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    FAQ/Walkthrough by sephirosuy

    Version: SEP | Updated: 08/17/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                                   ___       _   _
                    |___   ___   ___  | _    / /  |   |      |   |
                 _  |   |  ___| |     |/    / /   |  __  _   |   |  _
                |_| |   | (___| |___  |\_  / /    |___| |_|  |___| |_|
                                _    _  ___   |      _
                                 \  /  |   |  |  _    |
                                  \/   |___|  | |_|  _|_
                       _____  _____   ___   _____   _____   ___ _
                      / ___/ |  _  | |   | |_   _| |  _  | |   | |
                      \___ \ |  _  |  | |    | |   |  _  | | | | |
                      /____/ |_| |_| |___|   |_|   |_| |_| |_|___|
        |                                                                   |
        |   . h a c k / / G . U .  vol.1  Saitan (Rebirth)                  |
        |                                                                   |
        |  - FAQ/Walkthrough (ver SEP)                                      |
        |     - by sephirosuy                                               |
    This guide is written and compiled by sephirosuy / Seph.
    You may not copy or reproduce it under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of the guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copyright.
     O----------O     Press 'Ctrl' and 'F' keys together,
     |   Menu   |     fill in the codes for the topic,
     O----------O     click 'Find' to search it.
           Topic                            Codes
    --------------------                  ---------
     1. Introduction ...................... sep01
     2. System Basic ...................... sep01
     3. Menu Translation .................. sep03
     4. Walkthrough ....................... sep04
     5. Ryu Book Analysis ................. sep05
     6. Contact Me ........................ sep06
     7. Credit ............................ sep07
      1. Introduction   | o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o
    Thanks for clicking on the guide.
    This is a FAQs/Walkthrough for the game .hack//G.U. vol.1 Saitan, based on
    Sony Playstation 2 NTSC/J version, it might be some different with other
    version. This game also named .hack//G.U. vol.1 Rebirth for the version of
    NTSC/UC, the 'Saitan' in Japanese does mean 'Rebirth'. I will not explain much
    about the events during the game, but still contain SPOILERs of the game.
    Both English and Japanese were not my first language, but I still wishing to
    guide all gamers with everythings that I can, hope everyone understand. Also
    I'm not a profesional game FAQ author and writing game FAQ wasn't my proper
    job (although I wish to be), so the guide won't go in depth to some parts of the
    game, since I have limited times to do this. However, the guide has covering
    all the main stuffs of the game, it's enough information to complete the game
    The lastest version of the guide will always comes to GameFAQs first.
    Current version:
    - 0.1 - 8th August 2006
      - Some basic and walkthough, not yet complete any part.
    - 0.2 - 10 August 2006
      - Menu Translation added
      - Walkthrough complete to Reminiscence 120.
      - Minor upgrade for the basic section.
    - 0.3 - 15 August 2006
      - Walkthrough completed
      - Ryu Book Analysis added
    - SEP - 17 August 2006
      - Some corrections in the walkthrough
      2. System Basic   | o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o
     < Control >
    Triangle = Open Main Menu
      Square = Tension uses, ride or leave bike
      Circle = Comfirm, Attack
           X = Cancel, Block/Guard
          L1 = -
          L2 = Set camera view to central point
          L3 = Move character
          R1 = Per form Skill Trigger
          R2 = Zoom into first person view
          R3 = Turn camera view
       D-pad = Move selection
       Start = Pause, open Game Option menu
      Select = Change/view map
     < Battle >
    To begin the battle, is either you sneak attack the enemies or get close to
    them. Sneak Attack, before the enemies spot your location, initiate your attack
    when the command show up on the appointed enemy.
    When enemy spotted your location, you can see there's a question mark '?'
    showing on its head, and it will come slowly to you until the battle begin.
    However, you can get further from the enemy if you don't want to fight or you
    are not ready yet.
    #- Enemies Detection
       |   Enemy    | Spoting  | Spoting |     Chance of      |
       |   Type     | distance | area    |    sneak attack    |
       | Common     | Medium   | Narrow  | From side or back  |
       | Beast      | Long     | Narrow  | From side or back  |
       | Bird       | Short    | Wide    | From back          |
       | Giant/Boss | Long     | Wide    | From back          |
    During the battle, you must defeat all enemies within the sealing area.
    Earn Experience after the battle to level up your character.
    #- Battle Arena
    Sometimes you might see other sealing area display as Battle Arena, it means
    other characters are fight inside there. You can join the fight if you go into
    the seal. The possblilty fights are:
     1. You encounter a NPC with a PK
     2. You encounter a NPC with a blacklisted PK
     3. You encounter a NPC with monsters
    Normally you would see one side is down (1), and you gonna help him/her to
    defeat the opponent. After defeating the opponent, you will get rewards from
    the character that you helped.
     < Attack >
    #- Normal Attack
       - Normal - Press 'Circle' repeatedly to perform a combo hits on enemies.
       - Charge - Press and hold 'Circle' until the bar is full,
                  release 'Circle' to dash and knock down the enemies.
    #- Skill Trigger
       - Require SP
       - Press 'R1' to display skills your current skill, press either buttons
         on the screen to perform the skill, bases how you set the skills.
       - In certain status like your teamate attacking the enemy in combo, the
         'Rengeki' will command shows up, now perform Skill Trigger to finish the
         enemy off to earn some Rengeki Bonus and fill up the Tension bar.
    #- Tension
       - The right top corner on the screen showing the Tension bar.
       - When it's full, press 'Square' button to perform it.
       - Within the limited time, you can attack the enemies as many as you can,
         they can't move during your Tension period.
    #- Avatar
       - Only activate in appointed battles.
       - Camera view always at your back and facing your opponent.
       - Press 'Square' to shoot, 'Circle' to slash, 'X' to dash.
       - Until your opponent's life bar is empty, press and hold 'Circle' to
         charge, release 'Circle' to perform a shot to break your opponent's
         protection within the time limit. Fail to do so will cause your opponent
         restore a small amount of life.
     < Guild >
    When story reaches to certain point, the Guild exist in an area called @HOME.
    Within the Guild, you can arrange your inventory with the extra space in the
    Guild. If your inventory was full, and you don't want to discard or sell the
    items, you can move the items that you want to the Guild Stock.
    Besides, you can find the Guild Shop as well. Unlikely the common shops, the
    Guild Shop only allow you the sell things, and you can't get the GP (money)
    directly, you have to enter any of the existing area words and complete it,
    then find Gaspard in the central section of the town to get the money for the
    things that you've sold. The advantage is you can get more money compare to
    the other shops, and consider your main source of the incomes.
      3. Menu Translation   | o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o
    Just only the translation, might not the actual name. Right click on the empty
    area, click 'Encoding' -> 'Japanese (Auto-Select)' or 'Japanese (ShiftJIS)' to
    read the Japanese words.
    I just list them down according the arrangements in the game.
    Game Option (press 'Start' to open)
     - Game Option                  - ゲームオプション
                                     (ge-mu opushyon)
     - Controller Vibration Setting - コントローラの振動設定
                                     (kontoro-ra no shindou settei)
     - Camera Operating Type        - カメラ操作のタイプ
                                     (kamera sousa no taipu)
     - Cursor Position Memory       - カーソル位置の記憶
                                     (ka-soru ichi no kioku)
     - Setting End                  - 設定して終了
                                     (settei shite shuuryou)
    Main Menu (press 'Triangle' button to open)
     - Main Menu        - メインメヌ (mein menu)
     - Item             - アイテム (aitemu)
     - Skill            - スキル (sukiru)
     - Equipment Change - 装備変更 (soubi henkou)
     - Customize        - カスタマイズ (kasutamaizu)
     - Skill Trigger    - スキルトリガー (sukirutoriga-)
     - Status           - ステータス (sute-tasu)
     - Quest            - クエスト (kuesuto)
     - Awaken Mode      - 覚醒モード (kakusei mo-do)
     - Battle Strategy  - 作戦 (sakusen)
        - Uninhibited/Auto   - 奔放 (honpou)
        - Rage Move          - 怒涛 (dotou)
        - Persistnace Attack - 不屈 (fukutsu)
        - Obeyed Order       - 尊命 (sonmei)
     - Reminiscence     - 回想 (kaisou)
     - Logout           - ログアウト (roguauto)
     - Party            - パーティー (pa-ti-)
    Chaos Gate - カオスゲート
     - Transfer Menu - 転送メニュー (tensou menyu-)
        - Bookmark         - ブックマーク (buckuma-ku)
        - Area Word Input  - エリアワード入力 (eriawa-do nyuuryoku)
        - Random           - ランダム (randamu)
        - Transfer History - 転送覆歴 (tensou fuchireki)
        - Cancel           - キャンセル (kyanseru)
        - Town Transfer    - タウン転送 (taun tensou)
     - Cancel        - キャンセル 
    Save House   - セーブ屋   (se-bu oku)
     - Save       - セーブ     (se-bu)
     - Load       - ロード     (ro-do)
     - Chat       - 話す       (hanasu)
     - Cancel     - キャンセル (kyanseru)
    Guild Hall     - ギルドホール   (girudoho-ru)
     - Stocks Check - 倉庫を見る     (souko wo miru)
     - Guild Shop   - ギルドショップ (girudoshocpu)
     - Ryu Books   - 八百由旬ノ書   (happyakuyuju no chuu?)
     - Chat         - 話す           (hanasu)
     - Cancel       - キャンセル     (kyanseru)
     - Buy  - 買う (kau)
     - Sell - 売る (uru)
     - Chat - 話す (hanasu)
      4. Walkthrough   | o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o
      < Reminiscence 1 - 20 >
    First of all, just follow the tutorials of the game basic, you're able to save
    your save after a serveral steps. Lately, take the Chaos Gate to start the
    first mission.
    Mission begins on the tutorials of battle. Now you have to collect three
    Shards Of Testimony from each altar, they're all surrounding by some enemies,
    nothing is hard, just defeat them before you can take the shard in the chest.
    Once you've done obtaining all three shards, the temple at the South will open
    up the entrance, now head to that temple. Get into the inner area and take the
    treausure of the Beast God Statue.
    After some scenes, quit The World and enter the Mail Station, check the mail
    from Ovan, then login The World again. Now move to the indicated area where
    marking as blue circle in the map. Eventually two new characters join as your
    member, and you need to back to the Chaos Gate for now, just take the warp
    that's near. Reach to Chaos Gate, take it to the indicated area.
    Your goal for this area is the treasure at the lower area, while reaching to
    your destination, you're forced to fight with some enemies, but not all enemies
    in the entire cave. For those who didn't notice your team, you can just ignore
    them if you don't want to fight. Also remember you have to collect at least
    25 Chim Jades to unlock a couple parts at bottom level, is better you have 30
    of it. To obtain the Chim, you can to get it from the ChimChims which are
    travelling on the track. Where you found the track, you can also see the pump
    switch below it, just press the pump switch where the ChimChims cross the
    point, and you will blow them down from the track. Now close to them and press
    'Circle' button to kick them for the Chim Jade.
    After collectng enough of Chim Jade, down to the lower area. Head to the
    East and take the treasure to trigger out a scene.
    Logout The World and check the mails inside the Mail Station. Back to The World
    when you've done. Now go around the East area and find the Quest House and
    receive the quest. With your partners just now, warp to the appointed area
    from the Chaos Gate.
    For this area, just follow the path that you can find. Obtain at least 25
    Chim Jades like how you did before. Continue the paht until you see the
    Lucky Animal. Successfully caught Lucky Animal would lure out the King Chim.
    Now you have to kick the King Chim ten times to finish your quest. Once you've
    done, back to your client for the reward. Later you can get more quests here,
    some items and area words can only be obtained from the rewards of the quests.
      < Reminiscence 21-40 >
    Go Mail Station to check the unreaded mails. Afterwards, go to the new existing
    area with Atoli by using the Chaos Gate.
    Like how you did for the first mission, collect three Shards of Testimony on
    the different altars, of cause they're also surrounding by the enemies, you
    have to defeat them before can take the shard from the chest. Now the enemies
    were slightly stronger than just now, you can try use charge attack for most
    of the battle to make it easier. You will probably could get some Rengeki Bonus
    from various fights here, so pay attention when the Rengeki command exists.
    There is a spoiled robot, Mecha Grunty near one of the chests here, if you got
    enough of Chim Jades, just give it some, and you will get a Fairy Orb. Next
    time you can find this robot in other area, if you give it Chim Jades to raise
    it again, you could get other item. Each time you found this robot, it would
    request extra 1 Chim Jade from previous. Let say now it requests 5 Chim Jades,
    next time you found it will request 6 Chim Jades. Everytime you found and give
    it Chims, it will give you a normal item. When you rescue him the 10th, 20th,
    35th and 50th times, talk to the NPC inside the red house at the South of the
    town for a special stuff.
    Besides, you might also find the Lucky Animal. Successfully kick it would gain
    some good things from it, such as support spells, extra money and more. Also
    you will encounter them randomly in the other area. But sometimes you would
    encounter the unlucky animal, if kicked by the it, you will get the unlucky
    stuffs like bad status, lose experience and more.
    Once you've done, go to the temple and head to the inner area, open the chest
    for some scenes. Then follow Atoli out from the temple, talk to her when she's
    stop moving, and she will lead to the back of the temple, watch another scene.
    After that, appear in the Lost Ground, nothing can do here, just leave by
    using the warp sphere at the end.
    Now go Mail Station and check the mail. Return to The World, head to West area
    for serveral scenes. After that, take the warp point that's near to the central
    section for another scene, Gaspard requests to help. After that, take the warp
    point to the West, enter the magic house and buy 10 AsianMango. Return to Dome
    and buy 10 Caramel Source. Head to central section and talk to Silabus to end
    your current job.
    Afterwards, you may got some unreaded mails before, just go Mail Station and
    check it. Later on, you will receive the mail from Pai and also her address.
    When you back to The World, set Pai and Kuhn join your party, then take the
    Chaos Gate and enter the new area under Bookmark list.
    Your goal for this area is to defeat the boss around the East, you can check
    the location in the map. The monsters around can be avoided, but for easier the
    boss battle, suggest defeat some monsters to fill up your Tension bar before
    facing the boss. When the boss fight begins, just use the Tension bar, then
    focus to attack him as fast as possible, you can defeat him before the tension
    period end.
    After some scenes, go Mail Station and check all the mails, return to The World
    when you've done. Take the warp point to West area, enter @HOME for a scene.
    Now leave there and you can see three appointed areas with blue circle in the
    map. Just go to all those areas and talk to the indicated NPCs. Head back to
    @HOME at the West for some more scenes, receive Henna Tea. Talk to Grunty and
    select Guild Shop, then sell the Henna Tea. 
    Leave @HOME and take the warp to the central section, take to Gaspard by the
    counter, then back to @HOME for a scene. Exit from @HOME obtain Bike, now you
    can press 'Square' to ride it, press 'Square' again to leave it when you don't
    need it.
    After all, logout The World and check the unreaded mail, and now you should
    also have the Greeting Cards as well. Login The World when you've done. Take
    the Chaos Gate to the new town under the Town Transfer list.
      < Reminiscence 41-60 >
    After several scenes, move to the Northern point of the town to find Ovan.
    Exit the The World and the Mail Station, you have some unreaded mails for now. 
    Now take the Chaos Gate back to previous town, then call Atoli join the party.
    Use the Chaos Gate to the new area under Bookmark.
    The objective is to collect three shards, they are located at the altar in
    different part as you can read from the map. Defeat the enemies guarding at
    the altar before you can get to the chest. Avoid from fighting Lizard Hunter
    in a group. Once you've done, move to the temple at South-East, take the
    treasure inside, leave the temple will trigger a scene.
    When you reach back the town, just go to @HOME for some events. Exit The World
    when you receive a notice of new mail. After checking the mail, enter the
    Offical BBS and check the upgrade. Go to Mail Station when you receive another
    mail, then enter Offical BBS to check another upgrade for now. Log back to
    The World, take the Chaos Gate to the new area under Bookmark, you should go
    this place alone.
    First map of the area, move all the way to West. The enemies in the outer area
    are pretty weak, you can avoid to fight most of them if you don't want to spend
    time. Collect enough of Chim Jade to unlock the doors, reach to the West will
    get to the second map. Now move to East, on the way will be forcing to fight
    some enemies, also don't forget to collect the treasure around. Inner area,
    open the chest by the Beast God Statue, then use the nearest Plate Home back
    to the town.
    Attend to @HOME in the West for scene. Receive mails when you leave the @HOME,
    just quit The World and check all the mails within the Mail Station. After
    that, back to The World and team up your party, you're going to enter the
    tournament. Before moving on, you can enter the newest area in Bookmark through
    the Chaos Gate to level up some more, recommend train all your characters over
    level 10. Once you have done, take the Chaos Gate to the other town.
    Come to the tournament town, if you're ready to the arena, move to North area
    and speak with the NPC in the counter, and you have to set Atoli and Silabus
    with in your team. When prepared, you will be sent into a room, you can check
    the tournament status on the boards. Now take the warp to enter the first
    battle. At the beginning, you will learn some basic counterattack skills, the
    battle start after the tutorial. Your opponents were agile in movement and
    smarter than common monsters that you fought before. Try focus to kill their
    leader if possible, be sure you press X to block when other opponent come
    to attack. The battle ends when their leader goes down, same as your team, if
    Haseo defeated by anyone, your team will be the loser.
    After the battle, receive message from Gaspard. Quit The World and enter
    YOMOYAMA-BBS, then check the rumor (Uwasa) section, also check the mail from
    Atoli to bookmark a new area. Now head to the agreed place to meet with a
    mysterious man, Piroshi the 3rd. After that, obtain Piroshi the 3rd's address,
    he's at level 15, quite helpful for the next battle.
      < Reminiscence 61-80 >
    Take the Chaos Gate to the arena, enter the battle with your team. Get 300WP
    from the battles to trigger a scene, then back to the previous town, take the
    Chaos Gate to the new area under Bookmark. Before this, you can have some more
    battle in the arena, try get to the 16th place if possible.
    This place has more stronger enemies, is better you call Piroshi the 3rd join
    your team. Your destination is reach to the central of the map by using the
    purple warp points. The map is quite confusing, suggest use a Fairy Orb at the
    beginning, so that you can view the entire map. You can see the map's splited
    to many parts, something like:
                   |  |  |
                   |  |  |
                h--i--j--k <-S
                |  |  |  |
                l--m  n--o
    S is where you start, just follow the path below,
    k -> j -> i -> e -> a -> b -> c -> g -> f, and then take the purple warp in
    the middle of f to p, run down the path will come to Beast God Statue, just
    open the chest after a short scene. However, you can explore o, h -> l -> m
    and d parts for some random item.
    After all, take the blue warp back to the Dome. Take the Chaos Gate to the
    arena. If you have not enough of WP, continue battle until your team have
    enough WP for the 16th place, then register the tournament. You will get a
    mail from Silabus for now. After checking the mail, back to the Dome for some
    scenes. Obtain a new area in Bookmark list. Call up Kuhn to join your party,
    then take the Chaos Gate to this area.
    Go forward and run up the stairs to trigger a scene. You will be back to the
    town. Now take the warp point to West and enter the @HOME. After some scenes,
    exit The World and go Mail Station to check some unreaded mails, then back to
    Dome find Taika. Afterwards, goto Mail Station to check another mail. Back to
    The World and head to the Quest House in central section. If you are under
    level 20, you can't take the quest yet, what you can do is enter some area and
    defeat some enemies until you have reached to level 20. Once you've done, back
    to the Quest House alone and take the Job Extand quest (bottom).
                   |  |  |
                   |  |  |
                h--i--j--k <-S
                |  |  |  |
                l--m  n--o
    Yes, same as the area that you gone through before, do the same way to your
    destination. From S, go k -> j -> i -> e -> a -> b -> c -> g -> f, and then
    take the purple warp in the middle of f to p, run down the path will come to
    Beast God Statue. Lot of enemies can be ignored, so don't close to them if you
    don't want to fight. After this quest, you're able to equip the blade type
    Now quit The World and check the Mail Station, then back to The World and head
    to the arena. You're going to face three opponents with only Haseo and Atoli,
    so make sure you save the game before entering the battle. Talk to the NPC
    by the counter, enter the battle of the tournament. Set Atoli battle command
    to keep casting spell, seize an opportunity to damage their leader. Of cause,
    perform your Tension move when the bar is full. Once their leader's HP down to
    25% of her max HP, some events will happen, that's all for the battle. If you
    couldn't make it, you should back to other area and level up some more.
      < Reminiscence 81-100 >
    Receive the message from Salibus, now move on to the @HOME at West area. After
    the scene, leave and check your mails. You would receive a new quest from
    Piroshi, take it later when your team has three characters with Piroshi. Go to
    @HOME again, but now you should enter the Raven. Inside there, run up the
    stairs on the left and head into the passage in the middle. Afterwards, quit
    The World and read the mail from Taika. Return to The World, take the Chaos
    Gate to the other town, then move to South and talk the Taika in front of the
    @HOME entrance. After that, enter @HOME for more scenes.
    Back to previous town, then go to the new area words under Bookmark with Pai.
    Because of Haseo and Pai don't have any healing spell, so you better prepare
    some recovery items before entering the area.
    For the first map of the area, head to the West. Second map, head to the East.
    Trust you have Fairy Orb, just use it to display the whole map. On the way in
    first map, you will face three AIDA Anna. While fighting with it, Haseo would
    transform into Avatar form, and the fighting style is totally different. It's
    very easy, just hit the AIDA Anna with combination of 'Square' and 'Circle'
    button, press 'X' to dash away to evade its shots and attack. When its life
    bar is empty, hold 'Circle' to charge the power until the bar full, release
    'Circle' to perform Protection Break to finish off it.
    In the second map, you will encounter an enemy call Carry. This enemy has a
    shell protect, you have to destroy it then only can deal more damage, and
    normally they're stay in group, so better avoid to fight them if possible.
    Reached to the East in second map, defeat Avatar Tarvus like how you beat the
    AIDA Anna before. Things to remind is when you get sealed and the message of
    pressing all buttons, just press as many buttons as you can repeatedly to
    unseal yourself faster, otherwise you would receive more damage. While you're
    going to break her protection, make sure shoot when her wings were not covering
    After defeating Tarvus, open the chest by the Beast God Statue, take the blue
    sphere return to the town. Check the new mails in Mail Station, back to the
    town to find Atoli. After the scene, call Atoli and Pai join the party and take
    the Chaos Gate to the new area under Bookmark.
      < Reminiscence 101-120 >
    Open the door in front, then use the warp point to other section, and will
    trigger some scenes. Back to the town, exit The World and check the mails, you
    will obtain a new area word from Gaspard mail, and been notified about the
    second battle of tournament. Back to The World, set Salibus and Atoli as your
    teamate. Save your game, then go to the arena counter and enter the battle.
    Opponents' leader will perform his skill randomly. Suggest save your skill
    trigger to counter he's skill whenever he does it. Event happen when their
    leader life down to half. After that, continue focus to their leader until
    defeat him.
    Now you should check the mail from Piroshi to get another new area word from
    his mail, then find him in this area through the Chaos Gate. After the scene,
    return to the town, recieve mail from Taika, just logout and check it. Back to
    The World, warp to the area town, but not enter the arena, just down to the
    stairs on the right and go to the North until the scene. After all, you will
    receive some more mails, enter the Mail Station and check them. From the mail
    from Gaspard obtain another new area word.
    Before going to the next battle in tournament, go to these new areas and train
    up Haseo until level 35-38, Silabus at over level 25. Since you can't contact
    Atoli for now, you can call Gaspard to join your party. Once you've done, warp
    to the other town, head to the arena counter and enter the tournament to face
    'Dawn' team. Later on, Atoli will join the party.
    The only problem is their speed, as previous battle, get ready to perform your
    skill trigger to counter them. With blade type weapon, you won't been knocked
    down by just a few hits, so make sure you protect your ally from knocked by
    enemies for more advantage, also remember your main target is their leader.
    You need to reduce her HP down to half, and Haseo will finish off them in the
    Now logout and quit The World, check the mails for your next objective and also
    new area words. After that, return to The World, take the Chaos Gate to the
    area under Bookmark where you find Piroshi before.
    From the CC Society mail notify the next battle of tournament. Before it, train
    Haseo up to level 40 or more, Silabus and Atoli at least at level 35. Save your
    game, then head to the arena couonter and enter the tournament.
    Your opponents are Kuhn, Pai and Taika, and the leader, Kuhn knows to counter
    your skill well, also suggest to save your skill trigger and use it for
    counter hit on Kuhn. At the beginning, you can set other character in any
    battle strategy mode, when anyone of your team down to half of max HP, change
    Atoli to the healing mode (the last battle strategy mode). When Kuhn's HP below
    than half, some events happen, continue attack Kuhn until his HP down to 1.
    After some more events, you'd get into the Avatar battle, now the enemy is
    Magus. He was protecting by the barrier at the beginning, you have to shoot
    down his barrier for the first. Dash close to him and slash when the barrier
    gone. After awhle, Magus will go further and shoots out the green line, now
    move your position to the space between any two of the green lines below. You
    should dodge the lines from top while it's sliding down to attack you. Lately,
    Magus will put up the barrier again after he does the shiny spheres attack. As
    for those shiny spheres, you can press 'Circle' to slash them off when anyone
    of them close to you.
    Go Mail Station to check the new messages after you got the victory. Read the
    mail from Yata knowing he requests you to find him at @HOME, then return to
    The World. You don't need to stay at the arena town for now, so just back to
    the previous town through the Chaos Gate.
      < Reminiscence 121-136 >
    Head to @HOME and enter Raven side. After some scenes, exit The World and check
    all unreaded mail, you would get new area words from Atoli's mail and the next
    battle information from CC Society. Enter The World and warp to the arena, save
    your game before entering the Title Match.
    For this battle, your only opponent is Endrance at level 45. Set Atoli to cast
    spell, and you just keep the Skill Trigger to counter her skill. Because of she
    cannot be knocked down, and she has a move can send you confuse status, so is
    better you always keep a disntance with her. Cut her with your blade when she's
    not prepare to attack. After dealing enougn damage to Endrance, you would get
    into Avatar battle against Macha.
    Don't anxious to attack, always dodge her red rotor cuts by dashing to left
    and right, depends on where she throw the red rotors. Another move is just
    straight forward to your avatar, simply dash to either side to evade it. While
    her HP going down, she will perform some more extra skills and the attacks come
    rusher. Just keep on dodging before you have the chance of attack, continue
    until she goes down.
    Now quit The World and check all the mails, receive another area words from
    Kuhn's mail. Back to The World and check the new stuff under Official BBS,
    then login. Back to previous town and move to the Southern most area, run up
    to the ship and talk to the captain to moving on to a new town.
    In the new town, run down the stairs and talk to Gaspard and Silabus on the
    left. After that, speak with everyone here including those are at the bottom,
    at the port, the last one probably was Piroshi the 3rd. Once you've done, you
    would get an indication note, now just head up to the building area and go to
    the terrace at the left side, found Oven and Atoli. After some scenes, go up to
    the ship and talk to the captain to leave here.
    Back to the town, first thing to do is logout and check mails. Afterwards, move
    to @HOME and enter Raven side to find Yata. After some events, leave @HOME and
    take the warp point beside return to Dome will meet with Pai and Kuhn. Set them
    in your party. You're going to the last stage of the game, so be sure you save
    your game before going on. Also try to enter the newest area in Bookmark for
    level up some more and get more stronger equipments for your team, recommended
    Haseo's at level 48 for the final battle. Do remember you should prepare some
    recovery items as well.
    When you're ready, warp to the appointed area under Bookmark, check the
    Tri-Edge sign on the wall to enter the stage. Battle begins after the scene
    with Atoli.
    There's only enemy here, but cannot be knocked down too. At the start, attack
    him as much as possible. Since you can't knock him down, means he can perform
    his attack anytime, is better you attack him from the side of behind him,
    especially when his body growing some aura, don't even stay in front of him.
    Block or run away when he floats in the air, continue attack when he's stop
    moving. Change one of your teamates to keep healing strategy when any character
    down to half HP. After this battle, you would enter to the last Avatar fight,
    Azure Flame God.
    First, dash further from him and press 'Square' to shoot him, reason to get
    further is easy for dodging his blue light attack. When you see he casts up
    two larger blue sphere, dash to either side to dodge all those lights attack.
    When he shows the red blades, just stop shooting for awhile, pay attention
    to slash off the blades when the 'Circle' button clearly exist on the blades,
    you have to repeatedly slashing when more blades come together. During his
    charges for the next move, the side dashing command appear, now faster dash to
    either side to evade his move, if you get caught by him, you will receive lot
    of damage. Continue shoot whenever you have chance, once he has been stunned,
    dash forward and slash him to deal more damage. After that, shoot him again
    to stun him for the next time. Later on, he will perform the special move which
    you need to press all buttons randomly to unseal yourself, the faster you press
    the button, the shorter time you got sealed. During the Protect Break mode,
    keep your charge before your opponent stop shooting the blue lights, of cause
    you do have to dodge these lights, otherwise your charge will be break down.
    Release 'Circle' to finish off him when he's stop moving.
    After all, you have beaten the game. You can still visit the town after the
    ending scene, go for more battles and the remaining quests...
      5. Ryu Book Analysis   | o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o
    Find and view these books stats in your Guild, under the 'Ryu Books' option.
    To max up all Ryu Book's points, you have to do the indicated jobs like finding
    treasure, defeat certain enemies and so on, most of the requirements of raising
    up your Ryu Books are the common things that you've done for the game events.
    While raising up the Ryu Books, you could unlock more desktop stuffs like BGM,
    Movies, Wallpapers, Greeting Cards and more.
    When you have completed the 800 points Ryu Books, you can buy the level 2 Guild
    with 10,000GP, which allow you to keep more items in your Guild stock. If you
    done all 1000 points Ryu Books, you can buy the level 3 Guild with 30,000GP,
    it's an extra function to manage your desktop stuffs.
    Below is the list of Ryu Books and how to raise them.
    Ryu Book I : Battle
    - Max Point = 800
       - Battle Victory - 1 point per victory
       - Sneak Attack   - 3 points per success
       - Rengeki        - 2 points per success
       - Tension Use    - 3 points each times
    Ryu Book II : Party
    - Max Point = 1000
       - Trade        - 18 points each trade
       - Party Group  - 5 points each time you build a team
       - Present      - 10 points per persent
       - Present Cost - 1 point per 100GP
    Ryu Book III : Box
    - Max Point = 1000
       - Open Beast God Chest - 30 points each time
       - Open Normal Chest    - 3 points each time
       - Open Trap Chest      - 20 points each time
       - Object Destroy       - 2 points each object
    Ryu Book IV : Item
    - Max Point = 1000
       - Weapon    - 12 points per type (got 43 types)
       - Armor     - 18 points per type (got 24 types)
       - Accessory - 18 points per type (got 23 types)
       - Item      - 6 points per type (got 84 types)
    Ryu Book V : Adventure
    - Max Point = 1000
       - Play Time       - 5 points per 30 minutes
       - Field Tranfer   - 35 points per entry
       - Shrine Transfer - 35 points per entry
       - Cavern Transfer - 35 points per entry
    Ryu Book VI : Arena
    - Max Point = 1000
       - Arena Battle - 7 points each register
       - Counter Hit  - 7 points per success
       - WP gain      - 1 point per WP
    Ryu Book VII : Monster
    - Max Point = 1000
       - Ghost Type   - 15 points per type (got 14 types)
       - Demon Type   - 35 points per type (got 5 types)
       - Sea Beast    - 60 points per type (got 2 types)
       - Natural Type - 25 points per type (got 8 types)
       - Bird Type    - 30 points per type (got 7 types)
       - Plant Type   - 40 points per type (got 4 types)
       - Devil Beast  - 20 points per type (got 10 types)
       - Machine Type - 35 points per type (got 5 types)
       - Dragon Type  - 35 points per type (got 6 types)
       - Shelled Type - 35 points per type (got 8 types)
       - ???          - 25 points per type (got 1 types)
    Ryu Book VIII : Bike
    - Max Point = 800
       - Bike Use            - 15 points per minute (stoping moment not include)
       - Hit Enemy with Bike - 80 point per success
      6. Contact Me   | o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o
    Sephirosuy Seph,
    here is my e-mail address, you can e-mail to me if:
    -feel that you want to use the guide.
    -question about the game, I'm glad to help if I know the answer.
    -suggestions or advices for the guide.
    -having the useful informations, if it does work well I will use it in
     the guide, sure your name will be credited.
    To read all my latest guides and other contributions on GameFAQs, please visit
    the URL below.
      7. Credit   | o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o
    Special thanks to:
    - inform some objectives of the Ryu Books.
    - inform the about the lucky and unlucky animals in the game.
    - helps and inform the details of the spoiled robot, Mecha Grunty and various
      parts in the game.
    - discuss about the details of the Guild and equipments.
     COPYRIGHT (C) 2006 by sephirosuy
     All Right Reserved

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