.....Vault Kick
    Before we get started, a few notes:
    -break every box and chest for gold
    -the game is linear, so always follow the path
    -check the options to familiarize yourself with the icons
    -upgrade at your own pace, but remember you have to do it manually for both 
    -Will and Elizabeth are much better against bosses than Jack
    3.01 The Trouble with Treasure
    Remember that chest from the cutscene? Well, it's right in the background, so
    run over and open it by following the onscreen instructions. After, run back
    and head across the bridge. It's here you'll meet your first opponents, so 
    introduce them to the sharp end of your sword. After the battle, check the
    waterfall for another chest. Head to the gate and open it (for you PC users,
    just hit your movement keys in the same rotation as displayed on screen). Here,
    you will be introduced to destroyable platforms, so destroy them. It takes just
    one hit, and it automatically eliminates anyone on top of it. Check the gate
    and you will find it's missing a crank. Head to the branches to the right of 
    the gate and slash your way through it. You will see a cutscene of a few
    enemies opening a chest. Defeat them, and pick up the map piece. Turn around
    and pick up the crank. Head back to the gate and open it. After the fight, go
    up to the rope and interact with it. At the top of the fortress, you will 
    encounter a bunch of enemies, along with barrels and boxes. Throwing them at
    enemies automatically incapacitates them, and breaking them leaves gold for
    you. Behind them is a column of the fortress, boarded up by a plank. Break the
    plank for a chest inside. Continue along, breaking boxes and fighting, until
    you find another interaction icon. Turn around and you will see another column
    that is blocked by a plank. Break it and there's another chest waiting for you.
    Go back and activate the icon. You should now be in a courtyard. Fight your
    way through the enemies until a short little video shows your next objective.
    Fight some more, open the gate, hoist the Jolly Roger and your pirate 
    "buddies" will join you. There is another fight here, and after that, a
    minigame to ram down the treasure room door. You will have to match the icon
    with the corresponding buttons. It is random each to, so I can't help you.
    Once you complete this, enjoy the next few cutscenes and remember to save.
    You know what? I won't bother saying where the fights are anymore. Just assume
    that you will fight everytime you move. That's essentially how it's going to
    3.02 The Hero of Port Royal
    Here, you get the new ability to throw things at your enemy. Jack gets grog,
    while Will gets hatchets. This game is extremely linear. All you have to do
    is run along, and fight enemies, while breaking boxes and barrels along the 
    way. Now, after the first right turn, however, the path divides. Go right and
    interact with the well to get another map piece, and to the right of that is
    a health barrel. Continue along and in the first courtyard, there is a grog
    barrel for Jack to replenish his stock. At the second courtyard, there is a
    hatchet barrel for Will. Take out the three lookout pirates here, and carry
    the explosive barrel to the fence. Light it up with Jack's grog and continue
    through. Here, you will fight your first boss.
           |Essentially, use Will's thrown weapons against him,|
           |while fending off the grunts. Beware the bullets   |
           |that are periodically fired off against you and    |
           |you will be fine. Not hard at all. I strongly      |
           |suggest using Will, as his hatchets are homing and |
           |do much more damage to him. With Will, you will    |
           |defeat him in less than a minute. There are hatchet|
           |and grog barrels at the right side of the area.    |
    3.03 Freeing Fort Charles
    You will see a man being chased by pirates. Take out the pirates, and a scene
    will show the man running into a house, and pirates crawling over a barricade.
    While fighting the pirates, the man will bring out explosive barrels. Take
    care not to hit these barrels, as they explode on impact. Instead, kill all
    the pirates and throw the barrel at the barricade. Continue along until you
    reach the drawbridge. Here, use Will's axes to disable the ropes. Defeat all
    the pirates in the yard and remember to check the chest. Open the gate for
    the villagers, and then open the outer gate. When they're gone, go to the
    scaffold and interact with it. Defeat the pirates and- hey! This is the place
    where the first movie ended! Anyways, you will find a crack in the wall on the
    left, just after an archway filled with debris. Pick up an explosive barrel
    and toss it at the crate to reveal a chest with a map piece. Head up the path
    to where the first movie ended to see more pirates heading your way on boats, 
    so you must use the cannons to sink them before they land. You get 500 gold for
    each one you destroy. You don't have to get them all, but the more, the better.
    3.04 Royal Damsel, Jack's Distress
    Here, Will be be unexplicably swapped for Elizabeth, who sounds much whinier
    than Keira Knightley's excellent movie portrayal. Anyways, you must defeat the
    invading ghost pirates. After a bit, you will see a cutscene of ladders being
    put up (how did the other ones get up here then?) and more ghost pirates
    coming in. After you take care of the new invaders, you will see an
    interaction icon, but as soon as you activate it, the ladder comes back and
    can't knock it back down. How pointless. So, more pirates come up, so show
    them how the sharp end of a sword feels. Then you will see two interaction
    icons. Activate them, and the ladders are down, but the door gets
    blown open. You know what happens next... more fighting. What you have to do
    is when all four ladders show the interaction icon, you have to hit them all
    before they disappear, or else you will have to face more pirates. Once done,
    the level continues. After you defeat the three gunmen on the floor, the
    bookcase will have an interaction icon. Play the button minigame and receive
    a map piece. Head down the stairs and you will find another boss battle.
           |This guy's an even bigger pushover than Jacobey.  |
           |Just use Elizabeth, run up, lock on and let the   |
           |hatchets fly. You don't even need to completely   |
           |defeat him. Just get him below half his health and| 
           |the fight is over.                                |
    From Tacticallogic15:
    "There is an easier way to fight the
    boss Pintel.  Have you noticed he stands underneath a big chandelier?
    There are two ropes of each side of this boss.  Cut the ropes and the 
    chandelier falls on top of him.  A whole lot quicker than getting his health 
    half way down."
    Trouble is, now the mansion is going to explode. You've got little over a 
    minute to fight your way out and complete a button minigame to get your way 
    out. It's not hard at all, though, as it is plenty of time. Go for it.
    3.05 The Bigger the Boat...
    Yay! New power! You now get your Super Heavy Attack, which for Jack is a fire
    sword. How original. Beware, because it costs 10 times your Super Light 
    Attack. Now be prepared for another fight. Note the lever, which opens a
    hatch. Knock an enemy in there for an instant kill. Up at the top of the
    stairs are some creepy spanish dudes in shiny armour who won't let you pass, so
    don't try it yet. After killing of the grunts, they will come an attack. Just
    beat them to a shiny pulp. Head up the stairs and attack the levers to disable
    the ship. Don't forget to check out the chest. Go down the stairs closer to the
    camera. Just behind it is an invisible crate. You need to bring a powderkeg and
    use it to blow up this crate for a map piece. Head to the other end of the 
    ship and check out the chests. Next, cut the ropes holding the rowboat up.
    Turn arond and trow some grog at the mast. Then head to the other end of the
    ship and do the same. Uh-oh! Boss battle! Or is it?
            _|Don Carrera de la Vega|_________________________
           |You don't directly fight this guy. Instead, you   |
           |lure him into his Thousand-Strike Spin, and make  |
           |sure he hits the metal plates on the mast. So,    |
           |how? Well, just get him next to the mast, then    |
           |combo him. I like the Spin Attack myself. After he|
           | does, light the mast up. Burn, baby, burn.       |
    3.06 Silver Mine, Cloudy Lining
    Right at the start, there's a chest with gold in it. Huzzah. Go up and kick
    the cart along. Before you kick it the second time, hit the switch, and then
    kick the cart. Before continuing along, take a sharp right and you will see
    some planks blocking a health chest. Follow the cart and light it up with
    grog. Get the gold from the chest and play the button minigame to free the 
    miner. He will tell you to free another like him so they can show Jack and Will
    the way out (but shouldn't Jack already know?). Go back to where that health 
    chest was, and face opposite it. There's another path there, so go down there. 
    Go back and meet the prisoner pirates (alliteration FTW), who will lower an
    elevator. Get on and they will hoist you upwards. At the top, there will be
    many branches of rails. Search around this area for coves boarded up. These
    contain many gold chests. Send the cart right, then the left, for a health
    chest. Send the cart left, right, left for a chest with a map piece. Send the
    cart left, right, right for the way out.
    3.07 Old Friends and Old Fiends
    Yay! You can now stab somebody on the ground for a free kill! How brave!
    Defeat all these scallywags. Now, you must follow the pig. After it and it's
    delicious, mouthwatering ribs! That basically means, walk along the path.
    Here, in the town square, you will meet a bunch of scallywags and an 
    executioner. Just slap them silly with something sharp, you know what I mean?
    After they're all spitting up, a door will open. Head through and follow the
    path. Take the left turn and you will see a flaming barrel. Use it to blow 
    open the well for a map piece. Go back and head riught. In the courtyard, there
    will be a boss battle.
           |This is the first boss you will have to fight     |
           |directly. Once again, I strongly suggest Will's   |
           |axes. After you run out, use Jack's grog. After   |
           |that, all you have to do is whack him a couple of |
           |times. Watch out when he jumps on roofs and starts|
           | throwing bombs.                                  |
    3.08 Trial by Tavern
    Bah, a VIP mission. Basically, beat the crap out of everyone without letting
    Gibbs lose all his health. Now, this, was found by fluke. On the table with 
    six candles, throw some grog there and a map piece will appear at the centre
    of the tavern. After the fight, Gibbs will tell you to head through the doors
    and find Mr. Cotton and Marty the Dwarf. I can tell you from experience,
    always follow the instructions of a smelly old drunk. When you go up the path,
    you will see some pirate holding Cotton hostage. So what do you do? Fight!
    After the fight, pick up the key and head on through the door. Keep going and
    you will come across a bunch of riflemen taking potshots at Marty in a barrel.
    Kill the pirates and Marty will warn you about El Grande, who is looking for
    you. Go ahead and you will meet El Grande. Hmm, I wonder why he's called El
    Grande. Actually, nevermind. I probably don't want to know. All you have to do
    is get Will to throw axes at the buckets on either side of him. Go into the 
    next room and defeat the pirates.
    3.09 Formosa Fling
    Alright, now we get to play as pirates duelling with a bunch of Chinese 
    warriors. Defeat them and interact with the dragon statue. Continue and 
    repeat. Keep hopping on along and you will encounter a boss battle.
            _|Madame Tang|____________________________________
           |She's a head-on boss battle, but she's extremely  |
           |easy. Just slapping her around will defeat her    |
           |quickly. And axes? Do it right, and she'll be gone|
           |within 8 seconds.                                 |      
    After you defeat the rest of the guards, interact with the only icon onscreen.
    More guards will come. Destroy the stands for a map piece. After the fight, go 
    and pick up the explosive crate, place it in front of the gate, light it up and
    go through. Keep going back to the start of the level and run up to the gate. 
    Run back to where you fought Madame Tang and grab another explosive crate. Get 
    it back here and light it up and head to the cart of dragon fireworks. Progress
    through the level, but look out for the bamboo spikes. They are very easy to 
    avoid anyways. It's the lion statues that will give a problem. They breathe 
    fire. So make your way through the path avoiding bamboo sticks and lion statues
    that breathe fire. At the end, you will see Madame Tang up a flight of stairs, 
    so run up to her.
    3.10 Temple Terror
    Up ahead are a few warriors made of clay. What you must do is knock them into
    the water at the edges of the area. There is a chest here as well, so get it.
    After you're done, interact with the dragon statue. Up ahead, you get ambushed,
    so be on your guard. While fighting these clowns, you should see a chest. Get
    that after. Open the chest and WOW! Sword upgrade! Woo! Continue on now. Up
    ahead, more clay soldiers. After you're done, break everything in the room for
    a map piece and then inteact with the dragon statue. Continue on and you will 
    encounter Madame Tang trying to harness the power of the Dragon's Eye. What you
    must do is interact with the columns at either side and disrupt the power feed.
    And now, boss battle.
            _|Madame Tang|____________________________________
           |Now there's three of her. It would be kind of hot |
           |if she weren't trying to kill you. Same tactics   |
           |as before, but more targets to spread the love    |
           |around. She will join back into one, then split up|
           |again. She has more health now, so be on your     |
           |toes. When there's a group of her, Jack's grog    | 
           |works very well.                                  |      
    After this battle, you must escape from the dragon. Run away as fast as you can
    avoiding the coffins. Cut the ropes along the way to slow it down.
    3.11 Stop Blowing Holes in my Ship!
    At the start, you are informed of the Reversal technique. Enjoy. Now, beat the
    vermin to a pulp. Next, you have to smash the support beams under Pequeno's
    lackey, then grab the key after you kill him. Now head through the big doors
    at the side. In the next courtyard, follow the path and smash the barricades of
    boxes along the way. Grab the health chest, now turn around. See the ropes
    holding the ramp up? Follow them to their support on the ground. Run up and cut
    them, then make your way up the ramp. Up along the path is a stand with two
    pirates on top. Cut down the stand and continue on. Right after the stand is
    another incvinible crate. Find a powderkeg and break it. At the end of the dock
    is a chest of gold. Don't forget that. Now, make your way up the stairs while
    dodging the barrels. It's not hard, as they are pretty slow. You will have to
    move quick, as the Interceptor is losing health fast. Quickly, make your way
    to the men at the cannons and cut them down. Now, pick up the powderkegs and
    toss them at the cannons. It will take two apiece. Now, take care of the rest
    of the pirates.
    3.12 Sizing Up Trouble
    This level is entirely a boss battle.
           |This is the first boss battle that takes more than| 
           |axes. Use grog to slow down his cannon fire and   |
           |then rush him and start attacking. Keep up at it  |
           |and he will be done soon. Occasionally, he will   |
           |climb the walls. Beware the shockwave when he     |
           |lands. However, get a powderkeg into the wall fast| 
           |enough and he will take some massive damage.      |      
    To get the map piece here, just throw the barrel at Pequeno three times when
    he's on the wall.
    3.13 Viking Landing
    In this level, you must break every single stalagmite for your map piece.
    These ice fools have shield, so you muse use two heavy attacks to break them,
    but first, kill the one with the torch. Then, pick up the lit powederkeg and
    throw it elsewhere. Another ice skeleton's face is a good place. Now, get all
    those other powderkegs out of there. Remember to check the chest. Now, push
    that snowball down the hill. There's a chest inside the cave at the entrance.
    Make your way through now. There's an ambush in here, but also a chest of
    gold. Now, there will be a split. Head up left, and roll down the snowball.
    There's also a health chest, so feel free to get that too. Run across the ice
    and head up the path. Here, you will have to fight a bunch of enemies and the
    king's minions. Do so. Grog works well against the ice elementals. Now, use
    Jack's Super Heavy Attack to cut down the king's throne. Once he's down, boss
            _|Ice Viking King|________________________________
           |This guy's a pushover. Just keep slapping him.    |       
    Now, go over and interact with the wall of ice. Now, back to the iced lake.
    3.14 From Frozen to Freedom
    Alright, run down the path and... ambush! Look to the left and you will see
    a mammoth frozen in the ice along with a map piece. Use grog to liberate the
    map piece. The mammoth cannot be freed. Run along and you will be ambushed
    again at the ice bridge. You can knock the enemies off for an instant kill.
    Continue on and get the chest around the corner. Keep going and get the gold
    chest. Continue. Another ambush, but with much more enemies. Keep fighting.
    Defeat them and run to the edge.
    3.15 The Damsel and the Dead
    Yay! Back to unshielded unarmoured pirates! Now, show them why they need
    shields. Continue along until you reach a cannon. Use it to blast a hole in the
    wall up ahead. Run across the room and cut down the spider webs. In the next
    area, you can knock the pirates of the ledge. Use Will's axes to take care of
    the shooters in the back. Continue on and you will see a barricade with
    cannons. Run towards the right, and there will be a path leading up and around
    the cannons. Vut down the spider web, but beware the spiders that attack you.
    Knock down the rock, go back, and head through the former barricade. Head down
    a path to the left for a health chest and another invincible crate. Another
    map piece is in there, so find another powderkeg up ahead and bring it back.
    Up ahead is another cannon and a pirate on an unreachable platform. Have fun.
    Before you can use the cannon to blast open the wall up ahead, you need to move
    the rock. Interact with it to do so. Now, blast open that wall. Look out ahead.
    There are partial barricades on the path with cannon windows. Avoid the cannon
    fire, make your way around and slice up the firing pirates.
    3.16 Sacked Without a Shot
    Okay, now for some reason, Will is replaced by Elizabeth. God, I hate her
    voice acting. Makes her sound like some whiney cad on a kid's show. Anyways,
    check the chest in the area and continue on. Free the man trapped under a beam
    and he will run to douse the fire. Apparently, standing still while staring at
    flames douses fire. I wonder why firefighters need water. Anyways, run to the
    left of the area, and fight some bad guys and save the lady. She goes to join
    the man at dousing the flames. Run up to the well back in the courtyard and
    interact with it. Play the minigame, and they will put out the huge fire with
    one bucket. Right... now, continue on. You will meet Blacksmoke James here 
    (who's VA sounds closer to Barbossa than Barbossa's VA) and a map piece will be
    revealed. Quite possibly the easiest map piece to find apart from the one from
    the first level. Run down the docks and go into the opening on the right. Fight
    through the pirates and continue on. Save the falling lady by pushing the cart
    under her and kill all the pirates. Take the powderkeg and use it to blow open
    the fence. Run back to where you entered the docks and get the map piece. Now
    run back to the well and do the same thing to put out the new fire. Lead the
    townspeople back to where you exited the docks and head right to the area you
    haven't been yet.
    3.17 Where There's Fire, There's Blacksmoke
    For this level, you have to run. Do so. Fight through the pirates and the dock
    ahead will be blown apart. Use Elizabeth's axes to knock down the surrounding
    ledges to create a path. Before you head on, look in the water to the left. See
    the bouy? Light it up. There are four more in the level, light them up and you
    will get a map piece. Continue on while fighting pirates and avoiding holes.
    Soon, there will be side docks. Go down the first one for a grog barrel, and
    two buoys on either side. Continue on and in the next turn west, there is a
    buoy at the right. Continue on the docks, heading straight and you will come to
    a section with a health chest. In the background is the lasy buoy. To claim
    your prize, take the turn south and knock down the ledges with Elizabeth's axes
    and continue on. Head up the ramp to the ship and you will encounter another
    cannon minigame. Shoot the incoming boats. After this minigame, boss battle.
            _|Blacksmoke James|_______________________________
           |Once again, slap him around, use axes, etc. He    |
           |will create huge clouds of smoke, so you must head|
           |to the lower end of the map, grab a powder keg and| 
           |toss them into the smoke, where he's shooting     |
           |from. After you hit him a few times, the smoke    |
           |will lift. Repeat until dead. When he's on his    |
           |last bit of health, he throws bombs instead of    |
           |shooting. These are easy to dodge, but they do    |
           |more damage.                                      |
    3.18 Prisoners of the Pearl
    Fight these pirates. Soon after they're dead, a boss battle will occur.
           |Quite easy, just slap him around.                 |
    In this next area, you have to stop the Interceptor from being destroyed again.
    Same tactics. Kill the cannon minders, get the keys from the two big guys, use
    powderkegs to destroy cannons. After the cannons are destroyed, kill the rest
    of the pirates. Enter the door to the right, pick up the health chest, and go
    up the stairs. Another boss battle.
           |Hmm, I wondered what his name was. Slap him.      |
    Make your way back to the brig and open up the cell. Another boss fight.
           |He's harder now, so use axes against him. Look out| 
           |for his big combo, as it does massive damage.     |
           |Actually, just try not to get hit at all. All his |
           |attacks hurt. During this fight, open the chest in|
           |his cell for a map piece.                         |
    3.19 Broadsides
    For this mission, it's pretty straight forward. Run up and down while killing
    enemy pirates. After some fighting, you'll be on the Black Pearl. Kill the 
    pirates here too. Head to the right, and you'll see a switch. Hit it and it
    will lower some powderkegs. Take one up the stairs and destroy the incvinible
    crate for a map piece. After you defeat the pirates, boss battle.
           |This guy is pretty tough. Slap him around and use |
           |axes. Do enough damage and he will become stunned.| 
           |Go to the lower end of the ship and access the    |
           |interaction icon. Your crew will fire a cannonball|
           |at him for some extra damage.                     |
    3.20 Sand, Sky, Rum and Gold
    At the start you'll be attack by spiders. They're easy, so just cut through
    them. Now cut your way through the vines covering the entrance to the jungle,
    even though they weren't there during the cutscene. Cut your way through
    spiders and vines. At the bride, you will find the big spiders. They're easy
    too, so cut through them. After that, there are swinging log traps, so make
    your way through there and just after them there is a spot blocked off by
    vines. Cut through them and you will find a chest with a map piece. At the 
    creek, you will be introduced to some killing plants. DO NOT attempt to run 
    into these plants head first. They will destroy you. Instead, toss some grog. 
    There is a small alcove to the right just past them. The chest there contains 
    another sword upgrade! Yay! Up ahead is the treasure. Access the icon. Now you 
    must fight earth elementals. They're exactly the same as the ice ones, so knock
    them out. But be warned, Jack's fire sword doesn't work on them. Now make your
    way back to the beach. More earth elementals. Dispatch them.
    3.21 Dauntless Derring-Do
    Fight your way across the ship and kill all the pirates. Pick up the two halves
    of the bell. Cut your way through these pirates and interact with the soldier
    hanging off the plank for a map piece. Keep hitting Ragetti until his eye falls
    out. Grab it and then go reassemble the bell. Now, survive long enough for
    the redcoats to return. Go back down the stairs and access the three icons. Now
    you just have to kill all the pirates.
    3.22 Pirates Cursed and Even Worse
    From the starting point, head left and pick up the gold in the chest. Fight 
    your way up the path. To the left of the cannon is a chest blocked by two
    rocks. You need to bring a powderkeg over to blow it open. Use the cannon to 
    break down the wall up ahead and keep moving. Get the chest and continue on. 
    Use Elizabeth's axes to take care of enemies that are unreachable. Make your 
    way through this area by interacting with each door at the end of each 
    platform. And... boss battle.
            _|Serpente de Muerta|_____________________________
           |Just keep tossing axes at it and you'll be fine.  |
    Run across its carcass into the cave.
    3.23 The Last Shot
    Kill all the pirates here. After killing them all, the mound of treasure in the
    middle will have an interaction icon. Access it. You will not be curses. That
    means you take half the damage than normal. Yay for curses! Make your way down
    the path after Barbossa now, opening chests as you go. Fight the spiders, open
    their web with your swords and loot the chests inside. To the right of the
    spider web is a support ledge. Throw one of Will's axes there and a ramp will
    lower. Make your way forward now. Push the rock over and check to the left of
    the fire. There's a chest with a map piece there. Now keep going. Barbossa
    will activate a secret tunnel in the treasure room. Follow him. In the next
    room, kill all his bodyguards. After you wipe them out, you will fight
           |He's got lots of health, so slap him around, use  |
           |axes whatever. He'll be down eventually. He will  |
           |occasionally grab a shield, so break it.This is   |
           |the longest boss fight in the game.               |
    3.24 Escaping the Truth
    Boss fights!
            _|Chaves Brothers|________________________________
           |Same tactics as every other boss. Slap them silly.|
           |It starts with Alberto, then Benito joins in, then|
           |Celio comes in. Just kill them all. Jacks' grog is|
           |amazingly useful when you can hit all three at the|
           |same time. Pick up the keys from the three        |
           |brothers.                                         | 
    Go to the front gate and there will be an explosive barrel. Pick it up and
    hightail it across the docks to the other side of the fort, where you will find
    another invincible box. Bust it open for a map pice. Now, head for the Black
    Pearl. Use the Pearl's cannons to destroy the fortress. Once that's done, 
    you've beaten the game. Congrats.
    |Light 1: Slash        |   2500   |   5000   |
    |Light 2: Slash        |   2500   |   5000   |
    |Light 3: Spin Attack  |   4500   |   9000   |
    |Heavy 1: Slash        |   5000   |  10000   |
    |Heavy 2: Slash        |   5000   |  10000   |
    |Overhead Slice        |   5000   |  10000   |
    |Lunge                 |   5000   |   9000   |
    |Running Kick          |   5000   |   9000   |
    |Reversal              |   7500   |  15000   |
    |Vault Kick            |   7500   |  15000   |
    Well, thanks for using my guide. I hope it helped. Any questions, feel free to
    email me. I'll keep updating this with whatever info needed. Until next time,
    take all you can, give nothing back.
    Thanks to:
    GroveStreetSeifer- his guide helped me find some map pieces
    GameFAQs-for hosting this
    ISOHunt- :D
                                   =6.Version Info=
    July 18, 2006- Guide released, full walkthrough
    This guide is Copyright (2006) to Invisible Assassin
    You have permission to print this guide as long as credit is given to me. 
    Do not plagiarize please. I have worked hard on this guide and I would not 
    like it to be passed off as somebody else's.

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